Top 38 Most Popular Richest Fictional Characters Of All Time

Top 38 Most Popular Fictional Richest Characters Of All Time


Most of us love watching and reading about fictional characters because they are usually given traits that are larger than life. While some thrive on the powers and abilities that are impossible to have in the real world, others derive their strength from their unmatchable bank balance.


As fans, we end up admiring these ultra-rich characters and strive to learn more about their luxurious lives. It is not surprising then that we are enticed by their million-dollar homes, luxury amenities, and unlimited travel budget.


Sure, these characters are not real, but their bank account might just be as big as your favourite stars. So, today, we are going to introduce you to some of the wealthiest fictional characters to have ever graced the screen.


However, take note of the fact that we have ranked them based on their popularity and not their supposed net worth.




1. T’Challa




T’Challa, who is arguably the wealthiest fictional character of all time, is the monarch of the fictional African kingdom called Wakanda. He started as one of Marvel’s most popular comic book heroes who thrives on his cat-like reflexes and amazing physical strength.


His wealth might come as a total shock to most people in the real world, especially because Wakanda is often described as a country that is secluded from the rest of the world.


However, a rare metal called vibranium, which costs $10,000 per gram, can only be found in that country; therefore, helping it emerge as a superpower in its own right. Needless to mention, if we try to add the numbers, the combined wealth of T’Challa and the royal family of the kingdom would amount to trillions.


Yes, we are not talking about billions anymore, but trillions. That said, we shouldn’t let T’Challa’s wealth overshadow his dignified demeanour. The man had a warm sense of humour and looked like a true-blue king.


Matter of fact, he seldom lost his calm and wanted nothing more than the protection of his people. Indeed, the stoic and strategic royal is a bonafide example of how not to let wealth destroy you.




2. Tony Stark


tony stark


A playboy billionaire and philanthropist, Anthony Edward ‘Tony’ Stark has to be among the most popular characters to make it to our story. He was a child genius who built motorbikes and hacked into the Pentagon in his spare time.


Today, he is widely recognized as the beloved superhero Iron Man. Tony was a bright student who earned two Master’s degrees by the age of 19. Unfortunately for him, his parents were assassinated not long after he turned 21 and he had no option but to inherit his father’s technology company.


Sooner than later, we catch him using the inherited resources to create the famous Iron Man suit, as well as battling a dangerous terrorist known as the Mandarin. Charming, cocky, and intelligent, he can come across as both virtuous and careless from time to time.


While we are used to seeing him as a carefree and fun classic playboy, we all know that he has been fighting his own demons for quite a few years now. Matter of fact, he can also tend to get a bit self-destructive at times.




3. Santa Claus


Santa Claus


You might hate us for referring to our beloved Saint Nick as ‘fictional’, but the fact is that he isn’t real after all (sorry, kids!). He stakes his claims at being one of the wealthiest characters because many believe that he owns a factory where elves make toys in time for the Christmas holidays.


Needless to mention, he goes around the world delivering nice gifts to nice children without asking for anything in return. Given the fact that he manufactures and delivers billions of toys to billions of kids, he must be worth billions.


That’s precisely why we think Santa deserves a spot on our list.




4. Bruce Wayne


bruce wayne


Bruce Wayne is one of the poster boys of DC and a popular superhero. Known as Batman, he is another example of a billionaire whose fortune brings him no solace whatsoever.


He may be a costumed vigilante who fights crime at night, but he also has his own demons to battle as he was forced to witness the murder of his parents in a random robbery as a child.


Needless to say, he swore to take revenge against Gotham’s criminals and, therefore, can be seen utilizing his ninja skills and gadgets to fight crime.


While his inherited wealth and his technology empire, Wayne Enterprises, amount to a lot, one also has to consider that the Batman franchise is reportedly worth billions as well.


That being said, let’s not let Bruce’s superpowers and wealth sideline the fact that he is arguably the most enigmatic character to make it to our story. Also, his dark and troubled past ends up giving him a shadowy attitude.



