Top 50 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All Time

90s cartoon characters


Growing up as a kid in the 1990s was a lot of fun. Why? Because technology was not so advanced and the two best sources of entertainment for children were outdoor games and cartoons.


Most of us from the ’90s did not have a lot of options other than to watch whatever they showed on television.


Yep, the cartoons then were super cool, the music was popular and original, the clothes were good, and there was a sense of commonality among people; especially the children.


The fact that some of the cartoons that materialized in the ’90s continue to charm us even today is a testament to the fact that the ’90s was arguably the best time to have grown up in.


That said, a lot of young parents today have tried to familiarize their kids with the cartoons of that era; perhaps to inculcate the innocence and magic of them in their children.


Needless to mention, the cartoon characters from the ’90s were authentically humorous without even trying to be so.


Indeed, revisiting them from time to time gives us warm nostalgic vibes of the beautiful era gone by. It also makes us recollect a lot many special memories from our respective childhoods.


So, let’s go down memory lane today and check out some of the best cartoon characters from the Golden Age of animation.


These characters have managed to delight viewers across the globe and have, thus, cemented an irreplaceable place the hearts of their fans.




1. Homer Jay Simpson (The Simpsons)


homer jay simpson (the simpsons)


Homer Simpson might be chubby, lethargic, and often unaware of what is happening in the world, but his character sketch is among the finest to have ever hit the world of animation.


Just like the people in the real world, he comes with his set of shortcomings. But, that does not negate the fact that he is also very loving and caring towards his beloved family.


While Homer’s catchphrase, “D’oh”, became a part of the American television culture, a lot of his character traits were also reflective of the socio-economic situation of middle-class Americans back in the day.


The writers of the show ensured that through Homer Simpson’s character, a lot was said about the traditional family norms, parenting in the ’90s, and even the idea of machismo, among other things.


Even though this man continually fails at being a good and dependable father, he never stops trying to prove his worth to his beloved kids and wife.


And, that is precisely where he ends up winning all our hearts. Better still, what makes him even more likable is the fact that he is capable of loving ceaselessly.


Sure, he is not perfect, but watching him makes us realize that we all have a Homer deep within. 




2. Bartholomew JoJo Simpson (The Simpsons)


bartholomew jojo simpson (the simpsons)


If dear dad Homer Simpson can come across as lazy to many, his son Bart is a rebel of the highest order. Even though he is mischievous, he is also someone who can easily be bullied.


However, what makes him special is the fact that he believes in the power of unity and ensures that those who wrong him are wronged in return.


Bart is Homer’s only male child but he alone is enough to set the stage or, in this case, the house on fire.


One of the most loved characters of ‘The Simpsons’ animated series, Bart is a darling with an adorable voice.


What gives him a definitive edge over the others on this list is that he can make others laugh even if they have had the toughest of days.


Even though his intelligence fluctuates throughout the series, he is smart enough to play pranks at Springfield Elementary; completely disregarding the fact that it can often lead to unwanted consequences.


His catchphrases “Eat my shorts!” and “Flunk me? Flunk you!” have only made this series even more popular. Bart’s rebelliousness also stems from the fact that he has the utmost disregard for authority.


As the story progresses, we also notice that his problems with attention are displayed in numerous experiences.


However, Pryor once surprised one and all when he stepped in and confirmed that Bart Simpson is a gifted child, who happens to have an IQ of 2016. Yes, you read that right!




3. Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory)


dexter (dexter's laboratory)


What you may have noticed about television series and cartoons is that every generation of them has had a boy genius headlining the show.


While ‘Young Sheldon’ seems to be the fan-favorite genius today, it was Dexter who was the original and ultimate genius of the ’90s.


Short as he may be, his intelligence and knack for new inventions make him not only the smartest person in his family but also a renowned inventor of the world.


Credited with creating a plethora of extraordinary machines, Dexter is someone who keeps experimenting with the many ideas in his head.


That said, what the viewers must have noticed about him is that his nationality is never made clear throughout the show.


Also, he seems to share a love-hate relationship with his annoying sister. In fact, her unrequired presence in his laboratory ends up giving him one of the most memorable catchphrases in the show: “Dee Dee, get out of my laboratory!”


Since Dexter went on to become so popular, he was also invited to do crossover episodes with other popular programs on Cartoon Network.




4. Taz (Taz-Mania)


taz (taz-mania)


This Tasmanian Devil had become so popular after having appeared in the earlier cartoons that a lot many fans believed that there needed to be an animated sitcom exclusively dedicated to him.


It is not surprising then that in the early ‘90s, the ‘Taz-Mania’ cartoon series was developed to appease Taz’s loyal fans.


Taz has been revealed to be a beast who is always famished. This is precisely what appealed to the kids who were brought up in the early ’90s for they were barely ever not starved.


