Top 16 Best Luca Characters Of All Time

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Top 16 Best Luca Characters!


One of Pixar's latest outings, 'Luca', has gone on to prove its mettle on the streaming platform Disney+. Not only did it top most of the original movies in its initial days of streaming but it also went on to regale the viewers with its many characters.


After its limited but fair box office run and successful online streaming, it would be safe to assert that the colorful characters of this computer-animated coming-of-age fantasy feature film have managed to strike a chord with viewers of all age groups.


The drama traces the journey and friendship of two sea monsters who wish to explore the wonderful community above the sea on the Italian Riviera.


However, to do so, they first disguise themselves as humans and, thus, begins the adventure. Courtesy of the endearing characters that populate this feature, the creativity in the storyline and the overall setting connects massively with the viewers.


While there are not a lot of characters in the screenplay, some of them manage to make an impression despite having a brief screen time in the project.


Having said that, its most significant characters are so good that they can be counted among the finest characters to have ever been created by Pixar.



1. Luca Paguro


Luca Paguro


The journey of Luca is one that a lot of people in the audience would relate to. His journey of wanting to fit in and get approved by the people around him is what drives his impeccable story.


During the course of the journey, he gets to understand a lot about the complex workings of the world.


Needless to say, that naive and innocent approach to exploring the world and finding out things on your own is what helps the audience root for Luca throughout the screenplay.


Just like most of us in life, he also makes a ton of mistakes. But, like a sensible human who wishes to learn, he tries to mend his ways even though he ends up hurting himself quite often.


That being said, Luca can be admired for the fact that he is a very caring individual. Also, he understands what it means to be appreciated and accepted by the people that we love in our lives.



2. Giulia Marcovaldo


Giulia Marcovaldo


While watching the feature film, one can easily comprehend that the focal point of the story is the friendship between Luca and Alberto.


However, as soon as Giulia makes her entrance into the screenplay, she becomes just as significant. While she is someone who Luca can explore his inquisitiveness with, her rapport with Alberto has a different story to tell.


For the latter, she probably characterizes someone who can tear his pals away from him. Be that as it may, Giulia has her own tale to tell.


She has proven herself as someone who can take a stand for her friends. In this incredibly selfish world where people only look after their own interests, Giulia is like a breath of fresh air who is gracious and kind to almost everyone around her.




3. Alberto Scorfano


Alberto Scorfano


There is no denying the fact that Luca, after having met Alberto, comes across as his exact opposite. This bright sea monster is not too fond of spending a lot of time overthinking things.


Also, he is more than willing to take risks. One can find Alberto acting as if nothing can stump him, but, he is, indeed, a very caring companion.


Be that as it may, he can also turn out to be a tad jealous and pushy when he wants to be.


Thankfully though, this behavior does not really last. What is worth mentioning about Alberto is the fact that he always tries to be there for Luca.


Needless to say, his character development is very emotional and something that the viewers would definitely appreciate in the motion picture.




4. Massimo Marcovaldo


Massimo Marcovaldo


Massimo is someone who comes across as intimidating, to begin with, at the beginning of the feature film. Giulia's fisherman father, who can first be seen chopping the heads off fish with a massive cleaver, is not a friendly guy.


Furthermore, he is known for his tough gaze and for bossing the boys around. However, viewers can understand the fact that Massimo has a soft heart, even though he can come across as difficult on the outside.


As a father, he leaves no room for any qualm. He is as caring and supportive as a father can possibly be.


Therefore, it is not surprising to see him turning out to be a father figure to Alberto as well.


Towards the end of the movie, he turns out to be a rather accepting personality.




5. Daniela Paguro


Daniela Paguro


Like most mothers in the world, Daniela is of a very protective nature. She thinks that she can do better for her child by giving him a sheltered life in order to keep him safe and sound.


Even though her demeanor can come across as overbearing and possessive from time to time, one has to understand the fact it is only done out of love and care.


The viewers might, sometimes, feel that Daniela is being too hard on her son but they also acknowledge the fact that she has been a better parent than some unpredictable ones in past Disney flicks.


As tough as she might be with her beloved son, she does realize some of her mistakes and lets him live a little as well.




6. Grandma Paguro


Grandma Paguro


Just like Luca's dad Lorenzo, his grandmother also does not have a huge part to play in the storyline.


However, the impact that she has on her grandson's mind is what makes her character so prominent. While the viewers can notice Luca's mother having her apprehensions about visiting the surface world, his grandma has a much more lenient approach to it.


Grandma can be seen enjoying talking about how much fun she had while she was above the ocean. In fact, she can be seen motivating Luca to do the same.


In addition, she also looks after him and saves him from his mother's wrath when he goes out exploring against the latter's wishes.


Needless to say, had it not been for Grandma, both the viewers and Luca may not have been allowed to relish certain adventures.




7. Lorenzo Paguro


Lorenzo Paguro


Unlike most fathers that one would come across in an animated feature film, Luca's father, Lorenzo, does not like to be in the spotlight.


Needless to say, he is clearly the less involved parent in the story; this despite the fact that he is, indeed, quite loving as an individual towards his family.


However, that does not negate the fact that he allows the other characters to be in the driving seat.


Lorenzo might come across as both distracted and absent-minded but he has his moments of fun in the screenplay.