5. Forrest Gump


Forrest Gump


One of the most admired film characters of all time, Forrest Gump might be someone with a learning impediment, but he manages to win hearts because of his incredibly sensitive heart.


While the story doesn’t explore his eventual wealth, it can’t be denied that one part of the screenplay shows him making a good fortune in the shrimp industry. He is an inspiration because he never allows his learning impediment to get the better of his day-to-day life.


Even though his involvement in the shrimp industry isn’t enough to make him a billionaire, his partner does take a call to invest a part of their money in “some kind of fruit company.” To those who were not able to comprehend it at the time, that fruit company is actually Apple, which explains that Gump must have been worth billions later in his life.



6. Richie Rich


richie rich


Those who watched cartoons as children would probably be familiar with Richie Rich, who has been portrayed as the wealthiest kid in the entire world of fiction. He first reached comic books in 1953 and can make it to our story courtesy of his spectacularly wealthy parents and lack of siblings.


Even though he is a filthy rich boy who is barely even in his teens, wealth does not go to his head. We say so because he has gone on to show great generosity and kindness around his hometown of Harveyville.


However, several stereotypes and judgements often tag along with wealth in the real world. These stereotypes also become associated with Richie despite his good intentions and kind heart. Indeed, it is difficult to entirely trust someone who owns two of everything wealth can purchase.


That being said, the little guy’s story goes on to say a lot about how money can’t buy true friends and happiness.


In the 1994 live-action motion picture starring Macaulay Culkin in the lead, we see Richie Rich struggling to relate to other children. Nevertheless, he does his best to defend the family fortune from the thieving CFO of Rich Industries.



7. Scrooge McDuck


Scrooge McDuck


Quite possibly the wealthiest creature on the planet, Scrooge McDuck is a cartoon character invented in the 1940s. The Scottish-American uncle of Donald Duck has a heart of gold and is rarely seen without his top hat and pince-nez glasses.


He is a business magnate who describes himself as an ‘adventure capitalist.’ His oil companies, mining interests, factories, and various businesses have all contributed to the enormous amount of wealth he has.


If we are to believe the 1950 story The Pixilated Parrot, Scrooge McDuck hides “three cubic acres of money” in his office.



8. Willy Wonka


Willy Wonka


We all know that the inimitable Willy Wonka made his fortunes through the ownership of his unique chocolate factory. The immense popularity of his sweet treats is credited with fetching him high levels of success and fame; therefore, taking his net income into the billions.


After a brief factory closure of his beloved factory, the innovator decided to re-open the gates for the golden ticket experience, and, unsurprisingly, caught the attention of hundreds of kids.


Since Wonka was forbidden candy as a kid, he utilized this childhood experience to fuel his dream of becoming a chocolate factory owner. Now, he does not only eat what he desires but also hands out the treats he was once unable to devour.


Following the establishment of his factory, the man put his creativity on full display and created everlasting gobstoppers, fizzy lifting drinks, and the famous Wonka Bar, among other things.



9. Smaug




Smaug, the last great dragon of Middle-earth, is the main antagonist in J R R Tolkein’s popular novel The Hobbit. On the Lonely Mountain, he hoards Dwarf treasures from the era of King Thrór and terrorizes the local settlement of Lake-town.


The dragon had been in possession of the hoard for about 171 years before Bilbo and 13 dwarves arrived to challenge him for the same. Smaug might be the worst possible nightmare to most people in the world, but he is also more cunning and vain than one can imagine.


Better still, he has the ability to addle brains with paranoia, and Tolkien mentions it rather clearly: “Now a nasty suspicion began to grow in [Bilbo’s] mind… That is the effect that dragon-talk has on the inexperienced.”



10. Charles Foster Kane


Charles Foster Kane


The newspaper owner Charles Foster Kane is the titular character from the cult classic 1941 full-length feature, titled Citizen Kane. He is an enigmatic man whose wealth leads him down some peculiar paths: for instance, when his wife confesses that she dreams of becoming a singer, he ends up building an opera house just for her to showcase her talent.


