Toy Story 5: Everything We Know So Far

Toy Story 4


Toy Story, the first fully realized computer-animated project, is known to have set new benchmarks in animation following its much-anticipated release in 1995. Praised for the technical innovation of its 3D animation, script, and Newman’s background score, the motion picture appealed to people of all age groups.


While the sequels went on to add to the franchise’s popularity over the next few years, the fact that actors like Tom Hanks and Tim Allen voiced two of its central characters only helped it garner further goodwill among movie buffs across the globe.


It is not surprising then that the animated franchise is frequently lauded as one of the best to have ever been bankrolled in Hollywood. The characters introduced in the series have been wooing audiences ever since the first Toy Story full-length feature hit the screens.


They are well-written, ably voiced, and incredibly diverse. Matter of fact, some of them are so memorable that they have gone on to become iconic over time. Indeed, they help kick-start the series amusingly, as well as do their bit to ensure that the story wraps up in a manner that does not upset the fans.


Credited with ushering in an unprecedented era of mainstream CGI animation, the OG animated franchise is admired by both critics and viewers alike even today. Also, what is even more surprising is that the first Toy Story film marked the official debut of Pixar in the industry.


And, as we all know, it favoured a smooth screenplay, great vocal performances, and bright ideas; each of which helped it in leaving a lasting impression. Therefore, following the release of the first feature, rival production companies started looking up to Pixar and their methods to produce similar projects.


That’s precisely how the true potential of computers came to prominence in Hollywood, and many animators started taking up fresh methods to create cartoons.




Will there be a Toy Story 5?


Pixar is lauded by many for being one of the first production houses to break barriers with the first instalment of the Toy Story franchise, for it was the first fully CGI animated film in the entertainment industry.


Since the release of the first instalment in the mid-90s, the series has gone on to amass over $3 billion at the worldwide box office. In fact, Toy Story 4 alone managed to generate revenues of over $1 billion in 2019.


Needless to mention, the Toy Story franchise of motion pictures is one of the most profitable animated franchises of all time. It is not surprising then that an ambitious team is being put together to bring to you another sequel featuring Woody, Buzz, and all of our favourite toys.


We can vouch for the fact that the fifth instalment of the series is about to go into production as Tim Allen has confirmed that he will be reprising his role as Buzz Lightyear on X (formerly Twitter).


While the official list of the cast members has not been released yet, the film has reportedly been in the works for a while before it was officially announced. The legendary Tom Hanks, who voiced Woody in the first four Toy Story films, is yet to confirm if he’ll reprise his role, but speculations about the potential plot are already being made.




What can we expect from Toy Story 5?


If you’ve followed the storylines of the Toy Story franchise over the years, you’d know that Woody and Buzz got a closure in Toy Story 4. Therefore, there’s a strong possibility that the plot of Toy Story 5 could be split into two halves.


In the first half, we can witness Buzz doing his best to lead Jessie, Rex, and the other toys, such as Forky. Additionally, we could see Bonnie’s struggles in the first grade, or maybe in the 3rd one, provided that the fifth film is set two years after the events of Toy Story 4.


However, the second half may primarily focus on Woody’s new life as a lost toy at a carnival. There, he must be in the company of his favourites, such as Bo, Ducky, Bunny, Giggles McDimples, and Duke Caboom.


We can expect the lot to be assisting prize toys to find new owners. Also, we may very well be able to see the return of Andy as he graduates from college.


If he manages to head to the carnival where Woody lives, it could turn out to be a sight for sore eyes for fans of the franchise. So far as the chief antagonist of the fifth edition is concerned, Sid seems to be qualified to take charge as your modern-day YouTuber who has nothing better to do than to troll people and spread misinformation about the amazing toys.


If not him, there is a possibility that a filthy rich Wall Street businessperson who wants to put the carnival out of business is made the villain. Now, we can’t deny that it’d be an absolute delight to catch Woody and his pals take action against the wicked businessman and prevent their eviction.


That being said, we don’t have details about the story of the fifth instalment yet and all we are doing at the moment is guessing.




What will the cast of Toy Story 5 look like?


Tim Allen


Since Tim Allen has taken to his social media to announce his comeback as the beloved Buzz Lightyear, we are hoping that Tom Hanks decides to step into the shoes of Woody as well.


