Top 50 Most Popular Male Disney Characters Of All Time

top 50 most popular male disney characters of all time


No wonder, Disney has given us the best characters. Some with quirkiness while others with solitary or villainous characters.


Talking about those that got popular with time due to their characterization, plotting, appearance, and personality, we have listed some best for you in males.


So here are the most popular Disney male characters that are absolute fan favorites!




1. Aladdin




Aladdin is definitely one of the most popular male Disney characters ever made or presented. Coming for the first time through the film Aladdin in 1992, he was shown as a very satisfied and full human character.


At first, he was presented as a boy with optimistic features and a charming character. As the story goes on, he is forced to have the survival nature of escaping from villainous guards and finding enjoyment in his struggles.


He is one of the selfless characters of Disney, especially for Jasmine, and at last Genie. He has all the physical powers like having true strength and intelligence from the mind and getting all the aspects of his enemies.


He is a man who shaped the future expectations for a lot of girls. And that’s quite a flex if you ask me. Aladdin is a character who will always be close to our hearts, all thanks to his ability to entertain the audience and make them fall in love with his personality. 




2. Mowgli




The most lovable of all characters, whether it is a kid or an adult, is going to be Mowgli. Disney presented Mowgli for the first time in 1967 through the film called The Jungle Book.


He is a young and orphaned boy who has a very adventurous spirit. He was raised not by humans but by wolves in the jungle.


Growing up as a human in the animal world, he was loved by all. He met with a murderous tiger that forced him to live among humans.


Mowgli, undetermined to go to a human place, decided to meet all the challenges and protect his family of wolves. Mowgli is a being who will shape the way you look at people.


While some may look at him and claim that he is the most primitive of humans and so, his personality would be the worst, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. And this single child has taught a ton of lessons to all of us. 




3. Peter Pan


Peter Pan


Peter Pan is the protagonist of an animated film called Peter Pan that came in 1953. He travels to Neverland on his way to London, just to hear the Spin Tales of Wendy Darling.


Appearing in many films and series, Peter Pan has definitely a major role in each of them. He is an adventurous and daring character and does his favorite activities with all enthusiasm.


Looking after his age then his maturity is quite different and has always been considered impractical. He is also loved by all the inhabitants of Never Land, making the exception of Captain Hook who hates Peter a lot.


He is an immortal child and is always shown as heroic and charming. At the end of the story, he puts all goofy nature aside and went to protect Tinkerbell, Wendy, Lost Boys, and all the brothers.




4. Zeus




Zeus is one of the important characters in the film Hercules that came in 1997. He is the ruler of the Gods and controls the universe.


He is one of the most powerful characters who have control over thunder and lightning. He is the father of Hercules and becomes one of the greatest heroes in Greece.


He has a very huge character in terms of physical and personality and that leads him to become a mighty ruler.


He is a very easy-going person and always carries a large smile on his face but at the same time, he is a very stubborn character and becomes childish.


Disney has shown him a very worthy ruler who is wise and can become fierce. Coming to his relationship as a father then he has always shown as protective towards Hercules in the series and film.



5. Jafar




Jafar is one of the most remarkable antagonists Disney has ever produced through the film Aladdin. Came for the first time in 1992 and presented as the most trusted and loyal person of the Sultan.


He is a villain and evil sorcerer with a big mouth Parrot. He defines every word that has been written in the lyrics of Arabian Nights: “In the palace, right here, lived a wicked wazir; the advisor to Sultan Hamed.


And this part-time magician, this amateur seer, wished his boss, the good sultan, dead. He was charming and slick, but unspeakably sick, this despicable parasite.


What a villain, boo hiss! Further proof, dears, that this is another Arabian night”. At first, he was portrayed as a loud and tempered person but, later on, his cunningness surprised a lot of people.


He is an immoral psychopath who never doubts destroying anyone.



6. Prince Hans


Prince Hans


Prince Hans is from the famous movie called Frozen, 2013. He was the youngest of the 13 siblings and was shown as a very proud character.


Being an ambitious Prince, he has a hunger for honor and admiration and became the victim of abuse. His upbringing changed him into a very remorseless character who wants to acquire power and respect in society.


He is a silent killer and always presented himself as trustworthy. He always examines his opponents and their deepest insecurities which are, later on, used against enemies, and thus Prince advanced in his goal.


He is a very intelligent person and that’s what becomes his asset. He is also a very good liar and can manipulate anyone with his quick thinking.