The character of Charles Foster Kane is based on a real-life billionaire: William Randolph Hearst, who was a Californian businessman and heir who decided to invest his fortune in a newspaper and magazine company.


Kane may have been born into poverty, but now we know that he can more than afford the good life courtesy of the wealth that he manages to amass in his life.



11. Jay Gatsby


Jay Gatsby


The enigmatic Jay Gatsby is the star of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel The Great Gatsby, as well as of the motion picture of the same title that hit the screens in 2013.


Gatsby is a millionaire living on Long Island. He is a self-made man who was raised in poverty in the Midwest. While he is worth a billion dollars, his fortune brings him no joy as he struggles to impress the upper-class woman that he admires.


The ridiculously wealthy character, who has also banked on organized crime to add to his riches, has been portrayed by actors such as Alan Ladd, Robert Redford, and Leonardo DiCaprio over the decades.



12. Charlie Harper


Charlie Harper


One of the most popular rich characters from any sitcom to date, Charlie Harper is a womanizer who has a pretty lavish lifestyle. In fact, he appears to be so wealthy and carefree that fans of the show often wonder how a moderately successful jingle writer could afford the massive beach house that he lives in.


The answer to that is that the man did find a sudden bout of incredible success with his Charlie Waffles stint which saw him earn a ton of money as a children’s songwriter during his heyday.


Since he was a spendthrift and quite casual with his money, he could not leave behind any sizable inheritance to any of his family members. Moreover, he wasn’t really getting steady gigs during the latter half of his career either.



13. Carlisle Cullen


Carlisle Cullen


We hope that you aren’t surprised to see a character from the popular Twilight film franchise on our list. Born in London, England, in 1640, amid widespread panic about werewolves and vampires, Carlisle Cullen transformed into a vampire at the age of 23.


Even though he is horrified at his newfound bloodlust at first, he eventually figures out that animal blood is a perfectly good substitute for human blood. Not long after that, he ends up creating the first human-friendly vampire coven.


Carlisle goes on to become a very successful doctor practising for over two centuries and has reportedly managed to amass a fortune of billions over the years.



14. Lex Luthor


Lex Luthor


Since Lex Luthor is the arch-nemesis of arguably the greatest superhero was ever written, he has to be incredibly smart and astonishingly rich to be able to match up to his rival’s heroics; especially if he doesn’t have superpowers of his own.


This is precisely where Luthor comes into the picture. While he sure is the wealthiest supervillain to make it to our story, it’s unclear how he has been able to amass his wealth.


However, several stories are doing the rounds regarding his riches. Be that as it may, we all know that he is a certified genius and that it is easy for a man of his calibre to continue to be affluent.


Needless to mention, his sharp mind and wealth are enough to give Superman a run for his money.



15. Flintheart Glomgold


Flintheart Glomgold


Another duck to make it to our story is Flintheart Glomgold, who takes pride in being given the distinction of being the second wealthiest duck in the world. Indeed, he is second only to Scrooge McDuck.


It is not surprising then that both he and Scrooge end up being archrivals. In fact, Glomgold is often portrayed as being jealous of him. Their rivalry even came to a point where the former was able to win all of Scrooge’s riches through a bet that left McDuck penniless.



16. The Tooth Fairy


The Tooth Fairy


The Tooth Fairy might be a mythical figure, but it is difficult to deny that they amass a fortune from their dental disposal business. Even though the fairy dates back to 1200, there is no specific account of whether the entrepreneurial creature is male or female.


However, the character was played by the well-built Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the 2010 blockbuster Tooth Fairy. Before we sum up our discussion on the character, allow us to tell you that it emerged in a Northern European tradition where children received money for their first lost tooth.



17. Christian Grey


Christian Grey


The male lead in the 50 Shades of Grey franchise, Christian Grey, was orphaned at the age of four. He was forced to live in foster homes and was adopted by a doctor.


