Top 50 Most Powerful Mutants In Marvel

Top 50 Most Powerful Mutants


It is no secret that not all mutants are equivalent to one another and that there are different classifications of them, based on their power levels, appearances, and ability to merge into societies.


The Omega-level mutants are considered to be the most potent of all in the Marvel Universe. In fact, they are so dominating that very few dare to risk getting into their bad books.


However, there is also another set of mutants that may not be the strongest or most popular, but they simply cannot be underestimated. They are, of course, Alpha-level mutants. So, before we go on do justice to each of these powerful characters, allow us to point out that we have duly taken the history of the comics and the respective levels of power of the mutants into account while ranking them.


Needless to mention, the list has got very little to do with their popularity in the real world.




1. Legion




Thanks to the popularity of the TV series Legion, David Haller, son of Professor X, has pretty much gone on to become a household name today. It is difficult to predict David and his abilities since he can manifest them through dissociative identity disorder; something that allows each of his personas to house a specific power.


Sooner than later, it is revealed that David’s illness is a result of his striving to control his incredible level of power. Aside from being able to manipulate minds and control matter, he can even use his strengths to travel through time.


While his powers make him take virtually any form he can think of, they also permit him to shape-shift, phase through objects, and generate energy. What’s intriguing about this character is that he continues to develop new personalities, which means that they can all be home to different levels of power.


Needless to mention, the aforementioned facts are more than enough to contemplate if Legion is the most powerful mutant to have ever existed.




2. Jamie Braddock


jamie braddock


Jamie Braddock, whose powers have continued to develop over the years, is the oldest brother and black sheep of the Braddock family. His mutant ability allows him to exploit the quantum strings of reality at will and with ease.


What separates him from the other mutants is his rather strange schizophrenic belief that he exists in a dream. That is perhaps why he wields the power to manipulate the world.


Since he is naturally impacted by his decaying mental state, Braddock’s powers come off as terrifying, to say the least. His dark future version endeavored to expand his power by consuming realities across the multiverse.


Jamie, who became King of Otherworld in the Dawn of X Excalibur series, can create anything he imagines; even if it means creating entire universes. That being said, it is imperative to mention that his family has been blessed (or cursed) with limitless potential for power.


Be that as it may, he happened to have discovered his powers rather late, unlike his other mutant brothers and sisters. He started utilizing his mutant abilities only when he turned into an adult.




3. Onslaught




An argument can be made that no other mutant in the Marvel universe is as dreaded as the fear-inducing Onslaught. Forged from the conscious minds of Charles Xavier and Magneto, this deadly psionic entity is so powerful that he is known to have single-handedly obliterated a large contingent of Earth’s superheroes.


While his powers certainly are both immense and terrifying, what is even more dreadful is the thought that they might return one of these days, which, unsurprisingly, can lead to utter destruction.


Indeed, his superior mental and physical power allows him to add the powers of Franklin Richards and Nate Grey to his own set of skills. As you’d have expected, this ends up making him even more powerful.


His ceaseless quest for power stems from the fact that he wishes to destroy all mutants and humans.




4. Scarlet Witch


scarlet witch


When it comes to sheer theoretical power, it is difficult to deny that the Scarlet Witch may just be the most powerful of the pack. Even when she was only a Class 5 mutant, she was able to wield her Chaos Magic with remarkable accuracy.


This went on to lend her the ability to exploit the entirety of the Earth-616 realm. Known for her strength to fire Hex Bolts and teleport, she can be seen using telekinesis to overwhelm her opponents as well.


That said, the only shortcomings to her powers are perhaps based on her line of sight, which she, of course, needs to conquer. 


Grounded, vindictive, but also very caring, Scarlet never gets greedy or acts for personal gain. Instead, she is driven by her admirable instinct to defend other people.


Indeed, she is one of the only personalities in our story who knows how to harness her powers for good. However, this doesn’t by any chance mean that she can’t get belligerent when she wants to.



5. Franklin Richards


franklin richards


Son of Sue and Reed Richards, better known as Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic, Franklin Richards is a mutant who has the power to make any thought or desire a reality.


