Top 50 Most Popular DC Female Characters Of All Time

top 50 most popular dc female characters of all time


Both DC and Marvel have given us highly memorable characters and superheroes; then what is it exactly that separates the two?


In simple terms, it is the fact that DC is much darker. It deals with more mature themes and is not afraid to show the meaner side of existence as realistically as possible.


Batman and Superman are literally synonymous with the DC Universe; however, one must not forget the plethora of amazing female characters that DC has released for us over the past decades.


Given below is a list of the top female characters in the DC Universe who are not only memorable but have garnered considerable popularity within the fandom.




1. Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman


One of the most popular DC female characters and a proud member of the Justice League, Wonder Woman surely requires no introduction.


Born an Amazon, with power rivaling that of the Gods themselves, Wonder Woman is undoubtedly one of the strongest females in the DC Universe.


Raised aloof from the corrupt, modern-day world, her soul is truly noble and pure. She dedicates herself wholeheartedly to the service of the helpless.


Her real name is Princess Diana, as she is the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus. She was raised to be a highly skilled warrior who is almost unbeatable on the battlefield.


Her golden armlets coupled with her lasso of truth work as formidable weapons in any fight – both physical and psychological.




2. Catwoman




If you think of Batman, Catwoman automatically comes to mind as well. She is a unique addition to the DC Universe. She is not a typical superhero but a troubled supervillain who gradually follows Batman toward the path of justice.


Catwoman or Selina had a troubled childhood, living with an abusive father and a tormented mother. She learned very early that dishonesty and intimidation were the two weapons she needed to survive in this cruel world; well, at least until she crossed paths with Batman.


We are introduced to her as a shrewd and manipulative thief who could get her hands on almost everything she wanted.


To top it off, her martial arts and battle skills are exceptional. She is no God like Wonder Woman and neither does she belong to a powerful alien race; however, if one underestimates her in battle, it might just be their last.


We see splendid character growth in her as she turns from a villain to a hero, dedicatedly working with Batman to protect the city of Gotham.




3. Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn


Next on our list, we have a supervillain instead of a superhero. Almost every DC enthusiast is familiar with the crazy story of Dr. Harlene Quinzel.


Harlene was a noted psychologist working in Arkham Asylum. All was going well for her until she met the Joker. After getting the chance to get up close and personal with him, Harlene ended up becoming obsessed with her patient.


She even helped him escape Arkham and forcibly became his new sidekick/love interest. It was her deep love and obsession for the Joker that made her assume her new identity as Harley Quinn; she went from being an accomplished doctor to a crazy criminal.


However, eventually, Harley did realize that the Joker was only holding her back and went on to form her own groups and squads. This included organizations such as the Suicide Squad, Gotham City Sirens, etc.




4. Hawkgirl




Hawkgirl is one of the original members who made significant contributions to the foundation of the Justice League. She does have a fiery temper and a merciless battle form but nevertheless, we can rest assured that she fights on the side of the good.


She is a native of the planet Thanagar. She first came to Earth in a ploy to discover its weaknesses but ultimately ended up staying back and joining Earth’s mighty heroes in their crusade for justice.


Just like any Thanagarian, she is remarkably strong, with high endurance and durability. The wings on her back are far more formidable than one could imagine – they allow her to soar to great heights without flapping and allow her to easily fly in the atmosphere of various planets.


As a former member of the Thanagarian military, she is remarkably smart and well-versed in strategy. We see her defeat Batman in chess multiple times.



5. Zatanna




We first came across the character of Zatanna in Hawkman #4. She is a powerful member of the Justice League and a rare magic user.


Her magical abilities come from the fact that she is half human and half homo-magi. She is related to famous and powerful historical characters.


Apart from her work as a superhero, she also has a successful life on stage. A large part of Zatanna’s initial journey revolved around the mystery surrounding her mother who had disappeared sometime after her birth.


As for her abilities, she is primarily a magic user and can control the elements. However, she also has a plethora of other abilities that make her formidable in battle.


She can read people’s minds, control things via telekinesis and even read the minds of others.



