Top 50 Most Popular Toy Story Characters

top 50 most popular toy story characters


Pixar Animation went on to set new benchmarks following the release of the first ‘Toy Story’ film in 1995.


Ever since the launch of the first fully computer-animated project, its characters have been wooing audiences worldwide. Needless to say, the sequels have only gone on to add to the franchise’s popularity.


Not only are these characters well-written but they are also voiced excellently by talented artists. This outstanding mixture has led to the development of some truly unforgettable characters in the series.


While some of these impressive personalities helped give a kick-start to the franchise, a few others have done their best to ensure that the story wraps up in a manner that does not end up disappointing the fans.


That said, let us now take a look at the finest ‘Toy Story’ characters that remain popular among fans of the franchise to this very day.




1. Woody




One of the major characters in the series, everyone’s favorite cowboy had to take the top spot on our list.


What makes Woody amazing is that he is not only one of the finest characters created for this franchise or Pixar but he’s also one of the best characters in the history of animation itself.


Film legend Tom Hanks brought this character to life with unmatched grace. Needless to say, it remains one of his finest performances to date.


Woody makes sure that every individual relates to him in one way or another. And, since most of us have grown up holding a toy dear to our hearts, he resonates with us rather deeply.


Needless to say, he illustrates how children take care of their possessions and just how possessive they are about things that they adore.


That is precisely what makes them the most honest creatures in the world, and Woody pays a humble and implicit tribute to that. That being said, it is imperative to mention that Woody has been Andy’s favorite toy since kindergarten.


Better still, he is a smart and determined individual who can do anything for his loved ones. While he certainly does his best to keep them together at all times, he also does have his flaws and can get jealous and cynical at times.




2. Buzz Lightyear


buzz lightyear


One of the co-leads of the Toy Story feature films, Buzz Lightyear’s journey has been the one to watch out for.


While his arc in the first film was as relatable as it was amusing, what makes him immortal in the true sense of the word is his iconic catchphrase, “To Infinity and Beyond.” This perhaps remains one of the best quotes in any Pixar movie released to date.


Buzz, who used to be living on distant planets with other space rangers, can now be seen chaperoning Woody on his adventures. However, we believe that he finds it a tad difficult to accept that he is only a toy and not a real galactic spaceranger.


Woody gets cynical and tries to explain this to him at times, but the plastic action figure simply refuses to listen.




3. Mr Potato Head


mr potato head


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to assert that legendary comedian and voice artist Don Rickles turned Mr Potato Head into a character that no Toy Story fan can ever forget.


Don’s comic timing not only added to the character but also made the series even more exciting to watch. Indeed, he was one of the most recognizable toys in the franchise and a character that does full justice to the icon that Rickles was.


It is not surprising then that many believe that the character was written to be voiced by him. Undoubtedly one of the finest characters of the entire franchise, Mr Potato Head has delivered a ton of funny moments for the viewers to relish.


That being said, he also had a negative side to him. We caught him getting incredibly rude and unpleasant to Woody because he was jealous of him being Andy’s favourite toy. Needless to say, this temperamental spud with a tough plastic exterior turned out to be quite pessimistic at times.




4. Jessie




Jessie may not have been a part of the first movie of the Toy Series franchise but her remarkable screen presence in the second instalment made the audience feel that she has always been a part of the cast.


Among the most special Pixar characters of all time, she has a heart of gold, which is more than apparent in her character development.


Needless to say, the “When Somebody Loved Me” sequence from Toy Story 2 hits you differently and goes on to tell a story within minutes.


While Jessie’s character may have had a tough origin, she does evolve into a responsible individual courtesy of the trust and support that she wins from the people around her.


That said, this rough-and-tumble cowgirl doll seems to have a passion for yodelling. Also, she was abandoned by her original owner. This is one reason why she has her fears about being left behind again.


But, irrespective of what she has been through, she continues to be one of the most optimistic members of Andy’s toy squad.



