Top 10 Best Volleyball Anime Of All Time



There are vast loads of Volleyball anime out there, yet it is still hard to distinguish which ones are awesome. If you’re looking for a new otaku show to watch, this article will help you out!


The following are the best Volleyball anime. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by this new series if you’re a volleyball fan! You may be shocked to discover that there are animes on every subject, including volleyball!


There are innumerable choices out there, so you’ll presumably have the option to track down something that intrigues you! Volleyball anime have become extremely popular in the past few years, and there are many more in development.


You can find everything from cute teddy bears to sports dramas. With so many different kinds of Volleyball anime, you’ll be sure to find a series you enjoy. Another famous anime series is Haikyuu!!


This sports-themed show follows a teenage boy named Haikyuu who joins a volleyball club at his school. His goal is to become as good as Shouyou, the star player in the volleyball championship.


The series has four seasons and has received rave reviews from viewers. In addition, the show’s creators, Susumu Mitsunaka and Taku Kishimoto have received high praise. Another popular Volleyball anime is Haikyuu!!


This anime follows a middle-schooler named Shouyou Hinata. After seeing an ace volleyball player, he tries to revive the team and qualify for a tournament. However, they are beaten by the team of Tobiyo Kageyama, who is nicknamed “King of the Court.”Read on to discover the best Volleyball anime of all time!


I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching them!




1. Haikyuu!! (2014)


haikyuu!! (2014)


Entity Detail
Title Haikyuu!!
Type TV
Studios Production I.G
Genres Comedy, Sports, Drama, School, Shounen
Premiered Apr 6, 2014 to Sep 21, 2014
Source Manga
MAL Score 8.481
Duration 24 min. per ep.


‘Haikyuu!!’ is regarded as one of the rated and most superficial sports-based anime ever at any point created. Shouyou Hinata is quite eccentric and is a live wire. He is a potential anime hero.


He restores his centre school’s volleyball crew after seeing a famous volleyball player known as ‘Little Giant’ in real life. As a result, his crew is fit for investing the energy essential to meet all requirements for competition.


Notwithstanding, things rapidly crumble when a band driven by Tobiyo Kageyama sufficiently beats them, named the ‘King of the Court’. This propels Hinata to endeavour much harder to outflank Tobiyo.


Hinata Shouyou, an undersized centre-school young lady, found incredible energy for volleyball while watching a public title match on TV. So Shouyou, a small child named “the little monster,” joined his school, not entirely set in stone to imitate the title’s champion player.


But, sadly, he was the only part, and the gathering was coming up short on a training space. He didn’t allow this to deter him. In the wake of enrolling five additional players in his last year, he had the option to take an interest in a genuine competition – to have his group draw the title number one and its headliner, Kageyama Tobio, named “the ruler of the court,” in the first round.


Despite his group’s staggering misfortune, Shouyou vows to improve and, at last, surpass Kageyama. Shouyou is currently entering his first year of secondary school – a similar one he saw contend in the public finals, interestingly.


He will join the volleyball crew, train determinedly, and destroy Kageyama the following time they run into each other on the court… or so he thought until he discovers that he and Kageyama are presently cohorts.


The volleyball crew will, without a doubt, profit from their capacities, however, provided that they can set aside their disparities and figure out how to work as associates. In the wake of transferring from his centre school, he joins the volleyball crew at Karasuno High School.


Nonetheless, he finds that his opponent Tobiyo is likewise present. However, Hinata has a solid jumping capacity, and his small height makes it harder for him to lay out his put on the crew.


Moreover, it turns out that Kageyama has his issues. Regardless, there is only one answer for all of their problems. So substantial, the thought is extraordinarily captivating, correct? Hold on till you see the anime!


This anime is recognized within the community as the best one you can watch if you are in search of some special volleyball anime. It is interesting, hyped, and gives a great idea of how intense, even a single game of volleyball can be. Therefore, you need to watch it. 




2. Shoujo Fight: Norainu-tachi no Odekake (2009)


shoujo fight: norainu-tachi no odekake (2009)


Shojo Fight: Norainu Ritsu Odekake is a unique volleyball video energy. It’s only 30 minutes. This is necessary, assuming you like volleyball and want to watch a short anime. It’s far from the short top, and you don’t feel any particular connection with the character, but there are some well-played volleyball movements.


The anime’s hero is Neri Ooishi, a secondary school understudy. She is exceptionally gifted in volleyball. She was the skipper of her grade school’s volleyball crew. That crew completed second in the public title.


She did, be that as it may, fill in as another for a considerable length of time at a middle school known for its volleyball program. But, yet again, now that she is in secondary school, she has new partners and a chance to substantiate herself.