Also, he carries the strength to create his pocket universe and warp and bend reality to his will. Even though he’s still young and trying to make sense of his seemingly limitless powers, it might take some time for him to reach his full potential.


That said, it is a given that he could turn out to be arguably the most powerful mutant in history when he grows older. Needless to mention, the several alternate-reality and future incarnations of Franklin as an adult have, indeed, shown him to be a master of varying levels of power.


It is imperative to mention that he has travelled the universe with the Earth’s first family of superheroes, popularly known as the Fantastic Four. We get familiar with his ability to manipulate reality when we hear about him perceiving his invisible mother.



6. Jean Grey


Jean Grey


Jean Grey, who is an Omega-level mutant with an intense level of psychic ability, is truly one of the most powerful telepaths in the world. She had such a vast potential that Professor X was compelled to suppress her telepathic powers when she was relatively young.


Even though she was only aware of her telekinetic abilities when she joined the X-Men, her psionic powers increased intensely over time. When coupled with the Phoenix force, she easily became among the most powerful beings in the universe.


A glimpse of Jean’s outstanding power was shown when her teenage self became stranded in the present. It led her to conceive abilities that the older Jean wasn’t even aware she possessed.


One such power allowed her to merge with and transform into psychokinetic energy.



7. Matthew Malloy


Matthew Malloy


One of the most powerful mutants, Matthew Malloy is one of those rarest of the rare people whose powers were so intense that he was even prevented from being born.


An Omega-level mutant from an alternate universe, he was caught with his beloved wife Jules in a Skrull invasion; an event that went on to traumatize him, therefore, paving the way for his powers to manifest.


When manifested, Malloy’s strengths carry the potential to kill everything in his vicinity. When S. H. I. E. L. D. tried to confine him twice post his outburst, it, unfortunately, resulted in him killing both Cyclops and Magik.


It is not surprising then that Professor X and Tempus had to go back in time to prevent Malloy’s birth. While the exact nature of his powers is difficult to measure, what is, however, obvious is that he has gone on to ace them in the areas of telekinesis, telepathy, matter manipulation, and energy manipulation.



8. Professor X


Professor X


Those who are familiar with the rich history of mutants are certainly more than familiar with Professor X, who happens to be one of the most brilliant minds on the planet.


The fans have often been grateful that his enormous powers are employed to ensure peace and stability, and not destruction. It is not surprising then that the extremely popular X-Men movies have embraced this notion in both X2 and Logan, respectively.


The graphic novel God Loves, Man Kills served as the basis for X2, in which Professor X’s tremendous power was put on display for the very first time.



9. Proteus




Born Kevin MacTaggert, this Omega-level mutant is so powerful that his own body finds it difficult to sustain him. Since he began to manifest his powers quite early in his life, his ability to manipulate energy and matter led his body to begin to burn out.


It is not surprising then that he was considered a threat to others and was, therefore, kept in solitary confinement by his mother, who happens to be the mutant specialist Moira MacTaggert.


So, when he manages to escape captivity, his body immediately burns out; therefore, prompting him to look for other host bodies. Proteus, who carries the power to warp reality by manipulating energy and matter, is composed of energy himself, which is what makes it plausible for him to possess others, absorb, and project energy.


Even though Proteus is undeniably strong, it has to be understood that he finds it tough to maintain a physical body. That more or less explains why he is in constant need of a new host to operate properly.



10. Quentin Quire


Quentin Quire


Also known as Kid Omega, Quentin Quire was first introduced in Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run as a promising student, who was able to incite a minor revolution against Xavier’s thought process.


However, sooner than later, he goes on to become a murderer and domestic terrorist under Xavier, while still attending the school. Needless to say, his undependable personality continues to get unstable and aggressive, which is pretty unnerving to the older X-Men.


While it is revealed that Quentin is an Omega-level mutant who forms thoughts at an incredibly fast rate, he is shown to be controlling and manipulating the minds of others as well.


