Boruto Filler List: Ultimate List Of Filler, Canon, And Mixed Episodes

All Boruto Filler Episodes


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a Japanese manga series that is the successor of the famous and much-loved Naruto series. It was conceived from Shueisha’s proposal to Kishimoto to make a sequel to Naruto.

Unlike the manga that initially started as a retelling of the Boruto film, the anime started as a prequel before Boruto and his friends became ninjas in a later arc. Being such a high-stakes anime has led creators to push out episodes at a frequent pace. The series has seen a total of 277 episodes being aired along with a series of light novels also being written on it.


Since the anime is adapted from the manga, a lot of fillers are bound to happen. This is because filler episodes in any anime are often a result of anime catching up to the manga’s storyline. Thus, it requires some time to just reach the same degree of advancement in terms of the storyline as it did in the manga. Keeping this ideology in place, the series is going to have around 30 episodes as filler episodes and that constitutes roughly 11% of the total anime aired.


And if you are one of the people who wants to know about the filler episodes of the franchise and how they are operating right now then this is the article you should look at. 




Canon episodes:


1-15,19-39, 42-47, 51-66, 70-92, 98-105, 115, 120-126, 128-137, 141-151, 157-255, 259-277




Mixed Episodes:


18, 93-95, 106-111, 127




Filler Episodes:


Episode Name Episode Number
Crisis: The Threat of Failing! Episode 16
Run, Sarada! Episode 17
Team 7: The First Mission! Episode 40
Strength in Unity Episode 41
The Genin Documentary! Episode 48
Wasabi and Namida Episode 49
The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation Meeting Episode 50
Super Cho-Cho Butterfly Mode! Episode 67
Super Cho-Cho Kiss Mode! Episode 68
Super Cho-Cho Love Upheaval! Episode 69
Blood, Sweat, and Namida Episode 96
Shikadai’s Decision Episode 97
The Chunin Selection Conference Episode 112
The Qualities of a Captain Episode 113
X Cards Proxy War! Episode 114
Konohamaru and Remon Episode 116
Remon’s Secret Episode 117
Something That Steals Memories Episode 118
Konohamaru’s Ninja Way Episode 119
Hiashi’s Birthday Episode 138
The Terror! Enko Onikuma Episode 139
The Mind Transfer Jutsu That Lost to Potato Chips Episode 140
Developing One’s Medical Ninjutsu Episode 152
Harmony in Gold Episode 153
Himawari’s Ninja Trial Session Episode 154
Mitsuki’s Rainy Day Episode 155
I Can’t Stay in My Slim Form Episode 156
The Ultimate Recipe Episode 256
Konohamaru Becomes the Hokage?! Episode 257
The Uzumaki Family’s Hot Springs Vacation Episode 258


Important Filler Episodes:



1. Crisis: The Threat of Failing! (Episode 16)


The tests are getting hard now. This episode focuses on Denki who is worried that he might have a hard time passing the Taijutsu test.


Now on the outside, this may seem simple. However, on the inside, he knows that this can be troublesome since he would become a repeater if he failed the Taijutsu test.


Moreover, Iwabee, one of the repeat students, overheard Denki. And now he is also concerned about his status. This is going to be fun.



2. Run, Sarada! (Episode 17)


This is a rather simple filler episode that puts our attention on none other than the best girl in the show, Sarada.


She has been assigned a relatively simple task. All she has to do is hand over a toy to a specific person. Seems basic right?


However, things will start to fall off as Sarada will be experiencing a lot of problems in this seemingly mindless task of carrying a toy to the person.


Therefore, this episode is filled with fun and humour. 



3. Team 7: The First Mission! (Episode 40)


Team 7 has always been a fan-favourite. And the team 7 made this time is nothing less than a fan-favourite either.


This episode is going to shed some light on the very first mission that our characters are going to perform.


And let’s just say that this is going to be a game-changing episode for all of us. 



4. Strength in Unity (Episode 41)


The first mission is in action. And although it started a bit differently, now this mission involves Team 7 securing a village head.


The idea here is that the Village Head of the Green Banks was kidnapped by Rogue Ninja. And that is where things started to fall off.


Because now our newly formed Team 7 would have to put their attention on this rogue ninja and his attempts to commit.


Moreover, we would have no other choice but to see if this team is capable of dealing with some real danger.



5. The Genin Documentary! (Episode 48)


Team 5 had a rough time recently. You see, these guys were suspended and that suspension caused them a lot of trouble.


However, the idea here is that after their suspension, the Team was brought back yet again and this time around, they have been asked to take part in a documentary.


And what is this documentary about? Well, this documentary is all about the hardships that come along with being a genin.


And it will be focused on Genins from the Academy.



6. Wasabi and Namida (Episode 49)


This episode is filled with a ton of fun. It focuses on Team 15. This team consists of Sumire, Wasabi, and Namida.


However, this team is so interesting that a simple task to them can be a bit off-putting. You see, this story is about Team 15 having a task in hand.


They must capture the animals that have escaped the zoo. Nothing fancy. Hanabi Hyuuga, leader of Team 15, claims that her team doesn’t need her since this mission is too easy for them.


