Top 50 Best Action Fantasy Anime Of All Time

top 50 best action fantasy anime of all time


Anime series have almost every genre we have ever needed or wanted to go for. It doesn’t matter whether it is a romance or any comedy, one always has got the best in it.


But when it comes to action then some reserve categories made us surmise what to go for! Without a doubt, there are hundreds of them in the world which are categorized as all-time favourites.


So favorite of all the best action fantasy anime is here as we have listed some of them down




1.  Guilty Crown


Guilty Crown


The 2011 Guilty Crown is a series that is directed by Tetsuro Araki (Season 1). It is a multi-production series which is written by Hiroyuki Yoshino (also written Sunrise) under the studio Division 6 and Production I. G.


The series came out for the first time on 13 October 2011. Just like the maker said that it is going to define “the next generation of anime with this show”, the series has ended with well-deserved popularity.


The story of the series is set in 2039, somewhere in the future. It goes along with the character called Shu Ouma who is a boy.


He has almost every power that calls him the Power Of The Kings. This power gives him some access to get all the tools or even the weapons from some other person.


The action comes when the protagonist who is also a high school student knows that he is intentionally dragged into a resistance fight and that created the rest of the story.




2.  Sword Art Online


Sword Art Online


Based on a light novel, Sword Art Online has been written by Reki Kawahara. It is an action plus a science fiction series that tells the story of the coming age.


One can access this anime series through TV5 and Adult Swim. Starting its telecasting in 2012, the story goes with the action of Kirito.


The story of Sword Art Online is about the protagonist whose name is Kirito or Kazuto Kirigaya along with another character called Asuna Yuuki and they together go with a lot of virtual reality.


One can access the game with the help of new technology. The protagonist does so and meets some different characters and that’s how the story goes on.




3.  Rising Of The Shield Hero


Rising of the shield Hero


Being an action series, The Rising Of The Shield Hero is also a dark series. By being based on a light novel, it has been published in web novels.


The series is directed by Masato Jinbo for the 2019 release and has been released on platforms like KBS, SUN, and Aniplus Asia.


The story of The Rising Of The Shield Hero is related to Naofumi. He is one of the youth of Japan who goes to a parallel world along with some other characters.


This parallel world has a lot of challenges that are faced by Naofumi. Challenges like fighting with the Monsters who are called Waves are very common.


Each character who was considered the hero has some equipment to go for. And when it comes to Naofumi then he has a shield that defends him from attack.




4.  Dragon Ball Z


 dragon ball z


Being one of the sequels of an anime series called Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z is again considered one of the best action fantasy anime to watch.


Being a Japanese anime series, it has been very well produced by one of the greatest franchises called Toei Animation.


In the name of action, we are getting a lot of martial arts with some adventure involved in it.


The story is well-written and crafted by Takao Koyama. The story of Dragon Ball Z is related to the adventure of the character Son Holu (Masako Nozawa).


While being an adult, he with some other fellow members tries to defend the planet Earth. The Earth has been attacked by a lot of aliens whose names are Cell, Vegeta, Majin Buu, and others.


Simultaneously, the series also follows the life of Gohan who is the son of Holu. It also goes with the story of Vegeta (villain) and Piccolo. This anime has revolutionized the entire anime medium for us.


The way this story makes us fall in love with the characters and their way of living, it is absolutely insane. There’s a reason why everyone is losing their minds over Dragon Ball Z as a show. 



5.  Naruto: Shippuden


 naruto: shippuden


Released for the first time in 2007, Naruto: Shippuden is considered one of the best action fantasy anime to watch.


Talking about the production and the direction then it is done by Hayato Date and by Pierrot with TV Tokyo for earlier seasons.


The story is about a character whose name is Naruto Uzumaki. He is basically a Ninja and also a very young teenager who with his group goes on with some action.


He goes to have that kind of recognition from his fellow members while carrying a dream of becoming the leader of a village named Hokage.


The stories are told in 2 parts the first part is related to the early teen years and the second is related to the later teen years of the character Naruto.


Naruto is a legendary anime that took the entire anime industry by storm, back when it first came out. And it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the show is a lot better than what anyone would have imagined.


If you are someone who hasn’t watched the anime yet, make sure that you do so as soon as possible. 



6.  Hunter x Hunter


Hunter x Hunter


Hunter x Hunter is a series that came out in 2011 and is considered an all-time favourite. It is a television adaptation of a Manga series that has been written by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Just like its name, it goes with hunting by indulging some action in it. The plot of Hunter x Hunter revolves around the leading character whose name is Gon Freecs.


He is a very young boy who later on in his life discusses that his father, whom he thought was dead, is actually alive.


