Sk8 The Infinity Season 2: Is it Renewed?

Sk8 the infinity season 2


Sk8 the Infinity is an anime that focuses on Skateboarding and its experiences. And this show manages to capture this feeling so well that you can’t help but fall in love with it.


High-octane action, drama, and suggested Yaoi are just some of the many features of this series. The next season of the series is desired by the fans, but will we get another season at all?


Is there going to be a second season of Sk8 The Infinity? When will Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 be released?


Has this series received any formal announcements? The Sk8 The Infinity in 2023: Everything You Need to Know. Grab your husbando pillows and skateboards, and get ready for an exciting ride.


I’m hoping you like it!




Everything We Know So Far About Sk8 The Infinity


Sk8 The Infinity is a 12-episode TV anime that started back on 10th January 2021 and ran on TV till April 4, 2021.


This makes it a part of the Winter 2021 catalogue. Being an anime original, this series has no source material to take inspiration from.


So the only source for this show is nothing but the mind of Ichirou Ookouchi, the skills of Utsumi Hiroko, and the expertise of Studio Bones.


You might wonder, “Who are these people?” The series composer for this anime is Ichirou Ookochi, the director is Utsumi Hiroko, and Studio Bones is in charge of the animation.


Therefore, these guys are nothing but lead staff members of the series. Let’s quickly look at their works individually.


Ichirou Ookochi is known for a series called CODE GEASS, don’t know if you have heard about it or not but it’s a pretty good show.


Not only that but Ookochi is known for his compositional performance in Devilman Crybaby and Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress.


If you talk about Utsumi Hiroko, she is known in the industry for her incredible directorial performance in Banana Fish and Free!


So you know she understands her Yaoi stuff. Finally, Studio Bones has been responsible for absolute bangers like Mob Psycho 100 and My Hero Academia.


So yeah, the greatness of this show comes from the team behind it. Speaking of the show, let’s just quickly remember what this anime is all about.


Sk8 the Infinity tells the story of a boy named Reki who has a passion for Skateboarding.


My man loves to perform his tricks and has fun being on the board. Moreover, he is also a part of the “S” race.


What is “S” (apart from being an alphabet) you may be wondering? Well, “S” is a community of Skateboards that fight each other in the form of race.


This fight is known as “Beef”. Now let’s change the scene for a bit and remember that a new transfer student has shown up in Reki’s class and this boy had been a snowboarder since childhood.


Therefore, when he develops a liking for Skateboarding, Reki takes him to experience “S”. Now Reki gets into a beef with one of the elite Skateboarders of S, Shadow, and fails to defeat him.


However, this new transfer student, named Langa, manages to defeat Shadow with his snowboarding experience.


And this situation leaves everyone in complete Awe including Reki. Thus begins the journey of Reki and Langa as they try and get better at skating together.


Reki will teach Langa the basics of skating and together, both these boys are on the way to some amazing experiences.


So now that we know that we are on the same plane, let’s finally jump onto the main course.


Let’s start our analysis of the second season of Sk8 The Infinity.




Official Announcements And Release Date Of Sk8 The Infinity Season 2


Let’s look at some official announcements and release dates for Sk8 The Infinity season 2.


If we have those then we would need to worry no more. Since official announcements are….. well, OFFICIAL, we can rest assured that our favourite anime will make it back.


However, is that true for Sk8 The Infinity as well? The answer is YES and NO!


Now I know many of you are having question marks on your head but let me explain.


You see, On July 4, 2021, it was confirmed that a new instalment for Sk8 The Infinity is in production via Twitter.


The Tweet said, “New animation project begins. Due to receiving a lot of love from everyone, the decision has been made to start Sk8’s new project!!


Follow-up information will be announced on the official website and official Twitter. Please look forward to it.” Therefore, we do have an Official announcement and so the answer was YES.


Not just a new season but a new OVA is also going to be released for the fans. Fans also got a trailer for the upcoming season and now there is no doubt that it is going to happen.


So overall, we do have an official announcement but it isn’t necessarily about season 2.


