Top 50 Best Gang Anime Of All Time

top 50 best gang anime of all time


Gang, is a genre that deals with all sorts of action, cops, kidnapping, fights, and all sorts of things that fall under the categories of gangster deeds.


This particular theme is not considered by many people but it is one of the most liked when it comes to entertainment, especially anime.


Viewers like those that have the involvement of bad boys, fights, some romance with some actions for sure, and these all things can be seen in a gang, a group with all amalgamation, for sure.


But what if these all things come with not just one but many subcategories then the gang presents the best.


So to present you with the best of all gang anime we have listed the Best gang anime for you:




1. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind (2018)


jojo's bizarre adventure: golden wind (2018)


Now we have JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. Networks live Tokyo MX, BS11, and MBS are responsible for the release that happened in 2018 under multiple episodes.


The story follows the timeline of 2001, just after the things that were shown in Diamond is Unbreakable. The series deals with the happenings of Giorno Giovanna who is the son of Dio Brando, whom we have seen in Stardust Crusaders and Phantom Blood.


Giorno was conceived with the body of Jonathan Joestar and thus joined a criminal gang called Passione. The only hope in joining the organization is to become a successful gangster and take control over the organization, just in the fake name of reformation.




2. Ghost in the Shell (1995)


Ghost in the Shell (1995)


A cyberpunk plus an adult noir anime has got its story from a manga of the same name, written by Masamune Shirow.


Set in the future, 2029 Japan, the story revolves around Motoko Kusanagi. Motoko is a cyber public security agent who hunts down some of the mysterious hackers named The Puppet Masters.


The whole story deals with philosophical themes and tries to focus on the cell to find the entity in a world that is filled with technology and futuristic things.


This Puppet Master tries to hack the minds of human-cyborg illegally, while on the other hand, Motoko is looking for the hacker.


The story follows with some violence and then continues with a typical gang theme.




3. Akame ga Kill! (2014)


Akame ga Kill! (2014)


Akame ga Kill! is directed by Tomoki Kobayashi and written by Makoto Uezu. One can get the anime through Adult Swim and Anime Network.


The story focuses on a very young villager named Tatsumi who travels to a lot of places, especially the capital.


He goes to the capital as a way of raising money for the home but later on discovers the strong corruption going on in that area.


The story then further goes on with an Assassin group named Night Raid. This Assassin group hires Tatsumi on the mission of fighting against the corrupt empire that was built and has caused great distress to other people.




4. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom (2009)


Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom (2009)


It is from the time when assassination has become common in the streets of America. The leading company, Inferno, is responsible for dealing with these things with the help of an invisible human weapon named Phantom.


The story carries its height when a tourist sees an assassination happening through the weapon and hides at a place.


Later on, this human weapon was revealed as Ein, the lead character and the one who served as the boss of Scythe Master.


He gets the tourist and tries to brainwash him. The tourist was, later on, named Zwei, who now works as a puppet of the inferno. He meets with violence and lies as a way of surviving.



5. Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens (2018)


Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens (2018)


Shōgo Yasukawa is the one who crafted this anime with the help of director Kenji Yasuda. Although Fukuoka appears to be a peaceful city at first look but in reality, it is a thriving community of many dangerous humans, including killers, detectives, and the ones who take revenge.


Among them is the lead character named Zenji Banba who is a laid-back and keen detective. He is looking into the activities of some hitmen companies in the area of his city.


However, Banba, another character, may not be the only one who has a relationship with these organizations, Xianming Lin, a male hitman who goes crossdressing becomes dissatisfied with the lack of jobs as well as pay.



6. Lupin the Third (1971)


Lupin the Third (1971)


Arsène Lupin III is a grandson of a gentleman thief named the same and is considered the world’s greatest thief.


To get all the valuable objects by stealing, he never forgets to call the owners and warn them. The other main character is his best friend of Lupin named Daisuke Jigen who is an expert in all these things.


His ability to suit the target in just a few seconds makes the series more clever. They work together as a team of gangsters joined by Goemon who is a swordsman and Fujiko.


All these four characters meet with many ups and downs as mystery and action will be followed by a bit of comedy.



7. Tokyo Revengers (2021)


tokyo revengers (2021)


Action and crimes are the typical set for any gang anime and that’s what Tokyo Revengers defines. Introduced as an anime in 2021, its manga version got popularised in 2017.


