Top 32 Most Popular Ice Age Characters

Top 32 Most Popular Ice Age Characters


When the first Ice Age movie hit the screens in 2002, no one could’ve possibly imagined how famous the franchise would go on to become over the years. Its spectacular box office success paved the way for an entire brand that now includes video games, merchandise, several short films, and feature films.


Therefore, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that it is one of the most popular animated franchises in the whole world. Even though the stories of the Ice Age films were penned keeping the children in mind, they have always appealed to people of all age groups.


They thrive on their humour, excitement, and a ton of exciting characters. Over the past two decades, these characters have become so well-known that even the ones who have not seen the movies may have chanced upon them in popular media.


Therefore, we have prepared an extensive list of the most memorable characters in the franchise exclusively for you.




1. Scrat




Even though this sabre-toothed squirrel barely had anything to do with the main plot or characters of the Ice Age movies, he has come to be seen as the unofficial mascot of the franchise.


Often on the edge of a full nervous breakdown, Scrat was blamed for kicking off a major event due to his complete lack of aptitude. He showed little to no interest in whatever was going on with Manny, Sid, Diego, or any other character in the movies.


In many ways, Scrat reminded you of the classic cartoons of the past that relied more on physical comedy than dialogue to evoke a fair amount of laughter among the viewers.


Obsessed with collecting acorns, he goes to extreme lengths to both obtain and defend them. That being said, the character may have taught us more things than we give him credit for.


He may come shirt with many of the decisions that he takes in his life, but he still keeps going. 




2. Sid




While the Ice Age movies mostly revolve around Manny, Sid the Sloth was quite literally the one who made things happen. The fact that he approached life with a touch of innocence and enthusiasm made him come across as endearing, to say the least.


The later movies showed Sid’s love for others compelling both Manny and Diego to get involved in dangerous matters. However, the others in the group certainly listened to him since he happened to be the heart of it.


As sweet as Sid was, he was also responsible for a lot of the physical comedy that took place across the franchise. But, what made him come off as relatable in the true sense of the word was the fact that he made you believe that if you keep your mind and heart open to love, you may certainly find something worth keeping.


That being said, it can’t be ignored that the loquacious, naive, and often caring creature was voiced with a lateral lisp. Even though he grew up in a big family of ground sloths who weren’t exactly loving, he still turned out to be caring.


He might even be something of a hypochondriac.




3. Buck




Buck may have made a late entry into the franchise, but the wildly adventurous and acrobatic weasel went on to become an instant fan favourite right from the moment he was first seen in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.


He could be seen putting his incredible acrobatic skills on display with the help of a knife made of a dinosaur’s tooth. Add to that the fact that his expert knowledge of the land helped him free Sid and his friends and guide them back to the above-ground world.


Not only was he brave and smart but he was also quite mischievous and slick. And, he could also show his protective side from time to time. As the story progresses, he comes across as a bit off. This could be because he had to withstand an incredibly tragic past.


Be that as it may, this brutally cheerful and entertaining character was as awesome as they come and it was an absolute delight to watch him outwit foes much bigger than himself.



4. Manny




Those who have seen the Ice Age movies would agree that they tell the story of Manny the Mammoth, with a focus on the relationships he forms along his journey through life.


Manny, who was first introduced as a grumpy and anti-social animal, was seen nursing the secret pain of losing his wife and children. As the story progressed, he went on to assume a position of leadership, leaving no stone unturned in helping Sid and Diego transport Roshan back to his human tribe.


While we were elated to catch him starting a new family with Ellie and his daughter Peaches, what made him stand out was the fact that he opened his heart to love and allowed himself to become vulnerable again; something that most of us fear to do in the mortal world.


That being said, Manny managed to make an impression courtesy of his aloof, sarcastic, and grumpy personality. Not only that but he could be very impatient and was someone who preferred to live in solitude.


Indeed, his attitude easily made him stand out from the crowd. Those who have the instinct to push people away from them will be able to relate to him.



5. Diego




There is no denying that there are not many cooler-looking animals than a saber-tooth tiger. So, aside from being one of the coolest characters in the franchise, Diego was also privileged to have a great backstory.


While he started out as a member of the pack of tigers looking to hunt down and eat the human baby, Roshan, he eventually had a change of heart when he was sent undercover.


