Top 50 Most Popular Bob’s Burgers Characters

Top 50 Most Popular Bob's Burgers Characters


Bob’s Burger is an animated television series, a comedy, that airs on the Fox Network. The sitcom was created by Loren Bouchard under the joint production of Wilo Productions and 20th Television Animation.


The series has been on-air since 2011 and ran for 13 seasons. The main story of the sitcom centres around the Belcher family, consisting of parents, Bob and Linda Belcher, and their three children, Tinna, Gene, and Louise.


The Belcher family owns and manages a burger joint called Bob’s Burgers, and they undergo different adventures as a family and individually. This makes up the core crux of the sitcom.


The first season of the animated show was met with some amount of negative commentary. Many critics found the jokes to be vulgar, unwise, lackadaisical, etc. However, they all agreed on the potential of the show.


By the second season, the story and the plot picked up pace, and the critics started to praise the humour. It turned the reviews into overwhelming praise and found its loyal and core audience.


Bob’s Burgers has been renewed for its fourteenth and fifteenth seasons as well. So, if you have not caught up on the show, it is time you did. To help you get a head start, ENTOIN offers you a quick run-through of all the most popular characters of Bob’s Burgers.




1. Louise Belcher


Louise Belcher


Louise Belcher is the youngest daughter of the Belcher family and is often seen wearing her trademark pink bunny ears. She is a nine-year-old who is wiser than her age.


Louise is a mischievous, sarcastic, and cunning child who has a quick wit and a dry sense of humour. She is the leader of the many misadventures that occur in the series and comes up with many off-balanced and elaborate plans to make a quick buck.


She is capable of landing her family in hot water and bailing them out with her schemes. Despite her tough exterior, she deeply cares for her family and will do whatever it takes to protect them.


She is highly intelligent and resourceful, often using her wits to get out of sticky situations. She is often seen advising her sister Tina and even the other adults in the series on how to handle issues.


Despite her cunning and sometimes devious nature, Louise is also a loving and loyal sister to her siblings Tina, Gene, and Louise. Her unique personality and one-of-a-kind perspective bring a lot of humour and heart to the series and make her a beloved and iconic character among fans.




2. Bob Belcher


Bob Belcher


Bob Belcher is the owner and operator of the eponymous burger restaurant. He is a third-generation restaurateur, who lacks business skills. He is a loving husband to Linda and father to his three children, Tina, Gene, and Louise.


Bob is a hardworking and passionate chef who takes great pride in the burgers he creates and the restaurant he runs. Bob is a sensible, hardworking, dedicated person who gets caught up in the schemes of his children.


Despite the challenges he faces running a small business, Bob never loses his sense of humour and is always optimistic about the future of his restaurant. He is a kind and supportive father to his children, and often finds himself caught up in their wacky schemes and adventures.


Bob’s passion for cooking and his love for his family are at the centre of the show, and his character is portrayed as a lovable, relatable, and funny everyman. Throughout the series, Bob’s unwavering commitment to his family and his restaurant makes him a beloved and iconic character among fans.




3. Linda Belcher


Linda Belcher


Linda Belcher is the wife of Bob Belcher and the mother of their three children, Tina, Gene, and Louise. Linda is a warm, loving, and supportive wife and mother who is always there for her family.


She is a happy-go-lucky person who always sees the glass half-full. However, don’t let the fun side fool you, as she can be equally protective of her loved ones. Despite her lack of cooking skills and her tendency to overreact to minor issues, Linda is the emotional centre of the Belcher family and is deeply devoted to her husband and children.


Her infectious optimism and positive outlook on life are often the driving force behind Bob’s efforts to make the restaurant a success. Linda is also a flamboyant and talented performer, and her musical numbers and quirky dance moves are a highlight of the series.


Just like art does not discriminate, Linda does not discriminate against the anal-themed artwork that her sister displays in the burger joint. Despite her eccentricities, Linda is a beloved character who adds humour, heart, and soul to the series.




4. Tina Belcher


Tina Belcher


Tina Belcher plays a significant role as the eldest daughter of the Belcher family, Tina is a quirky and relatable character who has become a fan favourite for her distinctive personality and unique outlook on life.


Tina is a socially awkward and introverted teenager who is still figuring out her place in the world. She is often boy-crazy and crushes on any cute-looking guy, including the entire baseball team.


Despite her social struggles, she is a loyal and loving sister to her siblings, Gene and Louise, and a supportive daughter to her parents, Bob and Linda. Tina’s love for horses, science fiction, and romance novels are central to her character and provide a lot of humour and heart to the series.


Her iconic catchphrases and monotone delivery have become a defining aspect of her character and have made her a beloved and memorable figure among fans. Tina’s role in the series is important because she adds a unique perspective and provides a relatable voice for teenage viewers, while also serving as a source of humour and heart.