Something out of order prevents her from playing her favourite game, and she tries to hide her skills as a volleyball player. What prevents her from doing that? How can she say she goes to the game even though she is excited?


A rather unknown series. However, many fans assume this to be a hidden gem that needs more love and recognition from all those who appreciate the art of volleyball. It’s a tedious task. And it won’t be an easy sport to admire since it isn’t as popular as football. But it’s definitely out there. 




3. Haikyuu!! To the Top (2020)


haikyuu!! to the top (2020)


Entity Detail
Title Haikyuu!!: To the Top
Type TV
Studios Production I.G
Genres Comedy, Sports, Drama, School, Shounen
Premiered Jan 11, 2020 to Apr 4, 2020
Source Manga
MAL Score 8.361
Duration 24 min. per ep.


Karasuno High School Volleyball Team won an overwhelming victory over Shiratorizawa Academy and won the long-awaited journey to the national team. As arrangements start, Tobio Kageyama is welcome to the All-Japan Youth Training Camp to contend with other broadly known players.


In the interim, Kei Tsukishima is welcome to an extraordinary youngster instructional course in Miyagi Prefecture for first-year understudies. Without welcomes of his own, the energetic Shouyou Hinata understands the left.


Hinata, then again, doesn’t withdraw. Instead, he fearlessly decides to slip into a similar freshman instructional course as Tsukishima, directing his displeasure into self-inspiration. Although Hinata is more often used as a ball kid, he sees this as an extraordinary opportunity.


He begins to think about his volleyball capacities and the abundance of data available on the court, and how he could utilize it. As the profoundly expected public volleyball rivalry draws near, the players of Karasuno’s volleyball cooperate to defeat their shortcomings and work on their capacities, all while taking a stab at the top!


Haikyuu as a franchise has always been on the top of their game with every season and installment that they push out. And this one is no exception either. If you are a fan of the story then this anime is something that you need to look out for as soon as possible. 




4. Kougyou Aika Volley Boys (1997)


kougyou aika volley boys (1997)


In a scene suggestive of Field of Dreams and Ping Pong Club, sex-denied juvenile guys at Kudo secondary school join the young ladies’ volleyball crew, trusting that assuming they make it, the young ladies will come, although the year has no young ladies by any means.


The Story follows the three students, Akagi, Miyamoto, and Taniguchi, NumaK 3 idiot trio (“Asanuma Technical High School Idiot Trio ”). In a less-than-ideal job of acquiring ubiquitous, Triplet puts what would later become a volleyball team at their school into the field.


This is yet another show that happens to be a bit hidden in terms of its recognition and popularity. However, those who have watched this show will always look up to it as if its one of the best anime that you can watch as a fan of volleyball. 



5. Seiin High School Boys’ Volleyball Club (2021)


Seiin High School Boys' Volleyball Club (2021)


Entity Detail
Title 2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu
Type TV
Studios David Production
Genres Drama, School, Slice of Life, Sports
Premiered Jan 8, 2021 to Mar 26, 2021
Source Novel
MAL Score 6.181
Duration 23 min. per ep.


Kimichika Haijima, a secondary school student, gets back to his origination of Fukui in the wake of making issues in the Tokyo Junior High School volleyball club. He is brought together with his childhood mate, Yuni Kuroba, who has exceptional athletic abilities but tends to break down under pressure.


Hajime and Kuroba make a pro combo, given Haijima’s colossal energy and expertise in volleyball. The two students were quite good players and soon joined Seiin High School to join the volleyball team.


They will be joined by 163 cm sweltering blooded skipper Shinichirou Oda, splendid and harshly toned evil habit commander Misao Aoki and his third-year pair, and second-year understudies, including second-year understudies Akito Kanno, who is generally wearing long sleeves inferable from sun sensitivity.


The juvenile crew breaks its past shell of shortcomings and lays down a good foundation for itself as Fukui’s rising star. This is the account of a specific group’s mission to win, which a few captivating enemies muddle.


Seiin intensely on its cast’s connections and spotlights on feeling and the truth of being a competitor in aggressive games instead of the actual movement. The film is lopsided yet engaging, with a few champion minutes, especially when character improvement is considered a great last match.



6. Attack on Tomorrow!


Attack on Tomorrow!


The anime centres around Mimi Hijiiri, a dedicated student left with only one year of school. She takes it upon herself to uplift the spirits of a volleyball team that has been disheartened by the tragic loss of one of their own members in an accident.


With determination and passion, Mimi strives to breathe new life into the team, inspiring them to overcome their grief and regain their enthusiasm for the sport.


Through her unwavering commitment and infectious energy, Mimi embarks on a mission to restore hope and unity within the team, igniting a powerful journey of healing and growth.



