Top 39 Most Popular Big Forehead Characters

Top 39 Most Popular Big Forehead Characters


Just the thought of watching cartoon characters on our screens manages to invoke our minds with joy. Not only are their antics ludicrous and unabashedly funny but they are also hilarious in the way they look.


Needless to say, these characters seem like a breath of freshness in a world full of mendacity and despair. While cartoon characters are creative as they are, the illustrators and creators deserve all the kudos for making some of them even more distinct by providing them with a big forehead.


However, this credit is also shared by screenwriters and filmmakers who sketch similar-looking characters for their big/small screen projects. While having a distinctively large forehead might seem minor, some of Hollywood’s most iconic characters have been provided with the same to stand out in a wide range of genres they appear in.


Better still, these unique characters often have other interesting traits to match their big foreheads. So, let’s take a closer look at our some of our favourite and most popular fictional characters with large foreheads.




1. Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)


Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)


Homer Simpson might be chubby, lethargic, and often unaware of what is transpiring in the world, but his character sketch is one of the finest to have ever hit the world of animation.


Just like people in the real world, he also comes with his own set of shortcomings. However, that does not negate the fact that he is extremely loving and caring towards the people he adores.


Not only has Homer’s catchphrase, ‘D’oh’, become a part of the American television culture but a lot many of the issues that he withstands throughout the series also go on to shed light on the socio-economic scenario of the country.


The writers of The Simpsons ensured that through his character sketch, a lot was elucidated about the traditional family norms, parenting in the ’90s, and the idea of machismo. So, even if this beloved family patriarch is not the perfect husband or father, he is still pretty much a reflection of society at large.


Oh, and yes, he is also someone who clearly has a big forehead.




2. SpongeBob SquarePants (SpongeBob SquarePants)


SpongeBob SquarePants (SpongeBob SquarePants)


Since the creator of the SpongeBob SquarePants series, Mr. Stephen Hillenberg, was a marine biologist himself, it isn’t surprising that his creation is a sea sponge; one that lives in a pineapple.


Both the series and the character connected with the younger generation of the ’90s in a big way and, therefore, turned out to be a massive success on television. Kiddish, playful, and extremely likable, SpongeBob is a one-of-a-kind character who loves to be in the company of his best pal Patrick.


One of his biggest dreams is to get himself a boating license. But, as luck would have it, SpongeBob is a careless driver who gets the jitters every single time he takes charge of a boatmobile.


That said, this popular yellow character can not only be sneaky and over-smart when he wants to be but he also has a great singing voice and is a good climber.


Oh, and how can we forget that he has a big head or that the gap between his teeth allows him to whistle flawlessly!




3. Bart Simpson (The Simpsons)


Bart Simpson (The Simpsons)


If his father, Homer Simpson, can come across as lazy to many, Bart, on the other hand, is the hyperactive rebel of the highest order. Not only is this Simpson kid mischievous but he is also proud of his wayward ways.


However, what makes Bart Simpson special is not only the fact that he has a big forehead but also that he believes in the power of unity, and ensures that those who wrong him are, sooner than later, wronged in return.


He is Homer’s only male child but he alone is competent enough to set both his house and school on fire. What gives him a definitive edge over the others on this list is that he can provide his viewers with a good laugh even if they have had the toughest day possible.


Bart’s intelligence fluctuates throughout the series, but he is always seen ready to play pranks at Springfield Elementary, no matter what the day or circumstances.




4. Tweety (Looney Tunes)


Tweety (Looney Tunes)


Tweety, also known as Tweety Pie or Tweety Bird, is a yellow canary with a large head in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series. Contrary to popular belief, he has always been male.


Famous for his catchphrases, “I tawt I taw a puddy tat!” and “I did! I did taw/tee a puddy tat!”, he was initially depicted to be short-tempered. However, as his character progressed, he became calmer.


Tweety might appear to be an innocent little bird, but he always gets the better of his rivals such as Hector the Bulldog and Sylvester the Tuxedo cat. Not only can he be seen hiding behind Granny to avoid the cat, but in the end, he always manages to humiliate him, unless he ends up humiliating himself trying to catch Tweety.


