Top 50 Most Popular Arthur Characters

top 50 most popular arthur characters


“Arthur” is an animated children’s TV series that aired on the PBS network for 25 seasons with half-hour episodes. The series was created by Marc Brown as an educational cartoon for children between the ages of 4 and 8.


Through “Arthur,” the creators taught children problem-solving, and character-building, and provided information on common ailments such as asthma, dyslexia, cancer, and an autism spectrum disorder. It also taught young children interpersonal skills, relationship-building, understanding emotions and moods, etc.


The show was very successful in creating a fun, enjoyable, and educational environment for children. It also led to a spin-off show, “Postcards from Buster,” which had to be discontinued.


In February 2022, “Arthur” concluded its TV series after 25 seasons, but new content is still offered on the PBS Kids App.”Arthur” revolves around a talking aardvark named Arthur Read and his family and friends.


They encounter different situations in their school and family that become lessons for the viewers. In this edition, ENTOIN offers to refresh your memory on all the important “Arthur” characters who entertained us for 25 years.


Some are series regulars, while some are memorable guest roles. But they are all fun, and here is a list of the best “Arthur” characters.




1. Arthur Read


Arthur Read


Arthur Read is the titular character of the children’s TV show Arthur. He is an anthropomorphic aardvark who is eight years old and studies in the third grade. Arthur is the son of David and Jane Read.


He studies at Lakewood Elementary School in Mr. Ratburn’s class. Arthur often finds himself in conflicts with his friends and family, but he is always able to resolve them through open communication and understanding.


Despite his young age, Arthur is a natural leader and is often looked up to by his friends and classmates. He is also a talented musician and loves to play the saxophone.


Overall, Arthur is a relatable and lovable character who teaches valuable lessons about friendship, responsibility, and growing up. He is a kind, empathetic, and curious child with a strong sense of fairness and justice.




2. Buster Baxter


Buster Baxter


Buster Baxter is a supporting character in Arthur. He is a rabbit who is best friends with the main character, Arthur. Buster is depicted as energetic, enthusiastic, and sometimes impulsive.


Both he and Arthur are in the same class, in third grade but shifts to a different class next year. Baxter is known for his love of food and has an insatiable appetite, which often gets him into trouble.


Despite his flaws, Buster is a loyal and dependable friend who is always willing to help out and support those he cares about. He is also highly intelligent and a quick learner, which often helps him solve problems and come up with creative solutions.


In addition to his friendship with Arthur, Buster has strong relationships with his family and other friends in the show. Overall, Buster is a dynamic and well-rounded character who adds humor and heart to the series.




3. Binky Barnes


Binky Barnes


Shelley ‘Binky’ Barnes is another student in Mr. Ratburn’s class. He is one of Arthur’s friends and is also a bully. He is a talking cat who is known for his tough exterior and tough-guy attitude.


Binky Barne is the leader of a group of bullies called Tough Customers. Despite his tough persona, Binky is a complex and nuanced character who has a deep emotional life and struggles with insecurity and self-doubt.


Barnes is often shown to be competitive and aggressive, especially when it comes to sports and other activities. However, he is also capable of showing kindness and compassion, especially toward those he cares about.


Binky has a close relationship with his family and friends and is often shown to be fiercely loyal to them. He is also a talented athlete and excels in many sports, including soccer and baseball.




4. Alan “The Brain” Powers


Alan "The Brain" Powers


Alan Powers is another student in Arthur’s class. All the other children call him The Brain because he is the most intelligent student in Mr. Ratburn’s class. He is an anthropomorphic mouse who is known for his academic achievements.


Alan is a mild-mannered and polite child, and he is often shown to be highly focused and diligent. He is always striving to excel in his studies. He is a straight-A student and is often top of his class.


Despite his intelligence and academic success, Alan is also a kind and empathetic person. He is willing to help others understand and learn new concepts and is a valuable resource for his classmates.


Alan is also a talented musician and is skilled at playing the violin. Overall, Alan is a well-rounded and positive character who adds value to the series through his intelligence and kindness.



