Top 50 Best Saiki K Characters Of All Time

top 50 best saiki k characters of all time


The Disastrous Life of Saiki K! Without a doubt, one of the most hilarious shows in the entire medium.


The narrative and storytelling of this anime are so good that people rewatch it multiple times.


However, I think that you are a busy man who doesn’t have time to rewatch the entire show to relive the great memories.


But I think it will be great if you just take a look at the best characters as well.


I mean, it is those silly personalities that made the show so impressive for you.


And that’s why, ladies and gentlemen, in this article, we will be talking about the Best Saiki K Characters.


So grab your favourite toy, lay back on your couch, and let’s dive deep into this realm of laughter.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Saiki Kusuo


saiki kusuo


This one shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone. This man right here is a legend.


When I first started Saiki K, I was a bit unsure about its humour because everyone was saying it was super funny but I didn’t realize, where that fun could come from.


However, when I watched the actual show, I knew that this man was the one who brought a worthy shine to the series.


His narration and interesting monologues are the most absurd things about the entire series. His definition of events and evaluation of them is what makes this show so special.


And let’s not forget the fact that this man has a very unique format of comedy that is rare to see in today’s world. Let’s just say that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.


However, those who understand this format of comedy, absolutely love it. And thus, they love Saiki as well. 




2. Kaidou Shun


kaidou shun


This man right here is one of those kinds. You know, the kind who thinks that God has endowed them with something unique.


Yeah, that kind. However, in the series, it is his dumb principles that bring fun and flavour to the show.


He acts as a friend for Saiki and so, he starts a venture with him.


And he also looks at Saiki to be one of his kind which is kind of true apart from the fact that Saiki is a psychic.


Things tend to be a lot more fun and interesting when our boy Shun is on screen. And that’s one of the many reasons why people love him so much.


In this anime, being silly is everything. And so, a character like Kaidou Shun is bound to be appreciated by fans for his presence. 




3. Nendou Riki


nendou riki


He is the blockhead of the show. No matter what happens, all he will think is dumb stuff.


Hell, Saiki even claims that he can’t read his mind. Yeah, there exists a man whose mind can’t be read by Saiki.


Why? It is because he has a very simple way of thinking. And that’s what makes him scary.


Not for everyone but for Saiki since he can’t read him. However, the best part is that Nendou Rikki is just so laughable in the show.


The randomness of his character is what brings flavour to him. And that’s why he is placed here on our list. This man will think something, do something else, and achieve something completely different.


And this degree of randomness is what makes him worthy of all the love and appreciation from fans all around the globe. 




4. Teruhashi Kokomi


teruhashi kokomi


She is the kind who thinks that she is flawless. Why? Just because she is gorgeous.


Yeah, that’s her thought process. And we can’t question it because we aren’t beautiful enough.


Anyway, let’s focus back on her. She is not only attractive but also believes that she can do anything.


The boys are indeed dying for him except for our boy Saiki. And that’s why she wants Saiki’s awareness the most.


And that’s why Teruhashi is a bit wishy-washy in many people’s books. Some look at her as Waifu, and some think of her as another joke.


What do you guys say? 


Whatever your opinion may be, there’s no denying that this girl manages to bring that flavour that Saiki K anime needs to keep the audience entertained. 


And so, its quite evident why fans would love to see this beautiful yet fun character on screen. 



5. Kuboyasu Aren


kuboyasu aren


This man is quite impressive in itself. He was a wayward, back in his old days.


However, now he is just a new person overall. Or at least he is trying to be a new person.


Anyway, the moment he returns to his life and joins the school, he is concerned about his past.


Therefore, he decides to change himself and become a better person. However, since his roots were still in bullying and negligence, he sometimes lost his cool and acted like them.


What makes him unique is the fact that he is a kind man who just wants to work diligently and attain his objectives. And as fans of anime, we can appreciate that innocence and growth mindset altogether. 



6. Saiki Kuusuke


Saiki Kuusuke


Saiki Kuusuke is just like Mob’s brother from Mob Psycho 100. This was a resemblance I found quite early in the show.


You see, just like Mob’s brother, Kuusuke is also considered to be a genius thanks to his intellect and sharp mind.


In fact, in the case of Kuusuke, his IQ is said to be 218. And that is quite a number if you ask me.


However, just like Mob’s brother, he is also a bit jealous of Kusuo and therefore, doesn’t hold any special feelings for him.


Despite being treated like a king, the lack of Psychic powers like his brother makes him feel inferior.


