Kuroko No Basket Watch Order [Where To Watch]

Kuroko No Basket Watch Order


Kuroko no Basket is one of the most fascinating sports anime that we have seen so far. The story is gripping, the characters are interesting and the way they deal with the sport of Basketball is what makes this anime so good in the first place.


Knowing this, a ton of people wish to get into Kuroko no Basket as soon as possible. However, many of them end up getting stuck because of how branched out the anime is.


But fear not because I have a solution for you. If you wish to experience Kuroko no Basket but have no idea how to approach it then this is the article for you.


Here, we will be discussing the watch order for Kuroko no Basket and understand how you should watch this anime to enjoy it as much as possible. Let’s hop into it.




Kuroko no Basket Chronological Watch Order


The chronological watch order for any anime is the order in which the events of the story are unfolded. However, we are not focusing on any anime other than Kuroko no Basket today.


So let’s take a closer look at Kuroko no Basket and try our best to see how we should tackle this opponent.


Serial Number


Format (Series/Movie/OVA)

Release Date


Kuroko no Basket: Episodes 1-13


Apr 8, 2012


Kuroko no Basket: Baka ja Katenai no yo!


Dec 4, 2013


Kuroko no Basket: Episodes 14 – 22


Apr 8, 2012


Kuroko no Basket: Tip Off 


Feb 22, 2013


Kuroko no Basket: Episodes 23 – 25


Apr 8, 2012


Kuroko no Basket: Oshaberi Shiyokka


Dec 21, 2012


Kuroko no Basket: NG-Shuu


Jul 27, 2012


Kuroko no Basket Movie 1: Winter Cup – Kage to Hikari


Sep 3, 2016


Kuroko no Basket 2nd Season: Episodes 1 – 16


Oct 6, 2013


Kuroko no Basket: Mou Ikkai Yarimasen ka


Jun 20, 2014


Kuroko no Basket 2nd Season: Episode 17 – 25


Oct 6, 2013


Kuroko no Basket: Oshaberi Demo Shimasen ka


Dec 25, 2014


Kuroko no Basket 2nd Season: NG-Shuu


Jan 29, 2014


Kuroko no Basket Movie 2: Winter Cup – Namida no Saki e


Oct 8, 2016


Kuroko no Basket 3rd Season


Jan 11, 2015


Kuroko no Basket: Saikou no Present Desu


Dec 24, 2015


Kuroko no Basket: Oshaberi Shiyou Ka


Jan 27, 2017


Kuroko no Basket Movie 3: Winter Cup – Tobira no Mukou


Dec 3, 2016


Kuroko no Basket Movie 4: Last Game


Mar 18, 2017


Kuroko no Basket: Last Game NG-Shuu


Sep 27, 2017


Hiyoko no Basket Movie: Last Game 0401


Apr 1, 2017




Where to watch: Crunchyroll, Netflix


The two major platforms that you can use if you wish to experience the beauty and hype of Kuroko No Basket are Crunchyroll and Netflix. Both these platforms are amazing and the way they provide their streaming services makes it extremely convenient for anyone to watch any series that they wish to.




Kuroko no Basket Watch Order Based on Release Date


Kuroko no Basket watch order mentioned above is the chronological watch order for the franchise. In other words, the order above is the order in which things unfolded in the core storyline.


However, the order below is the watch order based on the release date. This is the sequence in which all the instalments of Kuroko no Basket were released to the general audience.


1. Kuroko no Basket

The Teikou Middle School’s basketball team, with their “Generation of Miracles” lineup, consisting of five prodigies and a “Phantom Sixth Man,” dominated the national basketball scene for three years. As their growth jaded them, they went their separate ways in high school.


Seirin High School basketball team recruits Taiga Kagami and Tetsuya Kuroko, two freshmen with contrasting abilities. Kagami, who loves the sport and possesses natural talent, recently came back from America.


Kuroko lacks presence and athletic ability, but he was once the Phantom Sixth Man. Kuroko aims to demonstrate his strength and forms an alliance with Kagami, supporting him as his shadow.


2. Kuroko no Basket: NG-Shuu

Kuroko no Basket includes animated bloopers as an extra feature in the BD/DVD series. These bloopers are based on the extra section of the original manga series and are included in both limited and normal editions.