The name of his father is Ging who is a very big hunter. Hunter is basically in the series meaning those who have proven themselves as a very elite member of not just society but also humanity in general.


Even after knowing that his father has left, he goes on a mission to follow in his footsteps and the life of his father.


He is quite eager to pass the examination called Hunter examination. At the end of the story, Gon finds his father and goes on the way to become a very thoughtful and helpful hunter.



7.  One Piece


One Piece


The seventh one is a multi-directorial series called One Piece. By telecasting it on Cartoon Network and other channels, it started in 1999.


It is based on a series called One Piece that has been penned by Eiichiro Oda. It is one of the best action series with some flavor of fantasy in it.


Coming to the story then it follows the character Monkey D. Luffy and his adventures done by him. Monkey has got a lot of characteristics and properties in him of being flexible by eating a kind of Devil Fruit.


He and another group of Pirates who are called Straws Hat Pirates explored all kinds of adventures with some action involved in it.


They are behind an ultimate treasure which is called One Piece, the title of the series, so as to become a pirate.



8.  Bleach




Being a Japanese anime series, it has gained all kinds of attention from the world. It is not just action but also supernatural things with some adventure that is there in this series.


It is based on a series of the same name, Bleach, that is written by Tite Kubo. Coming from the story of Bleach, is about the adventure that is done by the character Ichigo Kurosaki.


A new kind of power has been given to Ichigo which is called Soul Reaper. The powers which he gains have forced Ichigo to defend all humanity and humans from all kinds of spirits that are Evil.


The character has also the duty of departing all the souls and guiding their afterlife.



9.  Attack on Titan


Attack on Titan


Being one of the best television series in the whole world, Attack on Titan has gained popularity since it first came out in 2013.


The series is converted into films as well as some other entertainment businesses. Along with action, the series is also related to post-apocalyptic themes.


It is the story of the extension of mankind and humanity. These all are happening because of Giants whose names are Titans as they are eating a man.


So to defend themselves a lot of humans from civilization have built a wall of around 50 M long.


Among the main characters, we have Rose, Maria, and Sina who tells us the story of 845 years. After witnessing the destruction and anarchy made by Titans, the character called Eren Jaeger comes in front.



10.  Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a television series in Japan that has not just action and adventure but also fantasy involved in it.


This Yasuhiro Irie (season 1) directorial series has given us its first look in 2009. The series already ended in 2010 but the legacy is definitely continuing.


The story of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is of brothers whose names are Edward and Alphonse Elric. The Brothers were reached by Trisha who is the mother.


Their father abandoned them as a family when the boys were quite young. Being a single mother, Trisha showed her interest in Alchemy and some secrets.


After the death of their mother, they were in the care of Rock Bell and also their grandmother. The boys move down with the Alchemy and decide to bring Trisha Back To Life.



11. Tokyo Revengers


tokyo revengers


Tokyo Revengers is an anime that dives deep into the realm of time travel and the ability to live life yet again. However, this narrative is approached in a rather unique way in this specific anime.


The show talks about a guy named Hanagaki Takemichi who happened to get teleported to his younger self where he is nothing more than a roadside delinquent. However, he soon realizes that his girlfriend from this timeline will die in his original timeline.


He tries to change the way things unfold so as to make sure that his girlfriend doesn’t lose her life in the future. However, things are going to go differently than how he would imagine. This anime has gangs, fights, and a lot of action. This is what makes it so special.



12.  RWBY




RWBY is an American anime series that is based on computers. It is an American animated web series created by Monty Oum.


The series is full of action and adventure with some science fantasy in it. It came for the first time in 2013 and one can access it through Amazon Prime Video.


The story is related to a fictional world called Remnant. In this fictional world, all the young people were trained so that they can become warriors.


These Warriors are said to be either Huntsman or Huntresses. These Warriors are there to protect the world from all kinds of Monsters which are said to be Grimm.


To find these monsters the four protagonists of the series are there whose names are as follows: Ruby, Blake, Weiss, and Yang.


Each of them represents colours like Ruby in red, Blake in black, Yang in yellow, and Weiss in white.



13.  Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure


Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventures


The series is based upon a Japanese animated written series which is well illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. The series is full of action + adventure with some little flavour of supernatural things in it.


This fictional fantasy series started for the first time in 1993. The story is from 1987 when Jotaro and his fellows have developed some kind of mysterious power.


This mysterious power is known as Stands. He, with his grandfather Joseph and other people, goes to Egypt to travel.


The travelling is related to the search for some immortal vampire and evil known as DIO or Dio Brando.


