Summoning All Witches & Warlocks – “The Craft: Legacy” Has Become Your New Highly Anticipated Horror Sequel

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In our final article dedicated to celebrating Halloween 2020 through the immortal lenses of movies and shows, we offer you a film that has earned its place among the best horror and fantasy flicks of our time.

Its very name boasts a word that has often been associated with magic, in the traditional sense. Witchcraft and spellwork have often gone hand in hand, and they do just that in the visually suspenseful 1996 movie “The Craft”.

Old Is Gold, But The New Promises To Shine

Directed by Andrew Fleming, this movie has since become a supernatural-horror title that is often talked about among fans. Columbia Pictures made a smart decision with this one, and at a time when sentiments concerning magic were not altogether open-minded.


Starring four young girls, Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell, and Rachel True in leading roles, the movie explores how harmless curiosity can explode into obsession, mistrust, jealousy, hate, and cruel twists of the paranormal kind.

Now, at long last, we have a stand-alone sequel (not a remake) to this heart-stopping and surprisingly eye-opening movie. “The Craft: Legacy” is coming soon, and is written and directed by Zoe Lister-Jones (“New Girl” | “Life in Pieces” | “Lola Versus” | “Breaking Upwards” | “Band-Aid”).


The new title stars Cailee Spaeny, Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone, and Zoey Luna as the ‘new witches’. The girls seem set to breathe new life or take some, into the same roles that made horror movie history in 1996. The casting is diverse this time around, leaving ample room for a more modern telling of the popular tale.


David Duchovny ( “The X Files”) has also been cast in a prominent role. Donald MacLean Jr. (“Nurses” | “Working Moms”) has been cast in an unrevealed role. We’re also waiting to see what Michelle Monaghan (“Mission: Impossible – Fallout” | “True Detective”) is going to bring to the film.



What To Expect In The Sequel

The 1996 version gave us fine witchy memories riding in on the wings of gothic teenage angst. We had some cool ‘90s alternative rock music thrown in as well. However, a complex thread ran through “The Craft”, namely how the film touched upon significant themes like women empowerment and sexual assault.


The movie industry has long since kept such matters close to its darkening chest, but what with Harvey Weinstein and Prince Andrew’s exposés in the international media, and several other names (big and small) being connected to the scandals, we were all witness to changing times.


The new Craft movie seems geared up to explore similar themes by way of symbolism, especially the importance of women owning their own power and growing emboldened by it.


Blumhouse, Red Wagon Entertainment, and Columbia Pictures have their names stamped on this potential winner. The movie is slated to release via streaming PVOD platforms on 28th October 2020. Happy Halloween indeed.


Nothing Is As It Seems

Fans should bear in mind that the 1996 original left us on with a spine-chilling cliffhanger. Variety magazine caught on to this fact from the moment the trailer was released in late September this year.


The character of Hannah, played by Cailee Spaeny, happens upon a picture of Nancy Downs. The same notorious Nancy who gave us some serious frights in the 1996 version. Fairuza Balk played her in the original, and the trailer seems to be hinting at a comeback. Don’t get your hopes up, it may merely be a storyline link to help progress the plot.


After all, the original 1996 movie involved a powerful binding spell cast by Sarah (played by Robin Tunney), which in “The Craft: Legacy” might just wear off. This could spell all sorts of dangerous possibilities.


It would be better for you to go check out the original and be ready to catch the sequel on 28th October 2020. Otherwise, we’re just going to slip into a realm of fan theories that have bound the online rumor-circuit ever since the bewitching trailer came out.


To borrow a line we saw on DenOfGeek, Cailee Spaeny (the lead in the latest “Craft” movie) is playing Hannah who is “a high school outcast who falls into a friendship with three other young women and begins experimenting with witchcraft. They unleash a power that at first seems to solve problems in their lives but slowly consumes them with unforeseen costs.”


Happy Halloween, everyone. Looks like all of 2020 is just that, more tricks than treats, no costumes unless you count your own house-clothes, and most parties have been banned until further lockdown-notice. 

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