5. Bo Peep


Bo Peep


Since Bo Peep was not given a lot of screen space in the first few motion pictures of the franchise, her detailed role in the fourth installment comes across as fascinating.


Even though the characters of Woody and Buzz were mostly seen calling the shots in the past, it was Bo Peep who remained the most reasonable one among the lot.


Her no-nonsense attitude and strong values made her far more relatable to the fans of the series. Needless to say, the writers of the series did a commendable job of adding her character to the storyline.


Not only did they add a female character among a plethora of guy characters but they also made sure that she was strong and independent.



6. Andy




Andy’s character is an integral part of the Toy Story franchise for the first three movies revolve around his wonderful relationship with his toys.


Even though he has a critical part to play, he is not always seen on-screen. In the first couple of films, one can see him trying his best to spend some time with his toys and his best friend Woody.


Toy Story 3 shows a fantastic development in Andy’s character. It not only shows the guy preparing to go to college but it also demonstrates a heartbreaking scene where he is giving away his beloved toys to Bonnie.



7. Rex




Rex is one character from the Toy Story franchise that has been relatable to millennials.


This anxious dinosaur has been making his dynamic presence felt right from the very beginning. However, unlike most dinosaurs that we have grown up watching on celluloid, this green beast is a sweetheart, to say the least.


He provides precise commentary for each of the plans that Woody and his gang decide to execute. Actor Wallace Shawn has done a fantastic job of making this character even more likable.


Even though Rex is not exactly the center of attention in most films, his presence is certainly there to add a certain amount of charm to the project.



8. Bullseye




Not often do we come across characters who barely have lines to speak and, yet, manage to pleasantly surprise us with their depth and development. Bullseye is one such character.


Even though Slinky has gone on to prove his loyalty time and again, no toy in the series feels as friendly and affectionate as Woody’s trusty steed Bullseye.


Bullseye, who made his maiden screen appearance in the second installment of the franchise, is ineffably sweet and compassionate towards his toy family.


In addition, he knows how to operate both the television remote and the video player, among other things.


The writers and animators have to be given full credit for ascertaining that this character strikes a chord with the audience despite having no lines to speak.



9. Hamm




This wisecracking plastic piggy bank with a cork in his tummy is one of the funniest Toy Story characters. What is most interesting about him is the fact that he was never really a toy, to begin with.


However, just like in the case of Forky, Hamm’s existence goes on to show the imaginative powers that kids are blessed with. They can simply turn any and everything into a toy if they wish to.


Hamm, who is often seen spending time with Mr. Potato Head and insulting Rex, is one of the best-remembered characters of the franchise. As a viewer, you come to appreciate him more as you continue to age.


This could also be because you realize over time that he is one of the most sensible characters in the movies.



10. Slinky Dog


Slinky Dog


Slinky Dog is a significant supporting character in the franchise. This toy dachshund, who is one of the better-recognized characters among Toy Story fans, can even speak with a Southern accent.


What is admirable about him is that he has remained a loyal character throughout the series.


Needless to say, he is the best companion anyone could ask for. Add to that the fact that Slinky is one of the best-voiced and most adorable characters in the series.


He has gone on to prove why dogs are loved by people of all age groups across the globe. It is probably because each of them has a Slinky hidden somewhere deep within.



11. The Squeeze Toy Aliens


The Squeeze Toy Aliens


Ever thought of being scared of aliens? Well, what about creatures that are not only tiny but also have three eyes?


If that’s not startling enough for you, allow us to convey that they also have three-fingered hands and chubby bodies. And, even though they have short arms and legs, their feet happen to be surprisingly large.


That said, we do understand that the description above might make the aliens come across as cute rather than dangerous to many.


It is not surprising then that these green aliens have managed to feature in each of the Toy Story movies. They might be of short stature but the impact that they leave is truly big.



12. Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear


Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear


This large, magenta-pink teddy bear is the main antagonist of the third installment of the Toy Story franchise.


While villains are not often pleasant, they certainly are the most fascinating of all characters in any project. That happens to be the case with Lotso as well.


