Queen Of The South Season 6: Everything We Know So Far

Queen of the South Season 6: Everything We Know


Queen of the South is a crime drama television series that aims to familiarize us with the life of Teresa Mendoza. In the story, we find her starting her journey as a poor lady who is forced to go on the run and seek refuge in America; primarily after her drug-dealing boyfriend, a member of a successful drug cartel, is mercilessly murdered in Mexico.


Sooner than later, we catch Alice Braga’s Teresa Mendoza striving to become a powerful drug lord herself. Not only does she want to become affluent and build a vast drug empire but she also wants the exact revenge for her boyfriend’s murder.


In her tough and complex voyage, she joins forces with an unlikely figure from her past. Sure, Teresa starts to mint money sooner than she expects and progresses after combatting a ton of cumbersome circumstances.


While she is able to establish an empire of her own, a realization dawns upon her that it’s also the beginning of a host of new problems. Needless to say, that’s precisely how the show continues to amuse and excite its target audience.


For those who do not know, Queen of the South is based on the Spanish telenovela La Reina del Sur, which itself was based on a novel of the same name by Arturo Pérez-Reverte.


However, ever since the premiere of the show in 2016, a lot of people have gone on to assert that the story of its main lead is at least partially inspired by the life of Sandra Ávila Beltrán; a well-known female drug trafficker whose position in the underworld fetched her the title of “The Queen of the Pacific.”




Official Announcement of Queen of the South Season 6


Developed by M. A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller, the critically acclaimed series started airing in 2016. However, fans who enjoyed the show will be disappointed to read that its makers have announced that there might not be a sixth season.


In fact, its cancellation was made public even before the premiere of its fifth season. Several fan theories have been doing the rounds concerning the sudden cancellation of the project.


Some users believe that one of the major reasons for its discontinuation might be that the network isn’t too keen to focus on original ideas for the show anymore. On the other hand, a few insiders are of the opinion that the decision could have been made following a probable shift in the production houses.


Therefore, as of this moment, Queen of the South Season 6 stands cancelled, and nobody really knows if it’s ever going to see the light of day. So, if you truly are fond of the show, we advise you to binge-watch it once again to make up for the lack of a fresh season.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Queen of the South


Queen of the South has gone on to become one of the most popular shows on American television in the last few years. Needless to say, its five seasons have produced a ton of exciting episodes for its fans.


Those who have seen the series right after its premiere in 2016 must be aware of the fact that it comprises 62 episodes in total. While the first four seasons had 13 episodes each, the fifth one was renewed for 10 episodes in 2019.


Since the production of the show stagnated due to the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fifth season managed to premiere only in 2021. It was around then that the makers made the bold decision to announce that season five marks the end of the series.


In fact, some fans even assume that the reason the fifth season debuted with only 10 episodes is that its makers might have been rushing to wrap up the storyline.


Be that as it may, the high-action series had a successful run of five seasons before culminating in 2021. While we have seen a handful of male drug kingpins enthral us in the past with their heroics, the thought of a tenacious female making her way into the world of drugs was a fascinating one.


The idea was brought to life rather vividly in some of the show’s best-rated episodes, such as Vienen por Ti (Season 4, Episode 13), Diosa de la Guerra (Season 4, Episode 12), Cicatriz (Season 1, Episode, 13), Lo Que Mas Temes (Season 4, Episode 10), and Secretos y Mentiras (Season 4, Episode 8).




Where to Watch Queen of the South


Fans will be elated to know that the creative, intriguing, and heart-pounding story of Teresa Mendoza is available for streaming on Netflix in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada, respectively.




Google Trends Data Analysis for Queen of the South Season 6


Trust us when we say that the searches on Google concerning Queen of the South have been showing a rather erratic pattern over the past 12 months or so. Even though the series was cancelled following the premiere of season five in 2021, people continued to look for it online for a good few months in 2022.


However, there was an immediate decline following the surge, which wasn’t surprising at all given that the makers announced the show’s discontinuation more than two years ago. While there was a limited spike in the number of searches in December 2022 as well, the trends truly peaked in April 2023.