However, Wasabi and Namida start to argue over petty matters. And that’s why this show will change our perspective on everything.



7. The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation Meeting (Episode 50)


Consider this as another recap episode. The premise focuses on the upcoming Chunin Exams. And these exams are going to be a bit tough to handle.


That’s why Konohamaru, Udon, Moegi, and Shino decide that they should discuss their teams and their missions so far.


This would allow them to have a general idea about their strengths and realize if they will be able to deal with the exams or not.



8. Super Cho-Cho Butterfly Mode! (Episode 67)


This episode is pretty basic on the outside. However, the contents within the episode are what makes the show so worth it.


Cho-Cho is one of the lead characters in the series. And her team, along with Team 7, has been assigned the task of safeguarding two actors.


These actors have received death threats and so, their lives might be in trouble. However, what brings the most attention to this episode is the fact that Cho-Cho goes on to show her Super Cho-Cho Butterfly Mode.



9. Super Cho-Cho Kiss Mode! (Episode 68)


Another fun episode that may not rank in your Top 10 best episodes ever list, but would still manage to keep the entertainment factor alive.


The story continues with the previous arc. The idea here is that Cho-Cho has been chosen as a replacement for an injured actress.


Things are getting interesting in this episode. And soon enough, one of the actors named Tomaru starts flirting with her.


And soon enough, these guys begin to develop something for each other. However, Sarada and the others are afraid that this can be a bit problematic for them.



10. Super Cho-Cho Love Upheaval! (Episode 69)


Tomaru has been kidnapped. Yup, the sin has been committed by none other than the Gas Mask Ninja. And the idea here is that this Gas Masked Ninja is not going to let Tomaru off the hook unless he gets his hands on some good cash.


However, Cho-Cho and the team are worried about him. However, that’s not all. Soon enough, Ashina decides that she will take responsibility and pay off the Ransom to have Tomaru back. This is going to be interesting.



11. Blood, Sweat and Namida (Episode 96)


Namida is a hindrance to her team. Although, that’s not true. However, she feels that she is being a problem and so, she decides to do the unthinkable.


She feels that her crying Jutsu is a problem for everyone else. Therefore, she goes on to learn a new Jutsu.


And this is how Namida will be able to cope with her lack of abilities.



12. Shikadai’s Decision (Episode 97)


Shikadai has been asked to become a politician in the series. Since he is from the Nara clan, known for their assistance to Hokages, he has been offered a position.


However, he must make the tough decision since there’s no going back here. If he decides to put all his efforts into something, he would have no backup. That’s why this episode is important.



13. The Chunin Selection Conference (Episode 112)


This episode will define the future. And that’s the beginning of the story. Naruto and Shikamaru are having a discussion.


And this is going to be a crucial discussion since this will eventually lead one of the characters to nothing other than the Chunin position.


This will be legendary. And that’s the surface of the episode.



14. The Qualities of a Captain (Episode 113)


Shikadai is the privileged one who got promoted to the Chunin Rank. And so, he has been given the position of Captain for a new team.


This team consists of Boruto, Iwabe, and Wasabi. And let’s just say that this trio will be nothing less than chaotic.


It is going to be filled with a lot of fun and humour. However, this team is going to find a rare flower before the thieves find it.


And Shikadai will show his excellence in the process. He will be insane.



15. X Cards Proxy War! (Episode 114)


The entire episode focuses on a card game. And although this may sound ridiculous, the episode is indeed quite entertaining.


The show talks about Boruto and his friends playing Extreme Ninja Cards. These are the cards with some of the finest Ninjas in history as part of them.


However, soon enough, the group realizes that this is going to be an interesting game since a few Ninjas are missing from this card collection.


And then they begin the discussion of which characters deserve to be a part of this list.



16. Konohamaru and Remon (Episode 116)


The episode focuses on a girl named Remon. She was just enjoying her sightseeing when a group started to bother her and chase her.


This is when Konohamaru came into the clutch and saved her. However, she is not completely secure. To make sure that this woman is safe and sound forever, Konohamaru and Boruto become her bodyguards for the time being.


And that’s where all the action begins.



17. Remon’s Secret (Episode 117)


Continuing the previous episode, Remon happens to be one of the most interesting Characters in the show. Why? Because she takes Boruto and Konohamaru to an unknown place and then treats them coldly.


Soon enough, they realize that this woman is going to marry a guy named Kankitsu. And that’s where it hits.


Later on, this duo is going to make sure that they secure the truth before they get into more trouble.



18. Something That Steals Memories (Episode 118)


The story continues from the previous episode as Konohamaru and Boruto strive to achieve success in their mission. They decide to spy on Kankitsu.


However, in the process, they end up losing something crucial. Konohamaru gets caught and will be treated accordingly. However, Boruto managed to move ahead and soon got his hands on something unreal. It’s Soma.



19. Konohamaru’s Ninja Way (Episode 119)


The problem doesn’t seem to have any end to it. Konohamaru and Boruto have rushed to Remon’s village. They decided that Remon must be saved or else things will fall apart.


