Top 100 Most Popular Disney Characters Of All Time

top 100 most popular disney characters of all time


There are several popular characters from Disney. Disney is loved by adults as well as children. Each individual enjoys and can relate to the diverse, fascinating, and wonderful characters. When people think of Disney characters, they typically picture Disney princesses.


However, there are so many variants that any viewer can find something they like. This article is the continuation of the best cartoon characters, but here we have picked Disney cartoon characters only. Characters mentioned in the list are not ranked on popularity or any other basis.


Each of these characters has contributed to the success of their series or movie and hence they are equally important. So, let’s see some of the popular Disney characters in this list.




1. Simba




The celebrity this character has grown into over the years is nothing short of spectacular. Even a person living under a rock may tell who Simba is. This lion cub is the heart of the “The Lion King” 1994 animated feature film.


Fans believe the story, though containing several essential characters, revolves entirely around Simba’s journey from cub to lion. He is shown as a naive little one in the beginning but as time passes, Simba realizes his powers and the responsibilities he has to take over from his father Mufasa, the former king of Pride Rock.


Simba’s younger version was voiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas and his older one by Matthew Broderick. Thanks to his endearing character arc, outstanding leonine attributes, and relatable shortcomings, Simba has come to occupy a permanent spot in the hearts of fans all over the world.




2. Alice


Alice (disney) (old)


The titular character in the 1951 animated feature film “Alice in Wonderland”, she is one of the most popular and well-known characters anywhere in the world. The deeply symbolic story contained in the original book by Lewis Carroll has breathed life on the cartoon screen.


Alice led a game-changing revolution in animated storytelling. She was voiced by Kathryn Beaumont. From her blue dress to the many bizarre adventures she has had in Wonderland, Alice stands apart as one of the most unforgettable cartoon characters in history.




3. Peter Pan


Peter Pan (disney)


One of the most evergreen cartoon icons in the world, Peter Pan has both a look and name that have come to be synonymous with carefree attitudes, mischief, and rebellion. He was voiced by Bobby Driscoll. Peter Pan is a fairy who never quite gets old.


He lures Wendy and her family to Neverland where they experience the most magical and hair-raising adventure of their lives. Along with the Lost Boys and his tiny pixie friend Tinkerbell, the 1953 “Peter Pan” animated feature film has given the genre plenty of unforgettable moments.




4. Tinkerbell


Tinkerbell (disney)


The sweetest yet sourest little pixie in the realm of cartoons, Tinkerbell is an instantly recognizable fan favourite. She never utters a word, but her expressions and body language define her character more than anything else. She is at once mischievous, cute, empathetic, jealous (of Peter Pan’s fondness for Wendy), and loyal to a fault.


She has helped Peter and the Lost Boys in numerous ways. Tinkerbell has a crush on Peter Pan and it is painfully obvious to the viewers but she never opens up about it clearly to him.



5. Cinderella


Cinderella (disney)


The titular character in the 1950 “Cinderella” animated feature film has become a cult-classic icon who has inspired an entire pop-culture fandom. The ageless story of love, hope, and forbearance that she portrays still holds relevance. Cinderella was originally voiced by Ilene Woods.


She has become a strong symbol of empowerment for little girls and women over the years. Her beauty, patience, and unrelenting belief that something good is waiting for her have made Cinderella a beacon of inspiration for millions all over the world.



6. Fa Mulan


Fa Mulan (disney)


The titular character in the 1998 animated feature film “Mulan” has captured hearts for multiple reasons. Her bravery, love of family, loyalty to her country, and desire to make her path in life without being held down and back by what others expect of her.


Such profound character traits have made Mulan an immensely popular cartoon character. She was voiced by Ming-Na Wen. Everyone has at some point wanted to put their traditions aside and find their inner truth. Mulan does that in such an unabashed manner, making her one of the most relatable and inspiring characters in cartoon history.



7. Roger Rabbit


roger rabbit


The overly anxious, frantic, almost neurotic rabbit at the heart of the 1988 movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is one of the most immediately recognizable characters in toon fandoms all over the world. Even his scream is recognizable. The sheer excellence of this character’s animation design and voice-acting deserves to be celebrated, even emulated.


Roger Rabbit is one among just a handful of cartoon characters who has appeared in a live-action movie that was ahead of its time. A testament to animation during Hollywood’s Golden Age, this bunny brings a world’s worth of entertainment value to the genre and was voiced expertly by Charles Fleischer.



8. Hercules


Hercules (disney)


The main character – originally derived from ancient Greek mythology – is also the titular character in the 1997 animated feature film “Hercules”. He is at once inspiring, innocent, brave, and determined. His will to do the right thing more than helps this character ‘go the distance’.


The younger version was voiced by Josh Keaton and the older by Tate Donovan. Hercules’ animation style and epic journey – especially going up against Hades – has certainly stood the test of time, even in the cartoon world.



9. Mushu




Essentially a tiny red ‘ancestral dragon,’ Mushu brings incomparable comedic value to the 1998 “Mulan” animated feature film. Voiced by the one and only Eddie Murphy, this character has become a fast favourite for being as cowardly as he is quick-talking.


Mushu can also be a little self-absorbed sometimes, but who wouldn’t be if they were a dragon? Mushu is always ready to help Mulan whenever she needs him, and he never fails to play the role of friend and supporter.


He is, after all, Mulan’s family guardian spirit. Though he is sometimes more nuisance than aide, Mushu redeems himself in Mulan’s story and rises to the occasion when most needed.



10. Genie




One of the most unforgettable characters from the 1992 “Aladdin” animated feature film is Genie. Voiced by the late-great Robin Williams, this singular character brings remarkable energy and outstanding humour to the story, to say nothing of his superb magical and musical vibes.


He has such a playful personality and can make anyone laugh. Genie is intent on keeping Aladdin safe, giving him hilarious as well as useful advice to help him woo Jasmine’s hand. In keeping with Middle-Eastern lore, the Genie hails from within a magic lamp that has kept him imprisoned for ages beyond count.


Five thousand, to hear him tell it as he stretches a kink from his back after Aladdin summons him. Genie is, hands down, the best character in the movie, and one of the most popular toons in history.



11.  Dumbo




Dumbo is an odd name given to the strong and courageous elephant calf leading Disney’s 1941 animated film after the same name. Even as a newborn, Dumbo has notably large ears which expose him to derision and mistreatment from others, especially the troupe of circus elephants with whom his mother has been travelling.


Amidst such adversity, Dumbo finds camaraderie in Timothy the mouse, whose support sees him unearthing an impossible untapped potential. Dumbo later unlocks a capacity to soar though the air using his ears. Before long, he captures the spotlight under the circus big top.


As time goes, Dumbo has a heartwarming reunion with his unwaveringly devoted mother, Mrs Jumbo. This little elephant doesn’t say a single word throughout the movie and yet becomes an emblem of fortitude, companionship, and self-love. His character illustrates the ability inside all of us to surmount challenges and realize our aspirations.