Under the direction of Koichi Hatsumi, the series tells the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, a middle school student. Started with the death of his younger brother and ex-girlfriend, and it ended with his unsatisfied death.


When he woke up one day in time 12 years back, he tried to control his destiny and also prevent an unfortunate future that was followed by a lot of murders.


In this process, he meets with many unfortunate circumstances that are followed by violence and almost touching death.


Tokyo Revengers is one of the best gang anime you can watch. Now the only catch here is that the story is limited to younger gangs that aren’t particularly into extremely dangerous activities.


However, even this show ends up getting quite serious at times. This is why you need to watch this anime as soon as possible.


The gang element of this franchise is nothing less than fascinating and the sheer fights that it offers is nothing less than magnificent for the audience. 



8. Cowboy Bebop (1998)


cowboy bebop (1998)


It is very hard to get space-generated themes with neo-noir and adventures but Cowboy Bebop provides one. Under the creation of Hajime Yatate, the series got its animation adaptation in 1998.


Set in the future, 2017, in a post-apocalyptic world where the blue planet, Earth, was uninhabitable. It carries on with the story of a bounty hunter, also known as Cowboys, in a spaceship called Bebop.


They travel through many places on the moon and follow the themes of murder, drugs, and theft. Characters like Spike Spiegel and Jet Black try to pursue criminals just to make their living in space.


They were, later on, joined by many other characters in their journey. Cowboy Bebop is a series that isn’t directly linked to gang activities.


However, there’s no denying that this show is a lot deeper in terms of story and that’s what makes it suitable for our list.


The gangs mentioned here work on an interspace level and that’s why, their actions are a lot more dangerous and fun to watch than what you guys might expect.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and grace of this anime then you should spare some time to experience it. 



9. Noir (2001)


Noir (2008)


Mireille and Kirika, the two female assassins become the center of the story and together go on a personal journey to get answers to a mystery that happened in their past.


At first, it appeared as if they were not related to each other but soon a lot of hints and clues were given about their connection.


The series deals with the journey taken by these two with the formation of an alliance that begins their assassinations under the name Noir.


In their journey, they meet with an organization named The Soldiers that were part of humanity. This organization tries to control the duo and thus leads to violence and actions with guns.



10. Banana Fish (2018)


banana fish (2018)


Themes like drama and thriller have become very natural to this anime as all the leads with supporting characters were involved in these.


Under the direction of Hiroko Utsumi and written by Hiroshi Seko, one can get the series from Amazon Prime Video.


The story is set in New York City at the time of 1980 where a boy named Ash Lynx is a street gang leader and goes into a lot of criminal activities.


Coming to the criminal activities then instead of indulging himself as a criminal, he tried to uncover the conspiracy involving Banana Fish.


Banana Fish is a mysterious drug that generally brainwashes the one who takes it. To solve this conspiracy, he meets with Eiji Okumura who is an assistant of a Japanese photographer.


This anime is widely appreciated for the sheer excellence that it offers to the audience. And that’s one of the many reasons why people love to watch Banana Fish.


The anime manages to capture the serious nature of gangs and their activities while also infusing the boys love element that a lot of fans admire these days, making it a perfect package of fun and entertainment. 



11. GetBackers (2002)


GetBackers (2002)


Kazuhiro and Keitaro’s directorial anime GetBackers was released in 2002 with action and comedy. It also deals with many other themes like supernatural and gangs that are still accessible through Animax Asia.


GetBackers is a group responsible for getting anything that was lost. The team consists of two leading members named Ban Mido and Ginji Amano.


Ban is a boy with the abilities of evil eyes while Ginji has already served as a leader of a gang called The VOLTS.


The VOLTS used to be a very powerful group in a territory named Infinity Fortress in Shinjuku.



12. The Way of the Househusband (2020)


The Way of the Househusband (2020)


From film to animation and then to drama, the popularity of The Way of the Househusband can be seen through many themes like action and a slice of life.


It includes very few elements of gang theme but definitely puts it as a major. The story is of Tatsu who is a crime boss and has got a nickname called The Immortal Dragon.


He retired from this job just to become a househusband so that he can support his wife Miku. It has many comedy elements with household works and at the same time gets amalgamated with criminals and gangsters because of the continuous run-in of rivals.



13. Hunter x Hunter (1998)


Hunter x Hunter (1998)


One of the most famous anime of all time is Hunter x Hunter, which deals with adventure, fantasy, and martial arts.