Soon after, we found him caring for Roshan, Manny, and Sid like his own family. The later movies of the franchise depicted Diego struggling to deal with his wild nature and his desire to be a lone wolf.


However, a realization ultimately dawned upon him that his new family was far more important than his instinct to break away.



6. Ellie




Even though Ellie was a mammoth, she was raised by a family of possums and, consequently, thought of herself as one of them. She, in many ways, was the exact opposite of Manny.


However, Ellie soon made friends with Sid and Diego courtesy of her good-natured and friendly demeanour. After having been convinced by Manny of her mammoth biology, she agreed to marry him.


While she came across as a more chilled-out parent than Manny, she was also always ready to go the extra mile to protect her family in the face of danger.


Also, the love that she and her beloved shared inspired Sid and Diego to try to find their own soulmates.



7. Crash and Eddie


Crash and Eddie


We feel that Crash and Eddie, who first popped up in ”Ice Age: The Meltdown”, deserve all the love and spitballs in the Pleistocene world. It is easy to assume that in the entirety of their twenty-year lifespan, these little guys may never have thought once; perhaps because all they cared about is leaping around, bungee jumping into volcanoes, and participating in competitive street dancing competitions.


Even though they annoyed almost everyone in their vicinity, they were simply impossible to dislike, all thanks to their affinity for cracking jokes and indulging in slapstick humour.



8. Roshan




The original Ice Age movie began with a human woman named Nadia trying to elude a pack of saber-tooth tigers who were hell-bent on eating her beloved baby, Roshan. While Roshan’s sunny disposition and complete lack of fear in the face of wild animals won Manny over, it was difficult to negate that many found him to be cursed and repugnant.


His antics brought a certain lightness to the story and he even took the onus to get the cranky Manny to go on a mission with Diego and Sid to unite him with his father.


Roshan may have only shown up in the first movie in the franchise, but his impact was so powerful that it could be felt in the subsequent instalments.



9. Granny




Sid’s grandmother, Granny, was a wizened and shaky sloth who always seemed to look two steps away from death’s door. Even though she was frail, she was as wild as most people her age can be.


Not only was she quick with a verbal beatdown but she was also quite competent at using her cane. If the aforementioned facts don’t make her wild enough for you, make peace with the fact that she had a pet that happened to be a whale.


While Granny could be a bit too hard to deal with at times, her willingness to saunter headfirst into danger ended up putting her in cumbersome situations. Be that as it may, she was one of the most valuable and amusing members of Sid and Manny’s crew.



10. Peaches




Manny often thought of himself as the last of the mammoths for a long time. However, he was thrilled beyond measure after having stumbled upon a fellow mammoth, Ellie, who lived life as a possum.


Eventually, the two ended up tying the knot and were blessed with a daughter named Peaches, who went on to become a focal point of the subsequent Ice Age movies.


Since she got saddled with the “bratty teenager” storylines in the series, one found her coming across as impatient, reckless, and someone who wanted more freedom. Peaches, who brought out the worst traits of Manny’s personality, was once seen ignoring her friend Louis, a mole hog, to look cool in front of her mammoth peers.


Cold as she may have appeared, she had a kind heart that had nothing but love for her friends and family.



11. Brooke




Brooke was a ground sloth and one of the central female protagonists in Ice Age: Collison Course, who was shown to be living in Geotopia before she met and fell in love with Sid.


She was seen sporting an exceptionally long reddish-tan pelt and long tan scalp hair, which she had decorated with violet flowers. Since Geotopia barely used to have visitors, she used to get excited when she chanced upon one.


This explains why she gladly helped the herd in any way she could. That said, what made Brooke memorable as a character was that she disapproved of greed and selfishness.



12. Shira




Shira was a dazzlingly beautiful, female Smilodon and Diego’s lover, who resembled a white tiger. Since she was a saber-tooth tiger, she was fierce, strong, and temperamental. Also known for being a little on the stubborn side, she was as loyal as they come and the viewers noticed that through her relationship with Diego, which, surprisingly, allowed her softer side to come to the fore.


Add to that the fact that Jennifer Lopez’s enticing voice helped massively in bringing the character to life in a way you may not be able to forget.



13. Soto




Soto, who was the undisputed leader of a saber-toothed tiger pack consisting of Diego, Zeke, Oscar, and Lenny, was a violent and sadistic Smilodon who was hell-bent on eating Roshan in vengeance for the murders of several of his pack-mates.