That said, he also comprised a lot many traits that the teenagers back then could relate to; one of which was to have a dialect of his own.


Devious as he may have been, Taz came across as adorable when he tried to frame sentences that hardly made any sense.


That said, it is imperative to mention that the uncouth and always-famished species seemed to have a dislike of water. Since he is a little less volatile than his original incarnation, he can be seen working as a bellhop at the Hotel Tazmania.


While most people around him saw Taz as devious, the viewers couldn’t help but find him to be sweet.



5. Buster Bunny (Tiny Toon Adventures)


buster bunny (tiny toon adventures)


The ‘Tiny Toons Adventures’ is very similar to the ‘Looney Tunes’ cartoon series. In fact, a lot many people would go on to assert that the former can easily be dubbed the Looney Tunes of the 1960s.


Buster Bunny headlines the Tiny Toons Adventures and does so adventurously. He is a young and enthusiastic male rabbit who also happens to be a commander of sorts for the Tiny Toons.


But, he happens to have his own set of problems. Not only does he have to deal with a complex school curriculum but he also has to tackle bullies from time to time.


However, what makes Buster Bunny likable is the fact that, like most kids, he also has a lot many dreams to follow; something that makes him relatable to every child watching him on-screen.


He is also someone who loves to be mischievous. Not only that but he even manages to convince his pals to join him in his wild schemes.


Known for his quick wit, kind heart, and strong sense of humor, Buster always seems to be ready to take a stand for what is right. And, let’s not forget that he has a knack for impersonations and a gift for comedy.



6. Courage (Courage the Cowardly Dog)


Courage (Courage the Cowardly Dog)


How often have you found creatures who are named Courage to not be courageous at all?


Courage may be easily scared and is often found to be edgy, but he is someone who would go to extreme lengths to protect his owners Muriel and Eustace.


He is perhaps the most commendable projection of a canine on-screen. Not only is he loyal and loving but he also tries his best to muster the courage to defend his owners when they are in danger.


That said, like most dogs, he can smell that something is amiss from a respectable distance. This gives him just about enough time to bring his selfless face to the fore and risk his life to save his caretakers.


Even though his other owner Eustace is not as kind to him as his beloved wife, Courage is not disturbed by his harsh words and has, in fact, gotten accustomed to his temperamental behavior.



7. Arnold (Hey Arnold!)


Arnold (Hey Arnold!)


‘Hey Arnold!’ traces the adventures and misadventures of a fourth-grader who lives with his grandparents. He has a football-shaped head which somehow makes him come across as super adorable.


Arnold’s parents have apparently gone missing for reasons unknown to the audience; as a result of which, he is sent to stay with his beloved grandparents.


What makes young adults empathize with him is the fact that living with one’s grandparents has turned out to be a trend of sorts in the contemporary world.


This is primarily because a lot many parents have started working in the 21st century.


The credit has to be given to the makers of Hey Arnold! in ensuring that they manage to relate to kids who are going through what Arnold does.


Also, the character is shown to be someone who always tries to be there for his friends and helps them in dealing with their respective life issues; something that is both essential and educative for kids to see.



8. Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons)


lisa simpson (the simpsons)


The smartest of all The Simpsons characters, Lisa is an intellectual. Even though she comes across as reserved and a tad unapproachable at first, she has a warm heart that often allows her to be vulnerable.


She has a passion for things that require creativity and productivity; things not a lot many people excel at.


That said, it’d be safe to assert that a lot many smart kids and real-life toppers would have had a great time both watching and relating to Lisa Simpson’s well-thought-of character sketch.


Needless to say, she is an original personality who is also very gentle. However, if one tries to mess with her, she will have no qualms about putting them in their place.


That way, she can also be condescending if she loses it.



9. Scooby-Doo (Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island)


Scooby-Doo (Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island)


Our next character on this list is arguably the most popular on-screen portrayal of a canine.


Both the cartoon and its characters are so popular that their absence can make one feel that a lot is missing from one’s life; especially from the lives of kids who grew up watching Scooby-Doo shows and movies in the ’90s.


Scooby has a magnetic charm to him. Even though he chickens out easily and is almost always anxious, he is also quite cheerful and as humane as possible.


This Great Dane has an affinity for good food and he can do just about anything to get his hands on “Scooby Snacks”.


Easy-going, sympathetic, and charming, Scooby is one character that our readers would love to have on this list as much as we do.



10. Bob the Builder (Bob the Builder)


Bob the Builder (Bob the Builder)


Our next protagonist on this list is Bob the Builder from the well-known animated television series ‘Bob the Builder’.


Now, the characters in the show are all good enough to be included in this list, but we choose Bob because he is just perfect for our story.