We will get something from the franchise and that’s 100% certain. So that’s all there is for the official announcements. Now let’s talk about the source material a little bit.




More Source Material Information On Sk8 The Infinity Season 2


Now let’s talk about something we can’t talk about. The source material. I don’t think I need to mention it heavily but just so you know, Sk8 is an original anime.


In other words, there is NO source material for the anime. It isn’t an adaptation of a manga, game, light novel, visual novel, or anything like that.


It is an adaptation of the mind of Ichirou Ookochi. So there is absolutely no way to know what will be the storyline for the series.


I mean there is a manga adaptation of the anime but again, it’s the adaptation of the anime.


All the contents will be taken from the anime version and converted into a manga version.


So it’s not going to give us anything extra. Plus, this manga version is done by Kazuto Kojima so the story (after the anime) won’t be what the original author would have thought.


So yeah, we can be sure that there’s no way to know what the next season will be about.


Speculations are possible but no confirmation can be done. That would be the end of this section.




Popularity Information Of Sk8 The Infinity Season 2


The next segment of our article is popularity, which is one of the most important factors whilst deciding on the next season of an anime.


Therefore, in our comprehensive analysis, it is important to see if Popularity was a hurdle for Sk8 The Infinity or not!


And to cross-check that, we will be taking a look at three platforms. Let’s begin!


Sk8 The Infinity Season 2 Google Trends


The first platform is Google Trends. This place would allow us to know the Trends of Sk8 and see how frequently it has been in discussions by the community.


In other words, it tells us how frequently people would Google Search for the second season of SK8.


And as we can see, the searches are quite simple to comprehend. There’s only one major spike that stands at the moment.


Therefore, we can say that since it’s a prequel’s conclusion, Season 2 of Sk8 The Infinity isn’t talked about that much.


But now with the announcement of the new season, one can see it is going up again. 


Google Search

Everyone had a little sense of anticipation for the new season because the show made a favourable impact on viewers.


Season 2 searches don’t turn up much. Around 8.6K people look for it each month globally.


So, now let’s look at the Twitter fan following.



official twitter account of sk8


Alright. The next platform we will be roaming around is Twitter. This is the place for many anime fans as well as many anime creators themselves.


Therefore, this website is great for us to see how popular any anime is. Let’s take a look at our subject at the moment, Sk8 The Infinity.


Well, I can say with utmost confidence that this series is amazing in terms of popularity on Twitter.


With an incredible number of almost 200,000 followers, this anime has carved its name as an absolute banger on this platform.


Anime like Vinland Saga and Mob Psycho didn’t even have ⅓ of this many followers and yet they ended up with a sequel.


So we can rest assured that if the creators were looking at popularity, Sk8 wouldn’t miss the target at all!


So yeah, all and all, we can say that the series is popular enough to get another season.


So many followers and a spiked demand for the second season says for itself, right?



Expected Plot Of Sk8 The Infinity Season 2


Now let’s just say that the next season does end up happening. In that case, what will be the storyline for it?


What is going to be the plot? Well, from my perspective, the series should progress in a power-scale increasing format.


In other words, our lead cast shall discover new places and find even more skateboarders who can do the impossible just like ADAM.


It is a stereotypical approach in anime and manga to scale up the power system (in this case, Skateboard skills) and use it to progress the story.


And you know it would be great because that’s how sports anime are supposed to go.


You defeat a certain group and move on to a better, advanced one. Moreover, a popular theory that is roaming around the internet is also following the same pattern.


According to several blogs, when our primary cast moves to a new location in the second season—specifically, Tokyo—they will discover even more wild skaters.


Our lads will face their next obstacle in the form of these new skaters, and in order to have the time of their lives, they must conquer all of them.


It is anticipated that Koyomi’s skating trip will also start and that an entire episode will be devoted to snowboarding in order to further this story.


These claims aren’t 100% official but they do sound convincing enough and fall in the same alley as our predictions.


For now, that’s all we can say about the next season. So let’s move on to our next segment.