The story is of a young boy named Gon Freecss and his realization. The story gets its track when Gon discovers that his long-lost father was nothing but a very well-known hunter and that is the reason why his pursuit of the same job becomes an ambition.


The way of becoming a Hunter follows a lot of circumstances that went with many criminal activities and violence.


He also meets with many Hunters while encountering paranormal things.



14. Back Street Girls (2018)


Back Street Girls (2018)


Adding more flavor to the series with comedy, it also incorporates unexpected violence and action that fits well within the gang theme. The gang theme emerges when Kentaro, Kazuhiko, and Ryo are compelled by their boss, named Inugane, to either commit seppuku or sell their organs to Thailand.


Additionally, the series explores their experiences when they are offered the option to undergo gender transformation surgery to become idols. Opting for the latter, they debut under different names but face significant mistreatment from their boss.


Apart from delving into gangster themes, it also seamlessly weaves in the real business of entertainment.



15. Twittering Birds Never Fly (2020)


Twittering Birds Never Fly (2020)


This 2020 anime follows the story of Yashiro who is a young but high-ranking member of a criminal organization, serving as a boss.


He is also the president of a Corporation. The story starts when he has hired a Bodyguard named Chikara Doumeki and discovered that some of his employees have unconventional interests and inclinations.


The same happened with the lead character as he got attracted to his Bodyguard but his advances were getting rejected back to back.


Later on in the story, Yashiro discovers that his Bodyguard is impotent and tries to have a very abnormal, sadomasochistic, relationship with him.



16. Gokusen (2002)


Gokusen (2002)


Directed by many directors and the same goes with writers, Gokusen has its original network in Nippon TV. Kumiko Yamaguchi is the lead and also a granddaughter of the yakuza boss.


The parents of Kumiko were dead when she was a little kid seven years old who was raised by her grandfather and did become the one who will handle the family business.


Carrying a lifelong dream of becoming a teacher one day, most of the family members opposed this ambition. Coming the theme of gangs then it is shown through her family, especially her grandfather, and the way they together handle every situation.


Apart from this, it also deals with the strength and experience Kumiko gains as a teacher.



17. Psycho-Pass (2012)


Psycho-Pass (2012)


Apart from being a gang anime, it also deals with psychological thriller and Cyber Punk with a lot of flavors of crime that are needed in the series.


It is set in the future world where criminal activities were analyzed by a system called the Sybil System.


This system has recruited Akane Tsunemori to join the police force but always puts her sense of justice in her judgment which may reflect difficult situations.


There is also a group called Enforcers, which includes many criminals, and Akane tries to control all these things and questions not just herself but also the whole system.



18. Shonan Junai Gumi (1995)


Shonan Junai Gumi (1995)


The story of two demon named Eikichi Onizuka and Ryuji Danma and their quest for losing virginity led them to maturity.


Known because their fierce nature in the fight has made them unlucky sometimes due to losing impressions on the opposite gender.


Action and comedy are mixed with the Yanki genre led by these two leading characters in the mafia world, followed by cops.


They somehow got into crazy situations as more seriousness continued. We also meet one more character named Oni-Baku and his many friends as well as enemies as a lot of tangled situations appear.


It was almost shown similar to GTO and thus loved by fans.



19. Crying Freeman (1988)


Crying Freeman (1988)


Like any Japanese anime, Crying Freeman is also an adaptation of the manga written by Kazuo Koike with the illustration of Ryoichi Ikegami.


The story of Yō Hinomura is definitely an attractive one and that’s why it has the same legacy to date, since 1998.


Yō somehow came into the possession of a film that shows an assassination done by an agent of a very powerful mafia of China.


To get the film back, they kidnapped him and brainwashed him till the time he became a principal assassin, followed by gangs.


Whenever he tries to remember his past, nothing but tears comes unconsciously and hence, got the name, Crying Freeman.



20. Darker than Black (2007)


Darker than Black (2007)


Creation and direction were done by Tensai Okamura, one can access the anime on Animax and Funimation Channel. Themes like gangster, science fiction, and mystery are set well with supernatural thrillers.


It is set in a world where space is identified in the name of Heaven’s Gate only appeared in South America.


It was then followed by Hell’s Gate which appeared in Tokyo. These two resulted in much havoc on the landscapes that happened on the earth.