They try to save the mother of Jotaro whose name is Holly. As Stand awakens and tells or warns to consume the mother in just 50 days, the story gets some action.


On the other hand, DIO has gathered some assassins who have various deadly powers which can destroy the people and can reach Jotaro.



14.  07-Ghost




07-Ghost is a series based on a manga series which is written by Yuki Amemiya. The series has some action that goes hand in hand with gothic fantasy.


The series was written by Natsuko (season 1) and came with the first episode on 7 April 2009. It is set in a world of fantasy that is full of magic, laws, and different kingdoms.


It revolves around a former slave whose name is Teito Klein. He is right now under the Military Academy of Barsburg Empire.


He possesses a rare and reputed supernatural force which is known as Zaiphon. He gets a lot of frightening dreams, especially one day before his graduation examination.


The next day, he realizes that the Chief of Staff Ayanami is the person who came in his dream and has killed his father.


He rises to attack the chief but is sent to prison. Teito, with the help of his friend, escaped and fought with all the guards.


At the end of the story, it was revealed that he possesses a powerful talisman called the Eye of Mikhail.


This led him to get revenge against the Barsburg Empire so that he can get all the knowledge from his past life and meet his enemies, the 07 Ghosts.



15. Accel World


Accel World


Accel World is again a series that has its inspiration from a light novel written by Reki Kawahara. The series started with some adventure and action in the year 2012.


The story continues with some science and fantasy which is still available on Animax Asia. The story of the series is about Haruyuki Arita who is an overweight boy.


He was bullied and ridiculed at his high school called Umesato Junior High School. By using his Neuro Linker he tries to escape from real life and takes the help of the school’s network and plays some virtual squash.


His video gaming skill gains a lot of attention, especially from Kuroyukihime. Kuroyukihime is one of the most popular students in the school for her intellectual mind and is the vice president of the student council.


They together go on an adventure and play a lot of video games and defeat Six Kings Of Pure Colour.


The bond between these two grows stronger and stronger and gains the highest position at a game level.



16. Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They?


Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?


Based on a Manga series which is written by Taro Tatsunoko, Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They? came for the first time on 11 January 2013.


The series has been written by Noboru Kimura and falls under the theme of action and fantasy comedy. The story goes around the life of three children whose names are Sakamaki, Kasukabe, and Kudo.


All these three children are possessed with psychic power. After getting an envelope from an unknown source, they all get transferred to Little Garden.


Little Garden is a place full of supernatural powers which are called to be as Gifts. The residents of Little Garden use these Gifts to play some games called Gift Games.


If one wins these games then they get wealth and prestige in their community. All three children join the community called No Name so that they can regain their lost prosperity.


The action comes when all three children decide to defeat Demon Lords from the community.



17. Sekirei




It has its influence on a manga series called Sekirei which is written by Sakurako Gokurakuim. It came for the first time in 2008, the series has networks like SUN TV and KBS.


It was directed by Keizo Kusakawa for season one and has gained quite good ratings. The story goes with a boy who is 19 years old and his name is Minato.


He is very shy and awkward but when it comes to his morals and caring then he is very good at it.


After failing one more time to get into any college, he meets a girl whose name is Musubi. The girl is also 19 years old and shows some of her powers which are considered superhuman.


The girl told him that he is nothing but an Ashikabi, which means a destined boy or a man.


In short, he is there to give some strength and power to her and other girls like her who are said to be Sekirei (the title).


The only way of giving power to the girls is through sexual contact and that’s how the story continues.



18. Soul Eater


Soul Eater


Soul Eater is a television series in Japan that is directed by Takuya Igarashi (Season 1). It is based on a series called Soul Eater that has been written by Atsushi Ohkubo.


The series came for the first time in 2008 and it is still available on some OTT platforms because of its popularity in the world of entertainment.


The story is related to Maka Albarn who is from DWMA, which is Death Weapon Academy. When it comes to the weapon of Maka then it is nothing else than being a Soul Eater.


She tries to make Soul Eater into a death scythe by getting all the souls of humans who are evil or have demon potential in them.


It is set in a school called Shinigami School. In the story, three people have a partnership of weapons.


To get this weapon, all three have to collect the souls of 99 humans who are evil and one witch.



19. Is This A Zombie?


Is This A Zombie?


It is a series that is based on a light novel which is written by Shinichi Kimura. The anime series came in the year 2011 under the production of Studio Deen (season 1).


One can still get access through Funimation in the English language. The story of Is This A Zombie? goes with the adventure of Ayumu Aikawa.


Ayumu is a zombie who got back to life after getting killed by one of the serial killers. The Zombie got his life back from a black magician whose name is Eucliwood Hellscythe.


