Top 19 Most Popular Ravenclaw Characters


The Ravenclaw House at Hogwarts was founded by Rowena Ravenclaw. It symbolized intelligence and creativity and had, therefore, been home to some of the most famous and notable witches and wizards in history.


The students who were a part of the house were known to be intellectually sound and kind. So, even though most of the main characters in the franchise may have been Gryffindors, it ceased to stop Potterheads across the globe from trying to explore characters from the Ravenclaw house.


The Ravenclaws were the kind of people the students at school would be comfortable going to when they needed assistance with their studies or advice about a practical issue.


However, that doesn’t alter the fact that some of them have also used their wit and intellect to manipulate others at times. They may have had an appetite for unorthodox thinking but the Ravenclaws also carried the reputation for having little interest in looking out for each other; even though they were mostly trustworthy individuals who were willing to use their knowledge for good.


Also, it is imperative to mention that its House colours were chosen as blue and bronze. This was because Ravenclaw corresponded to the element of air and represented the sky and eagle feathers proudly.


Therefore, without any further ado, let’s get you acquainted with some of the most powerful and popular witches and wizards of one of the four Houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.




1. Filius Flitwick


filius flitwick


One of the most unique characters in the franchise was Filius Flitwick, who was part goblin and part wizard. While it is true that goblins were not really revered in the wizarding world, this little man went on to prove everyone wrong by putting his outstanding abilities on display whenever the school needed him to.


Since he was such an excellent student himself, it’s only fair that he went on to become the Charms Master and Head of Ravenclaw House. Today, we remember him for being wise, funny, and kind in equal measure.


In fact, he was adored by students because he never treated them unequally. If you are of the opinion that he does not deserve the top spot in our compilation, try to understand that Flitwick played a critical role in protecting the Sorcerer’s Stone with enchantments.


Not only that but he was also seen using spells to defend Hogwarts from Voldemort during the Battle of Hogwarts. Needless to say, we are quite sure about the fact that nobody deserves to make it to the top of this story, but him.




2. Luna Lovegood


luna lovegood


Arguably the most likeable among all Ravenclaws, Luna Lovegood was introduced in the fifth instalment of the franchise. However, her appearance and personality ended up making her a fan favourite in no time.


The fact that she was a thoughtful outsider who didn’t pay any heed to what other people thought of her only ended up making her even more mesmerizing to the fans of the franchise. Therefore, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to assert that she went on to become one of the biggest revelations in the Order of the Phoenix.


Indeed, there must have been a reason someone as important as Harry Potter was seen turning to her for insight without being even remotely doubtful of her intentions. That said, there are no arguments about the fact that Luna is one of the most enigmatic characters in the franchise’s rich history.




3. Garrick Ollivander


garrick ollivander


This half-blood wizard was credited with being the finest wandmaker in the world. Since his ancestors had a long history of association with wand-making, it was only obvious that he would start excelling at the art at a very young age as well.


Not only did he open up a shop but he also completely went on to reinvent the craft of wand-making; therefore, making better wands than others in the process. However, his knowledge of wands led to him being captured by Death Eaters, following which he was tortured by Voldemort for information.


Thankfully, the triumphant trio of Harry Potter, Hermione Grainger, and Ron Weasley end up coming to his rescue, and he goes back to selling his wands once again.




4. Rowena Ravenclaw


rowena ravenclaw


The very intelligent and creative Rowena Ravenclaw was a witch who happened to be a good friend of Helga Hufflepuff once upon a time. To those who do not know, it was she who ended up leaving behind maps of the ever-changing floors and moving stairs of Hogwarts Castle.


She was Helena Ravenclaw’s mother and was described by the Sorting Hat as having selected students based on their intelligence and imagination.



5. Helena Ravenclaw


helena ravenclaw


Let’s just start by mentioning that the Grey Lady was perhaps the only ghost at Hogwarts who maintained a relaxed demeanour throughout the Harry Potter movies. Her story held importance because it went on to tell a rather sad tale about toxic masculinity.