12. Jane Porter


Jane Porter (disney)


British explorer, and later Tarzan’s love interest, Jane plays one of the most life-changing roles in the life of the titular character from the hit 1999 animated feature film “Tarzan”. She was voiced by Minnie Driver. Classy, well-mannered, and highly intelligent, Jane comes to study gorillas with her father Archimedes Q. Porter.


Before long, she grows fascinated with Tarzan. Her attempts to guide and teach him something crucial about his origins gradually lead to Jane falling in love with Tarzan’s innocence concerning the real world and his steadfast protectiveness of those he loves.



13. Mufasa


Mufasa (disney)


Simba’s father and one of the most imposing figures in cartoon history, this lion has his own fan club. He was voiced by James Earl Jones, who lent him an air of unmatched majesty in the 1994 “The Lion King” animated feature film.


Mufasa’s nobility, morality, and unflinching decision to protect his son all add to his already golden list of attributes. Mufasa is an iconic character and one of the most popular and loved characters of Disney. Many Disney fans will agree that Mufasa is a great father and a king.


He cares deeply about the people he loves and is selfless at all extremes.



14. Nala


Nala (disney)


Nala is an empowered female lioness with her own view of the world. She is capable of taking her own decisions and does not want anyone telling her what to do with her life. Nala later finds Simba and they both fall in love with each other.


Their personalities match perfectly and all the similarities and dissimilarities they have eventually work out for them. She plays a crucial role in bringing him back to the Pridelands, to reclaim his rightful place in the “The Lion King” (1994) animated feature film.


Her younger version was voiced by Niketa Calame-Harris and her older one by Moira Kelly. Nala’s romantic angle with Simba and her powerful support of his cause both ensure his eventual victory in the film.



15. Winnie the Pooh


Winnie the Pooh (disney)


The star of the show in the 1977 “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” animated short stories, Winnie is a ‘Pooh’ bear. Obsessed with honey and drawn to good company, Winnie earned his place in the hearts of fans and cartoon lovers for being just the most adorable bear you’ll ever meet in the world of animation.


His calm voice and caring nature add to his quality traits. His love of friendship and camaraderie complement his cute character design, including his ‘chonky’ walk.



16. Christopher Robin


Christopher Robin (disney)


The only human of the lot in the 1977 “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” animated short stories, Christopher Robin is best friends with Winnie the Pooh. He later gets close to and befriends the others, going on adventures with them or simply spending quality time together.


Bruce Reitherman, Jon Walksley, and Timothy Turner took turns lending Chris Robin his voice. Cartoon enthusiasts can’t help but love and admire this compassionate and optimistic young boy who sees the world through magical eyes.



17. Tigger


Tigger (disney) (animal)


A tiger named Tigger. It can’t get more recognizable than that. Tigger made his way into people’s hearts and memories when he ‘tail bounced’ into “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” (1977) animated short stories. He was voiced by Paul Winchell.


Tigger is at once sweet, adorable, naïve, loyal, friendly, and funny – none of the things you usually attribute to a ferocious tiger. This contrast is what makes him own a distinct spotlight among Winnie and his friends.



18. Piglet


Piglet (disney) (animal)


Yet another unforgettable character from the animated short story “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” (1977), Piglet is a cute little, um, piglet who is a clever and loyal friend to Pooh, Robin, and the others. He was voiced by John Fiedler.


Piglet brings such fun and warmth to each short story, and his distinctive character design remains memorable. Piglet is adorable but can be scared easily. He suffers from anxiety and is always confused is he wants to do something new or not.



19. Eeyore


Eeyore (disney) (animal)


The most recognizable donkey – even before the one in “Shrek” – is a sad and depressed little one who found joy and meaning in his friends. He was originally voiced by Ralph Wright. Eeyore has not only inspired but educated entire generations of kids and adults alike about depression.


He did it so subtly and memorably that he can’t be refused entry onto a list like this. His journey began in the 1977 “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” animated short stories.



20. Anastasia & Drizella


Anastasia & Drizella


Cinderella’s step-sisters are as imbecilic as they are cruel. Anastasia (voiced by Lucille Bliss) and Drizella (voiced by Rhoda Williams) bring a bucket-load of comic capers, awkward moments, and ‘I’m with Mom on this’ support-character elements to their roles in the 1950 “Cinderella” animated feature film.


They have redefined certain stereotypes based on very real human traits. The moment these two prance onto the screen, audiences immediately realize that some mischief is afoot – pun intended. They never cared about their sister, and always wanted everything they can have and also the things they cannot have.



21. Jaq & Gus


Jaq & Gus


The two mice who have always supported and admired Cinderella are skinny Jaq and portly Gus. Both were voiced by James MacDonald. They provide outstanding comic relief and thrill value to the story contained in the “Cinderella” (1950) animated feature film.


The mice help Cinderella in significant ways. Their efforts pave part of the way for her to go on and achieve her dreams. Along with their voices and outfits, the two mice have become a supremely popular duo in the realm of cartoons.



22. Fairy Godmother


Fairy Godmother


A name-combo that has come to signify magical possibility, it originally sources from a fairy entity who comes into Cinderella’s life to help her realize her dreams in the 1950 “Cinderella” animated feature film. She was voiced by Verna Felton.


There have been numerous discussions and debates on what the Fairy Godmother symbolizes, but one fact remains strong. She is the physical manifestation of Cinderella’s hopes, beliefs, dreams, and desires. She is ‘cartoon proof’ that if you believe in something strongly enough, the universe will help you achieve it.


As enigmatic as she is multi-layered, the Fairy Godmother is one of the most instantly recognizable cartoons in history. Her legacy began in earnest when she uttered the life-changing words, “Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.”



23. Wendy Darling


Wendy Darling (disney)


The oldest of three children, Wendy and her younger brothers John (voiced by Paul Collins) and Michael (voiced by Tommy Luske) are at the heart of the story in 1953 the “Peter Pan” animated feature film. She was voiced by Kathryn Beaumont.


Wendy captures Peter Pan’s heart, but she is more interested in keeping her brothers safe through their many adventures in Neverland. She, in her sweet ways, does not prefer a ‘forever young’ life. Her maturity, wisdom, kindness, and friendship – especially with the Lost Boys, and Tinkerbell on occasion – have made her a favourite among cartoon lovers.



24. Victor, Hugo & Laverne


Victor, Hugo & Laverne (disney)


The gargoyles who come to life and become Quasimodo’s best friends, Victor (voiced by Charles Kimbrough), Hugo (voiced by Jason Alexander), and Laverne (voiced by Mary Wickes) are three of the most recognizable characters in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” (1996) animated feature film.


The two gents and a lady bring plenty of comic relief as well. When the time comes to be there for Quasimodo and Esmeralda, they risk great self-damage to help them. They look extremely funny and their comedic timing is the best. They provide great waves of laughter to the viewers and keep the movie interesting.



25. Esmeralda


Esmeralda (disney)


A beautiful, confident, and self-dependent gypsy girl, Esmeralda plays a powerful role in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” (1996) animated feature film. She goes up against Frollo and fights his sinister schemes against her. She is drawn to Phoebus but sees truth and hope in Quasimodo.