But the show counters this with its skill as well.



7. Aiura Mikoto


Aiura Mikoto


Aiura Mikoto is one of the most cheerful and fun characters in the series. She is a fortune-teller who is also called an Oracle.


In terms of appearance, she has dark skin with green hair. And you know, she also wears the same uniform kind of thing.


Anyway, we have a more noteworthy issue to discuss here. And that’s that she is another love interest of Kusuo.


Yup, our pink-headed boy is quite popular with his woman. Anyway, that’s why she gets even more screen time.


And that’s why she is valued more by the fans who take their time to watch Saiki K.



8. Hairo Kineshi


Hairo Kineshi


Hairo is one of the star characters for me. And that’s because of his energy.


He is always excited, always doing his best, always moving forward, and always lively. And those are some precious qualities that we should acquire in this generation.


Hairo Kineshi is just awesome to some interesting degrees. And it is his enthusiastic nature that makes him so respected amongst fans of the show.


Moreover, he is also the class representative in the series so that’s another reason why he gets as much attention as he does.


All in all, a great being to watch and enjoy on screen.



9. Toritsuka Reita


Toritsuka Reita


This man is much more human if you ask me. Why? Because he uses his Psychic abilities to attract women.


Oh yeah, 100% skill right there. And that’s why Reita is so captivating for anyone and everyone who watches the show.


He is a psychic who is aware of his powers. However, instead of using it for the well-being of others, he uses it for the well-being of himself.


And the show puts quite a strong focus on that. His abilities in general include being able to see spirits.


And he also gets tormented by Nendou’s late father. However, as the show progresses, things get more delightful thanks to this boy.



10. Saiki Kuniharu


Saiki Kuniharu


Saiki Kuniharu is from the Saiki family. That shouldn’t come as a shock. However, he is the current leader of the house or so it can be said.


I mean, he is the father of Saiki and is the man of the entire household.


Therefore, technically, he is the leader. But you know, he lives in a civilized society.


Therefore, he doesn’t seem to be leading anything whatsoever. But hey, his relationship with Kurumi is quite charming if you ask me.


And that’s why Saiki Kuniharu is standing here on our list. Let’s see how it goes for him.



11. Saiki Kurumi


Saiki Kurumi


Saiki Kurumi is the queen of the house. And this is in the same way as how Kuniharu is the King of the house.


Also, I just discovered while writing this; all the members of the Saiki family have names starting with K.


I should have known about it before. Anyway, apart from her presence in the show, she is just as laughable and senseless as any other character.


She loves Saiki and Kuniharu just the same. However, now she is more prone towards Saiki but the act is relative.



12. Akechi Touma


Akechi Touma


This transfer student brought a lot more flavour to the show. He was an old friend of Kusuo.


However, our boy couldn’t recognize him because of his altered last name. But then you will ask, he could have used telepathy.


However, telepathy won’t work on Akechi either because his thoughts were changing rapidly. But with a series of events taking place, Akechi does end up convincing Saiki about himself.


And soon enough, Saiki identifies his childhood friend. And that was just the start of the fun this guy has to offer to the overall series.



13. Anpu




Anpu is a Cat. And as we all know, people love cats so much. However, what makes Anpu so special is the fact that he makes regular appearances in the show.


He is just always there in front of Saiki’s house. And this love is originating from a past incident.


You see, Anpu was stuck between buildings back in the day. However, Saiki saved him and that’s when this all started.


Although, just like everyone, he has also faced Saiki’s popular refusal. However, he still admires him the same and that’s why he is up here on our list.



14. Mera Chisato


Mera Chisato


She is just so captivating. She is one of the side characters in the series who doesn’t contribute from the front lines but rather from the foreground.


Let’s take a look at her. She is a simple-looking girl who works at a Cafe that is frequently visited by Saiki.


Why does Saiki visit that Cafe? Because the Coffee Jelly there is quite stunning. Moreover, Mera Chisato is a woman who gets enthusiastic when two things take place, food, and money.


So if your conversations are about either of these subjects, she will be curious. As that’s what makes her worthy of this spot.



15. Manabe Baiku


Manabe Baiku


Yeah. Look who is here BKB. This is Baiku Manabe. And you know he is great because of his name.


Did you see it? No? Let me tell you. His name is Baiku Manabe. And in his name is the Japanese pronunciation of the English word Bike.


You know, Bike, Baiku! Yeah, that. And I am fascinated when something like that happens in a series.