7. Joe Gardner


Joe Gardner


Joe Gardner is the main character in the film called Soul which came in 2020. He is an African American character with a black mustache who wears thick glasses.


When he was young, he went to Jazz cloud with his father where he found his love for music and that’s how he carried the dream of becoming a Jazz musician.


Later in life, he became a teacher for a band in Middle School. Always wanted a big break in Jazz but was unable to do so, he decided to volunteer.


But in his life, he also failed to become a good mentor. Coming to the development, At first he was shown as a very cynical character to the students who later on got his big break from Baptiste.



8. Marlin




Marlin is the main character in the 2003 animated film called Finding Nemo. He also appeared in its sequel that came in 2016.


Marlin is a fish that lives inside the sea of the Great Barrier Reef. He is a very neurotic character with a pessimistic nature and always tries to protect Nemo.


At first, he was presented as a playful and happy character when he was interacting with his wife Coral.


Despite being a lazy character, he was also shown as a brave one who defends his wife against danger.


In the later story, he becomes very pessimistic and worried when his family is attacked. He made a lot of friends and understood the freedom of Nemo.


At the end of the story, he becomes a very joyful character who loves enjoying himself.



9. Prince Eric


Prince Eric


Prince Eric is a Disney character from the 1989 film called The Little Mermaid. He is a young and very handsome Prince of a Kingdom.


He was rescued by an unknown girl at the time he almost died in a storm. At first, he was shown as a hopeless character that carries some dreams with him.


After getting rescued by an unknown girl he felt a romantic emotion in him and fell in love with her.


The only goal he set for himself was to marry her so that he can express his gratitude. Unknown to the fact that his goal can lead to a risky life, he went in search and refused to lose her at any cost.


He is of fair skin and defines every aspect of masculinity. He has blue eyes with short hair and always dresses in white.


Coming to his abilities then he is a perfect sailor and swimmer who can dance well and sing well.


He is also a very known swordsman and loses the nature of being shy around girls. He reunited with his love Arial when she was changed into a human with the help of her father.



10. Hercules




Hercules is one of the protagonists of a 1997 movie called Hercules. He is a very moral character and known for his strength.


Just like the words of Zeus, he is indeed a “true hero” who cannot be measured by the size of his strength but by his heart.


He was born on Mount Olympus and that is the reason why he became very vibrant. He was considered a moral character after drinking a mortal potion and was portrayed as an awkward character.


He was raised in a polite and hard-working family of farmers. At first, he was shown as a courageous youth but clumsy at the same time.


But after the training with Philoctetes, he became a character who is larger than life. He battles monsters and becomes a true hero even after encountering many troubles.



11. Tarzan




Tarzan, an iconic character from Disney, first appeared in the 1999 animated film bearing his name. Having been rescued and raised by apes since childhood, Tarzan’s tragic backstory involves the loss of his parents.


This experience shapes him into a jungle guardian, protecting the wilderness with the help of his animal companions. Disney portrays Tarzan as a courageous and devoted figure, embodying traits of masculinity.


He holds deep affection for his family and those in his circle, displaying a willingness to sacrifice himself for their well-being. While initially carefree and playful, Tarzan’s inquisitiveness and leadership qualities emerge as he matures.


Beyond his primal instincts, Tarzan harbours a romantic side, especially when he encounters Jane. He is the revolutionary Tarzan. His presence made a lasting impact on all the viewers and gave us an idea of what life would look like for a man living in the jungle.


However, needless to say, the man had a lot more charisma than you might expect, making him a remarkable personality altogether. 



12. Nuka




One of the prominent characters in the film called The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, he has been shown as a coward.


He is a neurotic character and claims himself as the strongest. His feelings towards others have always shown as bitter and his pride led him to his egotism.


He has an envious sibling who becomes his rival and has strong hatred toward his younger brother. He always tries to please his mother so that he can get her attention which, later on, leads to his downfall.


And due to this reason, his character became a complex one and suffered from tragedy. He also has some emotional instability when he proceeds to burn the Price Lands to get Simba.



13. Nick Wilde


Nick Wilde


Debuting in the animated film Zootopia, the character Officer Nicholas Wilde, also known as Nick, immediately captured the hearts of viewers with his charisma and strong convictions. Coming from humble beginnings, Nick grew up with his mother, Mrs. Wilde, and nurtured dreams of becoming a member of the Junior Ranger Scouts.