5. Gene Belcher


Gene Belcher


Eugene ‘Gene’ Belcher is the middle child of the Belcher family and the brother of Tina and Louise. Gene is a talented musician and keyboard player who is passionate about music and entertainment.


He is often seen playing the keyboard at the family’s restaurant, where he provides the soundtrack for many of the show’s musical numbers. Gene is a fun-loving and mischievous prankster who is always up for a good time.


He loves to record fart sounds and use them as sound effects. He is a loyal and supportive brother to Tina and Louise and is close with his parents, Bob and Linda.


Gene’s love of food, music, and humour makes him a beloved and iconic character who adds a unique voice and perspective to the series. He seems to inherit his quirky personality from his mother and has a distinctive laugh.


This makes him a fan favourite. Overall, Gene’s role in the Bob’s Burgers series is crucial to the show’s success and makes him an important and beloved character.



6. Regular-Sized Rudy


Regular-Sized Rudy


Regular-Sized Rudy is the nickname of Rudolph Stieblitz. He is a classmate of Louise Belcher and a good friend of Gene and Tina as well. He is a well-intentioned, dorky kid who often becomes an accomplice to Louise in most of her misadventures.


He is sweet and puts up with Luoise’s sarcastic and mean remarks, but at the same time, he is not a pushover. Rudy mentioned in passing that his mother is an overprotective person who does not like fun.


He is seen as a cautious child who likes to run around and climb trees but is scared for his mother’s approval. Yet, he can stand up for himself and do stuff he likes.


He is probably the only friend of Louise and he can both enable her ass well as stop her when needed. Despite being a school friend, Rudy has some amount of influence on Louise and tries to stop her when she goes overboard.


Being a well-meaning child, he is a good influence on his chaotic peers.



7. Zeke




Zeke is a school-aged child who is often seen as one of the Belcher children’s classmates and friends. He is a misunderstood character who comes from a dysfunctional family but has many redeeming qualities.


He is Jimmy Jr.’s best friend and a member of the wrestling team. Initially, Zeke is depicted as being a bit of a troublemaker and a wild child. As the series progresses, he displays his protective nature and becomes the defender of his classmates.


He also has self-defence classes for girls. However, Tina dislikes Zeke as he gets priority over Jimmy’s time. We also see Zeke emerge into a chef with the encouragement of Bob.


Zeke’s character arc is an important aspect of the show, as it showcases the change and hardships that all young people go through as they mature and become adults. Zeke triumphs over his family troubles and rebellious nature to become a responsible and dependable friend.



8. Teddy




Teddy is a loyal customer and friend of the Belcher family and is often seen hanging out at their restaurant, Bob’s Burgers. He is a handyman, carpenter, and contractor who has appointed himself as an honorary uncle to the Belcher kids.


Teddy does not have a family of his own, being a divorcee, he hangs out at Bob’s for his love of burgers, beer, and bowling. He is a regular fixture at the restaurant and is often seen sitting at the counter or at one of the booths, chatting with Bob and the other regulars.


Teddy is a hardworking construction worker who takes pride in his work and is always willing to lend a hand to those in need. He is a dependable friend to the Belcher family and is always there to offer a helping hand or a listening ear.


Teddy’s role in the series is that of a loner friend who always invites himself to family gatherings, and provides a relatable voice for the adult viewers of the show.



9. Jimmy Pesto Jr.


Jimmy Pesto Jr.


Jimmy Pesto Jr. is the son of Bob’s rival and fellow restaurant owner, Jimmy Pesto. Jimmy Jr. is portrayed as being self-absorbed and disinterested. He is also Tina’s main crush, but he rarely displays any affection toward her.


He is more interested in his dance and friends. Jimmy Jr. has a talent for dance and works as a busboy in his father’s restaurant. These two activities take up most of his time.


The rest is spent with his wrestling team friends, much to the chagrin of Tina. Although Jimmy is aware of Tina’s affection and obsession with him, he rarely reciprocates. However, it bothers him when Tina finds herself a new boyfriend or crush.


Overall, Jimmy Jr. is like a high school jock who serves as an unattainable love of Tina. Even though he is not a brainless or mean-spirited boy, his lack of emotion toward Tina causes her much grief.



10. Calvin Fischoeder


Calvin Fischoeder


Calvin Fischoeder is a wealthy and eccentric businessman who is often portrayed as being aloof and distant. Calvin is the owner of several properties in the town, including Bob and Jimmy’s restaurants, and the Wonder Wharf amusement park, and he is not above using his wealth and influence to get what he wants.


Calvin is depicted as being a bit of a wild card, and his motivations and actions are often unpredictable. He is not above playing dirty or taking advantage of others to achieve his goals, and he has a tendency to engage in unethical and sometimes illegal behaviour.


