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Extra Minisodes for die-hard fans of Breaking Bad


Breaking Bad is one of the greatest TV shows created in the 2000s. What was more amazing about it was that the show creators came back with a spin-off that was just as good.


Some would even say that it was better than the original, as in the case of Better Call Saul. Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad and the co-creator of Better Call Saul, along with Peter Gould, wrote, directed, and produced a masterful crime drama that is engaging, gripping and taut enough that it does not let its audience slip away till many days after the show ended.


In 2019, Gilligan also wrote, produced and directed the film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie as a part of the series. Having praised the show creators, one must not forget the other reason for the success of this saga, the actors themselves.


Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Bob Odenkirk, Anna Gunn, Giancarlo Esposito, and more. Their portrayal makes the characters come to life, almost making them a part of our daily existence. Fans refer to the three productions, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and  El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, as Gilliverse as they are all productions of Vince Gilligan.


For all the fans of the shows, my words of praise may not mean much. It can be seen as oft-repeated praise and nothing new. However, if you are a newcomer to the universe of Breaking Bad, then this is your chance to catch up on the phenomenon.


As has already been mentioned that the Gilliverse has two TV shows and a Netflix movie. Breaking Bad has a total of five seasons and 62 episodes, while Better Call Saul has six seasons and 63 episodes in total.


Here is a brief and broad overview of the shows to get you started on your journey.




1. Breaking Bad


Breaking Bad


The show was aired for the first time in 2008. It was based on the life of Walter White, a high school Chemistry teacher. He leads a fairly mundane and lacklustre life with an unappreciated and underpaid job.


However, his life crashes down when he is diagnosed with stage three lung cancer. Walter White suddenly wakes up to an urgency of securing the life and future of his family.


Unfortunately, he gets influenced by his cynicism towards the system and life in general. He decides to take up a high-risk route to riches that puts him in direct conflict with the cartels and the law.


Between morality and his family’s financial security, he chooses the latter. While Walter is a good guy and a responsible parent in his heart, he literally flips a switch when his mortality becomes evident.


He teams up with a former student of his and secretly starts to cook meth. He runs a racket that challenges the local drug lord. As his cancer advances, he starts to make more and more riskier decisions that rattle the cage for the cartels.




2. Better Call Saul


Better Call Saul


This show was launched in 2015 after the finale of Breaking Bad. It was a spin-off of that show and concentrated on the life of Jimmy McGill, one of the characters introduced in Breaking Bad.


This show served as both a prequel and a sequel to Breaking Bad. While it concentrated on the beginnings of Jimmy McGill, it was also interspersed with events that take place in the current timeline.


Jimmy McGill was a hardworking lawyer from the working class. He goes from one bad situation to another with no end to hardships until McGill decides to turn things around.


He transforms himself into Saul Goodman, who works with the organized crime and drug mafia. This brings him in contact with Walter White. On the face of it, you might simply call it a prequel to Breaking Bad but the plotline of Better Call Saul cleverly weaves the past events and links them to the present fate of the characters, post the finale of Breaking Bad.




3. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie


El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie


El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie can be considered the sequel of Breaking Bad. It follows up on the fate of Jesse Pinkman, the old student who helps Walter White cook up meth in the lab in Albuquerque.


Jesse Pinkman escaped the drug cartel at the end of Breaking Bad, but he is still not in the clear. He is being chased by the associates of Todd Alquist, who want to recover the money stashed away.


Pinkman has yet to finalize his escape route and keeps reminiscing on his past experiences. This movie ties up all the loose ends of the characters from Breaking Bad and gives closure where he can.




4. Extra Minisodes for die-hard fans of Breaking Bad


Extra Minisodes for die-hard fans of Breaking Bad


The main shows that have been introduced above are not the only content from the Gilliverse. Although Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie are fairly independent shows with self-contained storylines, Vince Gilligan made multiple webisodes and web series that offer bonus content.


They are “Breaking Bad: Original Minisodes,” and “Better Call Saul Employee Training.” These short minisodes do not add to the plot of the main shows but they offer additional comic content.


If you watched these shows for comedy, then these minisodes will add to your fun.



Breaking Bad Watch Order


This question is a difficult one to answer. There are many opinions on the right watch order from fans, repeat viewers, and the show creator himself. The fans suggest viewing the shows of Gilliverse in chronological order.


