Top 100 Best Inspirational Movies Of All Time

59 min read

What most people need and what most people lack in life is an inspiration in any shape or form....Continue

Shivam Parashar . 18 Oct 2021

Top 100 Best Korean Movies Of All Time

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Recent times have seen South Korea emerge as a strong cultural centre with a boom in the popularity ...Continue

Aishwarya . 18 Oct 2021

Top 50 Best Josei Anime Of All Time

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"Josei". One of the most underrated demographics in the anime and manga medium....Continue

Kay Sebastian . 18 Oct 2021

Top 50 Best War & Military Anime Of All Time

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War is a common occurrence in the medium of anime and manga....Continue

Kay Sebastian . 18 Oct 2021

Top 50 Best Slice Of Life Anime Of All Time

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If we go by the typical definition, slice-of-life means a realistic representation of everyday exper...Continue

Kay Sebastian . 18 Oct 2021

Top 50 Best Short Anime Of All Time

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Anime is one of the best gifts Humanity has offered to Humanity. It's a fact, don't question it!...Continue

Kay Sebastian . 18 Oct 2021

Top 70 Best Cult Classic Movies Of All Time

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Among all the genres and subgenres of films that are popular among cinema enthusiasts worldwide, one...Continue

Shivam Parashar . 10 Oct 2021

Top 50 Best Isekai Manga Of All Time

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Isekai. We all know what Isekai is, we all love it! But a lot of times, we just don't get enough of ...Continue

Kay Sebastian . 10 Oct 2021

Top 100 Best Family Movies Of All Time

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The very first relationship that a human shares with another is the one born within the family....Continue

Shivam Parashar . 07 Oct 2021