Dragon Ball Filler List: Ultimate List Of Filler, Canon, And Mixed Episodes

All Dragon Ball Filler Episodes


Dragon Ball is a Japanese media franchise and one of the most-loved and well-known anime of all time. Irrespective of whether you’re new to the anime world or a pro, Dragon Ball is one series you must have heard of or even seen. A lot of fans are loyalists as well, telling you a lot about its popularity.

The anime draws inspiration from the classic 16th-century Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West’ along with added elements of Hong Kong martial arts films. The series looks into the adventures of Son Goku, right from his childhood to adulthood and embarks on a quest to explore the world in search of seven orbs (Dragon Balls) along with a girl named Bulma. 

And although this anime is highly celebrated and appreciated, there’s no denying that the franchise has a few filler episodes that define its track. Therefore, in this article, we will be taking a closer look at all these episodes and the Dragon Ball franchise overall to understand how exactly does the filler episode sentiment runs across the IP. 




Canon episodes:


1-28, 34-41, 43, 46-78, 84-126, 133-148




Mixed Episodes:


29, 42, 44




Filler Episodes:


Episode Name Episode Number
Pilaf and the Mystery Force Episode 30
Wedding Plans? Episode 31
The Flying Fortress – Vanished! Episode 32
The Legend of a Dragon Episode 33
The danger in the Air Episode 45
Terror and Plague Episode 79
Goku vs. Sky Dragon Episode 80
Goku Goes to Demon Land Episode 81
The Rampage of InoShikaCho Episode 82
Which Way To Papaya Island? Episode 83
Quicker than Lightning Episode 127
The Secret of the Woods Episode 128
The Time Room Episode 129
Goku’s Doll Episode 130
Walking Their Ways Episode 131
Hotter than Lava Episode 132
Dress in Flames Episode 149
The Fire-Eater Episode 150
Outrageous Octagon Episode 151
Mystery of the Dark World Episode 152
The End, The Beginning Episode 153


Important Filler Episodes



1. Pilaf and the Mystery Force (Episode 30)


Goku wishes to get his hands on the 4-star dragon ball. And the race for the same seems to be getting heated since he would have no choice but to battle Emperor Pilaf if he wants to have a chance at the ball.


However, that’s just one of the many things happening in the show. On the other side of the story lies a group that seems to have an agenda.


And there can be nothing done by us to stop them. This group will make a difference. And that difference is going to be the game changer here.


This episode is brilliant and it’s only the beginning.



2. Wedding Plans? (Episode 31)


This episode is fixated on the idea of one of the most loved characters in the series being married.


His name is the legend himself, Goku.


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, our boy Goku will be marrying and his wedding plans seem to be rolling.


However, there are a few unexpected hitches in the situation. One of them is the search for dragon balls by two unwanted individuals.


Emperor Pilaf is one of those two. And their venture for the dragon balls will be the reason why Goku’s wedding might not be as straight-forward as you might expect. This episode is just so fun. 



3. The Flying Fortress – Vanished! (Episode 32)


The Ox King seems to be done for the time being. However, that’s not all. Pilaf tried his level best to stage Goku.


But our boy is going to fight back. And this time around, he will revolt with an entire army behind him.


This is going to be groundbreaking. And in this battle, there can only be 1 winner. The winner will decide the prize for himself.


But even surviving in this deserted battle is going to be a task that can’t be compared.



4. The Legend of a Dragon (Episode 33)


This episode focuses on Goku who is in search of the 4-star dragon ball in a specific jungle. There, he comes across Diabolic Colonel Silver who is quite hot on his tail for now.


And to make matters worse, the Red Ribbon Army has paved its way to make sure that they get their hands on the 4-star dragon ball.


Their moves are so destructive that you can bet they are in it to win it. And that’s why they will be a menace for sure.



5. Danger in the Air (Episode 45)


This episode is a fun one. And that’s because Goku gets to meet his team back. He comes across Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha, and Puar.


And together, they decide to have some fun in an amusement park. And although it may seem like a perfect moment for them, a bounty hunter named Hasky has his eyes set on the two Dragon Balls possessed by Goku.


And that’s going to be the game changer here. This is why Danger In The Air is a fun episode that you should watch asap.



6. Terror and Plague (Episode 79)


Goku may be extremely strong but he is not invincible. And soon enough, we will realize why that’s important.


In this episode, he meets a girl named Chao who asks her to protect her town from two problematic individuals.


Those being Terror and Plague. However, these guys, on their own, are not strong. Instead, they have a special machine that allows them to take care of their opponents.


And as much as we would hate to see it, that machine can even take care of someone like Goku.


Now that’s intimidating on so many different levels.



7. Goku vs. Sky Dragon (Episode 80)


This is going to be an epic battle. And you can’t beat that. The idea is very simple. Goku has come across two groups of Martial Arts practitioners.


The first one is called the Chin Star while the second one is called the Phantom Fang. They were having a dispute amongst themselves, only to realize that Goku has gotten himself involved in it as well.


Now he is on Chin Star’s side. And they must try their level best to make sure that this warrior attains greatness.


The problem is Sky Dragon, his opponent, has been undefeated up until this point. This battle is going to be a remarkable one.


And you wouldn’t wanna miss out on it.



8. Goku Goes to Demon Land (Episode 81)


This episode is all about Goku’s venture to a village that has been infested with Demons. The village seems to have a ton of demons attacking the village and the members are fed up with them.


Not only that but they have also got their hands on the Princess. And thus, the situation is critical.


Therefore, Goku is approached by the King of the village and he asks him to save his daughter. This is going to be an effort for Goku.