The bloopers provide a lighthearted and humorous take on the events and characters of the main series, offering fans a chance to see their favourite characters in comedic situations. This extra content adds to the overall enjoyment of the series and gives fans something extra to look forward to.


3. Kuroko no Basket: Oshaberi Shiyokka

“Owara nai Natsu” is a special included on the Kuroko no Basket Fan Disc 1. The episode centres around the Seirin High basketball team as they embark on a summer training camp.


During the camp, the team is faced with a series of unexpected events that test their bond as a team and their basketball skills. Meanwhile, Kuroko begins to reflect on his own experiences as part of the “Generation of Miracles” and the role that basketball has played in his life.


The special offers fan a glimpse into the personal lives of the characters and the challenges they face both on and off the court.


4. Kuroko no Basket: Tip Off

Bundled with BD/DVD volume 8, episode 22.5 of the anime series “Kuroko no Basket” delves into Kuroko’s past when he was a member of the “Generation of Miracles.” It showcases Kuroko’s unique playing style, known as the “Phantom Sixth Man,” where he excelled at passing and had the ability to move around the court undetected.


The episode also reveals Kuroko’s initial meeting with Seirin High’s coach, Riko Aida, who sees potential in the unassuming player and recruits him for her team. Through this flashback, viewers gain a better understanding of Kuroko’s motivations and the experiences that shaped him into the player he is today.


5. Kuroko no Basket 2nd Season

After the Interhigh Championship, Seirin High School’s basketball team aims to win the Winter Cup, but their rivals Yousen, Shuutoku, and Touou stand in their way, all possessing formidable skills.


Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami also face challenges from the return of old friends, causing difficulties both on and off the court. Kuroko must strike a balance between his team spirit and competitive nature to achieve success.


The new opponents, “Uncrowned Kings,” are also determined to defeat Seirin. Can the team overcome their obstacles and conquer the legendary “Generation of Miracles”?


6. Kuroko no Basket: Baka ja Katenai no yo!

The Baka Ja Katenai no yo story from the fifth volume of Kuroko no Basket manga has been adapted into an anime, which is included in the 25th volume of the manga.


The story features Kuroko and Kagami as they take on an unlikely opponent in a street basketball game. Despite being a team of elementary school students, their opponent proves to be skilled and formidable.


With their pride on the line, Kuroko and Kagami must use all their basketball knowledge and skills to defeat their young but talented opponents. This anime adaptation provides fans of Kuroko no Basket with an entertaining and lighthearted story featuring some of their favourite characters.


7. Kuroko no Basket 2nd Season: NG-Shuu

Kuroko no Basket Second Season’s BD/DVD series includes animated bloopers based on the extra section of the original manga series. These bloopers can be found on both the limited and normal editions.


The bloopers add humour and a lighthearted tone to the series, providing fans with some comic relief from the intense basketball games and dramatic storylines. The bloopers are a fun way for fans to see their favourite characters in a different light and to enjoy some light-hearted moments.


As an added bonus, the inclusion of bloopers in the BD/DVD release can make it more enticing for fans to purchase physical copies of the series.


8. Kuroko no Basket: Mou Ikkai Yarimasen ka

This anime special is included as an extra with the sixth volume of the Kuroko no Basket anime series on Blu-ray/DVD. It’s an adaptation of the 124th chapter of the manga, which tells the story of the first encounter between Tetsuya Kuroko and Daiki Aomine.


The episode explores their past and how they became friends, but also reveals the beginnings of their rivalry on the basketball court. It’s a chance for fans of the series to learn more about the backstory of two of the main characters and see how their relationship developed over time.


9. Kuroko no Basket: Oshaberi Demo Shimasen ka

The “Special included on Kuroko no Basket Fan Disc 2: Hikari Sasu Basho e” is an extra episode bundled with the second fan disc release of the anime series. The episode revolves around the Seirin High basketball team’s summer training camp, where they compete in various practice games and learn new skills.