Adorned with red fur, a slender physique, striking green eyes, and a unique purple nose, Nick personifies the quintessential attributes associated with foxes. True to his name, he possesses a cunning and elusive nature, skillfully employing his friendly facade to deceive those around him.


Regrettably, Nick grapples with the weight of stereotypes imposed on him due to his fox identity. Disdainful of being misjudged, he strives to conceal his bitterness and animosity towards others.


Despite enduring betrayal from various individuals, his friendship with Judy Hopps serves as a catalyst for personal growth and metamorphosis.



14. Simba




Simba, the lion, the King, is one of the remarkable and popular characters made by Disney. He came for the first time to the movie called The Lion King in 1994.


He is the son of a married couple Mufasa and Sarabi. He was born to rule the Pride Lands.


After the death of his father, Mufasa, he was exiled from the land as his uncle made a conspiracy of announcing Simba as a murderer.


Finding shelter in the jungle oasis, he was raised by Timon and Pumbaa. Coming to his personality then as a child he was an adventurous character and loved his father.


But in the end, maturity and becoming responsible. He married Nala, his best friend, and welcomed two babies, named Kion and Kiara.



15. Mr. Incredible


mr. incredible


Mr. Incredible or Robert or Bob is from the movie The Incredibles that came in 2004 and 2018. He is a very incredible personality with strength and always has the will to save the world.


Coming to his personality then he is considered a classical Hero. He is physically invulnerable but has some human flaws.


He is born in a world that cannot be saved for more than 4 to 5 minutes. His heroic feature has definitely helped him in his commitment to doing right for others.


He stands and seeks to solve the problems of the world and is not able to refuse anyone who needs help.


He is a very collected and polite character. He married Helen and treated her with all respect. He is also a very good father and is considered a family man.


Mr. Incredible is a character who is heavily appreciated by all those who watch him on screen. It is very difficult to make a notable superhero character in a generation where superheroes are a dime-a-dozen. However, the series still managed to make that possible. 



16. Mike




Mike is one of the characters in the 2001 film called Monsters. He has also appeared in its prequel that came in 2013.


Mike is a very funny and brave character but at the same time fails to see any obvious situation.


He is indeed a smart character who is caring for his friend all the time. From his childhood, he was always portrayed as a small character but was inspired by Frank.


He is a very hard-working personality who loves studies and is accepted into MU. Coming to his physical appearance then he is a spherical character and a very skinned monster.


He has one eye and wide teeth with two horns on his head. His big eyes take up almost half the portion of his body and that is the reason why he became fun for others.



17. Maui




Maui is one of the prominent characters in the 2016 movie called Moana. He is a South Pacific Legend that has the power of being a giant and serves as a Guardian of humans.


Being born to human parents, his parents threw him into the waters of the ocean when he was just a kid.


He was later on saved by God who granted him some supernatural abilities. He is a very mysterious character and carries massive physics.


He is the one who is responsible for all the luxuries that are right now given to mankind. After carrying all the heroic qualities in him he is still a short-tempered and bitter person.


And due to this reason, Disney has given him a bit of an antagonist feature and even categorized him as a murderer.



18. Luigi




Acted as a supporting character in the film series called Cars, Luigi was shown as the owner of a Tire Store.


He is also remarkable for having a great friendship with another prominent character from the film series Cars, Guido.


He is a very kind-hearted and flamboyant person or car. When nobody buys his tire then he gets upset about it.


He has a very great knowledge of cars and tires and tends to know the true nature of customers related to tires.


He also loves racing and appeared as a very joyful character. Coming to his appearance then he has a black sunroof that seems like hair and brown eyes. He is a brown car that holds a Red flag.



19. Lucky




Lucky is one of the main characters in the 1961 film called One Hundred and One Dalmatians. He is a playful dog with a sweet nature.


Lucky is a weak puppy and that is the reason why he was shown as shy and gets tired easily.


He has a sibling rivalry with the other character called Patch. They both share the same spot nearby the TV and hate each other most of the time.


They have similar interests like watching TV and idealizing Thunderbolts. His opposite character, Patch, is very loud unlike luck, and also an introverted person.


But when it comes to Lucky then he is very arrogant and also an extroverted person.



20. Lewis Robinson


Lewis Robinson


Lewis Robinson is the main character in the film Meets The Robinson which came in 2007. He is a 12-year-old boy and in the future, he was shown as 42.


