Top 50 Most Popular Disney Characters That Start With S

Most Popular Disney Characters Starting With S


Disney Studios have given children around the world many memorable heroes, princes, and princesses to idolize. Our childhood is filled with many amazing memories of watching our favourite Disney characters come alive on TV or in cinema halls.


While a Disney prince or princess is memorable for obvious reasons, we also love to watch the other characters who play villains, sidekicks, comic reliefs, etc.


Many of us remember and idolize Gingy from the Shrek franchise as much as we love  Donkey, Shrek, or Fiona.


To refresh and remind us of all our favourite characters, here is a list of the 50 most popular Disney characters whose name starts with an S.


Let us rush into the list and reminisce on our fond memories of watching Disney cartoons and films.



1. Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)


Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)


Snow White was the first fairy tale character to be adapted into a film by Disney. Snow White was a princess, born into a royal family but ran away from her wicked stepmother, who was jealous of Snow White’s beauty.


Snow White lived in the forest with a merry bunch of dwarfs who took care of her. Being a naturally friendly and kind person, Snow White’s generosity and loving nature enchanted the dwarfs.


All the animals and birds in the forest would sing and play alongside Snow White. However, the evil Queen found Snow White and sent the Huntsman to kill her.


She gave a poisoned apple to Snow White to kill her. But, the Queen was unsuccessful as the Prince saved her in the end.



2. Simba (The Lion King)


Simba (The Lion King)


Simba is the protagonist of The Lion King. He is the son of Mufasa, the king of the Pride land, and Sarani, the Queen.


He was their only son and absolutely adored and worshipped his father. Simba’s dream was to be a mighty King like Mufasa, who is viewed as fearless, courageous, commanding, dominant, etc.


When his uncle Scar manipulates Simba to take responsibility for Mufasa’s death, Simba becomes paranoid, and depressed, and runs away.


But he still remembers his father in his heart and comes back to the Pride land when the kingdom is in disarray.


The fault of Simba in the film was talking about Scar’s manipulations and lack of self-belief.



3. Scar (The Lion King)


Scar (The Lion King)


Scar is the uncle of Simba and the younger brother of Mufasa. Scar is a jealous, scheming, and power-hungry lion who teams up with a pack of hyenas to make his own posey of evil-doers.


According to the legends in The Lion Guard, Scar was named Askari at the time of his birth. It was the name of his ancestors and carried the power of The Roar of Elders.


However, Askari fell victim to the sweet talking of a strange lion that tricked him into being bitten by a cobra so that he could blackmail him.


In a fit of rage, Askari killed the strange lion, but the cobra venom left a scar on his face, giving him the name Scar.


It also gave rise to dark and devious thoughts in Scar’s mind, which twisted him into a weak, jealous, greedy, and petty lion.



4. Stitch (Lilo & Stitch)


Stitch (Lilo & Stitch)


Stitch is the titular character in the film Lilo & Stitch. He is an alien experiment and was initially called Experiment 626.


Stitch’s creator Jumba Jakoobi created him to be a monster that will destroy everything it comes in contact with.


Stitch was a mischievous, destructive, angry creature in its true form. However, to Lilo and Nani, Stitch is such a cute and fluffy creature that can be easily corrected with love.


Stitch is also bulletproof, fire resistant, and an almost indestructible being with a highly evolved intellect. Due to the destructive and malicious intent of its creator, Stitch lacks a safe place that he can call home or any warm feelings.


Only Lilo can be described as his Ohana. In the second Lilo and Stitch film, Stitch has a glitch that causes him to become extra temperamental and destructive.


It is the only occasion when Lilo gets upset with Stitch and scolds him as a bad creature.



5. Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp)


Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp)


Scrooge McDuck is the protagonist of the famous DuckTales movies. His name is derived from the character Ebenezer Scrooge from the Charles Dickens novel.


He was born in Scotland into a poor family of McDucks and worked as a shoe shiner in the initial days.


When he earned his first American dime, Scrooge was inspired to move to the new land and start his business in Duckburg.