Be that as it may, what’s especially intriguing about him is that he can also resist attempts of psychic manipulation on his own mind. Quire, whose powers are stretched the more people he tries to affect the people around him, is so potent that he has even continued to exist after the ruin of his body.



11. Apocalypse




En Sabah Nur, who later came to be recognized as Apocalypse, is the first mutant, born thousands of years ago in Ancient Egypt. Since he is immortal and has total control over the molecules in his body, it allows him to alter his form if and when he deems it necessary.


Not only can he shape-shift and create weapons but he can also shrink or grow in size. In addition, he can transfer his consciousness, heal from mortal wounds, and adapt his body to any disease or hostile environment.


Expectedly, these abilities allow him to keep himself alive in different host bodies throughout millennia. If you thought that the list of Apocalypse’s strengths came to an abrupt end, you’re wrong, for he can also project energy and absorb energy.


However, what truly sets this deadly foe of the X-Men apart from the other mutants is that he has a degree of technopathy that allows him to “speak” to technology.



12. Rogue




Rogue is a bonafide heavy-hitter whose powers allow her to absorb the abilities of other mutants and, subsequently, harness them as her own. While it is only for a brief period, she can make it permanent if she holds on to them for long, which is exactly what transpired in Captain Marvel’s case.


For years, Rogue has gained a lot of credibility for going face-to-face with the worst of the worst and still managing to emerge victorious. All the bad guys out there should be aware of the fact that Rogue has also gone on to absorb the powers of Wonder Man, which makes her far more dominating than she already was.



13. Namor




Even though not a lot of Marvel fans think of Namor as a mutant, it’s true nonetheless. While his powers intensify greatly when is underwater, he’s no slouch when it comes to ground-based assaults either.


It would be fair to assert that his immense super-strength might easily be on par with Colossus. It is imperative to mention that Namor is not only credited with throwing down some of Marvel’s most powerful characters but also giving the Hulk a decent thrashing.


However, whether he can actually topple the green beast in a prolonged fight is, of course, highly debatable.



14. Iceman




Iceman, who is one of the prominent founding X-Men members, was barely ever taken seriously by his team. Due to this, he often didn’t take himself seriously either. More often than not, he saw himself as only good enough to turn things cold.


So, the fact that he learned that he was an Omega-level mutant, naturally, came off as a shock to him. However, Iceman’s cryokinetic abilities were much bigger than he could have ever imagined.


Moreover, only his insecurities were potent enough to deter his powers from developing further. That said, there is no denying that, at his full potential, he can not only impact the world’s ecosystem but can also create massive ice structures and sentient ice creatures.



15. Hope Summers


Hope Summers


Hope Summers, who is an Omega-level mutant with incredible psionic abilities, was the first mutant to be born after the memorable events of M-Day, where Scarlet Witch was seen overwhelming the mutant population by seizing all their powers.


Cable took Hope into the future when she was an infant to safeguard her and raise her as his own. However, she has to return to the present when her powers begin to amplify at an inexplicable rate.


Now, in addition to her power to manipulate, she can even emulate the powers of others. When battling her for the first time, Stryfe measures that she was far more powerful than him, even though they shared the same basic abilities.


That said, the only drawback to Hope’s power is that she must be in proximity to the individual whose power she wishes to imitate. Be that as it may, she was blessed with a ton of energy as she took birth; so much so that she was potent enough to destroy the entire Cerebro system on her own.



16. Stryfe




Stryfe is a clone of Cable, who was created after infant Nathan Summers went on to show his true potential. Even though he was meant to be raised alongside Cable, he was kidnapped by Apocalypse and, subsequently, raised as the son of the immortal mutant.


Unbeknownst to Stryfe, Apocalypse intended to use him solely as his next host body. However, a realization soon dawned upon him that he was after all a clone and, therefore, unable to house his essence.


Stryfe proves to be a force to be reckoned with for the X-Men, primarily because he is a madman with no regard for life and its intricacies. While he has the same raw abilities as Cable as a clone, they continue to evolve since he never happened to be infected with Apocalypse’s techno-organic virus.