Despite his negative traits, Calvin is not a completely evil character, and he has shown a softer side to his family, especially his brother Felix. Calvin Fischoeder can be described as a wealthy capitalist who uses his money to make more money.


His character traits of wealth, eccentricity, and unpredictability make him a memorable and recognizable figure in the Bob’s Burgers universe.



11. Mort




Mort is the owner of the mortuary next door to Bob’s Burgers and is often depicted as being a bit odd and eccentric. He is a good friend of the Belcher family and Teddy.


Mort is a well-intentioned, but somewhat clueless individual, who is always eager to help but often finds himself in over his head. Mort is a lovable and endearing character who is often the source of humour in the show.


He is portrayed as being a bit absent-minded, and he has a tendency to forget important details and get caught up in his own thoughts. Contrary to his profession as a mortician, Mort has no sinister or evil thoughts.


He is a sensible and well-intentioned friend. Mort is a kind-hearted individual who is always there to lend a hand and support those around him. He is a lovable and relatable character who tries to be helpful to the Belchers, but Louise and Gene’s antics scare him off.


Overall, Mort’s personality is a crucial aspect of the Bob’s Burgers universe, and he is an important and beloved character in the series.



12. Ollie Pesto


Ollie Pesto


Ollie Pesto is Jimmy Pesto’s son, the twin brother to Andy Pesto, and the younger brother of Jimmy Jr. He and Andy are classmates of Louise Belcher, and the twins have a friendly relationship with the Belcher family.


Unlike his elder brother, Ollie is not indifferent to the Belchers. Ollie appears to be an enthusiastic friend who is ready to help Louise in her schemes. However, he is the closest to his twin Andy.


They both do everything together and can be considered inseparable. The Pesto twins are friendly and rarely have conflicts with anyone. Ollie Pesto is one of the few people who voluntarily want to be friends with Louise, although she treats him as an afterthought.


Louise usually tricks him and his brothers to participate in her hackneyed plots.



13. Jocelyn




Jocelyn is a student from Wagstaff high school and a classmate of Tina Belcher. She is the best friend and follower of Tammy Larsen. Jocelyn can be best described as a follower of the flock, who lacks any individuality.


Jocelyn is a vapid airhead who blindly follows everything that Tammy Larsen tells her. She speaks in a valley girl accent with an ‘uh’ spread throughout her sentences. Due to her close association with Tammy Larsen, Jocelyn also comes across as a bully and a mean girl.


She often targets Tina. Jocelyn fills the role of the secondary antagonist in most fights between Tina and Jimmy Jr. She likes to be popular in the school and considers herself fashionable, but no one really likes her.



14. Andy Pesto


Andy Pesto


Andy Pesto is the twin brother of Ollie Pesto and the son of Jimmy Pesto Sr. Just like Ollie Pesto, Andy is also a good friend of the Belcher children and happily tags along with them in all their schemes.


He is much closer to Ollie due to their twin bond and does everything with him. Andy Pesto is a friendly boy who hangs around with all his classmates, especially Louise Belcher.


He and his brother consider her to be their best friend, however, Louise does not feel the same way. They also do not share their elder brother Jimmy Jr’s passion for dance.


Andy Pesto and Ollie Pesto are often seen together and do most activities together. They both also share the same personality traits and friend circles.



15. Edith and Harold Cranwinkle


Edith and Harold Cranwinkle


Edith and Harold Cranwinkle are supporting characters who are not very friendly with the Belchers. Edith and Harold are an elderly couple who run the arts and crafts store which supplies and teaches arts.


Their store is called Reflections. The couple is not friendly, polite, or welcoming to anyone. They particularly dislike Bob Belcher and even tried to get him arrested for destroying the art in their store.


Edit considers herself the defender of arts and crafts and the sole authority in all matters of sophistication. Her husband, Harold, is a mere bodyguard to Edith who loves to pick fights.


Both Edith and Harold are rude, mean, and curmudgeonly with everyone in the town. Particularly, during the town meetings, they behave in a disorderly manner and demand to have things their way with a sense of entitlement.



16. Phillip Frond


Phillip Frond


Phillip Frond is a school guidance counsellor at Wagstaff high school. He is often seen as a thorn in the side of the Belcher family. Mr Frond is depicted as being uptight, pedantic, and overly concerned with bureaucracy.


He often finds himself at odds with the Belcher children and their unique and often unpredictable behaviour. Despite this, Mr Frond has a soft spot for the Belcher children and is often seen trying to help them in his own quirky way.


His character traits of being a bureaucratic school counsellor and a rival to the Belcher children make him a memorable and recognizable figure in the show. He has a unique hobby of knitting, which he uses to knit dolls for his friends.


Mr Frond has a frivolous way of tackling his job as a guidance counsellor. He uses puppets, songs, and emotions to handle kids’ issues. He also has a superiority complex and he often fills in for Principal Spoors with comedic effects.