Bob is as determined as anyone could get in the real world. He is helpful and that is hands down evident from the fact that he goes all out in helping the people around him.


He is assisted by his very capable and endearing team of talking work vehicles.


No matter what the obstacles, he has no love lost for those who make excuses; primarily because he does his best to ensure that he finishes the work that he and his team have been assigned.


Therefore, not only does Bob give an important lesson in teamwork but he also strives to convey that nothing is impossible if one works hard to achieve their respective goals.



11. Batman (Batman: The Animated Series)


Batman (Batman: The Animated Series)


‘Batman: The Animated Series’ is not just a great show that debuted in the early 90s, but it is also one of the greatest animated television series of all time.


It is said to have revamped and revolutionized its titular character for generations to come.


Batman is a superhero whose grit, determination, and strength allow him to get the better of his enemies.


His character has been sketched in a manner that it makes him far more relatable than any Batman ever before.


Therefore, it is safe to assert that not only is Batman arguably the world’s finest detective but he is also someone who has battled a disastrous past and dedicated his precious life to the eradication of crime.



12. Douglas Yancey “Doug” Funnie (Doug)


Douglas Yancey "Doug" Funnie (Doug)


The main protagonist of the Nickelodeon and Disney animated series of the same name, Douglas is a modest and, yet, clumsy individual.


This average-looking guy is someone who can be susceptible at times. However, what makes him stand apart from the rest in the crowd is that he always strives to do the right things; even when he constantly fails.


He is special not only because he is a talented artist with a warm heart but also because he went on to help a lot many young adults adjust to their school lives and romantic connections in the real world back in the day; all while casting a light on how to deal with bullies.


These ever-so-relevant sub-plots in the show were aided by the illustration of self-esteem through Douglas’s character sketch.



13. SpongeBob SquarePants (SpongeBob SquarePants)


SpongeBob SquarePants (SpongeBob SquarePants)


Since the creator of the ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ series Mr. Stephen Hillenberg was a marine biologist himself, it was not surprising that his creation would be a sea sponge; but one that lives in a pineapple.


Absurd as it may sound, both the series and the character connected with the younger generation of the ’90s in a big way and turned out to be a sensation each.


Kiddish, playful, and extremely likable, SpongeBob is a one-of-a-kind character who loves to be in the company of his best pal Patrick.


One of his biggest dreams is to get himself a boating license. However, as luck would have it, SpongeBob is a careless driver and gets the jitters every single time he takes charge of a boatmobile.


That said, he can not only be sneaky and over-smart when he wants to be but he also has a great singing voice and is a good climber.


Oh, and how can we forget to mention that the gap between his teeth allows him to whistle flawlessly!



14. Johnny Bravo (Johnny Bravo)


Johnny Bravo (Johnny Bravo)


Johnny Bravo is as confident and good-looking as humanly possible. Often seen wearing sunglasses and in a black shirt and blue jeans, he is convinced that every woman in the world craves his attention.


Superficial and brash as he may be, he has a great body and he barely lets go of an opportunity to flaunt it in front of the ladies.


He also has a remarkable trait; one that allows him to make women believe that he is a flattering individual without any bad qualities whatsoever.


Needless to say, it makes him come across as both goofy and a true-blue narcissist. However, one has to give Bravo the credit for trying his luck with the ladies.


This is because no matter how tough the circumstances are, if Johnny likes a girl, he can go to extreme lengths to ensure that they end up liking him as well.


That said, he is also someone who wouldn’t be too proud of his intelligence or level of maturity.



15. Theodore J. “T.J.” Detweiler (Recess)


Theodore J. "T.J." Detweiler (Recess)


For many kids like me, the first introduction to a school playground was through an animated series that focussed on six elementary school students and their escapades in the school playground during recess.


To be honest, the list would have looked incomplete without the inclusion of a character or two from ‘Recess’.


Therefore, T.J. Detweiler is our next addition to this list. The fearless leader of the Recess gang has been friends with each of its other members since kindergarten.


Rational, confident, and cheerful, he is not exactly the brightest kid in the class. However, once you place him in the schoolyard, there is just no stopping him.


Often seen wearing his trademark baseball cap that sets him apart from the rest in the group, T.J. is a heartthrob who cares about every kid in the ground; especially the underdogs.



16. Tarzan (Tarzan)


Tarzan (Tarzan)


The incredible story of an orphan who was brought up by mountain gorillas made quite an impression on the minds of kids back in the ’90s.


The impact of ‘Tarzan’ was so huge that movies inspired by the story continue to rake in moolah at the box office even today.


Since our protagonist Tarzan has been cared for by the apes, he has commonly come to be known as “Ape Man”. Not only that but he has also sworn to protect both the apes and the jungle from outside interference.