Her singing and dancing abilities are a delight. Demi Moore voiced Esmeralda in the movie. Not only has this female cartoon character become one of the most popular, but she is also lauded for being a symbol of empowerment and a woman’s right to consent.



26. Quasimodo


Quasimodo (disney)


The titular character in the 1996 animated feature film “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, Quasimodo is a hunchback who keeps to himself and tends to the bells of Notre Dame Church. He was voiced by Tom Hulce. Quasimodo is often thought of as a monster for his looks, but the young man is known for his compassionate nature and desire to see more of the world.


He is romantically drawn to Esmeralda. His three best friends are living gargoyles named Hugo, Victor, and Laverne. Quasimodo’s desire for peace, love for the little things in life, and sheer bravery near the end of the film have all made him a genuine cartoon hero.



27. Caterpillar


Caterpillar (dinsey) (animal)


A smoking caterpillar who prides itself on enunciating letters certainly does make for a strange sight. The vibrant Caterpillar in Wonderland helps Alice along with her journey in the “Alice in Wonderland” (1951) animated feature film, but not before confusing her as to what he’s trying to convey.


He was voiced by Richard Haydn. Anytime someone sees the mere sight of a caterpillar smoking out letters, they can’t help but remember this weird feller.



28. Cheshire Cat


Cheshire Cat (disney) (animal)


From his mysterious voice to the smile that remains a while after he has disappeared, there is certainly much more to the Cheshire Cat in the animated feature film “Alice in Wonderland” (1951) than meets the eye. He was voiced by Sterling Holloway.


Providing enigmatic guidance to Alice and also proving a tad funny at times, the Cheshire Cat has become one of the most instantly recognizable cartoon characters, and for all the best reasons. His most famous line still resonates with the book- and cartoon lovers, “We’re all mad here.”



29. White Rabbit


White Rabbit (disney) (animal)


The bunny that always finds himself late, and who initially draws Alice’s attention, the White Rabbit is responsible for unwittingly dragging Alice into a world of strange sights and even stranger experiences in the “Alice in Wonderland” (1951) animated feature film.


He was voiced by Bill Thompson. His sophisticated outfit contrasts with his panicky voice in the film. The White Rabbit also helps Alice on occasion. He is an adorable addition to the movie. He has his little suit and bow tie on, which makes him a cute but gentlemanly rabbit.



30. Phil


Phil (disney)


Phil is the satyr, i.e., half-man half-goat, who trains and guides the titular hero in the 1997 animated feature film “Hercules”. He was voiced by the amazing Danny DeVito. Phil brings superb humour and sass to his role in the film.


Much of what Hercules proves capable of accomplishing won’t have been possible without this little satyr who, in truth, is incredibly old. Phil does not want anyone to bother him. And no one can save themselves from his sarcasm and dry humour.



31. Zeus


Zeus (disney)


The ‘king of the gods’ and original father of Hercules, Zeus brings his own ‘lightning’ personality and presence to bear in the 1997 animated feature film “Hercules”. As patriarchal as he is wise, Zeus understands the importance of a demi-god like his son Hercules earning his place among the deities on Mt.


Olympus. He was voiced by Rip Torn. Zeus’s power is displayed unreservedly during the back-flash sequences when he battled and contained the Titans.



32. Meg


Meg (disney)


The beautiful yet deceptive Meg plays a double game in the “Hercules” (1997) animated feature film. She is forced into it by none other than Hades and soon breaks her shackles with help from Hercules. She was voiced by Susan Egan.


As a romantic love interest, she proves to be as sinuous as she is seductive. Meg fulfills a game-changing role by helping Hercules transcend his limitations and earn his place among the pantheon of gods and goddesses as the rightful son of Zeus.



33. Cave of Wonders


Cave of Wonders (disney)


This one is admittedly not a character in any real sense of the word. But one glance at this cartoon cave designed to look like a large Tiger’s head will set the record straight. The Cave of Wonders can most certainly be classified as one of the most memorable and beautifully illustrated cartoon characters of all time.


Frank Welker lent his versatile voice to the living, breathing, talking Cave, which hides riches and wonders, most especially the Genie in the lamp.



34. Magic Carpet


Magic Carpet (disney)


It might as well be a major character in its own right because the enchanted magic carpet from the 1992 animated feature film “Aladdin” remains an instantly recognizable addition to the roster. Its mime-ish body language is still captivating, and the way it aids Aladdin in numerous ways has only enhanced the evergreen popularity of “Carpet”.


At first sight, it looks like a normal carpet with beautiful designs and embroidery, but a closer look will show you how magical and awesome this carpet is. I mean the iconic “A whole new world” song of Aladdin and Jasmin would be extremely lame if there was no flying magical carpet.



35. Abu


Abu (disney) (animal)


A kleptomaniacal monkey prone to bouts of mischief, Abu is the titular character’s pet in the 1992 “Aladdin” animated feature film. As loyal as he is funny, this little monkey – and his adorable outfit – have both stood the test of time in the eyes of cartoon lovers.


In many ways, Abu is Aladdin’s partner in crime, aiding and abetting the young man in his various schemes to survive. While he does not use words, Abu conveys his mood and emotions with monkey noises – Frank Welker did good work in this regard.


He plays an important role in Aladdin’s life, even accepting to being transformed into an elephant if it meant his friend could realize his goals.



36. Rajah




The large adult Tiger in the 1992 animated feature film “Aladdin” is a character in his own right. Powerful, beautiful, and intensely protective of his pet-owner Jasmine, Rajah is a superb addition to the film. The big cat does not speak in the movie, but his ‘reaction noises’ are notable thanks to Frank Welker’s voice talents.


Rajah also plays a role in helping Aladdin thwart Jafar’s plans to take over the kingdom. Besides, who doesn’t love a Tiger?



37. Jasmine


Jasmine (disney)


Princess Jasmine brought independent thinking and self-confidence to her role in the 1992 animated feature film “Aladdin”. She is clearly against the patriarchy and the law of the land that says a woman cannot rule. Jasmine is more than capable of being Agrabah’s ‘Sultana’, but her future is put in jeopardy by the court vizier Jafar.


She was voiced by Linda Larkin. The way she manoeuvres such perils and shortcomings and remains herself is a testament to her character. Her love for Aladdin holds meaning and elevates Jasmine’s sense of self in many regards.



38. Aladdin


Aladdin (disney)


Not only the character but his name too has become an instantly recognizable trademark in the realm of cartoons. The 1992 animated feature film “Aladdin” features a memorable protagonist whose impoverished lifestyle leads him to accept a lucrative offer from the evil Jafar, who is in disguise at the time.


This takes Aladdin on the adventure of a lifetime. He makes friends he’d never have thought possible, like a magic carpet and an even more magical Genie. He was voiced by Scott Weinger. Despite being a ‘street urchin’, Aladdin ends up saving the kingdom of Agrabah from the ruthless Jafar.


He also sincerely earns the hand of Princess Jasmine who chose him for his humility and focuses on all that is good in the world. Aladdin’s character was inspired by his original namesake in the “1001 Arabian Nights” book, a collection of short stories that were first published in 1885.



