Fairy Tail Filler List: Ultimate List of Filler, Canon, and Mixed Episodes

All Filler Episodes Of Fairy Tail


Fairy Tale is a Japanese manga series whose plot revolves around the adventures of Natsu Dragneel, a member of the famed wizard guild Fairy Tail as he attempts to search the fictional world of Earth-land for the mysterious dragon Igneel. 

The manga has managed to sell over 72 million copies, making it one of the highest-selling manga series of all time. The manga has also been adapted into anime, along with nine original video animations and a couple of animated feature films.

Fairy Tale is a very popular series and has also been one of the longest-standing manga series, with 328 episodes under its belt. There are a total of 61 filler episodes or 19% of the total that’s been shown on television. 

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at this series and try to get a clearer idea of what this series has to offer. Often appreciated for its story and plot, the show also happens to have its fair share of filler episodes. Therefore, let’s see what those filler episodes are and how you should go about them.  




Canon episodes:


1-8, 10-18, 21-48, 51-68, 76-124, 152-181, 184-200, 227-254, 256-259, 261-267, 269, 271-311, 313-328




Mixed Episodes:


20, 49, 69, 151, 182-183, 201, 255, 260, 270, 312




Filler Episodes:


Episode Name Episode Number
Natsu Devours a Village Episode 9
Changeling Episode 19
Special Request: Watch Out for the Guy You Like! Episode 50
Natsu vs. Gray!! Episode 70
Friendship Overcomes the Dead Episode 71
A Fairy Tail Wizard Episode 72
Rainbow Cherry Blossoms Episode 73
Wendy’s First Big Job!? Episode 74
24-Hour Endurance Road Race Episode 75
The Magic Ball Episode 125
True Scoundrels – The Butt Jiggle Gang Episode 126
The Terror of Invisible Lucy! Episode 127
Father’s Memento Episode 128
Turbulent Showdown! Natsu vs. Laxus Episode 129
Target: Lucy Episode 130
The Fury of Legion Episode 131
Key of the Starry Heavens Episode 132
Travel Companions Episode 133
Labyrinth Capriccio Episode 134
Footprints of the Myth Episode 135
True Scoundrels, Once Again Episode 136
Defying Calculation Episode 137
The Course of the Holy War Episode 138
Time Begins To Tick Episode 139
Enter the Neo-Oración Seis! Episode 140
Get the Infinity Clock! Episode 141
Dissonance of Battle Episode 142
Anti-Link Episode 143
Despair Unleashed Episode 144
Real Nightmare Episode 145
Time Spiral Episode 146
To the Infinity Castle! Episode 147
Angel Tears Episode 148
I Hear the Voice of My Friend Episode 149
Lucy and Michelle Episode 150
Welcome Back, Frosch Episode 202
Moulin Rouge Episode 203
Full Effort Hospitality! Episode 204
Signal of Rebellion Episode 205
Library Panic Episode 206
Hisui Rises! Episode 207
Astral Spiritus Episode 208
Wendy vs. Aquarius – Let’s Have Fun in the Amusement Park! Episode 209
Guild Deck vs. Celestial Deck Episode 210
Gray vs. Cancer! Dance Battle! Episode 211
Juvia vs. Aries! Desert Death Match! Episode 212
Erza vs. Sagittarius! Horseback Showdown! Episode 213
Natsu vs. Leo Episode 214
Ophiuchus, the Snake Charmer Episode 215
When the Stars Fall Episode 216
Celestial Spirit Beast Episode 217
Believe Episode 218
What a Pure Heart Weaves Episode 219
413 Days Episode 220
The Labyrinth of White Episode 221
Transform! Episode 222
It’s Kemo-Kemo! Episode 223
The Place You Came To Episode 224
Lightning Man Episode 225
Fairy Tail of the Dead Meeeeeeeeen Episode 226
Fairy Tail Zerø: Treasure Hunt Episode 268


Important Filler Episodes



1. The Magic Ball (Episode 125)


The crew will be taking an assignment that will turn out to be very crucial for them as they shine through this episode.


They will be working with a rich family and focus on the specific demands that are supposed to be met in this segment.