However, what makes him stand out is the fact that he has more acute control of these massive psionic abilities than anybody else.



17. Mr. M


Mr. M


Mr. M, who was created in 2004, continues to remain an enigmatic figure after all these years. While he grew up in a small village in Belgium, he left for the United States of America after his powers manifested, and, eventually, settled in Mutant Town where he is known to have largely kept to himself.


However, when he was seen trying to intervene and come to the aid of others, his efforts were not acknowledged. And, when he cured Toad Boy of his hallucinogenic secretions, all he received in return was immediate backlash from the residents of the town.


As a result, he decided to establish a mutant sanctuary and look after his followers. But, since it was difficult for him to keep his god-like abilities at a distance, he ended up attracting the attention of the X-Men.


Believed to be an Omega-level mutant, Mr. M can control subatomic matter and manipulate the world around him at will. Also, he has the strength to heal or entirely remove mutant abilities, telekinesis, and telepathy.



18. Vulcan




Make way for an incredibly powerful supervillain who was shockingly introduced as the third Summers brother after Cyclops and Havok. Born after their parents were kidnapped by the Shi’ar Empire, Vulcan was later sent to Earth and retroactively introduced as one of the members of the Deadly Genesis squad.


Now, for those of you who do not know, this is the same unit that supposedly formed the secret first group of X-Men. Vulcan, who soon strived to overthrow the Shi’ar Empire and rule it himself, carries the power to manipulate incredible amounts of energy at once.


Not only can he project light, heat, and electricity, but he can also quash energy and powers in other mutants, in addition to his strength of being able to survive in space.


Needless to say, he is one of the most powerful adversaries the X-Men have ever encountered.



19. Magneto




Magneto does not like to refer to himself as the undisputed ‘Master of Magnetism’ for nothing. Unquestionably one of Marvel’s most powerful mutants, he is best known to have served as one of the X-Men’s greatest enemies and allies.


This is primarily because he holds a complicated view of how to fight for mutant rights and shares a rather complex relationship with Professor X. Even though he is not classified as an Omega-level mutant, his powers are incredibly vast and terrifying.


Not only can Magneto regulate and manipulate magnetic fields as per his will but he can even intensify his power to reverse the Earth’s polarity; something that can cause the sea levels to rise, consequently, leading to a global tragedy.


His strength to generate magnetic pulses and manipulate the light around his body allows him to turn invisible from time to time as well.



20. Exodus




Born in the 12th century, Bennet du Paris is one of the oldest mutants on the planet. He went on to showcase his powerful array of psionic abilities after having debuted as Exodus.


Exodus, whose Omega-level power is his telekinetic ability, is potent enough to take on the Avengers and the X-Men at the same time. He can be seen utilizing his telekinesis to lift astounding amounts of weight or punch buildings down with remarkable ease.


While he possesses telepathy and telekinesis as effective as Jean Grey’s, he is also thought to be immune to disease, as a result of which he does not appear to age normally.


Also, he is one of the only mutants who utilizes his telepathy to gain intellect and knowledge.



21. X-Man




Following his stint in the successful miniseries, Nate Grey, who was then called X-Man, was introduced into the main Marvel universe where he was rightfully regarded as one of the most powerful people on the planet.


An alternate universe version of Cable, he hails from the Age of Apocalypse timeline and is the biological son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey in his reality. However, it is also true that he is born from a lot of genetic tampering from Mister Sinister.


Thankfully for him, he was never affected by a techno-organic virus, which allows his powers to develop without constraints; thus, allowing him to evolve into one of the most powerful telepaths in the entire Marvel multiverse.


As surprising as it may sound, Nate was initially designed so that his powers could eventually kill him. But, when Dark Beast built the Omega Machine, his abilities were dampened.



22. Elixir




Elixir, who, in essence, is a healer, was first introduced as a member of the anti-mutant hate group called the Reavers. His powers as a healer allowed him to control the biological structure of his own body and, therefore, heal terrible wounds in himself and others.