39. Kala




The ape mother who adopts Tarzan and makes sure he is accepted by the rest of the pack has certainly earned her place on cartoon lovers’ favorite lists. She originally saves the boy after finding him alone in a treehouse following Sabor’s murder of the child’s parents.


She goes all out to save baby Tarzan from the leopard at great risk to her own life. Glenn Close voiced Kala for the 1999 animated feature film “Tarzan”. Kala’s calmness, gentility, and love are three core reasons why she has become one of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time.



40. Kerchak


Kerchak (disney)


The gruff and tough patriarch of the ape pack, Kerchak is the alpha-male Silverback Gorilla in the 1999 animated feature film “Tarzan” (1999). He is as protective as he is strict, and not altogether accepting of Tarzan’s place in his family.


But he grows to accept the boy as one of his own. Kerchak was voiced by Lance Henriksen. His heroic efforts to keep his family safe from encroaching hunters, coupled with his sheer screen presence, more than add to Kerchak’s popularity as a cartoon character.



41. Tantor


Tantor (disney)


An enormously beloved elephant character from the realm of cartoons, Tantor (both his younger and older versions) has attained immense popularity following the release of the “Tarzan” (1999) animated feature film. Tantor’s easily unnerved nature complements his brave and selfless deeds later on in the movie.


The rust-hued pachyderm was voiced by Wayne Knight. The gentle elephant is one of Tarzan’s besties in the movie and rises to the occasion when his friend needs him most.



42. Terk


Terk (disney)


Part of Tarzan’s adoptive ape pack and family, Terk brings beautiful humour and friendship value to the animated feature film “Tarzan” (1999). She was voiced by Rosie O’Donnell. Terk is at once sassy, witty, bossy, confident, and funny. There’s little wonder how she has become one of the most instantly recognizable characters among cartoon lovers.


She is the best friend anyone could ask for. She is always there to support Tarzan and even warn him whenever she senses some danger.



43. Tarzan


Tarzan (disney)


The main character in the hit 1999 animated feature film “Tarzan” has become popular for multiple reasons. From his heartbreaking childhood – when he lost his parents to Sabor the leopard – to his amazing sense of survival, love for his adoptive family, protective and curious nature, and desire to learn more about himself.


His blooming love for Jane further adds to his popularity. His older version was voiced by Tony Goldwyn and his younger version by Alex D. Linz. Along with great music defining his journey, Tarzan goes through some of the most unforgettable moments in cartoon-character history.



44. Tony & Joe


Tony & Joe (disney) (old)


The two most famous restauranteurs in cartoon history are Tony and Joe, a waiter/owner and chef who play Italian culinary artists in the 1955 animated feature film “Lady and the Tramp”. Tony was voiced by George Givot, and Joe was voiced by Bill Thompson.


More than their camaraderie and kindness to Tramp, their rendition of the original song “Bella Nolte” has set an unforgettable standard for romantic music in cartoon cinema. Their singing accompanies one of the most iconic scenes in the film, the one where Lady and Tramp are eating a plate of spaghetti with meatballs, and they both end up kissing after slurping the same noodle strand.



45. Si & Am


Si & Am (disney) (old)


These two Siamese cats introduce a particularly elegant style of collaborative mischief that has made them famous in cartoon lore. They enjoy causing mayhem for Lady, adding to their antagonistic charm in the “Lady and the Tramp” (1955) animated feature film.


The inimitable Peggy Lee lent her voice to both Si and Am. The cats belong to Aunt Sarah, who is related to Lady’s pet-family Jim and Darling. The sinister vibe these two kitties bring to the movie is so smooth that it simply has to be seen to be appreciated.



46. Pound Dogs


Pound Dogs (disney) (old)


Toughy (a mutt), Peg (a Pekingese), Bull (a Bulldog), Boris (a Russian Wolfhound), Dachsie (a Dachshund), and Pedro (a Chihuahua) are some of the most beloved dogs in the realm of cartoons. They were, respectively, voiced by Dallas McKennon, Peggy Lee (the one and only, whose rendition of “He’s a Tramp” is still a catchy tune), Bill Thompson, Alan Reed, Bill Thompson again, and Dallas McKennon once more.


They are the dogs at the pound in the 1955 animated feature film “Lady and the Tramp”. Each one of them brings their character quirks and singing skills to bear on the plot and helps Tramp and Lady in important ways going forward.



47. Trusty


Trusty (disney) (old)


The bloodhound with a heart of gold, Trusty plays a significant role in the “Lady and the Tramp” (1955) animated feature film. His sharp sense of smell helps the others track down Tramp, thus sparking off a series of events that saves Lady’s future.


He was voiced by Bill Baucom. At first clumsy and a tad absent-minded, Trusty redeems himself in more ways than one. His charm and ‘Southern gentleman’ courtesy have added to the reasons why he has become a favourite among cartoon lovers.



48. Jock


Jock (disney) (old)


Another ‘instant favourite’ from the 1955 animated feature film “Lady and the Tramp”, Jock is an easily irritated Scottish terrier who is close to Lady. Their friendship defines many a moment in the movie. He was voiced by Bill Thompson.


Though gruff, Jock is a softie at heart. All he wants is to see Lady find happiness. Jock is best friends with another dog named Trusty. He can be a little rough on the outside, but his heart is full of love. He just does not show it as much as the audience would love to see.



49. Lady


Lady (disney) (old)


The other core character in the “Lady and the Tramp” (1955) animated feature film, this cocker spaniel breed has become beloved among cartoon lovers for her grace, elegance, and willingness to protect the ones she loves even at great danger to herself.


The adventure that the initially naïve and timid Lady experiences – thanks in large part to Tramp – is a lesson in character development. She comes out of it not rougher but certainly tougher. Barbara Luddy voiced her in the movie. Lady’s compassion complements her love of family, and she finds her special love in Tramp.



50. Tramp


Tramp (disney) (old)


One of the main characters in the 1955 animated feature film “Lady and the Tramp”, this dog has become one of the most popular cartoon characters for his bravery, suave charm, and daring pursuit of adventure. He’s essentially a scruffy mid-sized mutt breed, as his name suggests, with keen street smarts.


Larry Roberts was the voice behind this beloved cartoon dog. Tramp is known to be laid back and thirsty for adventure, always roaming and never desiring to settle. Until he meets Lady, who turns his whole world upside down.



51. Minnie Mouse


Minnie Mouse (disney)


The jam to Mickey’s butter, Minnie and he has always been inseparable as characters and on-screen romantic partners. Minnie in the “Mickey Mouse” (2013-2019) animated TV series was voiced by Russi Taylor. Minnie brings ample emotional value to the show.


She is an adorable little mouse lady, with an extremely cute voice and a bubbly personality. She is always up for a new adventure with her love interest Mickey. She has her best friend Daisy whom she can rely on for some love advice.


Minnie is one of the best Disney characters and a fan favourite.



52. Mickey Mouse


Mickey Mouse (disney)


The mouse that started it all, Mickey certainly has numerous series and films to his name. But the 2013-2019 “Mickey Mouse” animated TV series deserves special mention for being one of the most memorable cartoon shows to capture the life and milestones of the one and only Mickey Mouse and his friends.