Uncle Scrooge is the uncle of Donald Duck and the grand uncle of Huey, Dewey, and Louie. He is known for his miserly attitude, astute business sense, and sense of adventure.


He travels across the globe taking part in many treasure hunts and investing in mechanical inventions. Due to his vast wealth, which he can literally swim in, Uncle Scrooge is the target of money-hungry thieves and conmen. With his righteousness and industriousness, he fights them all off.



6. Shere Khan (The Jungle Book)


Shere Khan (The Jungle Book)


Shere Khan is the main antagonist in The Jungle Book. He is a Royal Bengal tiger in the truest sense as Shere Khan carries himself with the grace, poise, and power of a supreme monarch.


He is the king of the jungle, but he hates men with a vengeance and thereby hates Mowgli too.


According to Bagheera, Shere Khan is afraid of Man’s guns and fire. Just like a cat, Shere Khan loves to play with his victims in a leisurely manner.


His refined speech, polite voice, and majestic tenor lull his prey before he can sadistically slaughter them. In the distant past, Shere Khan was good friends with Baloo, Bagheera, Hathi, Kaa, and the group, but his cocky attitude, irreverence for the weaker animals, and hatred for man distanced him from his friends.



7. Sultan (Aladdin)


Sultan (Aladdin)


The Sultan is the ruler of Agrabah and the father of Princess Jasmine. He is an honest, kind, generous ruler.


However, he can sometimes be pompous, patriarchal, and traditionalist. He insists on a male ruler instead of letting Jasmine become the ruler.


He loves Jasmine dearly and wishes that she can marry a Prince from the neighbouring sultanates so that he can be assured of Jasmine’s safety and well-being.


However, in his council, Jafar, the royal advisor, constantly plots to take over the kingdom from him. The Sultan is sometimes childish and simple-minded.


He can be easily swayed in the name of traditions to pass unfavourable laws. Yet, his love for his people ensures that Jafar does not succeed.



8. Sadness (Inside Out)


Sadness (Inside Out)


Sadness is the personification of the emotion of sadness in the mind of Riley Andersen. Being the emotion of sadness, she is down, bluesy, and ready to cry at the drop of a hat.


Sadness is also a soft-spoken, mild-mannered, sensitive person. Due to this, other emotions like Joy, Anger, Disgust, etc., overshadow her and disregard her importance in the development of Riley.


Joy wants Riley to be happy all the time, so she views Sadness as a negative influence and constantly insults and berates her.


Sadness does not help herself with her lethargic attitude and pessimism. Despite being an important emotion, Sadness is sidelined.


No one recognizes the common sense and pragmatic suggestions of Sadness until she helps Riley vent all her pent-up sadness, which leads to discovering true happiness.



9. Sally Carrera (Cars)


Sally Carrera (Cars)


Sally Carrera is a 2002 Porsche Carrera. She is the girlfriend of Lightning McQueen and the proprietor of Cozy Cone and Wheel Wagon motels in Radiator Springs town.


Initially, before coming to Radiator Springs, Sally Carrera was an attorney in Los Angeles. After living life in the fast lane, she decides to settle in an idyllic town with beautiful buildings and lovely townsfolk.


Sally Carrera is a witty, charming, and intelligent person with a compassionate and respectful heart. She is also the biggest supporter of Lightning McQueen and his understanding of his need to race.


When McQueen decides to join the World Races, she wholeheartedly sports him and advises him to take his best friend Mater Asking with him.



10. Scamp (Lady and The Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure)


Scamp (Lady and The Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure)


Scamp is the offspring of Lady and Tramp. He has soft brownish-grey fur with brown eyes, a black nose, and a scruffy muzzle.


He wears a turquoise collar around his neck. Scamp looks like Lady, but he inherits a love for the free and uninhibited life from his father, Tramp.


He hates rules, bath time, and orderliness that comes with living in a home. Scamp becomes rebellious and begins to hang around the Junkyard Dogs.


This causes him to disrespect Tramp for giving up the free life, where he can run free without a fence, for a comfortable life with rules.


Once he gets betrayed by the Junkyard Dogs, who want revenge on Tramp, Scamp wakes up to the dangers of such living.



