Top 30 Anime Like Violet Evergarden

Anime like Violet Evergarden


Violet Evergarden is a show that will always attract more and more viewers as it is something special on its own. With deep human emotions and a slow yet captivating story in place, this anime is known for being an experience that you can’t help but appreciate with all your heart.


However, as anime fans, you might want to watch something that’s on the same lines as Violet yet has new elements to bring forward. And so, this article is going to be a boon for you as today, we will be listing down some anime that you should watch if you had a great time watching Violet Evergarden.


So without any further ado, let’s hop into it.




1. Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms


Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms


Maquia talks about a girl who happens to belong to a race known as Lorph. This race is known for having the ability to live for hundreds of years. And so, one time, when Maquia was passing across a warzone, she ended up taking an infant home and raising him as her own son.


However, that entire experience is going to be something that will shake you from the core as the man will be having a life he wouldn’t have had otherwise. And with the essence of motherly love, Maquia is going to make you fall in love with the anime medium yet again.


That’s why, it is a show that all of you need to watch no matter the cost. It is that impressive.




2. Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World-


Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World-


This is a relatively simple, yet fulfilling story. Kino’s journey is all about a boy named Kino who happens to be fascinated with the idea of travelling. Therefore, along with his bike Hermes, he ends up going from one place to another, searching for something worthwhile and finding some of the most eye-opening experiences he could have ever had.


However, it’s not all flowers and rainbows as he also experiences miseries and hardships in his journey. After all, that’s the beauty of travelling. You don’t know what will arrive. However, when it does, it’s always worthwhile.




3. A Silent Voice


A Silent Voice


A Silent Voice is a beautiful movie that will tell you a very refreshing story. The movie focuses on a guy named Ishida Shoya who ends up bullying a girl who can’t speak and listen.


However, his actions end up biting him later on, so much so that he ends up losing his life altogether. But later on, he gets a chance to redeem himself and that’s where things start to get interesting and emotional for both Ishida and the girl whom he ended up bullying.


Let’s just say that this experience will shake the viewers from the core and there’s no denying that it’s a beautiful visual.




4. Iroduku: The World in Colors


Iroduku: The World in Colors


This story will give you a completely new way to look at colours. In a way, it will highlight the importance of these reflections. The show focuses on a girl named Hitomi Tsukishiro who happens to be losing her eyesight as she is unable to see any color in this world.


She belongs to a family of witches and so, her grandmother decides to send her 60 years back where she will meet a younger version of her grandmother and a stoic person whose paintings will give her a completely new experience.


However, why is she being sent here specifically? That’s a question that will be answered.



5. Fullmetal Alchemist


Fullmetal Alchemist


Known as one of the most beautiful anime ever created, we have Fullmetal Alchemist. This series talks about Edward and Alphonse Elric who happened to be brothers experiencing hell as one of them lost his arm and the other lost his whole body.


However, they decide to venture out and find the Philosopher’s Stone and make things right for themselves. However, in their world, in the world of Alchemy, nothing is given for free.


For something to be created, something of equal value must be exchanged. And this philosophy is what Edward and Alphonse will try and bend.



6. The Ancient Magus’ Bride


The Ancient Magus' Bride


The story talks about Chise Hatori who happened to be bought by a mage as his slave. Now, this seems like a horrible situation as she might be moving towards a miserable life from this point forward.


However, that isn’t the case. Instead, she is going to experience a completely new life as this mage isn’t going to have her for long. Soon enough, she is bought again by Elias and he ends up freeing her from captivity.


However, he makes a bold claim in the process. He says the Chise is not only going to be his apprentice but also his bride. And then the story starts to take shape.



7. To Your Eternity


To Your Eternity


This anime is going to give you a new way to look at your life. And that’s why it is admired by fans all around the globe. To Your Eternity is a series about exploration and finding what it means to be a being in this world.


The depths and complexities of this show exceed that of any other anime you would have watched and that’s why, it is a beautiful piece for all those who want to experience something that will be a slow burner but hit the right spots.


The anime is meaningful and entertaining while also being based on fantasy and having a touch of human emotions



8. Plastic Memories


Plastic Memories


Plastic Memories will make you lose your eyes. That’s how beautiful the story is. The series talks about a relationship that ends up being a reality between Androids and humans.


However, this relationship is a lot more complex than you might assume. Although it’s a connection between an artificial being and a real human, it is still going to be game-changing for us viewers.


Diving deep into the realm of human emotions and making the most out of human drama, this show is going to give you an experience that will shape the way you look at anime altogether.



9. Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song


Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song


This story is talking about a world where AI has finally become an integral part of our lives. And the main character, Vivy, has been given a task to spread happiness to everyone.


However, she is then assigned another task. And this one is a lot more important since it involves a war that will unfold in the future. And only Vivy has the power to stop it.


That’s why her presence is going to be crucial to make this a reality. And so, if you haven’t watched this anime yet, you need to do so as soon as possible. This stuff is absolutely fire and you will fall in love with it.



