Attack On Titan Watch Order [Where To Watch]

Attack On Titan Watch Order [Where To Watch]


Considered to be the best in all aspects, Attack on Titan is an action and post-apocalyptic anime. It is about a world where humanity is living in a city surrounded by big walls to protect themselves from man-eating humanoids called Titan.


The protagonist, Eren Yeager, is there to take down the Titans, as they brought anarchy and destruction to his hometown, followed by the death of his mother. All the themes and genres of the anime are well dealt with, as can be seen through the action present in the scenes as well as the characters.


This anime is widely recognized as the best piece of fiction ever created. And that’s because of the sheer complexity and seriousness that the story has to offer. It is known for it’s screenplay and brilliant storyline that has managed to leave a lasting impact on the audience.


For many of them, Attack on Titan is a classic that is bound to be discussed by the coming generation as well. However, in order to achieve that level of excellence and recognition, the story had to go through a lot fo trials and tribulations.


This is why Attack on Titan can be a bit difficult to watch for new viewers. However, this article is meant to help you out. 


When it comes to art and sound, it is subjective and deserves to be remembered. The relationship between the series and the movie with the recap is also appreciable, whereas the OVA becomes unique by adding the side story.


There are a total of 4 seasons, of which seasons 3 and 4 are divided into two parts, making it a total of 87 episodes. Apart from the series, it also has 7 OVAs and 4 movies, which makes things complicated for the audience.


So to present a complete tour of the watch order, here is the accurate list:




Attack on Titan Chronological Watch Order


Chronological watch order is a sequential order of all the events that occurred in anime, which include the scenes and stories of certain series, OVAs, and movies.


It differs from the release order by events and plot that may not be going in the same direction as the storyline.


Attack on Titan is one of those anime that has almost the same release order as the movie, except for the two movies: Attack on Titan: Crimson Bow and Arrow and Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom.


The place where one can start the anime is season one, which carried 25 episodes and built the structures, followed by 4 OVAs.


The only section that remained a bit different is Attack on Titan Season 3 because of an OVA called Attack on Titan: Lost in the Cruel World that divided Season 3 Part 1 into two parts.


Serial Number


Format (Series/Movie/OVA)

Release Date


Attack on Titan Season 1


7 April 2013


Attack on Titan: Crimson Bow and Arrow


22 November 2014


Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom


27 June 2015


Attack on Titan: Ilse’s Notebook


9 December 2013


Attack on Titan: The Sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse of Youth


9 April 2014


Attack on Titan: Distress


8 August 2014


Attack on Titan: No Regrets – Episodes One and Two


9 December 2014


Attack on Titan: Junior High


4 October 2015


Attack on Titan Season 2


1 April 2017


Attack on Titan: Wall Sina, Goodbye – One and Two


9 December 2017


Attack on Titan: The Roar of Awakening


13 January 2018


Attack on Titan Season 3 (Part 1)


23 July 2018


Attack on Titan: Lost in the Cruel World


9 August 2018


Attack on Titan Season 3 (Part 2)


29 April 2019


Attack on Titan: Chronicle


17 July 2020


Attack on Titan Season 4 (Part 1)


7 December 2020


Attack on Titan Season 4 (Part 2)


10 January 2022

18 Attack on Titan Season 4 (Part 3) Series 4 November 2023



Where to watch: Disney+ and Hulu

Hulu is again one of the best for Attack on Titan anime as it has all the episodes of the series, all parts of movies, and OVAs.


Disney+ is also the best for viewers to go for all the available seasons of Attack on Titan. However, one cannot access movies.




Attack on Titan Watch Order Based On Release Date


As Attack on Titan does not have a long difference in release date and watch order, all the seasons and movies have linear positions, except for the first two movies.


It started well with Attack on Titan Season 1 in 2013 and is still making its way to the present.


So, here is all the needed information related to the watch order of Attack on Titan, based on the release date.


1. Attack on Titan Season 1

Season 1 starts the story of the franchise in a world where humanity exists in a city surrounded by big walls.


These walls are made for their protection from gigantic humanoids called Titans, who were ready to destroy humans.


It started with the adventure of protagonists Eren Jaeger and Mikasa with Armin, whose lives got upside down when a Titan broke the wall of their hometown.


To get revenge and his town back, Eren and his friends joined a group of soldiers to fight against the Titans.


The first season of the franchise became the most recommendable, as it completely mastered the art of action and building suspense through characters and many scenes.


It has created a sensation that leaves the audience wanting to see more.


