Top 50 Famous Regular Show Characters

Top 50 Most Popular Regular Show Characters


Regular Show is an animated sitcom that was aired on Cartoon Network and ran for eight seasons. It was created by animator and voice actor J. G. Quintel based on the characters he created during his student days at the California Institute of the Arts.


The show garnered a huge fan following and also considerable controversy. The sitcom deals in dark humour and mature themes that are not suitable for all ages as it was marketed. However, he presented a fresh new perspective on a pair of 23-year-old slackers who work at the local park as groundskeepers.


They come up with outrageous ways to slack off work and entertain themselves in surreal and supernatural ways. While the show has nine main characters and about 15 recurring characters, there are several memorable guest characters that make the show fun and entertaining.


To help you keep track of all these quirky and weird characters Entoin lists the top Regular Show Characters to remember and check out.




1. Mordecai




Mordecai is one of the two main characters in the animated series. He first became friends with Rigby in Kindergarten, and they have been close ever since. Mordecai’s life involves working as a groundskeeper in the city park, where he meets a waitress named Margaret and falls in love with her.


Their relationship is complicated, with Mordecai accidentally cheating on Margaret with CJ, another girl he had been dating. Mordecai’s relationship with Margaret creates tension between him and CJ, leading to their breakup.


Despite his laid-back demeanour, Mordecai is responsible and intelligent, often taking charge of situations caused by his and Rigby’s antics. He is a mild-mannered, patient, and big-hearted character. But just like Rigby, he despises hard work and prefers to drink soda all day.




2. Pops




The character Pops was born Mega Kranus, the highest state of his species in Lolliland, and has an evil brother, Malum Kranus. Pops and Malum Kranus fight each other every cycle of the universe, resulting in a stalemate and causing the universe to repeat itself.


Mr Maellard found Pops on Earth and took him in as his son, wanting him to live a normal life. Pops works as a park manager with Benson but acts more like a groundskeeper.


He is known for his childlike and naive personality. He is bubbly, gullible, and always polite to others, with a unique language style where he describes things in great detail. Pops loves little things like butterflies and his car.


Despite his naive nature, he can become serious and demand respect when he is disrespected.




3. Rigby




Rigby is the best friend of Mordecai and has a younger brother named Don. In high school, Rigby caused trouble and failed his academics, leading to disappointment in his parents. He and Mordecai were bullied by Jablonski, and Rigby did not attend prom.


He was rejected from College University but forged a rejection letter and was expelled after a failed attempt to build a time machine. Rigby can be described as immature, impulsive, and disrespectful, but he cares about his friends.


He is afraid of horror movies and prone to dramatic reactions, characterised by his “Shark Face” expression and “STOP TALKING!!!” catchphrase. After high school, he and Mordecai became groundskeepers at the Park.




4. Skips/Walks




Skips is a wise and immortal yeti who works as a groundskeeper at Mr Maellard’s park in the series. His real name was Walks and he was born in the 18th or 19th century.


He had a reckless and fun-loving nature during his teenage years and was often involved in fights. However, his nature changed after he met the love of his life, who taught him the importance of peaceful solutions.


After her death, he became calm, serious, and mature. Skips is known for his vast knowledge of the unknown due to his past of immortality, and he is often relied on to solve supernatural problems.


He is one of the least vocal characters in the show, spending most of his time working out in the golf cart garage. Despite his monotone expressions, he enjoys joking around with his friends. Skips is voiced by Mark Hamill.



5. Eileen




Eileen is a shy and timid mole girl who comes across as a big weirdo nerd with a crush on Rigby, as described by Minty Lewis. Despite this, her character begins to develop as she displays her resourcefulness in “Camping Can Be Cool” by knowing how to start a fire without matches and impressing Rigby with her knowledge of constellations.


She is intelligent and has straight As in college classes. She has a phobia of snow tubing due to a childhood accident. Eileen is dorky, as evidenced by her possession of a rock polisher, and has a love for sea turtles.


She was once in “mole scouts” but quit to avoid being a “British dirtbag”. She wrote a manifesto in sixth grade called “The Eileen Plan,” which included goals such as becoming the President and eliminating peanut allergies.


She was on the pep squad in high school but didn’t attend prom.



