Top 50 Best Short Anime Movies Of All Time

top 50 best short anime movies of all time


Short movies are featured films with less time but give the same entertainment and vision as any long-run film.


It may have a running time of 40 minutes or around, however, the development of stories is always there.


When it comes to anime then these things do follow computer designs and art. With the authentic presentation of story and characters, short movies become more digestible, especially in the world of rush.


Many franchises and labels have made anime that is known worldwide as it becomes a cheap way to know the taste of the audience.


It follows the same for those groups of viewers who may not have an interest in movies but want to experiment with different genres.


So if you ever wondered what to watch and what to follow in short anime movies, then here are the best for you:




1. Momotaro’s Sea Eagles (1943)


momotaro's sea eagles (1943)


Released on 25 March 1943, the movie has themes of military and history. It is a 36-minute movie that was directed by Mitsuyo Seo.


Despite getting mixed reviews, the movie is remarkable for its animation and art which made it one of the best examples of a classic.


It has a very synchronized narrative that comes with the perspective of the bombing of Pearl Harbour and the attacks of World War II.


It has a black-and-white animation that starts with flashing clouds that appear to be very real. Forming waves of water and creating characters with the characteristics of reality is again one of the best presents in the movie.


The movie has deep meaning and its ability to portray that deep meaning in such a short time is what separates it from the rest.


Not to mention that despite having a typical classical movie aesthetic, the series does manage to portray a rather modern outlook to the overall series. 




2. The Dull Sword (1917)


the dull sword (1917)


Junichi Kouchi’s directorial 4-minute film is related to comedy and Samurai. The story is of a Samurai who loses every time he attacks his opponent.


The only reason behind his losing battles is the dull instruments, the title of the movie. To understand the sword, he always tries to use it or attack passers-by.


Instead of taking these things very lightly, the townspeople started fighting with him and knocking him down completely. It is a 10 on 10 anime as it gives a delightful view of its character and also scenes.


The visual animation present in that era is presented very strongly and it is relevant in the 21st century. The beauty of this series far exceeds anything we have seen in our lives.


The sheer historical symbolism that this movie has to offer is something that is far beyond comprehension and dives into layers that we wouldn’t have imagined otherwise. 



3. Shelter (1980)


Shelter (1980)


Coming with 7 minutes of running time, the movie is well known among audiences for its Avant-Garde theme. The movie is set in a cave that is full of images of trees and surroundings.


Apart from the images of trees it also carries the images of paintings with many colors intermixed. With these paintings, one can easily find the sound of Wartime Radio Communication And also harmonious composition which was created through bombing.


The movie is more of a documentary kind rather than fictional. And that’s the reason why every aspect of it gives all literary points of view.



4. Katsudou Shashin (1907)


Katsudou Shashin (1907)


Nothing much in particular is known about the movie except for the fact that it is related to a young boy dressed in sailor attire.


That is shown by some of the Japanese characters which translate to “a moving picture”. Soon this boy completed writing sentences then he faced the audience and showed his respect.


A fixed year is not confirmed for this movie however, it is considered that it must be created somewhere between 1905 to 1911.


Being one of Japan’s oldest animations, it has become an archaic or classic form of Anime. If we look up the story then it remains out of context however, the art is very good as it shows the style of that era.


It is a silent film that leaves the audience in shock.



5. Noiseman Sound Insect (1997)


Noiseman Sound Insect (1997)


Getting released on 22 November 1997, the film has a running time of just 15 minutes. It is an action science fiction that comes with fantasy.


The movie is set somewhere in the future in an imaginary city called Cahmpon. In that city, a scientist decided to create a synthetic firm and named it Noiseman.


The work of this Noiseman is to erase music that is present in the air and turn it into crystals.


The animation of the movie is very solid as it carries the quality between a TV series and a featured film.


The sound is also on the level of expectation and perhaps one of the most impressive in short anime movies.



6. Uchuu Enban Dai-Sensou (1975)


Uchuu Enban Dai-Sensou (1975)


The story is about Duke Fleed who is a fugitive of the planet Fleed. When the armies of Vega were holding the power then they decided to kick him out of the planet which resulted in a life-changing experience.


The movie then shows a romance between the Duke and the daughter of Vega that started before the wars on the planet.


Despite knowing the romance sequence, the armies of Vega and Fleed decided to go to war, thus action prevails.