This rich family and their activities seem to be attracting a ton of robbers. And that’s why their protection is going to be crucial.


And that’s why the family decided to reach out to the Fairy Tail guild in the first place. However, what separates this episode from the rest is the sheer amount of fun you will have watching it. 




2. True Scoundrels – The Butt Jiggle Gang (Episode 126)


This episode focuses on a notorious group called the Butt Jingle Gang. And that group is known for causing a lot of trouble to a ton of carriers.


This is where the episode adds its spice. Natsu seems to have lost himself because of his motion sickness.


And so, he won’t be able to protect a client’s huge shipment that happens to be escorted by the Fairy Tail Guild.


However, since this is a huge shipment, the Butt Jingle Gang will have its way with it. And without Natsu, the guild will have a hard time stopping them.



3. The Terror of Invisible Lucy! (Episode 127)


Lucy is a great character overall. However, at times, she can be quite a child.


This episode happens to be one such situation where she is acting like a little kid and does something that will change her life for the better.


This woman ended up using a cream that seemed to be expired. And so, she ended up becoming invisible to other people.


Although it was fun in the start, as time passed by, she realized that this power had resulted in a situation where her surroundings were becoming invisible as well.


And maybe soon enough, she will cease to exist. 



4. Father’s Memento (Episode 128)


This one is also focused on Lucy. However, it’s a bit different than what you might expect. You see, the episode talks about a girl who claims that she is Lucy’s relative.


And she happens to have an artefact in her hand that seems to have connections with Lucy. Now Lucy, being the humble woman that she is, decides to take the chance.


However, this entire gimmick is a lot more interesting than just Lucy getting an artefact that her father wanted her to get.


This is going to be a fun one.



5. Turbulent Showdown! Natsu vs. Laxus (Episode 129)


This episode happens to have a lot of things happening together. Firstly, Lucy and Michelle are working together to have an inscription deciphered.


That inscription is part of her gift and so, it holds quite a lot of importance. On the other hand, we have Natsu who is going to have a rematch with Laxus.


And this entire event is an organized festival. The third aspect of this episode is Grey and Erza who are bound to go on an assignment together.


This is going to be far more interesting than what meets the eye.



6. Target: Lucy (Episode 130)


The title may seem intimidating. However, it’s just as impressive as you might expect. The episode is quite simple in terms of its narrative.


It talks about Edolas’s villains who have decided to take Lucy. And these Edolas happen to be Earth Land versions so they are quite strong on their own.


Not only that, their target, Lucy, is going to have a rough time getting her head around everything. This is going to be a remarkable episode.



7. The Fury of Legion (Episode 131)


The episode continues the battle that seems to have emerged because of Lucy’s presence. The Fairy Tail is busy dealing with the wizards who wish to capture Lucy.


On the other hand, Gildarts entered the Fray and that has made the situation even more engaging. As the battle continues, things start to take some shape.


And soon enough, we realize that this fight is a lot more than what meets the eye. It’s not just about the search but also about the hardships that come along with it.



8. Key of the Starry Heavens (Episode 132)


The Heartfilia mansion seems to have a lot of mysteries hidden under it. And that’s why the story happens to fall back to it from time to time.


This episode focuses on the key that seems to be stolen from Lucy. The lead squad decides to take a look at the mansion and find any connection between the two, as well as the relic from before.


And although they do manage to secure success, they get hurdled by an unexpected group that needs to relax a bit.


And making them relax will be the task of Fairy Tail.



9. Travel Companions (Episode 133)


This one is also about the hardships that are created by the Legion group. It seems that there are 5 more clock pieces in the world, apart from the one that Lucy has.


And so, Travel Companions talk about Fairy Tail being separated so that they can find these 5 pieces before the Legion does.


However, in the process, they will come across an unexpected group of people. And they aren’t going to let them slide all that easily.


A fight is mandatory in such a situation. Or else, things will fall apart like no one would have expected.



10. Labyrinth Capriccio (Episode 134)


This one is a continuation of the Fairy Tail gang searching on their own. Firstly, Natsu gets his hands on a strange gateway.


And this gateway is not from any place. Instead, it is from a desert and there seems to be a ton of mysteries hidden behind it.