6. Hi Five Ghost


Hi Five Ghost


Hi Five Ghost is a small, Pacman-esque ghost with a white, slightly transparent body and a small arm and hand sticking out from the top of his head. Although he’s usually quiet and in the background, he’s supportive, kind, and logical.


Hi Five Ghost is very loyal to his best friend, Muscle Man, and is often seen playing basketball with him. He’s also friends with Mordecai and Rigby, but they sometimes conflict due to Muscle Man’s influence.


Hi Five Ghost is known to be the most logical out of the park workers, according to the scientist in “The Button”. He’s sad about death despite being a ghost, and this is shown in “Trucker Hall of Fame” and “The End of Muscle Man”.



7. Muscle Man


Muscle Man


Mitch “Muscle Man” Sorrenstein is a green, strong, and obese humanoid who works as a groundskeeper in the Park with Mordecai, Rigby, and Hi Five Ghost. Despite being lazy and unhygienic, Muscle Man is considered hard-working by Benson and often does more work than Mordecai and Rigby.


He loves making “My Mom!” jokes and pranking Mordecai and Rigby but cares deeply about his mother, as shown in “My Mom”. Muscle Man has a massive ego, as seen in “Exit 9B”, where he has the biggest signature purposely.


Starla is his love interest, and he dislikes being called “Mitch” except when Starla does it. Muscle Man used to be a bodybuilder and he won many competitions at the Power Tower, where he earned his nickname.



8. Benson




Benson grew up in a verbally abusive household, which likely contributed to his short temper and constant yelling. After leaving his parents’ house, he became a Stick Hockey Master and later a drummer for the hit band Hair to the Throne, but was uncredited and eventually kicked out.


He became the manager of the Park, where Mordecai and Rigby were hired, and often loses his temper due to their lack of productivity. Apart from his short temper, his other traits include his single-mindedness, athletic nature, etc.


He can also hold his own in a fight. Despite this, Benson is generally friendly and social and rewards his employees with time off when he’s in a good mood. He also appeared on a game show where he lost after mispronouncing a word and subsequently lost all of his hair.



9. Margaret




Margaret Smith starts off as Mordecai’s love interest, but they break up when she goes to college. Margaret values her studies and dreams of attending Milton University, which she eventually achieves. After getting her journalism degree, she becomes a newswoman and travels the world.


Margaret is kind, caring, and down-to-earth. She is shown to be passionate about her career and takes her studies seriously. Margaret is involved in a love triangle with Mordecai and CJ but they eventually break up, and Margaret and Mordecai agree to just be friends.


She is an important recurring character in the series, playing a significant role in Mordecai’s character development.



10. Mr Maellard


Mr Maellard


Mr Maellard’s nature can be described as strict, greedy, and eccentric. He tends to yell and get mad at Benson, his employee and often blames him for problems in the park, even if they are caused by Mordecai and Rigby.


He is shown to care little about his employees, as he refers to Benson by insulting names and only gives him appreciation after the end of an episode. However, Mr Maellard does show care and affection towards Pops, his adopted son, and does what he can to help him grow.


He is also shown to be eccentric, as seen in “Maellard’s Package” where he makes a big deal out of a package that turns out to be a simple sandwich. Despite his flaws, Mr Maellard loves his family and mourns his son’s passing, shedding tears for him when the Dome returns after three years and attending his funeral.



11. CJ




CJ, also known as Cloudy Jay, is a recurring character in the show. Voiced by Linda Cardellini, she is Mordecai’s girlfriend until a love triangle involving his ex-girlfriend Margaret leads to their breakup.


CJ has a laid-back and cool personality and shares Mordecai’s interests in video games, rock music, and goofing off. She is also witty and independent but can tease and make fun of others, usually in good spirits.


CJ is a skilled mini-golfer, but resented it due to her father’s competitive nature until she defeated him in “Daddy Issues”. However, CJ’s cloud-like nature means that she can transform into a storm cloud with rain, lightning, and damaging winds if pushed too far.


She can become violent when angry or upset, often without the full story or explanation. CJ has white skin, and cloud-like hair, and wears a red-orange and white-striped tank top with brown shorts and black boots.