6. Black Canary


Black Canary


The name Black Canary belongs to not just one but two superheroes. Initially, it was Dinah Drake who held the title of Black Canary in her crusade for justice and after her, it was her daughter Dinah Laurel Lance who carried this title and responsibility.


Dinah was born into a family of crime fighters; her father was a police officer and her mother was the original Black Canary.


Dinah was not only a valuable member of the Justice League but also part of the crime-fighting team “Birds of Prey”.


One of the major abilities of the Black Canary is the technique known as ‘Canary Cry’. It allows them to launch a sonic attack that has the ability to not only deal damage to and stun her enemies but can even shatter metal.


Apart from this, she is well-versed in multiple martial arts forms and is a prime example of the peak human condition.



7. Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy


Dr. Pamela Isley, before assuming her identity as Poison Ivy was a highly successful botanist. She even worked for Wayne Industries before Bruce fired her for her unethical methods.


Pamela is misanthropic in nature and harbors a sort of hatred for humanity. She had a rough childhood because of her strange skin condition that prevented her from going out in the sun.


Pamela’s powers as Poison Ivy allow her to control all forms of plant life, she can not only make them grow at an accelerating rate but can also animate them and use them as weapons.


She is also filled with an excessive amount of toxins and her touch is highly poisonous. Moreover, she is able to secrete powerful pheromones that can make both men and women infatuated with her.


She started off as a villain but eventually joined the Birds of Prey upon Batgirl’s request.



8. Starfire




Starfire is the superhero name adopted by Koriandr, the second princess of the Tamaran. We know her as an essential member of the Teen Titans but her own life story is quite intriguing in itself.


Born and raised in Tamaran, Koriandr had to endure bitter hardships at the hands of the Citadel after her elder sister’s betrayal.


The Citadel subjected her to severe mistreatment and conducted numerous dangerous experiments on her to assess how much energy her durable Tamaranian body could endure.


However, she was eventually rescued by soldiers loyal to her. As a native Tmaranian, Koriandr could turn the sun’s UV rays into energy required for flight.


However, after being subject to brutal experimentation, she gained another super which allowed her to release powerful solar blasts.


She finally became a Teen Titan after she visited Earth.



9. Mera




Mera is a native of Xebel and was originally meant to be an assassin with the mission of murdering the future king of Atlantis, Arthur Cook (Aquaman).


However, fate had something completely different in store for her. She quickly fell in love with Arthur after meeting and was of course unsuccessful in her assassination mission.


Growing up in Xebel, she shared their hatred toward Atlantis. However, after meeting Arthur all that hatred started to wane quickly.


Despite being from opposing nations, both Arthur and Mera shared the common goal of trying to establish peaceful relations between Atlantis and the surface world.


Mera’s hot temper and adamant attitude often got her in trouble with the surface people. However, she soon became a part of the Justice League and engaged in their righteous crusade to protect the innocent.



10. Batgirl




Batgirl or Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon. Initially, she helped out Batman with her top-tier IT and hacking skills.


She is remarkably shrewd and proficient at interrogation and intimidation. However, during her initial days as Batgirl, she was shot in the spine by the villain Joker.


This almost destroyed her future as a vigilante as she could no longer fight like before. She used her hacking skills to help out Batman in whatever way she could.


However, Commissioner Gordon was finally able to find a clinic that could help with her situation. After recovering from her injury, Barbara came back even stronger.


She also started the crime-fighting group called Birds of Prey which included multiple other formidable female superheroes.



11. Big Barda


Big Barda


Barda was abducted from her home shortly after birth and raised in an orphanage that groomed her to serve Darkseid, a powerful antagonist.


Under the guidance of a woman in charge of the orphanage, Barda was trained to become a leader of the Female Furies, a fierce group of female warriors loyal to Darkseid.


As one of the New Gods, Barda possessed divine powers similar to Wonder Woman. While serving Darkseid, she encountered and fell in love with his son.


Eventually, Barda managed to escape alongside him and sought refuge on Earth, where she joined forces with the Justice League and became a valuable member of the Birds of Prey.