Granny is always overprotective of Tweety and, therefore, keeps him in a birdcage in her house so that Sylvester cannot reach him easily. That said, it’s difficult to deny that his big head makes him look super cute.



5. Shin-chan (Crayon Shin-chan)


shin-chan (crayon shin-chan)


Shin-chan is the main character of the Japanese manga series Crayon Shin-chan, which has been dubbed in 30 languages and aired in 45 countries. He is a kindergarten-aged boy whose antics are the basis for the extremely popular series.


While he loves chocolate biscuits and a TV superhero named “Action Kamen”, what he perhaps likes even more is disobeying the instructions of his parents. The brutally honest and highly inquisitive lad has no shame whatsoever; something that is more than visible in his relentless attempts to flirt with older girls and women.


That being said, one can find him doing drag or wearing animal costumes both in manga and anime. While he certainly is seen as the ultimate troublemaker, there are several instances where he has gone on to solve the problems around him.


That is precisely why you’ll barely ever come across a kid in the real world who doesn’t love Shin-chan and his antics.



6. Genie (Aladdin)


genie (aladdin)


Aladdin is one of the most popular animated feature films of all time. And, why not? It does comprise some truly popular and eccentric characters. The screenplay of the movie revolves around a magical journey that can never be described without talking about the giant Genie and his giant head.


One of the most memorable characters to make it to our story, Genie is a larger-than-life (literally) spirit who brings a whole lot of wit into the motion picture. While he acts as a servant to whoever holds ownership of the magic lamp in which he resides, he is someone who holds extraordinary cosmic power that allows him to grant wishes, shape-shift, and transcend space and time, among other things.


That being said, he is also someone who refuses to look serious or sound pessimistic. That’s precisely why this fun-loving character can often be seen cracking silly jokes and impersonating others. And, he even manages to resort to his antics when he feels that a conversation is getting fueled by tension.



7. The Minions (The Despicable Me Franchise)


the minions (the despicable me franchise)


The adorable-looking minions are small, yellow, capsule-shaped creatures, that have one or two eyes and, of course, a big head. They are the signature characters of the very successful Despicable Me series of animated motion pictures.


While they were initially used to inject a ton of comedy and energy into the movies, they ended up turning out to be quite the scene-stealers; so much so that they became the official mascots for Illumination.


Described by The New York Times as “corporate icons”, they can be seen speaking in an incomprehensible language in the films. Childish as they may be, the Minions can also turn out to be quite smart when they have to be.


Not only are they incredibly loyal to Gru and Dr. Nefario but they go to extreme lengths to prove their loyalty to them. It includes doing their best to help them in their many wicked plans.


Sure, they are simple-minded creatures, but when it comes to making weapons, using computers, and driving, it is tough to think of someone who can top them.



8. Boss Baby (The Boss Baby Franchise)


boss baby (the boss baby franchise)


Theodore Lindsey “Theo” Templeton Jr., better known as Boss Baby, is a professional kid with a babyish twist. Don’t let his appearance fool you though for he appears to have a good head for business.


Boss Baby is incredibly fond of order and believes in achieving his goals. He may come across as cute, but it would be wise on your part to not underestimate the little boy’s potential.


Staying true to his name, he’s as bossy as they come and is surprisingly professional with his ways of working and words. And, yes, he does have a small physique and a big head.


The main protagonist of the DreamWorks franchise of the same name cares primarily about himself first. However, that by no means suggests that he doesn’t give two hoots about others.


He may have been very carefree as a child but we have seen him growing into a bossy individual, who can fight for his family and friends – as shown in the television series.  



9. Megamind (Megamind)


Megamind (Megamind)


The intelligent, bumbling, and egomaniacal Megamind is a former supervillain turned superhero and the main protagonist in the Megamind franchise. While he certainly does possess an incredible mind, it has also made him arrogant over time.


However, his intellect seldom stops him from being awkward or clumsy. Characterized by his incredibly large forehead, Megamind is Roxanne’s love interest. Even though he was a smart wrongdoer, his evil plans were constantly botched by the competent Metro Man.


The amazing character has been voiced by Will Ferrell.



10. Arnold (Hey Arnold!)


Arnold (Hey Arnold!)


