Top 50 Best Anime Traps Of All Time

Vignesh C KVignesh-Updated June 28, 2023

anime trap


The definition of Anime traps has been changing over the years. Traditionally, it represented a guy who does not look or behave like one.


It meant that the guy displayed more feminine characteristics. However, there have been a lot of changes over some time.


This has changed the traditional definition. Traps do not fit into the typical role as defined by society.


The traps dress, sound, and behave like females though they are not one.


It’s hard to distinguish or determine their gender in those circumstances. They prove that it’s hard to determine by seeing.


Also, looking and seeing are different aspects. Just like there are traps, there are Reverse Traps too.


Reverse traps are used to refer to a feminine character that acts like a masculine one.


They are the female counterpart of Traps. This is why they are called Reverse traps. Anime Traps mostly go unnoticed.


You may find it hard to believe that the real genders of some are way different.


It’s more of an observation skill that can help you watch out and identify them.


Traps are mostly rebels or loners who have been bold to follow that path. Most traps however lead very harsh lives with no one.


Some of them are secretly Traps or they masquerade as one for their personal or professional missions.


We at ENTOIN have made a list of the top 50 anime Traps.


This is a must-watch list that has the characters and the animes they appeared in.



50. Ritsu Sohma


Ritsu Sohma 


Anime: Fruits Baskets


Ritsu appeared in this anime as a kimono-clad character. The reason he cross-dresses can be attributed to the mental stress he undergoes.


He believed that cross-dressing can keep him stress-free and calm his nerves. Being fair-skinned and having an average built-up body, makes it easy for him.


No one can find out that he’s a male, in just one glance. He’s famous for his hairstyle which closely resembles the one of a female.


He has long hair which is peach-colored. It’s straightened and falls to a level below his shoulders. A tuft of hair covers his forehead.


He uses a green ribbon to tie his hair in a ponytail.



49. Frieza




Anime: Dragon Ball Z


Frieza is one of the low lives in the arrangement that has a whole scope of changes. Each one is very different from the others.


It was suggested by Vegeta and Frieza himself in the arrangement that Frieza's most impressive structure is unique.


The other three are the structures that stifle and monitor his huge force.


Frieza later affirms this while battling the fundamental hero, Goku.


His structures appear to spin around both western and Japanese ideas of evil spirits.


In his first structure, Frieza for the most part wears fight reinforcement with a purple chest plate. This helps him to survive.




48. Mizuho Miyanokouji 


Mizuho Miyanokouji


Anime: Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru


Mizuho Miyanokouji, the protagonist of the story, is mandated by his late grandfather's will to enrol in an all-girls school and adopt a cross-dressing identity to conceal his true gender.


Mizuho's androgynous appearance allows him to pass unnoticed among his fellow students, although he constantly lives in fear of being exposed.


Surprisingly, he is well-received on his first day and quickly becomes popular.


Initially taken aback by his grandfather's request, Mizuho gradually comes to terms with the situation with the help of his childhood friend and cousin, Mariya Mikado, who also attends the school.


Despite the change, Mizuho continues to use masculine language and wears breast prostheses beneath his school uniform.


The anime employs suspension of disbelief, presenting scenes where Mizuho appears to have cleavage despite lacking breast implants.



47. Chihiro Fujisaki


Chihiro Fujisaki


Anime: Danganronpa: The Animation


Chihiro Fujisaki is a character who suffers from memory loss and emotional trauma. He is a teenager in this anime and is smaller in size for his age.


He has no memory of 2 years in his life and believes that his age is lesser than it is.


Since he is smaller than the average male, it becomes easy for him to pose as a Trap. He also wears a girls’ uniform to school.


It has a long-sleeved jacket which is green. It also has a brown skirt and knee-high socks as a part of its uniform.


He has light brown or blond colored hair. It’s layered and straightened which gives him a doll-like appearance.


The hazel color eyes make him look more girly.




46. Haruhi Fujioka


Haruhi Fujioka


Anime: Ouran Highschool Host Club


Haruhi Fujioka is the central character in the series Ouran High School Host Club.


Despite being a highly intelligent first-year student from a middle-class background, she is regarded as "poor" and "common" by the wealthy students at Ouran Academy.


Haruhi's academic performance is essential to maintain her scholarship, and she devotes herself to her studies.


However, an unexpected incident leads her to join the Ouran Host Club, where she must masquerade as a host to entertain female clients in Music Room 3.


While Haruhi identifies as female biologically, she believes that gender is insignificant in how individuals should be perceived and their roles in society.


Her decision to dress as a boy and adopt boyish behaviour and speech is a result of circumstances rather than gender dysphoria.


Haruhi is direct in her communication, valuing honesty above all else.