That said, because Tarzan has evolved in the wilderness, he has no opinion of the outside world. However, he is a sympathetic and honest man who can go to any length to protect his family and friends.


Even though he felt like an outsider when he was a kid, he grew up to be fond of Jungle and his animal friends. He can be seen employing his intelligence to fight deadly animals who would otherwise have the strength to defeat him easily.


Brave and inquisitive as he may be though, Tarzan also has a soft heart that allows him to be romantic when he stumbles upon the beautiful Jane Porter.



17. Peter Parker (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)


Peter Parker (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)


Based on the Marvel Comics’ superhero Spider-Man, this hugely acclaimed animated series set television sets ablaze back in the ’90s.


Focusing on Spider-Man and his alter ego Peter Parker, the show was one of the bigger hits on the channel Fox Kids.


Our protagonist Peter Parker might come across as your average college guy but, he certainly is much more than that.


He is a reticent individual who loves photography. He is usually nice to everyone around him and can do anything to keep his friends and family safe and happy.


Even as Spider-Man, Peter battles the wrongdoers and attempts to be there for the city whenever it needs him.


Having said that, he is also a tad emotional as a person.


At first, he does get aggressive following his uncle’s untimely death, but once he realizes that he may have been partially responsible for it, he becomes apologetic and starts helping as many people as he can after turning into a superhero.



18. Daria Morgendorffer (Daria)


Daria Morgendorffer (Daria)


Daria Morgendorffer is the eponymous protagonist of the much-admired animated television series ‘Daria’. She is best known for her sarcasm, seriousness, and cynical approach towards life.


She is a reticent individual who is not easily excited.


Therefore, to truly appreciate her unique personality and perspective, you’d need to have a great understanding of dry wit and deadpan sarcasm.


There is a reason why a lot many smart children, and especially girls, grew incredibly fond of this character.


Daria was not only someone who was defined by her intelligence but she was also someone who believed that one does not have to depend too heavily on others to sail through life and its many hardships.


That’s precisely why she never surrounded herself with too many people, and rather worked on refining her unquestionable intellect.



19. Beavis (Beavis and Butt-Head)


Beavis (Beavis and Butt-Head)


Beavis, aside from being one of the main protagonists of the show, is also Butt-Head’s closest friend and confidant


Popular for his battleship bow chin, he is often seen having a fixated gaze on his face. Perhaps, he is always thinking? Or maybe, just maybe, he likes to make us think about what he may be thinking?


Be that as it may, he is often seen playing second fiddle to Butt-Head. However, as the show progresses, he turns out to be dynamite of sorts and holds his own in the face of his best friend’s dominant persona.


Timid as Beavis may be, he has his limits, and his dissatisfaction with Butt-Head does come to the fore after he is poked unnecessarily by him.


That said, he is nicer when compared to his companion and is often the one who comes across as both humorous and encouraging.



20. Ed (Ed, Edd n Eddy)


Ed (Ed, Edd n Eddy)


One of the three main protagonists of the insanely popular animated comedy series ‘Ed, Edd n Eddy’, Ed commands a loyal following.


He has a dual personality. While he can be the strongest of the three, he is also probably the dumbest among them. That said, too kind and naive for the world we live in today.


It’s a good thing that we met him in the second half of the ’90s when people were kinder and far more tolerant.


Sure, Ed may not be very bright, but he is someone who wins you over with his clean heart and innocent mannerisms.


An unapologetic troublemaker, he is also superbly funny and a genuine friend to his best friends.



21. Wolverine (X-Men: The Animated Series)


Wolverine (X-Men: The Animated Series)


Our next protagonist is as deadly as he is attractive. One of the most cherished characters to find a spot in our compilation, Wolverine is a mutant and a member of the X-Men.


While many consider him to be good-looking, his appearance is only elevated once he lets his claws do the talking.


That said, what makes him far more different than any mortal could ever be is the fact that his injuries heal faster than one could imagine.


Not only that but Wolverine is also blessed to have intensified senses and an unmatched ability to heal his injured organs; something that makes one wonder if he ages like a normal human at all.


Even though he is super strong and has animal-like senses, he is not a superhero like the likes of Spiderman or Superman.


This is precisely what makes him a balanced combination of a mortal human and a superhuman.



22. Blue (Blue’s Clues)


Blue (Blue's Clues)


The chief protagonist from ‘Blue’s Clues’ is a female dog who most children can identify with.


Since she is a pup, Blue tries to communicate with her owners by barking and does her best to ensure that they understand her expressions.


This highly educative show had preschoolers as its target audience as the motive was to prepare them for their long educational voyage.


A rare combination of entertainment and education, Blue is an extremely joyful and creative character that everybody who gets familiar with would admire.