11. Sergeant Calhoun (Wreck-it-Ralph)


Sergeant Calhoun (Wreck-it-Ralph)


Sergeant Calhoun is a non-playable member of the latest Hero’s Duty game. She aligns herself with Fix-it-Felix to restore order among the arcade games when Wreck-it-Ralph accidentally unleashes the Cy-Bugs into all the arcade games.


Sergeant Calhoun is a tough-as-nails leader of a team in Hero’s Duty. She commands her troops with an iron fist, and she does not allow any scope for disobedience, mistakes, or insubordination.


She has a no-nonsense attitude and remains calm and stoic in every situation. Her nature can be attributed to the difficult past that was given to her character by the creators of the game.


However, we see that she does not dwell on the past and works tirelessly on every task at hand.



12. Shan Yu (Mulan)


Shan Yu (Mulan)


Shan Yu is the main antagonist in Mulan. He is the leader of the Hun Army and is famous for his brutality, war-mongering, and cruelty.


Shan Yu is a feared opponent, as seen in the urgency and panic with which the Emperor of China orders mass conscription into the army.


Shan Yu is an arrogant general, who has little regard for the lives of the innocent and defenseless. He kills indiscriminately when he faces a weak opponent.


He also has no regard for rules of engagement as he kills the extra Chinese scout saying only one scout is needed to send the message.


Shan Yu comes from a line of war generals, but he is the most ruthless and megalomaniacal of all of them.


The fact that the Emperor of China commissioned a wall around his kingdom enrages Shan Yu and takes it as a challenge, so he attacks.



13. Sheriff (Cars)


Sheriff (Cars)


The Sheriff is a law enforcement officer in Radiator Springs and the first one to meet Lightning McQueen when he zooms past the billboard of the town.


Sheriff comes from a long line of traffic cops, going back up to his grandfather, who was the traffic cop in Times Square, New York at the turn of the century.


Sheriff is a dedicated cop who takes his job seriously, come what may. He hates cars that do not respect the speed limit and cause anything to disrupt the peace of Radiator Springs.


Sheriff also likes to tell tales about his police chases and the exploits of his forefathers.



14. Sisu (Raya And The Last Dragon)


Sisu (Raya And The Last Dragon)


Sisu is the titular last dragon that Raya is in search of. According to the legend, Sisu is a brave, strong, ferocious, divine water being of unstoppable magic who can vanquish the plague like Druun.


However, Raya encounters a self-effacing dragon who is more of a goofball than a warrior. Although Sisu is a brave, fearless, and worthy warrior, she is also a wise one who believes in working together in cohesion.


She will stand up and fight any foe to protect Raya. Her beliefs are slightly outdated, as seen in her confusion regarding credit and hot sauce.


Raya considers herself naive because of her view that most conflicts can be settled with a gift.



15. Sid Phillips (Toy Story)


Sid Phillips (Toy Story)


Sid Phillips is the next-door neighbour of Andy in Toy Story. He is a bratty, spoiled kid with a mean streak.


He likes to torture his toys in weird Mad Doctor games. His idea of a fun game is to dismember his toys and attach them to create mutant toys.


He likes to explode and burn his toys in crazy experiments. Despite all these evil actions, Sid is an 11-year-old kid who loves metal music and wears braces.


He is not a completely evil villain, as he still dreams of ponies and friends. When his toys decide to scare Sid by coming alive and chasing him, Sid is terrified and vows to never harm another toy in his life. He continues his punk attitude by skateboarding, but he stops destroying toys.



16. Skinner (Ratatouille)


Skinner (Ratatouille)


Skinner was the sous-chef at Gusteau’s when Gusteau was alive. He assumed the role of the head chef after the passing of Gusteau.


Chef Skinner is a greedy man who is only interested in using the reputation and the good name of Gusteau to sell his frozen food brand at an exorbitant price.


Chef Skinner is a grumpy and mean-spirited person who hates rats. However, when he sees that Remy has a talent for cooking, he gives him a chance to prepare the soup by taking how much ever time he likes.


