Top 20 Strongest Mob Psycho 100 Characters

Mob Psyho 100 Characters


Mob Psycho 100 is one of the best anime series of all time. There’s no doubt about it. Despite having a comedic undertone, this show manages to dive deep into the realms of human behaviour, personality, jealousy, envy, lies, and so much more.


This allows us to have a very fulfilling experience while we are watching this anime. However, what separates this anime from the rest is its characters. Having some of the most entertaining and fun characters in this action anime is nothing less than a blessing.


However, it also creates room for a list where the strongest characters in the show are mentioned. And that’s why we have this article. In this article, we will be taking a look at the strongest characters in the entire Mob Psycho 100 franchise.




1. Shigeo Kageyama


Shigeo Kageyama


When this man goes “???%, you are basically screwed. The fact that he is the main character of the show just adds so much layer to him. Shigeo Kageyama is one of the best characters in the entire show.


Not only because he is one of the strongest but also because he is one of the most fun to watch. Despite being one of the strongest beings to exist in the series, this man always prefers using his normal self and focuses on improving that instead of relying on his esper powers.


And that is a message that should give you some direction in life. He is someone that all of us love and that’s why he is placed here on our list.




2. Toichiro Suzuki


Toichiro Suzuki


This man is the most fascinating character to have ever arrived in the world of Mob Psycho 100. The fact that he is the former leader of Claw, just makes him even more menacing.


What makes Toichiro so special is the fact that he is one of the only individuals who is able to absorb and transfer psychic energy. This allowed him to become a strong opponent in the show.


However, the reason why he is one of the most powerful characters in the show is the fact that he can store huge amounts of energy within himself. And that’s exactly what he ends up doing for 20 years, making him a menace to society and all our beloved characters as well.




3. Keiji Mogami


Keiji Mogami


This man was considered the Greatest Psychic of the 20th Century. And that’s why even Dimple was afraid of him. However, what truly separates Mogami from the rest is Mob’s comment on him.


The fact that Mob claimed that Mogami might be stronger than him, proves that this character is no joke. There’s no denying that his presence added so many layers of fun and interest to the story and this is why, we love him so much.


Mogami is also known for his ability to drain out life from other living beings around him. And that’s quite an intimidating capability if you think about it.




4. Katsuya Serizawa


Katsuya Serizawa


This man is often regarded as one of the strongest characters in the entire show. The reason why people say so is because he is only second to Toichiro. Katsuya is known for being one of the most capable Psychokinetic users in the entire anime.


And that’s quite a flex if you think about it. Not only that, he was so powerful at one point in time that his body wasn’t able to hold his energy and he had to use an umbrella to channel it.


Needless to say, that strategy isn’t required anymore as he has managed to gain a lot more control over himself, allowing him to master his art a lot more efficiently.



5. Ryo Shimazaki


Ryo Shimazaki


Shimazaki is a character who will always be remembered by fans as he managed to entertain them without breaking a sweat. The reason why this man is here is because he is quite an intimidating individual with two mind-breaking skills.


The first skill is called the Mind’s Eye which allows him to see through everything. This ability makes it so that Shimazaki can look at the weak points of his opponents and this gives him an edge on the battlefield.


Not only that, he is also able to teleport which is very handy when it comes to raw battle, making him a force to be reckoned with in the world of Mob Psycho 100.



6. Sho Suzuki


Sho Suzuki


This gentleman right here has a lot going on for him. I mean if you just look at his arsenal, it is absolutely insane. Psychic Energy Bombs, Light distortion, Telekinesis, and Psychic Negation!


Man, that is quite something. And this is why he is placed here on our list. Moreover, his affiliation with the man himself, Toichiro, makes him someone worthy of our attention.


As the story continues, we realize that he is someone who keeps himself on the same level as the Ultimate 5. And that’s why, people always look up to him as one of the strongest beings in the series.


However, there’s no denying that this man is a lot more complete as a character than you might expect.



7. Toshiki Minegishi


Toshiki Minegichi


This man will take you down with his plants. And you can bet he is a vegan in the story considering how reliant he is on those plants. Toshiki is one of the Ultimate 5 from Claw and there’s no denying that his skills are nothing less than fascinating for the viewers.


I mean if you just look at the way he fights, you will realize that this man is nothing short of amazing. Not only is he a capable psychic but his ability particularly can be very challenging to tackle.


The only downside about his power is the fact that he can be a victim of his weapons considering the fact that the plants can be directed by someone else who is a better, stronger psychic.



8. Teruki Hanazawa


Teruki Hanazawa


He was able to stand against Mob in the series. And that’s quite a flex if you think about it. Teruki is one of the side characters in the series who managed to take centre stage from time to time.


The show highlighted something that you wouldn’t have figured out about his personality. And it’s the fact that his character is a lot more fulfilled and complete than what meets the eye.


He was able to fight some of the most talented members of Claw. And that’s one of the many reasons why people look up to him in the series. As someone who isn’t all that old, this man has managed to gain a lot in his life, making him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.



9. Ritsu Kageyama


Ritsu Kageyama


Although he isn’t as good as his brother, there’s no denying that even Ritsu can be a monster in disguise. This man happens to have capabilities that far exceed our expectations.


And the fact that those capabilities were discovered later on in his life, makes it very interesting for all of us. However, what separates him from the rest is the fact that he is someone who has grown a lot as a person in the series.


This man has managed to leave a lasting impact on the audience, all thanks to his ability to shape the way people look up to you and all those around you.


Ritsu is a valuable character from the franchise.



10. Dimple




This evil spirit became a completely different being when he fused with the roots of the Divine Tree in order to achieve his ultimate aim. What was his aim? To become a God.