Eventually, he rose to become a businessman who would later go on to establish Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc. At the height of the franchise’s popularity, the fictional establishment even had its own website.


The star of the erotic novel-turned-movie thrives on his undeniable good looks and wealth and is, therefore, the kind of person who most girls would swoon over.



18. Tywin Lannister


Tywin Lannister


The Lannisters are one of the most powerful and affluent houses in the blockbuster television series Game of Thrones, and Lord Tywin Lannister is regarded as the wealthiest and most powerful person in all of Westeros.


The menacing patriarch has earned plenty of titles throughout his life: Lord Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock, Warden of the West, Lord Paramount of the Westerlands, Hand of the King, and Protector of the Realm.


He controls the largest gold mine in all of the seven kingdoms and is, therefore, able to fund the entire nation despite not being the king himself. Rich as he may be, Tywin is also equally ruthless and cunning, which is perhaps why he is able to secure his place as the most influential person in the kingdom.



19. Artemis Fowl


Artemis Fowl


While the book series by Eoin Colfer was critically acclaimed, the motion picture turned out to be a dud. The main character in both was Artemis Fowl; a child genius who accumulated his wealth from his missing father’s dubious business affairs.


Described as one of the smartest persons of his generation, his fortune allows him to pursue his own fascination, which is the technologically-advanced world of magical creatures. Fowl, who is known to steal valuable artefacts, is an anti-villain who will gladly take part in criminal enterprises to expand his wealth.


He resides with his bodyguard named Butler in Fowl Manor, Ireland.



20. Charles Montgomery Burns


Charles Montgomery Burns


The notorious Mr Burns is the perfect on-screen illustration of modern-day bosses in most organizations. The evil billionaire personifies what it means to be selfish and shrewd. He is not only seen terrorizing his community and employees in The Simpsons but he also literally sits on top of a hill while the rest of Springfield lives a middle-class lifestyle.


The man owns the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant but his journey to wealth has not been an easy ride. While he is certainly one of the most crucial characters in the beloved animated series, he even goes to the extent of bullying his devoted assistant Waylon Smithers Jr. in his spare time.



21. Gordon Gekko


Gordon Gekko


Our story couldn’t have possibly been complete without the inclusion of the inimitable Gordon Gekko in it. The main protagonist of the classic ’80s film Wall Street is a bonafide workaholic corporate junkie, who has made a living out of some solid financial investments and corporate takeovers.


Portrayed ably by the great Michael Douglas, he is one of the most influential characters to have emerged from any motion picture to have been released during the 1980s. Greedy, shrewd, and opportunistic, Gekko acquires a huge sum of wealth and a lot of power over time.


What’s worth mentioning about him is that he has never been content with the money and power that he has under his direct control. Man, what a man!



22. Walden Schmidt


Walden Schmidt


Portrayed by Ashton Kutcher, Walden Schmidt appeared in seasons 9 to 12 of Two and a Half Men. He is known to have made his fortune as a teenager by designing a website and selling it to Microsoft.


He is an eccentric divorcé who likes to walk around his home naked. Add to that the fact that he finds it tough to adjust to adult responsibilities. Be that as it may, the character allowed Kutcher to become one of the highest-paid actors on television at the time.



23. Lara Croft


Lara Croft


Star of the Tomb Raider franchise, Lara Croft is an amazingly good-looking girl who was born into a rich family. She eventually went on to inherit the family’s fortunes after the demise of her parents.


It is no secret that she thrives on her action-star prowess and seeks out adventure across the globe; all while footing the bill for her exploits without a moment of reluctance.


It’s been said that her family disowned her when she became a mercenary and skilled thief. However, she was able to compound her riches as a tomb raider hunting down treasures and artefacts.



24. Chuck Bass


Chuck Bass


The one true reason why Chuck Bass is on this list is that he could easily be a girl’s dream come true if she is attracted to “rich” red flags.


This young and charming billionaire is the hedonistic antihero of the TV show and book series Gossip Girl, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The young man has been armed with a family fortune worth a billion and is a reckless womanizer who finds himself indulging in expensive holidays, designer clothes, and limousines from time to time.