Hey Arnold! is an animated comedy television series that traces the adventures and misadventures of a fourth-grader who lives with his grandparents. Arnold, who has yellow hair with a tiny blue hat in the middle, is blessed with a prominent football-shaped head which somehow makes him come across as adorable.


However, what’s sad about him is that his parents seem to have gone missing for reasons unknown to the audience. That said, Arnold is someone who always tries to be there for his friends and helps them in dealing with their respective life issues; something that is both essential and educative for kids to see.


When the show premiered, the young adults managed to relate to the character. One reason for the same was that living with one’s grandparents has turned out to be a trend of sorts in the contemporary world since most parents seem to be working in the 21st century.



11. Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)


Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)


Stewie Griffin is an evil genius baby who not a lot of animated characters can compare with. He was the breakout star of the popular animated series Family Guy. Characterized by his large forehead, he often comes across as a villainous sociopath trying to kill his mother.


Needless to say, his sketch is unlike any other character in the series. Mostly seen sporting his red overalls, the notorious little guy has a unique football-shaped head and narrow forehead.


While his antics are certainly the ones to watch out for, one can’t deny that his distinctive appearance also makes him one of the most prominent cartoon characters today.



12. Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family)


Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family)


Christina Ricci made a name for herself by ably portraying Wednesday Addams in the hit 1991 motion picture The Addams Family. With an all-star cast, she was one of the breakout stars as Wednesday.


While she is famous for her pale skin, jet-black hair, and prominent forehead, her true strength lies in the fact that she shows sadistic tendencies and a dark personality from time to time.


Be that as it may, Wednesday’s unique appearance and mysterious persona helped in making her one of the film’s most recognizable characters.



13. Mr Bean (Mr Bean: The Animated Series)


Mr Bean (Mr Bean: The Animated Series)


Rowan Atkinson shot to fame by playing the ridiculously rubber-faced Mr Bean in the British sitcom of the same name that premiered in 1990. While his clueless character did seem to have a large forehead, it got clearer when the animated series of the same title hit our television screens at the beginning of the 21st century.


Weird and always ending up in trouble somehow, Mr Bean has been a character that aspiring comedians and young adults have tried to emulate across the globe. While the kids sure do love the big-headed and large-nosed Bean, they also have to make peace with the fact that he probably loves his faithful sidekick Teddy more than anybody else.



14. Johnny Bravo (Johnny Bravo)


Johnny Bravo (Johnny Bravo)


The next character on our list is someone who will make you want to comb and take good care of your hair. The overconfident and handsome Johnny Bravo, who is always seen with gelled-up blonde hair, is convinced that every woman in the world craves his attention.


Often seen sporting sunglasses, a black shirt, and blue jeans, he is blessed with a great body and a big but suitable forehead. He might be superficial and brash, but he can make any woman believe that he is a sensible guy with no flaws whatsoever.


For that alone, Bravo deserves to be on this list. Let’s just say that no matter how tough the circumstances are, if Johnny likes a girl, he can go to extreme lengths to ensure that she likes him back.


That being said, there is no denying that he wouldn’t be too proud of his intelligence or level of maturity.



15. Beavis (Beavis And Butt-Head)


Beavis (Beavis And Butt-Head)


Beavis, aside from being one of the main protagonists of Beavis and Butt-Head, is also Butt-Head’s closest friend and confidant. Best recognized by his blonde hair which he wears in an oversized pompadour style, he is often seen playing second fiddle to his mate.


However, as the show progresses, Beavis turns out to be a dynamite of sorts and holds his own in the face of Butt-Head’s dominant persona. Also popular for his battleship bow chin and big forehead, he can be seen having a fixated gaze on his face.


Timid as Beavis may be, he has his limits, and his dissatisfaction with Butt-Head does come to the fore when he is poked unnecessarily by him. In addition, he is often the one who comes across as both humorous and encouraging in the series.



16. Jimmy Neutron (The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius)


Jimmy Neutron (The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius)


The amazingly smart and competent Jimmy Neutron is known to have developed a full-fledged laboratory to put his incomparable skills on display. However, he works on himself to adjust to life outside of work as well.


Genius as he may be, he maintains an active social life and even ends up romancing Cindy. However, there is one physical feature that makes him stand out: he has an extremely large forehead.