And that’s why Dimple is someone that you can’t help but look up to in the series. There’s no denying that this single character allowed us to consider the depth and complexity that this anime has to offer.


Moreover, he also managed to hypnotise the entire population which would explain why Dimple is placed here on our list. This character was able to outperform Mob in the series.


However, as a character, Dimple was a lot more than just a super strong being.



11. Ishiguro




This man can control gravity. And we all know, from various entertainment sources, how overpowered that capability can be. This is why you need to take a look at this man.


Ishiguro is one of the most fascinating characters in the series as he served as the leader for the 7th Division of Claw, Scar. And the best part about him is that he has a ton of scars on himself, mainly because he fought the head of Claw, multiple times.


However, this also makes him an intimidating character to look forward to as he manages to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the viewers. Ishiguro is a beast and you need to look forward to him.



12. Yusuke Sakurai


Yusuke Sakurai


As a former member of Claw, you can expect this man to be nothing less than insane in the story. However, his backstory is something that will shed more light on his personality overall.


Let’s take a deeper look at it. Yusuke was abandoned by his parents when he was a child. And that’s how he ended up with his life today. He was someone who faced a lot of issues in his life as he continued to live as an orphan.


However, what made him reach his ranks was the fact that he was a very capable warrior. His weapon of choice, a sword made out of plastic, is something that contains curses from ages.


And that’s why you need to look up to this beast.



13. Megumu Koyama


Megumu Koyama


This man is a beast. And that’s one of the many reasons why you need to look up to him. And no, I am not saying that he is a beast because he is very strong.


I am calling him a beast because of how ruthless he is in the series. He was someone who never held back. And the way he took matters into his own hands was something remarkable in the story of Mob Psycho 100.


After a while, things happened and he was taken care of. However, as a villain, this man managed to entertain us from the inside, making him a remarkable character overall.


His psychic ability makes him way stronger than other espers in the world and that’s how he ended up being a part of Claw.



14. Matsuo




This man is a bit unique. Or weird if that’s how you would like to classify him. Matsuo is one of the lead characters who is part of Claw. And what makes him special is the fact that he is someone who is way ahead of the game.


He is appreciated heavily for the fact that his psychic abilities are quite intimidating. However, what makes him even more special is the fact that he names his evil spirit pets as deserts.


That’s quite interesting, isn’t it? And that’s why you need to keep your eyes open for a character like Matsuo. They add the layer of insanity needed to make this anime, a work of art.



15. Arataka Reigen


Arataka Reigan


Reigan may not seem like a strong character at the start. However, his strength doesn’t lie in his psychic abilities. His strength lies in the fact that he is a master at his work.


He can fool the entire world with his words. And as a character, we have seen a lot from Reigan’s end. In fact, the entire second season focused on Reigan’s character and highlighted how capable he is in the series.


Moreover, his ability to basically lead a group of people into believing what he wants them to believe in, makes him someone way better as one of the lead characters in the series.


Make sure that you watch this man on screen and appreciate his presence at all times.



16. Psycho Helmet


Psycho Helmet


The consciousness of the Divine Tree, also known as Lord Psycho Helmet is one of the most remarkable characters in all of Mob Psycho. This being is created with 100% output of both Mob and Toichiro.


And that’s why this creature is one of the strongest in the entire show. Moreover, this being has huge amounts of psychic power that can cause a lot of havoc if it wants to.


That’s why people need to look up to Psycho Helmet and its presence in the series. The Divine Tree was an interesting addition to the story and that’s why we need to appreciate this character at all costs.


After all, it had the potential to create God in the story. I don’t think there are many sentients in Mob Psycho that can achieve that feat.



17. Hiroshi Shibata


Hiroshi Shibata


This man is known for his raw power. And that makes up for his lack of intelligence and presence of mind. Hiroshi is one of the members of the legendary group in Mob Psycho 100 called the Ultimate 5.


And therefore, you need to look up to this character and appreciate the fact that he is a fascinating beast that can take on anyone and everyone without breaking a sweat.


Moreover, his muscles and physical strength far exceed that of many other strong characters in the show, making him worthy of this spot on our list. This is why all the viewers need to appreciate this man’s contribution and excellence as well as the entertainment that he had to offer.



18. Nozomu Hatori


Nozomu Hatori


Being part of the Ultimate 5 makes it so that everyone is in a league of their own. And that’s where Nozomu Hatori also lies. This character is known for his unreal strength and abilities.


He is someone who holds a lot of pride in the fact that he is part of the Ultimate 5. And as we all know, pride isn’t the best quality to have as a person.


However, what separates him from the rest is the fact that this man is quite a monster in his own regard. His telekinesis is in a league way beyond that of anyone else and that’s one of the many things that make him a very strong character in the realm of Mob Psycho 100.



19. Muto




This man is an absolute sadist. Like, think about it. What entertains this man is the torture and pain of others. And that’s why he is someone we need to keep an eye on.


However, I don’t think we need to put much effort into keeping an eye on him as he always sticks out as a character. Moreover, you need to appreciate the fact that he adds a layer of darkness and cruelty to the story of this anime.


And that’s something that just makes it so much more fun and interesting to watch on screen. You can rest assured that this man is a beast in his own regard.


And so, if you haven’t watched him, make sure that you do so as soon as possible.



20. Tsuchiya




She can control Ki like none other. And that’s one of the many reasons why people appreciate her presence in the show. This woman was part of Scar Claw Upper Echelon.


And that’s what gives her credibility as a character on the battlefield. However, let’s just say that this woman is someone who is far more than just a strong fighter.


She can use her strengths and muscles very well. And so, if you are someone who wants to experience a very capable character who can show you some good martial arts on screen the Tsuchiya is the one you should look forward to.


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