12. Baby Ducks


Baby Ducks


Baby Ducks are a group of four yellow ducklings who were found by Mordecai and Rigby living near the park fountain in the episode “A Bunch of Baby Ducks”. They imprinted on Mordecai and Rigby, causing them to become attached and want to keep them.


However, Benson initially ordered them to clean up the fountain and get rid of the ducks, but Mordecai and Rigby took them to a pet shelter, which ultimately rejected them. They later helped Mordecai and Rigby defeat, Giant Susan.


The Baby Ducks also get rid of the Geese in subsequent episodes, displaying their ability to fight and transform into a giant with a duck’s head to defend their friends. Baby Ducks are identical in appearance with yellow feathers, orange beaks and feet, and black pupils.



13. Thomas/Nikolai




Thomas (born Nikolai) was abandoned by his parents in Kyiv and adopted by Russia, who trained him to be a loyal weapon. Later, he was sent to infiltrate the U. S., where he assumed the identity of Thomas and started an internship at the Park.


Despite being pranked and mistreated, Thomas stayed with the internship and became an official Park employee. Unknown to his colleagues, Thomas was actually a Russian spy named Nikolai and was sent to steal the Park for Russia.


However, after learning of Russia’s plan to blow up the Park and murder everyone in it, he turned against them and saved the Park. He was forced to go into hiding and became an undercover agent, occasionally visiting the Park disguised.


Thomas is usually laid-back and takes criticism in stride, but often asks the wrong question at the wrong time. He is loyal to the Park and considers the crew his best friends.



14. Death




Death is a fictional character known as the Grim Reaper who collects souls and takes them to the afterlife. He is portrayed as cruel, ruthless, and sadistic, taking pleasure in collecting souls and seeing others in pain.


However, he also possesses many honourable qualities, keeping his end of the deal and deeply loving and caring for his wife and son. Death is depicted as an undead skeleton-like figure with a slim body, greenish-white skin flaps, and empty eye sockets.


He wears British biker clothes and is known to wear sunglasses, a biker’s helmet, and a knapsack. Death’s first appearance was in Over The Top, where he takes Rigby’s soul before making a deal to bring him back alive.


Despite his terrifying appearance and demeanour, Death is an integral part of many cultures and is often depicted as a neutral force, just doing his job.



15. God of Basketball


God of Basketball


The God of Basketball is a larger-than-life figure who lives on the moon and possesses incredible powers related to basketball. The God of Basketball is depicted as a friendly character who befriends the main characters of the show, Mordecai and Rigby and offers to teach them basketball.


When they fail to learn the game, he uses his powers to instantly grant them basketball skills. He later appears in another episode to help Skips save The Park. The God of Basketball is described as extremely tall and has a basketball for a head with human features such as a mouth, eyes, and nose.


He wears a basketball jersey with the number “1” on it, orange basketball shorts, and long white socks. The character is known for his unique appearance and incredible basketball skills.



16. Techmo




Techmo is a supporting character in the show who helps the main characters in their battles against computer errors and villains. He is a green humanoid with a bionic eye and robotic arm, white hair, and a torn-sleeved black jacket.


He carries a samurai sword and wears tube socks and penny loafers. In the past, he fought in the American War and had a wooden arm. He reappears in the present day as a Technomancer and helps Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips defeat Error 220 in “Skips vs. Technology” and fight against the villains in “Exit 9B” and “Regular Show: The Movie”.


In “A Skips in Time”, he helps the characters catch a timenado to save present-day Skips. He makes a final appearance in the series finale, welcoming Skips back from space.



17. Garrett Bobby Ferguson


Garrett Bobby Ferguson


Garrett Bobby Ferguson Sr., also known as G. B. F. or Giant Bearded Face, is an antagonist. He is Mordecai and Rigby’s main arch-nemesis and made his debut in the Season 2 episode “High Score”.


In the episode, he cheats to keep his title as the universe record holder of the arcade game “Broken Bonez” and is beaten by Mordecai and Rigby. He reappears in “Exit 9B” when his son revives most of the villains, including himself, but is disappointed in his son’s actions.


He makes a cameo as an incriminating witness in “Can You Ear Me Now?”, where he testifies against Mordecai and Rigby and expresses his negative feelings towards them for blowing him up twice.