On the other hand, Grey and his team happen to find a cave that seems to have a ton of puzzles of its own.


And also, a sugar boy. This is going to be a remarkable experience for both crews.



11. Footprints of the Myth (Episode 135)


As the continuation of the previous episode, this one talks about the expedition that is experienced by Natsu and the gang.


You see, Natsu, Lucy, and Happy have entered the cave they found in the desert. And once they did, they came across a few members of the Legion group.


Soon enough, Lucy becomes small, and Happy becomes a giant. Does it look like their issues will last forever until there is a marriage? What?!



12. Get the Infinity Clock! (Episode 141)


This episode focuses on an unexpected venture. And that’s because of one simple scribble done by Kinana. He happens to have his hands roll around the walls of the Guild and soon enough, he realizes that this work is going to be a lot more impactful than this.


An enigmatic infinity clock seems to have its way. And that’s where the show will progress. Moreover, the Legion Platoon seems to have a new member ahead of them.


A unique one, to say the least.



13. Dissonance of Battle (Episode 142)


This episode is an all-out battle between a ton of characters. The first one in question is Lahar who has managed to track down a jaded Doranbolt who is known as Mest now.


And this discovery took place at about. On the other hand, we have Laki and Gildarts, who are going to find a group of nuns who are nothing less than horrifying.


Finally, the new members of the guild will be going in for an enormous battle that can shape the way they look at this world.


Now that’s some intimidation right there.



14. Anti-Link (Episode 143)


Mest and Lahar have come across a guy who seems to be quite knowledgeable about the situation that he is a part of.


Not only that, but he is also aware of Zentopia and Will Neville. He is Katja and his presence will be notable.


The episode also features an all-out battle between the Fairy Tail and Legion Platoon against the Oracion Seis group.


And this battle is going to shake you from the core and destroy you from the inside out. That’s how this entire episode came to be.



15. Despair Unleashed (Episode 144)


This seems to be the dominating instance of the infinity clock. The truth has been revealed and Michelle’s identity has been brought to the spotlight.


The Oracion is not after churches, they are after certain Celestial Wizards. And soon enough, the sky will start to blacken.


Why? Because the infinity clock is on its way to making a nightmare come true. Let’s just say that the build-up until this point is starting to take some serious shape for itself.


And that’s one of the many reasons why you should be watching this episode tonight.



16. Real Nightmare (Episode 145)


Looks like Natsu is still stuck at the Magical Prison. However, he has devised a plan. And that plan will be brought into action with the help of the Butt Jingle Gang.


Moreover, the Archeological team happens to have arrived at the spot and seems to have some answers with them as well.


For starters, they know something about Heartfilia Jude and happen to have a Hammer as well. This hammer is said to be strong enough to vanquish any form of evil.


And that’s why this entire incident is going to be a rough one.



17. Time Spiral (Episode 146)


This episode is segmented into 2 parts. The first one focuses on our general world where the Infinity Clock has been activated and chaos has broken out.


Not only that, Lucy is going to be sacrificed and the Guild will have to strive their level best to save her.


On the other hand, Zentopia seems to have its truth revealed to the public. The corruption that was taking place has finally surfaced and the entire incident will shake you from the core.



18. To the Infinity Castle! (Episode 147)


Lucy seems to be in grave danger. The Legion Platoons seem to have decided that Lucy’s end is the only goal for them.


And that’s how things are getting a bit more problematic. However, there’s no denying that Happy is going to save Lucy.


And he will do so by acting upon his plan. However, he must act quickly, or else he might lose it very quickly.


This is going to be a game-breaker for the entire Fairy Tail squad. These guys must survive or else they will be doomed and end up losing Lucy forever.



19. Angel Tears (Episode 148)


The Infinite Clock seems to be unstoppable at this point. Continuous destruction seems to be taking place. And let’s just say that things will get even more interesting with these characters losing their confidence for survival.


There’s only one way to secure it, and that’s Lucy’s rescue. However, to do so, the individual in question must fight against 4 members of the Oracion Seis.


However, will he be able to take on a group on his own?