After the resurrection, he tries his best in his current life and that’s how he came to meet Haruna.


Later on, Ayumu takes all the magical power and goes on the process of becoming a Maso Shojo. Along with the black magician and vampire whose name is Seraphim, Ayumu tries to defeat all the Demons.


In the way of all the actions, Ayumu also tries to find the reason why he was killed. The story is full of apocalyptic plus horror and action drama.



20. Black Butler


Black Butler


Black Butler is a Japanese series that has been well crafted or penned by Yana Toboso. The anime series has some dark comedy with dark fantasy in it.


The story came with a supernatural theme in the year 2008 and has gained a lot of popularity. One can still get access to the series through Animax Asia.


The story is related to Ciel Phantomhive who is just 12 years old and is the Earl of Phantomhive.


This 12-year-old is serving in the position of Watchdog of Queen. The young boy was tasked with solving some crimes that are going on under the Underworld of London.


The whole setting of the series is in the Victorian era where Ciel has a contract with one of the demons whose name is Sebastian.


This demon Sebastian has disguised himself as the butler and tries to get revenge on those people who were involved in torturing his parents as well as murdering them.


In exchange for all the services, the demon is now allowed to have the soul of Ciel and that’s how the story continues.



21. Death Note 


Death Note


Death Note is a captivating anime that explores the morally complex world of Light Yagami, a high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook capable of killing anyone whose name is written in it.


Driven by a godlike complex and a desire to create a utopia, Light becomes the vigilante Kira, relentlessly pursued by the brilliant detective L. Filled with suspense, psychological battles, and moral dilemmas, Death Note delves into themes of justice, power, and the nature of humanity, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as they witness a thrilling clash of intellects unfold.



22. Code Geass


Code Geass


Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is an animated television series from Japan which is produced for the first time by Sunrise.


The series is written by Ichiro Okouchi and has been directed by Goro Taniguchi for season 1. It came for the first time in 2006 with some action and military sequence.


The story is set in many timelines. It follows the life of a prince whose name is Lelouch vi Britannia.


The prince has the power called the Power Of Absolute Obedience. He has gained this power from a woman who is very mysterious one, named C. C.


By using some elements of supernatural power called Geass, he goes for a rebellion. This rebellion is against the empire of the Holy Britannian Empire.


The story then follows with a lot of battles that go on between the prince and the empire so that they can’t listen to the rules of the Empire.


Talking about other characters then characters like Suzaku Kururugi is also there to help The Princess and his work.



23. The Vision of Escaflowne


The Vision of Escaflowne


Being a Japanese animated television series, The Vision of Escaflowne is considered the best action fantasy anime. It was created by Sunrise Studios and Shoji Kawamori in 1996.


One can access the series on English networks like Animax. The story of the series is related to a teenage girl from a high school named Hitomi.


She was the one who came to planet Gaea from Earth. These all happen when a boy in his High School named Van battles a Dragon.


On this new planet, Hitomi was captured or came in between the war of the Zaibach Empire. This Empire has only one mission and that is to capture the whole Gaea.


To save the whole planet from Zaibach, Hitomi comes forward and shows her power. She is the one who becomes the reason why Escaflowne awakens and stops their plan of Zaibach.


The action in the series comes when Hitomi tries to save the planet by defeating Zaibach.



24. Zero No Tsukaima


Zero No Tsukaima


Zero No Tsukaima or The Family Of Zero is a fantasy and action series from Japan. The series is based on a light novel which is written under the guidance of Noboru Yamaguchi.


The anime series came for the first time under the direction of Yoshiaki Iwasaki (season 1) in the year 2006.


The story follows the lives of many characters who are from the 2nd-year class in a magical academy. The story is set in a magical fictional world where a young female named Louise Francoise is considered the protagonist.


She is one of the daughters of an Aristocrat family who goes to a magic school just for the sake of her kingdom.


She gives the examination in the magical School where she was said to summon some creatures who will be there for the rest of her life.


As a result of it, she summoned Hirago Saito who is a human from Japan. The story turns in the favor of Hirago who becomes quite popular in the school.



25. Pandora Hearts


Pandora Hearts


The series Pandora Hearts is based on a manga series of the same which is written by Jun Mochizuki.


It has action, mystery, adventure, and also dark fantasy. The series was under the direction of Takao Kato for season one which came in 2009.


The story is related to Oz Bezarius who is a young aristocrat. He is the heir of fifteen years old to one of the Nobel houses in town.


Going into the series we can see that Oz Bezarius becomes the victim of a ceremony that is dark in the very first episode.


Due to this, he was kept down into an abyss which is basically a prison full of monsters. These monsters are called Chains.