17. Hugo Habercore


Hugo Habercore


Hugo Habercore is a recurring unfriendly character in the show. He is the health inspection officer of the town and holds a long-standing grudge against Bob Belcher. At one point in the past, Linda Belcher was engaged to Hugo but dumped him in favour of Bob Belcher.


For this reason, he hates Bob and still holds a torch out for Linda. Hugo Habercore is a petty, vengeful, and scheming health inspector. He is passionate about his job and abuses the power it offers him to seek personal vendetta.


Due to the frequent surprise checks, health code violations, and arbitrary sting operations, The Belcher family is forced to take up weird schemes to save themselves. Habercore acts as the secondary antagonist and indirectly becomes the reason for many of the misadventures of the Belcher family.


However, despite all his scheming, he still loves Linda Belcher and hopes to marry her someday.



18. Gayle Genarro


Gayle Genarro


Gayle Genarro is Linda Belcher’s sister and is often seen in the show, providing comic relief and adding to the eccentric and quirky atmosphere of the series. Gayle is an extremely naive, emotionally fragile person, but she is also jovial, and fun-loving.


She is often seen making strange and unusual creations, and her passion for the arts is a source of humour in the show. Gayle is also depicted as being somewhat eccentric and absent-minded, with a tendency to get lost in her own thoughts and ideas.


Her interactions with the other characters are often comedic due to her social ineptitude. Gayle can sometimes be manipulative to get her sister’s attention and uses the situations to suit her narrative in front of Linda.


In addition to her comedic value, Gayle is also important in the show because she serves as a foil for Linda, highlighting her sister’s more level-headed and grounded personality. Through her interactions, Gayle provides insight into the Belcher family.



19. Gretchen




Gretchen is the best friend of Linda Belcher. She is also a hairstylist by profession. Gretchen is a naughty, outspoken person who lacks a filter. She speaks without any reservation or consideration of social propriety.


However, Gretchen is her best friend of Linda and shares many common interests. Gretchen is a talkative, busybody and her job at the hair salon gives her access to all kinds of juicy topics.


Her lack of restrictions creates many comedic conversations and faux pas. Due to her uninhibited nature, it’s not just Gretchen’s words that are inappropriate. Even her actions and behaviour cause embarrassment to others.


However, in spite of all of her flaws, Gretchen is a lively, fun-loving, and vivacious person. There is never a dull moment when she is around and offers great support to Linda.



20. Tammy Larsen


Tammy Larsen


Tammy Larsen is a high school student and a classmate of Tina Belcher. Tammy is depicted as being confident, popular, and attractive, which makes her one of the most popular girls in school.


Despite her popularity, Tammy is also depicted as being manipulative, cunning, and Machiavellian, with a tendency to use her charm and good looks to get what she wants. Tammy is often shown to be a rival of Tina, and their interactions often revolve around Tammy trying to one-up Tina or undermine her.


Despite this, Tammy is not portrayed as a one-dimensional antagonist, and her motivations and behaviour are shown to be a result of her own insecurities and her desire for attention and validation.


In addition to her role as a foil for Tina, Tammy also serves as an important character in the show, providing a glimpse into the social dynamics of the high school and adding to the overall humour and tone of the series.



21. Jimmy Pesto Sr.


Jimmy Pesto Sr.


Jimmy Pesto Sr. is the owner of a rival restaurant, “Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria,” and is depicted as a tough and competitive businessman who is always looking for ways to outdo Bob Belcher.


Jimmy is depicted as being an ambitious, smooth-talking, arrogant, and dishonest person. He uses his good looks to his advantage and breaks the rules to achieve his goals. Jimmy’s interactions with the Belcher family often revolve around his attempts to undercut Bob’s business and compete for customers.


Despite his rivalrous relationship with Bob, Jimmy is shown to have a grudging respect for him, and their interactions are often comedic and entertaining. Jimmy Pesto is the antithesis of Bob Belcher.


He is not a good husband, loving father, or a good cook like Bob Belcher. However, he is a smart-talker, and a good businessman who does not mind using underhand tactics to earn profits.



22. Ginger




Ginger is the friend of Linda Belcher. In fact, she is the BFF of Linda and has known her longer than Bob. Despite being best friends, Ginger rarely appears in the series.


She is always heard in phone calls, mentioned in conversations, and in memories of Linda’s young days, but we do not get to see her in the first five seasons.


Ginger makes an appearance in the episode “Clear and Present Ginger” but even there, we only see the back of her head. The most recognizable feature of Ginger is her ginger-red hair.


Yet, from the fond way in which Linda speaks of her, we can deduce that she and Linda are very close and of similar personalities. Overall, Ginger’s role adds an air of mystery and suspense.