There have been other villains in the franchise but it is difficult for most of them to top the vibe that Lotso exudes.


Since he was a victim of abandonment by children, it turned him far more ruthless than he could have been otherwise.


Lotso, who controlled Sunnyside with an iron fist, had become so unpleasant that he sentenced Andy’s toys to death, even though they had helped in saving his life.



13. Ken




Even though Barbie also made an appearance in the movies, it was the charismatic Ken who managed to win hearts with his admirable presence.


The natural bond that he shared with Barbie compelled him to turn on Lotso and assist with Andy’s toys.


However, what also added to his charm was the fact that he came across as hilarious in almost every sequence that he was a part of.


That said, his great comedy was coupled with his eccentric fashion show.



14. Forky




Those who have seen the fourth film of the series are familiar with the fact that its main plot revolved around the character of Forky.


Created by Bonnie with the help of a spork and other imaginative equipment, Forky wasn’t a traditional toy at all.


That is precisely why he faced an existential crisis and didn’t wish to be treated as a mere gadget.


Forky was certain that he did not wish to stay in Bonnie’s room. Sadly for him though, Woody kept getting him back into her room.


Also, Woody went on a quest to protect him because he was quite important to Bonnie.



15. Duke Caboom


Duke Caboom


Even though the central characters of this franchise were seen making an appearance in more than one feature, that didn’t seem to be the case with Duke Caboom.


While he came across as a bit over-the-top, he had the potential to steal the scene whenever he appeared on the screen.


It is not surprising then that the viewers seemed to have related to Duke courtesy of his toxic past.


He ceased to perform as enthusiastically as the original Duke did and this irked the child who held him.


Despite the sadness, Duke Caboom tried to put on a gutsy face and went on to do his thing as politely as he could.



16. Gabby Gabby


Gabby Gabby


There should be no hesitation in putting it out there that in a lot many ways, Gabby Gabby was the antagonist of the fourth installment of the Toy Story franchise.


Not only did she have a frightening vibe rooted in her persona but her ultimate goal was to snatch Woody’s voicebox so that she could mend her own.


Even though these antics put her directly against the protagonist, the viewers soon discovered that she was not a villain after all.


The only reason why she was hell-bent on fixing the voicebox was that she wanted other kids to love her.


There is a sequence in the film that involves a girl throwing Gabby Gabby down. Many consider it to be one of the saddest scenes in Toy Story history.



17. Sid




Sid, who happens to be Andy’s neighbor, provides a sharp contrast to the characters that we have mentioned so far.


This is because we can catch him putting his toys through punishment. In fact, he doesn’t even leave his sister’s toys alone.


As frightening a villain as Sid might have been in the original Toy Story, he didn’t quite deserve what happened to him.


That said, the events do not end up scarring Sid for such since he is seen making a cameo in the third Toy Story movie, working as a garbage man.



18. Stinky Pete


Stinky Pete


Stinky Pete turns out to be the surprise villain of the second installment of the franchise. Woody meets this charming toy when he is about to get introduced to the other toys from “Woody’s Roundup”.


However, the sad thing about Pete is that not a lot of people around him have tried to spend time with or play with him.


In fact, he seems to have spent most of his time waiting to be looked after on a store shelf.


Pete initially comes across as someone who is protective but he soon reveals his other side when the group struggles to avoid being traded to a museum in Tokyo.


That said, he receives a rather tragic ending, even though he was obsessed with the idea of perfection.



19. Emperor Zurg


Emperor Zurg


Even though the terrifying Emperor Zurg may not have had a lot of screen space in the second installment, he certainly does his best to make his undeniable presence felt.


One can see him battling Buzz Lightyear, who he defeats, at the beginning of the film. However, it turns out that it was only happening in a video game that Rex was playing.


Later in the story though, one can indeed find Zurg and Buzz going one-on-one with each other. The action set constructed for this visual spectacle is both unusual and appealing, to say the least.