45. Ayumi Saitou


Ayumi Saitou


Anime: Shion no Ou


Ayumi Saitou is a teenager who plays Shogi. He is much more subtle when it comes to his male identity.


Being a skillful dresser, he dresses so well that it’s hard to know he’s a Trap. He is a dedicated son who leaves school to take care of his mother.


This earns him a lot of respect but he loses many opportunities. But, he never regrets it. There’s a reason he poses as a female.


Shogi for males has an age restriction that does not let them play. Since he is desperate to earn money, he is forced to do it.




44. Titus Alexius


Titus Alexius


Anime: Magi


Titus Alexius is the incumbent Magi of Reim. He was a magician before he became that and interned under the previous Magi.


His appearance is more or less similar to the previous Mag of Reim. He is shorter than most males and has a light complexion.


He has a high-pitched and feminine voice. Aladdin mistook him to be a girl, in an encounter.


Overall, he has all feminine characteristics and very little masculinity.


Since he is the clone of the former Magi, he resembles them a lot. Though he has a mistress, he still attracts many other females.




43. Ryoji Fujioka


Ryoji Fujioka 


Anime: Ouran High School Host Club


Ryoji Fujioka is a cross-dresser. He works at a bar known as Okama, which is famous for cross-dressers.


He is known as Ranka at the bar. Being a parent himself, he regrets his work. But he has to work hard here to feed his daughter and make her more feminine.


He is worried that she may become a reverse trap. So he constantly buys girls’ dresses and accessories for her.


This is to enforce her feminine identity. He wishes to be with Haruhi but is stopped by his daughter.


One day he realizes that Haruhi is involved with Tamaki, who’s also a crossdresser.




42. Kei




Anime: Prétear


Kei is a leafe knight of light who works at an internet provider’s company. He is a straightforward and pragmatic knight.


Being a rare person in the group, he finds it hard to fit in. Kei has long wavy hair and brown eyes.


His long hair is tied in a ponytail fashion which hangs towards his right. He has brown skin which makes him look dark.


Kei appears differently in the anime and manga but, he wears the same dress. This makes him look more feminine.


It’s a yellow turtle neck shirt which has a belt. He wears footwear with heels which are usually worn by females.




41. Jakotsu




Anime: InuYasha


Jakotsu is a strong-bodied character who leads a battalion of soldiers. He’s famous for his sword which can inflict great damage.


His unpredictability makes it hard for others to fight him. He is a homosexual who had some weird fetishes.


Being a sociopath, he enjoys killing and butchering others.


This is because he gets some sense of satisfaction from it. Not because his life was in danger. He’s repulsed by women but dresses and appears like one.


He has long black hair which is open. He pins it sometimes. He also wears lip coloring and eye shadows to look more feminine.




40. Aura Bella Fiore


Aura Bella Fiore


Anime: Overlord


Aura Bella Fiore is a young dark elf. He has a brother and a sister. They all work as floor guardians at the Nazarick tomb.


He was created along with his sister. He has long golden hair and dark skin. He suffers from Heterochromia which makes both his eyes have different colors.


His pointed ears add to his elf personality. He wears silk gloves and a skirt which confuses people regarding his gender.


He is shy and introverted which is unusual for a floor guard. He stutters while speaking and remains gullible throughout the anime.


He does not change despite many warnings and threats.




39. Katsuki Shima


Katsuki Shima


Anime: Clannad


Katsuki Shima was Misae’s boyfriend in the past. He is called Bishonen. It means someone who dresses as a female.


He plays a minor character in the visual novel. Though his role does not have a long screen time, he plays a crucial role.


He is made to appear as a female by Saki and Yuki. They were friends of his girlfriend – Misae.


He meets her at a hospital and follows her to show his gratitude. Misae sees this as creepy and discourages him.


Katsuki has long blond hair with tufts on his forehead. He wears a cap to cover his head but it makes him look more feminine.


He has green eyes and pointed ears. 



38. Armin Arlert


Armin Arlert


Anime: Attack on Titans


Armin Arlert serves as a soldier in the Scout Regiment. He is weaker than his peers but appears to be more intelligent than them.


He enjoys a status that no one else in the regiment gets. He is short and of medium build. His round face makes him look like a female.


He has long hair which is trimmed to fit the military norms. His blue eyes are expressive and bubble with emotions.


His nose is slightly upturned and it’s red. His brown eyebrows and blond hair contrast his face.


He is mostly smiling and happy but, faces low self-esteem occasionally.



37. Hideri Kanzaki


Hideri Kanzaki


Anime: Blend S


Hideri is a Trap that is so close to looking like a real female. The name means “drought”. He was hired at Café Stile, for his looks.