This movie is one of the most recommendable for those who love to watch classic animation as it has great characters and themes to go with it.


However, the scenes remained flat with a little confusing plot.



7. Great Mazinger tai Getter Robo G: Kuuchuu Daigekitotsu (1975)


Great Mazinger tai Getter Robo G: Kuuchuu Daigekitotsu (1975)


This movie is about the re-imagination of the Getter Robo TV series. It has a lot of action that is going on which started with the death of Musashi and includes the launch of Getter Robo G.


Apart from this, it is also about Benkei who joins the team as well as Great Mazinger comes into the story with the help of a new great booster.


There are so many happenings in the movie that resulted in lacking drama and suspense. It can be seen through Benkei having no introduction and the character of Getter Robbo having no excitement at all.


Coming to the antagonist then it is Pikadron who is a mechanical monster whose body is surrounded by light rays.


Even after carrying many abilities, the stories seem to be quite predictable.



8. Kujira no Chouyaku (1998)


Kujira no Chouyaku (1998)


Kujira no Chouyaku is a fantasy drama movie that was released on 14 November 1998. The movie is very well known in Japan and its popularity can be seen through the Grand Prize at the second Japan Media Art Festival.


The story is related to a glassy ocean and a whale that spends half a day gracefully around the sky.


The water of oceans and glaciers was presented in unmoving 3D computer graphics that gave transparency to the film.


All the characters, whether it is the whale or people, or ships, are drawn by hand which invites the audience into their world.


Since this movie is a poem-written animation, it creates a true fantasy among the audience.



9. Little Witch Academia (2013)


little witch academia (2013)


Little Witch Academy is about young witches who got inspired by a magician named Shiny Chariot. Among them is Atsuko Kagari who always wanted to become like her idol and entered Little Witch Academy with a dream of becoming great as well as cool like her Idol.


This short movie leaves room or space for expansion but at the same time has many loose ends in its art structure.


The diversity in characters is appreciable as they do not go with any stereotypes but their own identity. Despite carrying a good animation, the movie got stressed in some scenes which needs to become more fluid and smooth.


A rather beautiful story that will entertain the masses and allow us to get a deeper understand of the witch world narratives and how they can be approached from various different angles.


Always remember one thing, this anime is just as underrated as you would expect and so, you need to take a look at it asap. 



10. Tomato Confit (2012)


Tomato Confit (2012)


Living with siblings is one of the best things but at the same time, it becomes worse if the two possesses different attitude and life.


The same has happened in the movie called Tomato Confit. It is related to the story of two brothers living in a town in which the elder one lived alone while the younger with parents.


The conflict between the two brothers went to a height where they occasionally called each other. The elder brother is emotional as well as impatient and does no work while the younger one always tries to make his way.


The story gets its title and turns when the elder brother changes into a tomato face. This Mayuko Yamakita directorial film is very much known for its animation but also lacks in the same category in many scenes.



11. Tabisuru Nuigurumi: Traveling Daru (2012)


Tabisuru Nuigurumi: Traveling Daru (2012)


Released on 4 April 2012, the movie deals with the genre of a slice of life under 10 minutes of running.


One can easily access anime through Crunchyroll which shows the story of Daru. Daru is a stuffed toy who got lost and separated from the owner at the airport.


With a mission of finding her owner, she started a journey through the whole world. But as time passes, the owner started forgetting about her stuffed toy but Daru always remembers the owner.


The movie has carried a moral theme with no dialogue except for 2 sentences that ended in English. Various images present in each scene come with a great sound that made art a spectacular form.



12. Shanshui Qing (1988)


Shanshui Qing (1988)


Also known as Feeling From Mountain And Water, the movie carried a musical theme of under 19 minutes. Since it is a musical-based movie then one can easily hear the perfection of sound which comes through water and wind.


The story is related to a young girl and an elderly man which is presented well under a peaceful scenario.


The young girl cares a lot about this elderman and that’s the reason why he decided to give her lessons in the guqin.


Animation is very fluid with beautiful artwork of visuals. Apart from peaceful music one can also go for its presentation and the choices of characters as makers decided to go with just two.



13. A Poet’s Life (1974)


a poet's life (1974)


Carrying a very moral and life philosophy where everyone is the same, the story detects the life of poor and rich beings alike.


It started with a poor worker who got fired from his factory in demand to increase his wage. Due to poverty, the survival of his mother became the hardest part, and soon got into the spinning wheel of nature.