Online Reactions To Sk8 The Infinity Season 2


Now, this is the segment where we will be looking at reactions from fans all around the world regarding the second season of Sk8 the Infinity.


It is important to note what people think about the next season and see if they have positive thoughts about it or not.


So let’s see what’s the case with our beloved Sk8.



twitter reaction of sk8 season 2


The first platform we will be looking at is Twitter. As I said earlier, Twitter is home to Anime fans as well as creators.


So all our boys here matter a lot and so do their opinions. This is why it would be great to see what they have to say about the next season.


And when we do so, we find some heartwarming stuff happening. You see, everyone on Twitter is making memes and jokes about the second season of Sk8 the Infinity.


Despite being only a few months old, this series captured so many hearts on Twitter that we can’t help but feel astonished by it.


Most of the users are asking for the sequel and information about it (will send them the link to this article later).


So yeah, we can rest assured that the online reactions to this anime are all positive!


Now let’s jump to Reddit.



reddit posts regarding sk8 season 2


Reddit is yet another platform that is home to millions of Weebs around the globe.


So it would be great to see what these guys have to say about this anime and its sequel.


And when we do so, we come across the fact that fans here are looking forward to the next season.


Reddit users are asking about the sequel and its possibility while fellow users are replying to them.


These replies include positive and negative possibilities but they are all focused on the season for sure.


Therefore, we can say that Sk8 the Infinity has a lot of reactions on Reddit as well.



Quora is the final platform we’ll examine. Fans frequently have inquiries regarding the anime sequels they love, and Sk8 is no exception.


And like Reddit, this website shared their opinion about the sequel. Here, though, every response is affirmative. Talking about the first season and the potential for a second seems to be a favourite pastime for fans.


Additionally, they all anticipate it with excitement and a positive outlook.


Therefore, we can say that fans over on Quora are enjoying the anime as well and looking forward to the next season just like us.


All across the board, I can only see an optimistic and aspirant nature towards the sequel of Sk8 the Infinity by fans online.


Therefore, we can conclude that the online reactions are all working in Sk8’s favour.



Why Do We Want A Second Season So Badly?


Now one important question that might summon up in your mind could be, “Why do people want another season so much?”.


I mean, the first season had a somewhat conclusive ending so why do people ask for a second one?


And the answer to that question is rather simple. It is because people love Sk8 the Infinity so much that they can’t help but ask for more of their favourite characters.


Anime and Manga tend to have some incredible stories that fans just love so much that they crave it even if there is no “NEED” to.


And that is what makes the anime-watching experience so much fun. Once you are into some amazing anime, there’s no going back.


Our beloved Sk8 the Infinity is no exception to it. People loved the first season so much that they wanted to enjoy more of it no matter what.


And anime like Sk8 don’t have a definite conclusion since, in these anime, characters tend to grow and get better, allowing other stronger opponents to show up in the series and continue the story.


Therefore, the series can get more content as time passes by with the introduction of new characters and the growth of the old ones.


People love to enjoy such stories and even if our predicted storyline took place, it would be so much fun to watch it.


Just imagine our main cast reaching out to new places, meeting new people, and getting acquainted with new insane skaters and skating styles.


The thought of that happening itself makes me feel so interested in watching the next season.


And I am not the only one who feels this way. Countless other people wish to consume more skating from our beloved series as you guys might have seen in the popularity and online reactions segment of this article.


People just love to love this anime. And that is why people want a second season of Sk8 the Infinity so badly.



Sk8 The Infinity Ratings And Reviews


Now let’s move on to the next step in our analysis, ratings, and reviews. This segment is crucial since an anime might not get another season if people didn’t enjoy the first one.


So it is important to know if people loved an anime enough for it to get another season.


And I think it would be great to see what people think about the first season online so we can be sure if we are the only lovers or not.


If you ask me, the best places to know about reviews and ratings are IMDb and MyAnimeList.


So let’s take a look at these websites individually and see what we can find about our favourite anime.



IMDb rating for sk8


The first website that we will look at is none other than the very popular, IMDb.