Bass also takes pleasure in entertaining himself by playing mind games with the other affluent residents of New York’s Upper East Side. Props to actor Ed Westwick for being able to bring the character to life with utmost sincerity.



25. Cruella de Vil


Cruella de Vil


Cruella de Vil may be known more for her cruelty than her wealth, but one must know that she was well-adjusted to a life of luxury ever since she was born.


While she was gifted with every material item she desired, she eventually developed an affinity for fur coats and began to be known for her rich collection of the same.


A true fashion icon and the notorious villain of 101 Dalmations, she is born to stand out. She may have inherited significant wealth from her folks, but that doesn’t stop her from establishing herself as a fashion star.


She does exactly what she wants, which includes stealing Dalmatian puppies. Even that, she manages to do in style, by riding off in her red and black Mercedes-inspired vehicle.



26. Mom




While there is no denying that Mr. Burns from The Simpsons is arguably the most popular wealthy cartoon character, one has to acknowledge that Mom from Futurama may not be far behind.


She may not be as popular, but she actually is richer. Reportedly worth billions of dollars, she was able to amass a major chunk of her wealth as the wicked CEO of a huge corporation.


What’s remarkable about her corporation is that it basically controls the entire universe. Needless to say, it makes Mom one of the main antagonists of the entire Futurama series.



27. Lady Mary Crawley


Lady Mary Crawley


Lady Mary Crawley was wealthy from the inheritance she received from her father. However, she is even left in charge of the majestic Downton Estate following the death of her husband in a car crash.


Needless to mention, her net worth skyrocketed over the billion-dollar mark in no time. Be that as it may, the Downtown Abbey widow is no lady of leisure. She decides to handle business and farmer tenants across her estate diligently and plans to renovate and modernize the family home as the 1920s kick-off.


While she can come across as cold and impassive to those who do not know her better, she does enjoy fox hunting and fine dining.



28. Gomez Addams


Gomez Addams


The proud patriarch of the Addams Family does everything that he can to care for his family and bring in the money. He seems to have invested in a range of business ventures till he made it big.


While he started on Wall Street, he soon made a ton of money by involving himself in animal farms, salt mines, and uranium mines, among other ventures. All thanks to their father’s smart investing and knack for business, the Addams family has more than enough money to live a life of financial stability.


Better still, they have also got a gigantic mansion which is difficult to unsee once you have seen it.



29. Oliver Warbucks


Oliver Warbucks


Oliver Warbucks may not exactly be as well-known as the other characters on our list, but make no mistake, he is certainly among the richest. His story is quite different and relatable since he was convinced by an adorable little girl to change his ways and be more gracious.


That said, it has to be mentioned that he made a ton of money as a defence contractor who supplied the United States government with its weapons. Since the US is known to have the largest and greatest military force in the world, it is understandable why Warbucks is worth billions.



30. Thurston Howell III


Thurston Howell III


Thurston Howell III is a popular character from the 1960s sitcom Gilligan’s Island. He is so rich that he is described in the show’s opening credits as simply The Millionaire.


Thanks to the amount of money that he has been able to accumulate, he can afford to reside on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, where he forces an inventor to create weird and wonderful inventions for Howell Industries.


Some of the rather outlandish inventions that he is in possession of range from bamboo spacecraft and bicycle-powered washing machines to coconut cell phones.



31. Lucille Bluth


Lucille Bluth


Make way for the beloved wife of the imprisoned George Bluth Sr.; a corrupt property developer who decides to leave millions of dollars to her. Needless to say, the highly materialistic Lucille Bluth of Arrested Development lives the high life and is often seen splashing her cash on auctions, chemical face peels, and robot vacuums.


Not only is she a functioning alcoholic but she also treats many members of her family with complete disdain and cruelty. Most of the people who are familiar with her impassive persona must be aware of her famous cost-of-living comment: “I mean, it’s one banana, Michael. What could it cost? Ten dollars?”



