Poldark Season 6: Will it Happen?

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Poldark Season 6


Why would a series that ran successfully for five seasons end all of a sudden?


A historical drama that had enough to keep its audience around for so long will definitely have something we all would envy, and what would that be?.


Answering some of the major inquires on the much-loved Poldark and what happened to the series, Here is ENTOINs latest update on the major developments and stories around the series.


Traveling back in time to a historical romance story that will charm you and keep you engaged.


But beware this is not just fictional history but a story of love, life, death, war, and relationships set in the time period of five interesting phases or as we would popularly say five great seasons.


Poldark is based on a series of historical novels by Winston Graham. Being the much-loved writer, Graham took so much from what he had seen or felt and that magic is visible in the visual portrayal of the time period that we get.


The twelve books in the series were published within a gap period in between the first from 1945 to 1953 and the second set continued from 1973 to 2002.


The novel was twice adapted for television by BBC, first in 1975 and then in 2015.


The 2015 Aiden Turner starrer set between 1781 and 1801 follows Ross Poldark, the title character, and his much fortunately unfortunate return to Cornwall after the American War of Independence in 1783.


As his girlfriend, Elizabeth Chynoweth had got engaged and his life and family almost shattered, this is the story of the man who had seen it all and will live through all of it.


Love, life, war, hope, revenge, and family takes the center stage while all you can do is to be amazed at this beautiful work of art.


On 8 March 2015 BBC One aired the series in eight episodes in the United Kingdom and on PBS in the United States in seven episodes as part of the series Masterpiece which presented numerous popular British productions.


The series was also among the final commissions of Danny Cohen, the former BBC One controller.


Giving the audience a final glimpse of the Poldark universe, the series ended in 2019.


The final series of the group ended the story in 1801 leaving a nine years gap from the eighth novel ‘The Stranger from the Sea’.


By the end of the fifth season writers and actors involved with the series confirmed that this will be the final summer for the series.


For the ardent fans out there since the books portray a huge gap between them, there is a possibility that the series might come back in the future.



Everything We Know About Poldark Seasons So Far


The British historical drama television series revolves around ‘Ross Poldark’ the protagonist and also the title of the first book in the series.


Ross Vennor Poldark was born in 1760 to Joshua and Grace Poldark. He was brought up in Nampara and had three close friends named George, Warleggen, and Francis Poldark.


At a certain point in his life, he met Elizabeth Chynoweth and fell in love but destiny had other plans for his life.


Following a brawling accusation, Ross had to leave Cornwell and join the British Army to avoid execution.


As for three years, there was no trace of Ross being alive so much had changed in Cornwell that even Elizabeth had a change of plans.


And then as planned by some unknown force or not Ross falls in love with Demelza Carne whom he had initially hired as his scullery maid.


As he returned from the American War of Independence to his home of Nampara in Cornwall Ross has to build everything from scratch.


As he marries from the lower class and tries to bring back a very unsuccessful family venture and also in between to keep his head high, Ross has to go through some very unfortunate events which also include the death of his infant daughter.


Now we cannot give away the details of all the seasons as they all revolve around very different and difficult but interesting plotlines.


Most of the characters are reoccurring and have something lasting for the audience to remember them by.


After the four happening seasons, the final season following Elizabeth's death. Oops! Spoiler alert. ( The father of the child is still a mystery don’t worry.) And like that, we might give away so many details for the ones who haven’t watched the whole season yet.


What happened in the final season?

The final season brought into light where the story was left in the previous season.


The season also included some very different plotlines including the French invasion and the curious dependence on Honduras.


Ross and Demelza finally living a happy life centered around their family and then a lot starts happening.


A trip to London, Demelza as the new housekeeper of Nampara and a new housemaid.


With everyone including the newlyweds surrounding them in their own little universes and problems. The end is a journey to France with Ross and Dwight as spies and Demelza is going to have a baby.