Those characters who carried different abilities were named Contractors. Meanwhile, he and his friends from the Syndicate organization are working on revealing the mysteries related to Hell’s Gate.



21. K (2012)


K (2012)


Yashiro Isana, the lead of K, is an ordinary person who lived a simple life in a technologically advanced city while attending high school.


He is very friendly with everyone in the school and that’s what seems to be a perfect deal. The only thing that goes weird in the anime is his habit of forgetting the school-issued PDA.


The story takes turns with the murder of Tatara Totsuka, one of the prominent members of HOMRA. No one is aware of the murderer but the one who has killed has a very different identity than the leading character.


To get revenge for the murder, the Red Clansmen try to kill Yashiro while suspecting him as the killer.



22. Gangsta (2015)


Gangsta (2015)


Shinichi Inotsume’s penned anime is a worth-watching series as it deals with adventure and thriller that blends well into gang anime.


Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown work as leads with the unique job of handling cases that were not investigated by anyone.


They both worked in the town named Ergastulum, a world full of the mafia. It also involves prostitutes, dirty cops, and hoodlums in bulk.


When Worick got a job crushing a gang, he decided to save the life of Alex, the only survivor.


There are many more characters like Alex Benedetto, Nina, and Dr. Theo.



23. Akira (1988)


Akira (1988)


Katsuhiro Otomo’s directorial has all the twists and turns with the involvement of other themes that fit well with the gang.


Based on Akira, a manga by Otomo was written by him and Izo Hashimoto. The story is set in the world of 2019, a dystopian one, and deals with the story of Shōtarō Kaneda.


Kaneda is the leader of a bike gang and a childhood friend of Tetsuo Shima. After dealing with an accident, a motorcycle one, he uses some telekinetic features that somehow threaten the military complex.


It also deals with the rebellion and chaos in the dystopian world with futuristic themes.



24. Great Teacher Onizuka (1998)


Great Teacher Onizuka (1998)


Appearing as a manga in 1997, the adaptation in anime was most needed in comedy and action. Deals with a 22-year-old man or ex-bōsōzoku Eikichi Onizuka, who is also a teacher in a private school.


The journey of becoming a teacher has resulted in Onizuka in the realization of being conscious and moral. He loves to teach life lessons rather than teaching the syllabus routine in the school as he hates the traditional education system.


The method used by him, unorthodox or life-threatening, has become one of the typical themes that one sees in a gang anime that follows education and students.



25. Durarara!! (2010)


Durarara!! (2010)


Also known as DRRR!!, it was made under the direction of Takahiro Omori. Well penned by Noboru Takagi, the series is accessible on Adult Swim.


The gang theme comes when the story goes with an underworld courier and an internet-based gang called Dollars. Sometimes violence follows in the series that leads to one of the most dangerous people in the world named Ikebukuro.


11 main characters in the whole story are told through their perspectives, always having different personalities but somehow getting involved in the action and suspense of this urban fantasy anime.



26. Dorohedoro (2020)


Dorohedoro (2020)


Dorohedoro is a story that goes with Caiman who was disfigured due to certain magic. To recover his damaged face, he tries to remember the past.


Having its worldwide release through Netflix, the story is set in a fictional city called the “hole”. It is filled with some sorcerers who were taking people from the streets to use them as a pig for experiments done in black arts.


Nikaido is another important character who found Caiman. Just to get his face back, Caiman is hunting down all the black magicians in the hope of killing the right one.



27. The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited (2020)


The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited (2022)


Under the creation of Yasutaka Tsutsui, the series falls under the category of the gang because of cops, groups, drugs, and detectives too.


Under the direction of Tomohiko Itō, the story reflects the happenings of a detective named Daisuke Kambe. Being an officer of Modern Crime Prevention Headquarters, Kambe meets with corruption, drug dealers, and many more.


Haru Katō, Yukihiro Kiyomizu, and Chо̄suke Nakamoto are also detectives giving their hands to investigations done by Kambe.



28. Trigun (1998)


Trigun (1998)


Marking its way in 1998, Trigun became a success because of action and post-apocalyptic themes. The story is set in a fictional world known as No Man’s Land following the story of Vash the Stampede.


Vash is the one who defines the theme of this whole article by being a famous gunman and hunter.


With the continuation of the story, the whole past life of Vash got explored and follows another character named Knives.