That said, what separates her from the rest of the puppies is not only her obvious and attractive body color but also the fact that she has an affinity for drawing, making music, and reading.



23. Thomas Tom Cat (Tom & Jerry Kids)


Thomas Tom Cat (Tom & Jerry Kids)


The characters of Tom and Jerry that were developed more than eight decades ago have inspired a lot of spin-offs over the years.


Not only have some motion pictures tried to depict the love-hate relationship between the two beloved characters but there also have been several video games that have strived to do the same over time.


Needless to say, Tom Cat continues to remain one of the most special cartoon characters in the history of cartoons.


Even though he is more a kitten than a cat in the popular ‘The Tom and Jerry Kids’ show of the ’90s, he continues to be his adorable self and goes all out while chasing Jerry.


However, hunting Jerry is not the only thing Tom is famous for; he’s also had quite a few love interests.


That said, Jerry might get the better of him every now and then but it does not negate the fact that our beloved cat is smarter than any cat one could possibly stumble upon in the real world.



24. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)


Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)


‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ is one of the very first illustrations of how a video game, courtesy of its popularity, was developed into a cartoon series for children.


However, if one carefully observes the trend today, it is mostly seen that popular movies and cartoon series are often turned into video games post the successful reception that they receive.


Our protagonist Sonic the Hedgehog has an affinity for spins. Not only can he spin dash, spin attack, and spin jump but he can also speed dash if and when he wishes to.


It is not surprising then that kids back than desired to be blessed with the superhuman abilities of Sonic the Hedgehog.


That being said, he believes that every person deserves to be free, which is why he does not function too well when he feels that he is being prohibited to do something.


Also, Sonic is someone who forgives people easily. Not only that but he also understands that nobody is an enemy.


He takes everyone else around him to be a competition of sorts and leaves it to that.



25. Mosquito “Skeeter” Valentine (Doug)


Mosquito “Skeeter” Valentine (Doug)


Popular for his catchphrase “Honk, honk!”, Mosquito “Skeeter” Valentine is the titular character’s best friend in the Nickelodeon and Disney animated series ‘Doug’.


His significance in the show can be gauged from the fact that he introduces the central character to some of life’s greatest joys; like dancing or visiting a restaurant to have a decent meal.


That said, one has to realize that Skeeter stands apart from the rest in the crowd not only because he is blue-skinned with only a little hair on his head but also because he has a perfect IQ score.


Be that as it may, he is quite an average learner at school.



26. Plucky Duck (Tiny Toon Adventures)


Plucky Duck (Tiny Toon Adventures)


Plucky Duck has been mentored by Daffy Duck and is, therefore, competent enough to fly with his wings. But, for some reason, he is rarely ever seen doing so.


He often dreams of reaching an insane level of fame and power, but they are never accomplished since he ends up falling prey to his own plans.


That said, he can also be very selfish and, yet, imaginative when he truly wants to be.


However, this does not negate the fact that he can get irked in a jiffy and is seen avoiding work whenever he can.


We are mostly able to relate to Plucky Duck because he is an ocean of emotions.


While he can be easily excitable, he is also someone who can get jealous of someone’s bank account or intelligence.


Nowhere is this more apparent than when he is seen losing out to Buster Bunny in a series of entertaining adventures.



27. Tintin (The Adventures of Tintin)


Tintin (The Adventures of Tintin)


One of the most competent characters to make it to our story, Tintin is a multi-talented lad who seems to have no issues multitasking.


It is not surprising then that he not only works as a skilled reporter but is also an adventurer and explorer par excellence.


The central protagonist of the animated television series ‘The Adventures of Tintin’, Tintin is as spirited and determined as they come.


Even though he is ethical and generous, the reporter aspect to his persona does have its vices.


Since his adventures are entertaining and energetic, they end up making the feature even more watchable.


Overall, it’d be safe to say that Tintin has a smart personality and that his appeal is truly international.



28. Donald Duck (DuckTales)


Donald Duck (DuckTales)


Even though ‘DuckTales’ culminated with the dawn of the ’90s, kids across the world were able to enjoy this much-loved animated series for at least a decade more without any reticence.


This is because the show and its characters were so popular that children were just not willing to let ’em go.


One reason for the same was Donald Duck; someone who is easily angered. But, he is never truly cruel or apathetic. He has a clean heart that yearns for love.


However, even though Donald Duck is arguably the most popular duck in the world, he also has his unique set of issues.


He is someone who ceases to hold on to his jobs for long and continues to withstand the pain of his sister going missing in space years ago.



29. Louis Kalhern “Grandpa Lou” Pickles (Rugrats)


Louis Kalhern "Grandpa Lou" Pickles (Rugrats)


Grandpa Lou Pickles is someone who loves playing with his grandkids and the other infants.