The story continues with some action when Oz Bezarius meets with one of the Chains whose name is Alice or said to be the Black Rabbit.



26. Sailor Moon


Sailor Moon


Sailor Moon or Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon is a Japanese series that came in 1992. The series has a magical element as it goes with the story of the superhero genre.


The series is based on a manga series that is penned by Naoko Takeuchi. One can get access through channels like Cartoon Network and ABC.


The story is of Usagi Tsukino and her adventures. She is a student of the school, she has the power of becoming or turning into a Pretty Soldier.


She is chosen as the one who defends the earth from some evil villains and demons. To complete this mission of her, she was joined by some others named Sailor Soldiers.


It also follows her personal development story where she transforms from a student in middle school to an adult.


Her emotional journey continues with some amalgamation of action to save the people and the world!



27. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes


The Legend of the Legendary Heroes


The Legend of the Legendary Heroes is again a Japanese series that was adapted from a light novel written by Takaya Kagami.


This anime series started in the year 2010 under the hands of Itsuro Kawasaki. The story of this anime series goes with students of Empire Royal Magician’s Academy, Ryner Lute.


He is a very lazy student until a devastating thing has happened to him. In a war, he has lost all his classmates which has given him some implicit memories.


Ryner starts having a journey so that he can search for a legendary hero at the command of king Sion Astal.


In doing this journey and quest, Ryner is soon able to find that the whole continent is under the curse of some deadly thing.


This deadly curse is quite uncontrollable and might be taking the life of people.



28. Pokemon




Pokemon is indeed the best action fantasy anime ever written or made. It is the most loved and regarded as the most successful Japanese anime series of all time.


Starting its existence in 1997, the series also has adventure and amalgamation of some comedy. The story of Pokemon is related to Ash Ketchum who has a lot of pets and among them is the yellow one called Pikachu.


He along with his friends tries to explore a different part of the world and meet some powerful creatures.


Considered one of the greatest pocket Monsters or Pokemon trainers in the world, Ash Ketchum can defeat another monster.


The story revolves when some pet monsters try to have a battle with another monster in their reach to become the best.


Pokemon is also associated with some early elements like fire, water, and sky.



29. Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Madoka Magica, which is also known as Puella Magi Madoka Magica, is a Japanese anime series that was released for the first time in 2011.


The story goes along with some action and magical psychological thriller elements. The series has been created by Magica Quartet with some dark fantasy in its way.


The story of Puella Magi Madoka Magica is about a group of girls who are in Middle School. All the girls in this group are under the rule of Madoka Kaname who is the leader.


Madoka is the one who has supernatural elements and the contract of becoming a magical girl. All these girls go with some action while they are battling witches and other rivals.


While having all the battles, the girls also learn the other new roles which are associated with them.



30. Kyousougiga




Kyousougiga is an anime television series that is originated and has been created by Izumi Todo. Released for the first time in 2011, the series is also available on YouTube for viewers.


Along with action, the series has some fantasy elements in it. The story of Kyousougiga is related to the character Koto.


It was some years ago when the priest Myoe had the power of giving life to anything he drew.


The power has given fear to the villagers and made the priest Myoe an outcast. One of the drawings of the priest called Koto, which is a rabbit, came to life.


The rabbit somehow can win the love of the priest and the story goes on further in the Quest for a better life.


The story is set in a mirror capital where along with humans, Youkai is living together. The whole place is protected by the three characters whose names are: Kurama, Myoue, and Yase.



31. Gurren Lagann


Gurren Lagann


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann or simply known as Gurren Lagann is a mecha anime series in Japan. The series came for the first time in 2007 and was animated by Gainax.


It has come with some action along with comedy and adventure in its story and plot. The story is related to the time when Earth is under the rule of a spiral king whose name is Lordgenome.


He forces all the humans to live in isolation under a subterranean village. When it comes to this subterranean village then there is no contact with the other world or other villages.


The story revolves around two teenagers named Simon and Kamina who want to get away from the village. By having the help of mecha which is called to be Lagann, both the teenagers started a fight against the forces of Lordgenome.


The action comes when the fight between Simon and Kamina with Lordgenome goes on for the liberation of the villagers.



32. Magic Knight Rayearth


Magic Knight Rayearth


The series follows the story of an animated series that has been created by Clamp. The series came for the first time in the year 1994 under the direction of Toshihiro Hirano.


The series has a story of magic and supernatural effect that follows in a fantasy world. The story goes on with some girls who are in the 8th grade.


All the girls have been transported into a magical world from the world of their modern Japan. The girls were assigned the task of rescuing a princess.