Therefore, it is safe to assume that most viewers must still be streaming or searching for the addictive story of a drug baroness online for the searches to have peaked for a short while earlier this year.


But, one must acknowledge that the trends related to the same will only manage to stand the test of time so long as the updates about a new season are released in the future.



Social Media Engagement for Queen of the South Season 6


Let’s just start by mentioning that the announcement about the show’s discontinuation hasn’t gone down well with the people who might have been waiting for another season of Queen of the South.


We say so because the social media engagement related to the same has been awfully low of late. Looks like most viewers are now aware of the fact that the sixth season has been called-off, which perhaps explains the lack of social media posts regarding the same.


Therefore, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to assert that it won’t take long for most entertainment journalists to stop sharing articles related to the same if the makers continue to keep mum about the sixth season.



Expected Plot of Queen of the South Season 6


The program’s loyal viewers had a great time watching Teresa Mendoza’s rise to prominence in the debut season of the show. While her romance with James Valdez was one of the season’s highlights, season two tracked her attempts to impress Camila Vargas, who happened to be the wife of Don Vargas, the head of the Vargas cartel.


We noticed how she gained further fame and turned out to be a force to be reckoned with in the subsequent seasons, which is precisely why fans of the show anticipated the hit American crime drama thriller series to continue.


During the course of the show, we catch Teresa dealing with the Russian mafia and other cartels while inching closer to getting the Throne. At the same time, we find her getting targeted by the CIA due to her criminal activities.


Needless to say, she has no option but to plan her exit from the underworld, especially after members of her family are caught. Yes, we agree that the possibilities of a revival are marginal now, but we can’t entirely rule out a comeback of the magnificent Mendoza; one that can manage to stump both the fans of the show and her rivals in it alike.


Seeing the leading lady form new alliances to strike fresh deals with a new set of partners might serve as a plot if the makers ever intend to come up with a new season.


While the delay will certainly be prolonged, the creators can certainly pen brand-new adventures for the daring drug baroness.



Top Characters in Queen of the South


1. Teresa Mendoza

Teresa Mendoza


The terrific Teresa Mendoza has had one heck of a ride throughout the five seasons of the series. She commences her journey in the show being a regular money exchanger.


Sooner than later, we find her serving as a drug mule and a negotiator. However, the lady doesn’t take too long to become the boss of the world she aims to conquer.


Even though she loses the love of her life during her tumultuous journey, she barely ever lets the loss impede her eventual success. In fact, her boyfriend’s murder turns out to be a solid motivating force pushing her to ensure the dramatic growth of her cartel.


The calculative and cautious Teresa beats the odds like a boss because she truly is one. Her character arc reminds you pretty much of Tony Montana from Scarface.


2. Pote Galvez

Pote Galvez


If you have seen Queen of the South, you’ll probably feel that Pote Galvez can be called both a throne and a guardian angel in Teresa’s complex life. When he was ordered to slaughter her, something seemed to have stopped him.


Eventually, he goes on to become one of her closest aides who begins to fear for her life. While he has never set goals or boundaries for himself, he certainly does care for Teresa like a daughter.


Needless to say, they travel to most places together and share a very organic relationship in the series.


3. King George

King George


King George can easily be called the king of strangeness. The ultimate smuggler may have been extremely tough on James but he had a seemingly ceaseless crush on Teresa. Be that as it may, he managed to rub the fans the wrong way in his first appearance itself.


However, it was surprising to find him become one of the most trustworthy members of Mendoza’s squad. We feel that the loss of his pal Bilal may have changed him for the better.


Indeed, it is amazing to see him win the trust of both Teresa and Pote. Add to that the fact that he goes on to provide some much-needed comic relief in the story.


4. Javier Jimenez

Javier Jimenez


Just like Pote, we aren’t exactly sure if Teresa can trust Javier Jimenez at first. However, Boaz’s cousin proves to be a loyal member of her gang over time. While he did fall for his cousin’s fiancé, there is no denying the fact that he could be trusted by Teresa’s formidable squad.


