Top 16 Most Popular Disney Characters That Start With X

Disney Characters That Start With The Letter 'X'


‘X’ is certainly not the most common alphabet for a name to begin with. But, as we all know, anything is possible in the fantastical and highly imaginative world of Disney.


So, what if it’s the least used alphabet when it comes to names, we’ve still managed to come up with a few good characters that start with ‘X’.


While not all these characters created by Disney have gone on to become popular, they do carry a charm of their own.


Irrespective of whether they are bonafide heroes or villains, there sure is something likeable about them that justifies their presence on our list.


Now, you have no reason to feel that you are on the back foot when someone challenges you to mention Disney characters that begin with ‘X’.


However, before we start with the characters, we’d like to point out that we are only including names that have been a part of motion pictures and television shows and not video games.




1. XR (Buzz Lightyear of Star Command)


xr (buzz lightyear of star command)


XR is one of the best-known characters from the animated television series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. Even though XR is a robotic space ranger who was assembled to be Buzz Lightyear’s partner, he ended up being a member of Team Lightyear and the first official robot ranger in Star Command.


He can best be recognized by his appearance. While he is coloured purple, white, and green, one can also identify him for his disembodied gold and bronze-coloured head.


The Xperimental Ranger, or XR for short, is also very dutiful and intelligent. This can be seen when he is trying to emulate Buzz’s actions to grasp the tropes of a ranger. Courtesy of his willingness to learn, XR ends up gaining the respect of his partner Buzz during their first mission itself.


It is imperative to mention that the LGMs designed and built XR to be able to complement Buzz Lightyear’s astounding powers in the field. While XR certainly doesn’t lack capability, he can benefit from qualities like humility and experience.




2. XL (Buzz Lightyear of Star Command)


xl (buzz lightyear of star command)


From Buzz Lightyear of Star Command comes yet another character whose name starts with the alphabet X. Welcome the chief antagonist of the animated television series, XL.


Known to have nothing but love in his heart for his family, XL was originally XR’s predecessor. However, he decided to go rogue due to technical faults in his programming.


After having been reactivated after his decommissioning, XL has wished for nothing more than to seek revenge against Star Command. So, even though he was seen working solo, he started teaming up with several criminals to complete his missions.


As much as we see XL as an opponent, we have to take note of the fact that he hates to think that he has either been used or betrayed by the ones he has put his priceless faith in.


Even though XL possesses a head similar to XR’s, the former has still been described as a “Frankenstein’s Monster” sort of robot. Also, his original Star Command body was the replica of the one XR has, barring perhaps the rectangular dome.




3. Xyla (Doc McStuffins)


xyla (doc mcstuffins)


Xyla is Alma’s wooden ladybug-shaped xylophone in the educational computer-animated children’s television series, titled Doc McStuffins. She has a red shell with black spots and an orange antenna on it.


While her wheels are wooden, her colourful keys have music in them. Voiced fervently by Tiffany Thornton, the character is shown to have an affinity for music. The viewers can often find Xyla getting one of her loose keys fixed since it happens to be sticking up with her figure.


Needless to say, the Doc comes to her aid and replaces it with a fresh key. This special toy xylophone is pulled by a string while being played by Alma but perhaps doesn’t like the way she looks or sounds.


We say so because she can be found confessing that she “looks as weird as she sounds”. Be that as it may, there is no denying that those who have been able to catch her on the program find her to be incredibly adorable.




4. Xerxes (Aladdin TV Series)


xerxes (aladdin tv series)


Voiced proficiently by Frank Welker, Xerxes is a bizarre and, yet, interesting character from the Aladdin television series. When you first look at it, the character comes across as an ocean creature that looks like a lamprey, complete with a toothy grin.


A floating eel/lamprey-like creature, Xerxes loves to fly and can be seen being a resourceful sidekick to Mozenrath.


Having said that, he loves to fight and is seen speaking in broken English. Be that as it may, what we’d like to point out is that this creature also likes to play evil and has the tendency to get sadistic when he wishes to be.


However, let’s not forget that he has always stayed loyal to his master, despite getting physically and verbally abused by him at times.


That being said, what’s funny about him is the fact that he has the habit of saying the wrong thing and taking a beating for it. Needless to mention, he must stop uttering whatever pops up in his mind, for he will continue to land in trouble.



5. David Xanatos (Gargoyles)


david xanatos (gargoyles)


Designed wonderfully by Greg Weisman and voiced by Jonathan Frakes, David Xanatos is the central character of the television series Gargoyles. Actually, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call him one of the primary antagonists of the program.


This multi-billionaire individual, who happens to be the founder, owner, and CEO of Xanatos Enterprises, is also very ruthless and ambitious.


An active member of the Illuminati, Xanatos is obsessed with obtaining immortality both for himself and his beloved family. What makes his personality come off as attractive is that he is smart enough to be aware of his strengths and boundaries.


However, we see his personality soften as the storyline progresses. This is primarily due to the love that he has for his wife Fox and their son Alexander.


Also, the man has a great admiration for fine arts, and absolutely abhors the idea of vengeance. This could be one reason why his plans are usually intricate and Machiavellian.


That said, he seems to practice martial arts and magic as well. Therefore, when Xanatos famously says, “Pay a man enough and he’ll walk barefoot into hell”, you have no option but to take his word for it.



6. X-Buggy (Lilo & Stitch: The Series)


X-Buggy (Lilo & Stitch: The Series)


The X-Buggy, which is a red customized dune buggy, is often put to use by Lilo and Stitch when they head out for experiment hunting.Practically a character itself in Lilo & Stitch: The Series, X-Buggy has come to be known for a lot of its features, courtesy of its modifications.


