God Eater Season 2: Is it Confirmed?

God Eater


God Eater anime is an adaptation of the game “God Eater”. Bandai Namco was behind its creation.


Then it became popular among millennial gamers, like wildfire. The anime hit the television roughly 5 years after the first RPG game release.


The game’s popularity set a good ground for the anime. But, today it has been almost six years since the first series got released. The long wait after the release of the first series has put the fans in dilemma. 


On the other hand, video game sequels have been reaching players promptly.


God Eater 2 was launched in 2013 and God Eater 3, in 2018. Therefore, the demand for the 4th sequel of the game and the second series of the anime is still kicking in.


The movie is roughly on the same lines – a post-apocalyptic world in 2071. Fenrir continues to defend humanity from the deadly Aragami. 


The God arcs have become the most sought friendly forces of mankind. 




Everything we know about God Eater so far


It is 2065 when the prologue of the first series starts. It shows a glimpse of what’s in store for humans.


The Aragami captives are taken to a nuclear facility that will wipe them out.


But, they suddenly rebel and attack the God Eaters. After a long battle, the Aragami manages to escape from the blast and God eaters are airlifted to safety. 


Aragami are demons who want to eliminate human beings from the earth. Now that they are free, the God-Eaters are forced to change their plans.


They need to learn new tactics and prepare for this conflict of the future. The New Asian Union was established at that time, and preparations for the impending conflict were made.


They are now in charge of protecting humankind from these monsters. They fail sometimes but, manage to create a group – Fenrir which did well.


They develop special weapons from bimolecular materials called – God Arcs. 


The anime ends with suspense. An unknown person sits watching Soma, one of the leading God Eaters.


The video game sequels have gone far ahead showing the tough time the God-Eaters will have.




Official Announcements and Release Date of God Eater Season 2


Season two of God Eater was supposed to have come in 2017. Unfortunately, it got delayed and was expected by 2019.


Meanwhile, the 2nd and 3rd sequels of the video game were released.


Usually, most animes are made to promote the source material. But, here the source material was not a Manga or any light novel.


It was a video game. The sequels of the game also did well, without a season two. The main purpose of the anime was to create more hype for the games and profit off of the fans of the franchise.


As of date, there are no official announcements regarding Season 2. UFOTable, the studio has still not decided if there will be one more season.


Because the video games have been successful, we can’t completely rule out a second season. Since fans think there is enough material to make a second season, let’s wait and see what the creators come up with in the next years.


Let’s look at the anime more closely, considering everything related to it.




More Source Material Information for God Eater Season 2


The foundation of an anime is the source material. Either a fresh sequel or a complement to the original source material is intended.


Unlike most anime that is based on manga, God Eater 2 is based on a video game. Additionally, the game has had two sequels released, and a third is on the way.


Therefore, there’s source material and a ready-made story for the anime. Also, the demand and profitability look very favourable (discussed below). 


A game and an anime combo is a very brilliant idea. This is because the fans are not just watching it.


They get to do more. A chance to play is like being in the plot and experiencing what the characters feel and do. 


This table shows the release dates of the video game – God Eater.


Game Version


God Eater

February 4, 2010

Gods Eater Burst

October 28, 2010

God Eater Resurrection

October 29, 2015


This table shows the platforms God Eater video games were played.


Game Version


God Eater

PlayStation Portable

Gods Eater Burst

PlayStation Portable

God Eater Resurrection

PlayStation 4, Vita, Windows


There is a long list of back–end workers to make any anime successful. This is a table showing their contribution.




Original Work

Bandai Namco


Hikaru Kondo


Hirao Takayuki

Character Design

Shimizu Keita


Bandai Namco Studios






Popularity details of God Eater Season 2


The anime industry or in general any entertainment industry largely relies on, how much buzz it can create. Here money is related to people and if you can successfully attract people you are good to go.


So, it becomes very important to know how much popularity has gained. 


The question arises how can we measure it? Surely it can’t spend money taking the survey, well that is not a feasible option.


But hey! we have the internet and Twitter where we can see trends and fan followings.


Let’s start with the official Twitter account.


Twitter Activity

twitter account of god eater


Twitter has continued to have a rather strong demand. Every time a new video game sequel was launched, it reached its apex.


Sometimes those have even been sparked by rumors.


This is the official Twitter account of the anime. Compared to other anime’s official Twitter handles, it has a low Twitter following.


google trend for god eater season 2


If we look at the graph above, no clear trend is visible. Instead, there are continuous rises and falls.


Trends have been below 20% of the peak for the majority of the time without any significant rise.