He was voiced for the series by Chris Diamantopoulos. The show ran for five seasons. Honourable mentions: Daisy Duck, Clarabelle Cow, Mortimer Mouse, Gubbles, Wadworth Thorndyke the Third, Aardvark Lady (Betty White herself voiced this one), and Boiler. There’s no introduction required for this ultra-popular character, a mouse whose kindness, lovability, and tendency to prioritize his near and dear ones have only made him a shining example of cartoon greatness.



53. Robin Hood


Robin Hood (disney)


One of the earliest feature-length animated movies ever made, the 1973 “Robin Hood” film took a classic literary favourite and made it toony good fun. Its titular character went on to inspire young kids all over the world. Over the years, he also became popular among adults.


The foxy Hood was voiced by Brian Bedford and remains to this day one of the most instantly recognizable cartoon characters. Known for his valour and sharp sense of justice, the charming and agile Robin Hood will not soon be forgotten.



54. Cogsworth


Cogsworth (disney)


The most popular clock in all of cartoon history is Cogsworth, a high-ranking palace staff member who has transformed like everyone else at the castle thanks to the Beast’s selfishness and unwillingness to help a poor soul, who turned out to be a magnificent enchantress.


Cogsworth was voiced by David Ogden Stiers. The character is always cognizant of what caused their unfortunate situation in the first place. His paternal love for the Beast and sympathy for his situation set a wonderful tone in the film.


Cogsworth is also known for his overly-cautious nature and awkward attitude.



55. Lumiere


Lumiere (disney)


Yet another instantly recognizable character, Lumiere is a candelabrum with a French accent. He puts on quite the show in the 1991 animated feature film “Beauty and the Beast”. He is at once funny, witty, emotional, mischievous, charming, showy, and brave.


He was voiced by Jerry Orbach. Lumiere is part of several game-changing moments in the film. His deep wisdom is not always observable owing to his overt showmanship and penchant for humor. His sarcasm and dry humour are one of the reasons to watch the movie.


He can surely make the viewers laugh and become a memorable character in the show.



56. Beast


Beast (disney)


Once a prince, now cursed to live in the skin of a man-monster, the Beast plays a powerful role in the “Beauty and the Beast” (1991) animated feature film. He was voiced by Robby Benson. From his arrogant and irritable nature, the Beast gradually melts under the care and attention shown by Belle until he grows to understand his purpose and destiny.


As the enchantment wears off and he regains his human self, audiences everywhere understand the potent parallel, that a beast lives inside all of us, and love can help us find a way to our higher selves.



57. Belle


Belle (disney)


The titular character in the 1991 animated feature film “Beauty and the Beast”, there are multiple reasons why Belle became a favorite among cartoon lovers. Her self-taught and book-loving tendency for independent thinking and innate trait of finding the good in people, even a monstrous humanoid beast, are just a handful of those reasons.


She was voiced by Paige O’Hara. A bibliophile and lover of adventure, Belle is one of the most beautifully empowered characters in cartoon history.



58. Magic Mirror


Magic Mirror (old) (disney)


This is a character in his own right. At once enigmatic and enchanting, the Magic Mirror is quite the game-changer in the “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (1937) animated feature film. If not for his declarative confession that Snow White is indeed the “fairest of them all”, there won’t have been any real plot to speak of.


His subservience to the Evil Queen portends dark symbolism. He was voiced by Moroni Olsen. From his theatrical mask to his residence inside a mirror surrounded by fire and smoke, to that bone-chilling deep voice, there’s little wonder how this character has become so iconic.



59. The Seven Dwarfs


The Seven Dwarfs (old) (disney)


Instead of dedicating seven individual points for each of these memorable dwarfs from the 1937 animated feature film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, we decided to club them together. They’re always together in the film, anyways. Bashful, Dopey, Sneezy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Happy, and Doc comprise the Seven Dwarves who take Snow White into their home.


They were, respectively, voiced by Scotty Mattraw, Eddie Collins, Billy Gilbert, Pinto Colvig, also Pinto Colvig, Otis Harlan, and Roy Atwell. They support and protect the lost princess when she most needs it, adding to the compassionate and virtuous nature of these wonderful characters.



60. Snow White


Snow White (old) (disney)


The titular character in the ground-breaking 1937 animated feature film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, soon became one of the most recognizable names in cartoon history. Snow White is a young princess naïve about the dark nature of people.


Because she is oh-so-fair, her jealous stepmother decides to kill her. Snow White was voiced by Adriana Caselotti. Her love of animals and the goodness in people’s hearts set her apart in more ways than one. Snow White’s character arc from a girl coming to terms with her unfair (pun intended) situation to a woman who fully embraces it makes for symbolic and inspiring viewing.



61. Blue Fairy


Blue Fairy (disney)


One of the main ‘game-changer characters’ in the animated feature film “Pinocchio” (1940), the beautiful Blue Fairy is the one who grants Gepetto’s wish to have a son by making his child puppet come to life. She also disciplines Pinocchio by causing his nose to grow longer every time he lies.


The Blue Fairy also transforms Jiminy and gives him the responsibility of being the boy’s conscience. Evelyn Venable voiced the character for the movie. The Blue Fairy can take multiple shapes – a white dove, a wishing star. Once Pinocchio proves his worth, it is she who transforms him at last into a real boy.



62. Geppetto


Geppetto (disney)


One of the core human characters in the 1940 animated feature film “Pinocchio”, Gepetto is a carpenter who is credited with creating the titular character and ‘wished upon a star’ to have his son. The puppet thus came to life, but only as a puppet.


The part Geppetto plays in Pinocchio’s life is heartwarming and inspiring. He was voiced by Christian Rub. Geppetto is a humble and whimsical old man. Geppetto is a gleeful and sweet person with a soothing voice. He is a great father figure, who just wants to have a son and take care of it.



63. Jiminy Cricket


Jiminy Cricket (disney)


Playing the role of Pinocchio’s conscience, this well-dressed bug brought a world of emotional value to the animated feature film “Pinocchio” (1940). The wisecracking cricket is seen wearing a tailcoat and top hat and with a tiny umbrella too. His appearance is so adorable as he is rocking this formal attire with some great manners.


So adorable to see a cute tiny cricket wearing all this and acting like a gentleman. The Blue Fairy appoints him as Pinocchio’s conscience, and he certainly strives to do good for the boy. Cliff Edwards voiced the character. Jiminy is as level-headed as he is realistic and wise.



64. Pinocchio


Pinocchio (disney)


In the 1940 animated feature film “Pinocchio”, the titular character experiences a daring and incredible life journey that sees him become a real boy from the wooden puppet that he originally was. This symbolic story has resonated with multiple generations, veritably making Pinocchio one of the most amazing cartoon characters ever created.


He was voiced by Dickie Jones. At first, disobedient and stubborn, Pinocchio learns to be brave, honest, and caring, marking a wonderful character arc in the movie. He’s so adorably innocent and naïve that you can’t help but want to see him find safety and happiness.



