Attack On Titan Arcs [Chronological Order]

 Attack On Titan Arcs In Chronological Order


Attack On Titan is going to be the anime that will be remembered for generations to come. The concept and realization of this anime are nothing less than amazing for the audience.


And that’s why the series has a fanbase bigger than the population of the earth. However, a lot of these fans tend to get confused about the arcs that are present in the core storyline.


But they can relax now since in this article, we will be taking a proper look into the arcs that make this incredible anime. So grab your ODM Gear, bring out your swords and let’s dive deep into the beauty of Attack On Titan.


Say it with me, SHINZOU WO SASAGEYO!!!




Attack On Titan Arcs In Chronological Order 


Firstly, let’s take a look at the chronological order of the arcs present in the story. These arcs are present in the order in which they were showcased to the audience.


Therefore, if you are someone who wishes to enjoy all these arcs then make sure that you do so in the following order.


Name Of The Arc

Release Date


September 9, 2009

Battle of Trost District

November 9, 2009

104th Training Corps

November 9, 2010

The Female Titan arc

March 9, 2011

Clash of the Titans

July 9, 2012

Royal Government arc

November 9, 2013

Return to Shiganshina

July 9, 2015

Marley arc

March 9, 2017

War for Paradis Arc

July 9th, 2018




Important Arcs of Attack On Titan 


Since the story of Attack On Titan is very fledged out, it happens to have zero filler episodes. In other words, all the episodes are useful and add value to the story.


There’s a reason why people like this anime so much. Therefore, all the arcs below are important for you to watch if you want to enjoy this series to its fullest.


1. Prologue

The initial narrative arc of Attack on Titan commences by introducing us to the central characters of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, as we explore the fortified Walls that safeguard humanity.


Yet, their peaceful existence is jeopardized by the enigmatic Titans, who pose an imminent danger, and our protagonists are forced to confront their fears when the colossal Titan breaches the gate.


Thus, the story unfolds by revealing the horrors of the Titans and the resilience of humanity in fighting against this monstrous threat. This arc marks the beginning of a story that will be remembered for ages.


2. Battle of Trost District

In the second story arc of Attack on Titan, the 104th Training Corps members are abruptly thrust into a brutal battle against the Titans when the Colossus Titan assaults the Trost District and shatters the Wall.


Amidst the chaos, Eren discovers an enigmatic power dwelling within him, and he grapples with the question of how to harness it to aid humanity in their quest for their first victory against the Titans.


The narrative continues to unravel the complexities of Eren’s newfound abilities and his role in the war against the Titans. The show takes some unexpected turns.


3. 104th Training Corps

The third narrative arc of Attack on Titan delves deeper into the lives of the main characters as they recover from the trauma of encountering the Titans. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin choose to undergo military training and become part of the 104th Training Corps.


The story follows their journey as they interact with other trainees and gradually comprehend the challenges of being a soldier. The narrative explores the characters’ growth and development as they navigate the complexities of their emotions, relationships, and the impending war against the Titans.


4. The Female Titan arc

In the fourth arc of Attack on Titan, following the intense battle, Eren is appointed as a member of the Survey Corps and assigned to the Levi Squad. He and his comrades prepare for an impending expedition beyond the Walls.


However, as they venture forth, they discover that the danger they face is far more erratic and unpredictable than they anticipated. The narrative presents the Survey Corps’ treacherous journey as they strive to explore the mysteries beyond the Walls while combating the unknown threats that await them.


This arc will shake the audience as we get to know about the female titan.


5. Clash of the Titans

In the fifth arc of Attack on Titan, a group of Titans suddenly appears inside Wall Rose, indicating a potential breach. The 104th Training Corps members are plunged into a brutal conflict with these mysterious Titans.


However, what they are unaware of is that there is also an insidious threat lurking within their own ranks, one that Eren and his companions must confront in a pivotal battle.


The narrative explores the complexities of trust and betrayal as the characters face the ramifications of their actions and the consequences of the war against the Titans.


6. Royal Government Arc

The sixth arc of Attack on Titan portrays a dire situation within the Walls, triggered by the murder of Minister Nick and a subsequent attempt to abduct Eren and Historia.


Recognizing that the king’s actions pose a grave threat to humanity, Erwin formulates a daring plan – to overthrow the government. The narrative unfolds as the Survey Corps prepares to carry out this dangerous mission, navigating the complexities of power and politics, and striving to prevent the Titans from wreaking further havoc.


The storyline explores the depths of sacrifice and loyalty as the characters struggle to protect humanity against impending doom.


7. Return to Shiganshina

In the seventh arc of Attack on Titan, peace reigns within the Walls, and the Survey Corps gears up for a fresh expedition to Shiganshina. With Hange’s new weapon, their hope of reclaiming the lost territory is stronger than ever before.


However, as they return to their former home, formidable foes lurk in the shadows, and a brutal confrontation awaits them. The storyline delves into the characters’ struggles with their past traumas and the looming threat of the Titans, as they confront their enemies in a battle that may determine the fate of humanity.


8. Marley arc

The eighth arc of Attack on Titan explores the nation of Marley’s struggle to maintain its grip on the world using the power of the Titans. As the Marley military finishes its battle with the Mid-East Allied Forces, it becomes evident that the Titans’ power is becoming obsolete in the modern age.


To secure its dominance, the Marleyans must acquire the power of the Founding Titan, which is in the hands of Eren Yeager and the Eldian remnants of Paradis. However, Reiner Braun, a Marleyan Warrior, must face the “devils” of Paradis once again, who holds the key to Marley’s survival.


9. War for Paradis Arc

In the ninth and final arc of Attack on Titan, the Survey Corps returns to Paradis after Eren’s attack on Liberio, only to discover that a group of soldiers has gone rogue and is attempting to establish a new Eldian Empire with Eren as their leader.


As if this wasn’t enough, Marley is also preparing to launch a crushing counter-strike against the island. With enemies on all sides, a multi-front conflict ensues to determine the fate of Paradis.


The narrative explores the complex themes of power, freedom, and sacrifice as the characters struggle to protect their loved ones and their homeland from impending doom.






1. How many arcs are in Attack on Titan?

There are 9 arcs in the series altogether. They are as follows: Prologue, Battle of Trost District, 104th Training Corps, The Female Titan arc, Clash of the Titans, Royal Government arc, Return to Shiganshina, Marley arc, War for Paradis Arc.


Make sure that you watch all of them.


2. What is the best arc in Attack on Titan?

The best arc in Attack On Titan is none other than Return to Shiganshina. This arc shaped the anime from being a simple fantasy to a complex narrative that needs more and more attention with the core storyline.


And that’s why this arc is often considered one of the best in the entire show.


3. What is the final arc of AOT?

The War of Paradis Arc is the ninth and final arc of Attack on Titan. It puts a definite conclusion to everything that happened in the series and gave us an ending that will shape the way we looked at the franchise.


For a lot of people, this is the best arc that has ever been placed forward by the show.


4. What is the Female Titan arc?

It is the fourth arc of the series that happens to be the final arc of the first season. And that’s why this arc is so special. It added the first layer of doubt in the minds of the audience by showcasing that even normal humans within the boundaries of the walls can also end up being an enemy.


5. Who is the Female Titan traitor?

Annie Leonhart is the female titan in the anime. And she was the one who was part of the Survey Corps. However, soon enough, her true identity was revealed and she was indeed the female titan that caused a lot of havoc in the series.


This is why her presence is so important.


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