The fifth season was the final story that the five seasons nurtured but left an open ending that the viewers were disappointed with.


Is Poldark a real story?

This historical fiction will suck you right into it and for that, the cast and crew deserve a big round of applause.


There are so many facts infused into this fiction that you would believe this is a real-life story.


It’s not! The series is a work of pure fiction but depicts so much of the way of life and costumes of the time that will definitely confuse people.




Why did Poldark come to an end?


Poldark ran its final lap on a high note. The writers and actors thoroughly mentioned how hard it was for them to finally believe that the series was coming to an end.


The series only adapted seven of the books and there are still books left for a new plot.


But the creators believe that they have given the series a deserved ending and there is not much of an emergency to bring back the series.


Writer Debbie Horsfield said that though writing the ending was really sad it also had that uplifting element to help you move forward.




Official Announcements and Release Date of Poldark


The five seasons over the years came out from 2015- 2019 and even after 3 years in the final season, fans are still hoping to get another season. The story concluded with a successful five seasons.


So, there is very little possibility that that could happen. All the five seasons are available on multiple streaming platforms including Amazon prime and as far as now there have been no reports claiming a new season.




Season 1(8 episodes)

8 March 2015-26 April 2015

Season 2 (10 episodes)

4 September 2016-6 November 2016

Season 3 (9 episodes)

11 June 2017-6 August 2017

Season 4 (8 episodes)

10 June 2018-29 July 2018

Season 5 (8 episodes)

14 July 2019-26 August 2019




Source Material Information for Poldark.


Poldark series was adapted from the historical drama books titled the same. The first novel in the Poldark series was published in 1964 which later was followed by 11 other novels.


The Winston Graham series became popular and was adapted into television versions twice by the BBC.


The books in the series were titled:


  • Novel 1: Ross Poldark 
  • Novel 2: Demelza Poldark
  • Novel 3: Jeremy Poldark
  • Novel 4: Warleggan
  • Novel 5: The Black Moon  
  • Novel 6: The Four Swans
  • Novel 7: The Angry Tide
  • Novel 8: The Stranger from the Sea
  • Novel 9: The Miller’s Dance
  • Novel 10: The Loving Cup
  • Novel 11: The Twisted Sword
  • Novel 12: Bella Poldark



Popularity Details for Podark Season 6


The entertainment industry is very much dependent on the buzz, hype, and controversies. Any tv-series or feature movie which grabs the attention of people is bound to be successful.


google trends for poldark season 6


The google trends data depicting the popularity for the season is now shown to be declining but steadily with an eventual slight rise every now and then.


The statistics point out that the series has been losing its popularity since its ending in 2019.


Google Searches

Google searches statistics point to the fact that globally the searches for Poldark season 6 have declined very low.


At the end of season 5, searches for season 6 were around 70K per month and now it has come to 7.6K  for the US. This number is falling down with each upcoming month and the possibility of another season is diminishing.




Expected Plot of Poldark Season 6


The Ross and Demelza story is believed to have gotten the deserved ending in the fifth season as there is not much to develop on that story again and a new season would probably be focused on a different story angle.


The fans have been seen to be looking forth for a story that revolves around the children as even the books have long gaps between them.


As the screenwriter of the show had already pointed out that there was still enough space to build into a new season.


But everything we would want totally depends on the decision to revive the series. If the show is brought back, then we can not expect it before 2023 and will indeed have some interesting different perspectives to show.



Awards and Recognitions for Poldark


The series not to the surprise of the fans received a wide number of nominations in multiple categories in different festivals.


Though it did not win many of the awards, it's an honor and a major recognition when you are chosen to compete with the best in town.