Most fans may have forgotten about it or they may have assumed, that there is no possible season 2. Nonetheless, don’t get disappointed.


Let’s see what Google searches have.


Google searches can show how much people on this get curious to know about God Eater. This happens when some new folks try to know more.


The searches for season 2 are around 8K and it’s constantly declining. It doesn’t look that exciting and may not influence the making of season 2 at all.



Expected Plot of God Eater Season 2


The expected plot is going to be on the same lines as the game. There’s no chance that the makers of the next season will deviate from the set path.


This can be confirmed because the game sequels became popular. God Eater Season 1 ended when it was 2071. The tragic part of it was the loss of Lindow’s hand in a battle.


He was a God Eater who battled the dreaded Aragami. Therefore the chances of a new lead are high, this season. Two people who have those chances – Lenka Utsugi or Shio. Among these, Lenka is preferred more as fans expect that.


Fenrir will be stronger and they would create much better weapons. The current God Arcs had started becoming obsolete in Season 1.


Read the next section to know why having a season 2 is important



Why God Eater Season 2?


Let’s first focus on Season 1, before knowing more about this. Season 1 started the story when it was 2065 and covered events till 2071.


In that post-apocalyptic world, the war between Aragami and God Eater was the main theme.


It began with the escape of Aragami. They were condemned to death by a nuclear facility.


Their unfortunate escape caused the subsequent events. The next anime episodes show how the God Eaters fight them. 


They were initially unprepared for a large-scale war. But, they ally and create a force named Fenrir.


This led them to create specialized bioweapons called God Arcs.


Fenrir wages a war to contain the plague of Aragami. Its members are called “God Eaters”.


Lindow leads them in the first season. But, he loses an arm in combat with the enemies. This makes him somewhat like a recluse.


The second season, therefore, has more things to see. Most importantly, it’s the war that is ravaging the earth. If the God Eaters lose, humanity will be wiped out.


The next reason is to see the fate of Fenrir. Fans will be eager to know who is going to lead after Lindow’s injury.


Will Lenka take the mantle? Or will Shio lead? It’s an open secret that fans want Lindow to make a comeback.


Also, the other factor is that there’s source material to make the next series. Since the 4th Version of the game is going to come in sometime, it gives hope.


Let’s check the online reactions.



Online Reactions for God Eater Season 2


Social media postings and trends are examples of online reactions. Here, we’ve gathered a few responses from various websites.


They are crucial in determining how well-liked anime is. In general, sequels perform less well than the originals. But here, things can be different.


Quora Reaction

fans quora reaction for god eater season 2


This is a popular post from Quora. As you can see, the views are 50K+ and it has reasonable engagements.


The 2016 Quora answer talks about the possibilities of Season 2. Fans must keep demanding the release of the new Season, says the writer.


Reddit Reaction

fans reddit reaction on god eater season 2


This Reddit user confirms what we discussed above. He says that Anime was used as a marketing tool for the games.


It’s not wrong to think so because most anime series are sometimes made for the promotion of manga or light novels and in some cases video games too.


But, the fan shows hope in this interaction and describes why there is a need for Season 2.



God Eater Reviews and Ratings


imdb rating of god eater


Overall, it received a good response. This is the reason that it got rated so high. IMDB, a popular website rated it 7 and Myanimelist 7.3 Here are more details:


Since it was a game-based anime, most of the viewers would have played it too.


From the demographics bar, it’s clear that millennial viewers are the strong backers of this. 


Let’s see how other websites rated the anime, here:













This is the rating for the game:


















Top Five Best-Rated Episodes


God Eater is a great anime. It has all the factors of a hit anime with tons of action, drama, and fantasy.


Let’s check out the top 5 best-rated episodes from the show.


1. Scattered Petals (Episode 10)

This episode has a rating of 4.7/5 on MyAnimeList. This episode is about a family that adopted a baby fifteen years ago.


They named the little boy Lenka, and all the members of the family loved him.


2. Operation Meteorite (Episode 11)

This episode has a rating of 4.5/5 on MyAnimeList. Operation Meteorite is a plan curated as a guiding device to attract Aragami.


Lenka also wanted to join the plan but was there because he needed to change something on his God arc.


3. United They Stand (Episode 12)

This episode got a rating of 4.5/5 on MyAnimeList. The guiding device was supposed to work pretty well, but due to some technical issues and probably some internal hacking, it did not do its job.


4. Lotus (Episode 13)

This episode has a rating of 4.5/5 on MyAnimeList. Lindow and Pita are in the middle of an intense fight.