However, when they join Remon during her wedding, the Soma seal is already broken. It is going to cause massive destruction to everything around it.


And that’s why this episode is going to be a remarkable one for everyone who watches it.



20. Hiashi’s Birthday (Episode 138)


Hiashi Hyuuga, Boruto’s grandfather, has a birthday coming up for himself. And that’s why this man is so revolutionary for all of us.


However, he happens to be a bit silent. And that’s why it is hard to decide what he may have a liking towards.


However, what’s important to note here is that Boruto wishes to give something to Hiashi no matter what. And figuring out that gift is going to be tough.


However, that’s where all the fun for this episode will be set for the audience.



21. The Terror! Enko Onikuma (Episode 139)


This episode focuses on Enko Onikuma. And let’s just say that this character will have a hard time controlling herself.


She happens to have a beast inside her body. And that beast seems to be going out of control for some reason.


And because of that, Enko’s team members, Tsuru and Doushu, are going to face their fear and deal with her.


However, they won’t be able to do that alone. Instead, they will be asking Boruto and his team for help.



22. The Mind Transfer Jutsu That Lost to Potato Chips (Episode 140)


Inojin is Ino’s son. And as her son, he happens to have a lot of responsibilities and expectations above his head that he must deal with.


However, Inojin will strive to surpass these expectations, no matter what. Currently, he is focusing on learning the Mind Transfer Jutsu.


And he asked Cho-Cho for help. Cho-Cho agreed and soon enough, this duo started practicing. However, due to a lack of confidence, Inojin ends up messing up a lot. And that annoys his mother.



23. Developing One’s Medical Ninjutsu (Episode 152)


Sakura is known for her insane skills as a Medical Nin. However, her daughter doesn’t exactly follow the same path as her.


And that’s exactly why this episode might make you pity Sarada. She was selected from Team 7 to attend a special class focusing on Medical Nin.


And Sakura happens to be the instructor there. However, what’s important to note here is that Sarada is not as good as you might expect.


And that’s why her experience in this class is going to be a horrible one.



24. Harmony in Gold (Episode 153)


Tsubaki has had a realization. The point from which she started her journey as a member of Team 15 till now, she realized that her performance has been low.


And that’s why she decides to pitch an idea to her team. The idea is simple. The members of team 15 will now begin a competitive environment within themselves, to make sure that their lives get better.


Team 5 has managed to surpass them. And that’s why their passion for this idea is even more ferocious.



25. Himawari’s Ninja Trial Session (Episode 154)


Himawari is a bit uncertain about her future. You see, she is a bit doubtful if she wants to become a Ninja or not.


However, that doesn’t change the fact that this girl is going to be a game-changer if she does decide to be a Ninja.


But it will be at her discretion. Therefore, she decides to take part in a Ninja Academy Trial Session.


This is going to give her an idea of what it means to be a Ninja. And after this session, maybe she will have her mindset.


That’s why her character is so fascinating to the audience.



26. Mitsuki’s Rainy Day (Episode 155)


Mitsuki and Mikazuki were minding their own business when they accidentally came across an injured man. They decided to help him out and started working accordingly.


However, soon enough, these guys realized something. And later on, Team 7 got themselves a mission. The President of a company is going to have a rough time outside.


And that’s because this president is being chased by someone known as the Rainy Day Killer. This is going to be interesting.



27. I Can’t Stay in My Slim Form (Episode 156)


The story focuses on the Sweet Shop. And it happens to have the Azuki Bean Deliveries taking place all day long.


However, the beans seem to be getting raided by one or the other group. And that is unacceptable for Anko and Chocho.


That’s why this duo decides that they are going to capture the culprits red-handed. And they will do so, no matter what.



28. The Ultimate Recipe (Episode 256)


Ramen has always been a part of this series. And this episode puts extreme emphasis on it. The story talks about Inojin and Cho-Cho who have received orders.


They must capture a rogue ninja named Jingo Kumano. However, this man is not a rogue ninja anymore. He now owns a Ramen shop and is minding his own business.


However, things start to fall apart when this man realizes that he will have to face a critic. And this critic is someone important in the series.


Therefore, our group decides to help him out with his endeavours.



29. Konohamaru Becomes the Hokage?! (Episode 257)


As promising as the title seems, the actual content is a bit different. You see, a movie is being filmed.


And so, the creators want to have the 7th Hokage, Naruto, as a part of it. However, the filming is taking place when Naruto is out with his family on vacation.


And that’s where Konohamaru steps in. To fulfil their needs for Naruto, he decides to play his role instead.


Since he is someone who can replicate Naruto’s stature very well, Konohamaru is someone who is bound to receive a ton of respect for his role.



30. The Uzumaki Family’s Hot Springs Vacation (Episode 258)


Coming back to Naruto, my man is having a fun time with his family and Kawaki. These guys are spending their time in a hot spring inn.


And that’s the beauty of their personalities. However, what makes this family so impressive, is the fact that these guys are making sure that they relax and have fun.


And that’s why the entire episode is wholesome and adorable.

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