Vash soon becomes human while Knives start losing all the power he has kept, leading to his defeat. In the whole story, we have seen Vash looking after his brother and seeking revenge while ending up losing him.



29. Hinamatsuri (2018)


Hinamatsuri (2018)


Hina Nitta, Yoshifumi Nitta, and Anzu Hayashi are the main characters seen in Hinamatsuri, a comedy slice-of-life anime. Finding its original network in many channels, it was directed by Kei Oikawa (season 1).


Yoshifumi was living a normal life until the day it all went into chaos when a future girl came into his life without any invitation, Hina.


Hina has many abilities, including psychokinetic, and Yoshifumi becomes her father. The story goes at the main track when the arrival of Hina has affected almost everyone in the city, as a lot more girls from the future started arriving in the present scenario, leading to violence and gangster takings.



30. Baccano! (2007)


Baccano! (2007)


The mainstream gang adventure anime is Baccano!, directed by Takahiro Omori and written by Noboru Takagi. The story is shown from many angles as it is set in the States multiple times, including the Prohibition Era.


Having multiple characters like Mafiosi, Camorristi, alchemists, thugs, and criminals, definitely goes well with the theme of gangs and actions.


All these characters are different from each other but soon meet on the same path of several events that go out of control in 1930 Manhattan.


Dealing with mystery also goes well with supernatural elements that are carried well with many characters.



31. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2010)


Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2010)


The story is of Tsunayoshi Sawada, sincerely now no longer good to have any position. He is clumsy, talentless, and over in love with Kyouko Sasagawa, the college idol.


Named “Loser Tsuna” by classmates, he seems to be the other name of failure. Tsuna’s mundane life grows to become different when he meets the mysterious Reborn who is a hitman but a baby too.


Reborn is somehow related to Italy’s maximum effective Mafia, own relatives, with the daunting assignment of getting ready for the mission of the 9th boss of the Vongola family, soon to retire.


He and Tsuna, together, deal with crimes but with greatness.



32. Gungrave (2003)


Gungrave (2003)


The popularity of Gungrave is so high as it can be seen through the adaptation of a video game with the same name and almost the same theme.


Coming to the other sector of entertainment, apart from video games, anime is the best as it goes well with crime and supernatural thrillers in the gang theory.


When Brandon Heat was betrayed and then murdered by Harry MacDowell, his best friend, the story follows after 13 years.


Brandon was resurrected with the help of necrolyzation and tried to get revenge. The series goes back to his youth of Brandon, on the way has followed his destination in the criminal underworld while dealing with falling-out circumstances.



33. Black Lagoon (2006)


Black Lagoon (2006)


Black Lagoon goes along with the gang categories because of criminal activities and firearms. Set in the 1990s, the story of 25-year-old Rokuro Rock Okajima is well plotted with the story of other characters.


His hostage by Black Lagoon works as a catalyst for the gang theme, following the story of Revy and Benny.


The whole story is set in a fictional world named Roanapur, a shelter for criminals, especially mafias. Coming to Rock then he followed the group with his skills and well-mannered attitude and later served as the main face of the group.



34. Jormungand (2012)


Jormungand (2012)


Smuggling operation must have become the theme of many animes but when it comes to Jormungand then it is quite different from others.


Its individuality is not just marked by selling weapons but also by the involvement of local and international authorities.


Keitaro Motonaga’s directorial is related to Koko Hekmatyar, a young girl who sells weapons and deals with illegal smuggling operations.


As one of the unofficial dealers, she sells weapons in many countries by avoiding many authorities coming her way.


Another important character is Jonah, who is again a formidable personality carrying a hatred towards arm dealers.



35. Beastars (2019)


Beastars (2019)


One of the most famous anime in terms of gangs is Beastars. The themes like fantasy and coming of age have become the overall features as they appeared in 2019.


It was directed by Shin’ichi Matsumi and written by Nanami Higuchi. Deals with a large wolf named Legoshi who is quite timid and a student at an Academy.


Along with having the characteristic of wolves, he also works as a stagehand, supporting many actors in the club.


The story becomes threatening when Tem was murdered brutally in the night which resulted in distrust between many students.


It also follows a kind of romantic circle that revolves around Legoshi and Haru, a rabbit.



36. K: Returns of Kings (2015)


K: Returns of Kings (2015)


To drive the world into pandemonium, a lot of tension arises because of the Green King. The story also follows the death of the Gold King who was responsible for the safety of Dresden Slate and also the source of all the powers given to the kings is now under threat.