This gives time to Lenka and his mates to save the people in Asyl.


5. Soma Schicksal (Episode 9)

This episode has a rating of 4.4/5 on MyAnimeList. This episode is intense as Lenka has to make an important decision here.


He can live a longer life than he does now, but he must give up his role as a god eater to do so.



God Eater DVD/Blu-Ray and Merchandise Sales


Sales and profit of the anime are decisive factors in the sequels. It’s a general trend that anime sequels make less than original works.


But this trend is known and understood.


So, most sequels are made to promote source materials.


A veteran in the anime industry – Masamune Sakaki says that it takes $3 million to make a 13-episode anime.


Producers would not be interested in investing much in the sequel. They would do it only if they were assured of a return.


Since there was no manga or light novel source material, we can’t analyze that. So, let’s see how each aspect of God Eater did:


CD/DVD Sales

This includes 3 categories – game, anime, and combo. The combo DVD sales stood at around 5345 copies. 


It included the off-shot bundle too. These bundle versions made the most sales. Therefore it can be estimated to be 2000 copies of God Eater anime.


Here’s a table to show how the anime did.




God Eater

6,10,000 copies

Gods Eater Burst

2,63,000 copies

God Eater Resurrection

1,67,857 copies


Out of the 610,000 copies of God Eater, 2,90,000+ copies were sold in just the first week. The net sales can be estimated to be close to $10 million.


This is not bad for the brand makers because they would not have lost money and made a decent amount over the years.


Merchandise Sales

Since it was a game-based anime, it had a lot of merchandising scope.


Some of the items that were manufactured were mobile phone cases, mobile charms, mobile straps, and garage kits.


These products did not do as well as anime or games. It’s impossible to know how much they grossed.


But, what’s known is that they did not get much revenue and had to halt it.


Another reason was that the game was not too realistic. This also hampers the sale of it unless it has a cult following.


Production Cost and Success of God Eater

There’s not much information available in the public domain about the exact budget. But, we can assume other anime series.


God Eater had 13 episodes just like My Hero Academia. In 2016, it took $1,482,560 for the producers to make My Hero Academia.


This is just a base mark. God Eater was much grander and more ambitious than this anime. So it would have taken more than $2 Million for it.


This is a conservative estimate.


Let’s do a different method of analysis for more understanding. 


The average cost of a 1-minute 2D Animation is close to $5000. Therefore, a full Episode will cost around $100,000 or $300,000 depending on other factors.


This is a huge amount. So let’s calculate how much a 12 Episode Season will cost. It will be  $ 3.6 million. 


Also, these are just the production costs. There are a lot of other costs for anime. They are – marketing, satellite, license fees, other legal expenses, etc.


Comparing this information with that of sales, above, it can be called a success overall. But the truth is – games did better than the anime.


Season 2 can do better if it is released along with the new game.



Popular God Eater Characters


The series is filled with some amazing characters. Some of them may appear in season 2. Here, we have discussed some of the main characters from the series.


Lindow (Rindo Amamiya)

lindow from god eater


He commands the God Eaters’ first unit. He also led the extermination unit. He has the best survival rate among all of them.


He possesses the Old-Type Long Blade God Arc.


Sakuya Tachibana

Sakuya Tachibana


A deputy commander of the first unit. She’s an ace shooter who mastered the Sniper God arc. She’s notorious for her covert skills.


Soma Schicksal

Soma Schicksal


A first unit member who works under Lindow. He’s an introvert and avoids interactions with humans.


He has a powerful and rare God Arc named Old-Type Buster Blade.


Though he does not have the best survival rate, he can heal faster than an ordinary human. He’s Johannes von Schicksal’s son.


Johannes von Schicksal

Chief of the Far Eastern branch of Fenrir. It is located in Anagura of the NAU. He’s the political expert of the God Arcs.


The best negotiator and taskmaster. His calm way of dealing with turmoil makes him popular. He is Soma’s father.


Hibari Takeda

A Far East Branch operator of the God Arcs. She coordinates teams for the missions and prepares reports for superiors.


She’s also responsible for reward processing. She strives hard to get on the recruit list of Gods Eaters. But, an unfavourable bias factor shattered her dreams.


Kota Fujiki

An ordinary first-unit combat volunteer. He has an assault God Arc and is an expert in unarmed combat.


Alisa Ilyinichna Omela

The rookie from Russia. Had fought the Aragami before. The Long Blade Assault is her God arc. She’s excellent in close-quarter warfare.