Anyway, he was the motorcycle instructor in the license training camp. He was present at the Jet Driving school.


And just a Trivia, he loves to finish his sentences with BKB. And that’s quite fascinating to me.



16. Nendou Midori


Nendou Midori


Nendou Midori is Nendou’s mother. Nothing out of the box here. I mean, this shouldn’t come as any surprise considering how they both look the same and have the same way of self-presentation.


Moreover, she doesn’t appear much in the overall show. However, whenever she does, the series starts to take some wholesome and fun turns.


And that’s a good enough reason for anyone and everyone to appreciate her. And That’s why Nendou Midori is a plus for this list.



17. Saiko Metori


Saiko Metori


Even though it might sound like it, Saiko Metori isn’t from the Saiki family. Read that again.


He is the Scion of the Saiko family. And what makes him so special? It is a fact that Saiko Conglomerate is a giant company that he was heavily associated with.


But as you know, our boy Saiki doesn’t care about any of that. Moreover, Saiko managed to pave his way and make it through the PK Academy.


So now he and Saiki are quite close to each other. However, you know how it can go right?


Yeah, and that’s exactly how it goes.



18. Yumehara Chiyo


Yumehara Chiyo


In the initial seasons, Yumehara was seeking Saiki. Why? Because she is a girl who falls in love very quickly.


However, as the story continues, she ends up with someone else. How? Saiki K. That’s the answer.


You see, Saiki was so annoyed with her attempts to impress him that he ends up manipulating her circumstances and making her fall in love with someone else.


That’s the finest form of rejection ladies and gentlemen. And as the story progresses, this relationship gets stronger and stronger, refining Chiyo’s character.



19. Satou Hiroshi


Satou Hiroshi


Probably the most human in the show. He is a normal guy. Just a normal guy.


That’s how amazing he is. I mean yes, on the surface, being normal isn’t all that special.


However, in this insane series, normalcy is what everyone strives for, especially Saiki. It seems like his life is the dream life of Saiki and he is attracted to his normalcy.


Now that’s quite interesting, isn’t it? So yeah, Satou Hiroshi is the one who should be here.


And therefore, make sure that you all appreciate the God Of Normalcy. Everything is just fine.



20. Kaidou Toki


Kaidou Toki


I feel sorry for this kid. Mainly because he believes in something that isn’t true.


Or at least, isn’t true enough. Kaidou Toki is Shun’s brother who just wishes to be like him.


Yeah, just like Shun. However, this is because he believes that Shun is a great gang leader and also an amazing saviour.


However, the catch is, Shun isn’t exactly as good as he assumes him to be.


And that’s why Kaidou Toki seems to be having his life as a lie. However, just as a little kid, he looks adorable, and shoving the truth to him might not be the best idea for us.



21. Iridatsu Yuuta


Iridatsu Yuuta


Iridatsu is a boy who lived in the neighbourhood. He met Kusuo back when his balloon blew up in the sky.


However, to his luck, Kusuo helped him out by returning his balloon. And it was from that point on that this young boy started looking up to Saiki.


And so, he started to be more frequent in the show.



22. Saiki Kumagorou


Saiki Kumagorou


Saiki Kumagorou is the Dad of Dad. So you know, he is the big dad.


Respect him. Anyway, Saiki Kumagorou is the father of Kurumi who, if you guys don’t know, is the mother of Saiki Kusuo.


Just wanted to clarify. Anyway, this grumpy old man might seem heartless at first. However, you will soon realize that he is a great person from the heart.


His character is a bit closer to that of a Tsundere. However, he is still close to his children.


Just as human as it gets.



23. Chouno Uryoku


Chouno Uryoku


He was the husband of Nendou Riki’s mother. However, in the series, he is just a homeless magician who doesn’t do anything other than party tricks on the Street.


And the thing about him is that he is also partnered with Michael. Now, our boy Saiki had his way with this guy.


But overall, he is just a funny magician who couldn’t pull off anything remarkable. You know, he is just a bit too weak.


But from the heart, he is good so that will work right?



24. Takahashi




Takahashi is a side character who appears quite frequently in the series and it is said that he tricked Saiki once upon a time.


He is just a random delinquent who is a pain for anyone he is with.


However, that’s all there is to him. He isn’t any amazing being or something like that.


He is just there. But still, he does end up adding fun to the overall narrative.



25. Makino Arisu


Makino Arisu


Oh boy, this person looks a bit concerned. Or so you might think. However, don’t let her appearance lead you to misjudgment.