He later becomes a singer there and surprises everyone. He has long silver hair with bangs.


His eyes are teal. He wears a black headband like most girls. Along with his outfit, he wears matching stockings and ribbons.


Being a cross-dresser at his work has led to many people confusing him to be a girl. He usually speaks in a girly voice.


But, when he gets agitated or nervous, a tone of masculinity returns to him.



36. Kalluto Zoldyck


Kalluto Zoldyck


Anime: Hunter X Hunter


Kalluto has medium-length dark hair pleated neatly. His pink eyes give feminine vibes to him. He has a mole on the left upper half of his mouth.


He is ordinarily seen wearing a dim kimono (furisode) with a yellow obi thread around his midsection.


He also has zōri, a couple of Japanese shoes which look good.


During the Chimera arc segment, Kalluto's kimono is dark. It has some white and violet edges.


He has a general feminine appearance, which has driven him to be confused with a young lady.


He runs into many problems over this. He portrayed the same thing in both – anime and manga.


At the point when he was more youthful, he wore a sweater and jeans like the remainder of his kin.



35. Nyau




Anime: Akame ga Kill


Nyau was a member of the elite Three Beasts bodyguard. His name comes from the Japanese cat sound – meow (onomatopoeia).


He was tasked to guard Esdeath. Nyau looked like a kid but came across as a sadistic character.


He would skin the faces of his victims to leave a symbol of terror.


Nyau was extremely loyal and also afraid of Esdeath. He had feline features like slit eyes and pointed teeth and ears.


His eyes were yellow and his long hair was blond. His greatest weapon was his ability to control people’s emotions through his melody.


He was also skilled in unarmed combat and close-quarter duels.



34. Aoi Hyoudou


Aoi Hyoudou


Anime: Kaichou Wa Maid Sama


Aoi Hyoudou was Satsuki’s nephew. Satsuki was the owner of the shop where Aoi worked. He is a cross-dresser who also worked as a fashion model.


His features were androgynous. His long eyelashes, his shaped eyebrows, and big blue eyes made his stare mesmerizing.


His purple-colored hair is neatly trimmed to a bowl cut.


He used a blond wig and some of Satsuki’s old clothes when he was cross-dressing as a female. Aoi is fond of cute and girly things like dolls.


Since he dressed as a female at times, he was the target of many bullies at his school.



33. Envy




Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist


Envy is a genderless character that can shapeshift and modify. They even could modify their voice and mimic others.


This made them very dangerous. They had a very emotional and personal reasons for their goals. Envy’s main aim was to make humans suffer.


This is because they are one of the Homunculus who possesses a true form. Envy appears as a pale-skinned youth with a muscular body.


They have long hair, slit eyes, and multiple pairs of legs. Their eyes are purple, which makes them easy to spot.


Since they are a form of Stones post depletion, they are very resentful.



32. Kurapika




Anime: Hunter x Hunter


Kurapika is the last descendant of the famous Kurta tribe. His code name is Rat in the organization he works at – Zodiacs.


He’s a blacklist hunter who takes pride in his meticulous skills and talents. He has blond hair which is a little long and wavy.


He had big blue eyes with grey eyeballs. His face was showing intense emotion and this made him look intelligent.


Though he is calm by nature, he could get aggressive if needed. He started using contact lenses after he learned Nen.


This was to hide his scarlet-clad eyes. He also wears a brown earring with a red ruby.



31. Astolfo




Anime: Fate/Grand Order


Astolfo is the name of the rider in this anime. Born as the son of the English King, he is believed to be handsome and optimistic.


But, he comes across as naïve, at times. Astolfo flew across the world and even visited the moon, once. He adorns his hair with all the female accessories.


He hides his real gender from the world and dresses as a girl. He sports long blond hair.


He also wears stockings and heels. This led to many people mistaking him to be a girl. He is notorious for being a blabbering loudmouth.


This had put him in serious trouble on many occasions.



30. Ruka Urushibara


Ruka Urushibara


Anime: Steins; Gate


Ruka Urushibara is a male who has to cross-dress as his friend forces him to. The friend is a female named Mayuri Shiina.


He has long hair, wears a Kimono, and has femininity all over. Ruka or Luka is emotionally more of a female than a male.


He is very sensitive and sentimental. Since he is a pushover, he gets bullied by other males. He cries very soon and trembles at times.


Though he dresses like a girl, he calls himself Boku. This is a male reference to address oneself. It means that Ruka wishes to go around like a male.



29. Tetra




Anime: Log Horizon


Tetra is also called Tetora. Though it sounds like a female name, the character is male.


He was a cleric idol who got stuck in a different world after some disaster struck him.


He appeared as a female in it though he was not one. Being a playful person, Tetra is not serious in life.