2. Attack on Titan: Crimson Bow and Arrow

The first movie of Attack on Titan is nothing but a recap of season 1’s episodes 1 to 13.


It retells the story of two arcs that were well presented in season 1: The Fall of Shiganshina arc and The Struggle for Trost arc.


The story is related to a dystopian world where living in peace has become an abnormal thing. But to make things fall into place, Eren, the protagonist, and his friends vow to shun all the evils and make the place utopian.


The movie has nothing new in the story as everything was based upon the battles of the Titans; however, it pumps out to be more original because of the plot and presentation through animation.


3. Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom

Wings of Freedom started at the point where the first part of the movie ended, that is, episodes 14–25 of season 1.


It tells the story of three arcs present in season 1: the Eve of the Counterattack arc, The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission arc, and the Assault on Stohess arc.


The story of slaying the Titans has become messy over time, and the same goes with the repetitive plotline.


However, the animation and sounds were great. The story is again about humanity enclosing themselves in the walls because of the threat created by the Titans.


Eren again becomes the hero with Armin and Mikasa when they join the Scout Regiment and fight against Titans.


4. Attack on Titan: Ilse’s Notebook

The story is more like a notebook that reveals a lot of things related to the Titans. It started in the year 850, when Eren and other members were training, and they went on a mission with Hange to capture the Titan.


Hange suddenly saw a person thinking of him as a Titan, who was discovered to be Ilse, a soldier of the 34th Scout Regiment Division.


After getting killed by Levi, Ilse’s notebook was seen lying on the ground and revealed a lot of things related to Titan, resulting in Hange convincing Erwin to join the operation to capture Titans alive.


It has two of the best things: the first is information about the Titans, and the second is the lives and personalities of the soldiers, including Ilse.


When it comes to the plot, it is nothing but a puzzle where little action takes place.


5. Attack on Titan: The Sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse of Youth

The story is set in 849, when Jean returns home after training for 2 years. He immediately gets into a dispute with Sasha that follows a training exercise.


To resolve things, Commander Pyxis suggested solving them through an appropriate cooking contest. While the contest was going on, a sudden appearance of a guest came into the story, which was later followed by the winning Jean.


The story was a bit different from the rest of the series for the franchise, but at the same time, it had its uniqueness.


The characters were not that developed, but the art and animation were to the point.


6. Attack on Titan: Distress

The story started in the year 848, when recruits were divided into groups to learn how to sustain themselves in a peaceful time.


Marco, the captain of the group, had a really hard time leading it due to the arrogance of Jean and Eren.


Following these, a theft occurred in the group, and Krista was taken hostage along with equipment. So to solve all these things, they must come together as a pure team to rescue Krista.


This OVA is one of the best in the franchise because of the great storyline presented with a great plot.


The character development from all angles was seen through characters like Eren, Jean, Krista, and more.


7. Attack on Titan: No Regrets – Episodes One and Two

These two episodic OVAs tell the story of Levi Ackerman when he was a criminal doing his things in the underground city.


He was living with two of his friends, Farlan Church and Isabel Magnolia. The story then follows how Erwin Smith put him in the Survey Corps.


The characters appeared to be very energetic and lively and, at the same time, very cute, with the capability of fighting Titans.


The episodes were directed by Tetsurō Araki and written by Yasuko Kobayashi, while the designs were created by Kyoji.


Coming back to the characters, they were handled very beautifully with the story, as if all the proportion was meant to be from a solid perspective.


However, a criticism followed with the plot and too much simplicity in the back story.


8. Attack on Titan: Junior High

The 12-episode OVA is related to the journey of Eren and his friends, who came face-to-face with a Titan.


It started with their day in junior high when Eren’s lunch got stolen by the Titans, and since then he has held a grudge against the Titans.


Eren, his sister Mikasa, and friend Armin try to encounter Titans in various extracurricular activities. It is also remarkable for its parody, where characters are trying to solve silly problems, which becomes entertaining at times.


However, characters were seen as exaggerated but also comical. It ends well with great art and sound.


9. Attack on Titan Season 2

Season 2 of Attack on Titan has 12 episodes where protagonist Eren and his friends have just become full members of the Survey Corps.


They started fighting the Female Titan and reached towards the time when a bunch of Titans were seen approaching the Wall Rolls.


In this way, the battle for humanity started and followed great action. The Survey Corps started to save the wall while they try to uncover the dark secrets of their members and also about Titans.


The story is not dependent upon boring narratives but presents sequential events. Every character present in the series has concrete roles and actions with conflicts that have involvement of mystery and linear progress.