The story then suddenly changes its tone when a great storm covers all the people of town without looking at the matter of being rich or poor.


The animation is shown in black and white outlook which gives the vibe of the typical late 20th century.


The way this anime portrays horror is very unique. Instead of jumpscares or anything else that is very cliche in anime or any medium of horror, they decided to go for the idea that despair is present and hope is absent.


This allowed us to become even more invested in this series. 



14. The Night of Taneyamagahara (2006)


The Night of Taneyamagahara (2006)


The story started with a joyful tone where 4 workers were seen around a campfire, enjoying their best life.


Three of them are engaged in different talking and things but some strange noises started coming. The strange noises gained the attention of the three workers who started discussing among themselves, leading to waking the sleeping companion.


Coming to sleeping companion then he wakes up and goes back to sleep, only to dream. The movie has carried a psychological theme with a slice of life and fantasy.


In under 27 minutes, makers have given their best and one can fall in love with the art direction and sound effect that comes with regional dialect.



15. Pictures at an Exhibition (1966)


Pictures at an Exhibition (1966)


Getting released on 11 November 1966, the movie has got a lot of popularity in its era and also in the present scenario.


It is a comedy that has a great segment of animation but without any dialogue. The story deals with some major characters present in modern society which includes a self-obsessed man and a plastics surgeon among many others.


It gives us the theme of civilization which becomes best at times and worst too. The art and animation of Pictures at an Exhibition becomes favorites as they carried a creative approach with high quality.


The background score is also great even in the 21st century.



16. The Closet (2014)


The Closet (2014)


The Closet is a drama movie that is related to the themes of jealousy and family relation. The story is of a young girl who wants all the attention of her mother as she got occupied with her recently born baby.


In the jealousy of a younger sister, the girl started doing some unusual activity that may be considered indisciplined.


Coming to animation and characters then it could have done better but if one regards it as the first work of Satomi Maiya then it is quite well with Koji Yamamura being the producer of the movie.



17. House of Flames (1979)


house of flames (1979)


The next in the line is the House of Flames which has the theme of history and mythology. Since it is a history and mythology the supernatural is one of the other themes that are present in the movie.


The story is related to a young woman named Unai Otome who lives in a village. Because of her beauty, two males fell in love, leading to confusion in choices.


To go with any one of the two options, she went with the third one and took her life.


The story then travels many years where a pilgrim worked near her grave and met a young woman, the story once again rises from the time.


A beautiful work of art that seems to have gone missing in the realm of anime history and that’s why, it needs to be brought back to life again.


Moreover, this show is something that will entertain you from the core if you don’t mind being acquainted with the old art style at all. 



18. Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor (2007)


Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor (2007)


The story is related to the devastating life of a doctor who started very happily with his profession but ended up losing everything.


It started with an event where the doctor was preoccupied with some of his personal distractions. Due to this reason, he failed to recover a vital wound and that’s why got humiliated by the villagers.


The movie shows how things become difficult for doctors as patients and their families always expect all the impossibilities from their professions.


The movement of animation is very skillful and clever and the same goes for a sound that fits well in every scene.


Overall, it is a pretty work of the makers as well as for the fan of those who follow psychology and philosophical cinema.



19. Briar-Rose or The Sleeping Beauty (1990)


Briar-Rose or The Sleeping Beauty (1990)


Sleeping Beauty as a fairy tale has got a lot of adaptations and this movie is also one of them.


The story started in almost a similar way as the original story but the core plot differs from the original.


Comparing it to the original then instead of falling under any mistaken spell, the heroine started finding the mystery of a man who cursed her.


It is not just related to the man but also to the mother of a young heroine who became one of the supporting characters.


Coming to the ending then all the characters have not lived happily ever after like in the original story.



20. Harmonie (2014)


Harmonie (2014)


Akio Honjou being a high school student has always wanted to live the best life through the special ability of music.


He can recall any kind of music that he heard just once. The story goes to the day when he met Juri Makina whose phone played a tune that attracted him instantly.


This movie has a great influence on art through which characters understand emotional as well as intellectual aspects. It is one of the 4 movies that were funded by the government of Japan to support training animators.


And without any doubt, it definitely stood upon its mission with great animation effects and art.