Even though he was able easy to hide his identity at first, the Reavers eventually discovered that he was a mutant and turned on him. Unfortunately for him, this discovery forced his anti-mutant parents to kick him out of their house.


He was later taken in by the Xavier school. Elixir’s powers are captivating not only because he is a healer and an Omega-level mutant but also because he can manage to restore lost or dulled mutant abilities.


Furthermore, he can even cleanse the body of any drugs in its system.



23. Storm




Ororo Munroe, who is better known as the mutant Storm, has the ability to control the weather, summon storms, turn back hurricanes, and get the better of her foes with lightning from the heavens.


What is special about her is that at different points in her life, she has been respected as the leader of the X-Men, held in awe as the Queen of Wakanda, and honored as a goddess.


This Omega-level mutant does not need her powers to demonstrate her strength. In fact, it is worth pointing out that she was able to kill Death in single combat during the X of Swords storyline without using any sort of weapon whatsoever.


What’s even more interesting is that she shocked Death after having quite literally flirted and danced with it.



24. Selene




Selene is one of the oldest and most experienced mutants to make it to our list. It is a well-established fact that she has been traveling across the globe since the Hyborian Age.


However, she does not really use her powers to spread happiness and positive energy. On the contrary, she can be seen spreading sorrow and causing trouble wherever she goes. While she is obviously immortal, what makes her stand out from the rest is that she also happens to be a powerful necromancer who can resurrect and control the dead.


As if that wasn’t enough, she also carries the vampiric ability to suck out anyone’s life force. However, her list of strengths does not end with the aforementioned facts. We say so because Selene’s mutant abilities also include telepathy and telekinesis.


To conclude, it wouldn’t exactly be an exaggeration to claim that life, death, and laws of physics, are nothing but toys to her.



25. Colossus




How many mutants can you name who possess the sheer strength to lift over 100 tons over their heads? As his name suggests, Colossus is blessed with colossal energy and is more than capable of just that.


Not only does his mutant ability permit him to sheathe himself in a skin of organic steel but it also makes him impermeable to conventional weaponry. Also, it helps him be highly immune to any sort of physical damage.


Colossus may lack the energy-based abilities of his fellow mutants, but he more than makes up for it with his own set of skills. Needless to mention, he is just too strong as a front-line melee fighter.



26. Cable




Son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, Cable is someone who was compelled to go into the future in order to save his own life. He is a time traveler and a hard-edged fighter, who, like Jean Grey, possesses both telepathic and telekinetic powers.


When people were first introduced to this character, he was known for his guns, weaponry, and his obvious strengths. However, his abilities were pushed back courtesy of a techno-organic virus that infected him.


Make no mistake for Cable has not lost the zeal to showcase his powers at all. In fact, when at his most powerful, he can be seen floating an entire city and going one-on-one against the Silver Surfer.


That said, it is imperative to mention that, over time, he has developed other abilities like being able to send his consciousness through time and using a weapon called the Psi-Mitar.


What is distinguishable about the latter is that it is a spear that can both harness and boost telekinetic energy.



27. Emma Frost


Emma Frost


Believe us when we assert that this supervillain-turned-hero is one of the strongest telepaths on the planet. She wields the power of secondary mutation that allows her to turn her whole body into a living diamond.


This, of course, makes her come off as indomitable. While these superpowers may be a tad “conventional”, what, however, is remarkably different is the gift that she has received in manipulation and social engineering.


Add to that the fact that Emma Frost has the money and prestige necessary to bring both people and countries to their very knees.



28. Magik




When she was a kid, Ilyana Rasputin was trapped in the underworld. There, she learned the tricks of sorcery and was able to survive potentially disastrous encounters with demons. Best recognized for her ability to travel through time, she is also in possession of power that allows her to teleport and take groups of people with her.


Needless to say, this allows her to ferry whole combat squads behind enemy lines. One crucial reason why she is referred to as Magik is that she happens to be a mighty magic user.


Not only can she bind demons to her will but she can also dispel other magical attacks. If that wasn’t enough, she even goes a step ahead and forges part of her soul into her Soulsword, which is a powerful magical weapon that she wields with the skill of an ace duelist.