Skinner has no respect for his fellow chefs and views them as a means to an end, which greatly enrages Colette and Linguini.



17. Stromboli (Pinocchio)


Stromboli (Pinocchio)


Stromboli is a puppeteer and the second villain in Pinocchio. He is a greedy man who hides his true nature behind the facade of a kind and jovial man.


Stromboli’s only aim is to make a lot of money, and he will not shy away from working his puppets like slaves to earn money.


Stromboli is also a very short-tempered man who is prone to cursing when he gets angry. During a puppet show, when Pinocchio stumbles down the stage, Stromboli gets very unhappy, yet he retains his kind appearance till the show closes.


Later, he yells and punishes Pinocchio for the mistake and threatens to burn him as firewood when he is no longer useful.



18. Sabor (Tarzan)


Sabor (Tarzan)


Sabor is a dangerous leopard from the Tarzan film. She was an extremely agile, ferocious, and vicious fighter. In her younger days, Sabor killed Tarzan’s parents and Kerchuk and Kala’s child.


Even though Kala barely managed to escape with young Tarzan, Sabor remembered him and came back to fight Kerchuk and Tarzan.


Despite her age, Sabor was able to defeat Kerchuk’s brutal strength and came close to killing Tarzan. As a predator, Sabor is the most feared leopard in the jungle, and she showed no mercy to any opponent.


Sabor never backed down from a fight, however vicious it might get. This ultimately led to her death when Tarzan used an accurately aimed spear tip.



19. Sarabi (The Lion King)


Sarabi (The Lion King)


Sarabi is the mother of Simba and the wife of Mufasa. She was the queen of the Pride Lands and ruled alongside Mufasa.


After the death of Mufasa, Sarabi continues to be a strong leader and stands up to Scar and his tyranny.


When Nala comes back with Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa, she bravely leads the lionesses in a fight against Scar and the hyenas.


Sarabi is known to be a strong, fierce, loyal, and wise queen. She always supported Mufasa during his reign and maintained peace among the pride with her warmth, and humorous nature.


She is a brave and fearless fighter but also an approachable leader who guides the young.



20. Sarge (Cars)


Sarge (Cars)


Sarge is a 1941 Willys MB Jeep that is painted military green with brown tire tread and green rims.


He fought in World War II when America entered the war, and for his brave rescue efforts during the Battle of the Bulge, he received the Grille Badge of True Mettle.


Sarge lives in Radiator Springs and owns Sarge’s Surplus Hut, where it sells surplus military goods like survival kits for off-road driving.


Sarge is a military man with endless stories of his days in the war and in the military performing brave and honourable deeds.


Sarge is also a very regimented, strict, and patriotic person. He follows rules and the law very strictly, and he is the best at teaching discipline to kids at the boot camp.


He has a  temper, and no one gets him riled up like his best friend Fillmore, with whom he argues, bickers, reminisces, and jokes.



21. Shenzi (The Lion King)


Shenzi (The Lion King)


Shenzi is the leader of the pack of hyenas that follow Scar. She is also the matriarch of the hyenas’ clan that lives in the Elephants Graveyard.


Shenzi is a cunning, sadistic, and smart hyena who aligns herself and the hyena clan with Scar to gain entry into Pride Land.


His clan is starving and dehydrated due to a lack of good hunting grounds and water, so she aligns herself with Scar, though they hate lions.


Shenzi is a strong-willed, diplomatic, and ruthless leader. She has a wicked sense of humour, and she can scare many creatures with her cackling laughter and sadistic taunts.


Shenzi helps Scar take power from the lion pride, but she is fearful of Mufasa and also respects his leadership.



22. Shang (Mulan)


Shang (Mulan)


Shang is the general of the army sent to fight Shan Yu. He is the son of the great General Li of the Imperial Chinese Army.


Coming from a long line of illustrious generals and military men, Shang is top of the class in military affairs and has knowledge of the best training tactics.


He is also a good-looking fellow with a muscular physique, pleasant face, and height. Shang is dedicated to building the strongest army and gaining recognition as a great General like his father.


Sadly, he grew up in a patriarchal society that sees women as the weaker gender and hence looks down on Fa Mulan.