It has the story of three women who are warriors and have a magic style in the 90s. The three girls are: Hikaru Shidou who is a tomboy and the second one is Umi Ryuuzaki who is a quick-tempered one.


The third one is Fuu Hououji, said to be the most intelligent. The story goes on with some action while they were on the mission of saving the princess in the parallel fantasy world.


They were also guided by a creature called Mokona so that they can complete the mission with some magic.



33. A Certain Magical Index


A Certain Magical Index


A Certain Magical Index has got its adaptation from a novel written by Kazuma Kamachi. It was released in separate seasons and started for the first time in 2004.


With some action, the series is also revolving around some science fantasy that carries the story. The story is set in a world where reality is all the Supernatural abilities one carries.


It is set in an Academy called Academy City which is an independent City in Tokyo. The city is known for its research and educational institute.


Among many students, Toma Kamijo is also the one who has the power, known as Imagine Breaker. He meets with a girl from England whose name is Index.


Index is a teen who has the secret power of the Church of England. The story then follows all the leading characters on how they meet in the world of science and some magic.



34. Gintama




Gintama, a manga series that was later on adapted into an anime series which is written by Hideaki Sorachi.


The series started in 2011 and premiered for the first time on TV in Tokyo. It has an action that is defined by some ancient Samurai technique by the characters of the series.


The story is of a Samurai whose name is Gintoki Sakata. He, with his companion Shinpachi Shimura and a teenage girl named Kagura, continue the whole series with action.


All three leading characters are freelancers. They together search for some work so that they somehow manage to give their monthly rent.


In the end, they are not able to pay their monthly rent but continue to live in action. By keeping their life on track, they have never forgotten the morals of a samurai and swordsman.


And that is the reason why they have created a lot of trouble for others and themselves.



35. Demon Slayer 


Demon Slayer


Demon Slayer is an electrifying anime that follows the gripping journey of Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy thrust into the world of demon slaying after his family is viciously attacked by demons.


Determined to avenge his loved ones and find a cure for his demonized sister, Nezuko, Tanjiro joins the ranks of the Demon Slayer Corps. With his steadfast determination, remarkable swordsmanship, and unwavering compassion, Tanjiro battles both internal and external demons, forming unexpected alliances and facing unimaginable dangers along the way.


Demon Slayer captivates audiences with its breathtaking animation, intense action sequences, and heartfelt exploration of resilience, loyalty, and the indomitable human spirit.





36. Kill Ia Kill


Kill Ia Kill


Talking about Kill Ia Kill then it was released for the first time in 2013. It is not just an action drama but also a comedy with some science fiction involved in it.


The story of the series has been written by Kazuki Nakashima while the creation is done by KADOKAWA Future Publishing.


The synopsis of Kill Ia Kill is related to Satsuki Kiryuin who is the president of the Student Council.


Satsuki with other Elite 4 rules the academy called Honnouji Academy. They control the whole school because of the special outfit they have.


This outfit called Goku Uniforms has the power of superhuman capabilities. Ryuko Matoi is also the one who starts a quest before searching for the killer of her father.


In this search, she has challenged the Elite 4 for a battle that will gain the attention of the school.


The Student Council’s president recognizes the scissor-shaped sword of Ryuko and wonders whether this is just a coincidence or a destiny-written thing.



37. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic


Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic


Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is an action series with some adventures which is written by Shinobu in the form of manga series.


Released for the first time in 2009, the series has become one of the favorite Japanese in terms of action and coming of age.


Getting influenced by stories like Aladdin and Alibaba, the story is set in the ancient world which has some reflection on the real world.


This world has people who have some power which is known as Rukh. This essence or power returns to Guidance which gives life to other people after death.


In short, power is related to the internal cycle of giving birth. If one is possessed with some emotion of sadness or hopelessness then Rukh seems too unstable and Fall Into Depravity.


The story is depicted by the protagonist that is Magi and a King. The story of Maggi revolves around Aladdin as well as Alibaba.


These two characters become responsible for freeing thousands of people from a giant captivated tower.



38. Naruto




Naruto is said to be the all-time favorite best-animated action series in fiction. It is based on a manga series that has the same name and was written by Masashi Kishimoto.


From Cartoon Network to Animax, everyone has released it and one can access it through these channels. The story of Naruto is related to Naruto Uzumaki who is a very young Ninja.


Naruto tries to get all the recognition from his contemporary people and also has a vision for becoming the leader (Hokage) of the village.


The story is divided into two parts in which the first one is related to Naruto and his early childhood period.


While on the other hand, the second one is related to his teenage period. It is also related to the Nine-Tails who attacked the village and have taken a lot of people’s lives.