32. Ming the Merciless


Ming the Merciless


A lot many of us who grew up in the ’80s know the classic character named Flash Gordon, who is the star of the show that has been named after himself.


And, since we know him, it is only obvious that we would also be familiar with his fearless foe Ming the Merciless. Even though Ming’s wealth isn’t really the centre of attention in the series, one can’t help but notice that the guy owns a planet and makes money through the interplanetary slave trade.


While people today may not be familiar with his name, it is imperative to mention that he is one of the richest fictional characters of all time.



33. Sir Topham Hatt


Sir Topham Hatt


The Fat Controller, whose real name is Sir Topham Hatt, is a fictional character in The Railway Series books written by Reverend W. Awdry and his son, Christopher Awdry. He makes his first screen appearance on the television series Thomas & Friends.


Those who are familiar with the show would remember him as The Fat Controller. Since he is the inheritor of a family baronetcy, he is able to successfully run the world’s biggest collection of vintage steam engines.



34. Jed Clampett


Jed Clampett


Jed Clampett is one of the main characters of the ’60s sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies. More than being a central character on the show, he is the definition of what it means to be wealthy overnight.


We say so because he didn’t have to work too hard for his money to become as rich as he is in the fictional world today. All thanks to his luck, he and his impoverished family were able to amass a ton of wealth.


However, it is crucial to mention how he stumbled upon the riches in the first place. What happened was that, while hunting, Clampett discovered that he resides in an oil-rich property.


Therefore, he put his brain to work and managed to earn billions. Don’t be shocked to learn that he is, in fact, the wealthiest fictional hillbilly of all time.



35. Jabba the Hutt


Jabba the Hutt


Jabba the Hutt is someone you can call the Mafia boss of the Star Wars universe. Why? Because he pretty much controls the underground side of the entire galaxy. His impact is so strong that neither the Republic nor the Empire is willing to touch him.


Among the most powerful and popular characters ever seen on celluloid, Jabba the Hutt’s entire syndicate comes to his aid to help him gain control over several star systems. Needless to say, he manages to accumulate wealth worth billions of dollars over time.



36. Carter Pewterschmidt


Carter Pewterschmidt


Fans of the super successful animated comedy series Family Guy would be able to recognize Carter Pewterschmidt instantly. The selfish and shrewd billionaire, who is the father of Peter Griffin’s wife, Lois, rarely cares about his daughter.


While he may not be as concerned about his daughter, it does feel like he gives due importance to his viewers. We say so because the man does his bit to contribute to the show in a comedic way whenever he is seen making an appearance on the screen.


Even though Carter is a successful industrialist who owns a large steel company, he doesn’t give even a portion of it to the Griffin family.



37. Adrian Veidt


Adrian Veidt


There’s no denying that not a lot of good superhero comic book stories are complete without a billionaire who is in a powerful position because of the wealth that he has.


Adrian Veidt, who is better known by his superhero name Ozymandias, is no exception. However, he is unlike many other heroes; primarily because he gave up his riches to be a true-blue superhero.


While he did end up inheriting a corporation from his family, his wealth is mainly the result of his involvement with the marketing business. Since he is worth billions, it is safe to say that Adrian Veidt isn’t too far behind his counterparts Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne.



38. Evelyn Harper


Evelyn Harper


Most of the people who work as real estate brokers are able to be amass a decent amount of money over time. Evelyn Harper, who has been serving as the same for more than three decades, made a name for herself by not only selling to uber-wealthy international tycoons but also dating a handful of them.


Needless to say, she earns high commissions and has an office and a pretty sizeable home. While one of her sons, Alan can barely afford to make ends meet, Evelyn, on the other hand, has high-end designer clothes and jewellery.


She believes in dating multi-millionaires and can be seen going on expensive cruises. Not only can she afford cosmetic surgery and botox but she decides to lend Alan some money for his Ponzi scheme without much reluctance, which, of course, implies that she is super rich.



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