5. Nigel Ratburn


Nigel Ratburn


Nigel ‘Charles’ Ratburn is a rat who teaches at the Lakewood Elementary School where all the main characters, including Arthur, attend. Mr. Ratburn is depicted as a strict but fair teacher who is deeply committed to his student’s education and well-being.


He has high expectations for his students and is not afraid to challenge them to think critically and independently. Despite his tough exterior, Mr. Ratburn is also kind and caring and has a soft spot for his students.


He emulates his school teacher, Mr. Pryce-Jones, and becomes a well-respected and beloved teacher at the school. He is often shown as a positive influence on his students, including Arthur.


Mr. Ratburn is also shown to have many hobbies outside school. Some of these are bird-watching, puppetry, playing in a rock band, etc. He even watches cartoons like Arthur.



6. Thora Read


Thora Read


Thora Read is better known as Grandma Thora. She is the mother of David Read and the grandma of Arthur and his sisters. Although David is a chef, Grandma Thora is not a very good cook.


Apart from cooking, she is an active person who does many things with interest and enthusiasm. Grandma Thora is a kind, supportive and understanding person. She will not hold it against you if you make a mistake, yet, she will tell you honestly and softly what went wrong.


Thora Read often babysits the children for her son during parties and stays up for New Year’s Eve along with the children. Thora Read loves her family, especially her grandchildren.


She shares all her valuables as heirlooms of the family.



7. George Lundgren


George Lundgren


George Lundgren is a talking moose in the animated TV series. George Lundgren is a classmate of the main character, Arthur Read, and a member of the “Brain” group at Lakewood Elementary School.


He is a meek, reserved child who often stays in the background because he is shy and does not like attention. Due to this attitude, he is sometimes overlooked by his classmates, yet he does not take it to heart.


George is known for being intelligent, organized, and responsible and is often shown helping his classmates with their schoolwork or solving problems. He is also depicted as being slightly uptight and perfectionistic at times and can be prone to anxiety when things do not go as planned.


Despite this, George is a kind and supportive friend to Carl, Fern, The brain, Buster, etc., and is always willing to lend a helping hand.



8. Mrs. Leah MacGrady


Mrs. Leah MacGrady


Mrs. Leah MacGrady is the lunch lady at Lakewood Elementary School. She is a bear and a very friendly person. She is very kind and helpful to anyone who approaches her, and she will do whatever it takes to help people.


Being the lunch lady, Mrs. MacGraddy is a very good cook and very much appreciated by the students. She is also a good friend of Grandma Thora with whom she plays Bingo regularly.


During one of the episodes, we are told that she suffers from cancer and has lost most of her hair due to it. MacGrady is a wise old lady who patiently listens to the children when they have any problems and tries to advise when she can.



9. Francine Frensky


Francine Frensky


Francine Alice Frensky is a little monkey girl who studies in Arthur’s class. She is also a member of the “Brain” group at Lakewood Elementary School. She is an athletic child who loves sports and excels in soccer, football, baseball, etc.


She doesn’t like girly sports like badminton. Francine is known for being smart, confident, and independent and is often shown standing up for herself and her beliefs. She is also depicted as being competitive and sometimes bossy, especially when it comes to sports, but is generally well-liked and respected by her classmates.


Despite her strong personality, Francine is also shown to be caring and supportive of her friends and is often willing to help them when they are in need. Throughout the series, Francine is shown to have a close relationship with Arthur and the other main characters and is an important part of the show’s ensemble cast.



10. Fern Walters


Fern Walters


Fern Walters is a young dog in the class with Mr. Ratburn and a member of the “Brain” group at Lakewood Elementary School. Fern is depicted as being a quiet and reserved child and is often shown as an observer rather than a participator in-class activities.


Due to her shy and reserved nature, Fern’s mother signed her up for many activities to encourage her to socialize. Despite this, Fern is also shown to be thoughtful and caring and is often willing to help her classmates when they are in need.


She will not silently watch when something wrong happens. She always speaks up about it. Fern is also depicted as being passionate about animals and the environment and is often shown advocating for animal rights or participating in environmental causes.


Throughout the series, Fern is shown to have a close relationship with Arthur and the other main characters and is an important part of the show’s ensemble cast.