The action enters at the same moment when Naruto will become the savior of his village and people.



39. Fate/Zero




The light novel called Fate/Zero got its adaptation in 2011 and became one of the best action fantasy anime.


The series is set in the time and events that happened 10 years before Fate/Stay Night. It is the story of a magical tournament called the Fourth Holy Grail War.


This tournament is happening in Japan in a fictional city named Fuyuki City. In this tournament 7 mages who are also known as Masters summons some servants.


It is related to the reincarnation of some souls who are legendary and also some heroes from all periods (past, present, and future).


They together fight in a battle where the winner will ultimately have the Holy Grail. This Holy Grail has the power of granting wishes which can fulfill almost everything.


Einzbern’s family is also there in the story to achieve victory in this war as they have faced three failures in the past.


So to get a winning position this time they have elected Kiritsugu Emiya who is a very skilled Hitman and is known for completing his goals.



40. Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan


Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan


It is based on a manga series that has been written and also illustrated by Hiroshi Shiibashi, the series was released for the first time in 2010.


Junji Nishimura is the one who directed the first season while the whole season is written by Natsuko Takahashi.


Coming to the plot of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan then it covers the story of Rikuo Nura who has the majority of humans and some part of the spirit in his body.


Rikuo can have the human form but also can transform into a spirit in the night. Rikuo lives in a house that is full of other spirits (Yokai)  and among them is the grandfather Yokai.


The action comes when he tries to avoid being a spirit and do some good work even after his grandfather wanted him to succeed as the head of the Clan.


At last, Rikuo decided to have the position as the third head of his clan called Nura. A lot of people wanted to stop him from getting this position and that’s how a lot of adventure and action takes place in the series.



41. Basilisk




Basilisk is an anime which is written by Masaki Segawa. Premiering for the first time in Japan, the series came in 2005 and has received worldwide recognition.


The series is now available on Funimation Channel for the English network and one can also watch it on KBS.


The series tells the story of the 16th century when the two clans of Ninja are enemies and thirsty for each other’s blood.


The story then continues in 1614 when Ieyasu has decided to retire from his assigned power. So Ieyasu has chosen a perfect candidate for his succession and his name is Hidetada, who is his son.


The succession has created a lot of dispute between the family as the grandsons have gone for it. A lot of other government officials have started taking the side of the Tokugawa Shogunate and that’s how a political conflict arises in the story.


This conflict has resulted in a lot of action which goes on with the characters like Gennosuke Kouga, Kisaragi Saemon, Kagero, Muroga Hyouma, and others.



42. Avatar: The Last Airbender


Avatar: The Last Airbender


Avatar: The Last Airbender or simply known as Avatar: The Legend of Aang is an American anime series. This action series has comedy and fantasy and was produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios.


The series came for the first time in 2005 and one can still access it through Nickelodeon. The story happens in an Asiatic world.


In this world, some people can do telekinetically manipulation. They can manipulate elements like water, fire, air, and earth.


The manipulation happens through a practice which is known as Bending. There is only one person who can bend all these elements and this person is said to be as be Avatar.


Avatar is the one who is responsible for all the harmony in the world and its nation. He becomes a bridge between the world of spirit and the world of physics.


It goes with the journey of a boy whose name is Aang. He is the only survivor of his nation and is right now positioned as the Avatar



43. Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero


Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero


Based on a light novel from Japan which is written by Tetsuto  Uesu, the Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero was released for the first time in the year 2012.


This series has also some fantasy + some romance involved in it. The series has been directed by Rion Kujo for Season 1 and was written by Ryunosuke Kingetsu.


One can access this television series through the English network named Funimation Channel. The story of Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero is related to a world where a lot of young people, doesn’t matter men or women, find themselves driven spiritually away in a world of magic.


This magical world is fulswordssword and is called Alayzard. The survivors who are successfully able to return from this place were gifted some magic abilities.


The organization whose name is Babel is responsible for training this survival so that they can use their power. Akatsuki with Miu is the leading character in the series.



44. Angel Beats


Angel Beats


The story focuses on Otonashi who is a boy. It has it set in an Afterlife time where the lead Otonashi has lost his memories.


His memories of his life were lost when he died and later on he was enrolled in an Afterlife School.


In this school, Otonashi gets to know and meet a girl whose name is Yuri. Yuri is also the one who invites Otonashi so that together they can join the Afterlife Battlefront.


Coming to the Afterlife Battlefront, it is an organization that works against the Kanade. Kanade is an angel who has some supernatural power and is also the president of the student council.


The story continues around these three characters and the action and adventure they go with.