Not only does it comprise a container holder and turbo speed but it can also switch into the flight and amphibious modes as and when it needs to. Add to that the fact that the buggy also has the potential to transform into a giant drill; something that definitely gives it an edge.



7. Xavier (Tangled: The Series)


Xavier (Tangled: The Series)


Even though this character was deleted from the earlier versions of Disney’s 2010 animated feature Tangled, it was later seen making its presence felt in Tangled: The Series.


Besides being a competent blacksmith, Xavier is also a historian who loves to tell stories and narrate legends. While he despises black magic and evil, his knowledge of Coronan myths and legends is put to use when Princess Rapunzel and her allies find themselves in a dilemma.


A recurring character in Tangled: The Series, this swarthy, muscular, and reliable blacksmith has been designed by Dan Cooper and voiced by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.



8. Xu Xialing (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings)


Xu Xialing (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings)


Xu Xialing is a dynamic Disney character from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Voiced by Meng’er Zhang, she is Shang-Chi’s sister and the beloved daughter of the mythical warlord Xu Wenwu.


While she is the leader of the Ten Rings at present, she was not allowed to train in the company of men when she was young.


Therefore, she was only able to learn the tricks of martial arts through mere observation; something that speaks volumes about her zeal and sharp intellect.



9. Xandra (Legend of the Three Caballeros)


Xandra (Legend of the Three Caballeros)


Xandra, The Goddess of Adventure, is one of the main characters in the well-known animated series, Legend of the Three Caballeros; a show which is based on the 1944 film, The Three Caballeros.


The alluring Xandra serves as the guide for Donald Duck, Jose Carioca, and Panchito Pistoles as they tour the globe looking for exciting adventures.


Voiced efficiently by Grey DeLisle, she also happens to be the dependable keeper of the magical Golden Atlas. Since Xandra is a true-blue goddess, she has been blessed with a lot of otherworldly abilities. Besides being super strong, she also can teleport literally anywhere she wants to.



10. Xander McCormick (Bunk’d)


Xander McCormick (Bunk'd)


One of the central characters in the first two seasons of the Disney television series Bunk’d, Alexander “Xander” McCormick is a popular counsellor at Camp Kikiwaka.


He is known to have been romantically involved with a fellow camp counsellor, named Emma Ross; even though he had to depart from the camp after some time.


Portrayed by Kevin G. Quinn, Xander is a decent-looking guy who is well-known among his peers. However, like most of us, he has insecurities that he can successfully conceal.


Even though he is quite average at playing the guitar, he wishes to open a guitar shop in the near future. That said, McCormick is a pretty outgoing lad who also has an affinity for fishing.



11. King Xavier (Once Upon a Time)


King Xavier (Once Upon a Time)


Portrayed by guest star Joaquim de Almeida in the sixteenth episode of the second season of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, this character derives its inspiration from the fairytale, “Rumpelstiltskin”.


King Xavier, who is the father of Prince Henry, may have only had a guest role to play in the series but his character sketch successfully conveys that he is not only wealthy but also someone who, indeed, commands a lot of power among his people.



12. X-Ray (The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Avengers Assemble)


X-Ray (The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Avengers Assemble)


Not a lot is known about the early life of this supervillain, who also happens to be a member of the U-Foes. He is said to have gained superpowers after having gotten himself exposed to cosmic rays.


He prefers to keep mum and can be seen wearing a radiation-type suit to keep himself alive and intact at all times. He has managed to gain electrical-type powers that allow him to shock his adversaries by touch.



13. Xavier Johnson (Phineas and Ferb)


Xavier Johnson (Phineas and Ferb)


One of Candace and Jeremy’s future children, Xavier Johnson is a minor character that makes an appearance in Phineas and Ferb.


A brother to Fred and Amanda, he is a bright and creative lad who can build difficult-to-make stuff like Phineas and Ferb along with his brother.


However, usually, both he and his brother are seen being inactive for we can catch them constantly making notes on how they’re just sitting in front of the digital tree in their family’s backyard.


Needless to say, their lack of activity annoys Amanda.



14. Fox Xanatos (Gargoyles)


Fox Xanatos (Gargoyles)


A skilled martial arts fighter and a formidable mercenary, Fox Xanatos is the former leader of The Pack. In fact, some would even assert that she may have been the leader of the criminal Pack; that is until David Xanatos is revealed to be the creator of “The Pack” himself.


She possesses latent fae powers courtesy of her mother. However, the extent of her powers and their limits are largely unknown. Like, it is not exactly clear if she has some of the other fae characteristics, such as immortality or the weakness to iron.



15. Alex Xanatos (Gargoyles)


Alex Xanatos (Gargoyles)


The first and only known son of David Xanatos and Fox, Alexander “Alex” Fox Xanatos is unlike any other infant. We say so because he seems to be growing and maturing very quickly, both mentally and physically.


In fact, trust us when we say that he was already beginning to speak when he was barely four months old. The fact that he was named after Alexander the Great speaks volumes about the expectations his folks already had for him.



16. Petros Xanatos (Gargoyles)


Petros Xanatos (Gargoyles)


Since David was such an important character in Gargoyles, it was only fair that we were introduced to his father briefly.


So, Petros Xanatos makes his first appearance in an episode, titled “Vows”.As soon you lay your eyes on him and hear him speak, you are able to judge that he must be a man of strong integrity.


While it may be tough for you to believe, Petros initially doesn’t feel that his son is doing full justice to his life. He holds the opinion that David would’ve probably been better had he chosen to be a fisherman.


In fact, the tough elderly man even thinks that Xanatos did not really deserve the gift that helped him launch his career in the first place.



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