One of the smartest and most renowned characters to make it to our story, Neutron has invented an anti-ageing tonic, the time machine, and his mechanical dog Goddard, among other things.



17. Lurch (The Addams Family)


Lurch (The Addams Family)


We assume that most of you would agree when we claim that The Addams Family wouldn’t be the same without Lurch. The man is easily recognizable, all thanks to his Frankenstein-like appearance, imposing size, and a large forehead.


Needless to mention, he is able to make quite an impact in the show through his commanding screen presence. The Addams Family isn’t your typical American family for they have been fortunate enough to have supernatural strengths and frightening appearances.


While each of the members is fairly distinguishable from the others, nobody is, however, scarier than the family butler. Lurch appears in the 1960s Addams Family series and the 1990s feature films with his prominent forehead and a big head.



18. Nick Birch (Big Mouth)


Nick Birch (Big Mouth)


One of the main characters on the hit animated sitcom Big Mouth, Nick Birch is famous for having one of the biggest foreheads in cartoon history. However, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to assert that his prominent forehead complements his bright blue eyes and brown hair.


In Big Mouth, you can find him and his beloved mates trying to deal with the many insecurities of growing up; one of which happens to be having a big forehead.


Yes, it can truly be an issue for some.



19. Worf (Star Trek Franchise)


Worf (Star Trek Franchise)


Fans of the beloved Star Trek franchise have been of the firm opinion that it wouldn’t be the same without the undeniable presence of Worf. One of the most prominent characters in several series, he also appears in motion pictures such as Star Trek Generations, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, and Star Trek: Nemesis.


Like most Klingons, Worf has a distinctively large forehead. And, even though Klingons were originally the villains of the series, it was he who helped evolve the alien species; therefore, going on to become very popular in the process.



20. Chancellor Palpatine (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)


Chancellor Palpatine (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)


Chancellor Palpatine from the computer-animated series, titled Star Wars: The Clone Wars, is a true genius. We say so because he was the one true mastermind behind the fall of the Jedi Order.


His gimmicks ushered in the reign of the Sith successfully; all this without his intentions ever coming within the ambit of suspicion. Also known as Darth Sidious, his unparalleled strategies turned him into the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.


Arguably the most intelligent character in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Chancellor Palpatine made appropriate use of both his allies and enemies to get what he wanted.



21. Butt-Head (Beavis and Butt-Head)


Butt-Head (Beavis and Butt-Head)


One of the main protagonists of Beavis and Butt-Head, Butt-Head is Beavis’ best friend and closest companion. However, it’s been seen that he has been abusive towards his friend at times.


While he certainly is the leader among the two, he is also marginally more intelligent than Beavis. He may come across as calm and laidback but it also makes him oblivious to subtleties.


You have to give it to him for not losing his cool no matter how tough situations get.



22. Vegeta (Dragon Ball Franchise)


Vegeta (Dragon Ball Franchise)


We all know that anime characters are often provided with unique and distinct features. The Dragon Ball is no different in this regard for it features characters with distinctive appearances.


One such popular character is Vegeta. Once upon a time, Vegeta was an assertive villain and bitter enemy of Son Goku. However, he turned out to be an anti-hero and a protagonist as the series progressed.


While he is easily recognizable with his spiky hair and widow’s peak, it is actually his prominent forehead that ends up giving him an intimidating screen presence.



23. The Brain (Pinky and the Brain)


The Brain (Pinky and the Brain)


Pinky and the Brain is a delightful cartoon series that features a mouse and his sidekick and their many rollicking adventures. While its two titular characters are quite the opposite of each other nature-wise, what they do have in common is their giant mouse heads.


Brain is a highly intelligent character who has a large and wide head, which probably houses his abnormally large brain. Even though he is slightly ill-tempered and coldly unemotional, he does thrive on his subtle sense of humour.


He has a soft heart and can often be heard speaking in a deadpan manner.



24. Mr Mackey (South Park)


Mr Mackey (South Park)


Let’s all put our hands together for Mr Mackey from the critically acclaimed and controversial South Park. The show has a reputation for creating unique-looking characters, and it’s understandable why once you manage to get a good look at Mackey.