Nagare falls into the story as a mysterious leader of the Green clan jungle who is determined to get the power of Slate.


The story also follows the other character named Reisi. Characters like Anna and Nagare fall under the trap of Green King which creates some chaos in the story.


It goes on with the struggle of many clans that were against the Green King.



37. Golden Kamuy (2018)


Golden Kamuy (2018)


Along with adventure and historical themes, it follows its typical Japanese-style western genre that fits well with gangs. The story deals with Saichi Sugimoto who is a veteran of the 20th-century war between Russia and Japan.


It also follows the story of his adventure and quest to find a big treasure of gold from the Ainu people.


This fortune of gold came his way with the help of a young girl named Asirpa from the Ainu clan.


Saichi and Asirpa together try to find the way toward the gold and deal with a lot of actions in their way that follows many obstacles.



38. Cuticle Detective Inaba (2013)


Cuticle Detective Inaba (2013)


Story deals with Hiroshi Inaba who is a genetically different person and almost has the characteristics of a Wolf.


It also follows the line of his adventure. Coming in the year 2013, the series also has an adventure with supernatural elements.


Apart from having a characteristic of a mixed wolf and human, Hiroshi runs agencies with the help of a secretary named Yuuta.


It also includes an assistant named Kei. They together form a gang and try to arrest Valentino, a goat that eats money and has an evil mission.



39. Heat Guy J (2002)


Heat Guy J (2002)


Coming in October 2002, the series Heat Guy J has been directed by Kazuki Akane and written by the same.


TBS  being the original network, has also been released on many different English networks. The overall plot of Heat Guy J marks the adventure of a very young officer from special services named Daisuke.


It also follows the story of his partner named J. People live and work in a futuristic world called the Metropolis of Judoh.


In this world, the headquarters of the special services division of the Bureau of Urban Society lies that deals with gangsters and other kinds of violent activities that happen in anime.



40. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (2022)


Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (2022)


Within the futuristic and desolate metropolis of Night City, where aspirations perish, a young resident named David Martinez endeavours to fulfil his mother’s lifelong desire for him to ascend in Arasaka, the world’s leading security corporation.


Despite residing in impoverished slums, David attends the esteemed Arasaka Academy while his mother toils tirelessly to sustain them.


However, a devastating encounter with a street gang leaves his life shattered, introducing him to the Sandevistan cyberware—a prosthetic implant that gifts its wearer with superhuman speed.


Fueled by fury, David integrates the cyberware, seeking retribution against one of his tormentors, only to face expulsion from the academy and the demise of his cherished ambitions.



41. La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia (2012)


La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia (2012)


Unlike an Italian name, the series is Japanese, famous among natives as well as foreigners. The story revolves around an organization called Arcana Famiglia that protects Regalo, an island.


This organization is made up of people who have special abilities. The main protagonist of the series is Mondo, who decides a perfect time for him to retire from the position of boss.


He decided to create the tournament to have a new boss and also the one who is going to marry his daughter Felicità.


The story then follows Felicità and the way she decides to choose her path by fighting for her freedom.



42. Texhnolyze (2003)


Texhnolyze (2003)


It is a Japanese television series that has the theme of psychology, and surrealism and also falls under cyberpunk.


Released for the first time in 2003 under the direction of Hiroshi Hamasaki, it has got its original network in FNS.


The story is taking place in a man-made underground city, Lux, which was neglected because of a lack of repair.


It follows the story of Ichise who was an orphan and lost one arm and leg before his death.


He was found by a scientist named Eriko who uses him as a test subject for a new design she created.


Ichise meets with a young girl named Ran who has the power of seeing the future. The story ends with the realization that the fictional world, Lux, is falling under the war and soon going to collapse.



43. Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor (2007)


Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor (2007)


A television series that is based upon a Gambling Apocalypse: Kaiji, known as Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor was released in 2007.


It is directed by Yuzo Sato and focuses on the story of a young man and his misadventure with gambling.


The story started when one of Kaiji’s co-workers failed to repair the debt. Kaiji was pressured by loan sharks to settle a huge amount of cash.


Unable to return the cash which was borrowed by his colleague, he faces a lot of financial burdens which lead him to gamble.