With her superhuman abilities, which included immortality, Barda proved herself a formidable ally in the fight for justice.



12. Vixen




Vixen, originally named Mari McCabe, was born in a small African village where her mother tragically became prey to poachers when she was just a child. Following her mother’s death, Mari was cared for by the village reverend.


However, even the reverend met a grim fate, as he was murdered by his own half-brother, General Maksai. Maksai committed this act to obtain the powerful Totem, believed to grant its possessor the abilities of the animal kingdom.


With no remaining family, Mari fled to America, using her beauty to pursue a career as a model and later establishing herself as a successful businesswoman.


Having achieved great success, Mari embarked on a journey across the globe and managed to reclaim the Totem from the villainous Maksai. At different points in her life, she joined both the Birds of Prey and the Justice League.


In addition to wielding the Totem’s power, Mari is highly proficient in martial arts.



13. Raven




Raven is one of the most important members of the Teen Titans and was responsible for forming the New Teen Titans.


Her parentage is quite tricky – she was born to a human mother and a demon father. Being half demon, she is able to wield remarkably powerful magic and has multiple abilities that make her a formidable opponent.


One of her most powerful abilities is astral projection. She is able to send out her ‘soul self’ that can not only fight as a physical being but can also create strong force fields and deal heavy damage to enemies while her actual body stays safe.


She initially wanted to join the Justice League but wasn’t able to due to Zatanna’s objection; Zatanna could sense the dark powers flowing within her.


She then created the New Teen Titans so that she finally has a group where she can fit in.



14. Power Girl


Power Girl


Power Girl is a superhero from another dimension. The heroes of the Justice Leagues, Birds of Prey, and Teen Titans all belong to the original dimension known as Earth 1.


However, Power Girl is like the parallel version of Super Girl in an alternate dimension known as Earth 2.


In Earth 2, she is Superman’s first cousin. Just like Kal-El, she too was sent out of Krypton in a spaceship before the planet was about to be destroyed.


However, unlike her cousin, her spaceship took much longer to reach Earth 2. By the time she landed there, she was already in her early twenties.


Upon reaching Earth 2, she was given a place to stay by her cousin and his girlfriend Louis Lane.


Her abilities are the same as Superman’s as she is a Kryptonian just like him.



15. Supergirl




Several superheroes in the DC Universe have assumed the title of Supergirl. However, the most current and famous Supergirl is definitely Kara Zor El, the cousin of Kal El i.e. Superman. Just like Superman, she too was sent to Earth on a rocket by her parents just before Krypton was destroyed.


She was found by a family called the Danvers and grew up as their daughter – Kara Danvers. The main storyline follows Kara as a regular high school girl who has incredible Kryptonian powers within her.


Eventually, Supergirl goes on to join the Justice League as well. Just like Superman, Supergirl is also one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe.


She was also part of another group called the Red Lanterns. Just like Superman, Kara can absorb solar energy to boost her power.


She can also use the heat vision ability and possesses invincible Kryptonian physiology and strength.



16. Batwoman




The story of Batwoman is not too far from Batman; she too turned to a life of vigilantism after losing her precious ones in childhood.


However, her story is quite unique in its own way as well. Batwoman or Kate Kane is one of the few DC superheroes who came out as a lesbian.


And the world during her time was not as accepting as today. She was subjected to ridicule and shame for her Gender identity however, that was not enough to break her down.


Kate was a socialite by day and a vigilante by night. She was always academically gifted which is nothing but proof of her towering intellect.


Her physical abilities too are an example of the peak human condition.



17. Cyclone




Cyclone, aka Maxine Hunkel, wields the whirlwind! She can manipulate wind with her mind, conjuring gusts, tornadoes, and even levitating. Her intellect and strategic thinking fuel her wind-bending, making her a force to be reckoned with.


In the DC Universe, she shines as a member of the Justice Society of America, a legacy team upholding justice.


Whether rescuing civilians from disasters or battling supervillains with her wind-powered punches, Cyclone’s unique abilities and unwavering spirit make her a valuable asset to the team.


Her role goes beyond just fighting, as she inspires others with her optimism and unwavering belief in doing the right thing.