10. Your Lie In April


Your Lie In April


Kosei Arima is a prodigy who has the skills of a professional when it comes to playing Piano at a very young age. However, this character will be the one that will face a halt due to a tragedy that took place in his life.


However, things start to get interesting when he ends up meeting Kaori Miyazono who is a woman skilled in Violin. And she will spark Kosei’s interest in music yet again.


However, let’s just say that this isn’t going to be as easy as it may seem and the relation that these two will make along with each other is what separates this show from the rest.



11. Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee


Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee


This story is set in an interesting world where reality is dangerous and unique at the same time. The show is placed in AmberGround where Lag Seeing works as a Letter Bee.


He, along with his companions, Niche and Steak, goes on to fight the roads of AmberGround which happens to have Gaichuu, a deadly creature. However, this is an interesting experience overall as we witness this man try to pave his way to figure out the mystery revolving around his mother and the government that seems to be controlling the lands of AmberGround.



12. Death Parade


Death Parade


This anime will give you a good understanding of what it means to die. And the sins that we commit as humans are a lot more complex than we might think.


However, that’s what makes Death Parade so worthwhile. The show talks about a bar that you get to experience in your afterlife. This said bar will determine a new life for you in the form of a game.


If you win the game, you will be enjoying a great outcome. However, if you lose, your life is going to be quite a mess. With the essence of gambling and the complexities of human drama, Death Parade is nothing less than an eye-opening experience.



13. Natsume’s Book of Friends


Natsume's Book of Friends


Natsume’s Book of Friends is a slow burner that will determine your way of watching anime. However, those who do love Natsume, love it from the depths of their hearts.


And that’s why it is one of the most admired anime of all time. The show talks about Natsume who happened to have himself involved with spirits, all thanks to a book given to him by his grandmother.


However, soon enough, he starts to spend time with these spirits and understand the true nature of them. Along with that, he also goes on to explore the past of her grandmother.



14. Izetta: The Last Witch


Izetta: The Last Witch


This story is set in an alternate universe where World War 2 happens to be taking place. However, what’s important to note here is that this war isn’t like ours.


The show is set in a mythical world with the main character being a witch that has the ability to manipulate anything that she touches. And she has pledged that she will save her princess no matter the cost.


However, that isn’t going to be an easy task so, things are going to get very interesting as we witness our main character strive to make it out of this hell and the experiences are just horrifying.



15. Kobato




This is an interesting story that will grab your attention no matter what. Kobato talks about a girl named Kobato Hanato who has been given a task. The task is that she needs to fill a bottle with people’s healed hearts.


You will understand the meaning of this once you watch the series but essentially, it is going to be an emotional experience overall. And the fact that she is going to be accompanied by a spirit from the spiritual world, adds another layer to the core story.


All in all, Kobato is going to have a time of her life as she fills this bottle. However, she must do so before 4 seasons end.



16. Gunslinger Girl


Gunslinger Girl


This story will shake you from the inside. However, it would most likely be in a negative way. The story talks about a bunch of girls who were about to die at a very young age but were saved by cybernetic technology.


However, from that point forward, they were being trained to be cyborg assassins and now they work for the government. These girls have their own emotions and feelings that are caused due to cybernetic technology.


However, as young children who have been forced to become ruthless killers, these girls are experiencing hell as they live every single day.



17. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End


Frieren: Beyond Journey's End


Freiren is an anime that will highlight the importance of friends to you. And that’s why you need to watch this beautiful show as soon as possible. The story focuses on an Elven mage named Frieren who happens to be part of a group that managed to take down the Demon Lord.


However, once that was done, she parted ways and soon realized that her life was a lot more incomplete than she initially assumed. She is going to meet new people and figure out the true essence of her being as she continues to make new friends and be there for them at all costs.



18. Clannad: After Story


Clannad: After Story


You are going to lose your eyeballs watching this show. That’s how heartbreaking it is. This is Clannad: After Story. The anime is a sequel to the Clannad anime so, you would have to watch that in order to understand everything and all the characters.


However, the moment you do so, you will be ready for an experience that will rejuvenate you from the inside. This series is a fan-favourite and one of the highest-rated anime of all time. Therefore, you can rest assured it’s incredible.



19. A Place Further Than The Universe


A Place Further Than The Universe


A Place Further Than The Universe is another deep and heart-melting story that will change the way you look at your daily endeavours. The show talks about a girl who happened to have lost her mother in Antarctica, three years ago.


However, she isn’t giving up on her and instead, wants to go and find her to make sure that she is fine. Soon enough, she meets another girl who wants to make the most of her youth days and with two more girls, the quadruple decides to head to Antarctica and figure out the mystery that needs to be unveiled.


However, that process is going to be quite interesting, to say the least.



20. Your Name


Your Name


One of the most commercially successful anime movies of all time. You can’t go wrong with it. Your Name is a story that will make you fall in love with Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu, who happened to have their bodies switched by accident.