It leads to a game of strategy and then betrayal, Kaiji has to choose some actions carefully to deal with misadventures that happened in his life that even raise the question of his survival.



44. Dogs: Bullets & Carnage (2009)


Dogs: Bullets & Carnage (2009)


Crime and violence have become a very common event in this series called Dogs: Bullets & Carnage where genetic manipulation is again another normal thing.


It is set in a dystopic European city where scientific brutality has become a normal thing. The story focuses on 4 anti-hero protagonists who meet with coincidences and search for the ways that happened in their past.


To get all the answers to the past, the series follows many mysterious events that take place in action and cover many emotions.



45. Days (2016)


Days (2016)


91 Days, a television series set in the United States Prohibition era, was released in 2016 under the direction of Hiro Kaburagi and written by Taku Kishimoto.


The story is set in a fictional form of America in 1932 where liquor was dominating the black market because of the Italian mafia.


A young man named Angelo Lagusa whose whole family was murdered in this mafia dispute wants to take revenge against Vanetti’s family, especially Vincent.


After 7 years of underground living, Angelo gets an unknown letter from a friend that resulted in his revenge.


He started to vanquish the Vanetti clan by making Vincent a friend, however, the revenge story resulted in many killings.



46. Air Gear (2006)


Air Gear (2006)


Air Gear came with all the characteristics of gang anime in 2006 under the direction of Hajime Kamegaki. Forming its original network with TV Tokyo, it also got released on many English networks like Animax Asia and Adult Swim.


Coming with one of the unique plots, it also has a very unique name with the significance of futuristic evolution and world.


A new phenomenon called Air Treks or A-T has cleaned the youth of the nation and many gangs were formed to compete in various events by using air treks.


The protagonist name Ikki is a middle school boy who is part of a gang called The East Side Gunz.


He lives with four sisters who were adopted, unknown with the fact that all of these 4 belong to gangs.



47. Kemonozume (2006)


Kemonozume (2006)


It is one of those gang anime that goes along with many genres like action romance and horror with supernatural elements.


It is directed, written as well as created by Masaaki Yuasa and was released in 2006. The story covers the ancient times when the race of flesh-eating monsters was in existence who can get human-like forms or live in the shadows while eating humans.


To finish all these races, a new kind of martial art style school was created named Kifūken. This teaching was passed from one generation to another into the Momota family.


It goes around with the romance that happens between Toshihiko and Yuka who is a young woman but also a human eater.



48. Dead Mount Death Play (2023)


Dead Mount Death Play (2023)


In a monumental clash between the heroic legend and the necromancer, a surprising twist emerges.


After their fierce battle reaches its climax, the necromancer unveils an unexpected move—an invocation of reincarnation magic.


Consequently, a boy named Polka Shinoyama wakes up, sensing a shift in his identity.


This unforeseen turn of events leaves everyone bewildered, as the dramatic confrontation between good and evil concludes in an entirely different way than anticipated.


The anime has bits of gang moments that bring in the adrenaline rush that you need.


And apart from that, the show is a lot more multi-dimensional in its attributes that can’t be compared to anything else. 



49. Accel World (2012)


Accel World (2012)


Accel World or Accelerated World is about Haruyuki Arita. Arita is an overweight person who loves to play games online but things change soon when he gets to know about Kuroyukihime.


Kuroyukihime invites Arita to a program called Brain Brust. It allows people to run their brain waves where it may stop and works as a fighting game just to accelerate users.


If one loses a point then the loss of Brain Brust is counted on forever settlement. The only reason behind Kuroyukihime introducing these to Arita is to know the reason behind creation.


It also aims to defeat the Six Kings of Pure Color to reach the top.



50. Beelzebub (2012)


Beelzebub (2012)


Ishiyama High is not a very favorable organization where consistent violence and disease are common and formal. The heartless and ruthless boxer in this organization is the 1st year student named Tatsumi Oga.


Oga has one unbreakable rule. Oga comes across a person floating down the river, somewhere soon or late simultaneously as his status with the aid of using a riverbed.


After being rescued with the help given by Oga, the person breaks in exactly half to show a baby, who quickly latches onto Oga and soon develops a bond with him instantly.


This baby was soon defined as Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, or sometimes as Baby Beel, or the Demon Lord’s offspring.


Even though he isn’t too young for all these tags. As if looking into destiny, Lord of the Underworld was not enough, Hildegard, another character, faces Oga and the story continues.



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