Caring and considerate as he may be, he can also get grumpy at times and, in the process, end up reminding us of our own grandparents.


Since Lou is a cheerful old man, he tries his best to coddle all the Rugrats kids; especially the ones who are not always in around their parents.


The makers of the show did a commendable job of including the characters of grandparents who take responsibility for their grandchildren in a world where parents find it difficult to attend to their kids due to their jobs.


These subtle additions go beyond the jurisdiction of entertainment for they also manage to educate both the kids and adults watching the show.



30. Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls)


Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls)


Bubbles is one of the three main characters in the hit animated television series ‘The Powerpuff Girls’.


Even though Bubbles is bubbly, cute, and shy, and is known for the joy that she spreads around her, she can also come across as difficult at times.


What makes her super-smart is not only the fact that she can converse in Japanese and Spanish but also that she can speak to animals.


Often, the people who come across as adorable tend to lose it badly if their patience is tested.


The case is no different with Bubbles for she can put her guard up and defend herself aggressively when she needs to.


Needless to say, she is a very relatable character without whose presence the show may not have been the same.



31. Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)


Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)


Leonardo lives with his brothers in what one would call chaotic harmony. The teenage mutant ninja turtle is a born leader and a team player.


Even though he enjoys partying as any normal teenager would, he is certainly made for more than just that.


Along with his brothers and under the guidance of their mentor, he drives out of the sewer to battle criminals at night.


Aside from fighting miscreants at night, Leonardo also has the responsibility of keeping his group together; thus, making him the glue that makes his squad click.


He has his priorities set and comes across as someone who is always focused. Furthermore, he 


is a respectful and ethical lad who believes in the importance of training.


It is not surprising then that he practices with the sharpest samurai swords in his team.



32. Angelica Pickles (Rugrats)


Angelica Pickles (Rugrats)


Another prominent character to make it to our piece from Nickelodeon’s flagship show ‘Rugrats’ is Angelica Pickles.


Bossy as she may be, Angelica finds it hard to get herself dressed, and is pretty much a little tyrant who knows how to get her way around things.


Since her parents are barely ever around, she is mostly found in the proximity of her uncle and aunt.


Even though she comes across as a bully, she is perhaps just searching for is love; perhaps because she does not get enough of it from her parents.


That being said, Angelica always wishes to be the center of attention. Also, she seems to know where she is headed in the world.



33. Ashley Funicello Spinelli (Recess)


Ashley Funicello Spinelli (Recess)


Ashley Spinelli is perhaps probably the deepest of all characters from ‘Recess’.


Tough as she may be, she also has her insecurities. What sets her apart from not only her group but also other characters on this list is that she is as original and unapologetic as they come.


Despite being moody and someone who could easily be annoyed, Spinelli has a warm heart.


That said, she dislikes it when her mother coerces her to look more “girly”. Not only that but one also feels like she despises her first name.


That is mostly because the school snobs (Ashleys), unfortunately, share her first name.


Even though she roots for the underdogs and is usually considerate, Spinelli can easily resort to physical violence if her patience is tested. Lucky for her, one of her friends is always around to calm her down.



34. Joker (Batman: The Animated Series)


Joker (Batman: The Animated Series)


On any show or feature film, if the villain is weak, things become way too easy for the hero and far too monotonous for the viewers. Thankfully, that is not the case with ‘Batman: The Animated Series’.


This is because the character of Joker from the show was not only popular because he was Batman’s arch-rival but also because his character sketch was important enough to strike a chord with the audience.


Joker is a stylish and magnetic evildoer who horrifies and intrigues the viewer in equal measure. Negative as he may be, he has his own backstory that is as enigmatic as his persona.


Even though one may sometimes feel that he is looking for an emotional connection, one has to realize that he is adept at manipulating those associations for his personal gain.


Wrose still, if he dislikes you, he can harm the ones close to you to unnerve you.



35. Butt-Head (Beavis and Butt-Head)


Butt-Head (Beavis and Butt-Head)


A rebel without a cause, Butt-Head is the exact opposite of his closest pal Beavis.


As the show steadily progresses, it becomes clear that it was perhapd crucial for the makers to show one personality dominating the other.


Needless to mention, it was Butt-Head who took the onus on himself to overwhelm Beavis.


Even though both of them are stupidly funny, it is the former who is far more reckless in comparison.


Some of Butt-Head’s favorite pastimes include troubling Beavis at all times with the unnecessary slaps and insults, making prank calls, and talking about good-looking girls whenever he gets a chance to.


He may be smart and social, but it seldom stops him from taking pleasure in unrest.



36. Krusty the Clown (The Simpsons)


Krusty the Clown (The Simpsons)


As fancy as “Krusty the Clown” sounds, it is only the stage name of Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofsky.