18. Cheetah




Next, we have another supervillain on our list. The real woman behind Cheetah is Barbara Minerva. Barbara is a typical haughty British aristocrat who gained her powers by chance during an archaeological expedition.


Before becoming a cannibalistic villain, Barbara used to be an archaeologist. In one of her expeditions, while she was trying to discover the lost city belonging to the Urzkartagan tribe, she was abandoned by her guides and left to the mercy of the natives.


To survive, she performed a heinous ritual and assumed the form of a Cheetah. Cheetah frequently appears as a nemesis of Wonder Woman.


She has her eyes on Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and has tried to trick her on multiple occasions to obtain it.



19. Silver Banshee


Silver Banshee


Silver Banshee is a highly intimidating supervillain in the DC Universe. Even though her powers are supposed to be a curse nonetheless, it makes her a highly formidable opponent; even Superman almost lost his life to her because he was slightly careless.


The woman behind Silver Banshee is Siobhan. Siobhan was born in a cursed clan whose eldest inherits the powers of the Banshee.


Unable to accept that a woman would lead the clan, her brother interrupted the ritual that was supposed to give her powers, and she was trapped in a dark dimension for years.


It is in that other dimension that she met Crone who finally gave her the powers of a Silver Banshee.


The Banshee has multiple weapons including her lethal stare, death wail, power of teleportation, etc.



20. Talia Al Ghul


Talia Al Ghul


The character of Talia Al Ghul is very complex and one of the hardest to define in the DC Universe.


She is both a villain and a short-time lover of Batman. Being the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul, she is an important member of both the Assassin’s League and Lex Corp.


Her loyalties are often divided because of her feelings toward her father and Batman. She supposedly even has a child with Batman from their short marriage.


Talia does not exactly possess superpowers but did find a way to slow her again by using Lazarus Pits.


Other than this, she is highly intelligent and remarkably skilled and both martial arts and wielding firearms.



21. Mary Marvel


mary marvel


Like her brother Billy Batson, Mary Marvel speaks the wizard’s name “Shazam!” to unleash a cascade of godly powers. Boasting super strength, speed, flight, and invulnerability, she’s a powerhouse on the battlefield.


But her true strength lies in her wisdom and compassion. As a member of the Shazam Family and Justice League, Mary’s role extends beyond mere punch-ups.


She acts as a guiding light, using her intelligence and emotional depth to bridge gaps between heroes and civilians, offering solace and inspiring hope.


Whether battling monstrous threats or mentoring young heroes, Mary Marvel embodies the ideals of heroism and justice, proving that wisdom can be just as powerful as superhuman strength.



22. Wonder Girl


Wonder Girl


Wonder Girl or Donna Troy was someone created by a magician in the image of Diana (Wonder Woman). The magician had done it so that young Diana would have a playmate.


However, Donna was eventually abducted by an evil being who mistook her for Diana and was somehow cursed to live multiple tragic lives.


After finally being rescued, Donna became one of the founding members of the superhero organization called Teen Titans. Having been created in the image of Diana, most of Donna’s abilities are similar to those of Wonder Woman.


However, during her long and adventurous life, she managed to accumulate powers that are unique to her as well.



23. Amanda Waller


Amanda Waller


The next female character on our list may not fit the general stereotype of a superhero but she is definitely a hero in her own right.


Amanda is a strong and fearful member of the US government. Her stubborn and intimidating attitude has earned her the nickname “The Wall”.


Amanda is determined to keep the streets free of crime. Amanda lost both her husband and daughter to criminals and did not want more citizens to lose their families.


Apart from her great work in the US military and as a civil servant, Amanda was also the key figure behind the revival of the Suicide Squad.



24. Lois Lane


Lois Lane


Lois Lane is famously known as the wife and girlfriend of superman however, she herself is a woman of daunting strength and many abilities.


She is an award-winning investigative journalist. She is not only sincere about her work, but she is also very good at it.


She often goes to dangerous lengths for the sake of her journalistic investigations. It is unfortunate that being in close proximity to Superman often puts her in trouble or gets her abducted.