G. B. F. is known for his giant beard and his explosive demise in the episode “High Score”.



18. Don




Don is Rigby’s younger brother who comes to the park to fix an audit after the park is being audited due to Pops trying to pay the park’s taxes with lollipops. Mordecai suggests bringing Don, who is an accountant, to fix the audit.


Rigby is not happy about it because he has always felt overshadowed by his younger brother, who stole the attention of Rigby’s friends at his sixth birthday party. Don immediately takes the attention of everyone because he is cool, nice, funny, and the total opposite of Rigby.


However, Rigby’s hatred for Don grows, and he eventually drives Don away. When the park begins to disappear due to Rigby’s wrong audit, Rigby and Mordecai reconcile and bring Don back to fix the audit.


Don finishes the audit, and the park is restored to normal, after which he bids goodbye, saying “an accountant’s work is never done.”



19. Halloween Wizard


Halloween Wizard


The Halloween Wizard is depicted as an evil and deranged character in the show. He is anti-social, insane, and psychopathic. He lives alone with his cat in a haunted mansion and avoids any interaction with other people.


He is vengeful and enjoys punishing those who offend him in any way. He is sadistic and cruel, as shown by his gruesome methods of killing the main characters. He is also petty and senile, as seen when he turned Rigby into a house and killed his friends just to egg him back.


Overall, the Halloween Wizard is a frightening and twisted character who enjoys inflicting pain and suffering on others for his own amusement. He is a minor antagonist in the show and appears prominently in the episode Terror Tales of the Park.



20. Guardians of Eternal Youth


Guardians of Eternal Youth


The Guardians of Eternal Youth is a group of five chubby babies with deep voices who grant the ability of eternal youth. Skips worships them and was granted eternal youth by defeating Klorgbane with their assistance.


The Guardians first appeared in Free Cake Production Date wise, but Skip’s Story was their first appearance chronologically. The Guardians sent Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips to Synthos to restore Gary’s physical form.


The Guardians helped defeat Anti-Pops in “An Epic Regular Final Battle.” They wear gold hats, brown bibs, and white diapers and have mature, deep voices. Reginald wore black attire with the Magical Elements in “Skips Strikes,” while in high school, they wore brown suits, black ties, and white poet shirts.



21. Stef




Stef is an anthropomorphic batwoman who is Mordecai’s wife and the mother of their three children. She made her debut in the series finale episode “A Regular Epic Final Battle”. Stef is an artist and her relationship with Mordecai was likely influenced by their shared talent and love for art.


In the “25 years later” comic, it is shown that she is friendly and sociable as she is seen chatting with Eileen during the park reunion. However, Stef is visibly jealous and annoyed when she meets Margaret, who retains her youth and is unaware of her, indicating that she does not like having secrets kept from her.


Not much is known about Stef’s history as she does not have any speaking lines in the series finale.



22. Sensai




Sensai is the owner of the Death Kwon Do Pizza and Subs restaurant and a former Death Kwon Do Instructor. Sensai is an overweight martial arts instructor who uses a notebook full of drawings as his technique book.


He often reacts to bad news by shouting “NOOOOO!” and only appears with a few lines. In one episode, he is revealed to have an apprentice named Jerry-San. He has orange or strawberry-blonde hair and a moustache, wears a white headband and cut-off jeans, curly chest hair and thick arm hair.


His name is spelt incorrectly as “Sensai” in the credits. Additionally, he is seen numerous times with an incorrect number of fingers.



23. Starla




Starla Gutsmandottir-Sorrenstein, also known as Muscle Woman and is a recurring character. She works at Icy & Hot Jewelry Apparel and is married to Muscle Man. She was first introduced as Muscle Man’s ex-girlfriend and later developed a crush on Mordecai.


After briefly dating him, she became angry and destroyed everything in her path but was calmed down by Muscle Man, and they rekindled their relationship. Starla is a green humanoid with shoulder-length brown hair, half down and half tied into two pigtails, and is about Muscle Man’s build.


Her personality is tough-as-nails, and she is willing to fight for her boyfriend but can also be an antagonist. However, she is often seen helping somebody out and is on good terms with Mordecai despite their past.



