Wayne Season 2: Is It Renewed?

Wayne Season 2


This dark comedy and action show has been the focus of viewers from around the world.


Since it was first aired in 2019, the show enjoyed public attention. With a fresh new plot and a young talented cast, Wayne has grabbed the attention of netizens.


When the pilot episode of Wayne was aired on Youtube Premium, it recorded a whopping 27 million views for the first episode itself.


And, it has maintained the curiosity of viewers ever since. If you were shocked when I said that the pilot of Wayne was aired on Youtube Premium, then it is time for Entoin to give you a quick catch-up on the history, present, and future of this fabulous show.


Since there have been talks of the second season coming up, you need to get all your tea from Entoin before you can jump into the world of Wayne.




Everything We Know So Far About Wayne


Wayne McCullough Jr is a teenager from Brockton, Massachusetts. He is a kindhearted teen who stays with his father.


He meets Del (Delilah Luccetti) when she comes to his house to sell cookies. He is immediately enamoured by her and strikes up a friendship with her.


In the meantime, Del’s father and brothers observe this and are less than pleased. They corner Wayne and badly beat him up.


At home, Wayne’s father is suffering from cancer, and sadly he dies. This leaves Wayne deeply disturbed, and in momentary madness, he burns down his house.


He burns his house down with the body in it. He then meets up with Del and proposes a cross-country ride to collect the 1979 Pontiac TransAm that his father owned.


Both Wayne and Del set out on the dirt bike that Wayne rides and set out to search and retrieve the Pontiac TransAm.


Here begins the wild and unexpected journey of Wayne and Del.




Official Announcement and Release Date Of Wayne Season 2


On January 16th, 2019, Youtube Premium aired a new show called Wayne as part of its Youtube Originals program.


The show was a massive success. The pilot grabbed eyeballs with an unprecedented 27 million views.


The rest of the season was also equally well-watched. The hugely successful show was slated to make a comeback with a second season.


But, with the ongoing war between online streaming sites about who gets the best shows, highest viewership, original content, and so on, Youtube Premium decided to take a step back and let things cool down.


This put a major spanner in the works. The show lost its home on YouTube Premium.


However, Amazon Prime picked up Wayne. It was aired on Prime for the first time on November 6th, 2020.


Even on Prime, the show was highly successful, and the audiences are waiting for the new season to premiere soon.


Unfortunately, till now no official announcement or release date for Wayne season 2 is available. Even though it was highly successful and received good reviews, no update on season 2 is there.


But there’s no need to panic; sooner or later, it will be chosen for the upcoming season, and the show’s creators have already stated that they have huge plans for it.


Even if there are no updates for the second season yet, there are also no updates regarding the cancellation.


This made fans expect something from the creators. Let’s see what they deliver. 


Even though the wait might seem long, sometimes it is very common for these types of shows to get a new season pretty late because of the type of audience they have.


Until then, we have to resort to our analysis. Under good circumstances, we can expect the series to come around 2024.




Popularity Details of Wayne Season 2


In the case of the entertainment sector, popularity has a significant impact on success. The more buzz it generates, the more prosperous it becomes monetarily.


Along with this, popularity also reveals whether a show has a long-lasting effect on the viewership.


So let’s assess the popularity of Wayne Season 2.


google trends for wayne season 2


The show premiered in January 2019, and ever since, many dramatic spikes have been seen.


The finale of season 1 left us on a cliffhanger and the thought of what would happen next may have left many among us restless.


These spikes may have been due to false rumors but one way it shows that many people want season 2.


Google Searches Across the Globe

Wayne seems to be popular among people. It has around 20K searches across the globe with 10K searches coming from the US alone.


For a very popular series, monthly searches average around 100K and some are much above.  Having the search details let’s move to the Twitter handle for Wayne.



The series does not have an official Twitter handle as yet. Yet many fan pages have been created to show support, love, and share thoughts on Wayne.


Here is a snapshot of 2 pages I found:


twitter handles for wayne


After having some idea about popularity, One question that may have surely crossed your mind. What will be the expected plot of Wayne season 2?



Expected Plot of Wayne Season 2


There have been many speculations about what can and cannot happen next. One thing is for sure, this cannot be the end.


We need to see how Wayne’s friends Orlando and Principle Cole come to his rescue.


We cannot expect Del to settle down quietly, especially after she recognises her feelings for Wayne.


Since both Wayne and Del have real feelings for one another, we can be sure that they will do anything needed to get back together.