This is the place where you can find opinions and scores of just about any medium of visual entertainment.


And anime is no exception. Therefore, it is a great place to see what people think about a series.


So let’s see what’s the case with Sk8 the infinity. Well, the case seems to be very favourable if you ask me.


With a score of 8.2/10 on IMDb, this anime proved itself to be one lovely ride of emotions.


People appreciated the characters and the direction of the matches in the show. Overall, this anime is appreciated quite a lot on this website.


So we can be certain that this anime is a successful one on IMDb.



The other website that will help us get an idea of ratings and reviews by fans is none other than MyAnimeList.


This is home to many anime fans out there who wish to share their thoughts on the anime and manga they consume.


So it will be great to see what these hardcore weebs have to say about Sk8.


And when we do see the score on this website for our beloved shows, we will be blossomed by the imagery.


With a score of 8.04, Sk8 the Infinity has made a strong impression on our boys on MAL.


The reviews appreciate the animation, action choreography, and characters as well as the suggested Yaoi in the series.


There are a few negative opinions as well but we can ignore them without any problems.


So yeah, even MAL appreciates the heck out of Sk8. Happy to see that. Overall, this anime has received a lot of positive reviews and ratings across the board.


Both MAL and IMDb prove this and thus, we can say that creators won’t have any problem making another season.



Top Five Best-Rated Episodes 


Sk8 the Infinity is a thrilling anime focused on the sports and fun elements of skating. This anime has a major following among people who like to skate.


Here, let’s take a look at the top five best-rated episodes from the show.


1. King vs Nobody (Episode 11)

This episode has a rating of 4.7/5 on MyAnimeList. Reki thinks about his main reason for skating, which is not to compete with anyone but just to have fun.


This makes him even closer to Langa.


2. Awesome for the First Time (Episode 2)

This episode has a rating of 4.6/5 on MyAnimeList. In this episode, Langa wants to know more about skating and how to skate.


So, Reki decides to teach him, as he loves skating.


3. Undesired Hero (Episode 3)

This episode has a rating of 4.6/5 on MyAnimeList. The episode starts with Miya and Langa accepting a skateboarding challenge against each other.


Reki is there to teach Langa skateboarding so that Langa can win.


4. Adam, the Matador of Love (Episode 4)

This episode has a rating of 4.6/5 on MyAnimeList. This episode is about Reki and Adam getting into a race against each other.


Miya, Joe, and Langa tell Reki to give up, but he is determined to win the race.


5. Passionate Dancing Night! (Episode 5)

This episode has a rating of 4.6/5 on MyAnimeList. Langa must race with Adam after Reki and Adam’s challenge.


Reki is brutally hurt by the race and does not want Langa to get hurt at all. But Langa is willing to risk it all.



Profit And Sales Details Of Sk8 The Infinity Season 2


Let’s now discuss the most crucial element of anime production: profit! If an anime is successful enough, its makers will inevitably create further seasons in order to increase their profits.


So let’s examine Sk8 The Infinity’s situation.


Blu-ray/DVD sales

The biggest source of income for this series would be Bluray Sales. If it performs great in these numbers then there’s a very high chance for another season to show up.


And let’s just say that the sales gods were on Sk8’s side this time. The series managed to sell 7000+ copies for volume 1, which is incredible!


Why is it amazing? That’s because 7,000 Blu-ray sales is an absurd amount. 7000 is a huge figure in a generation when streaming has the most attention.


Therefore, we can say that Sk8 was a success and has more than enough money for next season.


Not to mention, the streaming licenses would have been expensive as well but we don’t have any data on that so we can’t rely on it.


However, we can’t overlook it either. So that’s about it for the profit and sales of Sk8 the Infinity.


Since it doesn’t have any source material, it has no other way of earning money than Blu-ray and Streaming services.


And both of them seem to be favourable for our beloved show.



Popular Sk8 The Infinity Characters


Now let’s say that the next season does end up happening. If so then who will feature in the second season?


Which characters will show up in the second season as well? Let’s find out!