Be that as it may, it is also apparent that he is mostly seen following Luca's mother in the motion picture.




8. Ercole Visconti


Ercole Visconti


No matter how charming or endearing the storyline and characters of an animated feature film are, there is always going to be a villain to make things far more engaging.


Thankfully, Ercole gets the job done here. Even though he is not a devastatingly horrifying antagonist, he does manage to provide the audience with a character to root against.


And, that is precisely where he succeeds. Now, since Ercole is a villain, he has got to be greedy, pretentious, and somewhat aggressive.


In addition, he also comes across as obnoxious but without becoming too irritating for the viewers. While there is a possibility that one may not remember this villainous character in the long run, it is also quite true that he makes a fun antagonist without coming across as a real threat.




9. Machiavelli




Disney has to be given the credit for creating some of the most outstanding animal sidekicks of all time.


It is not surprising then to see a cat named Machiavelli take the legacy forward. As Alberto and Luca are seen having supper with Giulia and her father, they try their best not to reveal their monster secret.


However, while the humans remain visibly unaware of the secret, there is a certain someone who can be seen keeping an eye on them.


That smart someone is Machiavelli himself. Just like Uncle Ugo's character, the makers could have ensured that the cat was given a lot more screen time.


That being said, there is also a possibility that they may not have wanted to overdo things with Machiavelli.




10. Uncle Ugo


Uncle Ugo


After having discovered that he has been sneaking into the human world, Luca's parents are of the opinion that he should be spending the season with his Uncle Ugo.


His uncle though is a terrifying-looking creature who comes from the deep. His antics are more or less eccentric in nature.


That being said, one can easily notice that Ugo has not been given a lot of screen time. But, even though he only appears briefly, his character is shown to be humorous and convincing.


Uncle Ugo could have been a memorable supporting character. Sadly for the viewers though, not a lot of depth has been added to his sketch.




11. Ciccio and Guido


Ciccio and Guido


Ciccio and Guido happen to be the secondary antagonists of this acclaimed Disney-Pixar animated feature film. They soon turn out to be crucial and delightful supporting characters in the movie.


Even though they are the companions and henchmen of Ercole Visconti, they soon turn against him since he continues to abuse them and take them both for granted.


Throughout the film, the viewers can see how Ciccio and Guido attempt to please and cooperate with Ercole. They both look up to him and are willing to even make sacrifices for him.


However, their obligation towards Ercole does not end there as they can also be seen feeding him sandwiches when he is famished.


As the film heads towards its finale, Ciccio and Guido finally get to see Ercole for the jerk that he is.




12. Concetta and Pinuccia Aragosta


Concetta and Pinuccia Aragosta


Concetta and Pinuccia Aragosta are a pair of elderly women who have been residing in Portorosso in disguise. So, who exactly are they for real?


Well, you guessed it right; they are revealed to be sea monsters later in the motion picture as well.


Concetta and Pinuccia Aragosta both come across as grumpy women to the viewers. While this could be because of their old age, one has to consider the fact that they're also nearly always seen fretting.


They are even seen hitting Alberto and Luca in one sequence with an umbrella and a purse after the boys end up teasing the two elderly women with a joke.


They serve as decent supporting characters in the movie.



13. Signora Marsigliese


Signora Marsigliese


Signora Marsigliese is the lady who can be seen working for the sponsor for the Portorosso Cup Race in the feature film.


Marina Massironi is the voice of this character. The character can very well be recognized for the way that it has been sketched.


Signora Marsigliese has been blessed with green eyes and has pale skin tone and short wavy mousy brown hair.


In addition, she also has dark brown eyebrows. She is often seen wearing a button-up shirt that has dark blue and yellow stripes all over it.



14. Caligola




Caligola is a turtle who makes his friendly presence felt in the feature film. Not a lot of things have been revealed about this character in Luca, but he can be seen wielding the ramp for the titular character and Alberto to use while riding on their homemade Vespa.


However, one can assume that the ramp might be too heavy to hold for him. This is probably why his attitude comes across as a bit gloomy to the viewers.


Even though he has not been seen talking in the motion picture, one can find him gasping rather rarely when something seems to have happened out of the blue.



15. Giacomo and Tommaso


Giacomo and Tommaso


Not a lot of movie buffs and fans of Luca seem to be aware of the fact that actor Giacomo Gianniotti has also played a minor role in the admired movie.


The Grey's Anatomy actor can be seen portraying the character of Giacomo in the opening shot of the feature film itself.


In the scene, one can see his character encounter a sea monster off the coast of the Italian Riviera.


The character is that of a young and clean-shaven fisherman who then continues to stare at the creature as it leaps through the air and swims away into oblivion.


Giacomo's fishing companion is Tommaso, who can be seen in the booth with him at the beginning of Luca.



16. Mr. Branzino


Mr. Branzino


Mr. Branzino might be another minor character in Luca but he certainly makes his presence felt. One of the neighbors of the Paguro family, he also happens to be a member of the family along with Bianca Branzino.


The character, which has been voiced by Jim Pirri, can be seen saying good morning in the most grumpy manner to Luca after he gets hit by accident.


He has also once been mentioned by Daniela Paguro. This was when she could be heard saying that she would like to best his family at a competition.




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