Over the years, he has gone on to greatly impact the mind of Homer Simpson’s son, Bart.


Therefore, it is not surprising to see little Bart confessing that he is willing to base his entire life on the teachings and preachings of Krusty the Clown.


However, Krusty may not exactly be an ideal role model to follow. This because the bizarrely exciting character has an affinity for cigarettes, prescription drugs, gambling, alcohol, and even pornography.


Add to that the fact that he has apparently been married fifteen times. Later, he is seen living a depressing life of a washed-up star.


However, there is one person that he can find solace in, and that is none other than the fourth-grader who goes by the name of Bart Simpson.



37. Charles Crandall Norbert “Chuckie” Finster, Jr. (Rugrats)


Charles Crandall Norbert "Chuckie" Finster, Jr. (Rugrats)


Chuckie Finster from ‘Rugrats’ is a shy and loyal lad whose only fear in the world is getting left behind by his loved ones.


Often motivated to be courageous by his best pal Tommy Pickles, he seems to be unafraid of the world’s harsh ways so long as he goes on a series of adventures with other adventure-seeking babies.


Like most young ones, Chuckie also likes girls and is often seen dressing well to acquire their attention.


Even though he is someone who can easily get anxious, he never leaves his pals alone when they need his moral support.


Needless to say, he is known for his kind demeanor and is someone who does not like misbehaving with people.



38. Kyle Broflovski (South Park)


Kyle Broflovski (South Park)


One of the main attractions of the series ‘South Park’, Kyle Broflovski is a first-class student and one of the members of the only Jewish family in South Park; two reasons that make him noticeable to others.


Smart as he may be, he can also come across as unabashedly ignorant at times.


However, the writers have to be given due credit for trying to project the Jewish culture on screen through his character sketch.


That said, his personality may not be ideal for he is seen committing a lot of crimes as the series progresses.


Be that as it may, Kyle is quite athletic and has tried his luck in a number of sports, such as Football, Dodgeball, Soccer, Baseball, and Basketball.



39. Stewart Gilligan “Stewie” Griffin (Family Guy)


Stewart Gilligan "Stewie" Griffin (Family Guy)


One of the main protagonists of the animated series ‘Family Guy’, Stewie Griffin has managed to make an impression on the minds of his viewers over time.


He is perhaps best known for his catchphrase, “Victory is mine”, and for his sensational antics.


Even though he is a one-year-old child, he is able to speak fluently in English, and that too with a bizarre accent.


Needless to say, his uniqueness made him the breakout character on the show and, therefore, helped it grab thousands of eyeballs across the globe.


Having said that, what has added to Griffin’s enormous popularity is that the character sold a whole lot of merchandise.


He could also be found on key rings, clocks, bumper stickers, t-shirts, and baseball caps, among other things.



40. Bender Bending Rodríguez (Futurama)


Bender Bending Rodríguez (Futurama)


While Bender, as he is popularly known, may not exactly be an ideal character, he certainly is famous.


This futuristic robot from the hit animated series titled ‘Futurama’ drinks an insane amount of liquor to rejuvenate his cells.


He is an attention-seeker of sorts and it only elevates his ego if he is the center of attention wherever he goes.


That said, since he is a machine, Bender is often also seen radiating “flaming burps”.


After all, he drinks and smokes like there is no tomorrow. Notwithstanding his bizarre activities, Bender Bending Rodríguez is also extremely fond of cooking; even though he is oblivious to human taste buds.


He thrives on his sardonic sense of humor and barely ever quits if he sets his mind to anything.



41. Pinky (Pinky and the Brain)


Pinky (Pinky and the Brain)


‘Pinky and the Brain’ is an animated television series that thrives on the escapades of its two titular characters.


Pinky has a fragile heart and is always trying to be affectionate towards his friend Brain.


His white and slender body with a pink tail and big blue eyes give him an adorable outer appearance.


Even though Brian comes across as the smarter one among the two, it is Pinky whose imagination gets the better of his companion’s smartness from time to time.


That said, what makes Pinky even more lovable is the fact that he is inquisitive and never mean to anybody.



42. Thomas “Tommy” Pickles (Rugrats)


Thomas "Tommy" Pickles (Rugrats)


The brave and adventurous Tommy Pickles is one of the central character in ‘Rugrats.’ He is an affectionate and articulate kid who is often seen in a t-shirt and a diaper.


Since he is only a year old baby toddler, he translates everything into baby gibberish.


Also, he is very protective of his brother and his close friends. Not only that but Tommy can also be seen taking matters into his own hands when his foes try to get on his nerves and test his patience.



43. Rocko (Rocko’s Modern Life)


Rocko (Rocko's Modern Life)


Rocko is the titular character of the hit animated show ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’. Many even assert that he is, in fact, one of the most relatable characters in cartoon history.