11. D.W. Read


D.W Read


In the animated television series Arthur, Arthur Read has a sister named D. W. Read. D. W. stands for Dora Winifred Read, a young aardvark girl of 4 years old.


She is a drama queen and a bit of a brat. She can sometimes be very cruel to Arthur and sometimes appears to genuinely love him as a brother. Being a preschooler, Q. W. does not understand many complex words and misspells them, for example, taxpayers become taxi payers or orphans become organs. She can also be manipulative and use Arthur to get her work done.


This makes us doubt if her affection for him is true. On one occasion, she wrecked the model plane that Arthur built and blamed him for making a faulty piece.


On the other hand, D. W. is very protective of Kate and loves her to bits. She also has an imaginary friend, Nadine, with whom she shares all her worries.



12. Bitzi Baxter


Bitzi Baxter


Bitzi Baxter is the single mother of the character Buster Baxter and is energetic, outgoing, and sometimes overbearing. Bitzi is a single mother who works as a television news producer and is often depicted as being busy and juggling her responsibilities as a mother with her work.


Despite her busy schedule, Bitzi is shown to be loving and supportive of her son and is always there to offer him guidance and encouragement. She is more friends with Buster than being his parent.


Being a single mother, she sometimes has irrational fears, like when she didn’t want to send Buster to a sleepover due to a UFO sighting. Despite all her fears and worries, Bitzi learns to trust Buster more as the series progresses. She lets him be more independent as he grows.



13. Kate Read


Kate Read


Kate Read, or Baby Kate, is the youngest sister of Arthur and the youngest daughter of David and Jane Read. She was a little baby of one year when the show began.


Initially, all baby Kate did was look cute, play in the sandbox, and sleep. However, as the series progresses, we see Kate develop an intelligent, curious, and friendly personality. Although she thinks she can speak good English, everyone else can only hear baby gibberish from her.


Only the family pet, Pal, seems to understand what Kate wants to say. As Kate grows older, she understands her pet less and less as she picks up adult language.


In the series finale episode, we are shown Kate who is 20 years old and taking a creative writing course with Buster Baxter as her teacher. He also praises her creative writing, proving that she is intelligent.



14. Sue Ellen Armstrong


Sue Ellen Armstrong


Sue Ellen Armstrong is a young girl who joins the class of Mr. Ratburn after moving to the town of Elwood City. She is also a member of the “Brain” group at Lakewood Elementary School.


Sue Ellen is intelligent, wise, artistic, creative, and a hard worker. She likes to help people to take her friends along with her. She is also depicted as perfectionistic and uptight at times.


She is prone to anxiety when things do not go as planned. Despite this, Sue Ellen is shown to be kind and supportive of her friends and is always willing to lend a helping hand.


Overall, Sue Ellen is depicted as a complex and multifaceted character who is both positive and negative at times and is an important part of the show’s ensemble cast.



15. Jane Read


Jane Read


Jane Read is the mother of the main character, Arthur Read, and the wife of David Read. Jane is depicted as being kind, nurturing, and supportive of her family and often provides guidance and encouragement to Arthur and his sister, D. W.


She is also depicted as being a busy working mother who juggles her responsibilities as a mother with her work as a tax accountant. She tries her best to be there for everyone but gets tired from time to time.


Throughout the series, Jane is shown to be a loving and caring mother, always there to support her family. She has a talent for cleaning the house and loves to have an organized house. She doesn’t bother about Arthur and D. W.’s constantly arguing as she feels they will work it out.



16. Principal Francis (Herb) Haney


Principal Francis (Herb) Haney


In the animated series Arthur, Principal Francis Haney (formerly called Herb Haney) is the principal of Elwood City’s Lakewood Elementary school. He is a bear who had beige fur for a few seasons, then turned light gray before turning tan toward the end.


Principal Haney is a strict, no-nonsense administrator who enforces the rules of the school and expects students to behave responsibly and meet high academic standards. However, he is also fair and caring, and he wants the best for his students.


He is often shown working closely with teachers and staff to create a positive and supportive learning environment for the students at Lakewood Elementary. There was a running gag in the early seasons where he would invariably meet with small accidents.