Additionally, the episode also explores the characters’ personal lives and relationships, as well as their motivations for playing basketball. With a mix of humour, drama, and intense basketball action, this special episode offers fans of the series an extra glimpse into the lives of their favourite characters.


10. Kuroko no Basket 3rd Season

Seirin High School is set on winning the Winter Cup but faces various challenges, including the teams led by each member of the Generation of Miracles. Kuroko is determined to prove to his former teammates that basketball is not just about individual skills but also team play.


However, Kuroko’s beliefs clash with the abilities of players who can perfectly copy and control the game. Nevertheless, Seirin High’s ultimate goal remains unchanged, which is to defeat the Generation of Miracles and win the Winter Cup.


This season will hype you from the core and that’s why it is so amazing.


11. Kuroko no Basket: Saikou no Present Desu

Satsuki Momoi organizes a basketball party to celebrate Tetsuya Kuroko’s birthday, inviting his former teammates from the Generation of Miracles to join in on the fun. At the same time, Taiga Kagami and the members of Seirin High are busy preparing for the celebration.


Rather than focusing on material gifts, the occasion highlights the importance of cherished memories and strong relationships. The event underscores the significance of building and nurturing connections, both on and off the basketball court, as a means of finding happiness and joy in life.


12. Kuroko no Basket Movie 1: Winter Cup – Kage to Hikari

As Seirin High School’s Basketball Team enters their second year, they are short on members and seeking to recruit new talent. They manage to find two outstanding freshmen, Taiga Kagami and Tetsuya Kuroko, who make up for the team’s lack of numbers with their impressive skills.


Despite Kuroko’s unimpressive physique, he was a member of the “Generation of Miracles” basketball team in middle school, while Kagami is a basketball prodigy from the United States. After training together, Seirin faces a setback during the Interhigh championship against Touou Academy, led by Kuroko’s former teammate Daiki Aomine.


13. Kuroko no Basket Movie 2: Winter Cup – Namida no Saki e

In the quarterfinals of the Winter Cup, Seirin High School’s basketball team faces a challenging opponent, Yousen High School, who employs a strong defence called the “Shield of Aegis,” led by Atsushi Murasakibara, a former member of Tetsuya Kuroko’s “Generation of Miracles” team, and Tatsuya Himuro, a skilled player who has a history with Taiga Kagami.


The match becomes personal as Kagami and Himuro aim to settle their past score and determine who is the superior player. The atmosphere intensifies as Kuroko’s past with Murasakibara adds tension to the game.


14. Kuroko no Basket Movie 3: Winter Cup – Tobira no Mukou

In the Winter Cup finals, Seirin High School’s basketball team is up against Rakuzan High School, led by Seijuurou Akashi, the former captain of the Generation of Miracles. With his Emperor Eye ability, Akashi can anticipate and dismantle his opponents’ every move, making it a challenge for Seirin’s duo, Taiga Kagami and Tetsuya Kuroko, to break through his omniscience.


The finals will test their teamwork as they strive to win against a formidable opponent. Seirin’s “light and shadow” must work together perfectly to achieve victory.


15. Kuroko no Basket: Oshaberi Shiyou Ka

“Korekara Nandodemo” is a special feature included in the third fan disc of the anime series “Kuroko no Basket.” This fan disc includes additional content related to the popular sports anime, including interviews with the voice actors, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.


The “Korekara Nandodemo” special specifically focuses on the aftermath of the Winter Cup finals, where Seirin High School’s basketball team faced off against the powerhouse Rakuzan High School. The special features a discussion between the series’ main characters, including Taiga Kagami, Tetsuya Kuroko, and others, as they reflect on their experiences and growth throughout the series.


16. Kuroko no Basket Movie 4: Last Game

The anime movie “Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game” follows the arrival of Jabberwock, a street basketball team from America, in Japan for an exhibition match against Strky, a team made up of former third-year students who once played in the Interhigh and Winter Cup.


However, Jabberwock’s overwhelming skill leads to their easy defeat of Strky, and their captain, Nash Gold Jr., insults the basketball style of all players in Japan. This provokes Kagetora Aida to challenge them to a revenge match, and he assembles the Vorpal Swords team, consisting of the Generation of Miracles, including Kuroko Tetsuya and Kagami Taiga, as they are the only ones who have a chance against such a formidable opponent.