Yet, he learns his lesson and readily recognizes her skill and fighting prowess. Despite his military skills, Shang is not socially adept at talking to women.



23. Sulley (Monsters, Inc.)


Sulley (Monsters, Inc.)


James P. Sullivan or Sulley as he is usually called is the top scarer at Monsters, Inc. He is the son of the all-time top scarer Jim Sullivan and aims to equal his father.


Sulley is a hard-working, honest, friendly, and conscientious monster who believes in doing the right thing. Despite being the top scarer, he is very humble and never boastful of his achievements.


Sulley accidentally brings back a human child during one of his scare trips. Immediately, Sulley feels responsible for the child and starts to care for her well-being.


He is willing to overlook his friendship with Wazowski to ensure the child’s safety. When the child sees the scary face of Sulley and becomes afraid of him, it breaks his heart.


He realizes the unethical practice of extracting energy from scarring children.



24. Sebastian (The Little Mermaid)


Sebastian (The Little Mermaid)


Sebastian is a little red crab who is the assistant of King Triton and a composer in his court.


He speaks with a distinct Jamaican accent. Sebastian is assigned by the King to be a guardian to Princess Ariel.


He is a compassionate, emotional, caring guardian toward Ariel and strives to understand her teenage rebellious nature. As a result, he goes along with her on her quest to win the heart of Prince Eric.


However, on the flip side, he is also the adviser to King Triton and feels responsible to warn and advise the King on the dangers of Ariel’s actions.


This makes Sebastian an anxious, nervous wreck. Yet, he is also a quick-thinking friend who will stand by you through hell or high water.



25. Sven (Frozen)


Sven (Frozen)


Sven is a reindeer and best friend of Kristoff. As a young calf, Sven was separated from his family and nearly died, before he was found by Kristoff and nursed back to health.


This forms an unbreakable bond between the both of them, and Kristoff is the only one who can understand Sven’s emotions and thoughts.


The official description of Sven describes him as a loyal Labrador at heart. He is the conscience keeper and playful companion that wants the best for Kristoff.


Many times, he is the one to remind Kristoff of his true nature and thoughts. Sven constantly pushes him to be the standup guy, and good friend rather than to shy away.



26. Silvermist (Tinker Bell)


Silvermist (Tinker Bell)


Silvermist is a water fairy and one of the close friends of Tinker Bell. She is a friendly, empathetic, and good-natured fairy who is always ready to lend an ear to her friends or a shoulder to cry on.


Silvermist can also give good advice when needed as she always followed her heart. One of the few vices of Silvermist is her love for gossip.


She likes to know what is happening around her and be the first to know. However, she does not have any ill intentions and tries to help out wherever needed.


Silvermist is an Asian water fairy with jet-black hair and almond-shaped eyes. She also looks pleasant with a perfect figure, a pleasant smile, and an off-shoulder dress in a white and blue gradient.


Silvermist has an easygoing attitude and is a fun-loving person.



27. Skipper Riley (Planes)


Skipper Riley (Planes)


Skipper Riley is an old Navy Corsair and an ace flier. He was the top instructor of the Jolly Wrenches squadron, but a fatal combat mission left most of the squadron dead, and only Skipper Riley survived.


This causes deep pain to Skipper and he regressed into a solitary plane, away from the hustle and bustle.


Dusty persistently requested Skipper Riley to be his instructor and help him fly faster. With the help of Dusty, Skipper also learned to cope with his loss and recovered his old self.


He and Sparky, his assistant, became more active in the flying school.



28. Sarafina (The Lion King)


Sarafina (The Lion King)


Sarafina is a lioness from Pride Rock in Pride Lands. She is the mother of Nala and a friend of Sarabi.


Sarafina looks similar to Nala with her dark cream colouring and green eyes. Owing to her age, Sarafina is not quite as flexible or agile as Sarabi but is more muscularly built.


We see Sarafina get along well with everyone in the Pride, and they obey Sarabi’s rules. When Scar brings a pack of hyenas into the Pride land,  she is shocked but holds her tongue as Scar is the leader of the Pride.