She also adds to the comedic theme with several “appearances” in episodes.



23. Josh




Josh is a young man who attends the school for performing arts for his ballet training. He is the secondary love interest of Tina Belcher, sparking a jealous dance-off between him and Jimmy Jr.


Tina meets Josh for the first time behind the milk fridge, but could not see his face. He soon becomes a fantasy in Tina’s stories, and she chases him using his turtle bite as a clue.


Later, they meet and sparks fly when Josh kisses Tina. Matters come to a head when Jimmy Jr. gives an ambiguous response to Tina for her invitation to the school dance.


She decides to go with Josh to his dance and Jimmy gets jealous. Josh could be considered a character who clears up the suspense about the status of Tina and Jimmy’s relationship.


He remains a good friend of Tina’s and appears often in the series.



24. Mr. Branca


mr. branca


Mr. Branca is a recurring character in the animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers. He is the eccentric custodian at Wagstaff School, where the Belcher children attend. Mr. Branca is generally well-liked by the school community, including Principal Frond and the Belchers.


Mr. Branca has a penchant for storytelling, often regaling others with tales of his past, which are frequently embellished or outright fabrications. He is also an accomplished musician, playing in a Beach Boys tribute band called the Bleach Boys.


Despite his eccentricities, Mr. Branca is a kind and gentle soul who is always willing to help others. He is a valued member of the Wagstaff School community and a beloved character among Bob’s Burgers fans.



25. Ms LaBonz


Ms LaBonz


Ms LaBonz is the school teacher at Wagstaff high school. She teaches Louise, Andy, and Ollie Pesto along with Regular-sized Rudy. She is not a very popular teacher. Ms LaBonz is cranky, impatient, and difficult to please.


Many believe that she would also be mean to the students if she cared for them. Ms LaBonz is an apathetic teacher who does not concern herself with the well-being or the wishes of her students.


However, she can hold petty grudges and abuse her position to serve her purposes. She refuses to let Louise skip class because her family does not participate in the Lobsterfest.


She approves the Working Girl musical from the Wheelers to get a chance to meet Carly Simon. Ms LaBonz can be considered an unfriendly character, but she is not an antagonist due to her apathy.



26. Logan Bush


Logan Bush


Logan Berry Bush is a student at Huxley High School. He is a teenager and the arch-nemesis of Louise Belcher. He is a boy with a bad attitude and stars in “Ears-y Rider” as an antagonist.


Their rivalry starts when Logan snatches Louise’s bunny-ears hat and refuses to return it. In a desperate bid, Louise cashes in a favour from the One-eyed Snake MC gang to threaten him.


Despite being a teenager and from another school, Logan manages to pester and cause trouble for Louise on a regular basis. He does not have a friendly bond with his mother either.


So, there were occasions when he set aside his rivalry with Louise to work together for a common goal. Apart from this, Logan Bush is a regular teenager who likes to skateboard, hang out at the malls, and play with his friends.



27. Felix Fischoeder


Felix Fischoeder


Felix Fischoeder is the younger brother of Calvin Fischoeder and a wealthy man with several properties in the town, including an amusement park, a petting zoo, and a beach resort.


He is out of touch with reality for the most part and lives his rich lifestyle without any regard for others. Felix is just as eccentric and unpredictable as Calvin, which leads to comedic misunderstandings and hijinks.


Calvin indulges and enables Felix in all his endeavours, although he also teases Felix relentlessly. This makes Felix unstable and volatile with a fierce temper. Despite their dysfunctional relationship, Felix relies on Calvin’s approval and Calvin dotes on Felix.


Overall, Felix adds to the comedy of the series with his entitled behaviour, off-key personality, and pretentious attitude.



28. Critter




Critter is the new leader of the local chapter of the motorcycle club called One-Eyed Snakes. He becomes the leader after the death of Horny Dave and is introduced in the series during that episode.


Critter is known for his free-spirited and rebellious nature, and he is often involved in various hijinks and adventures with the Belcher children. Critter is a friend of Louise Belcher and even helps her threaten Logan Bush to get her bunny-eared hat back.


Despite his rough exterior, Critter is also shown to be sensitive and caring, particularly when it comes to his friends and family. In several episodes, Critter has been the source of conflict and drama, but he is also shown to be a fun-loving and loyal person.


Critter’s role in the show is to provide a bit of excitement and unpredictability to the mix and to add some humour and heart to the cast of characters.



29. Mike Wobbles


Mike Wobbles


Mike Wobbles is a minor character in “Bob’s Burgers.” He is the mailman who often delivers all the mail and magazines to the Belcher family. He does not drop them off at the mailbox, but walks into the restaurant and hand delivers them to Bob.


He is also a regular customer of the burger joint. Mike Wobbles has uneven legs and has to wear specialized shoes due to this, however, he was a good baseball pitcher in his college days.