65. The Gummi Bears


The Gummi Bears (disney)


We have to include all of them under one category because each of these bears is unique and brings something special to the “Adventures of the Gummi Bears” animated TV series that ran for six seasons from 1985-1991. As reclusive as they are ancient, the Gummi bears are not real to human beings many of whom only think of them as fairy tales and legends.


There was once a time, in the ancient past, when people and Gummi bears used to co-exist. This is one of a handful of ‘historical’ elements that have rendered these characters beautiful, multi-layered, and nuanced. The seven Gummi bears at the core of this unforgettable series are Gruffi, Zummi, Grammi, Tummi, Sunni, Cubbi, and Gusto.



66. Roger Radcliffe


Roger Radcliffe (disney)


Anita’s husband and Pongo’s ‘pet parent’, Roger’s role in the 1961 animated feature film “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” is as compelling as it is memorable. He is a kind and caring man and puts in every effort to try and find the puppies after they are kidnapped.


He was voiced by Ben Wright. Roger is also a skilled pianist and songwriter. Roger is a great pet parent and an even better husband. He wants to save the puppies and bring them back home. Roger has a big heart and cannot let those poor puppies be sacrificed.



67. Perdita


Perdita (disney)


The female Dalmatian in the 1961 animated feature film “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”, Perdita’s grace and lovability gush off the screen in ways that have made her one of the most adored cartoon character dogs. She was voiced by Cate Bauer.


Her love for the puppies – her own and the rest of them – is quite special. She’s Anita’s pet companion in the film. Perdita is a disciplined, mannered, and elegant dog. She loves his family and will do anything to protect them.


Many viewers love her character as she is selfless as she loves everyone and does not want to hurt anyone.



68. Pongo


Pongo (disney)


The actual ‘101’ number is not part of the original 1961 cartoon classic, which is titled in full “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”. Pongo is one of the main dogs in the film. He was voiced by Rod Taylor. Granted, the puppies are the real scene-stealers, but Pongo’s bravery and fatherly love more than made him a beloved character.


He is Roger’s pet companion in the movie. Pongo is a playful, goofy, and loyal dog. He loves his owners and his kids and his wife. He is truly one of the best Disney characters of all time.



69. Pacha


Pacha (disney)


A wise village leader living in the countryside, Pacha’s life is turned upside down when he finds himself striving to help Kuzco in the “The Emperor’s New Groove” (2000) animated feature film. He was voiced by John Goodman. The prince has been turned into a talking llama and his future does not bode well.


Pacha goes out of his way to help him regain the throne, but not before teaching him a lesson or two along the way. Pacha proves to be as caring as he is family-minded, adding to the reasons he has become a popular cartoon character.


He is a great family-man figure as he puts his loved ones above anything and lives to make them happy.



70. Kuzco


Kuzco (disney)


The main character in the year-2000 animated feature film “The Emperor’s New Groove”, Kuzco brings both heroics and humor to his role. He is sassy, self-obsessed, and arrogant, but learns later on the value of humility and friendship. He was voiced by David Spade.


Kuzco gets transformed into a talking llama in the film, adding to the magical entertainment and comedy value surrounding his character. His expressions always let the viewers know how much he loves himself and does not care anything about anyone.



71. Flora, Fauna & Merryweather


Flora, Fauna & Merryweather (disney)


These three fairies, with permission from the king and queen, spirit Aurora away to be raised in secret, following the threat of Maleficent’s curse in the “Sleeping Beauty” (1959) animated feature film. They do everything to protect her, but fate has its way in the end.


Even after that, Flora (voiced by Verna Felton), Fauna (voiced by Barbara Jo Allen), and Merryweather (voiced by Barbara Luddy) do not stop at doing whatever it takes to save Aurora’s life and bring her back from the deep sleep in which the curse threw her.


They are as much the princess’s parents as her actual royal mum and dad, and they are also her teachers, guardians, and friends.



72. Aurora


Aurora (old) (disney)


The main character in the 1959 animated feature film “Sleeping Beauty”, Aurora is known for her inimitable elegance and beauty. The princess suffers great injustice at the hands of Maleficent who puts her into a deep sleep after she’s made to prick her finger on a spinning wheel needle.


She faces a life-or-death situation that she has no control over. Aurora’s journey appeals to so many people who find themselves in situations in which they have no say. She was voiced by Mary Costa. The gentle, patient, and loving Aurora has come to occupy a fond place in the hearts of cartoon enthusiasts.



73. Bagheera




A Black Panther whose wisdom and jungle smarts led him to the ‘man-cub’ Mowgli, Bagheera is single-paw-edly responsible for saving the boy’s life. He was voiced by Sebastian Cabot in the 1967 “The Jungle Book” animated feature film. That he entrusted the child’s care to a family of Wolves – India used to have them back in the day, including large pride of Asiatic Lions, which are now critically endangered – attests to Bagheera’s wisdom in more ways than one.


His compassion, patience, and forward-thinking have made Bagheera a fan favourite over the years.



74. Baloo




The Indian Bear with a tendency to appreciate ‘the bare necessities of life’, Baloo is a plot-perfect character in “The Jungle Book” (1967) animated feature film. He was voiced by Phil Harris. From teaching valuable advice to Mowgli to protecting him when the time comes, this carefree bear is at once responsible for both Mowgli’s safety and troubles.


But no matter what, the boy loves him with all his heart. And what’s not to love, Baloo’s a singing and dancing ‘live in the moment’ bear who has earned his popularity as one of the most famous characters in the realm of cartoons.



75. Mowgli




The titular character in the 1967 “The Jungle Book” animated feature film, Mowgli has become a household name for being the one cartoon boy to experience one of the most unforgettable jungle adventures in history. He was voiced by Bruce Reitherman.


After being abandoned as a baby, Mowgli has luck and fate to thank for being saved by a Black Panther. He grows up among a pack of Wolves, goes on an adventure with an adult Bear who becomes his best friend, courts danger in an Orangutan with a human complex and the army of monkey minions he commands, encounters a herd of elephants, and befriends their youngest, is almost swallowed whole by a gigantic and rather hypnotic Rock Python, and is hunted by a ferocious Bengal Tiger.


As if this isn’t iconic enough, Mowgli lives to tell all about it. One may even call this cute, curious, and oft-naïve character the original ‘Boy Who Lived’.



76. Pocahontas


Pocahontas (disney)


The main character in the sensational 1995 animated feature film “Pocahontas”, brings inspiring bravery, warmth, love, and receptive elegance to the movie. Pocahontas was voiced by Irene Bedard. The titular Pocahontas is one of the most recognizable Disney cartoon characters in the world.


Her unreserved passion for freedom, equality, and understanding has set Pocahontas in a motivational spotlight. She is an inspiration for a lot of people as she never gave up and kept on fighting for her people till the end. Pocahontas is a true role model for all people.


She has clear motives and is capable enough to achieve her goals without any help from some male protagonist. She is the true protagonist of the show.



77. The Alley Cats


The alley cats


Each one of these kitty-cats deserves a separate entry on this list, but for the sake of keeping them together as the music band they have proven to be, here they are, the Alley Cats… Featuring in select portions of the 1970 “The Aristocats” animated feature film, these kitties certainly displayed the ‘groove factor’ when they showcased their musical talents.