21. To Shoot Without Shooting (1988)


To Shoot Without Shooting (1988)


It is an adventure and supernatural movie that comes with the themes of martial arts and Samurai. Ji Chang being the protagonist is the one who always looks for the best in the world.


His capability is beyond enriching as can be seen through his shooting a leave at a distance. He started visiting his master after many times of training and eventually learned all the techniques.


To learn more about it, he started the journey through the mountains and looked for an old man with some supernatural abilities.


The animation in 1988 is not up to the mark of the current scenario but the art was appreciable.


Coming to characters then they are more moral and philosophically driven than the action.



22. Dojoji Temple (1976)


Dojoji Temple (1976)


Coming under the running time of 17 minutes, this historical and supernatural movie is based upon the ancient legend that became one of the typical themes to cover.


The story is of a young priest who got surrounded by intense infatuation and the lust of a woman.


Declining the advances of the woman, she became more lustful and transformed herself into a huge serpent. Due to the passion of women, so intense and dreadful at the same time, the priest had no choice but to hide under the bell of the temple.


The animation and motion become standard and slow at times. Whereas characters remained appealing as they have a powerful pull.



23. Nights (1999)


Nights (1999)


Getting released on 24 April 1999, the movie has fantasy and romance as its theme. It is presented in a love dream of 1001 Nights.


The story is of Princess Budu who sleeps and dreams of fairies and wicked things. As the story goes with her dream, which always comes in a thought carrying her lover Prince Kamar, the story becomes more appealing.


With the help of a dream, she goes around the Arabian world and mosques. With simple art and character, the movie became recommendable as it has a sketchy look like a pencil drawing.


Coming characters then have served their purpose well in the story which makes actions and motivation blend well with emotions.



24. Pendulum (2012)


Pendulum (2012)


The Pendulum shows the story of the highs and lows that happens in a family. This family consists of a high school student and his future wife which goes with the theme of romance and drama.


It is related to the couple who tries to overcome their differences as they struggle with daily life and its ending.


Within just 4 minutes, there was not even a single moment that remained untouchable in terms of great art and great presentation.


But at the same time, it remained underrated in Western Community but loved by Japanese audiences. The animation is authentic which leaves a moral message in a very touching way.



25. Cencoroll (2009)


Cencoroll (2009)


Carrying the theme of action and science fiction, the movie serves well under the limitation of 26 minutes. It is related to a huge monster coming into a Japanese City and that’s the reason why Japan Self Defence Forces started taking out their tanks.


When no one was aware of the Monster’s existence, Yuki, a bold teenage girl, carried secrets that might become useful for the clue.


There is another teenage character named Tetsu who is a friend of Yuki. Another teenage boy is also present in the story that becomes a bridge to the Monsters and also to the city.


Anime starts well with the story however it, later on, becomes too much at times within a short limitation.


Most of the time it remains silent with no soundtracks which became heavy for viewers.



26. UFO Robot Grendizer vs. Great Mazinger (1976)


UFO Robo Grendizer vs. Great Mazinger (1976)


Having the genre of science fiction in the era of 1976, it was a great deal for the audience to meet with the concept of UFOs and robots.


But when it comes to this movie then it has served everything with a perfect blend and is considered to be one of the best classics.


The story is related to aliens taking over Great Mazinger. To put everything in place, Grendizer comes into the story and fights evils, eventually recovering Great Mazinger.


However, the story does not end here as the Vegan Empire gets a new general to take over Earth.



27. La Maison en Petits Cubes (2008)


La Maison en Petits Cubes (2008)


Kunio Katō’s creation called La Maison en Petits Cubes is about a town that got flooded by water. One of the residents, a widow, was forced to add another level to his house for dryness because of the flood.


To do so, he accidentally dropped his favorite smoking pipe which soon got submerged in the waters. To get his pipe back, he ends up in the search which becomes the story of a 12 minutes film.


The smoking pipe has become an excuse to show the time before the flood and how things changed after the flood.


The movie is quite popular and it can be seen through the Hiroshima International Animation Festival Award that was given in 2008.



28. Someone’s Gaze (2013)


someone's gaze (2013)


Someone’s Gaze is a slice-of-life science fiction and drama that was released on 10th February 2013. It was directed as well and was written by Makoto Shinkai in under seven minutes of running time.


The story of the movie is quite futuristic about a young woman. This young woman is independent and mature and deals with a changing relationship in her life, especially with her father.