This talent is displayed during a competition where he competes with Linda. Mike is not a very honest person either, as he is shown opening other people’s mail and reading it before delivering it.


He also carelessly dumps them in storm drains when he is in a mood. Overall, Mike’s role in the show is to provide a bit of excitement and humour to the mix and to add some unpredictability and drama to the cast of characters.



30. Ron




Ron is a health inspector and a co-worker of Hugo Habercore. He is his only friend of Hugo and witnesses all the malpractices of Hugo Habercore. Ron is a soft-spoken person and is easily overpowered by Hugo Habercore, but he does not go along with Hugo if things go too far.


He is the only one who can stop Hugo and call him out. Ron is a well-meaning person and stops Hugo in most of his attempts to scam or incriminate Bob Belcher.


He does not let things go far, for example, in the episode “Human Flesh” he convinces Hugo to test the meat at Bob’s Burger and proves it is 100% beef and not human.


Ron has a soft spot for Bob because he helped Ron in his relationship with Gretchen. Overall, Ron’s role in the show is to provide a bit of contrast to the more devious and scheming Hugo and to add some heart and humour to the mix.



31. Kathleen




Kathleen is an Irish widow who stays alone in an apartment block. She meets the Belchers and Teddy when he is searching for a hidden treasure. She immediately bonds with Teddy and vice-versa.


She and Teddy try out a relationship with the strong support of Tina Belcher who likes her over Helen. She is a meek woman and suits Teddy rather well. They go out to the movies and on dates throughout the season.


She also takes up a job at a theatre company and helps Gene in his artistic endeavours. Kathleen can be considered the cure and support that Teddy needed, and the wholesome person that Teddy hoped for.



32. Ms Jacobson


Ms Jacobson


Ms Jacobson is the class teacher for eighth grade and teaches Tina Belcher, Jimmy Jr, Zeke, Tammy Larsen, and Jocelyn. She could be considered to be one of the few normal teachers who does not have any eccentricities, prejudices, or bad habits.


Ms Jacobson takes her job seriously and organizes the school dance that Bob and Linda attend. In the episode “Broadcast Wagstaff School News”, Tina gets framed for being the Mad Pooper, and Ms Jacobson takes her to the Principal’s office.


She is also the subject of Tina’s story titled Buttloose featuring Mr Frond. Ms Jacobson is a strong, dedicated, and compassionate character who plays an important role in the Belcher children’s lives.



33. Courtney Wheeler


Courtney Wheeler


Courtney Wheeler is a student at Wagstaff high school and studies in the same grade as Gene Belcher. She is an annoying girl who talks too much, without allowing others to utter a single word.


Courtney has many other annoying qualities like breathing too loudly, interrupting others while they speak, kicking the front seat during car rides, etc. Unfortunately for Gene, Courtney and her friends decide that she is in a relationship with Gene and does not allow Gene to deny it.


Although he is unwilling, Gene goes along with the dating plan to get access to Courtney’s father, who has a lot of musical equipment and writes jingles. Bob, however, is thoroughly annoyed with her.


Courtney can be described as a good-natured, but manipulative girl who knows how to get what she wants.



34. Trev




Trev is a bartender at Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria. He is a servile, yes-man who laughs at all of Jimmy’s childish jokes and pranks. He does not have any grudge against the Belchers, however, to please Jimmy, Trev taunts Bob and high-fives all the insults.


It is unclear if Trev is gay or not, but in an episode, he makes many leading comments and ambiguous statements to indicate his liking of Jimmy. This topic is never fully elaborated on.


It is indicated that Trev likes Jimmy and hence laughs at all his jokes and taunts. However, it is also implied that he is insincere in his taunts or his insults towards Bob Belcher.


Overall, Trev is a quirky and lovable character who adds humour and heart to the show’s dynamic.



35. Doctor Yap


Doctor Yap


Doctor Yap is a local dentist and is often seen as a friend and acquaintance of the Belcher family. Doctor Yap is an Asian doctor who loves to be friendly with his patients and is ready with a joke or helpful suggestion, etc.


Despite his positive character and general goodness, Bob Belcher becomes the target of his ire. Dr Yap develops an interest in Gayle and hopes to date her, but at the same time, Linda has convinced Bob to pretend to be in a relationship with Gayle to boost her self-esteem.


With this grudge in his mind, Dr Yap pretends to run out of anaesthesia and pulls Bob’s tooth out nevertheless. Overall, Doctor Yap is a quirky and lovable character who adds humour and heart to the show’s dynamic.


He is a well-liked member of the show’s supporting cast and is a fan favourite.



36. Millie Frock


Millie Frock


Millie Frock is a student of Wagstaff school and a classmate of Louise Belcher, the Pesto twins, and regular-sized Rudy. She has an unhealthy obsession with Louise and wants to be her friend at any cost.