As the mother of Nala, she is proud and agreeable to a match between Simba and Naka.



29. Sarge (Toy Story)


Sarge (Toy Story)


Sarge or Sergeant is the commander of the army of plastic toy soldiers. He is from the Bucket O’Soldiers collection that Andy has, and like a true sergeant, he commands good troops to conduct missions for rescue and reconnaissance.


Woody often referred to Sarge and his team as professionals who do recon jobs for the toys to find out information about new Christmas toys etc.


Like a military man, Sarge follows the motto of leaving no man behind. This becomes a point of contention with Woody when he pushes Buzz from the window.


Sarge blames Woody and tries to attempt a rescue mission for Buzz, but Woody locks them up in the bucket.



30. Sha-Ron (Mulan II)


Sha-Ron (Mulan II)


Sha-Ron is a little girl in the village of Fa Mulan. She is the number one fan of Mulan after she received a commendation in the imperial city.


Sha-Ron insists on learning Kung Fu and being as brave as Mulan. At one point in the film, Sha-Ron admits her fear of crickets to Mulan.


However, with Mulan’s encouragement, Sha-Ron learns to overcome her fear. She realizes around Mulan all day long and emulates her teachings.


Sha-Ron lives in the neighbourhood of Mulan and also meets Shang when he comes to propose to Mulan. She becomes the biggest cheerleader for Mulan and Shang.



31. Shanti (Jungle Book)


Shanti (Jungle Book)


Shanti is the little girl from the village whom Mowgli likes and befriends. Shanti lives in the Man village adjacent to the forest with her mother and father.


She is a disciplined, hardworking, and obedient girl who follows all the rules and restrictions of society. Initially, Shanti was afraid of the wild animals in the jungle, but with Mowgli, she learns to be brave and ventures into the jungle to find Mowgli when he is kidnapped.


Shanti faces her fear to show that she is a brave person deep inside and will display courage for her friends and family.


We also see the kind, forgiving nature of Shanti, when she was pranked by Mowgli and pushed into the river.


She acts mature and responsible in front of Ranjan and Mowgli to teach them about the rules of society.



32. Shark (Quack Pack)


Shark (Quack Pack)


Shark is a minor character in the Disney series Quack Pack. He appears as an antagonist in the episode, ‘All Hands on Duck’.


The Shark can swim very fast in the sea and loves to eat small fish. He chases them around the sea and terrorizes them before he eats them.


If any of his prey escapes, it infuriates him to no end. Shark also does not like to give up on their prey, hence he is feared in the sea.



33. Shelby Forthright (WALL-E)


Shelby Forthright (WALL-E)


Shelby Forthright is the CEO of a large consumer group called Buy n Large. By the end of the 22nd century, as Earth was covered with piles of trash, Shelby Forthright proposed to evacuate Earth on large spaceships like Axiom.


He built these spaceships under Operation Recolonize where robots would clean up Earth and inform the Captains of the spaceship when it is safe to return to Earth.


However, he manipulated the main flight robot with a master command stating that Earth can never be saved to avoid returning.



34. Sheldon (Finding Nemo)


Sheldon (Finding Nemo)


Sheldon is a Seahorse and the son of Bob. He joins school along with Nemo, and on the first day, he comes with his friends Pearl and Tad.


Sheldon believes that he is allergic to H2O despite living and breathing in water all his life. Initially, Sheldon and his friends appear to make fun of Nemo for his tiny fins.


However, Bob immediately corrects them and scolds Sheldon for his attitude. Later, Sheldon is shown to be sticking up for Nemo and defending him.



35. Si (Lady and The Tramp)


Si (Lady and The Tramp)


Si is one of the Siamese cats from The Lady and The Tramp. Si and Am are a pair of Siamese cats that come along with Aunt Sarah to live in the house with Lady.


They are a pair of sinister cats who abuse the love that Aunt Sarah showers on them to get Lady into trouble.


Si and Am purposely mess up the place and blame Lady for it. They are devious enough to endanger the baby leaving Tramp to take the blame for it.


They are typically like a cat, being naughty and misusing their master’s trust.