24. Muscle Dad


Muscle Dad


Muscle Dad Sorenstein is the deceased father of Muscle Man. He pretended to be a trucker, but in reality, he was a forklift operator. He loved to prank people, even his son and died after being mauled for putting a cactus under a cop in a bear costume who turned out to be a real bear.


He returned as a ghost to make amends with his son and left behind letters for him. Muscle Dad had a white undershirt, blue jeans, a brown belt with a gold buckle, black overalls with silver connectors, brown cowboy-like boots, and a trucker net hat that said “World’s Greatest Trucker”.


When he became a ghost, the words on his hat changed to “World’s Greatest Forklift Driver”.



25. Low Five Ghost


Low Five Ghost


Low Five Ghost is a character who looks identical to High Five Ghost but has facial hair, teal sunglasses, and two hands out more than his counterpart. In his debut episode “See You There”, he is seen wearing sunglasses, which are not typically part of his appearance, indicating that he may have been bailed out of jail.


It was later revealed in “Gut Model” that Low Five Ghost graduated from a police academy, despite his criminal past. His apartment was shown for the first time in “Struck by Lightning.”



26. Anti-Pops




Anti-Pops, also known as Malum Kranus, is the antagonist of the animated series. He is the illegitimate brother of Pops and wants to destroy the universe while Pops wants to save it.


Anti-Pops hires a nightmare alien to track down Pops, who is hiding in the Space Tree and builds an army to attack him. Despite losing Pops, Anti-Pops puts a bounty on his head, leading to a final battle between the two brothers.


Anti-Pops is a malevolent, destructive, and genocidal entity that is extremely picky about food and drinks. In the end, both brothers die together, and Anti-Pops accepts his fate after showing some remorse for his past actions.



27. Klorgbane the Destroyer


Klorgbane the Destroyer


Klorgbane the Destroyer is related to the Guardians of Eternal Youth and serves as the main antagonist in Season Three. Every 157 years, he fights Skips to try and reign over The Guardians of Eternal Youth’s Realm as part of the council.


Klorgbane wears black clothes, a black helmet or hat, a black and red cape, a black diaper, black socks, and two silver/black bracelets. In his early life, he was a student at Bennett’s Academy and bullied Skips, leading to a fight that resulted in the death of Skips’ girlfriend, Mona.


Skips used the Fists of Justice to launch Klorgbane into space in retaliation.



28. Huge Head


Huge Head


Huge Head is a secondary antagonist in the episodes “Really Real Wrestling” and “Men in Uniform”, and the main antagonist in “Men in Uniform ”. Huge Head plans to steal Pops’s identity as revenge after he unintentionally stole his place in a wrestling match.


In “Men in Uniform”, it is revealed that he has been stalking and plotting revenge against Pops for the last 4 years. He attacks Pops but gets stuck between dimensions due to his large head, which eventually becomes a beneficial attraction for the park.


In the episode “The Key to the Universe”, he is seen as a skeleton floating in midair. Huge Head is similar in appearance to Pops but with a younger face, stubbly hair, and, of course, a huge head.



29. Chance Sureshot


Chance Sureshot


Chance Sureshot is a recurring character in the show who works with the park workers at the Space Tree Station. He is sometimes dramatic and kind. He first appears in Cool Bro Bots, helping the park crew fight against The Reaperbots, and later appears in Welcome to Space.


In Space Escape, he sacrifices himself to save the park crew from being vaporised but later returns in A Regular Epic Final Battle, revealing that he cloned himself in order to survive and fight alongside the park crew and their allies.


After Pops and Anti-Pops died, Sureshot and several characters that Anti-Pops erased were eventually revived.



30. Recap Robot


Recap Robot


Recap Robot is a character who works at the Space Tree Station with Chance Sureshot and Toothpick Sally. He made his debut in Season Eight and is a robot with a green face, a space tree logo on his chest, and triangular tread tracks.


Recap Robot is shown as a good character and has a radar dish on the back of his head. In the Halloween episode, he is seen with a fear counter.



31. Toothpick Sally


Toothpick Sally


Toothpick Sally is a character who works at the Space Tree Station alongside Chance Sureshot and Recap Robot. She has light skin and white hair, wears a green Space Tree uniform, and is muscular.