Our read-head rockstar is bound to be in the next season mainly because he is the soul of the show.


Reki is the one who seems to have the highest extent of character progression in the previous season.


Therefore, it will be great to see him return in the next season as well.


He is the one whose perspective we follow and had so much fun looking at skating.


Therefore, the next season would also be equipped with his perspective and thus, allow us to have even more fun.





Langa is the star of this anime. Even though he isn’t THE MAIN CHARACTER, he steals the spotlight whenever on screen.


This goes to show how captivating he is, as a character and as a personality.


Being the best skater in S, his skills and talent are forces to be reckoned with.


Looking forward to seeing more of his action.





My oh my, that one villainous guy. ADAM is the one who acted as a supposed villain for the show.


However, when we realize his backstory, we understand him and his actions even more clearly.


This makes him a lot more sympathetic and likeable. And since the next season will most likely feature new skaters, ADAM will be a must in the main gang, to defeat the elite.


Let’s see how it goes. Other: Popular personalities like Joe, Cherry, Miya, and Shadow will also act as supporting cast.


There’s also a high chance of new characters being brought to the spotlight such as Koyomi.


All in all, this is going to be a packed season!



Other Decisive Factors for Sk8 The Infinity Season 2


Before concluding our article, let’s just quickly take a look at some final factors that may have been the reason for the making of season 2 of Sk8.


Let’s go!


Sk8 The Infinity Ending

Firstly, the conclusion. If an anime has a clear ending, the second season won’t have a place to begin.


In other words, the show announced the series’ conclusion. However, the likelihood of a sequel rises if the anime has a resolution that can be carried forward.


Then what is going on with Sk8? Fortunately, it’s the latter for us. If you recall, Langa defeated ADAM in the final game of the series to put an end to S.


Langa was placed as the best skater as he won the tournament and we went to post-credit scenes.


There, we saw Koyomi starting her skating practice and finally, Langa and Reki against one another.


They both ask each other to give their best in this final race! Now this “Final Race” might just be an exclamation and they don’t mean it literally.


So we can say that the ending was open enough to be used for the next season.


From this point, we can see our gang travelling to new places and racing there.


So we can say that the ending of Sk8 the Infinity was good enough to be used for the next season.


Controversy Around Sk8 The Infinity

And finally, was there any controversy around Sk8 that can act as a hurdle? Well, NO!


There is no major controversy revolving around this anime that can cancel the second season.


Claims were made that there were a lot of hurdles in the making of season 1 because of a small team and tight schedule.


But our beloved creators made it through and we got the series on time. We must present our gratitude!


Thanks to them! Overall, I don’t see anything decisive that can act as a hurdle for season 2.


Everything seems to be going pretty well.



Top Similar Anime Like Sk8 The Infinity 


1. Kuroko’s Basketball (2012-2015)

Kuroko’s Basketball is a Japanese anime series that aired from 2012 to 2015. The show has a rating of 8.3 on IMDb and falls under the genres of animation, comedy, and sport.


2. Free (2013-)

“Free!” is a popular anime series that premiered in 2013 and is still ongoing. The show has a rating of 7.4 on IMDb and falls under the genres of Animation, Comedy, and Drama.


3. Ace of Diamond (2013-2016)

“Ace of Diamond” is a sports anime series that follows the story of Eijun Sawamura, a pitcher with a natural talent for baseball but lacks discipline and strategy. The show has a rating of 8.3 on IMDb and features a talented voice cast, including Ryôta Ôsaka, Nobunaga Shimazaki, and Natsuki Hanae.


4. Yuri!!! On Ice (2016)

Yuri!!! on Ice is a Japanese sports anime with an IMDb rating of 8.4. It features the voices of Junichi Suwabe, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, and Koki Uchiyama. The genre of Yuri on Ice is Sports, Drama, and Romance.





To sum it all up, in the second season of Sk8 The Infinity is coming back.


Sk8 made great money and got good ratings, so we know there isn’t anything major working against this series.


The creators are up for the new season and the OVA.


Thanks a lot for reading this. And until next time, Sayonara!


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