While the plot encircling her may have been shortened to keep the pace of the franchise intact, the makers do show her providing the titular character with her mother’s diadem and assisting him in the defeat of the dreaded Dark Lord.


Oh, and let’s not forget that she was a woman of few words and the House Ghost of Ravenclaw.



6. Gilderoy Lockhart


gilderoy lockhart


This particular individual was a well-known celebrity in the wild wizarding world of Harry Potter. Known to have written books on his many encounters with Dark creatures, he spent a lot of time attempting to perfect the Memory Charm.


Later, it was revealed that he stole his tales from other witches and wizards and used the Memory Charm trick on them to make them forget what they had shared with him in the first place.


However, the man ends up giving a lesson that half-baked knowledge can prove to be lethal. Therefore, we are not surprised by his eventual downfall in the movie. That said, it’s easy for viewers to guess that he may have taken the position of Defence Against the Dark Arts professor to perhaps satisfy his unending hunger for fame and attention; something he exhibited when he asked his pupils to purchase only his authored books as textbooks for the class.


Also, when the Chamber of Secrets was unlocked, the man pretended as if he knew its whereabouts and that of its monster all along. However, he is soon caught and sent to Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.



7. Cho Chang


Cho Chang


The smart and equally pretty Cho Chang is important for a few good reasons. Not only was she Harry Potter’s first crush but she also eventually went on to become an able seeker for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.


The girl’s kind nature can be gauged from the fact that she never despised anyone, even though there were some who ended up loathing her after a few events that transpired in the storyline.


Her clean heart is precisely what separated her from other characters in her house.



8. Sybill Trelawney


sybill trelawney


Professor Trelawney’s weird ways and distinctive persona can’t possibly take her credentials and authenticity away. First seen making her undeniable presence felt in Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban, she was far more connected to the spirit world than most characters in the franchise.


While the Professor of Prophecy may not have been among the main characters in the series, she certainly does her bit by tying the knot between the fates of Harry Potter and the dreadful Lord Voldemort.


It was fairly easy to recognize Sybill for she was usually seen donning a coat, a scarf, and thick and large glasses that somehow made her eyes appear twice as big as they were.



9. Quirinus Quirrell


Quirinus Quirrell


Who can forget the man who assisted Lord Voldemort with his wicked scheme of stealing the Sorcerer’s Stone? Sure, he did aim to oppose the latter’s powers initially, but he had no option but to eventually give in.


Earlier in his life, Quirrell was a reticent and timid individual; so much so that he was often bullied by his classmates. The ordeal ended up initiating a lifelong thirst for attention within him.


That could be a reason why he decided to let go of his teaching position at Hogwarts and hoped to discover what was left of Voldemort; perhaps to get famous or learn something from him.


Later, we find the Dark Lord taking control of his body and returning to school to make his assessments for judgement day.



10. Moaning Myrtle


Moaning Myrtle


Myrtle Elizabeth Warren was called Moaning Myrtle after her unfortunate death. She was a muggle-born who is supposed to have attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the early 1940s.


Also a Ravenclaw, she come to the titular character’s aid by assisting him in finding the Chamber of Secrets in his second year. Most characters in the series thought of her as annoying, perhaps because she used to converse in the most bizarre way possible.



11. Xenophilius Lovegood


Xenophilius Lovegood


One of the most eccentric Ravenclaws has to be Xenophilius Lovegood. Sure, he was Luna Lovegood’s beloved father, but he also served as the editor of Quibbler. A big believer in Deathly Hallows, he was quite humourous at times.


That isn’t to say that he couldn’t take things seriously! In fact, he was the first person to support Harry once he told the world that Voldemort was back. His significance in the franchise increased only after he introduced the leading protagonists to the Tale of the Three Brothers and the Deathly Hollows.