Since Soto was the strongest in his pack, he ended up being the pack leader himself and successfully led his pack in hunts. Driven by a twisted sense of justice, he attacked the human camp as a part of his plan to abduct Roshan.



14. Momma Dino


Momma Dino


Momma Dino, known simply as Momma, was a female Tyrannosaurus Rex who was seen abducting the ground sloth Sid from his herd when he took her eggs, only to raise them alongside the sloth further on.


After she brings him to Lava Falls, the two compete to see who can care for her babies better. She is referred to as Momzilla by him and the two are later separated after he is attacked by Rudy.



15. Rudy




Rudy was the main antagonist of Blue Sky’s 5th feature film Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, who was also seen doing a cameo in Ice Age: Continental Drift. He was a rogue albino Baryonyx who was aggressive, devastating, and bloodthirsty, all in equal measure.


Not only did he wish to kill Buck in revenge for knocking out one of his teeth but he was also constantly on the hunt and quick to attack others.


Needless to say, not a lot of creatures dared to stand up to him, besides maybe Buck and Momma. His red eyes, long jaws, and sharp claws did complete justice to his terrifying demeanour.



16. Scratte




This female saber-toothed flying squirrel was the centre of Scrat’s affections for a time. Aside from being clever, Scratte was also quite adept at taking what she wanted through her remarkable ability to manipulate the opposite sex if and when she wanted to.


While she comes across as loving, sweet, and romantic briefly, she is greedy, selfish, aggressive, and mean most of the time.



17. Fast Tony


Fast Tony


This fast-speaking male armadillo was best known for his many attempts to sell items of other animals in exchange for food. A Holmesina living in the days of the Ice Age, Fast Tony wanted nothing more than to escape the world’s end, which by chance, he had already predicted.


While he was a peddler trying to give off items such as reeds, he was also notoriously amoral with others.



18. Stu




Stu was a Glyptodon who was Fast Tony’s partner. Even though he was disliked by Tony due to his nonsensical personality, he was often seen assisting him in warning the valley that the dam of ice could burst anytime.


He may have been considered to be a dim-witted Glyptodon with little intelligence, but Stu did decide to stay behind in the valley while the other animals were escaping the upcoming flood.


It is not surprising then that he was eaten by Maelstrom and Cretaceous and that all that remains of him is his shell.



19. Captain Gutt


Captain Gutt


Captain Gutt was a Gigantopithecus who was a self-styled master and captain of the high seas. He was a ruthless pirate who took whatever food he could find by loot and hoarded it with the help of his able crew.


His name was based on the long sharpened fingernails that he used to “gut” his enemies with. Not only did he capture Manny, Sid, Diego, Scrat, and Granny but he also attempted to make them part of his crew.


However, one could notice his friendly demeanour vanish when Manny refused to comply. In fact, he furiously vowed to take revenge when they destroyed his ship and bounty during their brave escape.


Soon after, we saw Gutt enslave a population of hyraxes to build a new ship for him. Furthermore, one could catch him stripping Shira of her rank as a first mate when she eventually revealed that she had not killed Manny.



20. Louis




The soft-spoken Louis was a mole hog and best friend of Peaches. One often found him getting anxious and agitated even when there was slight trouble or disturbance around. However, he was always at Peaches’ side and made sure to help her whenever she needed his assistance.



21. Julian




This young, easygoing, and fun-loving mammoth happened to be Peaches’s husband. After having gotten married, the couple had planned to venture on their own; something that didn’t make him very popular with Manny.


However, Julian, like most mammoths, once also happened to be on a website, called Tusker, to work on his dating problems. Once when he was out, his Tusker date was seen taking hundreds of selfies, which, obviously, upset Julian.



22. Ethan




Ethan was introduced as a young and laid-back male mammoth who was part of a group of teenage mammoths called The Brat Pack. He liked to hang out at the Teenage Hangout.


It has been shown that Peaches had a crush on the teenage Woolly Mammoth. However, Ethan, at first, ridiculed both Peaches and her best pal Louis but got close to them towards the end of the movie and, eventually, reciprocated the former’s feelings.



23. Egbert, Yoko, and Shelly


Egbert, Yoko, and Shelly


Babies, no matter humans or animals, are always adorable, and Egbert, Yoko, and Shelly are no exception. The three baby Tyrannosaurus from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs were taken away from their mother by Sid.