Speculations aside, here is what we know for sure. The show creator, Shawn Simmons, already has a script ready for the first episode of season 2.


He has a plotline fixed for the second season, and it is mind-blowing, according to those in the know.


He said that the plot would most likely concentrate on Wayne getting his act together and staying on the straight and narrow.


He needs to do it if he wants to win back Del. Speaking to Inverse, Simmons said that in his mind, he has a fixed path for Wayne and Del.


He knows where each of their characters is going. Without giving away much, Simmons confirms that Wayne is in juvenile detention.


But he is determined to get back on the straight earn back his love for Del and get some peace while he is at it.


The show will bring back all the series regulars from Wayne, Del, and Sergeant Geller to Bobby, Teddy, and Carl Luccetti.


Recently Mark McKenna, who plays the lead role of Wayne, was busy with the lead role in One Of Us Is Lying.


The series premiered on October 7, 2021, and McKenna may be available if there is any hope for season 2.


This will make the release date of season 2 to be around 2024, most likely.


As per the insiders, Simmons has everything ready for the second season, and he is just waiting for approval from the production house.



Online Reactions for Wayne Season 2


Since the show has been cancelled by Youtube and picked up by Amazon Prime, it got exposed to a much wider audience. Those audiences also have a positive reaction to the series.


But we need to look at social platforms where fans discuss whether they like the series or not so, that we can be sure about what we said earlier.


For this, we are going to look at three social platforms namely Reddit, quora, and Twitter.



reddit reaction for wayne season 2


On Reddit, thousands of Wayne fans are waiting patiently for their favourite show to be back with the second season.


There was a particular question about what makes Wayne so great compared to other shows with teen protagonists.


For this question, there were some interesting responses. One Reddit user praised the show for being well-written and unique with excellent character development.


The user felt connected to the characters. Another Redditor felt that Wayne and Del are different from other teen protagonists.


This sets Wayne apart from all other teen shows. It is very touching to see all the frustration of the viewers.


And, at the same time, it is fun to read them pour out their hopes about Season 2 and all the theories too.



quora reaction for wayne season 2


Quora users do not seem to be very optimistic about the chances of Amazon Prime renewing the show for season 2.


Many users want to see the show renewed and have high hopes for it, yet no one seems to be giving any tidbits of information on the discussion.


One user even said that even though Wayne is now on Amazon, that does not mean it is guaranteed a second season.


It has not officially been renewed yet—but it is not out of the realm of possibility.


They predict that if they can create enough buzz and enthusiasm online, the show might get a new lease on life.



Twitter has quite a few handles and hashtags to show its love and support for Wayne.


They are also actively promoting the show to convince Amazon to renew the show for Wayne S2.


One Twitter comment reads: We could not agree more! #Wayne is one of the best shows of both 2019 & 2020!


What other show with 1 season can say that?! 


You can find many Twitter posts on the following hashtags: #WayneOnAmazon,  #WatchWayne,  #ThisIsWayne,  #SaveWayne,  #WayneS2,  #WayneSeason2,  #FreeWayne  


Many viewers have taken to Twitter to express their love for the show in the hopes of getting a renewal for Wayne S2, with many users stating that Wayne is outstanding!!



Why There Should Be A Wayne Season 2?


I know most of you are wondering what has got people so buzzed about the show.


So here is Why You Must Watch The Show? One of the recurring themes behind the vast fan base for this show is the amazingly realistic two lead characters, Wayne and Del.


Many fans of the show have expressed that Wayne and Del are so relatable that it makes them unique and intriguing.


It makes us want to watch what happens next. Kevin Yeoman from ScreenRant spoke about the show and said that with its varying tones, stellar lead performances, and great supporting cast, Wayne is much more than the foul-mouthed action-comedy it makes itself out to be.


The laughs may be pitch black at times, and the violence is occasionally shocking, but there is a fascinating and entertaining sweetness woven into every scene that will hit you like a blast of rock salt to the heart.


The characters have a healthy mix of teen angst, childishness, and adult maturity. It is fascinating to watch which persona will prevail in the end.



Wayne Reviews and Ratings


IMDb rating for wayne


When the show moved to Amazon Prime, it reached a wider audience and earned far more popularity.


The show got a 100% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes with critical acclaim from viewers and critics alike.


The show received an average of 8 out of 10 from all the reviews for the show.


One of the comments from a viewer reads that it is a thoughtfully violent series.


Wayne is a Home Run. Many have compared Wayne and Del to Bonnie and Clyde.


Yet, you have to accept that the main characters have a stronger sense of purpose and reason for their rampage.