Although she helps Mordecai and Rigby prepare for the Interstation 5000 race, she doesn’t return to Earth with everyone else, and it’s unclear why. Sally also assists in the final battle against Anti-Pops and Streaming.


The character is voiced by Vanessa Marshall, and she is a part of Rawls’ personnel in the show.



32. Colonel Rawls


Colonel Rawls


Colonel Rawls is a recurring character. He is the commanding officer of the Space Tree Station and works alongside Chance Sureshot, Toothpick Sally, and Recap Robot. Rawls sacrifices himself during the Space Escape to buy time for the Park Crew to escape from Anti-Pops and his army, and the resulting explosion of the Space Tree Station presumably results in his death.


Rawls is a black male with short, curly hair and wears a uniform with torn sleeves that shows his muscles. He is a strict commander who sometimes uses hazing to motivate his cadets.


However, he is also brave and selfless, willing to risk his own life to save others.



33. Dr Langer


Dr Langer


Dr Reuben Langer is a character who initially wanted to take over Benson’s position as the park manager for unknown reasons. However, he was actually an Earth operative of Space Tree Intergalactic Official’s branch who was tasked with preparing the main characters to protect and awaken Pops’ true potential as the Chosen One against Anti-Pops, Pops’ dangerous brother.


Langer is seen mostly in a lab coat and jet-pack, sporting an eye patch on his left eye. He led the scientists’ experiments through the park and spearheaded many rules, much to the annoyance of the park workers.


After testing the park employees for some time, they were launched into space because of Pops’ true origin and Anti-Pops’ quick movement.



34. Gary




Gary, also known as Gareth, is the messenger for the Guardians of Eternal Youth and the former king of his planet, Synthos. He left the planet to travel before returning to find his half-brother, David, had taken over and banned challenging music like discord music.


Gary challenged David in a music battle and defeated him. However, he declared that Synthos would have no ruler and that everyone should let the music guide them. Gary owns an El Camino, which can fly and travels through a wormhole to reach the floating oasis where the Guardians of Eternal Youth live.


He has appeared in various episodes, including “Free Cake,” “Skips Strikes,” and “Exit 9B.” He is also a friend of Skips and helped save Thomas in “Exit 9B.”



35. Hilary




Hilary is a minor character and Mordecai’s mother who first appeared in “The Thanksgiving Special.” Not much is known about Mordecai’s parents except that they have been married for 25 years, and Mordecai is their only son.


During Thanksgiving Dinner, they visited Mordecai at the Park, and later, CJ and Mordecai went to their house for dinner. Hilary has a habit of taping Mordecai’s most embarrassing moments (which she calls Mordy Moments), which constantly embarrasses him.


In the series finale, she and her husband hugged Mordecai, and she kissed him on the cheek. Hilary appears to enjoy jogging and keeping fit, as she does “punchercize” class regularly. She is a female blue jay who resembles her son, Mordecai, with chin-length blonde hair and wears a wedding ring.



36. William




William is the father of Mordecai and a minor character in the animated series. He and his wife, Hilary, have been married for 25 years and have only one son. William appears to be a down-to-earth man, possibly working as an architect.


He has a similar appearance to his son, with dark brown hair, black square glasses, and a gold wedding ring. In “Maxin’ and Relaxin’,” Mordecai is afraid that his mother will embarrass him in front of his girlfriend CJ, so he asks his dad to get her out of the house, but he doesn’t lie to his wife.


In the series finale, William and Hilary hug Mordecai, and Hilary kisses him on the cheek as the park blasts off into space.



37. Doug




Doug “The Doppelganger” Shablowski is the antagonist in the “Temp Check” episode of the animated TV show. He is a shapeshifting scam artist who presents himself as a drifter seeking work. Rigby hires him as a temporary employee at the park, unaware of his criminal status and intentions.


Doug’s lively and overly enthusiastic demeanour initially fools everyone. However, he starts to mimic Rigby’s voice and mannerisms, eventually copying his entire appearance. The park employees can’t tell them apart, leading to a series of physical and trivia challenges.


They eventually discover the true Rigby based on a discrepancy in one of their responses. Doug tries to flee but is quickly apprehended and taken into custody by the police. His true intentions are revealed and he is last seen restrained in handcuffs.