As a jazz band, the Alley Cats bring a vibrant energy to the movie. We have Shun Gon (the Chinese Cat voiced by Paul Winchell) on the piano as well as the drums (which are clay pots). Next, we have Hit Cat (the English Cat voiced by Lord Tim Hudson) on the acoustic guitar, and Peppo (the Italian Cat voiced by Vito Scotti) on the concertina.


Let’s not forget Billy Boss (the Russian Cat voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft) whose mastery of the double bass is impressive. Finally, there’s Scat Cat (voiced by Scatman Crothers) on the trumpet as well as vocals.



78. Duchess




Gracious, courteous, sophisticated, and refined, Duchess is one of the most instantly recognizable cartoon cats in the world. She was voiced by the lustrous Eva Gabor in “The Aristocats” (1970) animated feature film. A protective mother and wise feline, she has become an instant hit with fans.


Adding to her appeal is her love of music and manners. Duchess genuinely redefines the elegance of French aristocracy. She apparently loves playing the piano and also singing. There is literally nothing to dislike about this perfect and beautiful cat.


She takes after her owner Madame Adelaide Bonfamille who lends the movie some distinct Carmen Dell’Orefice vibes.



79. Thomas O’Malley


Thomas O'Malley (disney) (animal)


A confident and free-spirited cat who knows how to ‘partay’, Thomas O’Malley brings such unequivocal fun to the 1970 “The Aristocats” animated feature film. He was voiced by Phil Harris. From his distinct tom-cat look and lifestyle to his smooth-talking nature, there’s little wonder how Thomas became a fan favorite over the years.


When he falls for Duchess, he only adds to his charm quotient and memorability. He also becomes a sort of father figure to her kittens, which further endears him in the eyes of fans. And when Thomas O’Malley starts to sing – especially with his alley cat buddies – there’s every chance you will get up and dance to the tune of “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat”.



80. Audrey Ramirez


Audrey Ramirez (disney)


A tough and resourceful engineer, Audrey Ramirez made for a superb main character in the 2001 animated feature film “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”. She has a great backstory. Audrey’s sarcasm and aggression balance out her love for family and work.


Deep down, she truly cares for her friends. She was voiced by Jacqueline Obradors. Audrey is an ’empowered woman’ cartoon character, a trait that has earned her a place in the hearts of fans and sundry. She is strong and can be a very relatable character for a lot of people.


She has the personality of a fighter who does not focus on weaknesses but flaunts her smart brain and her devil-may-care attitude.



81. Baymax




Baymax, the endearing and embraceable android, emerges from the animated feature “Big Hero 6.” Conceived by Tadashi Hamada, a brilliant inventor and elder sibling to Hiro, Baymax’s purpose centres on functioning as a personal healthcare companion. With capabilities encompassing vital sign analysis, illness diagnosis, and administering treatments, Baymax radiates kindness, gentleness, and unwavering loyalty to his comrades.


Characterized by a plush, white, inflatable physique reminiscent of a marshmallow, Baymax can readily adopt distinct suits that confer fresh capabilities like flight, combat, and rocket launching. Portrayed by Scott Adsit across both the movie and its derivative series, Baymax constitutes a vital component of the superhero assemblage “Big Hero 6,” alongside Hiro, Go Go, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred.


Fueled by an unceasing aspiration to aid and uplift individuals, Baymax consistently endeavours to ameliorate well-being and proclaims his signature phrase: “I am not fast.”



82. Milo Thatch


Milo Thatch (disney)


Milo is one of the core characters in the 2001 animated feature film “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”. Milo is a cartography expert and linguist who accompanies other characters on an expedition that leads them to the legendary ‘lost continent’ of Atlantis.


He was voiced by Michael J. Fox. Milo proves to be a rather quirky and somewhat ‘unheroic’ sort of protagonist. He captured the love of cartoon fans for his eccentric charm and passion for discovery. Milo is a likeable character as he is smart and kind of nerdy but this is what makes his personality relatable to a lot of audience members.



83. Georgette


Georgette (disney) (animal)


Of all the amazing dogs – each with their personality and appeal – the ‘diva’ Georgette stands out purely because of how impossible she makes it for viewers to forget her part in the 1988 animated feature film “Oliver & Company”.


She was voiced by the just-as-unforgettable Bette Midler. Georgette brings a sense of spoiled and pampered arrogance complemented by show-dog-worthy beauty and ‘upper class’ sophistication that makes her character at once annoying and gorgeous. She owns her status in all the best ways.


As the movie progresses, the pedigree poodle redeems her vain and self-obsessed image by helping Oliver and his friends accomplish their goals.



84. Oliver


Oliver (disney) (animal)


The main character in the “Oliver & Company” (1988) animated feature film is an orange tabby kitten named Oliver who initially belonged to Fagin before he found a forever home in Jenny Foxworth. This deeply adorable and empathy-inspiring kitty is, in several ways, the heart of the story.


He was voiced by Joey Lawrence. Oliver’s friendly nature warms with his need to fit in. He is as brave as he is cute, and as caring as he is lovable. Though prone to bouts of anger, he always has a good reason for it.


Oliver’s resourcefulness and determination have made him one of the most recognizable cartoon cats, and the most significant character in “Oliver & Company”.



85. Dodger


Dodger (disney) (animal)


A charming and clever dog who knows more about New York City than some of the people who live there, almost everything about Dodger is worth appreciating. The amazing Billy Joel himself voiced this street-wise Jack Russell Terrier. You can imagine how ecstatic fans get each time Dodger sings one of his catchy tunes because it’s Billy Joel doing the singing.


No wonder this doggo’s so famous. His role in the 1988 animated feature film “Oliver & Company” remains one of the most defining ones in the cartoon lexicon. His character is based on the Artful Dodger, made famous in Charles Dickens’s “Oliver Twist” classic novel.



86. Jessica Rabbit


Jessica Rabbit


Roger’s wife Jessica puts the ‘B’ in ‘Bombshell’. In addition to providing significant suspense value in this movie, she lays on sex appeal in ways that can only be termed sinfully delicious. Over the years, this sensual cartoon character has attracted her fair share of scandal, making her one of the most talked-about cartoons in history.


Her performance model was Betsy Brantley, with Kathleen Turner lending the voice talent for her on-screen. Even now, she is still an iconic character, and many fans dress up as her for Halloween.



87. Jessie


Jessie (disney)


The yodelling cowgirl with some of the most empathetic arcs in the hit 1999 animated feature film “Toy Story 2”, Jessie is a memorable cartoon character whose fear of being abandoned resonates with us all. She was voiced by Joan Cusack.


She takes over ‘sheriff duties’ from Woody when the time comes. Jessie is an excitable, sarcastic, and friendly doll who grew to become a fan favourite. She has a charm to her as she is shown as a strong character who is lovable and has some hilarious comebacks.


She has a great on-screen presence and easily became everyone’s favourite character.



88. Buzz Lightyear


Buzz Lightyear (disney)


Buzz is a toy astronaut, and Andy’s latest toy to add to his collection is “Toy Story” (1995), the animated feature film that warmed as well as broke hearts the world over. Yet another charming character from the series that is liked and loved by everyone.