Even though Lois is a woman who can handle herself in most situations, she is definitely no match for supervillains.


Superman, however, never fails to come to her rescue. They eventually even have a son together after marriage.



25. Lady Blackhawk


Lady Blackhawk


Lady Blackhawk is the alias used by Zinda Blake who was the first female aviation fighter in the second World War.


She was part of the aviation team named Blackhawks; it is from her connection with the Blackhawks group that she ultimately took the alias Lady Blackhawk.


It is true that it wasn’t easy for women of her time to join the military but Zinda was a tough cookie to crack.


She came to the aid of the Blackhawks multiple times and was finally recognized as an important member. Zinda came across the Teen Titans after she got displaced in time during Zero Hour.


It was because of this fateful encounter that she ultimately became a part of the Teen Titans.



26. Killer Frost


Killer Frost


We have a bit of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation going on here with Killer Frost. Killer Frost did not exist at first but gradually manifested within a girl named Caitlin as her alternate personality.


This was because Caitlin was at risk of getting ALS and her father performed numerous cryogenic experiments on her to try and prevent it.


Though his aim was just, it led to the birth of the dangerous persona known as Killer Frost. At first, Caitlin was barely aware of its existence but she gradually recognized it and its amazing abilities.


The more Caitlin used Killer Frost’s abilities, the more she would lose herself. She developed such a strong split personality that she wasn’t able to remember her actions as Frost once her original personality got restored.



27. Artemis




Artemis is a formidable Amazonian warrior and a member of the famous trio “The Outlaws”. “The Outlaws” were formed after Artemis’ fateful encounter with Red Hood and Bizzaro.


All three shared the common goal of defeating the villain named Black Mask. The primary reason why Artemis set out on her adventurous journey was to recover the Bow Ra.


This bow was a prestigious weapon rewarded only to the Champion of the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall. Being an Amazon, she obviously possesses superhuman strength, durability, and stamina.


She is also from the race of Gods and therefore immortal. She is also able to wield magic which is unique even among Amazonian women.



28. Enchantress




The Enchantress is a remarkably powerful and dangerous sorceress who inhabits the body of an innocent woman called June Moone.


She was trapped in June’s body by the Dark Justice League so that her power could be kept in check; living inside a human host, she could only come forth if she is summoned or able to break through somehow.


Poor June was desperate to rid herself of this monster and she was able to but it did not last too long.


The Enchantress went frantic over the loss of June and made several clones of herself to look for her everywhere.


Ultimately June had to be sacrificed to save the larger mass from the Enchantress’ wrath.



29. Dawnstar




Dawnstar originally belonged to a human tribe called Anasazi. However, years back an alien race came to earth and abducted multiple people of the Anasazi tribe and took them to a foreign planet named Starhaven.


These people were the first human colonizers of this foreign planet. These aliens conducted multiple strange experiments on these abducted humans as a result of which their succeeding generations were born with several inhuman mutations – they had wings, superhuman strength, and other powerful abilities.


Dawnstar is unique even amongst the settlers of Starhaven because of her unique tracking ability; she can track people or objects even light years away.


Moreover, she is able to use her wings to travel faster than the speed of light.



30. Lady Shiva


Lady Shiva


Lady Shiva is the alias used by Sandra Wu-San. Sandra is revered as the world’s greatest martial artist. It is difficult to judge her via a moral compass as she has played the role of both vigilante and villain.


She is driven purely by what interests her and harbors no lofty ideals like superheroes. Even without superpowers, Lady Shiva is a formidable opponent in battle.


At one point in time, she was even part of the superhero group called Birds of Prey. Shiva’s abilities do not stop at just martial arts.


She is also an exceptional healer and holds great knowledge about various medicinal formulas. She is also a tactical genius and can predict her opponent’s moves almost accurately.



31. Batgirl (Cassandra)


Batgirl (Cassandra)


Not to be confused with the other, more famous Batgirl, which is the vigilante identity assumed by Barbara Gordon, this Batgirl is actually the alias used by Cassandra Cain and she is a much younger figure.