She is a member of the Occult club who initially seemed to be the scary kind of girl.


However, soon enough, we get to see her true face and I will say, the true faces were so much better than what we assumed about her.


And that’s a fact.



26. Matsuzaki




Matsuzaki is the gym trainer and counsellor at Saiki’s school. He might not look like it but he is a fun person who is respected by Saiki and so, respected by us.


All in all, he is a good side character who helped out the show from time to time.


And that’s 3hy he is supposed to be here. Also, Saiki calls him out in a metaphor of Cop.


You know, Good Cop or Bad Cop. And while he mostly ends up on the Bad Cop side, he is still appreciated.



27. Ikemi Kazuya


ikemi kazuya


Ikemi Kazuya is a magic-oriented character in the series. He doesn’t appear that frequently but one time he did, he got entangled with our boy Saiki.


And situations took place on their own. Soon enough, what do we get? Well, we got a flop show from this man.


However, in the grand scheme of things, Ikemi Kazuya did end up with a considerable life.


And I think that’s a plus.



28. Cyborg Ciderman No. 2


Cyborg Ciderman No. 2


Yeah. Ciderman. Indeed. Ciderman. For sure. Ciderman. And guess what he does? He saves the day using Cider.


You read it correctly, he takes care of his enemies using Cider. Now that’s a weapon.


Anyway, he is like the Saint Seiyaa of Saiki K. Nothing spectacular but still makes the show a bit better.


And that’s why he is here on this list.



29. Kaidou Sora


Kaidou Sora


This lady might seem like she has a blue head at first. However, she is much more of a red-headed person.


She is Shun’s little sister. And on the outside, she is quite serious. And this is specifically true for studying.


However, she also seems to have a low temper and can’t bear any stupidity. That’s the reason why Kaidou Sora is here.


Her serious nature was quite impactful for sure.



30. Saiki Kumi


Saiki Kumi


She is Saiki’s grandmother. And out of all his relatives, she seems to be the most grounded one.


No doubt about it. If we talk about her appearance, it is quite simple. With her pink sweater and trousers, this young lady seems to be quite impactful for the overall family.


And so, happened to be on this list.



31. Rifuta Imu


Rifuta Imu


She is a popular girl in the series. She is from Saiki’s school and happens to be very renowned amongst other people.


However, the sad part about her life is that she is continuously getting overshadowed by Kokomim.


And that’s why she makes her appearance a bit more frequent. Moreover, she was dumped by her boyfriend as well which is quite painful yet hilarious at the same time.


That’s why this girl is here.



32. Riki Jr. No. 2


Riki Jr. No. 2


Riki Jr. Is a hamster that Nendou has in his house. So nothing out of the box here.


However, this hamster came to our attention a bit more when it was considered to be a male by Saiki.


Later on, it turns out that it isn’t and we get to see Saiki being hazed a bit as well.


He did quite a lot for being a hamster.



33. Broom User


Broom User


This shouldn’t be that hard to understand. I mean just read his name. It’s a Broom user.


What are you expecting? Anyway, he was part of a competition where you were supposed to collect trash.


He picked up cigarettes the most because those were the highest point allotted subjects. So yeah, that’s all for this man.


It was fun when he did that.



34. Shiragami Fudekichi


Shiragami Fudekichi


Imagine writing about a manga author in a manga series. Now I know many of you are thinking about Bakuman.


However, this man right here also seemed to fit that category. He is the author of the manga called Silent Cyborg.


And Silent Cyborg is one of Kusuo’s favourite manga. That’s why this man gets more points.


After all, it is tough to impress Kusuo. So I think being able to do so makes him special for sure.



35. Teruhashi Makoto


Teruhashi Makoto


This man is a threat. A threat to Saiki’s reputation. And that’s because he misunderstands Saiki every time in the series.


He is an elite idol who is also Kokomi’s brother. However, his sister complex makes him look at Saiki with a negative eye.


And that is what makes their connection so much more remarkable and captivating. After all, he is a handsome hunk you know.



36. Zolbe Kageyukouji Saberlight


Zolbe Kageyukouji Saberlight


This character is not from the country you are expecting him to be. He claims that he is from a country that prioritizes sports a lot.


And that’s not Japan so, certainly, he isn’t Japanese. And I think that’s also the reason why he speaks broken Japanese in the series.


Well, that’s another trivial factor. Let’s see if he reappears later in the series.



37. Agawa




Agawa is an ace. The real deal when it comes to baseball. And that’s why he is here.