And let’s just say that this effort will be worth all the time for this episode.



9. The Rampage of InoShikaCho (Episode 82)


InoShikaCho talks about a giant monster that will be intimidating on so many different levels. And that monster will change the way people look at monsters.


Goku has realized that this beast is coming for him. And the way he reacts to it is all that this episode focuses on.


It is going to create a lot of havoc and chaos. And those happenings are essentially irreversible. Moreover, this is the point where Goku will meet Tian for the first time. Now that’s special.



10. Which Way To Papaya Island? (Episode 83)


This episode is all about Goku’s venture away from Master Roshi. He sent him out with the intent of making him gain more confidence and experience in his life.


And that’s how things started to get back on track for our boy Goku. He is an absolute cutie for what he does.


However, because of that Goku has become too innocent for the real world. And that’s why his life is going to get a lot more interesting before the actual tournament.


This is why the series is going to give a new direction to the narrative.



11. Quicker than Lightning (Episode 127)


Goku is now assigned an interesting task at hand. He must try his level best to make sure that he secures the Sacred Crown.


And that Crown is going to be the game changer here. Why? Because this Crown will eventually change the way people look at the show.


This artefact has a secret. And that secret is quite dark, to say the least. Now it’s on Goku to get the mission done as fast as possible.


However, if he fails, things might be looking bad for him and his life as a whole.



12. Secret of the Woods (Episode 128)


Mr Popo has guided Goku to have some training in the dark woods. Now our boy is right in his action.


However, things start to get interesting when you wander at the place and realize that the situation is a bit tight.


Why? Because this man is going to give the most to his audience. He is going to figure out the truth about the deep dark and have his way with the enemies.


However, the way he will do so is fascinating. This is why the episode is worth all your time.



13. The Time Room (Episode 129)


Goku gets his hands on a time machine that lets him reach into the past. There, he meets a younger version of Master Roshi who is an opponent to another individual called Master Shen.


Now Shen and Roshi are going to have a lot of bouts between them. However, Goku has decided that he is going to do what’s best for his growth.


And so, he steps back and takes a look at the opportunities available to him. Soon enough, he comes across Master Mutatio.


And that’s how things will be getting interesting for him.



14. Goku’s Doll (Episode 130)


Goku has wished for the unthinkable. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. Our boy decided that it was a good idea to wish for a doll that looks and moves just like Goku.


And this doll is even more horrifying than it sounds. You see, this Doll is going to cause a lot of trouble to Goku and his attempts to make the most out of his life.


And that’s why this being is going to be impressionable, to say the least. Moreover, Yamcha and the gang seem to be reaching the top of the Korin Tower, to meet the wise Master.


Their meeting will be remarkable.



15. Walking Their Ways (Episode 131)


The story seems to have two groups being placed together. Firstly, we have Goku. And this man is absolute havoc in his training.


He is striving rigorously for the Martial Arts Tournament. And Yamcha and the team also happen to be training with all their efforts.


However, there’s a catch. Yamcha and the team are on their way to training with the Wise Master while Goku is training with Mr.


Popo. On their journey, they realize that this venture is going to be a tough one since they come across a village with a volcanic eruption in sight.



16. Hotter than Lava (Episode 132)


Yamcha, Tian, Chiaotzu, and Krillin are all stuck in a village that seems to have a volcanic eruption going on for itself.


Things are looking tight and all of it might fall apart. However, there is going to be a way out of all this.


After all, there’s no denying that this entire place might turn into an absolute mess. However, there’s a way out of all this.


And that way is going to be the decisive factor here. Hotter Than The Lava is an episode that will allow Yamcha and his group to secure a name for themselves.


And that’s how things are going to be.



17. Dress in Flames (Episode 149)


Goku and ChiChi seem to have decided their fate with each other. And so, they reach out to Ox King, to make sure that they secure their future as well.


However, things start to get a bit out of place when the Ox King’s castle starts scorching in flames.


And that’s when things start to fall apart. However, Goku makes the effort to reach out to a special tool that will allow him to save the castle and ensure his life forever.



18. The Fire-Eater (Episode 150)


This episode will feature Goku and Chi-Chi working together to solve a problem.


However, that isn’t going to be a simple endeavour. But let’s just say that our power couple has all it takes to make it to the other side.


They have got access to the Bansho fan that allows them to take control of fire.


However, the problem here is that they will also be facing a strong enemy that can’t be controlled so easily. So make sure that you watch this episode to learn the outcome. 



19. Outrageous Octagon (Episode 151)


The situation seems to have gotten even worse now. Goku is caught up in his trouble as he has come across a specific curse that can take down anyone and everyone without breaking a sweat.


On the other hand, ChiChi is facing a predicament herself as she comes across an old lady who seems to be creating a lot of trouble for our Princess.


And last, but not least, Ox King is trying his best to save his castle or else things will go bad for him.



20. Mystery of the Dark World (Episode 152)


The Bansho Fan has failed. And so, the last resort that our group has is nothing but the Magical Furnace.


And that thing seems to be the only option. However, to get their hands on this, they must strive to solve the Dark World’s mystery.


If they fail, things will be done for good.



21. The End, The Beginning (Episode 153)


This is the final episode in the arc. Goku and ChiChi are going to make the final attempts in stopping the flames that are bound to consume the Ox King’s Castle.


Things are looking critical and it seems that there would be no way around all of this. However, since our duo is strong on their resolve to be together, these guys are going to do all they can, to secure their place in the wedding together.


And let’s just say that this is going to be a remarkable change in all of their lives. And that’s why this episode is going to be the ace factor for the series.


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