He is mostly found to be in the company of his two friends, Heffer Wolfe and the turtle Filburt. He has a warm heart that alloes him to see the good in others even when they are being ignorant and unpleasant to him.


Rocko is obsessed with cleanliness and has an affinity for rainbows and comic books.



44. Wakko Warner (Animaniacs)


Wakko Warner (Animaniacs)


Wakko Warner is one of the three main characters on the television series ‘Animaniacs’. The middle child of the Warner siblings, he is known for his knack for slapstick comedy.


Even though he speaks in a non-American accent, he is known for taking everything literally.


The sweet and good-natured lad loves to play pranks and is amused by almost everything around him.


Needless to say, his character is rather energetic and laughable and he is barely ever disheartened by anything; something that makes him unique in his own way.


In addition, Wakko is almost always starving. Kind as he may be, he also has his bad days when his reflex action pushes him to get surprisingly belligerent.



45. Eric Cartman (South Park)


Eric Cartman (South Park)


Eric Cartman may not be a plesant guy, but he certainly is popular enough to make it to our list.


Even though he can come across as both repulsive and racist, he is someone who does not let his failures get the better of him.


Often sadistic and selfish, he surprises with his excellent oratory skills and leadership qualities.


Also, nothing can stop him if he sets his mind to something. Needless to say, he uses all means necessary to get his hands on that what he wants.


It is not surprising then that Cartman is an anti-hero of sorts. However, he somehow manages to make the viewers root for him as the series progresses.



46. Philip J. Fry (Futurama)


Philip J. Fry (Futurama)


Popularly known by his surname Fry, this character from ‘Futurama’ is popular for being incredibly sluggish at work.


He spends maximum time in the office watching the television or slurping Slurm.


Philip J. Fry is so absurd and immature that he gets himself involved in tight situations from time to time. Fortunately for him, Leela is often seen coming to his rescue.


Be that as it may, he is a really sensitive man who leaves no stone unturned in helping his friends whenever they need him to be around.


Also, Fry is very resilient as an individual and is a video game player par excellence.



47. Maximilian “Max” Goof (Goof Troop)


Maximilian "Max" Goof (Goof Troop)


The next protagonist to find a spot in our piece is Max Goof; someone who seems to be embarrassed by his father Goofy.


Whether he appreciates it or not, Max is often told by people that he resembles his daddy in more ways than one.


That said, his personality seems to have matured over time.


One has to realize that through his character, the makers try to make a very subtle commentary on the changing dynamics of a father-son relationship.


This is because just like Goof, most of us grow up really close to our father but as we age, distance with our loved one sometimes becomes inevitable.



48. Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel (Batman: The Animated Series)


Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel (Batman: The Animated Series)


Harley Quinn is the third character from the iconic ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ to make it to our story.


The point to be noted here is that this extremely popular character of pop culture made its debut not in a comic book, but in this very series.


A friend to Poison Ivy and Joker’s loyal girlfriend, Quinn has gone on to establish herself as a much sought-after villainess today and has become a permanent member in the rich universe of Batman.


She is someone who is quite acrobatic and has decent fighting skills.


It is imperative to mention that the dark tone of the series and its iconic characters, including that of Quinn, went on to make a solid impression on the minds of young Batman fans of the ’90s.



49. Stimpson J. “Stimpy” Cat (The Ren & Stimpy Show)


Stimpson J. "Stimpy" Cat (The Ren & Stimpy Show)


One of the central characters in ‘The Ren & Stimpy Show’, Stimpy is a fun-loving cat who likes to live and go on enjoyable adventures with his best friend Ren.


Since he is someone who loves to spread joy, he is often seen uttering his catchphrase, “Oh, joy!.”


Even though Stimpy can come across as dim-witted at times, he is certainly always happy and ever so ready for unpredictable expeditions.


That said, he can also get quite resourceful when he wants to and has a positive vibe to his personality.


What makes Stimpy look adorable is the fact that his tongue can often be found sticking out.


Not only that but his childlike attitude and affinity for cartoons make us believe that he is a human kid in the skin of the animated cat.



50. Yakko Warner (Animaniacs)


Yakko Warner (Animaniacs)


The eldest of the Warner siblings, Yakko is not only responsible for executing many of their plans but he is also a parental figure to the other two.


He is a fast-talker and a big brother that one would be lucky to have. Known for his humor and fantastic use of wordplay, Yakko can also get presumptuous and absurd when he wants to.


However, it does not negate the fact that he is quite determined if he sets his mind to something.


In addition, what is most noticeable about him is the fact that he is barely ever still; primarily because he is hyperactive, and loves being so.


Warm as he may be at heart, Yakko wastes no time in expressing his distaste for adulthood and its many burdens.



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