17. Hiyoko no Basket Movie: Last Game 0401

In 2017, on April Fools’ Day, a unique event took place where the bird mascots of Kuroko’s Basketball replaced the characters in the “Last Game” movie trailer. In the trailer, the bird mascots played basketball against a team of other bird mascots, showcasing the Kuroko bird’s disappearing skill and the Kagami bird’s impressive dunking ability.


This event served as a fun way to promote the upcoming release of the movie while also acknowledging the series’ devoted fan base. The playful nod to the franchise’s popularity added an enjoyable and amusing touch to the promotion of the film.


18. Kuroko no Basket: Last Game NG-Shuu

The BD/DVD release of “Kuroko no Basket: Last Game” includes animated bloopers that are based on the extra section of the original manga. The bloopers are a fun addition to the main movie, and show the characters in humorous situations and making comical mistakes.


The scenes are a lighthearted way to add more entertainment value to the release and offer a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the movie. Fans of the series will enjoy the playful nature of the bloopers, and the way they showcase the personalities of the characters in a new and unique way.




Top 5 Rated Episodes of Kuroko no Basket


The anime is amazing throughout its runtime. However, there are always some episodes that just hit differently than anything and everything that we have seen so far. Therefore, if you are planning to rewatch the series then these are the Top 5 Best episodes that you can’t skip under any circumstances.


1. I Won’t Lose

The commencement of a fierce showdown between Aomine and Kagami, the Aces, takes place. Spectators and players alike are left astounded by the incredible display of skill as they enter the Zone, pushing their focus and reaction time to the limit.


The episode is just unreal.


2. Again and Again

With the clock ticking down, both teams exert maximum effort in a thrilling finale to end the Winter Cup. Since this episode deals with the Winter Cup, the amount of excitement it has is just unreal.


And that’s why you need to watch these episodes at all costs. The show will change the way you look at life.


3. So It Was You

Another interesting episode that dives deep into the complex relationship and mechanics that the players have while playing this sport. The way they deal with all this is just unreal and that’s why we just love this series.


The episodes are as beautiful as they can get and you need to know it.


4. Win!

Upon realizing that he has hit his physical limitations, Kagami decides to push himself beyond them and tries a layup. However, due to the limited space available at that angle, he cannot make it to the hoop.


To surprise his opponent Murasakibara, he decides to reveal a new move, the Meteor Jam, which he successfully executes over him.


5. Why Don’t You Give Up?

The title is quite self-explanatory about what happens in this episode. Without spoiling it for you, we can say that the episode focuses on one of the characters and his continuous stubborn nature where he just doesn’t give up on anything and anyone at all.


Therefore, you need to pay attention to this episode.





1. Can we skip Kuroko no Basket movies?

Yes. Kuroko no Basket movies are just summaries of what happened in the core storyline of the anime. If you have watched the anime and you don’t wish to rewatch anything then skipping the movies won’t cause any hurdle for you whatsoever.


So don’t worry about those movies.


2. Is there season 4 for Kuroko no basket?

No. However, there are a few rumours about the idea of Kuroko No Basket getting a season 4. But let’s be real for once. The last season was called the Last Game for a reason.


And so, it wouldn’t be very rational for us to think that there will be another season after the Last Game.


3. Is Kuroko no basket series finished?

Yes. The manga series has been labelled as “Finished” and the anime also had a great ending under its name. Therefore, it can be said that the entirety of Kuroko no Basket is finished for good.


We may get a few episodes here and there just to celebrate some anniversary or something. But other than that, it’s basically over.


4. Why is Kuroko no Basket so popular?

What makes Kuroko no Basket so popular is the way it approaches the sport of Basketball for the screenplay. The way it portrays every match, every player, every technique, and the gimmicks involved in the show make it a lot more interesting and capture an audience that prefers anime.


5. Who is Kuroko’s girlfriend?

Satsuki Momoi is the current manager of Tōō Academy. She was managing the Generation of Miracles at Teikō Junior High and has been head-over-heals for Kuroko for a while. And this passion has gone as far as for her to consider herself Kuroko’s girlfriend.


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