The story progresses with some past events that include her family life as well as her family cat. The movie is described to be deeply emotional for the viewers as it carries the theme of family bonds with changes over time.


This piece isn’t as old as you might imagine. However, it still manages to leave a lasting impression on fans who manage to watch it on screen.


Therefore, if you are someone who is out there looking for a gorgeous story with beautiful character development then this is the show you need to look forward to. 



29. Aru Hi Inu no Kuni kara Tegami ga Kite (2015)


Aru Hi Inu no Kuni kara Tegami ga Kite (2015)


Aru Hi Inu no Kuni kara Tegami ga Kite is more of an emotionally driven movie rather than any particular genre.


It was released on 3 September 2015 with a duration of 11 minutes with Yuta Maruyama as director. It is a short and sweet story that lacks depth in settings and story progression.


The story focuses on some letters that were given to a girl by a dog owner. These letters were sent from none other than the dog when his owner abandoned him.


The unbreakable bond between humans and animals has touched hearts and that’s the reason why it left a charming quality in the audience.



30. Cat Soup (2001)


Cat Soup (2001)


Nyatto is a cat who started his journey to save his sister. The story is related to a comedy and carries the theme of anthropomorphic as well as psychological under 32 minutes.


Coming back to the story, the sister of Nyatto was ripped into two when he tried to give his best in saving her from death.


They both have seen many brilliant situations which may have started with disturbing supernatural effects. It is considered to be one of the best original anime movies in terms of story and characters.


Whether it is related to the supporting or the leading character, they all developed linearly. However, the story remained condensed.



31. Poulette no Isu (2014)


Paulettes Chair (2014)


Paulette’s Chair is one of the shortest movies present in the world of animation that carries the theme of comedy and slice of life.


It was released on 21 March 2014 under the direction of Hiroyasu Ishida and the animation of Youjirou Arai.


The story has a modern take on the classic where a nostalgic approach became the focus. Instead of going with a tree that was presented in The Giving Tree of Shel Silverstein, the director went with a chair that can move on its own.


The art of this movie becomes the strongest aspect which gives a bit of Disney vibes. Coming to the sound the piano and strings went well with the background as it shows a peaceful time.



32. Lost Utopia (2007)


Lost Utopia (2007)


We all have heard the story of Adam and Eve but when it comes to experiments of the same story with jazz music then it is a perfect blend.


The same goes with Lost Utopia where the story and characters both developed in all categories. The typical story of Adam and Eve is again presented but had larger than life supports.


It has a theme of desire that needed to be created and death that needed to come alive. Apart from carrying a supernatural effect in the movie, it carried fantasy and action that fit well in 5 minutes.


However, limitations can be seen through animations and designs.



33. Fantastic Cell (2003)


Fantastic Cell (2003)


Mirai Mizue’s debut anime short film is worth watching as it contains the genre of avant-garde. The 6-minute-long movie takes a personal entry that tries to sing with classical songs and characters.


It has the concept idea of the Human Form versus Drawn Cells. The art and sounds blended well in the movie and that’s the reason why the not-so-well story has gained popularity.


Instead of going into regular animation, it used way more colors than it needed and that’s the reason why it became out of range for the audience.



34. Legend of the Forest (1987)


Legend of the Forest (1987)


Legend of the Forest is a 29-minute-long movie that tells the story of a lonely and tranquil forest. Just like any modern situation where the forest is facing all kinds of destruction which destroys animals, Legend of the Forest serves the same theme.


It is about the residents of the forest who faced difficult times due to the destruction of man. The protagonist of the story is a squirrel who is born and raised in this forest and tries to find his defense.


He faces many trials and difficulties along the way which becomes the core of the movie. Apart from carrying drama, it also has adventure and fantasy that fits the well-moderate character.


Coming to the story then it is a success however, the art remains a mess.



35. Kachikachi Yama (1917)


Kachikachi Yama (1917)


The story of Kachikachi Yama is inspired by a folk tale of the same name. The movie was released on 20 October 1917, carrying the genre of drama.


It is an 8-minute movie that tells the story related to a folk tale which at times becomes senseless.


However, the art is quite approaching as it reminds the audience of the good old days. The sound can also be appreciated because of its expressive music that inculcates a new kind of emotion inside the characters.


But when it comes to the dialogue it remains poor with flat characters.