29. Bishop




Bishop is a true survivor, who has grown up in the dystopian future from the Days of Future Past story. Those who are familiar with the character would remember that he was born in a concentration camp and branded across his eye with the letter M, therefore, marking him as a mutant.


Since he is a mutant, it is a given that he must be blessed with a ton of powers. Not only does he have enhanced physical strength and endurance but he also possesses the ability to know where he is at all times.


However, his greatest strength lies in his ability to absorb and re-release energy, while even increasing its strength when he needs to. Cyclops was once seen targeting Bishop with the full strength of his optic blasts.


But, courtesy of his ability to soak, Bishop absorbed the attack without batting an eye. What followed was him re-releasing an even stronger blast.



30. Psylocke




Psylocke may be a telepath, but unlike Jean Grey, she is yet to climb the ladder in the power structure and achieve her Omega-level mutant abilities. While Jean Grey wields the power to damage someone’s mind and Charles Xavier can use his strengths to change anyone else’s mind, Psylocke, on the other hand, can be seen putting her powers as a telepath to shoot psionic daggers at people to use.


Since she also carries the ability to use astral projection, and mind-control, and paralyze someone’s mind, parallels are often drawn between her and Jean Grey. This only goes on to underscore the fact that Psylocke is worthy enough to be a dangerous Omega-level mutant.



31. Darwin




Darwin is a very powerful mutant, who, unfortunately, got the most attention only when he was part of the X-Men: First Class movie. We certainly do believe that he deserved more screen time in the motion picture before Sebastian Shaw went on to kill him.


He thrives on his spectacular powers of self-protection, which means that whenever someone tries to kill or even hurt him, his body mutates to defend him. Depicted to be nearly immortal in the comics, he is known to have survived the death touch by Hela.


However, what separates Darwin from the others on this list is that his powers are also very smart. So, when he measures that cannot beat the Hulk, his mutant powers teleport him away to rescue him.


That said, what makes one feel that he has some serious Omega-level talent is that he can become as strong as the level of danger he’s supposed to face.



32. Monet St. Croix


Monet St. Croix


What our readers must remember about Monet St. Croix is that she is better than everyone else. Popularly known as M, she quite literally carries the mutant power to become a near-perfect human being.


While she is blessed with superhuman strength, speed, and endurance, she also has a healing factor and enhanced senses. Add to that the fact that her brain works at an accelerated speed to tackle the issues at hand.


If you think we were done listing all her special powers, well, you’re wrong. She can also be seen flying, has telekinesis and can sense other mutants as well.



33. Havok




There is no denying that Cyclops has managed to make quite an impression, all thanks to his role both as a member of the X-Men and later as a mutant terrorist.


However, he wasn’t the only mutant to watch out for in the Summers family. It might sound a bit far-fetched, but we believe that his brother, Havok, might have him beat in raw power.


Havok, who has the mutant ability to absorb cosmic energy into his body, can be seen using it to create destructive blasts. While how much energy can he absorb is up for debate, one has seen him absorbing the energy from a star in the past.


Needless to mention, such strength can surely make him Omega-level.



34. Gambit




One of the most renowned members of the X-Men in the ’90s, Gambit receives a lot of flack today. While he still has admirers, his on-again/off-again love story with Rogue ceased to work for them.


Even though he carries the impressive mutant ability to charge objects that he can use as weapons, Gambit is not as in demand in today’s Marvel Universe. Be that as it may, an alternate-world version of Gambit (Earth-9921) showed that if he practiced and trained rigorously, he could almost become as powerful as the gods and other Omega-level mutants.



35. Polaris




The fact that Polaris is the daughter of Magneto ends up lending her impressive powers in the first place. While she is an Alpha-level mutant at present, she does carry the potential to rise to the Omega level, much like her father.


Therefore, it is really not surprising that her primary mutation happens to be the same as her dad, which is their ability to manipulate magnetic fields. While Polaris may take some time to reach Magneto’s level of control, she certainly will be there.