Zurg, who has the upper hand in the fight, considers Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise to be his inspiration.



20. Bonnie




The third installment of the Toy Story franchise is meant to show a transition of sorts, and no other character demonstrates this more than Bonnie.


She is a reticent personality who is at her best when she is seen playing with her beloved toys.


Needless to say, her character is exactly what the Toy Story films are all about – being graciously devoted to something that gives you immense joy.


The viewers get to realize how Toy Story 4 becomes the first film that revolves mostly around Bonnie.


Even though she is still as passionate about her toys, it does seem that she may have lost interest in Woody over time.



21. Wheezy




Wheezy can be called one of the most sensitive toys in Andy’s colorful room. We say so because he is a needy character who is always looking for someone who can play with him.


Sadly for him, he is positioned high up on one of Andy’s shelves after his squeaker is damaged.


Thankfully, Woody finally stumbles upon him and ensures that he is not forgotten by the rest. Even though Andy’s mother had promised to fix Wheezy’s problem, she perhaps forgot to do the needful.


What is unbelievable to think is that he is unable to let his friends find him due to the damage that his squeaker has endured.



22. Albert “Al” McWhiggin


Albert "Al" McWhiggin


Also known as the Chicken Man, Albert “Al” McWhiggin is one of the two main antagonists of the second installment of the Toy Story series.


The character, who is indicated to be a greedy owner of Al’s Toy Barn, is audacious enough to steal Woody to sell him and his Roundup gang to Tokyo.


Thankfully for Woody though, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Rex, and Hamm see him getting kidnapped and do their best to bring him back.


“Al” is not a likable character for he is an obnoxious man who has very little patience for anything or anyone who tries to get in his way.



23. Buster




Buster is a dachshund who belongs to Andy Davis, who received him as a pup for Christmas at the end of the first film.


He made his appearance as a grown-up canine in the second film and was seen getting old in the third one.


Buster continued to be a lively character and was seen playing with Andy’s toys in the second installment.


However, in the third part, one can see him dealing with heftiness and old age. Needless to say, he is not able to help Woody and his pals out as much, even though he remains loyal to them.



24. Sarge




Sarge, who is also known as Army Sarge and Sergeant, may come across as a minor character in the Toy Story series of films but he is the gung-ho commander of an army of plastic.


He and his squad are very disciplined and they have a policy of not leaving any of their men behind.


Sargent and his troops are often seen trying to come to the assistance of their fellow toys.


Many viewers can perhaps guess that Sarge is a character that has been partially inspired by Gny. Sgt. Hartman from Stanley Kubrick’s critically acclaimed motion picture Full Metal Jacket.



25. Ducky and Bunny


Ducky and Bunny


What is both sad and funny about Ducky and Bunny is that they are a pair of carnival toys that have yearned to have a loving kid as their owner.


Buzz Lightyear first gets to meet the two while is tacked up on the top prize spot at a spaceship shooting game.


There, both Ducky and Bunny are eagerly waiting to be given away as trophies. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are two effortlessly funny performers who have lent their voices to these characters.


Along with the antics of the characters, it is the voice of the artists that give the two a definitive edge.



26. Barbie




Barbie is a prominent Mattel toy who has a decent supporting role to play in the Toy Story series of feature films.


Initially, the makers were hesitant to introduce this character in the first movie. However, the success of the first project and the franchise paved the way for her proper entrance into the series.


Needless to say, a lot of Barbie dolls were seen playing multiple roles in the second installment of the franchise.


The Barbies that have been shown in the series seem to love fashion, make-up, and partying. They are optimistic characters who are often seen smiling.


Barbie in Toy Story 3 carries the aforementioned traits as well. She develops a crush on Ken and soon ends up becoming his girlfriend.



27. Mr. Pricklepants


Mr. Pricklepants


This supporting character from the Toy Story franchise was first seen making an appearance in Toy Story 3.


He is a stuffed hedgehog toy who is seen wearing lederhosen, and who thinks of himself as a true-blue thespian.