Award Category

TV Choice Award (2015)

Best New Drama

Special Achievement Award(2016)

Best Ensemble, Television

RTS Television Award(2015)

Best Make Up Design - Drama

Torch Award for Excellence(2016)

Best Drama Series

BAFTA Awards (2016)

Audience Award


The series was also nominated for the following awards:


  • Irish Film and Television Awards (2016 and 2017)
  • National Television Awards, UK (2016 and 2017)
  • Monte-Carlo TV Festival, 2016
  • Royal Television Society, UK (2016, 2017, 2018)




Online Reactions Over Poldark Season 6


Online Reactions for PoldarkThere were multiple forums discussing the popularity as well as the creative execution artwork that made the series a worthwhile experience.


Quora Reaction

A simple glance into the show's Quora existence showed many queries and insightful discussions on the series.


While there weren’t many discussions on the possibilities of a next season. People on the forum speak highly of the series and the majority of them also stressed the historical perspectives of the lifestyle of the time that the series put forth.


There were also multiple discussions comparing the series to some very familiar series like Outlander.


The users also commented on the exceptional direction that seems to have given an accurate depiction of Cornwall and England of the time and is commendable.


As history is never really erased, this series seems to have made a permanent mark in the mind of its viewers.


Reddit Reaction

Some of the Reddit users seem to be totally surprised and not really amused that there is no season 6 to the series.


After all, there are so many books available and well, that is a question we all have.


A certain other group was also seen to be not satisfied with the final season that was aired.


A certain group among the fans found that the final season was slightly disappointing and didn’t depict the same quality as in the previous seasons.


Twitter Reaction

twitter page of poldark


The official accounts and fan pages of the show still seem to be running on par with time.


But rather than mourning the season that never happened, they all seem to be celebrating the existence of such a fabulous show.


That doesn’t mean there weren’t any queries on the new season, there were tweets found on the famous Poldark Sundays with no more Poldark.


Another interesting story around Poldark’s Twitter activity was Poldark's horse Seamus has become popular enough with the audience that he has his own Twitter and Facebook accounts.



Ratings And Reviews of Poldark series


IMDb rating for poldark


An epic story that came into life right in front of us that we immediately fell in love with.


Poldark was an instant success even among the critics and received some very acceptable ratings for the exquisite romance and relationships that it portrayed.


The final season was called the season with the blend of perfect emotions and the right amount of ridiculousness that makes it the final stroke of love for the fans.






Rotten Tomatoes


Common Sense Media


Metacritic Meta Score


Metacritic User Score




Production Cost and Success of Poldark Series


The popular, layered, and insightful series was among one of the biggest shows in Britain from television drama and was successful in all of its endeavors.


Here is the detail of estimated sales.




Est. Domestic DVD Sales


Est. Domestic Blu-ray Sales


Total Est. Domestic Video Sales




Popular Poldark Characters


Poldark ran for a successful 5 seasons. During its run, we came across a lot of characters. The lead characters are just amazing and they were one of the best couples that we had. We have listed some of the characters below from the series.


Captain Ross Vendor Poldark

Ross Poldark


Aidan Turner is already well familiar to the crowd as the hobbit plays Captain Ross Vendor Poldark.


When Ross was arrested for brawling, he joined the British Army to avoid execution. After three years in the army, Ross returns from the American War of Independence only to find that everything that he had believed in has changed.


Of love, relationships, death, and war the series revolve around Ross and everyone that surrounds Ross.


Demelza Poldark

Demelza Poldark


Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza Poldark (née Carne) Ross saved her at a crucial point and hired her as a scullery maid after a struggling journey through several insecurities they build a life of love together.


Demelza is said to be written based on the wife of the author of the Poldark novels, Jean Williamson.


Verity Blamey

Verity Blamey


Ruby Bentall as Verity Blamey (née Poldark) is the cousin of Ross Poldark. Verity played a significant role in Ross’s and Demelza’s life.


As she helps them sort their life this in turn also helped herself and Andrew Blamey as well.


Agatha Poldark

Caroline Blakiston as Agatha Poldark (series 1–3, guest series 4). Agatha is an interesting character widely known for being deaf or to be more precise ‘acting deaf’.