Millie Frock is the only one that Louise is scared of due to her obsession. She stalks Louise and antagonizes her when ignored. Although she has a constant grin and soft voice, Millie can speak non-stop without giving the opposite person a chance.


During Halloween, she locks up the Belcher kids, Pesto kids, and Darryl, inside the castle because Louise refused to be her best friend. Overall, Millie Frock is an interesting character who adds humour and unpredictability to the show.



37. Officers Julia and Cliffany


Officers Julia and Cliffany


Julia and Cliffany are police officers in the animated TV show “Bob’s Burgers.” They are often seen patrolling the streets of the town and are portrayed as bumbling, clueless, and inefficient.


Despite their lack of skill, they are well-meaning and have a good sense of humour. They have made several appearances throughout the show and have been involved in several of the Belcher family’s misadventures.


Julia and Cliffany are also known for their distinctive personalities, Julia is an African-American officer who is friendly and jots down everything that is observed on the scene. Cliffany on the other hand is a Caucasian androgynous officer who follows along silently.


Despite their shortcomings as police officers, they are a beloved part of the show’s cast and add to its overall humour and charm.



38. Marshmallow




Marshmallow is a transgender sex worker who befriends Bob Belcher. She is a regular customer at Bob’s Burger and occasionally helps Bob to get rid of some pesky customers at the restaurant.


She is a good-natured party girl as seen in the episode Sheesh! Cab, Bob? and The Bleakening. She is invited to Tina’s 13th birthday party and becomes friends with the family.


She is also seen advising Tina about how loving and caring her father is. By nature, Marshmallow is a friendly, free-spirited, and mellow person who is ready to help her friends.


Overall, Marshmallow is a charming and lovable character who adds humour and heart to the show.



39. Randy Watkins


Randy Watkins


Randy Watkins is a minor character in “Bob’s Burgers.” He is a vegan activist and a filmmaker who is introduced as one of the protestors outside Bob’s Burgers. He is antagonistic towards Bob for making meat burgers and not switching to a vegan menu.


He later becomes less antagonistic, but still dislikes Bob. Randy Watkins is a trust-fund baby who has money and no experience. He makes indie films, commercials, and short films. He has no real experience, but works on the Superbowl commercial for Bob’s Burgers in “Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial”.


Watkins also tries the food truck business as a rival for Bob’s Burgers. He is also antagonistic toward Louise Belcher.



40. Mickey




Mickey is a minor character in the animated TV show “Bob’s Burgers.” He is a friend of Bob Belcher and his family. He was a criminal who tried to rob a bank and made friends with Bob during the hostage situation.


He was arrested and came back after serving his sentence. Mickey does a lot of odd jobs around the town and even works at Bob’s restaurant briefly. He claims to have been a delinquent child with violent tendencies, yet, as an adult, he is the least violent.


He can even be called kind and friendly. He works at Mr Fischoeder’s Wonder Wharf as a carnie and helps Bob everywhere he can. The Belcher family openly accepts Mickey despite his criminal background, although they do have a few awkward moments at gatherings.



41. Darryl




Darryl is a minor character who studies at Wagstaff School along with the Belcher children and Pesto Children. He is a student in seventh grade and a video games buff.


He is a nerdy kid who loves science, math, comic books, robots, science museums, etc. However, do not call him a nerd to his face as he hates the term.


Darryl was introduced in the episode Burgerboss, during the family fun time. He helps Bob to play video games after Jimmy Pesto ridicules him. He appears in other episodes like Nude Beach, Frond Files, etc.


In the episode Fort Night, he is trapped in the fort along with the other children by Millie Frock. He betrays his friends on Millie. Darryl suffers from many phobias, chiefly his fear of spiders, and claustrophobia.



42. Skip Marooch


Skip Marooch


Skip Marooch is a minor character who appears in a few episodes. He is a Pakistani chef who competes with Bob in a Burger making contest in the episode Best Burger.


As a person, Skip Marooch is a good-natured and hardworking chef who comes from Pakistan to the USA. He wins the Best Burger contest while Bob is the runner-up. However, Skip says that he loved the black garlic burger that Bob made and visits his restaurant at the end of the episode.


He gives his honest opinion and praises Bob’s work. Later, in the next season, he again contacts Bob to tell him that a food critic will visit Bob’s Burgers to do a food review.


Skip Marooch is not only a chef but also a cookbook author. He often travels around the place looking for new spices, and ingredients for his recipes.



43. Chloe Barbash


Chloe Barbash


Chloe Barbash is a recurring character in the show. She is a student at Wagstaff and is in the same class as Louise and Regular-sized Rudy. She has shiny auburn hair that shines like the characters in anime shows.