He doesn’t seem to be all that fascinating but hey, being the ace is pretty cool right?


Plus, he is mostly seen in his uniform so you can expect him to be a hard worker as well.


All in all, a decent character.



38. Saiko Father


Saiko Father


Father Saiko is the Dad of the show. He is the head of the legendary Saiko Corporation.


However, that’s not it. He is also the father of our boy Saiko Metori. The interesting thing about him is that his face was never revealed in the show.


It always gets struck by white light and only his expensive jewelry is witnessed. In the grand scheme of things, no one knows what he looks like.


His son doesn’t know what he looks like. Now that’s amazing, isn’t it?



39. Sawakita Kouki


Sawakita Kouki


This guy is a Simp. No doubt about it. After all, he is the chairman of a fan club.


Whose Fanclub you may ask? Well, Kokomi’s fan club. And that’s why I said so.


Anyway, he is nothing special. Just an average Kokomi lover who gets angry when anyone gets close to her.


That’s all his character. Quite one-dimensional, I know.



40. Scofield Michael


Scofield Michael


This man right here is the director of the art museum that appeared in the anime.


He isn’t insane or anything like that. However, he is notable a few times.


And that is why he is here. As an old man, he seems quite smart and proactive.


Scofield Micheal is a pretty cool name as well.



41. Tanaka




This man is named Boy With Glasses in the show. Quite a unique one I know.


Anyway, Tanaka is that guy who tried to scam Kaidou in the first few episodes.


And that was quite hilarious to me even back when it happened. I think I can say that this character motivated me to watch more of this anime in one way or another.


And that’s why Tanaka deserves to be here.



42. Jouten Manako


Jouten Manako


This girl isn’t all that remarkable either. She does have a smug appearance and her short hair stands out a lot.


She is the President of the Newspaper Club in Saiki’s school. She is desperate for some hot gossip for her newspaper and that is one of the biggest reasons why she is here in this series.


I mean, when she does get her hand on some news, she just goes all the way through to capture the situation.


And that is amazing if you ask me.



43. Warp




Warp might seem like a regular character at first. However, when you watch the show, you will realize that it isn’t.


It’s a robotic cat built by Saiki Kusuke which can capture a Cat’s movements quite properly.


Moreover, it is also equipped with high-tech AI that can allow it to have some casual conversations. So it can have conversations like humans and sometimes it can be pretty funny. 


And that’s why this character caught my eye in the series.



44. Amagi Byakuya


Amagi Byakuya


Amagi Byakuya is one handsome guy who appears in the anime for just a slight bit of time.


He appeared in the episode, a strong declaration of friendships and features as one of the side ones.


There isn’t much to say about him other than the fact that he can be charming at times.


And that’s a great trait for him for sure.



45. Enokida


Enokida is a minor character in the series that barely makes any appearance, let alone be a remarkable one.


However, the one he did made him look like a dad and had a great smile on his face.


That is something I appreciate a lot considering that this entire show promotes happiness. Therefore, Enokida is at this spot.



46. Fukutoku


He is the catcher of the Baseball team in the series. That team belongs to PK Academy which is our boy Saiki’s academy as well.


He seems to be quite a fat character. Moreover, he has been spotted eating his heart out as well.


And that’s something we respect so much. Therefore, this guy is at this spot on our list.



47. Narrator


Although he is not a character within the series, I think he still deserves to be on this list.


Why? Because he made the show so much better for us. Let me explain, a lot of Saiki K require some context.


And it is at times like that, that the narrator comes in clutch and helps out the viewers.


This way, you don’t have to bother yourself, by thinking too hard to get a joke.


And that’s why he is here.



48. Peanuts Ueda


This man is an alumnus of the PK Academy. And he used to study in the year 1992.


However, right now, he is a popular comedian. That’s all we know about him. And he appeared very rarely so not much to discuss here.



49. Voice from the Sky


It is literally what it sounds like. Nothing more. Nothing less. It is the voice from the sky that happened to be in one of the episodes of the series.


There isn’t anything remarkable to say about it because you know, it’s just a voice.


However, it is still noteworthy for us in the series. That’s why I decided to put it here.



50. Gomi Hiroshi


Gomi Hiroshi was a winner of the Garbage Collecting Competition. More specifically, he won the previous year of the competition.


All of our main cast met him in the series and had a chat with him.


Later on, they had another meeting where he shakes hands with a shady guy. All in all, Gomi is a good character who enhanced the competition in his way.



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