Mr. Pricklepants is a toy manufactured in Germany, and he happens to be the de facto commander of Bonnie’s toys.


Needless to say, he even warns Woody about how menacing Lotso could get and assists him in returning to Sunnyside Daycare.


During the credits, one can even find Mr. Pricklepants warmly welcoming Woody and his companions to Bonnie’s residence. He can also be caught playing the role of Romeo in a version of Romeo and Juliet.



28. Chatter Telephone


Chatter Telephone


Chatter Telephone is a toy and a supporting character in the third installment of the Toy Story series of feature films.


The character is shown to be well-intentioned and compassionate. However, that doesn’t mean that he is not tough. In fact, he considers himself to be tough enough to believe that none of the toys can ever crush him.


Chatter Telephone is one of the oldest toys in town and speaks in film noir style. Also, he cannot afford to talk unless his receiver has been raised from the cradle.



29. Trixie




This blue plastic toy first makes an appearance in the third installment of the Toy Series franchise. Trixie appears to be of the same toy line as the cute dinosaur Rex and is one of the toys owned by Bonnie Anderson.


While she can be found playing video games with Rex, the viewers can also catch her having an online conversation with someone called “Velocistar237”.


Since Trixie seems to look a tad old when compared to the other toys, it would be safe to assume that she is, indeed, one of Bonnie’s oldest toys.


It is not surprising then that she is one of her favorites as well.



30. Etch a Sketch


Etch a Sketch


Make way for the most unusual of all characters from the Toy Story franchise of feature films. This magic screen art pad can be seen playing a supporting role as one of Andy’s toys in the first two installments.


Etch’s specialty lies in the fact that it can draw stuff rather quickly and with great accuracy. It is precisely how it manages to communicate its thoughts and feelings.


Needless to say, that could be one reason why we see sketches of guns and maps, and portraits of Buzz, Woody, and Al, among others.



31. Remote Control Car


Remote Control Car


Remote Control Car, simply called RC, is one of the supporting characters from the maiden Toy Story feature film.


It has a tiny role to play in the second installment as well. Remote Control Car is Andy’s toy race car which was used vigorously during playtime.


However, he was separated from the other toys in the time to come. The car was used by Andy for taking Woody for a spin at the beginning of the first film.


RC was the first among all the toys to come to life after Woody notified the other toys that it’s okay to come out after Andy was seen leaving his room.



32. Molly Davis


Molly Davis


The owner of both Barbie and Bo Peep during her childhood, Molly Davis is the younger sister of Andy and the only daughter of Mrs. Davis.


While this minor character was seen appearing as an infant in the first movie of the franchise, she appeared as a toddler in the second, and a pre-teen in the third one, respectively.


In addition, she made her presence felt in the fourth Toy Story motion picture. She was seen playing a kindergartner during flashbacks in this one.


Even though Bo Peep was originally Andy’s, she had moved to Molly’s room once the family had shifted to a new location.



33. Hannah Phillips


Hannah Phillips


Sid’s younger sister Hannah is another minor supporting character worth mentioning from the Toy Story franchise.


Despite the antics of her brother, she tries her best to come across as a normal kid. Sid, for some strange reason, is often seen maiming her dolls, even though he realizes that she loves them very much.


Slowly but steadily, Hannah finds most of her dolls mutilated by her brother. However, once he sees the toys coming to life, his sister uses one of her dolls to scare him and chase him into his room.



34. Buttercup




This supporting character from the Toy Series franchise was first seen making an appearance in the third movie.


Buttercup is a unicorn, but with a personality that digs deep. Not only can he afford to get sarcastic but he can also be seen having conversations when he wishes to.


He belongs to Bonnie Anderson and, given the fact he thrives on sarcasm, one can find him being a very good friend to the equally sarcastic Hamm.


Even though he can turn out to be mischievous from time to time, one can find him to be very relaxed when it comes to Woody asking for assistance.



35. Big Baby


Big Baby


How often have you referred to a Baby as Big? Well, there is always a first time for the most unusual of things.