For example, Principal Haney gets knocked off the bed by a tooth fairy, gets hit by a burger out of nowhere, etc. In the later seasons, his luck improves.



17. Muffy Crosswire


Muffy Crosswire


Muffy Crosswire’s full name is Mary Alice Crosswire, but she is lovingly called Muffy by everyone. Muffy is the daughter of a wealthy and successful business owner, and she is known for her materialistic and sometimes spoiled behavior.


However, despite her privileged background, Muffy is also a kind and loyal friend who cares about others and is willing to help those in need. Muffy’s character adds an element of diversity and complexity to the show, as she comes from a wealthy and fashionable lifestyle that is different from others.


She also serves as a foil to Arthur, as the two characters often have different perspectives and approaches to problems. Muffy can be snobby, entitled, selfish, privileged, etc. But she is also good with advice about fashion, entrepreneurial projects, love, and other mature topics.



18. Bionic Bunny


Bionic Bunny


Bionic Bunny is a fictional superhero character who appears in the show as the protagonist of a popular TV show that Arthur and his friends enjoy watching. Bionic Bunny is known for his strength, bravery, and ability to solve problems and defeat villains.


Overall, Bionic Bunny can be seen as a positive character in the show, as he serves as a role model for Arthur and his friends, demonstrating the importance of being kind, courageous, and resourceful.


However, it’s worth noting that Bionic Bunny is a fictional character, and the show often portrays the superhero genre in a lighthearted and humorous way. As such, Bionic Bunny may not necessarily be meant to be taken as a realistic role model but rather as a fun and entertaining character for the show’s young audience.



19. Bud Compson


Bud Compson


Bud Compson is a little brown rabbit in preschool in Elwood City. He comes to Elwood when his family moves here, and his sister is Ladonna Compton, who is in Arthur’s class.


Bud Compson attends preschool along with D. W. Read. Bud is the best friend of D. W., but their friendship started as a rivalry where they competed with each other in all games and won.


Bud is an intelligent and smart child who outsmarts D. W. regularly and wins her respect. He is one of the few children who can handle the Tibble Twins with his stare.


He had many staring contests with his siblings that he never lost. Bud Compson and D. W. have many fun adventures with each other till his family is transferred to Oregon, and he has to leave.



20. Prunella Deegan


Prunella Deegan


Prunella Deegan is a supporting character who is known for her intelligence, curiosity, and love of learning. She is a fourth-grade student, but she is friendly with the third-graders too.


Prunella likes to boss over and show off in front of the third graders as she thinks she is better than everyone else. She likes to bully younger children and is a member of the Tough Customers group.


Being in the same class as their members, Prunella is the study partner and lunch mate to the group. She can be selfish, boastful, and egotistical in front of them, but she also helps her friends when they are in trouble Overall, Prunella is different from the other students but wants to be a part of the group.


She can get jealous when she does not have their attention, and this leads her to behave irrationally.



21. Ed Crosswire


Ed Crosswire


Ed Crosswire is a character who is the father of Muffy and Chip Crosswire and the owner of Crosswire Motors. He has a successful car dealership and leads a luxurious life.


Ed Crosswire is a hardworking and successful businessman who is proud of his daughter and supportive of her interests. However, he can also be overprotective and controlling at times. He has high expectations for Muffy’s success.


He shares many personality traits with Muffy, like her snobbishness, selfishness, business sense, etc. Despite this, Ed Crosswire is generally portrayed as a loving and caring father who wants the best for his family.


He is also the coach of the Lakewood Elementary Soccer Team.



22. Jenna Morgan


Jenna Morgan


Jenna Morgan is a supporting character from Arthur, which airs on PBS. She is a student of Lakewood Elementary school and studies in Mr. Ratburn’s grade. Not much backstory is known about Jenna Morgan apart from the fact that she was an Athlete of the Year.


Jenna is a sportsperson who is good at soccer and badminton. However, she doesn’t like hockey and finds it dumb. She is known for her sense of fairness and her ability to see different sides of any issue.