36. Pale Cocoon (2005)


Pale Cocoon (2005)


Getting released on 10 December 2005, the movie deals with drama and science fiction under a running time of 23 minutes.


The story is set in a future where the sequential continuity of history got disturbed, resulting in anarchy. Due to the destruction, continents and oceans got extinct and that’s why they are within the archives.


Ura, working in the Archive Excavation Department, tries to restore these archives and analyze all the data behind them.


The animation and direction of Pale Cocoon are definitely amusing which makes the audience lost in its visuals and backdrops.


The musical score is also appreciable as it raises a fantastic feeling and new life into the characters.



37. Ojiisan no Lamp (2001)


Ojiisan no Lamp (2001)


The story starts with an old lamp and a child named Tooichi who stumbles on it. The story of the lamp and the boy’s mistake was later on described by a grandfather about how this old lamp is related to a Japanese town where it became westernized.


The story then goes to the grandfather of Tooichi, named Minosuke, and the way he used to maintain his living.


The lights of the street became a metaphor for lighting the life of a young boy. From this point onward, it became the profession that changed his as well as the life of the town’s people.


The story is set in 1930 and has characters like real people with no development. The art also remains impressive as detailed backgrounds can be seen in each scene.



38. Worm Story (1989)


Worm Story (1989)


Directed by Keita Kirosaka, Warm Story is a parody fable of the hare and the tortoise. It is related to the speed that is embodied by animals like earthworms and rabbits.


The short animation is a 15-minute which may have not gained popularity as it should have and that’s the reason why it became one of the underrated anime films.


The metaphor in movies is presented very well which can be seen through great animation and design according to the era.


Apart from this, nothing much is known about the film except for the theme of steadiness.



39. Beyond (2003)


Beyond (2003)


Kôji Morimoto’s directorial movie is about Yoko. Yoko’s cat did not appear for dinner which has become a concern for her.


Soon she started looking for her cat by asking questions to neighbors if they have seen her pet or not.


A boy then comes into the light and talks about the cat and her appearance around a Haunted House.


To get her cat back in her life, Yoko went to the haunted house without knowing the ordinary events of that place.


Events like the disappearance of objects and feathers turning into birds as well as the absence of gravity became common as Yoko decided to reveal the reality.



40. Kick Heart (2013)


Kick Heart (2013)


Kick Heart is a short movie that tells the story of the romance between a nun and a professional wrestler.


The film was directed as well as written by Masaaki Yuasa. It has a running time of 12 minutes which fits well with surreal animation and storytelling.


Maskman is a part-time wrestler who got a chance to fight the woman of his dreams and earn money for his orphanage.


The only problem he has is the limitation as he cannot see the face of women beyond the mask.


The story then goes to his orphanage which has hired a nun that gave a new interest in the life of a wrestler.


Apart from being a romance angle, the movie is also known for its gag that comes every minute. The setup of the movie is charming but the story remains flat.



41. Summer Ghost (2021) 


Summer Ghost (2021) 


The lives of Tomoya Sugisaki, Aoi Harukawa, and Ryou Kobayashi intersect when they discover their shared ability to see the enigmatic Summer Ghost.


This ethereal presence is believed to be the spirit of a young woman who took her own life, appearing exclusively in a particular location and visible only to those nearing death.


Tomoya, struggling under the weight of academic expectations, Aoi, enduring relentless bullying, and Ryou, forced to abandon his basketball aspirations due to a devastating diagnosis, are united by their desire to unravel the mysteries of death.


Dissatisfied with their initial encounter, Tomoya embarks on a quest to reconnect with the Summer Ghost, delving deeper into the enigma that surrounds her existence.



42. Dead Leaves (2004)


Dead Leaves (2004)


Retro and Pandy, the two leading characters of this movie, were seen on the streets with no memories and no clothes.


This becomes the reason why these two characters came as a team and started their life by chasing violence.


The antic personality of Retro and the carefree nature of Pandy make them a perfect blend of each other.


These two were sent to a high-security prison called Dead Leave, present on the Moon. They soon discovered other clones that were the product of genetic mutation experiments.


Nothing was going in their favor as all the ways of going out of prison became impossible. The art is amazing and smooth with the music.


The characters were also developing with time in a convenient length.



43. Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek (2004)


Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek (2004)


Set in the world of steel pipes, power lines, and neon lights, it is related to a game where children started playing with the ruined cities.