10. Attack on Titan: Wall Sina, Goodbye – One and Two

The first part was about the disappearance of a wealthy daughter, Carly Stratmann, of a merchant living in the Stohess District.


To get Carly back into the family, Hitch gave the responsibility to Annie Leonhart. Anne started the mission and contacted the Stratmann family to know about the circumstances that led to the disappearance of Carly.


The second started with the death of Carly’s boyfriend. To solve the things and know about the killer, Anne went again on a mission but herself got kidnapped by two rogues.


The suspense in OVA was good and appreciable just like the character Anne, however, the development was missing. The drama was really exciting as it had a salad of emotions.


11. Attack on Titan: The Roar of Awakening

It is the third recap movie that covers the story till the point where season 2 ends. It is about the arc called the Clash of the Titans.


It started with the revelation that some of the foe Titans were still hiding as humans after a great defeat.


It covers emotions like rage and helplessness as the life of remaining humans were at stake but soon Eren with The Scouting Legion fights to protect them.


The story started when the first Titan, Anne, got captured by them and ends with humanity taking a large step towards truth.


12. Attack on Titan Season 3 (Part 1)

The threats of Titans on humans continue as humanity is still trapped inside big walls. Eren recovered and devoted himself to recovering his Titan form.


Erwin is also in the story who recovered and Levi was also shown as he chooses Eren and his friends to be in a new squad.


The story changes as the government demands the custody of Krista and Eren. The visual animation is definitely 10 upon 10 as it has the quality of the production values that one can easily compare with other seasons.


Coming to characters then the protagonist Eren had a pretty good development with some chemistry and history, thus becoming an overall mature character.


The second one is Levi who became interested in the story, especially the times he was leading the new squad to kill other humans.


13. Attack on Titan: Lost in the Cruel World

It is an eight-episode OVA which is about Mikasa recording the time when she, Eren, and Armin were living in the old days.


She then started to worry about the protagonist and started recalling another memory during the time of Struggle for Trost when Armin came to inform the death of Eren.


In the shock of these, Mikasa experienced a new kind of reality where she got to know about her parents being alive.


Overall it was a great pick chosen by the franchise however, the character of Mikasa was exaggerated at times as a narrative, and characters are seen to lack significance.


14. Attack on Titan Season 3 (Part 2)

To restore humanity and its peace, the Survey Corps goes on a mission to have Wall Maria back leading to a battle against the Titans.


Eren and the Corps returned to their district which was considered their home and found the town totally unoccupied by Titans.


They found no opposition and decided to progress the mission very smoothly until the time Armin discovered a sign of the scheme.


The story was easy to get but the alliteration of the battle between the Titans and the protagonist led to some boring scenes.


However, the art and character kept things on point even after the plot remained heavy all the time.


15. Attack on Titan: Chronicle

Chronicle is another recap movie that shows all the happenings of the previous three seasons. It combines episodes 1 to 59 and makes it an event of 2 hours.


It was well directed by Masashi Koizuka as well as Tetsurô Araki. The first 20 seconds of the movie are nothing but a narration that retells the story of humans living inside gigantic walls to protect themselves from destructive Titans.


And the rest of the movie is about how Eren and his friends deal with it. The visuals and audio were the same as in the anime, but when it comes to the animation and the story adaptation, it lacks the originality of the previous three movies.


Talking about all the needed characters, they were seen in different tones that worked in favor of this movie.


16. Attack on Titan Season 4 (Part 1)

The Final Season is about the collision of two worlds as each pursues its agenda to fight for freedom.


The story started with Falco Grice and Gabi Braun, who trained their whole lives to get one of the Seven Titans under the control of Marley.


However, their peace suddenly got distracted by Eren and some of the members of the Survey Corps. When they finally reached the basement of the Yeager family, the Survey Corps got to know the answers to the questions they had always wanted to uncover.


With the truth in their hands, the only thing they want is to put their world beyond the walls.


The story was unique, as this time the Titans were not just the enemy but also humanity, which faced war within itself.


The story was also shown from the point of view of Marley, which was quite refreshing, and the character also got a new perspective.


17. Attack on Titan Season 4 (Part 2)

The final season started with “Judgment” and ended with “The Dawn of Humanity”. It started with the discovery of Levi’s body by Hange and Jaegerists.


The story continues as Eren starts a plan against his enemies with the help of Beast Titan to end the conflict between Eldia and Marley.


Meanwhile, Mikasa and Armin remained imprisoned with the former Survey Corps; however, they, later on, got released, saving the soul of their friend.