38. Rigby’s parents


Rigby's parents


Rigby’s parents, Barbera and Sherm, are minor characters in the series. In the episode “The Thanksgiving Special”, they seem proud of Rigby despite his laziness but in later appearances, they are more disappointed and frustrated with him, usually comparing him to his younger brother, Don.


Sherm is strict and mean towards Rigby, expressing how disappointed he is in him. Meanwhile, Barbara is shown to be more caring and sometimes defends him when Sherm yells at or criticises him.


In the episode “Rigby Goes to the Prom”, Rigby needs a car to take Eileen to prom, and after being turned down by everyone, he finally asks Sherm for his car, but he gets rejected. Sherm is more concerned about his prized car than his son, causing a rift between them.



39. Pam




Pam Dunwoody is a scientist who studies the park workers and wears a lab coat and gloves like other scientists. She has long light brown hair and wears glasses, grey pants, a black belt, and tall black boots.


Pam and Benson, one of the park workers, started dating in “Pam I Am,” but broke up in “Fries Night” due to Benson being in space. After Benson returns to Earth, they get back together and eventually marry.


Pam is kind to the park workers and has a positive personality. After being married to Benson for 25 years, she wears a blue dress with yellow flower patterns and doesn’t wear her glasses anymore.



40. Phone Guardians


Phone Guardians


The Phone Guardians are male and voiced by Rich Fulcher and William Salyers. The Answering Machine is the leader of the group and has a black, normal answering machine appearance. It is unable to understand emotions and relationships but reveals a desire to start a band after hearing Mordecai sing.


The Tin Cans With String has white strings that move when it talks, and it cannot understand emotions. The Chalkboard is a green chalkboard with wheels that draws what it wants to say.


The Smoke Signal Fire is a Hopi Indian blanket with a fire inside, obsessed with burning people. The Message in a Bottle is a paper in a bottle with a cork.



41. Geese




The Geese are minor characters in the series. In the episode “A Bunch of Full Grown Geese,” they are portrayed as antagonists, seeking to claim the park as their own personal territory through violent means.


They become a giant robotic-bodied entity with four goose heads in battle mode, similar to their younger counterparts. They are eventually defeated and killed by a giant hand chop from Duck Man, Mordecai and Rigby.


They later return as enforcers to the Boss of PlayCo in “Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special,” but eventually turn on him to help the park gangs and Baby Ducks, leading to a truce.


The Geese make a cameo as incriminating witnesses in “Can You Ear Me Now?” The Mega Geese is their transformation, which nearly defeated the Duck Man until Mordecai and Rigby powered up the Duck Man, leading to its defeat.


They have several upgraded versions, including Moto Goosowary X, Moto Goosowary X II, and Lunar Goosowary X – Omega Warrior.



42. Mr Ross


Mr Ross


Mr Ross is the main antagonist in Regular Show: The Movie, a volleyball coach and science teacher who has a grudge against Rigby for ruining his volleyball championship game and getting him sent to prison for illegal plutonium smuggling.


However, Rigby’s motive was to get revenge against a bully who had been tormenting him. Mr Ross wears a neck collar, armour vest and pants, knee pads, boots, metal gloves, a jacket, and has crazy hair.


He is muscular with a chest tattoo saying “Time is on my Side.” His obsession with revenge leads him to invent the time machine to travel back in time, but he is ultimately defeated by Mordecai and Rigby. He is happy in the end when the duo apologises to his past self.



43. Natalia




Natalia is a minor character, appearing in the episode “The Real Thomas”. She is a Russian spy who goes undercover as Benson’s girlfriend, named “Natalie”. Rigby becomes suspicious of Thomas and discovers that Natalia and Thomas are working together.


They were plotting to bypass the US-Russia Nuclear Arms Treaty by stealing a chunk of the park to start World War III. Thomas eventually realises the park is like a home to him and cannot go through with the plan, leading to a struggle with Natalia for the remote.


During the struggle, Natalia falls out of an open hatch and is eaten by a whale. She is introduced wearing a light blue cardigan and a ponytail but later changes into a brownish-green suit and high-heeled boots.