36. Sleepy (Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs)


Sleepy (Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs)


Sleepy is one of the seven dwarfs that welcome Snow White into their home to save her from the Evil Queen.


As the name suggests, Sleepy is always drowsy and appears to be a lazy dwarf. He can be seen with droopy eyes, moments away from falling asleep.


Due to his drowsiness, Sleepy’s movements are slow, so he keeps bumbling around and hurting himself. Despite this, Sleepy is a smart dwarf and understands the situation faster than the other dwarfs.


He is the first to figure out that the animals are warning them about the Evil Queen’s plan to harm Snow White.



37. Sneezy (Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs)


Sneezy (Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs)


Sneezy is another one of the seven dwarfs from the story of Snow White. He is one of the friendliest dwarfs and the first one to make friends with Snow White.


Like all the other dwarfs, Sneezy gets his name from his most prominent character trait, he sneezes often and violently.


Sneezy suffers from a severe case of hay fever that causes him to have a stuffy nose and sneezing problem.


His sneezes can cause a heavy gale-force wind that blows away anything in its path, so everyone is afraid of his sneeze and tries to stop them.



38. Slinky Dog (Toy Story)


Slinky Dog (Toy Story)


Slinky Dog or Slinky is a dog toy with a spring for its body. He behaves like any dog would and jumps around and plays energetically.


He is Woody’s best friend and most loyal supporter. We can always find Slinky by his side, and they are playing or petting him.


He is a loyal and obedient dog that growls and barks to express his displeasure but immediately runs and hides when scared.



39. Spike (Tinker Bell)


Spike (Tinker Bell)


Spike is a Frost talent fairy from the Winter Woods. She is the best friend of Periwinkle and Gliss, who are also Frost Talent fairies.


She is introduced in the movie when Tinker Bell goes out to meet her twin Periwinkle. However, as warm fairies from Pixie Hollow cannot stay long in Winterwood, they are separated.


Spike is a calm, laidback, almost inert fairy who is the opposite of Gliss and Periwinkle.



40. Squirt (Finding Nemo)


Squirt (Finding Nemo)


Squirt is a Sea Turtle. He is the son of Crush, the 150-year-old sea turtle. Just like his father, we can find Squirt riding the waves in the East Australian Current.


He speaks like a surfer from the Australian coast and joins Nemo as an exchange student. He is well versed in the ocean currents near Sidney Bay and readily teaches Dory and Nemo about how to get out of the current.



41. Stanley (Beauty and the Beast)


Stanley (Beauty and the Beast)


Stanley is one of the three friends that hang around Gaston. With the encouragement of Tom and Dick, Stanley bullies and torments people.


Initially, Stanley appears to be one of the evil residents of Villeneuve. We can see him singing the praise of Gaston and manhandling Maurice.


He also comes to attack the Beast’s palace, but Cogsworth and Madame de Garderobe dress him in a ball gown and send him away.



42. Steve ‘Construction worker Steve’ (Up)


Steve 'Construction worker Steve' (Up)


Construction worker Steve or simply, Steve is a minor character in the movie Up. However, he plays a big part in evicting Carl Fredrickson.


While on a routine construction work project, Steve accidentally knocks down Fredrickson’s mailbox that Carl and Elite made.


This upsets Carl, and he comes out to set it right, while Steve is also trying to repair the damage. Accidentally, Carl’s walking stick hits Steve and injures him, leading to a public nuisance case on Carl.



43. Spotty (101 Dalmatians)


Spotty (101 Dalmatians)


Spotty is one of the 101 Dalmatians that Cruella de Vil kidnaps for her evil plan. While 15 of them belong to Pongo and Perdita, the others are all stowed away together.


The actual parents of Spotty are not introduced. After Pongo and Perdita rescue them, they adopt the other 84 puppies as well, and this includes Spotty.



44. Sir Kay (The Sword in the Stone)


Sir Kay (The Sword in the Stone)


In the 1963 Disney animated film, “The Sword in the Stone,” Sir Kay plays a significant role as one of the two anti-heroes. He is the son of Sir Ector and is expected to become a knight.