She is a good sportsman spirit and is ready to help her fellow players. Jenna Morgan is a friendly cat who shares a good rapport with everyone. She is allergic to milk and bravely confesses to suffering from bedwetting problems.



23. Ladonna Compson


Ladonna Compson


Ladonna Compson is the older sister of Bud Compson, and she moved to Elwood City from New Orleans. She is a kind and friendly girl who is a member of Arthur’s group of friends.


She is known for her ability to tell stories and her public speaking skills. When she newly moved to Lakewood Elementary, she told everyone stories of her adventures in Louisiana.


This helped her become popular, but a story of hers was discovered to be false. Her friends lost trust in her. Later on, with the help of Arthur, she regained the trust of her friends.


She is very good at public speaking and meeting new people. She has a way of explaining things through stories, and this helps her with Muffy’s fiction club.



24. The Tibble Twins


The Tibble Twins


The Tibble Twins are Tommy and Timmy Tibble. They are identical twins, and to distinguish one from the other, Timmy wears a blue scarf and Tommy wears a red scarf.


They are known for their mischievous and energetic personalities. They are often seen causing trouble and getting into mischief together. But they are also kind and loyal friends to Arthur and the other characters on the show.


They are preschoolers and classmates of D. W. Read. In the show, the Tibble Twins are often shown to cause chaos in the classroom. Despite their mischievous tendencies, they are lovable and well-meaning, and they always try to make things right when they cause problems.



25. Emily Leduc


Emily Leduc


Emily is an anthropomorphic rabbit with light yellow fur. She is a preschooler and a classmate of D. W. Read. She is a kind and compassionate girl who makes friends easily with everyone.


Emily loves gymnastics, and through this sport, she becomes good friends with D. W. Emily is a mild-tempered, polite, and kind-hearted child, but she can be hypocritical. She sometimes becomes boastful and hypocritical.


This irritates D. W., and she keeps away from her. Later, they bond over gymnastics and become best friends. On one occasion, Binky Barnes babysits Emily and teaches her to be tough.


This causes Emily to develop an interest in wrestling and brings her new friends like the Tibble twins.



26. Vicita Molina


Vicita Molina


Vicita Molina is an orange cat who is the youngest of the Molina family. They move to Elwood City and settle next door to The Reads. As she has recently moved to the city, Vicita has not joined the preschool.


But she plays with all the children in the neighborhood. Vicita is a friendly, energetic, and fun-loving child who gets along with everyone. Since moving to the neighborhood, she becomes close friends with D. W. and often goes to her for advice and guidance. She plays with everyone, including the Tibble Twins, who consider her a good friend.



27. David Read


David Read


David Read is Arthur, D. W., and Kate’s father and the husband of Jane Read. He is a chef by profession and runs a catering business from his home. He is a kind and loving parent who can be strict but not as strict as his wife.


In the initial season, we see that he has a slight temper problem which mellows down in later episodes. He is seen making new and experimental dishes all the time.


He makes his children eat them despite the weird taste, as they are healthier than the junk food that the children like. He is the son of Grandma Thora and met his wife Jane when they were both in school.


Despite his busy schedule, David always makes time for his family. He is a loving and supportive husband and father.



28. Grandpa Dave


Grandpa Dave


Grandpa Dave is the father of Jane Read and the grandpa of Arthur, D. W., and Kate. He lives on his family-owned farm in an unnamed place. Grandpa Dave is proud of his farm and this house that has been in the family for 150 years.


Grandpa Dave takes pride in his home and can be stubborn about the farm and his house. On most occasions, Grandpa Dave is a fun-loving, jovial, and gregarious person who loves his family and grandkids.


In the later episodes of the series, it is revealed that he has developed symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and starts to forget small details about the grandkids.



29. Oliver Frensky


Oliver Frensky


Oliver Frensky is the father of Francine and Catherine Frensky. He works in the sanitation department and is a garbage-man. He takes pride in his job and encourages everyone to see dignity in labor.


Oliver Frensky is a jovial, fun-loving, and friendly person. He is always ready with a joke and makes light of all the difficulties or problems. He is also amenable to change, as seen when he readily exchanges family for ice cream day when Muffy comes for a sleepover with Francine.