45. Digimon Adventure


Digimon Adventure


Digimon Adventure, aka Digimon: Digital Monsters is a Japanese series that was released for the first time in 1999.


It is considered the first-ever anime series that the franchise Digimon Media has ever worked on. Along with action, it is also responsible for adventure and has been released on multiple media.


This Hiroyuki Kakudo directorial series is written by Satoru Nishizono. The story of Digimon Adventure is related to seven children who were transported into the digital world by Digivices.


All the children become friends with several Digital Monsters. When these children wanted to go back to their homes then eventually they got to know that they were chosen once for saving Digital World.


The adventure started and the children went hunting for a demon whose name is Devimon. They have defeated Devimon and have allowed Digimon partners to have that ultimate form.


The story goes on when they meet some other demons and the battle starts with new episodes.



46. Dragon Ball


Dragon Ball


One of the best-ever anime series in fiction is Dragon Ball. This Japanese television series is an adaptation of a manga series that covers the story in 194 chapters.


The series has other genres like martial arts through which action is depicted very well in it. With some adventure, the series is well-written by Takao Koyama and Toshiki Inoue.


It released its first episode in February 1986 on the channel Cartoon Network and is still in the trend.


The story of Dragon Ball is about a boy whose name is Goku. This boy is a monkey-tailed boy who becomes friends with a girl whose name is Bulma.


They together have an adventure where they get 7 Dragon Balls which are mysterious to them. These Dragon Balls have the power to summon a dragon named Shenron who has again the power of fulfilling any desire.


The story continues with more adventure and introduces the character Emperor Pilaf who has the desire to rule the world with the help of Dragon Balls.



47. High School DxD


High School DxD


High School DxD is again a series of Japan that is based upon a novel series that is very light and has been written by Ichiei Ishibumi.


The illustration of this series is done by Miyama Zero with some comedy and action in some supernatural activities.


The series is directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa (season 1) while on the other hand, while it is written by Takao.


Coming to its original network then it is for Funimation Channel in English and released its first-ever episode on 6th January 2012.


The story of the series goes around Kuoh Academy which used to be a girl school but recently has transformed into a co-ed.


This Academy also has some secrets which are unknown to humans. Apart from humans, it is also Angels and devils who are unknown with the secret.


Among the characters, the lead one is Issei who is a student. He was asked on a date by a girl Yuma Amano and after that date she wants Issei to die.


In reality, Yuma was a falling Angel who had the motive to kill the lead character Issie Hyodo.



48. Yu Gi Oh!


Yu Gi Oh!


Yu Gi Oh! or Yu Gi Oh! Duel Monster is an anime series in Japan. The animation of this series is done by Studio Gallop with the base developed by the manga of the same name.


The manga was well-plotted by Kazuki Takahashi, a Japanese manga artist. Apart from action and fictional elements, it also deals with adventurous science.


The series started existence in 2000 and has aired on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network with some other channels. Talking about the story of Yu Gi Oh!


Then it revolves around a boy who is a high school student. The lead, Yugi Mutuo, is one who is fighting against his opponent in a card game of Duel Monsters.


The series has a story that starts from volume 7 of the Manga series. It is Yugi and his friends who battle with Ryo Bakura.


It is also a story about Ryo who is the owner of the Millennium Ring so he can come over with the help of the dark spirit in the ring.


With his friends, Yugi went to Egypt where they were seen stuck in 5000 years past.



49. Dragon Ball Super


Dragon Ball Super


The story of Dragon Ball Super is related to a character whose name is Goku.


With some action and adventure, Goku with his friends became able to defeat some demons. Later on, Goku goes on a quest of becoming a powerful and stronger person for the better.


The series has started showing us some details related to the saga and has continued the story from the same point where Dragon Ball Z ended its story.


We can see how Goku tries to maintain peace on Earth, although he has been attacked and forced by Chi-Chi to have a job in radish farming.



50. K




K or K Project is again an anime from Japan that falls under the category of action as well as science.


Adding more flavor to fantasy, the series has been created by GoRA and GoHands, an animation studio with 7 authors.


It is influenced by the manga series K: Memory of Red which is illustrated by Yui Kuroe. Coming to the series, it is well-crafted and penned by Tatsuki Miyazawa.


Started in October 2012 on MBS the series is also available on Animax. The story is of Yashiro Isana who is a common student at a high school called Ashinaka High School.


Being targeted by the red Clan’s Scepter 4 as well as HOMRA, the murder of Tatara Totuska follows the story.


The murder is done by HOMRA. Some swordsmen whose names are Strain and Kuroh Yatogami, along with Neko, the lead Ishana came to the point of getting his real identity. The setting of the series K is Shizume City.



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