Buzz is the latest toy which makes him his new favorite toy of Andy and as the story progresses, he slowly takes away the limelight from the previous main character Woody. Buzz and Woody however become best friends in the story as they face many problems together and Woody ends up saving Buzz’s life.


He was voiced by Tim Allen. Buzz Lightyear’s ‘space man’ attitude redefined the way people saw such toys. His gradually blossoming friendship with Woody adds to Buzz’s lovability.



89. Woody


Woody (disney)


One of the core characters in the excellent 1995 animated feature film “Toy Story’, Woody is a vintage cowboy doll who captured the love and sympathy of cartoon lovers all over the world. He is Andy’s favourite toy in the film and was voiced by the amazing Tom Hanks.


Woody is a cowboy which means he is fearless and one of the most humble characters we see in the series. He also has a charming personality which automatically makes him such a likable character, not only by the viewers but also by the other characters we see in the movies.


His rivalry with Buzz, romantic stirrings for Bo-Peep, and everlasting loyalty to his owner and friend Andy have made Woody a beloved well-balanced character.



90. Batty Koda


Batty Koda (disney)


One of the funniest animal characters in the cartoon realm is a fruit bat named Batty Koda, from the “FernGully: The Last Rainforest” (1992) animated feature film. Voiced by Robin Williams, this character is a wacky and weird addition to the roster and one of the movie’s most memorable inclusions.


He is the main comic relief as his presence always brings waves of laughter and joy to the viewers. He has a distinct body language. Batty Koda is an important character in the cartoon in terms of comedy and is a fan favourite.



91. Crysta


Crysta (disney)


The beautiful fairy who is featured as one of the main characters in the 1992 animated feature film “FernGully: The Last Rainforest”, Crysta is one of the most familiar characters from the 90s era. She was voiced by Samantha Mathis.


Her passion to protect the rainforest, which is home to so many creatures including herself, resonates with plenty of modern-day environment-conscious ‘rebels’ and organizations. Crysta is a lovable character, who has a noble cause and just wants to preserve her home and the homes of thousands of animals that live there.


She is kind and caring and is a good example for the kids watching to care about the environment and the creatures living in it.



92. Merlin


Merlin (disney)


A signature character whose name hails from history that precedes the animated feature film “The Sword in the Stone” (1963), Merlin plays a crucial role as a powerful wizard who takes it upon himself to advise and educate the young King Arthur.


Merlin was voiced by Karl Swenson. The cartoon wizard proves rather absentminded at times, lending his character a humorous twist in the movie. His irritable familiar Archimedes adds to the fun. Merlin is a smart old man. He has all the wisdom and crucial tips Arthur needs to become the ruler.


Melin might look a little goofy sometimes and his appearance with his long white beard is a fun addition but, he knows what he is doing and has tons of knowledge of this world.



93. Arthur Pendragon


Arthur Pendragon


A sweet and innocent main character who went on to do the impossible, Arthur (aka Wart) fulfills a classic role in the 1963 animated feature film “The Sword in the Stone”. The film portrays the life of a boy who grows wise and self-confident, enough to draw the legendary Excalibur, aka the ‘sword in the stone’, and become ruler of England.


He was voiced by Rickie Sorensen. An orphan who became a king certainly makes for an unforgettable character trait. He is a kind man with a golden heart. He can be seen as naive in the beginning but as the story progresses, viewers can see great character development for this character.



94. Princess Odette


Princess Odette (disney)


Playing the titular character in the 1994 animated feature film “The Swan Princess”, Odette is a princess cursed to live as a swan all day until she finds love, which alone can break the curse. Odette’s sweet nature and concern for the family have endeared her to plenty of cartoon lovers.


Her singing voice is also something to admire. She was voiced by Michelle Nicastro. Liz Callaway covered her singing portions in the film. Princess Odette has a melodious voice and she is a very friendly and caring character.



95. Gurgi


Gurgi (disney)


An adorable gopher-like creature with distorted speech patterns that is reminiscent of Donald Duck, Gurgi plays a significant part in “The Black Cauldron” (1985) where he starts cowardly but helps Taran in crucial ways when the time comes. He was voiced by John Byner.


Gurgi’s self-sacrifice is still considered one of the noblest among cartoon characters. No wonder he has come to occupy a special place in the hearts of cartoon lovers all over the world. One thing Gurgi loves the most in this world is apples. He is a very friendly animal with an adorable voice.



96. Taran


Taran (disney)


Playing the lead role in the 1985 animated feature film “The Black Cauldron”, Taran became a favorite among cartoon lovers for myriad reasons. He was voiced by Grant Bardsley for the screen. In addition to being a ‘foundling’, Taran is always hungry for adventure and the chance to learn new things.


Cheerful, courageous, headstrong, and at times foolhardy, Taran certainly feels like one of the most relatable cartoon characters around. In the movie, Taran is on a journey to find a magical black cauldron. He runs into many obstacles, but he has his friends with him.


They help him in his adventure and together they fight against all the odds so that Taran can find that cauldron.



97. Scrooge McDuck


Scrooge McDuck (disney)


This is yet another ‘Mickey Mouse’ alumni who cannot be forgotten even if we tried. Rich, powerful, and egotistic, but also supportive, Scrooge’s unceasing love for money has made him a symbolic and humorous character in the “Mickey Mouse” (2013-2019) animated TV series.


He is a relative of Donald Duck which explains his rude behavior, but unlike Donald, he can be a little unlikeable sometimes as he is always flexing his money and power. Scrooge McDuck also has a beautiful wife named Downy O’Drake.


She is not a very popular character but hardcore Disney fans know about her. Scrooge McDuck was voiced by John Kassir.



98. Donald Duck


Donald Duck (disney)


Yet another unforgettable character in the realm of cartoons, Donald is a literal duck known for being sassy, irritable, emotive, and funny. He was voiced by Tony Anselmo in the “Mickey Mouse” (2013-2019) animated TV series.



99. Goofy


Goofy (disney)


Goofy, a tall, lovable dog who is quite goofy, adds a great deal of comedy value to every scene he has been in throughout the years. He was voiced by Bill Farmer in the animated TV series “Mickey Mouse” (2013-2019).


On numerous occasions, Goofy lends his known vigor and funny feel to the show. Goofy has a distinctive voice and humor. He enjoys having a good time and wants to spend as much time as possible with his buddies, going on new adventures.


Goofy is a beloved character and a favorite of both children and adults on television.



100. John Smith


John Smith (disney)


Pocahontas’s love interest in the 1995 animated feature film with her name on the title, John Smith starts as an intrepid explorer looking to make his mark. As time goes by, love and a desire to do the right thing change his mind about exploiting the New World.


He falls in love with Pocahontas and now things become a little more complex between them, as she also loves him dearly, but she has her set of responsibilities that she cannot ignore. Initially, he was not much sure about the native people and how they might react to his arriving, as he thought of them as untamed and feral people.


But later in the story, viewers can see him change and start caring about the people. In this regard, Captain John Smith – voiced by Mel Gibson – became one of the most inspiring characters in and out of Disney.


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