He also jokingly retorts to Catherine when she asks him why he loves his Garbage man job so much.



30. Maria Pappas


Maria Pappas


Maria Pappas is a character from the original children’s book of Arthur. She is an anthropomorphic rabbit who studies in Arthur’s grade. Despite her presence in many episodes, we do not see much character development of Maria as she is left as a background character.


As the show draws to a close, the writers decided to create a spin-off titled Maria Speaks, based on Maria Pappas. In that spin-off episode, we see that she is usually silent because she stutters when she speaks.


The episode revolves around creating awareness about the condition.



31. Alex Davidson


Alex Davidson


Alex Davidson is a supporting character in the series Arthur. He is a third-grade student who studies in Arthur’s class. Despite being with Arthur since kindergarten, Alex never speaks to Arthur due to his reserved nature.


Alex is a silent, reserved child who likes to mind his own business. He is not unsociable, and he makes friends. He is often seen with George Lundgren and Jenna Morgan.


He also likes to read books with Maria Pappas and hang out with Fern Walters. He speaks to everyone in Arthur’s friends’ group too.



32. Alberto Molina


Alberto Molina


Alberto Molina is the elder brother of Vicita Molina and they moved to Elwood City recently. The Molinas settled in the house next door to The Reads. While Vicita became good friends with D. W., Alberto also became good friends with Arthur and all his friends. Arthur even helps Alberto retrieve an autographed soccer ball which he thought he had lost. Alberto Molina is a kind-hearted, polite, respectful, and helpful child.


He sees that the Tibble Twins are very mischievous, and they throw his Bionic Bunny figurine. He teaches them to be honest and kind with their words and actions. He also shares his love for the Bionic Bunny animated series with his friends, and they all watch together.



33. Carl Gould


Carl Gould


Carl Gould is one of the students at Lakewood Elementary school. He is a close friend of George Lundgren. Carl suffers from Asperger Syndrome which is an Autism Spectrum disorder.


Due to his condition, Carl has trouble doing some tasks but is very good at many other tasks. Carl Gould has trouble with social interactions and can get anxious in unfamiliar situations.


Yet, he has a rational and logical solution for most of his issues that help him overcome any trouble. Carl Gould is very good at drawing Lion pictures and loves to solve jigsaw puzzles.


Another favorite topic of Carl’s is trains. He is aware of every part of a train and can explain it to his friends with ease.



34. Catherine Frensky


Catherine Frensky


Catherine Frensky is the elder sister of Francine Frensky and the daughter of Oliver Frensky. She is a high school student and appears only in a few episodes due to the age gap between her and the main characters.


Catherine’s personality can be considered to be the opposite of Francine’s. She is not athletic, competitive, or bossy like Francine. In fact, Catherine is a typical girly girl who loves to shop, wears dresses, and behaves with a mature attitude.


However, both the sisters are like typical siblings. They argue a lot over the last soda, who has a say in room decoration, etc. At the same time, they both love and respect each other too.



35. Chip Crosswire


Chip Crosswire


Chip Crosswire is the older brother of Muffy Crosswire and the son of Ed Crosswire. He is studying at Tallahassee Tech and occasionally comes home for the holidays. Although Chip is often mentioned in family conversations and by Muffy, he does not have a major role.


Chip Crosswire is a dutiful and much-loved son of the Crosswire family. His sister Muffy often speaks of him admiringly. When he comes home for the holidays, he spends time with Catherine and dates her.


As both their sisters were close to each other, they tried to be close as well. However, the future of that relationship is not confirmed. From flashback photos, we are told that the signature tie that Mr.Crosswire wears was designed by Chip.



36. Monique




Monique, or Mo, is the cousin of Arthur whom he called Cousin Mo. She is the daughter of David’s elder brother, Bud, and she is the eldest cousin of Arthur.


In flashbacks, it is revealed that Arthur does not enjoy her company or family reunions when she attends them. She is depicted as a bully in her younger days. We are introduced to Cousin Mo in the episode Arthur’s Cousin Catastrophe, where he reveals his fear of her.