She guarded a lot of family secrets and also spoke her heart out when in need.


She also made an important tarot card reading at Francis’s and Elizabeth’s wedding that did raise a lot of eyebrows.


Elizabeth Poldark

Elizabeth Poldark


Heida Reed as Elizabeth Poldark (née Chynoweth, and later Warleggan) (series 1–4, guest series 5) Elizabeth always believed that Ross would one day come back.


Joan wanted her daughter to marry into the Poldark family of Trenwith and eventually she married Francis Poldark.


The marriage was a major setback. Francis dies eventually and as she struggled with poverty and loneliness she had to accept George Warleggan as her husband.


The beauty Elizabeth eventually deteriorated into her own death and her story is a major plotline of the series.


Jud Paynter

Phil Davis as Jud Paynter (series 1–2). Jud and his wife Prudie Paynter were the servants of the Nampara House.


After the death of Joshua Poldark, the Paynter’s started living in the house until Ross reappeared.


Prudie Paynter

Beatie Edney as Prudie Paynter. Jud Paynter’s wife and also a servant of the Nampara House.


George Warleggan

Jack Farthing as George Warleggan. The Honourable Sir George Warleggan, Member of Parliament for St. David JP (b. 1759). He was the guardian of Trenwith until Geoffrey Charles Poldark was of age.


A ruthless banker who is known as the arch-rival of Ross.


Dr. Dwight Enys

Luke Norris as Dr. Dwight Enys M. D. FRCP. A great friend to Ross and Demelza Poldark.


He is a renowned doctor who saved Ross in the war and later moved to Cornwell as well.


The Poldark family is indebted in multiple ways to Dr. Enyss as he tried and saved them all from many misfortunes.


Francis Poldark

Kyle Soller as Francis Poldark (series 1–2, guest series 4) was the Master of Trenwith.


Growing up Francis and Ross were very close and Ross had saved Francis from drowning.


When Ross was called to be dead Francis and Elizabeth fell in love and that becomes a major test on the relationship of the boys.



Other Decisive Factors for Poldark season 6


Poldark Ending Explained

Considered widely asone of the most successful historical drama Poldark, the series concluded its final installment on August 26, 2019.


The fifth season of the series unveiled some events which were not part of the books and left plenty of space to develop stories within.


As fans pondered over a new season and what happens to Aiden Turner, BBC had issued a statement even prior to the release of the final season that they do not intend to continue with the series.


Though the screenwriter for the series Debbie Horsfield expressed her desire to develop the series further other actors and crew had already confirmed the end of the much-loved drama series.


And if in any case, the series is to make a comeback then we could possibly expect Poldark season 6 to hit the screens by 2023.


And even Karen Thrussell the executive producer of the show in 2018 commented that though this will be the last for the season ‘Who knows what the future may bring.’ Giving fans and followers a final hope that has lasted so long and is still being discussed.



Robin Ellis who plays Reverend Halse in the series starred in the earlier Poldark (1975) series as Ross Poldark.





The BBC network has always come up with some very good content and Poldark didn’t disappoint as well.


A historical narration that kept us glued to the seat with its exceptional execution. The Winston Graham novel penned to perfection was beautifully adapted into the series and with the end of season 5 fans hoped to get another season as well.


Although it looks like there isn’t much of the story left to build a new season out of.


The five phases through the five seasons got the ending that it deserved. Out of the twelve novels, the series only used up 7 and there are still stories that can be developed but the creators seem to have taken a break.


The only hope we could give to the fans awaiting something positive is that there can be a spin-off from the books left in the series with very different from the original angle of the series.


But nonetheless, there isn’t an excuse anyone would have to prevent you from watching the five seasons.


They are a masterpiece and anyone with a slight love for the historical drama with a well-defined blend of art and craft should definitely watch this visual masterpiece.


And in case there are any further updates on a new season we would definitely let you all know.


Till then take a look at our movie lists to explore the amazing virtual world.




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