7. Attack No. 1 (Atakku Nanba Wan)


Attack No. 1 (Atakku Nanba Wan)


Entity Detail
Title Attack No.1
Type TV
Studios Tokyo Movie Shinsha
Genres Drama, Shoujo, Sports
Premiered Dec 7, 1969 to Nov 28, 1971
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.731
Duration 24 min. per ep.


This great oldie series was the primary female games activity series to air on Japanese TV. Kozue is a volleyball anime young lady who tries to be an individual from the public volleyball crew.


This incredible volleyball anime program accounts for Kozue’s ascent to conspicuousness, starting as a child playing in school and coming full circle in his enormous accomplishment of turning into a public volleyball player.


Kozue rising to the top has been rough. She faces numerous impediments and quarrels with crew chief Yoshimura. Nevertheless, she gets by with the help of her companion Midori Hayakawa and her mentor.


Attack No. 1 is essential exuberance since it was the primary female games anime to be displayed on a TV. Chikako Urano created a manga in 1968 and was adopted into the anime a year later.


It was designed to take advantage of the women’s gold medal of the 1964 Japan Olympic Volleyball Team. Japan is also the host country for these Summer Olympics, making its performance more attractive.


This sports dramatization portrays the many unfortunate results of a competitor’s climb to conspicuousness throughout a long, all-around series. Kozue’s personality is scrutinized throughout the anime as she fulfils her mission to turn into the world’s best volleyball player.


As silly as it might appear, it effectively portrays Kozue’s certified troubles, which makes arriving at the zenith of her athletic vocation all the more fulfilling. As a result, this series is still generally welcomed in Japan and is credited with laying out the class of sports action, especially volleyball.



8. Harukana Receive (Harukana Reshibu) (2018)


Harukana Receive (Harukana Reshibu) (2018)


Entity Detail
Title Harukana Receive
Type TV
Studios C2C
Genres Slice of Life, Sports
Premiered Jul 6, 2018 to Sep 21, 2018
Source Manga
MAL Score 6.681
Duration 23 min. per ep.


There is no opportunity for aces in oceanside volleyball. Instead, each player ought to recognize their one vital associate on the sand court to win. Haruka Ozora, who moved with her grandmother and cousin Kanata Higa, found it on her first day in Okinawa.


Haruka happens upon a few young ladies playing oceanside volleyball while visiting a local oceanside and is promptly approached to take part. Be that as it may, right when one of the females, Narumi Tooi, sees Kanata advancing toward the court, this good practice game transforms into a test.


Haruka later finds that Narumi and Kanta were an oceanside volleyball pair before Narumi left because of Kanta’s diminutive height. Fortunately, the Junior Tournament will occur in no time. Nonetheless, this implies that Haruka has half a month to gain proficiency with the game to play with Kanata and help her beat her dread because of her diminutive height.


Notwithstanding their awful misfortune, Haruka presently gets her cousin’s quiet and reserved disposition. Kanata and Narumi were unquestionably talented in ocean-side volleyball matches before. Now, with the Junior Tournament only half a month away, Haruka should dominate the subtleties of serious Oceanside volleyball and help Kanata conquer her incapacitating anxiety toward the game she once revered.



9. Crimson Hero


Crimson Hero


Crimson Hero is a captivating sports anime that follows the inspiring journey of Nobara Sumiyoshi, a determined and fiery protagonist. Fueled by her passion for volleyball, Nobara joins the prestigious Crimson Field High School’s volleyball team, where she faces numerous obstacles and rivals.


As she strives to prove her worth and make her mark in the fiercely competitive world of high school sports, Nobara’s unwavering determination and resilience shine through.


With intense matches, complex relationships, and personal growth, Crimson Hero explores the pursuit of dreams and the indomitable spirit of its protagonist, creating a thrilling and empowering narrative.



10. Zoku Attacker You! Family Medal e no Michi (2008)


Zoku Attacker You! Family Medal e no Michi (2008)


Entity Detail
Title Zoku Attacker You! Kin Medal e no Michi
Type TV
Studios Knack Productions
Genres Sports, Romance
Premiered 2008
Source Unknown
MAL Score 6.151
Duration 23 min. per ep.


“New Attacker You!” is a spin-off of the famous “Aggressor You!” that debuted 24 years prior. Knack Productions made this second energized series for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The series, coordinated by Tomoharu Katsumata, debuted in China on Cartoon Darian and was delivered directly to DVD in Japan, bypassing the telecom company.


Youthful and persuaded female competitors seek to be the best in the game of volleyball. Yet, they risk ending up outside the court if they don’t win family, love, and friendship conflicts.


So, the only way to find out is to watch the anime.



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