While most characters in the animated series share some similarities, they all have distinctive personalities and physical appearances. Mr Mackey, who is a Guidance counsellor, has seen his hairline go as far back as possible.


Needless to say, his thinning hair reveals a large forehead. However, what’s also unmissable about him is his famous catchphrase, “M’kay.”



25. John Merrick (The Elephant Man)


John Merrick (The Elephant Man)


The Elephant Man is a 1980 British-American biographical drama film about a severely deformed man in late 19th-century London, called John Merrick. Since he was born with extreme facial and bodily deformities, it earned him the cruel nickname of “The Elephant Man” over time.


Those who have seen this rather unconventional motion picture must have noticed how Merrick’s appearance makes nurses shriek and children grab their parents with dread. However, it is tough to negate the fact that he seems to be equally frightened of them.


Thanks to filmmaker David Lynch for making The Elephant Man – the movie – a thought-provoking mediation on fear and humanity.



26. Bert (Sesame Street)


Bert (Sesame Street)


Those who have seen Sesame Street would be more than familiar with Ernie and his best pal and roommate, Bert. The pair shares a basement apartment at 123 Sesame Street.


While Ernie is shown to be extroverted, Bert comes across as a serious and studious individual who is often seen trying to make sense of his friend’s actions. Bert enjoys reading, collecting paper clips and bottle caps, eating oatmeal, and studying pigeons.


Also known for moving his unibrow up and down and for his prominent forehead, Bert is funny and nice and, yet, as grumpy as one can be.



27. Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast)


Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast)


One of the significant supporting characters in Disney’s 1991 animated feature film Beauty and the Beast, Lumiere is one of the servants in a French castle ruled by a formerly spoiled, selfish, and unkind prince.


He may be charismatic and rebellious, but he was turned into a candelabra by the Enchantress’ curse. Also, he is one of the few inhabitants of the castle who can actually speak with an exaggerated French accent.


A showman of sorts, Lumiere has a big forehead and is admired by his peers. It is not surprising then that he happens to be a significant member of the prince’s unofficial council of confidants.


Even though he can be seen disobeying the firm rules of his antisocial master, he is incredibly hospitable and likeable.



28. Leopold “Butters” Stotch (South Park)


Leopold "Butters" Stotch (South Park)


Loosely based on Eric Stough, an animation director/producer that works on the show, Butters Stotch is a major character in the incredibly popular and acclaimed adult animated sitcom, South Park.


He is a fourth-grader in South Park Elementary, whose role began to increase after he replaced Kenny during his temporary removal in Season Six. This not only allowed Butters to gain more screen time but also compelled the makers to develop his character further.


Stotch is not only the most “innocent child” in the group but he is also Cartman’s most exploited and possibly best companion. Also, he is yet another character who is characterized by his large head and forehead.



29. Professor Farnsworth (Futurama)


Professor Farnsworth (Futurama)


Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth is popularly known as Professor Farnsworth. He is one of the smartest fictional characters from the much-liked American animated television series, titled Futurama. He’s been interested in science ever since he was a teenager and it reflects in his work as well.


It is not surprising then that he is mainly seen spending time with his inventions. What makes his creations different is the fact that several of them are capable enough of disobeying the known laws of physics.


His greatest strength lies in his undeniable intelligence. However, his intelligence seems to have found an arch-rival in his senility.



30. Caillou (Caillou)


Caillou (Caillou)


Characterized by his prominent head, Caillou is a 4-year-old boy who serves as the main protagonist of the TV series and books of the same title. He has been presented as an inquisitive young lad who enjoys exploring the world around him.


Intended to be a true representation of a real preschooler, Caillou has been projected as bald in the popular Canadian educational television series. The little guy, who is constantly asking questions about the world, is too helpful and imaginative for his age.


However, his tantrums have often been a source of criticism.



31. Squidward J. Q. Tentacles (Spongebob SquarePants)


Squidward J. Q. Tentacles (Spongebob SquarePants)


Squidward is an octopus in the Nickelodeon animated TV series Spongebob SquarePants. He is a co-worker and occasional friend of Spongebob and Patrick, and he works at the cash register at Krusty Krab.