20. I Hear the Voice of My Friend (Episode 149)


The situation seems to have gotten worse. Three of the dark wizards are yet to be dealt with and Lucy happens to have merged with the infinity clock.


And when it seemed like everything was about to end, we come across the truth. The archbishop wakes up and tells a way that can be employed to secure the situation.


The Fairy Tail can stop this horrific nightmare. Although, that will be a work that they must do to understand all circumstances.



21. Lucy and Michelle (Episode 150)


Lucy becomes one with the Infinity Clock where she is left with nothing other than memories. Things seem to get complicated within her and soon enough, she comes across the identity of Michelle.


It’s a lot more complex than what meets the eye. However, the memories will lead to a common understanding.


And that’s the fact that Lucy and Michelle are the only ones who can save the world right now.


This is why you must watch this amazing filler episode.



22. Welcome Back, Frosch (Episode 202)


This episode is focused on Frosch as he seems to be missing ever since he went on shopping with Lector.


However, he is a man of courage and so, he decides to get back to Sabertooth all on his own.


On his way, he will come across a lot of other wizards who belong to one or the other guild.


And that’s one of the many ways he will be able to hold his own against his opponents. This man is going to be a beast in disguise.


And you can’t beat that. Moreover, Sabertooth also seems to be cheering for him from the sidelines. This is going to be fun.



23. Moulin Rouge (Episode 203)


This is a story told by Erza. She was just having a normal billiards match when she witnessed the white ball and realized that this ball holds a lot of memories for her.


She starts to place those memories in front of the audience and there lies the secret that led to her meeting with none other than Moulin Rogue.



24. Full Effort Hospitality! (Episode 204)


Lucy and Yukino seem to have some plans for their celestial spirits. It is because of them that they managed to close the Eclipse Gate.


And so, the duo is going to reward their spirits with a wish. And this wish will be a pleasure for them in all regards imaginable.



25. Signal of Rebellion (Episode 205)


There seems to be an unexpected problem arising in the endeavours of Yukino and Lucy. They both are unable to summon their Zodiac Celestial Spirit.


It seems like there is a notable difference in the Celestial Spirit world. This can result in a change in the Zodiac Spirits’ memories and personalities.


There has to be a way around this predicament.



26. Library Panic (Episode 206)


The Fairy Tail Guild has decided to do some research on Liberum. And they intend to be as disciplined as they can.


However, this isn’t going to be the end of the world. And that’s why Natsu decides to take a step back and wander in the Spirit world alone.


In his absence, Virgo decides to strike the library. The problem is, Lucy, Levy, and Yukino are still present in the library.


And their escape is extremely important.



27. Hisui Rises! (Episode 207)


The change in the Zodiac world has a strong reason behind it. And The Princess, along with Arcadios happens to reveal the true nature of that reason to the audience.


However, soon enough, things will get interesting as Natsu, Lucy, Levy, and Yukino will be going against Pisces. This battle is going to be a remarkable one and you can’t beat that.



28. Wendy vs. Aquarius – Let’s Have Fun in the Amusement Park! (Episode 209)


This episode features the fun experienced by the characters of the show. Firstly, we have Cana and Cancer who seem to have a battle going on between them.


However, it’s a battle of cards so it’s not that violent. On the other hand, we have Wendy and Aquarius who are having fun in the amusement park.


Soon enough, thanks to Loke, Natsu also joins them in the amusement park and all the characters begin to have a fun time at the place.



29. Guild Deck vs. Celestial Deck (Episode 210)


This episode continues the fun aspects of the previous one. The card game between Cana and Cancer seems to be going on and on, other characters have decided to step in as well.


Firstly we have Levy who wants to have a trivia competition against none other than Capricorn. Then we have Mirajane who is going to battle Pisces underwater.


And all of these events are going to mark the beginning of an entertaining episode.



30. Gray vs. Cancer! Dance Battle! (Episode 211)


This episode focuses on a straightforward battle between Gray and Cancer. And that battle will lead to some extremely entertaining moments in the entire series.


This episode is worthy of all your time and effort since it boils down to the raw strength and with that these characters possess.


And that’s why you must give it a go while watching Fairy Tail.


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