Chloe appears for the first time in Bob Actually and receives a weed from Rudy on Valentine’s Day. She feigns interest in Rudy and meets him in the playground for a kiss.


However, the drama was done to extract some answers from Rudy and later she dumped him. According to Louise, Chloe is all fluff with nothing in there. Yet, Rudy appears to like her for her hair which smells like someone is baking a cake in there.



44. Cynthia Bush


cynthia bush


Cynthia Bush, the wife of Tom Bush and mother of Logan Bush, is a wealthy and snobbish woman who often opposes the Belchers. Cynthia Bush works as the leasing agent and looks down on the Belcher family. 


She is described as a ‘hussy’ and has a snobbish attitude towards them and their restaurant. She is very stubborn and likes to have things her way all the time. She does not mind getting into a fight to get what she wants. 


Despite her wealth, Cynthia has an artsy side, and Cynthia is the master of Ocean Avenue’s urban garden. She has discipline issues with Logan and was unable to reprimand her son when he stole Louise’s bunny ears.



45. Sergeant Bosco


Sergeant Bosco


Sergeant Bosco is a tough and gruff police sergeant who takes his job very seriously. He often patrols the streets of the town and can be seen interacting with various characters on the show.


Despite his bravado, Sergeant Boscoe is a mediocre officer and often needs the help of the Belchers to solve cases. He is not above taking the help of others and ignoring them later.


He never credits the Belchers for all their assistance. He was once married and had kids as revealed in the episode “My Fuzzy Valentine”. However, her identity is never shared or shown.


Sergeant Boscoe has many secret vices and does not have a good relationship with his brother Gary or his mother.



46. Peter Pescadero


Peter Pescadero


Peter Pescadero is a minor recurring character in the animated television series, Bob’s Burgers. He is an eleven-year-old student at Wagstaff school and studies in the same grade as Gene Belcher.


Throughout most of the series, Peter has wavy reddish brown hair and wears tan shorts with a lime green shirt. Peter Pescadero is an apprentice magician and takes part in the magic competition where he wins a $1000 reward.


Pater also aspires to be a musician and learn how to Pop and lock. He gives Gene Belcher his Sasquatch mask in exchange for lessons in poppin and lockin. However, he is no good at the style and Gene returns the mask.



47. Nat Kinkle


Nat Kinkle


Nat Kinkle is a limousine driver and she is introduced in the episode where Bob Belcher books the limousine coupon for Valentine’s day. However, in the end, Linda, Tina, and Louise go out in the limo for a girls’ night out.


On the drive, Nat hears about what Jimmy Jr. did to Tina Belcher and vows revenge on behalf of Tina. Nat Kinkle is a rebellious, fun-loving, and good-natured lesbian who loves all kinds of reptiles.


Her ex-girlfriend runs an animal sanctuary and we meet her in the episode “Just the Trip” where she takes the Belcher along to drop her pet snake at the sanctuary.


On the return trip, Nat becomes emotional because her ex refused her proposal.



48. Principal Spoors


Principal Spoors


Principal Spoors is a mysterious character who is always mentioned but never seen. He is the principal of Wagstaff School, where the Belcher children attend. Principal Spoors is always busy in some meetings, or gatherings and does not attend school activities.


In his absence, different teachers like Mr Frond try to impose their orders and rules. Principal Spoors is mentioned in the episode about the mad pooper when Tina is incriminated for the deed and sent to the Principal’s office by Ms Jacobson.


However, he was not in the office and Ms Schnur watched over Tina. Although Mr Frond behaves like the substitute in the absence of the principal, it has been indicated many times that Spoors does not approve of any of Frond’s plans.



49. Coach Blevins


Coach Blevins


Coach Blevins is the school coach of various sports teams, including the Wagstaff School’s baseball team. Coach Blevins is depicted as being somewhat gruff and tough, but he is also shown to be caring and supportive of his students.


He is particularly fond of Gene Belcher, who he sees as a talented and enthusiastic member of the baseball team. However, in a few episodes, Coach Blevins is shown to be teaching the students different subjects like Algebra, Science, etc.


It is unclear if he acted as a substitute teacher or not. He has long brown hair that he keeps tied back in a ponytail. He is also a source of humour, with his tough guy persona often being played for laughs.



50. Dalton Crespin


Dalton Crespin


Dalton Crespin is a minor character in the series. He is a local blogger who writes about the brunch scene in the town. He uses the pen name of Dame Judi Brunch and writes his blog titled Brunch-Drunk love.


He visits different restaurants including Bob’s Burgers to review the Brunch menus. Dalton is depicted as being overly fastidious and fussy, with a particular obsession. He tries to abuse the bottomless mom-oasas offer at Bob’s Burgers, without ordering a meal for any of his entourage.


When Linda tries to revoke the offer, he creates a big fuss. Dalton later visits Bob for a private brunch meal to repair the situation.



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