The game called Otokoyo is a Hide and Seek where players will wear a fox mask and begins with a gathering of 7 members.


The game may sound like a normal childish one, however, it becomes dangerous when each member goes missing. The movie also has the involvement of demons which later on appears to be the rumors.


The only thing that this movie is lacking is the background and the truth through which children are going in the game.


The Art is more like Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker which carries a great atmosphere.



44. Monmon the Water Spider (2006)


Water Spider Monmon (2006)


A 15-minute short film that was released on 3 January 2006 has the theme of fantasy and romance.


It is about the main character or the title character who is a water spider falling for a water strider.


The love interest between the water spider and the water strider changes with time from being an afraid relationship to a lovable one.


The animation is a typical one which appears to be pretty good and the artwork is very simple. Apart from it, the sound is also appreciable that fits well with the story and scenes.


The movie is directed and written by Hayao Miyazaki and carries the base of a story called Boro, the Caterpillar.



45.  Genius Party (2007) 


Genius Party (2007) 


“Genius Party” is a compilation of seven individual and remarkable short films, each with its own unique storyline and tone.


From heartwarming tales to bizarre narratives, these shorts introduce a diverse array of characters and experiences.


Within this collection, viewers encounter monsters navigating the challenges of education, a person struggling with self-identity, and a child learning profound life lessons.


The compilation serves as a showcase for the creative brilliance of Japan’s most talented artists, taking audiences on a captivating journey into their imaginative worlds.


“Genius Party” is a testament to the creativity and originality found within these exceptional short films.



46. Mr. Dough and the Egg Princess (2010)


Mr. Dough and the Egg Princess (2010)


By carrying the theme of slavery, the movie became more moral than emotional. It is because of an egg who worked like a slave in the house of a witch.


The story is set in a forest where a witch named Baba Yaga lives her best life because of a servant.


This servant is no one else but an egg called Egg Princess. The egg is under the confinement of a witch who tells her to do all the household work.


The story soon takes turns when a dough turns into life because of a spell. By forming a friendship with this new living thing, egg decided to run away from her daily routine and sadness.



47. The Second Renaissance Part I (2003)


The Second Renaissance Part I (2003)


A 9-minute movie may not sound approachable in terms of sound and development in characters as well as a story but The Second Renaissance Part 1 is the opposite.


The story is quite historical where the rise of machines became the core. When machines got created by man then it was unpredictable for destruction.


Machines are working like simple workers to do their best but never gained any respect. In revenge for this, a machine murdered its maker, convincing the rest of the machine to do so.


The movie is a metaphor related to the third world and its division. It is nothing but the current situation of the world which may turn into reality.



48. The Curse of Kazuo Umezu (1990)


The Curse of Kazuo Umezu (1990)


Having a duration of almost 40 minutes, the movie has the theme of horror and mystery. It is related to a very beautiful girl named Rima who got transferred into the class of Masami.


Masami was not just jealous but also afraid of this new transfer, which started a dislike for her. When the boys were showing their attraction towards the newly transferred Rima, Masami was having nightmares and finding herself filled with scars every morning.


Putting her suspect on the new transfer, she immediately started collecting evidence to confirm. According to the modern theme of horror, it definitely had mystery but failed at some point in terms of prediction.



49. On Your Mark (1995)


On Your Mark (1995)


The film released on 29 June 1995 related to a police raid. After examining the casualties, the two officers discovered an unconscious being, revealed to be a wing girl in chains.


The girl was later on taken by a group of specialists but got captivated again. By getting disappointed with the confinement of the girl, the policeman tried to set her free by having the necessary preparations.


The movie has a moment that remains in the category of humanity. It has a very fluid animation effect that flows with comedy as well as other emotions.


Art with characters in the video seems to be very determined however, the sound was not at its best.



50. The Mechanism of Spring (2010)


The Mechanism of Spring (2010)


The Mechanism Of Spring is a 4-minute movie that was released in 2010. Nothing much is known about this film except for the fact that it was made by Atsushi Wada.


It has a focus on spring that came as a theme and a metaphor. Every character in the movie is excited about the arrival of spring as it depicts the new coming.


It started with a group of boys having a focus on a tortoise that is upside down. Apart from the tortoise, it also has a frog, a snail, and a crow as one of the characters.


The animation was well crafted with time as a metaphor for spring. However, the sound and design could do much better.



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