However, her journey toward becoming a hero was far from smooth. Born to assassin parents, Cassandra was supposed to be the greatest weapon in the hands of the League of Assassins.


However, right after her first kill, she realized that the life of an assassin was not for her. Horrified after committing murder, Cassandra went to Batman for refuge.


It is after meeting him that she gradually discovers her identity as Batgirl. Her background in strict martial arts training made her a highly efficient vigilante.



32. Lighting Lass


Lighting Lass


Lighting Lass literally translates to Lighting girl which more or less sums up her ability. Ayla Ranzz assumed the title of Lighting Lass after successfully becoming a part of the Legion of Superheroes.


Ayla was born on a foreign planet called Winath and was not born with any particularly amazing abilities. However, while returning from a party hosted on an alien planet, 14-year-old Alya and her brother were part of an unfortunate accident.


Their spaceship has crashed because of running out of fuel. Her brother, Garth, lured Lightning Beasts to try and recharge their spaceship but instead, the energy released by the beasts caused several mutations in both siblings; it gave them the ability to generate electricity from their bodies.



33. Saturn Girl


Saturn Girl


Saturn Girl is yet another alien superhero in the DC Universe. However, she did not come to Earth with vengeance and was always an ally.


She originally belonged to the planet called Titan. She comes from a race consisting of powerful mentalists who are experts at reading and manipulating thoughts.


Naturally, Saturn Girl is a highly gifted telepath. On her first trip to Earth, she was able to uncover an assassination attempt via her mind-reading skills and saves the life of the billionaire named Brande.


It was Brande that urged her to take the alias of Saturn Girl and take up vigilantism. Saturn Girl eventually went on to be one of the founders and an essential member of the Legion of Superheroes.



34. Phantom Girl


Phantom Girl


Phantom Girl is originally from a planet called Bgztl which exists in the 4th dimension. Her most prominent power is the ability to become intangible; this allows her to easily pass through other objects.


Her real name is Tinya Lazzo and she eventually becomes the romantic partner and wife of Ultra Boy. She clearly has a life span that far exceeds that of humans as she was active as a vigilante in both the 20th and 30th centuries.


In the 20th century, she was a part of the L. E. G. I. O. N, and again in the 30th century, she continued her crusade for justice as a part of the Legion of Superheroes.


She was a part of the League’s espionage squad. Apart from her 4th-dimensional ability to become intangible, she is also highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat.



35. Dream Girl


Dream Girl


Nura Nal or Dream Girl hails from a planet called Naltor whose residents are blessed with precognitive abilities. It was using these abilities that Nura realized that the members of the League of Superheroes were about to die.


In a desperate attempt to save them, she joins the league as well. She dredges up intricate plans and even decides to optimize the abilities of Thunder Lass so that League could be protected from its imminent demise.


Apart from her precognitive powers, Dream Girl is also remarkably smart. In fact, she was considered to be among the top 4 most intelligent members of the League of Superheroes.



36. Elasti-Girl/Elasti-Woman




Elasti-Girl was originally a successful Hollywood actress and went by the name of Rita Farr. While filming one fine day, she was exposed to certain toxic, volcanic fumes.


Upon regaining consciousness, she realized that she could grow or shrink her body to any size. She could become a large giant or almost microscopic.


Once she learned to control her abilities, she could even enlarge and shrink isolated parts of her body. Naturally, her power made people ostracize her as a freak and her career as an actress was ruined.


However, she eventually found a place where she could belong; a place filled with freaks like her – Doom Patrol. It was also in Doom Patrol that she met the love of her life – Mento.



37. Jessica Cruz


Jessica Cruz


Jessica Cruz is the lesser-known Green Lantern in the DC Universe. She was originally a troubled human being who experienced crippling anxiety after witnessing the brutal murder of her friends.


Upon being chosen by the Ring of Volthoom, Jessica was forced to assume the identity of the Green Lantern.


She was reluctant at first, but the ring almost forced its powers on her leaving her no choice but to yield.


Unable to control the ring’s power, Jessica was slowly descending into madness until she managed to come across Batman.