It is like order in chaos. Ben Travers from IndieWire, gave the show an A- for the excellent portrayal.


He said, “Wayne may feel familiar with other stories, Bonnie and Clyde included. But Simmons is thoughtful, engrossing, and an altogether joyful new series carves its path on the cold roads of America’s eastern seaboard.” 


In the series, we see Wayne and Del travel on their dirt bike to Ocala, Florida.


They are trying to locate the Pontiac TransAm. Along the way, they get into different kinds of trouble and fight their way out.


One time, they run into a group of kids on spring break, and once they are mugged with no money left.


Wayne decides to take up a job, and Del sells her valuables for cash. But even at the new job, Wayne meets a boss who tries to illegally deport workers.


Wayne being the do-gooder, who cannot tolerate injustice, slowly turns vigilante and saves people but piles up a criminal record along the way.



Top 5 Best-Rated Episodes 


Wayne is a great show for those who do not like cheesy comedy but love dark humour with a hint of action and drama.


The show has done well with the audience and has been a favourite for a long time. Here, let’s take a look at the top 5 episodes best-rated from the show.


1. Chapter Six: Who Even Are We Now? (Episode 6)

This episode has a rating of 8.7/10 on IMDb. In this episode, Del is just having fun and meeting up with locals after everyone thinks that she is skipping school in Georgia.


2. Chapter Nine: Thought We Was Friends (Episode 9)

This episode has a rating of 8.7/10 on IMDb. Del and Wayne got into an argument and parted ways.


Wayne tries to catch up with his mother, but she tells him to stay away.


3. Chapter Ten: Buckle The Fuck Up (Episode 10)

This episode has a rating of 8.7/10 on IMDb. This episode is fun and intense as Wayne is behind bars, all locked up, but he has to fight Reggie to finally finish their battle.


4. Chapter Four: Find Something Black To Wear (Episode 4)

This episode has a rating of 8.4/10 on IMDb. Wayne gets robbed, and now he has no other option but to go back to his job as a day labourer.


Del is also going through something and cannot get her mind off of death.


5. Chapter Five: Del (Episode 5)

This episode has a rating of 8.4/10 on IMDb. This episode shows the life of Del before Wayne came into her life.


It shows how difficult life was for her at school because of her family’s reputation.



Awards & Recognition 


The Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards 2020, recognized the excellent work on the series and awarded the show, Best Cinematography in TV Comedy.


It was also nominated for Best Comedy Poster for a TV/Streaming Series, at the Golden Trailer Awards 2019.



Production and Development of the Show


The creator Shawn Simmons is from Brockton, Massachusetts. For the show, he based all his characters on his hometown and drew inspiration from it.


Growing up in Brocton, Simmons encountered many teens who grew up without a mom or a dad.


Seeing their personalities and their pride, He decided to bring it all to the show.


Mark McKenna and Ciara Bravo had to take voice and accent lessons to perfect the specific Boston accent from Brockton.


Apart from writing the show and the characters, Simmons also produced the show. Simmons is the Executive producer alongside Rhett Reese, Ian MacDonald, Kirk Ward, Greg Coolidge, and Paul Wernick.


The entire show was shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He wrote the show Dirty Harry but with a good heart.


His values and morals are in the right place, though he is all 16 years old.


For the premiere episode of Wayne S2, Simmons wrote an explosive script that will set the tone for the rest of the season.


Though Amazon has not cancelled the show, they have not given the green light for the second season yet.


Wayne season one has won Best Cinematography in a TV Comedy for 2020 at the Canadian Society of Cinematographers awards.



Why Watch Wayne Season 2?


If you are wondering Why to Watch Wayne Season 2 This highly anticipated teen action comedy comes with a rare mix of raw fights, stunts, cross-country drives, gore, and action.


We saw Wayne get beaten and battered multiple times, even held at gunpoint. He has been injured with his bones sticking out.


He gets into fights with a hunting knife, and yet, he holds on to his pride.


At the same time, Wayne does not lose its teen appeal as the show has many teenage characters.


They suffer from typical teen problems of aggression, abuse, loneliness, love, and fear. While the show has some heavy-duty drama and issues, they do not skip out on the dark humour and the lighter moments.


You can not miss out on the explosive chemistry between Wayne and Del or the camaraderie between Wayne and Orlando, Del and Orlando.


The show sure has a heart, and the first season ended on one hell of a cliffhanger.




After Reggie tricks Sgt Geller out of the station under the pretext of a crime, he sneaks in to steal the Pontiac.