He is a cynical, selfish, and overall unpleasant individual, which means that he is the exact opposite of the happy-go-lucky and optimistic Spongebob. Squidward has rectangular pupils in his round, half-closed eyes and a big forehead.


He loves painting self-portraits and playing the clarinet.



32. Master Billy Quizboy (The Venture Bros.)


Master Billy Quizboy (The Venture Bros.)


Ardent viewers of the adult swim show The Venture Bros. will perhaps never be able to forget Master Billy Quizboy, who played a significant supporting character in the series. While he certainly does have a big forehead, having an eye patch also ends up giving him a rather unique look.


He may have been portrayed as a genius boy, but he isn’t really a “boy” so to say. However, he likes to be called that since it apparently sounds cool to him.



33. Casper The Friendly Ghost (Casper The Friendly Ghost)


Casper The Friendly Ghost (Casper The Friendly Ghost)


No one thought that ghosts could be cordial until they chanced upon Casper The Friendly Ghost. He is the protagonist of the Famous Studios theatrical animated cartoon series of the same name.


Not only has he starred in many comics but he is also known to have made his presence felt in several feature films. While not much is known about how Casper came to be a ghost, what is, however, known is that he is a good ghost who prefers to help people, rather than scare them out of their wits.



34. Roger Smith (American Dad!)


Roger Smith (American Dad!)


Roger Smith is a centuries-old alien who started living with the Smith family after having crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. He is said to have rescued the main character Stan Smith at Area 51 four years before the beginning of the show’s storyline.


When the series commenced, he was shown to be a sensitive pushover who was taken advantage of, fooled, and mocked by those in his vicinity. However, he turned the tables soon enough and went on to become a sociopath of sorts.


While the Smith family is oblivious to his nature, Stan is actually aware of his malicious character. Roger is seen wearing nothing and has thin arms. But, it’s his unbelievably large head that makes his stand out in the true sense of the word.



35. Skips (Regular Show)


Skips (Regular Show)


Skips is one of the most pleasant characters on Regular Show. He may come across as modest when you first catch him on the screen. He is an immortal character who has had the privilege of experiencing much more than what most people experience throughout their lives.


Skips has his share of preaching and wisdom to impart to others and is often seen helping both Mordecai and Rigby throughout the show. The aforementioned traits, apart from his big forehead, make him one of the most distinct characters to make it to our piece.



36. The Coneheads (Coneheads)


The Coneheads (Coneheads)


The Coneheads are a fictional family of extraterrestrials with bald conical heads, which, of course, means that they have got a large forehead each as well. The characters were created for a series of recurring sketches on Saturday Night Live (SNL).


However, they managed to grab eyeballs after the feature film, Coneheads, hit the screens in 1993. The movie also featured roles and cameos by actors and comedians from SNL and other television shows that were running at the time.



37. Hector Hammond (Green Lantern)


Hector Hammond (Green Lantern)


Hector Hammond, who was originally a high school professor, is Green Lantern’s first enemy. He was taken by government agents to study Abin’s physiology after his corpse was found.


However, he got infected with Parallax’s DNA after having removed some of it during the autopsy. It not only ended up driving him insane but also gave him telepathic powers which allowed him to read others’ minds.



38. Blanka (Street Fighter: The Movie)


Blanka (Street Fighter: The Movie)


Blanka and Charlie have been combined into one character, Carlos “Charlie” Blanka, in the commercially successful Jean-Claude Van Damme starrer Street Fighter.


The live-action feature film showcases how Charlie gets mutated and turned into the familiar green beast-man by M.Bison’s scientists. Blanka was played by Robert Mammone in the 1994 title.



39. Egghead Jr. (Looney Tunes)


Egghead Jr. (Looney Tunes)


Egghead Jr. is quite possibly one of the smartest and among the most underrated characters of Looney Tunes. The studious young lad, who happens to be a master of physics, applied sciences, and chemistry, has a large head and is unquestionably intelligent.


He is often seen with a book in his hands and he does not come across as someone who is loquacious. That said, he has appeared in several shorts with Foghorn Leghorn.


Since Looney Tunes is a show that comprises a lot many popular characters, a lot many of us may cease to remember Egghead Jr.



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