Batman helped her overcome the overpowering influence of the ring. She eventually allied herself with the Justice League. The Flash even summoned Hal Jordon, a previous Green Lantern, so that he could teach her how to control the ring’s powers.



38. Phantom Lady


Phantom Lady


Phantom Lady is a part of the organization of Freedom Fighters. She has been active since the Golden Age when she participated in the battle against the Nazis.


One of her most prominent fighting techniques involves the use of high-tech gadgets which she wields flawlessly. These gadgets also give her control over the light spectrum making them a lot more efficient than meets the eye.


However, she does not solely rely on gadgets to win a fight. She is highly trained in combat and can practice several different forms of martial arts.


Her original name is Sandra Knight and she is among the first few female superheroes in the DC Universe. Her character first appeared in Police Comics #1 (1989).



39. Maxima




Maxima belonged to the royal family of the planet Almerac. She was the eldest of all royal siblings. Originally, a haughty and self-centered character, Maxima abandoned her fiancé from her native planet and came to Earth in search of a suitable mate.


Her wish was finally fulfilled when she set her eyes on Superman. To her, he was the most suitable mate.


He even proposed to him saying that she could give him children who retained his exceptional powers and strength.


However, Superman turned her down which filled her with rage. She went on to work with Brainiac. Ultimately, she helped the Justice League in their fight against Brainiac and even joined the League after they helped to save her native planet.



40. Stargirl




Stargirl, originally known as the Star-Spangled Kid, is an alias used by Courtney Whitmore. Courtney was a member of both the Justice Society of America and the JSA All-Stars.


Her recognizable weapon is a staff which carries on the legacy of her family. Her father was also a vigilante during his own time who went by the name of Stripesy.


She uses her staff to project energy; the staff contains high amounts of absorbed stellar energy which allows its bearers to use it as a formidable battle weapon.


Apart from wielding the staff, Stargirl is proficient in Gymnastics and Kickboxing as well. She surely puts up a tough fight when it comes down to hand-to-hand combat.



41. Jesse Quick


Jesse Quick


Jesse never had any intention of becoming a superhero or vigilante but her father certainly held high hopes for her.


All she was interested in was studying the brave superheroes of the past. It was by coincidence that the old vigilante group Justice Society of America when Jesse was studying at Gotham University.


Naturally, this return had a huge impact on her and she wanted to make her thesis surrounding the impact of these superheroes.


It also rekindled her father’s dream of pushing Jesse toward vigilantism. Jesse’s father, in an effort to push his daughter toward becoming a superhero, taught her the formula to derive energy from the Speed Force.


She ultimately ended up joining the Justice Society of America as the superhero Jesse Quick.



42. Huntress




The Huntress is another vigilante operating in the notorious Gotham City. She is considered a part of the Batman family but her heritage is Italian.


She fights against injustice because of highly personal reasons; her entire family was once tragically taken by criminals. Her internal vendetta and hatred would often come out in fights, which led to her being absolutely relentless.


Her ruthlessness was a primary reason why a lot of heroes treated her as an outcast and refused to accept her as one of them.


However, over time, the Huntress learned to tone down her methods and control her temper. She eventually went on to be a part of two vigilante groups – the Justice League and the Birds of Prey.



43. Star Sapphire


Star Sapphire


The character of Star Sapphire has been assumed by multiple women across the DC Universe. These Star Sapphire women have time and again plagued the heroes of America with their notorious villainy and formidable strength.


The most prominent of the Star Sapphire women was Carol Ferris. Carol was also the boss and short-time love interest of Hal Jordan, the most well-known Green Lantern from Earth.


She belonged to a family of rich businessmen who owned the Ferris Aircraft Company. Once possessed by the powerful gem known as Star Sapphire, the owner would get immense power similar to that of the Green Lantern.


The first Star Sapphire villain appeared in All-Flash #32.



44. Fire




Fire is the alias adopted by Beatriz Bonilla. Beatriz had quite a diverse career trajectory. She is a native Brazilian and first began her character with modeling.


However, that did not last; she eventually went on to work as an agent for the government. During this phase of her life, Beatriz met with an unfortunate accident but it had its own benefits as well.