He assaults Wayne and almost kills him before Del arrives and together they subdue Reggie.


Just as they are escaping in the car as they confess their love for each other, the Lucchetti gets to them.


We watch Bobby Luccetti ram his car into the Pontiac TransAm that Wayne is driving, and it brings chills.


He severely bashes up Wayne and drags away an unconscious Del. To make matters worse, Sgt. Geller arrives at the scene right on time to arrest Wayne as well.


It is now time to see how Orlando and Principal Cole can help Wayne or Del.


Cole has bonded with Wayne’s mom and Orlando, so all is not lost yet. Just when the two reconciled and accepted their love for one another, tragedy struck.



Popular Wayne Characters


The series is filled with some amazing characters. Without them, we would have not had such an amazing experience so let’s visit some popular ones from them.


Wayne McCullough Jr (Mark McKenna)

Wayne McCullough Jr


This Irish actor is also a musician and singer of the band Milk. He plays the role of Wayne, who cannot stand injustice and has to do the right thing.


He has his moments of darkness and violence, but his heart is in the right place.


After the death of his father, Wayne is distraught. He vows to bring back the Pontiac TransAm that his father loved.


Del or Delilah Luccetti (Ciara Bravo)



Del is a tough girl. She is not a pushover and knows how to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in.


It can be observed on two occasions. When Del stands by Wayne at the start of the road trip and when she supports the druggie, Tracey.


Apart from the two main casts, here are the other regulars


Sergeant Geller (Stephen Kearin)

Sergeant Geller


Sgt. Geller is a tough cop. He is no pencil pusher and can hold his own in a fight.


It is revealed, in one episode, that in Thailand, he was wrongfully arrested for a crime Geller did not commit.


He ended up serving jail time too.


Bobby Luccetti (Dean Winters)

Bobby Luccetti


Bobby Luccetti is Del’s father. He is a bully and a bit of an abusive father.


He is a strict person who believes in using his fists more than his words.


After the death of his wife, he turned alcoholic.


Carl and Teddy Luccetti (Jon and Jamie Champagne)

They are the twin brothers of Delilah ‘Del’ Luccetti. Both of them follow their father in most of his plans.


However, Carl and Teddy love their sister and support her sometimes. But are more prone to be influenced by their dad and can be cruel to Del.


Orlando Hikes (Joshua J Williams)

Orlando is his best friend of Wayne. He honestly believes that Wayne is a good-hearted person and would do anything to support his friend.


When Wayne sets out on his road trip to retrieve the stolen Pontiac TransAm, he convinces Principal Cole to come along to rescue Wayne.


Principal Cole (Mike O’Malley)

He is the principal of the school, Hagler High, where Wayne and Del study. He comes along with Orlando, and Sgt Geller to apprehend Wayne.


He also bonds well with Orlando during this trip. You also have the estranged mother and her family, who are not welcoming toward Wayne.


They are the ones who take away the Pontiac TransAm.


  • Reggie is Wayne’s stepbrother: Played by Francesco Antonio. He steals the Pontiac TransAm, and when Wayne demands it back, he attacks him with his gator.
  • Calvin Clay is Wayne’s stepfather: Played by Kirk Ward. He has a similar nature as Reggie and fights with Sgt Geller.
  • Maureen McNulty is Wayne’s mother: Played by Michaela Watkins. She does not have any maternal love for Wayne even though he tries to connect with her.


The other supporting cast

  • Officer Jay Ganetti: Played by James Earl
  • Jenny: Played by Zoe De Grand Maison
  • Mr. Henderson: Played by Patrick Gallagher
  • Gill: Played by Akiel Julien
  • Stick: Played by Harrison Tanner
  • Darren: Played by SeanPatrick Dolan
  • Eric: Played by Maxwell McCabe-Lokos



Wayne Ending Explained


So, What Happened in the finale episode of season 1? SPOILER ALERT!! In the final episode of season one, we see Del and Wayne are again separated.


Sergeant Geller, who has been tracking Wayne all this while in the season, catches him and takes him in.


Del and her father have a reunion of sorts, with the father dragging Del away from Wayne.


The conclusion left us on a cliffhanger and seemed very bleak. What will happen next has sparked interest, excitement, and tension as a result of this.





What does the future hold for these two sweethearts? You can get all the information on the release dates, and schedules on Entoin, or you can check out Google search for your daily dose.


With the marketing team in full swing to push for season 2, we can be optimistic about our chances to see Wayne S2 sometime around 2024.


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