Sir Kay serves as a contrast to Arthur, displaying traits such as being selfish, rude, and lazy, despite outranking Arthur. He often mocks Arthur by calling him the derogatory nickname “the Wart” and treats him cruelly, even resorting to physical aggression for his mistakes.


However, as the story progresses, Arthur becomes King, and Sir Kay develops respect for him as both a ruler and a foster brother. He also feels remorse for his past mistreatment and realizes he should have been more supportive and kind to Arthur.



45. Samson (Sleeping Beauty)


Samson (Sleeping Beauty)


Samson is the noble steed of Prince Philip. Samson is brave, loyal, and intelligent. On many occasions, he bravely and cleverly avoids hurdles to make things easy for Prince Philip.


Samson was introduced to Philip as a young horse, and they both bond and grow together. When Samson was taking Prince Philip through the forest, he heard a beautiful singing voice that attracted them to Aurora. This begins Phillip’s love for Sleeping Beauty.



46. Scat Cat (The Aristocats)


Scat Cat (The Aristocats)


Scat Cat is one of the supporting characters of The Aristocats. Scat Cat is a jazz musician who plays along with his band of Alley Cats.


One day while playing with his band, Scat Cat meets Thomas O’Malley and the Duchess. After they all defeat the bad guys, Scat Cat and the Alley Cats are all adopted by Madame Bonfamille, who gives them a safe home to live in.



47. Sir Ector (The Sword in the Stone)


Sir Ector (The Sword in the Stone)


In the Disney film “The Sword in the Stone,” Sir Ector plays a supporting role as one of the two anti-heroes. He is the father of Sir Kay and serves as Arthur’s adoptive father.


Sir Ector, a knight under Uther Pendragon, is portrayed as a stout man with red hair and a primitive mindset. He values combat and warfare training more than intellectual pursuits.


Although he adopted Arthur, he shows little concern for him, treating him like a servant and mockingly referring to him as “the Wart.” Sir Ector favours his biological son, Sir Kay. He harbours a strong distrust of magic and is wary of Merlin, whom he mistakenly calls Marvin.


However, when Arthur is revealed as the rightful King, Sir Ector regrets his mistreatment and seeks forgiveness from Arthur, who graciously accepts.



48. Señora Guzmán (Encanto)


Señora Guzmán (Encanto)


Señora Guzmán is the mother of Mariano. She is an elderly Colombian woman with her grey hair tied up in a bun.


Señora Guzmán is a loving mother, and her relationship with her son is harmonious as they both work toward helping him propose to Isabella.


She is helpful by nature and is great friends with Abuela. Señora Guzmán also helps in rebuilding the home of Madrigals, along with the other townsfolk.



49. Smee (Peter Pan)


Smee (Peter Pan)


Mister Smee is the first mate of Captain Hook. He is a bumbling and hopeless pirate who does more damage than good to Hook and his nefarious plans.


Despite his inability at being a mean pirate, Captain Hook tolerates him as Smee had once saved his life.


And for his part, Smee makes a genuine effort to be helpful yet fails most of the time.



50. Sheriff of Nottingham (Robin Hood)


Sheriff of Nottingham (Robin Hood)


In Disney’s 1973 film “Robin Hood,” the Sheriff of Nottingham is the secondary antagonist and the self-proclaimed honourable sheriff of Nottingham. Unlike Prince John, who plans to stop Robin Hood, the Sheriff actively fights and tries to capture him.


He shows no sympathy for the town’s impoverished residents and uses immoral tactics to collect taxes. Despite his attempts, the Sheriff consistently fails to capture Robin Hood and is easily fooled by his disguises.


However, he does display some intelligence, growing suspicious of Prince John’s behaviour and discovering his hostage situation. Physically stronger than Robin Hood, the Sheriff overpowers him in a fight, but Robin uses his wit to escape. The Sheriff presents a cheerful demeanour but is as callous as other Disney villains.


He speaks with a Southern United States accent, contrasting with the British accents of most characters. While he claims loyalty to the Crown, the Sheriff openly mocks Prince John and even encourages others to do the same.


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