However, she turns into a loving and caring sister who likes Arthur better than all her cousins. She used to practice judo with Arthur or play piano with him as a way of spending time with him.


Once the confusion is cleared, Arthur also appreciates Cousin Mo.



37. Cora




Cora is the daughter of Arthur, D. W., and Kate’s cousin. She is the daughter of aunt Jessica and Richard. She is the main antagonist in the episode D. W. Thinks Big.


She appears only a few times over the other seasons. She is not the favorite of anyone except her parents. Cora behaves like an angel when elders are around, being very polite and mild-mannered.


But once they leave, Cora becomes intolerable. She appears to dislike D. W. in particular and blames her for breaking her locket. Cora’s mother defends her daughter and blames D. W. However, the truth is revealed later and when D. W. rescues the ring from the pipes, Cora loses her flower girl honors to D. W.



38. Mr. Armstrong


Mr. Armstrong


Mr. Armstrong is the father of Sue Ellen Armstrong and a minor character in the series. He is a Diplomat by career. He traveled around the world for his job.


This offers him a chance to experience many fascinating encounters and countries. Mr. Armstrong is a light brown cat who is ready with a smile and an anecdote. Mr. Armstrong does not appear often, but whenever he comes, he has many interesting stories about his travels.


He is the center of attention whenever he narrates his work. Due to his work, his entire family has also had the chance to see many cultures. This offers them a unique and varied standpoint in life.



39. Millicent Crosswire


Millicent Crosswire


Millicent Crosswire is the mother of Muffy and Chip Crosswire. She is the wife of Mr. Crosswire who owns Crosswire Motors. Millicent is an amiable lady who loves shopping and watching operas.


Millicent is a rich lady with a luxurious lifestyle and taste. Being the mother of Muffy, her love of shopping and fashion can be expected. Yet, it does not mean she wastes her time, as she loves to help Mr. Crosswire in running his business. She is generally well-liked by people around her despite her limited screen time.



40. Bailey Carson Belvedere III


Bailey Carson Belvedere III


Bailey Carson Belvedere III is a supporting character in the series. He is a beige dog who works with the Crosswire family. Bailey is the butler and chauffeur at the Crosswire mansion, and he is a well-liked and valued member of the household.


Bailey picks up and drops Muffy at her elementary school every day. He does wheelies with the limo, makes artistic sculptures, etc., for Muffy. He is a jack of all trades, as he will do anything the Crosswire family needs him to do.


He even gives good and sane advice to Muffy whenever she needs it.



41. Ed Billings


Ed Billings


Ed Billings is a friend of Grandpa Dave, and he is portrayed as being a bit of an oddball. It can be said that he has a quirky and unconventional personality.


Ed Billings often appears in guest roles throughout the series doing odd roles as the complainant who says Buster’s chocolates are terrible or as a passing driver, etc. Ed Billings offered to take care of Grandpa Dave’s farm for him as his health continued to deteriorate.


However, Grandpa Dave is adamant about doing the job himself and refuses Ed every time. Apart from occasional greetings, Ed Billings does not play a significant role.



42. Bo Baxter


Bo Baxter


Bo Baxter is the father of Buster Baxter and the ex-husband of Bitzi Baxter. He is a pilot by profession and travels around the world on the job. Bo takes Buster flying with him on a trip until the end of the second season.


This leads to the spin-off episodes Postcards from Buster. In the children’s book, the author did not mention that Bo Baxter and his wife are divorced. However, the animated series brings in this change.


Currently, Bo is working as a private pilot for a music band called Los Viajeros and flies them around the country and internationally too.



43. Frederique Fugue


Frederique Fugue


Frederique Fugue is a bit of a music prodigy known for his exceptional talent on the piano. He has performed at many prestigious events in Vienna and Carnegie, etc. He is often quite serious and dedicated to his music.


Mr. Fugue is very disciplined in his practice and performance. Despite his serious nature, Frederique is also kind and friendly. He has close friendships with many of the other characters on the show.


He studied at Yale university and once dueled with Liberace on the piano. Apart from music, Dr. Fugue also has a talent for knitting, and he often makes fingerless gloves for all his pupils.