Part 2 Final Season brings a significant evolution to storytelling art. It can be seen through the mission of Eren and the impact it had on the entire world.


Character development was also seen through the characters like Jean who got so mature from his rookie days.


18. Attack on Titan Season 4 (Part 3)

This segment is known to be the conclusion to the overall reign of the franchise.


The story focuses on the Scout Regiment members as they join hands with the Warrior Unit to try and put a stop on Eren and his actions that are leading to unreal amounts of destruction.


While they had a bitter past, Armin, Mikasa, and other Scout Regiment members will be teaming up with Reiner and others for the sake of putting an end to the Rumbling that Eren is going for.


However, that is going to be quite a task considering how strong Eren is.


And let’s not forget that this man is also fighting his own self to understand what it is exactly that he wants to achieve in this world.


These final chapters are going to be decisive.  



Top Rated Episodes of Attack on Titan


Attack on Titan has the diversity that comes with fantasy and action in many episodes. Some episodes are remarkable for their progress in all aspects, while others remain stagnant in the development of characters and scenes.


Whether it is related to designs, storylines, or animation with art, some episodes were a perfect blend, leading them to become top-rated.


So here are the 5 top-rated episodes of Attack on Titan.


1. Crushing Blow (Season 1; Ep 21)

One of the top-rated episodes of Attack on Titan is Crushing Blow with a 4.9/5 rating. This episode is more of Eren and the way he struggles to battle against the Female Titan which was introduced in episode 17.


Eren wants to change into a Titan but the squad told him to have trust and keep moving. An attempt of killing the Female Titan is also done, however, she instantly regenerates and kills the enemies.


Due to immense fighting and almost getting the Female Titan out of the story, this episode becomes attractive for development in plot and action.


2. The Female Titan (Season 1; Ep 17)

Being the 17th episode of The Attack on Titan anime, the story has everything one needs in it, from mystery to action.


In this episode, an expedition is made by the Survey Corps while using the formation of Erwin. This suddenly met with a mysterious Female Titan who was in search of Eren.


The whole episode was empowered with intense rage, which can be seen through the entry of the Female Titan.


3. Hearing the Heartbeat (Season 1; Ep 08)

Hearing the Heartbeat is one of the amazing episodes present in Attack of Titan because it follows the story of suspense and scene development, resulting in a 4.8/5 rating.


The story is about the 104th Trainee Squad and the way they struggle to get out of their current situation of being in hell.


At the same time, Titans were seen continuing on their rampage as it is a time when Titans were against Titans.


4. Night of the Disbanding (Season 1; Ep 04)

3 years have gone by, and 104th is on its way to graduation. With the skills gained during the training period, Eren is now confident and bold and can stand against his enemies.


But when it comes to gaining attention, it comes with a sudden past return, where the action will be followed by Eren.


Eren got the opportunity to put his training to the test in the battle. Apart from this, the episode is also known for its stunning silence and tempting fate, which are the reasons behind its 4.8 rating (MyAnimeList).


5. First Battle (Season 1; Ep 05)

The appearance of the Colossal Titan became a reason why humanity will have to once again face extinction at the hands of Titans.


To save all these things, Eren comes in to use his skills and is ready to kill the Titans who are invading.


However, a sudden realization of a heavy reality came into Eren’s life, and that was the realization of the difference between being ready for combat and being appropriate for it.


Due to the same scene, a moral approach followed in the episode.






1. Is Attack on Titan on Disney+?

Yes, Attack on Titan is on Disney+, but it has only 4 seasons and 87 episodes, not movies. It includes 25 episodes of season 1, 12 of season 2, 22 of season 3, and 28 of season 4.


2. Is AOT finished?

If one is talking of manga, then yes, it is finished after 11 years with the chapter called Final Chapter Toward the Tree on That Hill.


But the series has many things to deliver to the audience, and that’s the reason why AOT is still in the running.


3. Is Attack on Titan on Netflix?

Yes, Attack on Titan is available on Netflix but with limited regions. The anime is available in Japan and Italy.


So, if other regions want to watch it then a Virtual Private Network is needed for access.


4. Are Levi and Mikasa related?

It is very rare in anime where characters with different titles or surnames are not related, but for Levi and Mikasa, the case is different.


They are related to each other as a distant cousin because they are the descendants of the Ackerman family.


5. What are Attack on Titan fans called?

The fans are called Shinganshina Trio, and they follow characters like Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. They are also referred to by the abbreviation of the initials, EMA.


In the same way, RBA is there for Reiner, Bertolt, and Annie.


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