But, she was soon seen searching for them and ended up taking Sid away along with them. Later, towards the end of the film, she ended up befriending him. Even though they were friendly dinosaurs, the fact that they were carnivores eventually forced them to gobble up a couple of kids.


However, what was endearing about the dino babies was that they loved and cared for Sid despite knowing that he wasn’t their original father; so much so that they even protected him from their livid mother.



24. The Dino-Birds


The Dino-Birds


An extended family of Bird-like Dromaeosaurid Dinosaurs, the Dino-Birds possess the ability of flight and agility. They first make an appearance in Ice Age: Collision Course and can be seen trying to make a living by stealing eggs from other dinosaurs.


The Dakotaraptors had managed to escape the Dinosaur World, along with a weasel named Buck, who had saved one of the eggs they had stolen. Since they are antiheroes, they strive to deter Buck from assisting the herd in saving the world from the asteroid.


The members of the Dino-Bird family are Gertie, Roger, Gavin, and his wife.



25. Flynn




Flynn, who was a British elephant seal and a member of the seafaring ape Gutt’s crew of piratical animals, served as the muscle of the crew. The giant elephant seal sailed the oceans aboard a ship fashioned from a giant iceberg, all in search of food to plunder and more crew to recruit.


It is imperative to mention that even though unknowingly, Gutt had once saved his life, following which Flynn pledged his loyalty to him.



26. Zeke




This saber-toothed tiger was credited with forming a pack led by one male named Soto. Since the pack only sought to hunt down one particular tribe of humans, it wasn’t surprising to catch the loudmouthed Zeke relishing killing other creatures.


Having said that, it is important to point out that Zeke was among the few in his pack that had survived an attack by a human tribe. However, he, Lenny, and Oscar were also somewhat upset with Soto’s decision to attack the humans instead of moving south.



27. Lenny




Another member who was part of a pack of saber-toothed tigers was Lenny. Initially, the pack was much larger, but a tribe of humans had hunted down and killed many of the saber-tooths off, using their skin as coats.


Lenny was also of the opinion that the time had to come to abandon their chase of the humans and their child and follow the masses of migrating animals headed south.



28. Dodos




The Dodo Birds were medium-sized birds that lived during the ice ages and served as minor antagonists in Ice Age. They had fat bodies, thin necks, large beaks, small ineffectual wings, and a set of fluffy tail feathers.


Their thin legs with clawed feet allowed them to run fast when they were pressured to do so. Known to be highly infectious birds, they were capable of fighting in goofy ways, including in Kung Fu.


The Dodos were mostly seen marching in rows and training themselves for the worst during the Ice Ages.



29. Ariscratle




This wise Sabertoothed Squirrel lived in Scratlantis, which was an island nation populated by intelligent and highly-cultured members of the species. Most of the species who inhabited the island had dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to the ceaseless pursuit of arts, knowledge, and wisdom.


You may have been able to gauge that Ariscratle was named after the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, who was a famous student of Plato.



30. Shangri Llama


Shangri Llama


A llama and the spiritual leader of Geotopia, Shangri Llama was usually seen covered in thick wool which was dyed in several different colours. Unlike other llamas, he sported two horns on the sides of his head.


Since was into yoga, he was particularly flexible and was able to bend in ways that others perhaps could not. Some of his favourite yoga poses were a downward dog, jiggy jelly, and mashed potato.


Being a spiritual leader, Shangri Llama mostly came off as relaxed and casual. However, he was prone to quickly giving in to anxiety.



31. Oscar




Oscar, a haughty saber-toothed tiger, was part of a pack of other saber-toothed tigers, and probably the fastest one among the lot. He had golden brown fur and his features were long but rounded.


While he looked to be older than even Diego, he was only second in age to Soto. His capability to run fast runner was shown when he was able to outrun both Zeke and Lenny while chasing after Sid and the baby.



32. Carl and Frank


Carl and Frank


Carl and Frank serve as major antagonists in not only the first Ice Age film but also the Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs video game and the Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure video game.


While Carl was voiced by Cedric the Entertainer, Frank was ably voiced by Stephen Root. The duo was seen ready to dig into a leaf salad topped with one of their favourite foods, a dandelion, at the beginning of the movie.



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