Known to have gained her powers back after M-Day, she can also absorb energy and increase her magnetic control at will. If that doesn’t sound like Omega-level stuff to you, we do not know what will!



36. Sunfire




Shiro Yoshida, who joined the all-new, all-different international team of X-Men as Sunfire, is able to absorb solar radiation and generate super-heated plasma in numerous ways. Even though he joined the X-Men squad alongside Storm, Wolverine, and Colossus, he didn’t really stay with them for long.


However, he did find his way back into the team time and again. While one may feel that Sunfire is only good enough to throw blasts of fire, he, in actuality, is one of Marvel’s strongest mutants.


Also, it is imperative to mention that he can harness atomic heat as well as unleash radioactive blasts if he tends to loosen his grip on his outstanding capabilities.



37. Synch




Quite like Prodigy, Synch is someone whose mutant abilities work in concert with those around him. Since he has been picked to join Krakoa’s first X-Men crew, he’s seen learning to regulate the many abilities of his teammates and, sometimes, putting things into perspective.


Synch went on to show how beneficial his powers are when he is caught up with Laura Kinney and Darwin in The Vault. He remains alive in The Vault for a century courtesy of Wolverine’s healing factor and Darwin’s ability to adapt to their surroundings.



38. Tempus




Eva Bell, who is a new mutant that appeared in Gold Coast, Australia, went on to develop the ability to control time in spheres around her. Since she was able to slow and speed up time at will, her powers often ended up making her nervous.


Tempus became an integral part of the success of Krakoa and is also an important part of the resurrection protocols. While she is seen utilizing her power to bring the genetic eggs her teammates have created to adult age in a short time, she has also gone on to ensure the revival of the mutant population all thanks to her capabilities.



39. Julio Richter


Julio Richter


Yet another mutant to be depowered on M-Day, Julio Richter saw his father getting annihilated by the mutant Stryfe; something that compelled him to persevere himself as the many-costumed hero, Rictor.


While he was able to regain his seismic powers due to Scarlet Witch’s tampering, he was also helped by Apocalypse in regaining control of his abilities. Since Rictor’s mutant ability gives him an empathetic connection to the earth, he can feel things as large as shifts in tectonic plates, to as tiny as an ant in the ground.


Known for having provoked seismic shifts in the Earth, his powers have now also expanded to controlling plant life and magma, and even terraforming the earth.



40. Doctor Nemesis


Doctor Nemesis


Born in 1906 in San Francisco, Dr. Nemesis may have started working with the Nazis during the Second World War, but, thankfully, realized his mistakes sooner than later. In fact, he went on to spend the next six decades hunting down Nazi scientists.


Best known to have created a cocktail of chemicals to remain physically fit at all times, he was recruited by Beast to join X-Club and prevent the extinction of the mutant race.


This genius, who has a mutant power of a “self-evolved intellect”, has played a massive role in the creation of the Krakoan miracle drugs, which the island nation has been producing and distributing the world over.



41. Forge




One of the most underrated and long-time members of the X-Men, Forge is a mutant with unparalleled brilliance in technology. He has had a lengthy career as a government weapons contractor and is known for being the X-Men’s gearhead.


Some of the best inventions of this incredibly creative individual are Cerebro, the Blackbird, and the Danger Room. His genius-level intellect and abilities permit him to comprehend any sort of technological or mechanical device in his vicinity.



42. Sebastian Shaw


Sebastian Shaw


Sebastian Shaw is as cunning as he is powerful and is, therefore, a worthy and long-time X-Men villain. He is known to have undertaken several attempts to destroy the X-Men and empower himself; primarily during the Dark Phoenix Saga.


Shaw thrives on his ability to absorb and redistribute kinetic energy and uses them to increase his speed, strength, and agility. However, what makes him incredibly resilient is the fact that the more hurt he takes, the stronger he gets.



43. Prodigy




Prodigy is an exceptionally smart mutant who possesses the power to absorb the knowledge and skills of people in his vicinity. After having taken up his codename, he goes on to do justice to the perception of being one of the smartest students to have ever enrolled at the Xavier Institute.