Being born in 1995, Lewis was just 12 years old when he was shown in the story. He was considered a gifted boy in terms of his intelligence and he invented things from a very young age.


But when his invention does not work in his way then he easily gets discouraged. He is an Orphan boy and is considered careless and selfish.


He is a very nostalgic person who longs for the past and tries to change his life as he never wanted to be an orphan.


At the end of the film, he learns to move forward and accept failures. He has also accepted other characters around him.



21. Lightning McQueen


lightning mcqueen


Lightning McQueen is the main character in the film series called Cars. He is a racing car human but has knowledge about life rather than winning and racing.


At first, he was shown as a very overconfident and self-centred character but later on, things changed. He was so full of himself and always claimed not to need any friends.


Due to this attitude and character, he became lonely and friendless but at the same time, he is a perfectionist.


With his physical appearance, he is a red car with blue eyes that have warm colours. He is a stock car and is a mixed race.


Almost at the end of the film, he becomes a very sympathetic character and enjoys making friends with others.


He has learned to respect everyone around him and accepted his defeat. Known by many as one of the best characters in all of animation, we have Lightening McQueen. This car has experienced more life than me and that’s why, it deserves more love and recognition from fans all around the globe.


As we watch him play on screen, the hype just blasts and it’s a beautiful experience altogether. 



22. Donald Duck


Donald Duck


Donald Duck is definitely one of the most popular Disney male characters existing. Even Disney has considered him “one of the greatest satisfactions in our work here at the studio”.


Donald Duck is an animated character that came for the first time in 1934. He is of a very fairy temper and has very explosive tantrums that go with quacking.


He has very bad luck due to his greed and arrogance. Making its first appearance in The Wise Little Hen, Donald Duck also appeared in Melody Time, Fun And Fancy Free, and many more.


He was also seen with his friend Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters. He is also described as a problem child with his controversial nature.


Coming to his appearance then he wears a blue sailor t-shirt and blue sailor cap.



23. Dusty Crophopper


Dusty Crophopper


Dusty Crophopper is the protagonist of a movie called Planes which came in 2013 and also in 2014. Just like his dialogue, “I am afraid of heights”, he indeed is afraid of it but is also considered one of the brave characters in the movie.


He is a very friendly and courageous airplane. Coming to his fear of heights then, later on, vanished when he flew at a certain height and overcame his fears.


He first appeared in the movie when he saved a Bulldog from an accident and later on also saved the Smokejumper from a wildfire and that is the reason why Dusty is considered to be as heroic.


In looks, he is a painted plane in orange and white with blue eyes.



24. Jack Jack Parr


Jack Jack Parr


He is one of the major characters in the film The Incredibles that came in 2004 and is also seen in its sequel in 2018.


He is the youngest son of Bob and his wife Helen. Since all his family has some superpowers but he always thought that he was not the one, later on, discovered that he has not just one but 17 superpowers.


He is a very typical baby who loves and giggles and cries in the time when he gets disturbed by others.


His emotions are very unpredictable and carry a very enraged personality. The only thing that calms him down is his mother and his family.


He is a very smart and intelligent kid and always thought Syndrome was his enemy. Coming to its appearance, he is of small size and always seen in diapers.



25. Fear




Fear is one of the main characters in the movie Inside Out that came in 2015. Fear defines one of the moods and behavior of the protagonist Riley.


Just like its name, he is meant to be scary. He tries to keep Riley safe every time and is concerned about the choices that she makes.


Unlike other emotions, fear is very worrisome and always with some anxiety. He always tries to maintain Riley in a very suitable environment and that is the reason why he always seems to be tense.


When other emotions like Joy or Sadness try to dominate then he tries to make them rethink the decision due to risk.


Although he is a character that is scared of everything, he never gets scared of Riley’s nightmares.



26. Finn McMissile


Finn McMissile


Appearing for the first time in the movie Cars 2, he is considered as one of the prominent and serves as a tritagonist.


He is a British spy but was mistaken for an American. Finn is an elegant and polite character with a lot of kindness.


He is also a very daring and brave character who works very smartly and eloquently for the task and that is the reason why he was a spy.


Unlike Guido, he is a fast car, serving up to 147mph. Since he is a spy, it is obvious to keep some gadgets like a spy camera, glass cutter, explosive launcher, missile launcher, and many more.


He also made a cameo in Toy Story 3. He was about to appear in Cars (Part 1) but he was cut due to some unknown reason.