And now, they are living each other’s life. The interesting thing here is that one of them happens to have a countryside life while the other experiences the hustle-bustle culture of the city.


These experiences will give them an understanding of themselves while also allowing them to search for their bodies back again.



21. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day


Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day


Anohana is a story that will change you from the core. Why? Because this show is something that will make you question a lot of things in life, especially, your friendship.


The story talks about a bunch of friends who happened to have lost a member of their group during their childhood. And soon enough, the entire group got split up.


However, when years later, the ghost of the dead friend reached out to one of the members to fulfil her final wishes, and things started to move again. And as time passed by, everyone realized a lot of new and interesting things about themselves.



22. Eighty-Six




This anime has a lot of themes that you are bound to like if you are a fan of Violet Evergarden. 86 is a series that talks about war and all the complexities and intricacies that exist in the warzone.


How would you feel, fighting against a group, knowing that you are bound to lose and die? Well, that’s exactly what people will be experiencing here. A seemingly deadly life will soon turn into something worthwhile.


And it will all be done thanks to just one kind soul. However, that kind soul will have a hard time with respect to making things right.



23. Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina


Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina


This story will lighten your day and give you a completely new perspective on life and how things should unfold. The show talks about Elaina who happens to be a rare prodigy when it comes to magic.


She is a witch who wanted to enjoy the world and travel around since her inspiration, Nike, has also done the same. However, soon enough, she realizes that this journey is going to be a lot more fun and entertaining than she might expect.


After all, in this world of magic, the possibilities are endless and the mysteries are infinite. There’s no denying that you will love this show.



24. Dororo




Dororo is a beautiful anime series. Why? Because it will teach you the power of perseverance, hard work, and determination. How would you live your life without having any body parts?


Not even your face? Well, it can’t be lived right? RIGHT? WRONG! Dororo is a story that will change the way you look at life and the hardships that you are facing.


It talks about a man named Hyakkimaru who happens to lose every bit of his body due to a trade-off and yet, this man managed to continue to live his life in a way that is nothing less than miserable.


However, it is also extremely motivating to watch.



25. Aria the Animation


Aria the Animation


This anime talks about a world that has been transformed completely. It is set in the 24th century where the characters are residing on Mars. And even the name of the planet has been changed from Mars to Aqua.


The show focuses on Akari Mizunashi and her daily life as a tourist for all those who are arriving at Neo Venezia, which happens to be present on Aqua. The show focuses on her life and the things that she does in order to make the most out of her days.


However, each day will teach us a new lesson and that’s why we need to watch this anime at all costs.



26. Arte




Arte will tell you about Art. Who would have guessed? However, the way this series dives into this work is something worth nothing. Arte talks about a young lady named Arte who happens to be part of an aristocratic family.


And what does she want to be? An artist. However, after she loses her father, she has been placed in an obligation to marry a nobleman and live her life as a housewife.


Therefore, her dream will be crushed. However, she decides to go against the norms and pursue all that she wants to. And that’s why people look up to her at all times.



27. My Happy Marriage


My Happy Marriage


This anime will make you fall in love with romance anime and will also teach you that people aren’t as bad as they might seem. The story talks about a Taisho era where magic exists however, it seems to be in decline now.


Miyo Saimori isn’t able to perform much magic and thus, has always been subject to servitude to her cruel stepmother. However, things start to change when she gets to the age of marriage.


She ends up getting betrothed to Kiyoka Kudou who seems like a very serious, horrifying, and dangerous commander at first. However, soon enough, Miyo realizes that her first impressions about Kiyoka couldn’t have been more wrong.



28. Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed


Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed


The story of this anime will shake you from the core. And that’s why you need to watch it as soon as possible. The series talks about a girl named Fumika who happens to be a mail delivery girl.


However, the letters that she is delivering right now were written by people before they passed away. And now they are being delivered to the concerned individuals. In such a situation, people write things that they couldn’t express when they were alive.


That’s why this entire show will open your eyes to human nature and how people look up to other people.



29. Mushishi




Mushishi is another deep anime that will resonate with a handful of people and instantly become their favourite anime. However, just like most resonating and deep anime, Mushishi is also very slow in its storytelling and that’s why fans often tend to let it slide.


However, if you do get the opportunity to watch it, please don’t let go. The story is crafted in such a way that it will make you understand the meaning of life in a serene and tranquil way.


Also, the core theme of the show is something that all of us need to consider at some point in life, making this even more worthwhile.



30. Haibane Renmei


Haibane Renmei


Haibane Renmei is a fairly slow burner. The story is very intense and highlights emotions in anime that you wouldn’t have experienced before. The series has an interesting format of animation that allows it to have a bit of an old-school look to itself.


And that’s one of the many reasons why people admire that show with all their heart. After all, this specific series is known for being one of the most shaking from the core for any anime fan and that’s why you need to watch it at all costs.


Make sure that you put enough time and energy into it. It is worth the wait.



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