Since finding his replacement could prove to be a task, losing him was indeed a massive blow.


5. Kelly Anne Van Awken

Kelly Anne Van Awken


Ask any ardent fan of Queen of the South and they’ll tell you that Kelly Anne doesn’t feel like a major character when she first makes an appearance on the show.


However, we soon realize that she is supposed to be more than just a ditzy wife in the storyline. One of the show’s biggest surprises was seeing her have Teresa’s back despite the ups and downs that the two had gone through previously in the tale.


Not only does she venture into a relationship with Pote over time but she also manages to cement a place for herself in the organization.



Important Crew Members of Queen of the South


1. Joshua John Miller and M.A. Fortin

Joshua John Miller and M.A. Fortin


M. A. Fortin is known to have written scripts with his life partner Joshua John Miller. The duo joined hands to write the screenplay for the 2015 horror comedy The Final Girls.


Not long after that, they commenced work on the pilot of the crime drama series Queen of the South. They also served as executive producers and writers on the show.


2. Eduardo Sánchez and David Boyd

Eduardo Sánchez


Eduardo Sánchez is a Cuban-born American director who was perhaps best known for his work on 1999’s The Blair Witch Project; that is until he commenced work on Queen of the South.


He helmed the maximum number of episodes for the show and was aided by David Boyd; a cinematographer and director of television and film who gained attention for his work on television shows such as Firefly and The Walking Dead.


3. Giorgio Moroder and Raney Shockne

Giorgio Moroder and Raney Shockne


Giorgio Moroder and Raney Shockne have done their best to complement the storytelling with their rhythmic, pulsating electronic score. Needless to say, the sound that they have provided does justice to the tension injected into the screenplay.


The synth-heavy original score is precisely what was needed to help bring the action-packed narrative to life.


4. Abraham Martinez, John Brawley, Cameron Duncan

John Brawley


If you’ve seen the show, you’d be able to gauge that its cinematographers were serious about ensuring that their work comes off as authentic and responsible. The trio of Abraham Martinez, John Brawley, and Cameron Duncan has alone worked in the cinematography in a total of 61 episodes.



Shows Similar to Queen of the South


Queen of the South thrived on its depiction of cruelty, bloodshed, ceaseless violence, and smuggled goods. Now that the series has concluded, its ardent viewers must be looking forward to watching something along the same lines.


So, we are here to help.


1. La Reina Del Sur

La Reina Del Sur


In La Reina Del Sur, we follow an unassuming and naive woman who goes on to become the leader of a drug cartel after getting involved with a powerful man in drug trafficking.


However, her life soon takes a dramatic turn and she has no option but to trek onwards and forget her history.


2. Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor


This political thriller drama series tracks the journey of Thomas Kirkman, a lowly cabinet minister, who is forced to rise to the occasion after a mysterious attack slays the president and wipes out everybody in the line of succession.


Kirkman’s journey resembles Teresa’s in the sense that she also has to withstand a ton of problems to become a leader after her boyfriend is killed in the story.


3. Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue


In Shades of Blue, we catch singer Jennifer Lopez putting her acting skills on display by portraying Detective Harlee Santos. She is pushed to work in the F. B. I.’s anti-corruption task force while dealing with her many financial issues.


The singer-actress won accolades for her performance in the show.


4. Julia



Julia might be a sitcom but it certainly has a lot to share with Queen of the South. A lot many critics call it one of the first shows to have gone against the stereotypical portrayal usually associated with African-American women.


Indeed, Julia and Teresa both are self-depended ladies who go against society and defy all norms.


5. Narcos



Narcos derives its strength from some ruthless cartel killing depicted in its story. If you’ve seen Queen of the South, you’d know that it is also full of some unpredictable killing/s.


So, those who have relished watching Teresa’s journey will certainly have a great time following the DEA’s takedown of Pablo Escobar in Narcos/Narcos: Mexico.


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