The accident had given her strange powers – she realized that she is able to generate green flames from her body.


Thus, began her journey toward vigilantism. Fire was a member of multiple vigilante groups such as – the Justice League International, the Global Guardians, Checkmate, and also Super Buddies.



45. Carrie Kelley


Carrie Kelley


The story of Carrie takes place far in the future. It is a future where Batman is now a rugged old man but still fighting injustice to the best of his abilities.


The first time Carrie met Batman, she was only 13 years old. Batman had saved her from a gang of muggers one night.


Seeing him in action inspired Carrie. She went and spent all her pocket money to buy herself a Robin costume and tried to fight some petty crime in order to impress Batman.


Carrie ends up assuming the role of multiple vigilantes in the hero while maintaining her loyalty to Batman. She was his future sidekick Robin, then she moved on to being Catgirl and finally settled in the role of Batwoman.



46. Liberty Belle


Liberty Belle


Liberty Belle is the superhero name of Libby Lawrence who was famously known as the masked superhero. Libby had quite a troubled past; she was in war-torn Poland when the second World War broke out.


Her father ended up dying in a Nazi raid. With the help of some kind people, Libby was able to find passage into Amsterdam.


Even though orphaned and without family, Libby was in no pitiful state. She was a star athlete in her school and an award-winning swimmer.


Even without her vigilante career, Libby was a success story. As the superhero known as Liberty Belle, Libby was able to draw powers from the Liberty Bell’s peal. She also headed the All-Star Squadron during the war.



47. Lana Lang


Lana Lang


Lana was never an original superhero but her influence was quite significant in some of the earlier editions of the DC comics.


She was a childhood friend of Clark Kent and they were even lovers for a short while. She is a kind and generous figure; both Superman and Supergirl saw her as family.


She worked as an editor in the Daily Planet and was mostly responsible for the Business Section. She was also the aunt of Supergirl and often acted as her mentor and caregiver.


In the DC Rebirth comics, Lana absorbs powers from the corpse of a dead Superman which gave her the ability to convert the sun’s radiation into electromagnetic energy. She adopted the alias of Superwoman for a short time.



48. Isis




The story of Isis had a humble beginning. Her real name is Adrianna and she was originally captured as an Egyptian refugee and brought to Black Adam.


Adam ultimately freed her. He noticed and was highly intrigued by her fiery nature that knew no fear. She even advised Adam on how he can rule his country better.


She stayed beside Adam’s side for a long time after that and eventually went on to be his wife.


Her superhero persona known as Isis developed after Black Adam stole the amulet of Isis and gave its powers to Adrianna.


The amulet gave the magnificent powers that let her have control over multiple daunting forces of nature.



49. Cameron Chase


Cameron Chase


Agent Cameron Chase was the daughter of a not-so-well-known superhero named Acro-Bat; after her father was killed in his line of work, Cameron vowed to dedicate her life to fighting injustice.


She eventually grew up to be a successful agent in the Department of Extranormal Affairs. She had multiple notable solo adventures until she finally became a part of the group Manhunter Escapades.


She even got into a relationship with Dylan Battles, more famously known as the Tech Guru. She possesses a unique ability that makes her formidable against metahumans.


She can dampen or tone down significantly the powers and abilities of any metahuman when she feels threatened; she is even able to disintegrate the Clay Thing with simply the powers of her mind.



50. Stephanie Brown


Stephanie Brown


Stephanie’s crime-fighting journey started mostly because of her father. Her father was one of the third-rate criminals in Gotham City who went by the name of Cluemaster.


He adopted that name because of his habit of leaving clues at the crime scene. For most of Stephanie’s childhood, she saw her father locked up in a jail cell.


When he finally got back, Stephanie thought he would change his ways but that was not happening. The Cluemaster was not only going to resort to villainy again but this time he decided to not leave any clues.


Adamant to stop her father, Stephanie bought herself a costume and adopted the superhero name Spoiler. She would leave clues at her father’s crime scene so that it was easier for Batman and Robin to find him.



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