One of the secondary antagonists of the third installment of the Toy Story franchise, Big Baby is a very big baby doll.


In fact, some would assert that he is the size of an actual baby; thus, the name.


Big Baby was once one of Daisy’s finest toys. However, after he, Lotso, and Chuckles were forgotten by her during a break at a rest stop, the trio decided to come to Sunnyside Daycare themselves.



36. Peas-in-a-Pod




One of the toys in possession of Bonnie Anderson, the Peas-in-a-Pod makes an appearance in the third installment of the Toy Story franchise.


The pod is about 8.5 inches wide and the peas are about 2.5 inches wide.


That said, Woody first gets to see the peapod after having gotten played by Bonnie. After the latter is seen flipping over her toy basket before heading to make a “spaceship”, Woody is seen backing away and, therefore, thrusting into the peapod.


Three plush peas are seen revealing themselves right after the event. The peas are named Peatey, Peanelope, and Peatrice, respectively.



37. Mr. Spell


Mr. Spell


Mr. Spell is a toy that every parent would love to have for their children. Not only is he entertaining but he is also equally educational.


Made by Texas Instruments, he was originally in Andy’s possession. However, one could find him with Bonnie later on in the series.


He must have been donated to her somewhere between the second and the third installments of the Toy Story series.


What is special about Spell is that he can talk by spelling the words that he is saying and reflecting them on the screen.


He may have not played a massive role in the first film, but one could find him in the background from time to time.



38. Dolly




One of the significant characters of the third motion picture of the Toy Story franchise, Dolly is one of the original toys owned by Bonnie.


She is a rag doll who has claimed to be the leader of Bonnie’s toys. While she likes to have command over the toys, Dolly is also very sarcastic when she wants to be.


She can be seen talking a lot in metaphors, which makes her come across as wise. However, she is easily irritated by the spork Forky.


This is because he happens to make her feel both perplexed and groggy.



39. Mrs. Davis


Mrs. Davis


This minor character in the Toy Story franchise is the single mother of Andy and Molly Davis.


For some strange reason, her husband is never mentioned in the movies. So, nobody knows what happened to him, or if he existed in the first place.


Be that as it may, Mrs. Davis turned out to be a bit of an accidental antagonist in the franchise.


We say so because she was often seen getting the toys into accidents in almost every film. This pushed the toys to go on adventures and fall into the web of non-stop trouble.



40. Rocky Gibraltar


Rocky Gibraltar


Rocky Gibraltar is a figure of a former heavy-weight wrestler who made his debut appearance during Andy’s play time in the first feature film of the Toy Story franchise.


He is presumably based on the Wrestling Superstars figures created by Hasbro. Since Rocky is a wrestling figure, it is not surprising that he happens to be the strongest toy in Andy’s room.


He doesn’t talk in the films but one can find him grunting from time to time. Having said that, the viewers can catch him talking in third person in the Toy Story Animated StoryBook game.



41. Scud




This manic bull terrier belongs to Sid Phillips, who could not have been happier to have him around. As much as Sid loves dismantling the toys, Scud is that much better at it.


He loves to assist his owner in tormenting any toy just for the sake of fun so long as they come into his sight.


It appears to the viewers that Scud may perhaps like tearing the dog toys apart more than the usual ones.


This could be because he likes the dog toys better. That said, he is a temperamental canine whose mood one cannot really be certain of.



42. Shark




Shark is a side character who can be seen making an appearance in titles such as Toy Story, Toy Story Treats, and Toy Story 2.


This squeaky rubber toy can be found in Andy’s toy box and, given the fact that he is called Shark, one can assume that he is based on a blue shark.


That being said, this character has been developed with white rubber with his back painted in blue. He is also equipped with a squeaker in his mouth.


Shark spends a lot of time exploring the depth of the toy box.



43. Angel Kitty


Angel Kitty


Angel Kitty has been portrayed as a Christmas tree ornament that is a blend of a cat and an angel. She is a character that can be seen in Toy Story That Time Forgot.