While he carries the potential to become the next big brain among the X-Men, David’s life is altered after he’s depowered on M-Day. His collaboration with Eye-Boy went on to become one of the standout partnerships.


Prodigy not only worked to solve crimes and inexplicable events surrounding mutant deaths but he also went on to examine his own mysterious death and resurrection.



44. Dazzler




Originally a pop star, Allison Blaire discovered her mutant ability to convert sound into light but had no intention whatsoever to go into crime-fighting. Dazzler is a highly sought-after mutant who joined the X-Men after having rejected membership from X-Factor, the Hellfire Club, and the Avengers.


She carries the power to convert sound into light, using any sort of nearby sonic vibrations. Also, the light that has been converted can be projected as blinding flashes, photon blasts, or even holograms.


Dazzler also has advanced control over both sound and light and the application of her powers can hands down be limitless.



45. Boom-Boom




Tabitha Smith may have used a few different codenames over the years, but the one that managed to stick and does justice to her youthful demeanor was Boom-Boom. Smith, who is somehow able to hide her traumatic upbringing, has the powerful ability to create devasting time bombs of plasma energy.


Formerly named Meltdown, she can create plasma bombs of different sizes that she can further manipulate depending on her need. While Boom-Boom’s bombs sure do pack a punch, what stops her from becoming an incredibly lethal threat is the unbelievable control she has over her powers.



46. Wolverine




It is highly arguable if Wolverine is among the strongest mutants to walk the face of the earth. But, nobody can ever deny that he might just be the most popular one.


Even though he is a mutant who possesses animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, and the unmatched ability to heal, the fan pages will not admit that his most potent ability is his ‘popularity armor’.


He may not be in possession of a powerset that is too impressive or lethal, but his larger-than-life depiction in the X-Men movies and their spin-offs have made him insanely popular among the masses.


He is definitely not an Omega-level mutant, but we all continue to love and empathize with him. While most folks would run away from a battle that they knew they would lose, Logan, on the other hand, readies himself no matter what the outcome.



47. Mystique




Raven Darkholme, or Mystique, as she is best known, is known for her ability to mimic another person in the most detailed manner possible. While this allows her to infiltrate all but the most secure infrastructures on the planet, it also often prompts her to begin fights with other mutant factions as well as kickstart coups from the inside.


However, there are a few limitations that keep Mystique from nearing Omega-level status. She may be able to mimic the appearances of others, but she cannot really possess their powers; therefore, making it slightly easier for others to discover her.



48. Deadpool




One of the most popular characters to make it to our list, Deadpool is best known for his popularity and his inability to keep mum. While he is not as overpowered as Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 made him out to be, he can make you chuckle from time to time through his gags. Even though he relies a bit too much on his ‘popularity armor’, it doesn’t really make him an Omega-level mutant.


However, he does command a lot of respect among his peers, courtesy of the money that his movies have gone on to make at the ticket windows.



49. Nightcrawler




Kurt Wagner, popularly known as Nightcrawler, possesses the amazing ability to teleport from one location to another. He can enter an alternate plane of existence called the Brimstone Dimension every time he aims to teleport.


Even though it may sound like an Omega-level ability to most of us, it does have its shortcomings. Nightcrawler can’t teleport himself or anyone else to any location that he wishes to.


His limits are about 2 miles east-to-west and 3 miles north-to-south. Be that as it may, most of us are still fond of his rather pious personality.



50. Mister Sinister


Mister Sinister


Stated to be an Alpha-level mutant, Nathaniel Essex, who is popularly known as Mister Sinister, parted with his humanity after a run-in with Apocolypse. The meeting is shown to have altered him both biologically and mentally.


While he became increasingly obsessed with mutantkind he also wished to become more like them. Unfortunately, Essex took the dark route and started abducting them in order to be able to forcibly blend their DNA with his own.


Needless to say, he went on to possess a vast array of powers that he’s stolen from mutantkind. That being said, Essex can try all he wants but there is a strong possibility that he may never be able to achieve Omega-level status.



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