12. Millicent Bagnold


Millicent Bagnold


Millicent Bagnold’s greatest achievement in the minds of Harry Potter fans has to be that she served as the British Minister of Magic when Voldemort was first defeated. It was around the same time that the lady was presiding over the trials of Death Eaters.


Still don’t recall the time frame entirely? Well, it all transpired around the time when Sirius Black was wrongfully accused of playing a part in James and Lily Potter’s demise.


Worse still, he was sent to Azkaban for the alleged crime.



13. Padma Patil


Padma Patil


We all know that the Harry Potter world was blessed with likeable twins. One of the pairs was that of sisters Padma and Parvati Patil. While the former got into Ravenclaw, the latter was asked to join Gryffindor.


Nevertheless, we catch the twins coming together in the film franchise time and again, and also doing their bit by becoming part of Dumbledore’s Army in Order of the Phoenix.


A prefect in her 5th year, she was able to catch attention of viewers when, during the iconic Yule Ball, she was seen sitting next to her date Ron who seemed to be burning with jealousy.



14. Ignatia Wildsmith


Ignatia Wildsmith


As a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, we are familiar with Floo Powder. But, do you not think that it’s time we get to know a bit about its exceptional inventor?


Ignatia Wildsmith, who was truly an amazing witch, invented the same which had the power to transport witches and wizards from one fireplace to another. Yes, we see this trick being used frequently in the Ministry of Magic throughout the series.


She was mentioned as one of the notable names to have graced the Ravenclaw House to first-year students while they were being sorted into the same house.



15. Marcus Belby


Marcus Belby


Marcus Belby may have come across as shy in the books, but he was hilariously blunt and rude in the feature films. The nervous Ravenclaw was considered by Slughorn to be recruited into the Slug Club, as his uncle Damocles was the inventor of the Wolfsbane Potion.


However, Belby ended up blowing the interview and, therefore, did not appear in the club meetings. We caught hold of him in the movie at the X-mas party as a waiter, and not as a guest.


To make sure that the character was portrayed the way it was written, the makers roped in an actor with a round face to enact it.



16. Roger Davies


Roger Davies


Hear, hear ladies for we have the chaser and captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team making his way into our list and, quite possibly, into your hearts. Let’s just say that if he’s smart enough to persuade Fleur to be his date to the Yule Ball, then he can pretty much convince any girl at Hogwarts.


Unfortunately, he failed to get a lot of characterization in the film series. Regardless, nobody can really top him when it comes to charming the ladies. That said, the sixth movie implied that he tried to sneak into the girls’ bathroom.



17. Laverne de Montmorency


Laverne de Montmorency


Not a lot of us have either heard of or remember Laverne de Montmorency, but her magical history is something that can never be sidelined. We say so because the talented lady granted the franchise something that most of us would love to have in the real world – love potions!


She is known to have attended Hogwarts in the 19th century and, eventually, made a name for herself by mastering the art of potion-making. She managed to perfect her skills rather amazingly and found a well-deserved spot on the Chocolate Frog Cards.


Certainly an achievement to gloat about.



18. Uric the Oddball


Uric the Oddball


The eccentric Uric the Oddball was best remembered for his taste in fashion. He was born in the Middle Ages and may have been taught by the four founders of Hogwarts after having been sorted in the Ravenclaw House.


Those who have read about him earlier would know that the unpredictable individual used to pet a group of fifty Augureys, mournful birds. Those birds were infamous for wailing loudly when rainfall was approaching.



19. Michael Corner


Michael Corner


Ravenclaw student Michael Corner may be a recognizable name to fans of the franchise because he not only joined Dumbledore’s Army but is also known to have dated Ginny Weasley.


Those who have followed the franchise keenly would know that he started going out with Cho Chang and participated willfully in the Battle of Hogwarts; both after having broken up with Ginny.


Sure, we saw him being referred to as a fool by Ginny, but it’s difficult to ignore the fact that he was one of the only four students from his house to earn an “Outstanding” grade in Snape’s potions class.



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