44. Aunt Lucy


Aunt Lucy


Aunt Lucy is the daughter of Grandpa Dave and the sister of Jane and Jessica. She is the favorite maternal aunt of Arthur, D. W., and Kate. Being the daughter of a farmer, she grew up on a farm in an unknown town away from Elwood city.


She only visits the city occasionally. We are introduced to her in the episode about her marriage, where D. W. becomes the flower girl. Although Lucy appears in later episodes, her role is minor or mentioned in passing.


Once the Read family is forced to spend the night at Lucy’s home due to car trouble and D. W. narrates the events with great flair.



45. Ted Glass


Ted Glass


Ted Glass is a crossing guide at the school of Arthur and Brain. He replaces Mrs. Hurley for a short while and appears in the episode Arthur vs. the Very Mean Crossing Guard.


Ted Glass is a jokester who pranks Arthur and Brain. He convinces them that they have to pay a crossing fee of $10 every day, or else he will hunt them down.


He scares them saying that he has hidden cameras and no one can hide from him. This scared the two friends very badly till Grandma Thora interfered and cleared up the joke.


He is friends with Grandma Thora and is immediately forgiven by Arthur for the pranks.



46. Mrs. Pariso


Mrs. Pariso


Mrs. Pariso is a new neighbor of the Frenskys who moves into unit #4 at the Westboro Apartments. She is an old lady, who is lonely. She likes to make friends and meet new people.


Initially, Francine feels annoyed with her behavior but slowly realizes their shared love for horses. They become friends. Mrs. Pariso likes to interact with people, so when Buster calls her a witch, she takes it in her stride and tells a story about meeting a young warlock.


This amuses Francine while they play in the treehouse. Mrs. Pariso continues to appear occasionally without a major contribution.



47. Mr & Mrs. Leduc


Mr & Mrs. Leduc


Mr. and Mrs. Leduc are parents of two children, Emily and Jules. Mr. Leduc is a kind and supportive father. He is also quite patient and understanding and is shown to be willing to go the extra mile to help his children succeed.


Mrs. Leduc is a stay-at-home mom who is shown to be very nurturing and supportive of her children. She is also quite organized and efficient. She is often managing the household and caring for her children.


Overall, the Leduc family is a close-knit and supportive group who are deeply committed to each other’s well-being.



48. Mr. Marco


Mr. Marco


Mr. Marco was a second-grade teacher of Arthur’s at Lakewood Elementary. Later, he was assigned as the fifth-grade teacher as per class rotation. He is a strict teacher who does not tolerate misbehavior of any kind.


He once catches Francine and Muffy having the same answers in their tests. He misunderstands that Francine copied from Muffy. Later, it is clear that Francine is innocent and Muffy has cheated.


He apologizes to Francine and punishes Muffy instead. Despite his strict nature, he is also a kind and friendly teacher outside the classroom. In one episode of the series, he showed his playful side as well.



49. Cheikh




In the animated TV series Arthur, Cheikh Diouf is Alan Powers’ cousin from Senegal. He is introduced in the season 14 episode “In My Africa” and becomes a recurring character, particularly interacting with Buster Baxter and D.W. Read. 


Cheikh brings a unique perspective to the show, sharing his Senegalese culture and traditions with his friends. He is instrumental in improving the cultural sensitivity, tolerance and awareness of his friends, thereby teaching racial tolerance.


He is known for his friendly and outgoing personality, always eager to make new experiences and share his knowledge.



50. Rodentia Ratburn


rodentia ratburn


In the animated TV series Arthur, Rodentia Ratburn is the cheerful and easygoing substitute teacher for Mr. Ratburn when he loses his voice. She is Mr. Ratburn’s younger sister, and she shares his passion for teaching. 


However, her teaching methods, which involve singing songs, playing puppets, and teaching basic concepts like colour mixing, are considered too simplistic for Arthur’s third-grade class. The class enjoys her style of teaching during her initial days, but quickly become bored with the simplicity of it.


Despite her unconventional approach, Rodentia is a kind and enthusiastic teacher who genuinely cares about her students’ well-being.



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