Top 18 Best Cocomelon Characters

top 18 best cocomelon characters


Cocomelon is a sing-along musical series that helps pre-schoolers learn letters, numbers, animal sounds, colours, and more. The show became so popular following its launch on YouTube that Netflix decided to begin streaming it in 2020.


Today, it is recognized as arguably the biggest show on both YouTube and Netflix in many parts of the world. However, its popularity is limited to its target audience.


The show’s plot revolves around JJ and his friends and family going on fun and relatable adventures. What makes them even more fun is that they are loaded with nursery rhymes which the entire family can enjoy together.


In fact, they pretty much serve as a karaoke of sorts for kids and have a different life lesson infused in each episode. Needless to mention, Cocomelon provides parents across the world with a golden opportunity to teach and play with their children as they watch and learn new things together.


The series banks heavily on the power of repetition to make an impression on young minds by managing to capture their fascination. Since it is strictly for kids, it is not exactly the sort of viewing that would hold up very well to scrutiny or criticism.


So, without any further ado, let’s get you and your kids acquainted with its best and most likeable characters. We are certain that you guys will enjoy the rhymes and lessons as much as these characters do.


Indeed, they are perhaps here to ensure that the bond that you share with your beloved child is solidified through them. Let’s just allow them to that that.




1. JJ




JJ is what most of us aspire to be in the real world. He is mostly seen with a big smile on his face and is always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need his help.


He may be small in stature but he is determined to learn new things at all times. In addition, what makes him far more appealing is the fact that he is not a quitter and, therefore, never ceases to stop trying.




2. YoYo




Known for her boundless creativity and fearless personality, YoYo can often be seen taking the onus on herself to solve problems. Needless to say, she is happy to help the people around her and is brimming with hope and courage.


Not only does she believe in having fun but she also likes to share the joy with her beloved brothers JJ and TomTom. Indeed, nobody knows that sharing is caring better than she does.




3. TomTom




TomTom, who is JJ’s big brother, loves to fix and build things. Just like the others around him, he is also always ready to help his pals and siblings.


Along with YoYo and JJ, he is open to trying and learning new things as well. He also happens to be quite inquisitive about the world and is always wanting to learn as much as he possibly can.


You’ve got to give it to him for his appetite for knowledge.




4. Bingo




Bingo may be the Cocomelon family pet, but he is no less than a beloved member of the clan. Not only is he smarter than your average pup but he is also equally curious and cordial.


Also, like most dogs, he cares about his family and loves them to the moon and back. Add to that the fact that he is brutally loyal to them, and rightly so.



5. Dad




Dad is your trademark father who wants nothing more than to take his family on innumerable adventures. He is willing to do anything in his capacity to bring a smile to the faces of his loving family members.


The fact that he is also silly and sweet adds to his overall personality and makes him all the more endearing. The man is always willing to lend a hand and believes in putting his family before anything or anyone else.



6. Mom




Like every other dedicated mother in the world out there, Mom likes to take the challenges that life throws at her head-on. She may have given birth to three kids, but she still knows how to make every single day count.


She is as caring as they come and is, indeed, a real-life superhero. Therefore, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that a lot many children will see their own mother in her.



7. Ms. Appleberry


Ms. Appleberry


Teaching can be fun if every kid in the world is lucky enough to have a teacher like Ms Appleberry. While she is defined by her patience and enthusiasm, what makes her come across as endearing is that she always makes sure that the class is happy.


Better still, she loves to sing and never comprises the process of learning.



8. Cody




Most people in the world believe in having a best friend and JJ is no different. He finds his go-to guy in Cody, who loves all things dinosaurs and science.


His favourite animal and dinosaur are T-Rex and he loves to see it ROAR and scare everyone out of their wits.



9. Cece




Since little Cece loves to dance, she ends up breaking out into a little spin when she is excited or elated. Bright, adorable, and energetic in equal measure, her favourite dance form is ballet and she seems to want to be an expert in it.



10. Nina




Nina, who loves to play with her friends and move around, believes in sharing her part of the fun with those around her. Needless to say, she is a delight to be around, and, yes, her favourite colour is yellow.



11. Bella




A lover of rainbows, unicorns, and even rainbow unicorns, Bella is a shy girl who is also supremely creative. She feels that she is the happiest when she is putting her artistic self to use by drawing and painting.


Indeed, those are the two hobbies that manage to bring out the best in her.



12. Nico




Nico has such an undeniable presence that you will always come to know when he is around. He is undoubtedly the loud one in the group and always strives to be in the centre of the action.


You can find him having fun and being goofy at all times. Loud as he may be, he has a big heart and is a loyal friend.



13. Grandpa




Like most grandfathers in the real world, Grandpa may not always be in the picture, but he never shies away from assisting those who need his help and suggestions. He is the grandfather of JJ, YoYo, and TomTom and is also a responsible father figure who gives them valuable lessons from time to time.


We believe that Grandpa is a classic grandfather in the true sense of the word. This is primarily because he is usually seen working on his farm. He even decided to take JJ there at one point in time.



14. Grandma




Like Grandpa, Grandma isn’t always the centre of attention in the show, but she sure does love her grandchildren to the moon and back. She is a responsible mother figure to the three kids and is always there for them when they need her.


While she certainly does believe in teaching them crucial life lessons, she also ensures that they have a lot of fun as they learn and grow.



15. Boba




Like most individuals the world over, Boba also believes that he has grown up and matured quite a bit. So, even though he acts as the one true adult in the room, he still ends up being the butt of some jokes. We feel you, Boba.



16. Ello




Ello is an easy-going and gentle creature, who does not believe that his size can ever prove to be an impediment in his life; something that makes him forget about his large stature time and again.



17. Wally




Wally is truly someone to watch out for! He might be a notorious trickster, but he often ends up getting his just desserts. However, it is imperative to mention that he carries a heart of gold.



18. Mochi




The cute-looking monkey, Mochi, also does his best to make his presence felt in the show. Since he doesn’t carry ill intentions and only wishes to add to the fun, we thought we should mention him in our piece as well.



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