So the order would be:


  • Better Call Saul
  • Breaking Bad
  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie 


The fans suggest that watching the show as per the timeline of the story makes more sense. Due to this, many fans suggest that  Better Call Saul should be watched first, followed by Breaking Bad, the TV series and the movie El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movies comes last.


There are also a group of fans who are of the opinion that the viewers should follow the release order as the show creators intended. The order of release of each of the shows suggests that it should be watched in the order given below:


  • Breaking Bad 
  • Better Call Saul
  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.


Breaking Bad seasons 1 to 5 were telecast between 2008 till 2013. Better Call Saul was aired between 2015 to 2022. The movie was released on Netflix in 2019. However, I would take the word of the show creator Vince Gilligan to decide on the correct viewing order.


He suggests that the best way to enjoy the Gilliverse is as follows:


  • Breaking Bad
  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
  • Better Call Saul.


However, Vince Gilligan also adds that each of the shows can be viewed as a stand-alone project with a self-contained story that is independent of its sequel or prequel. Breaking Bad is the anchor and the main story, whereas El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie works as an epilogue to the show.


Hence, it follows Breaking Bad. However, Better Call Saul is like a spin-off that gives the viewers a perspective to understand the other characters better. It keeps switching between past events of Jack McGill, present-day Saul Goodman and the likely future of the characters.


The web series, Breaking Bad: Original Minisodes can be enjoyed after the end of Breaking Bad seasons 1 and 2. The set of webisodes based on Better Call Saul can be fit in after seasons 2, 3 and 4.


The web series, Better Call Saul Employee Training, need to be fit in during seasons three to five at your convenience. As already explained, these webisodes and web series are simply bonus content for comedy and do not have any plot twists or spoilers.



Where To Watch Gilliverse


All the introductions and buildup must have created enough curiosity and eagerness to watch the show. So, let us move to the pertinent question of where we can watch these shows.


Well, Breaking Bad, all five seasons, Better Call Saul, all six seasons and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is available for streaming on Netflix and DirecTV. You can also buy it as a download on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video, Microsoft Store, and Redbox.



Here are a few FAQs about the Breaking Bad universe


1. Why is Breaking Bad so highly rated?

Breaking Bad and its spin-off, Better Call Saul, are both highly-rated shows. Breaking Bad has an IMDB rating of 9.5 and a Rotten Tomatoes score of 96%. One of the reasons for such high critical and approval ratings is the complex and well-developed characters of the show.


The taut script ensures that there is enough scope for character development while also keeping the story fast-paced. The series almost has a cinematic quality with dozens of memorable scenes and sequences.


2. What is the most viewed episode of  Breaking Bad?

The most viewed and highly acclaimed episode of Breaking Bad is in Season 5, episode 14. It is titled “Ozymandias”. This episode attracted 6.4 million viewers to the AMC show when it was first telecast.


This number includes 4.1 million viewers between the age group of 18-49.


3. Should I watch Better Call Saul before Breaking Bad?

As per the show creator and writer Vince Gilligan, it is advisable to watch Breaking Bad before Better Call Saul. The plot of Breaking Bad is the central theme and Better Call Saul is a spin-off that tells the backstory of Saul Goodman, who was once called Jimmy McGill.


Although, it should be noted that both shows can be viewed as independent shows too. Their plot lines are not interconnected so deeply that new viewers will not understand.


4. Why is Better Call Saul so famous?

Better Call Saul has a gripping storyline that revolves around the opposing factions of the law. It focuses on the big law firms and the drug cartels in New Mexico.


The story of Jimmy McGill, aka Saul Goodman, traverses the grey area between law firms and cartels. Although Jimmy McGill starts off as a hardworking lawyer, he gets bogged down by the circumstances forced on him and decides to take a risk.


He toes the fine line between the good and the bad side to earn a fast buck and secure his future. But his actions have consequences, and he ends up facing them by the end of the series.


5. Who is the smartest Breaking Bad character?

The show, Breaking Bad, is about ambitious, smart and calculating people. Hence, there is no dearth of intelligent characters. Most fans believe that out of all of the characters, the most intelligent ones are Walter White and Gustavo Fring.


The two opposing kingpins are in the game.



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