She is wise enough to say things that are majorly related to the beloved festival of Christmas. Needless to say, her lines resonate with those around her at the time.


Angel Kitty can also be seen carrying a trumpet, even though it is destroyed later. The character, which is first seen when Bonnie uses her in her game, has the capacity to melt hearts with her thoughtful presence.



44. Chuckles the Clown


Chuckles the Clown


Chuckles the Clown is a minor character that can be seen in the third installment of the Toy Story series.


This stuffed clown toy has been voiced for the screen by the late Bud Luckey, who is also known to have lent his voice to the character of Rick Dicker in The Incredibles.


Chuckles is the one who notifies Woody of Lotso’s past. He, along with his good friends Big Baby and Lotso, used to be in possession of a girl named Daisy.


However, one day, they accidentally got left behind by her at a park. Soon after they got home though, they discovered that Lotso was replaced.


Lotso later persuaded Chuckles and Big Baby to abandon Daisy.



45. Lenny the Binoculars


Lenny the Binoculars


This tiny binocular wind-up toy can be seen making an appearance in the first two installments of the Toy Story franchise.


Lenny, who is a pair of small, bright blue binoculars with orange feet, is seen playing a recurring role in the first two Toy Story movies.


He serves as the eyes of the other toys and is, therefore, used as binoculars by them. Time and again, he can be seen informing them about what he sees during his watch.


However, since he does not have a mouth, it is, of course, assumed that he cannot speak.



46. Chunk




Chunk is one of the supporting antagonists in the third installment of the Toy Story franchise. However, the character is shown to be reformed by the end of the motion picture.


This rock-like toy from Sunnyside Daycare has been blessed with a lot of strength. His shielding shoulder spikes, oversized limbs, and fists ready to whack anyone who gets in his way make him a force to be reckoned with.


Chunk also has a spike hidden in his head, which turns his personality from friendly to fierce within a matter of seconds.


Also, he doesn’t need batteries for that change to materialize.



47. Bookworm




Contrary to what his name suggests, Bookworm initially started as a minor antagonist in the third installment of the Toy Story series. In the end, he is also shown to be reformed.


This incredibly smart worm toy with a built-in flashlight takes care of a library in Sunnyside Daycare.


Fortunately for the toys and their owners, the library has instruction manuals for most of the toys. So, whenever a toy needs to be understood better or reset, these manuals, provided by Bookworm, prove to be of great assistance to those who need them.


Bookworm has the ability to introduce a lot many young kids to reading.



48. Mr. Microphone


Mr. Microphone


Mr. Microphone, who is popularly known as Mr. Mike, or Mike, can be seen making an appearance in the first and second parts of the Toy Story franchise.


This microphone also works like a tape recorder toy and has been developed by Playskool. In addition, Mike is gifted with the ability to play FM whenever needed.


Mike is a minor supporting character and is also one of Andy’s several toys. We’d like to notify our readers that a real-life Mike was made in response to his likable impression in Toy Story.



49. Snake and Robot


Snake and Robot


While most of us are terrified of snakes, the snake that appeared in the Toy Story series of feature films isn’t the kind that would make you run for your life.


This green and purple jointed rattlesnake toy is exhibited to be good pals with Robot. It is not surprising then that they are mostly seen together throughout the movie/s.


Therefore, the viewers also get to see both Snake and Robot getting selected for podium duty for Woody’s staff meeting.


One reason for this could be that the latter happens to be outstanding with building blocks.



50. Stretch




One of the tertiary antagonists of the third installment of the Toy Story franchise, Stretch is a glittery purple rubber toy octopus, who can be seen starting as one of Lotso’s minions at Sunnyside Daycare.


Even though he helps with the capture of Andy’s toys, he can be seen getting irked when Lotso’s true demeanor is revealed in one of the sequences.


While one can’t exactly say for certain, it did occur to some viewers that Stretch might just be based on the Wacky WallWalker toys from the 1980s.



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