27. Flynn




Flynn aka Eugene Fitzherbert is from the film Tangled (2010). He is known for his charm and luck and is considered to be a notorious thief.


When he was first introduced in the film, he was presented as an arrogant and trouble-making character. He has committed a lot of thievery to the Royal Family and has a goal of becoming a wealthy human.


Despite his antagonist character, he is a very gentle man and behaves politely, even toward his enemies. He is also a very comical character and has a very peculiar relationship with a horse called Maximus.


They have a great partnership and formed a forever friendship. He is of fair skin and a muscular body with brown eyes and ended up falling in love with Rapunzel.



28. Guido




Being a supportive character in the film series called Car, Guido also appeared in the Matter And The Ghostlight.


This car character only understands the Italian language and is considered to be best friends with Luigi. Through his personality, he is a very nice and friendly character and always tries to help others.


He is also a very fast-talking character, especially when he talks in Italian. Whenever he is teased by others, he definitely gets angry but at the same time, he is also the determined one.


Talking about his physical appearance then it is a blue car with two brown eyes on the front screen.


Coming to his power then unlike other cars, he has a very slow speed because of his small size.


He is also known for his still-performing pit stops.



29. Kristoff Bjorgman


Kristoff Bjorgman


Kristoff Bjorgman is one of the main characters in the 2013 film called Frozen. He also appeared and its sequel came in 2019 and became one of the major characters.


In the very first appearance, he was presented as a loner and has a lack of respect for the people around him.


He has personal boundaries and seems to be a very sensitive character. These all happened because he grew up in a family with the influence of mythical creatures and wildlife.


He was an orphan and raised by the trolls in the mountain and that is the reason why he thought humans as untrustworthy.


But when he met Princess Anna, he changed his opinion and became warm towards the people.



30. Mickey Mouse


mickey mouse


One of the popular male Disney characters is Mickey Mouse who has always got a place in everyone’s heart.


Some have nostalgic feelings related to him while others call Mickey Mouse their Hero. Mickey Mouse appeared for the first time in 1928 and was identified as a mouse with round ears who wore red shirts and white gloves with yellow shoes.


He was always found in a happy mood with other characters like Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse. He appeared a lot of times in Disney movies and series like Hollywood Party Fun, Fancy and Free, and many others.


Through this character, the Disney company has also got an Academy Award for creating such a lovely character. Needless to say, the sheer impact that this character has made, it’s unreal. And that’s why it deserves to stand here on our list. 



31. Dr. Calico


Dr Calico


Dr. Calico is a character from the movie called Bolt which came out in 2008. He was the antagonist and a very cunning character.


He is one of the ruthless antagonists in the Universe of Disney. He was always seen with one or more than one cats and is remembered for his strategy.


He tries to torture his enemies but is always seen behind his guard. Coming to his appearance then he was always shown with a bad expression and one green eye.


He is the only villain character in Disney who really doesn’t have any evil characteristics but a very simple personality.


He really doesn’t hate other characters, especially the hero, but tries to defeat them with his strategy and cunningness.



32. Django




Django is the father of Emile and Remy and is considered the leader of the rat Colony. Appearing for the first time in the movie called Ratatouille, he was shown as a great father.


His son knows cuisine very well but when it comes to Django then he does not understand all these things.


He noticed the surprising gift of his son related to a strong smell when he grabbed a poisonous apple away from him.


Coming to its name, then his name was referred to just one time in the movie because his children have always called him father.



33. Dash Parr


Dash Parr


He is a major character in the 2004 movie called The Incredibles and was also featured in a sequel that came in 2018.


He is the middle child of Bob and Helen and has the power of running fast. He was described as a highly competitive boy who shows off a lot.


His society was not ready to accept Supers and that is the reason why he went through a lot of struggles to find his energy.


He was not able to participate in sports otherwise it would reveal his identity and it would be considered an unfair match.


He takes the help of his power and tries to do some pranks over others without even getting caught.


And due to this reason, he was considered a problematic child.



34. Casey Junior


Casey Junior


Casey Junior is one of the minor characters from the film Dumbo but is considered one of the most impactful ones.


The same character is featured in the 2019 film called Dumbo. Casey is an American steam locomotive with 4 wheels and is full of coal.


He had a small headlamp and very tall steam Doom. He was seen in the whole film and is considered one of the most sentimental characters Disney has ever made.


He can move with fluidity, more than the real existing locomotives. He can bend and twist like rubber and turn his body according to expressive motion.