The latter’s return is imperative because there can’t be Toy Story without the powerhouse voice performances by him and Allen. Moreover, Pixar boss Pete Docter has gone on record to state that the fifth instalment would again primarily focus on the story of Woody and Buzz; therefore, almost confirming the return of Hanks as one of the main characters.


Sadly, we won’t get to see the return of Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head as the actor bid farewell to the mortal world in 2017. But, we are almost certain that the following people will be returning to enact their respective characters: Tony Hale as Forky, Annie Potts as Bo Peep, Joan Cusack as Jessie, Wallace Shawn as Rex, John Ratzenberger as Hamm, and Blake Clark as Slinky Dog.




When will Toy Story 5 hit the screens?


Disney CEO Bob Iger


Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that a return to the world of Woody and Buzz in Toy Story 5 is certain. The sixth full-length feature in the franchise is reportedly ‘in development’ at Pixar and is tipped to hit the screens worldwide in 2026.


However, an official release date is yet to be announced. That being said, Pixar is currently working on at least three untitled projects that are supposed to be released in June 2025, March 2026, and June 2026.


Therefore, rumours are rife that the June 2026 release date may have been booked for the new Toy Story flick. Since the third and fourth Toy Story movies enjoyed summer release dates, it would only be fitting to release Toy Story 5 during the same season in 2026.


The tale of Woody, Buzz, and the rest of Andy’s (and now Bonnie’s) toys has managed to cement a place in the heart of the franchise’s fans over the years.


Now, the potential return of a fresh Toy Story project is only going to get the core Pixar audience incredibly excited. Even though there is a section that has questioned the necessity of a fifth Toy Story film, the makers seem to be in a mood to kick-start the production.



How did Toy Story 4 end?


Toy Story 4 end?


The fourth Toy Story movie shows us Bonnie creating a new toy out of trash items Woody laid out for her on her first day of kindergarten. While she happily names it Forky, the newly-developed toy seems to be withstanding existential crisis, for he continues to keep trying to throw himself away.


This is because he considers himself mere trash and fails to see him as an authentic toy. Soon into the story, we catch Woody accompanying Bonnie and her family on a road trip, where he is pushed to jump out of the RV after Forky.


We catch them stumbling upon Bo’s lamp at an antique shop. Later, Woody is seen reuniting with Bo and her sheep at a playground after having escaped the store without Forky.


On the other hand, we are also made familiar with Buzz’s fate as he gets lost at the carnival and becomes a prize toy. Fortunately for him, he manages to escape with Ducky and Bunny.


Things get even more interesting when Buzz and Co. catch up with Woody and Bo and devise a plan to rescue Forky, who is held hostage by Gabby at the antique shop.


Therefore, Woody strikes up a deal with Gabby, promising to give her his voice box in exchange for Forky. Not long after that Gabby is introduced to her new owner in the form of a little girl that got lost at the carnival.


An emotional send-off is seen as Woody and Buzz prepare to go back home. We witness the latter assuring the former that Bonnie is fine without him and that he should try and live with Bo as a lost toy.


Towards the end, we are also made to see Woody handing his sheriff badge to Jessie, making her the leader of Bonnie’s room.



The Legacy of Toy Story


There is no denying the fact that Pixar’s reign over the world of animation commenced with the release of the first Toy Story movie in 1995. The earth-shattering success of the project allowed the production house to bankroll many more movies and short features.


Over time, Toy Story established itself as the studio’s biggest, most popular, and most profitable franchise. Today, it comprises four films, three TV shows, various short films, and more. A billion-dollar franchise by all means, Toy Story has gone on to become a cultural phenomenon in the three decades of its existence.


Its mind-blowing connection with its core audience has helped it come up with spinoffs, theme park rides, and games over time. Add to that the fact that characters like Woody, Buzz, and Jessie have left an indelible mark on popular culture and their merchandise continues to sell well even today.


With the remarkable success of Toy Story 4 in 2019, the franchise’s cumulative box office earnings have gone past the staggering $3.3 billion mark. Needless to say, Disney’s strategic move to greenlight Toy Story 5 highlights their seemingly new-found desire to scale new heights of box office success in the near future.


Since the two powerhouses, Disney and Pixar, are joining forces to bring this well-mounted animated endeavour to you, we can expect them to keep the enchanting tale alive in one form or another; all while doing their best to capitalize on the franchise’s remarkable financial track record.


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