44. Santa Claus


Santa Claus


In the episode “The Christmas Special”, Santa Claus is portrayed as having long hair tied back in a ponytail, wearing a black jacket, a red shirt, brown pants, a belt, a red scarf, and no Santa hat.


He is also not fat but has a six-pack and wears a bulletproof vest under his shirt. Santa is voiced by the late Ed Asner, who also played Santa in the 2003 movie Elf and the 2014 NBC musical special Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas.


Despite being against the rules, Santa makes an exception and gives Mordecai and Rigby Invisibility Cloaks as a reward for saving Christmas.



45. Carl Putter


Carl Putter


Carl Putter is CJ’s father and a world-famous professional golfer who only appears in the Season 6 episode “Daddy Issues”. He used to take CJ out to play mini-golf when she was young but would pressure her to take the game more seriously and sometimes not let her win.


During a junior championship, he scolded CJ for playing it safe, causing her to quit playing mini-golf. Years later, Carl learned that CJ had won a challenge and was going to compete in the Putter Palooza.


He joined the competition to beat her but ended up in a sudden-death putt-off, where he had a change of heart and helped defend CJ against demons. Afterwards, he apologised for the verbal abuse and golf beatings, saying it was the only way he knew to prepare her for the world.



46. John




John is Margaret’s cousin and an orange bird, possibly an oriole, in the TV series. Mordecai mistakenly thought that Margaret accepted a proposal from John, which sent him into depression. John later reveals that Margaret screamed, “Yes dude, yes!” because he had gotten a new leg.


He reappears in the episode Family BBQ, where he is shown playing football with Mordecai and Frank Smith. John is depicted as a buff bird and wears a white and greyish-plaid shirt, black pants, and brown shoes.


He also has a wooden leg, which accidentally flies away when he kicks the football, but Mordecai catches both the football and the wooden leg.



47. Audrey




Audrey is a character voiced by Courtenay Taylor. She is Benson’s former neighbour and ex-girlfriend who first appears in the episode “Weekend at Benson’s” in season three. After Mordecai and Rigby accidentally knock Benson out, they take him to his apartment, where they find out about the party he planned with Audrey.


At the party, Benson takes a challenge to drink a foul beverage to impress Audrey, but also makes Mordecai and Rigby drink it as revenge. They all hallucinate and wake up in the park the next day.


Benson forgives them and tells them to get back to work. Audrey leaves her number for Benson, indicating her continued interest in him.



48. Archie the Archivist


Archie the Archivist


Archie the Archivist appears in multiple episodes. In “The Last Laserdisc Player,” he helps Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and High Five Ghost retrieve a laserdisc player, and he transforms into the Laserdisc Guardian to protect it.


In “Format Wars II,” he learns that his long-lost son, DVD, is leading an attack against obsolete formats, including laser discs. With the help of his son and friends, Archie prepares to battle DVD and his minions but ultimately reconciles with his son, who was seeking revenge against him for unknown reasons.


Archie later dies at the hands of the Internet, a former ally of DVD. In the end, Archie appears as a ghost and watches a movie with his son and friends, unaware that the Internet is still plotting against them.



49. Celia




Celia is a minor character who appears in the episode “The Postcard” for the first time. She is a human teenager who is in high school. In fact, she moved away to Prague to pursue her studies.
What makes her character memorable is the fact that she is the girlfriend of Hi-Five Ghost. The both of them dated briefly and agreed to meet again in the future if she was still single. Both Celia and Hi-Five Ghost are similar in their likes and character traits.
She was described as a feminine human version of him. In the season finale, we see that Hi-Five Ghost and Celia have married each other and have a child.


50. Quintin “Quips” Quippenger


quintin “quips” quippenger


Quintin “Quips” Quippenger is Yeti and Skips’ cousin. He debuts late in the series during the fourth season and appears only for a short while. Quips is known to be the annoying cousin who bugs everybody with his bad jokes.
Quips is a nice guy, despite his bad jokes and socially insensitive behaviour. He is actually too innocent to understand his faux pas, which makes it more annoying. Everybody at the park wants him gone, except for his cousin, Skips, who likes him.
Quips appears to have no friends and depends on Skips for socialising. Yet he is happily engaged to his loving fiance, whom he later marries.


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