35. Chicken Little


Chicken Little


Chicken Little was the main character in the 2005 Disney movie called Chicken Little. Considered one of the cutest characters Disney has ever made, Chicken Little is also a very smart character.


Chicken Little is a very smart character with the same nature but at the same time worries about almost everything.


He also tries to get a lot of attention from all the people just to prove that the sky is falling.


Being a kind character, Chicken Little is also a supportive one to the people around him. Talking about his physical appearance, he has white feathers and a red comb.


He was in a green outfit with a white t-shirt and green glasses.



36. Bing Bong


Bing Bong


Bing Bong is one of the main characters in the movie Inside Out which came in 2015. He is one of the imaginary friends of Riley who existed in her mind.


Being an adorable imaginary character in the mind of Riley, he was shown as the cutest of all. He was always seen as collecting some happy memories in his bottomless bag.


He always feels nostalgic and feels sad about the time he spends with the protagonist. He was a forgotten character in the mind of Riley but later on found with Joy and Sadness.


At some point in time, he was compared to the character Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland because of his small tail.



37. Andy Davis


Andy Davis


Andy Davis or Andrew Andy Davis is the protagonist of a film series called Toy Story. He is a teenage boy and also a student in a college.


When he was a kid, he always loved playing with toys but after entering into teenage he found some other interests.


He was always portrayed as an eager boy who has great imagination power. He lives with his mother and sister Molly but when it comes to his father then he was never seen in the movie.


Coming to his love for toys then he has named his toys different names like Buzz Lightyear or Woody and has always treated them with the same love.


Growing up as a teenager, he turned into a person who easily gets irritated but still carries the same compassionate persona.



38. Arlo




Arlo is the main character of the film The Good Dinosaur which came in 2015. He is a dinosaur living with siblings and parents.


He is the smallest of his siblings. He was in charge of feeding the family’s chickens in the pen.


He has one problem called pantophobia, a fear of chickens and everything. When it comes to feeding chickens then everything was good at first, but the time he met Arlo, one of the chicks, then he became scared.


After the death of his father, he went on helping his mother and gathering corn from the field. At last, he becomes fearless due to some incidents in the story and his family accepts him with hugs and love and considers it a triumph for him and his family.



39. Baymax




Making its debut in 2022, the character Baymax appears for the first time in Big Hero 6. The series is about a lovable robot and its adventures.


He is a caring personality with selfless love and care. He tries to improve the health of the whole world and is dedicated to his patients.


With great strength and high knowledge in medicine, he is still childish and doesn’t understand personal space. He is calm and at peace in a dangerous time and very slow in things away from medicine.


At first, he was lacking in emotions but Hiro changed things for him.



40. Carl Fredricksen


Carl Fredricksen


The protagonist of the movie Up in 2009, Carl serves the best for romance. He is an old man and a widower who was voiced by Ed Asner.


He was a quiet and shy person when he first met his wife named Ellie. He was able to become friends with her due to her love for Muntz.


After the death of his wife, he became a lonely person. He becomes bitter and misses his wife to hell.


But later in the story, he becomes a nicer person again with the help of another character called Russell.


Though he was shown as obstinate, he was also kind-hearted from the depth. He also appears in the series called Dug of Disney+.



41. Bruce




Bruce from the movie Finding Nemo (2003)serves as a supporting character. A shark in white color and tooth-like axes, he is remembered for his kindness.


Just like his dialogue “I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself.


Fish are friends, not food”, he is indeed a kind and pleasant shark. He has a very jolly persona and is considered to be a jokester.


He is honest but sometimes changes into a mindless shark. He was seen for the first time with the character Marlin.


The impact of his character can be seen through the time when he made an appearance in Finding Dory without coming physically as dialogues were enough.



42. Bartholomew




Coming from a 1986 film called The Great Mouse Detective, Bartholomew is a rat character. Later in the movie, he was eaten by Felicia.


Being an alcoholic, he becomes disappointed whenever he goes out of the bear. His craziness towards alcohol can be seen when Ratigan opens the bottle of champagne in a fountain and he runs towards it to drink like a thrusting person.


By getting the voice from Barrie Ingham, he became one of the two characters to die in the movie after Ratigan.


He wears red and is of brown color, like a typical rat.



43. Beaver




Beaver from Winnie the Pooh or My Friends Tigger and Pooh is one of the popular Disney male characters in anime.