Tsubaki Amamiya

Lindow’s sister. She commands the first, second, and third units of the God Eaters. She has survived a lot of mortal wounds and inspires the god-eaters.


Paylor Sakaki

A founding member of Fenrir. He is the Chief Supervisor of the Far East Branch’s Aragami Technology Department.


He’s the one who discovers the Bias Factor and leads a research team to know more.


Aisha Gauche

A founding member of Fenrir. Also the Chief of Aragami Research Lab. She is married to  Johannes von Schicksal. Soma Schicksal’s mother. 


Licca Kusunoki

A female mechanical technician. She works for the God Arc Maintenance Crew. Her talent is in repairing.


Tatsumi O’Mori

A veteran who was under the 2nd Unit. He also commands the Defense Unit. He possesses the Short Blade God Arc. He is skilled in armed combat.


He’s also notorious for flirting when he’s off duty.



Other Decisive Factors for God Eater Season 2


We have discussed the most relevant factors till now. But, some more aspects influence the continuity. 


God Eater Ending Explained

Fans desire another season, as seen by the Reddit response above. They want to know what will happen to Lindow, God’s Arcs, Aragami, and Humans, therefore this is why.


Season One’s cliffhanger conclusion worked well. An epilogue to the anime was an option. Perhaps by demonstrating who will succeed Lindow or what would happen to Finrer.


They most likely refrained from doing it in order to keep the doors open for the upcoming season. Such a precise conclusion is necessary to create or mobilize this sort of demand.


The trailer for Season 2

There is no trailer for Season 2. The reason is that there have not been any official announcements. 


However, here is the trailer for God Eater which was released in 2015. Once the official announcement will be made, the trailer will be shown.


The controversy around God Eater

The game was famous among Generation Z as well. This is the reason why it escaped heavy scrutiny.


However, there were some outrages and protests for the graphical scenes of violence. This was isolated and did not affect the scope of this.



Top Similar Anime Like God Eater 


1. Black Bullet (2014)

Black Bullet is an animated series that aired in 2014. With a rating of 6.9, it combines animation, action, and mystery. Despite having a relatively lower vote count of 3K, the show has attracted a dedicated following.


Black Bullet offers a blend of intense action sequences, mystery, and a dystopian setting. The voice cast, including Yūki Kaji, Luci Christian, Chris Patton, and Christina Marie Kelly, delivers compelling performances that bring the characters’ emotions and struggles to life.


2. Kekkai Sensen (2015-2017)

Kekkai Sensen, also known as Blood Blockade Battlefront, is an animated series that aired from 2015 to 2017. With a rating of 7.2, it combines animation, action, and adventure. Although it has a relatively lower vote count of 2K, the show has gained a devoted fanbase.


The voice cast, including Daisuke Sakaguchi, Kazuya Nakai, Ian Sinclair, and J. Michael Tatum, delivers dynamic performances that bring depth and charisma to the characters.


3. Btooom! (2012)

Btooom! is an animated series that aired in 2012. With a rating of 7.1, it combines animation, action, and drama. The show has received a notable vote count of 4K, indicating its popularity among viewers.


The voice cast, including Tyler Galindo, Brittney Karbowski, Kanata Hongō, and Suzuko Mimori, brings the characters’ struggles and emotions to life, adding depth to the story. With its thrilling action sequences, psychological elements, and character-driven drama, Btooom! delivers an engaging viewing experience for fans of action and suspense in animated series.


4. Drifters (2016)

It is an animated series that premiered in 2016. With a rating of 7.6, it falls under the genres of animation, action, and adventure. The show has garnered a significant number of votes, totalling 10K, indicating its popularity among viewers.


The voice cast, including Yūichi Nakamura, Naoya Uchida, Mitsuru Miyamoto, and Junko Minagawa, brings these characters to life with their performances, capturing their personalities and motivations.


5. Tokyo Ravens (2013-2014)

Tokyo Ravens is an animated series that aired from 2013 to 2014. With a rating of 7.3, it falls under the genres of animation, supernatural, and action. The show has garnered a notable vote count of 9K, indicating its popularity among viewers.


The voice cast, including Kaito Ishikawa, Kana Hanazawa, Natsuki Hanae, and Ayane Sakura, delivers compelling performances, bringing depth and emotion to their respective characters.





In conclusion, there is a strong likelihood that the Season 2 announcement will occur in 2024. Along with the abovementioned variables, there are many more that affect this.


Fans, though, must not give up. Even while there are rumours that Season 2 won’t happen, they are not proven.


We should not put any stock in rumours of any type until they are confirmed by the show’s creators.



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