Beaver lives in a dam which is near Poohsticks Bridge. He was compared to another character called Gopher from the series The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh because of their hard-working quality and almost the same appearance.


The only difference between the two is that the Beaver is easygoing while Gopher is short-tempered. He is also compared to Mr. Busy from Lady and the Tramp due to his personality.



44. Chef Skinner


Chef Skinner


Chef Skinner is considered one of the best antagonist characters Disney has made. Coming from the film Ratatouille in 2007, he is one of the chefs of Auguste Gusteau.


Chef Skinner is the most tempered character who got hold of a Parisian Restaurant after the death of Auguste Gusteau.


Unlike other chefs who are at making food, he is known for using the likeness of Gusteau to market some cheap frozen food products at high prices.


And due to this, the restaurant was destroyed and its reputation got shunned! He hates rats, tries to act tough, and hires Linguini to work at a restaurant as a garbage boy.


Despite being a great chef, he never cooks or tries to do so.



45. Anger




Defining the personalities of anger, Disney had made the character anger itself in the movie Inside Out. The film came for the first time in 2015 and is considered one of the most sensitive characters in the film.


Anger is a very passionate character and tries to make everything fair for the protagonist Riley. He is a very sensitive and fiery character who explodes on little things that go wrong or unplanned.


He reacts very fast and loses his patients. Coming to its appearance, then the anger comes in brick-shaped features.


He has red skin and red color and wears a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves, as if always ready to fight someone.



46. Professor Archimedes Q Porter


Professor Archimedes Q Porter


Coming from the movie called Tarzan, Disney has created Professor Archimedes Q Porter as the most intelligent scientist. The film Tarzan came in 1990 and since then, the character is considered one of the most intelligent made by Disney.


He is a scientist who travels from England to Africa so that he can study gorillas with his loving daughter whose name is Jane.


He loves his daughter a lot and wants her to be the happiest person in the world, which sets goals for other fatherly characters.


He followed his heart and went to live with Tarzan but later on decided to return. He also has a very good relationship with his son-in-law.


In appearance, he is of fair skin and white hair and also carries a mustache and green eyes.



47. Aracuan Bird


Aracuan Bird


One of the best portrayals of any bird can be seen through the character Aracuan Bird. This character has been featured in the films like Melody Time and The Three Caballeros.


Aracuan Bird is a very wacky bird that comes from a very old species from the tropical side of the world.


It is considered “one of the most eccentric birds ever seen”. The bird got its name from the song it sings and also has the power to do some impossible things.


The appearance of this bird is a pink color with very odd red hair. The bird has a yellow beak and red feathery tail and wears a white shirt that has blue stripes on it.


When it comes to his facial expression then he seems like a Woodpecker but not a tropical bird.



48. Auguste Gusteau


Auguste Gusteau


One of the major characters from the film Ratatouille which came out in 2007, Auguste Gusteau is considered a very renowned chef.


He is the owner of a restaurant that is considered to be a five-star restaurant but has had its downfall after a bad rating and criticism from Anton.


Due to this criticism, his restaurant’s reputation suffered and turned into a 4-star restaurant. He died after this, due to a broken heart.


Coming to his motto then he believes anyone can cook and can be able to produce any recipe. He was considered the youngest Chef ever in any five-star restaurant.


When it comes to his partner Renata, then they both are considered to be the first-ever parents in Disney who never got married.



49. Baby Herman


Baby Herman


Baby Herman is a friend of Roger Rabbit and is featured in the film called Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


The film came for the first time in 1988 and has made a remarkable review. The character of Baby Herman is known for his mob mentality and also for his cigar.


He has a deep voice and rides the stroller. When it comes to his overall look then it is just the pink bow that goes on his hair and a diaper that comes with the golden safety pin.


Coming to his personality then he is considered the character who gets into mischief and is always compared to the Tom and Jerry character.


He is a very impatient and at the same time very irritable persona but cares a lot about Roger and considers him his best friend.



50. Anton Ego


Anton Ego


Anton Ego is the supporting antagonist in the animated film called Ratatouille. The film came for the first time in 2007 and the character was considered to be one of the most famous characters Disney has ever made.


The character is known for his criticism of food and is considered to be the most acclaimed food critic in the film.


He tries to reject the belief of inconsideration that anyone can cook. Anton Ego’s negative review of the restaurant of Gusteau has resulted in its downgrading from five stars to 4.


Unlike most other Disney villains, he has got adverse action and is not destroyed in the end.



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