But, he is confident of his capabilities and also goes out of his way to help other people. This makes him liked in the community.


Sometimes his self-confidence gets mistaken as arrogance.


Tetra looks like a female teenager who had long hair. He ties his hair into many ponytails and adorns them with a lot of fancy items.



28. Saika Totsuka


Saika Totsuka 


Anime: Oregairu


Saika Totsuka is a young student who’s studying at Sobu High School. He is a sports lover who enjoys playing tennis in his free time.


He becomes a tennis club captain and motivates his team to perform their best. He generally looks too feminine but at times his masculine side shows up.


He’s short and sports long hair, which sometimes covers his face. His grey hair made him popular among his friends.


He has large eyes which are bubbling. His light skin tone makes it easy for him to stand out from others.


He had a soft and kind attitude which was another reason for his popularity.



27. Shirogane Naoto


Shirogane Naoto 


Anime: Persona 4


Shirogane Naoto is a detective who’s famous for his investigative skills. He is the most sought-after detective for solving many mysterious cases.


However, he lacks education and gets enrolled at a high school. He is part of a secret investigative team.


Being the shortest member, he faces many challenges.


He keeps his hair cut short and avoids facial hair. He is mostly seen wearing official dresses – blue shirts, ties, and a coat.


Naoto is an orphan who is far mature for his age. Being mission-oriented has led him to have a very serious outlook on life.


His analytical and observation skills help him many times.



26. Kino, Kino no Tabi


Kino, Kino no Tabi


Anime: The Beautiful World


'Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World's one of the best trap anime series.


It is a delightful anime about a young lady by the name of Kino who is in her adolescent years.


She is a markswoman and is going on her talking cruiser which has the name Hermes.


Kino has such hermaphroditic highlights that one will regularly get befuddled about her sex.


As far as I might be concerned, she resembles a kid with her short, spiky hair and cool demeanor.


She is acceptable at utilizing firearms and carries two enormous guns.


She has different weapons as well. Kino continues voyaging and never remains at a similar spot for over three days.



25. Mare Bello Fiore


Mare Bello Fiore 


Anime: Overlord


Mare Bello Fiore is a cross-dresser. He is a supporting character from Overlord. Fiore is a youthful dim and mythical being who is incredibly amazing.


Besides, Mare is known for passing level 100 over five positions. He has an appearance of fair hair with blue-green eyes.


Mare just wears the garments that are picked by his maker.


Nonetheless, he perceives it as bizarre, however, accepts that it is a custom of Supreme Beings for little youngsters to wear young ladies ' dresses.


Though he played a supporting role, his character was famous for the action sequences. This made him popular.



24. Rui Ninomiya


Rui Ninomiya 


Anime: Gatchaman


Rui Ninomiya is a prodigy kid who’s set to accomplish great tasks. He’s young with short hair. He does not have blond hair and instead maintains it as black.


His eyes are green and he uses red glasses to mask them.


He is also known as LOAD. When he goes into the LOAD mode, he does cross-dress as a female.


He uses a blond wig to cover his black hair. Rui is a typical idealist who dreams of a perfect society and strives hard to maintain order.


Since he is part of the GALAX community, he has many responsibilities to fulfill. He is also a hacker.



23. Pico




Anime: Boku No Pico


Pico is a character with blond hair. As he is a trap, he dresses as a female. He works at his grandfather’s bar as a part-time helper.


The first time he started dressing as a girl was after Tamotsu gifted him with such clothes. Once he got ignored by her, he got really sad.


This led him to trim his long hair and leave his house. Later, he forms a relationship with a male named Chico.


This is a Yaoi anime too. Pico is a frail Trap with little long hair. He has big green eyes and loves to skinny dip.



22. Hime Arikawa


Hime Arikawa 


Anime: Secret Princess


Hime Arikawa ends up in a predicament.


Arikawa's folks disappear without clarification, abandoning a difficult obligation for him, and leaving him helpless before advance sharks.


Despondent in flounder, Arikawa is given a lifesaver by the Student's Council of Shimonshina High School.


Be that as it may, their considerate assistance accompanies a condition – Arikawa should dress in drag as a young lady and do the offering of the Council.


Hence results in the complaint and comic story of Hime Arikawa, who is compelled to act and dress like a young lady while being the lapdog of the Student Council, who will persevere relentlessly to place him in humiliating circumstances.



21. Shiota Nagisa


Shiota Nagisa 


Anime: Assassination Classroom


Shiota Nagisa is a high school student with a passive and calm nature. But, he is a skilled assassin who’s ready to target and murder anyone.


He is the protagonist of this anime. He’s a petite boy who looks very weak. He is calm, collected, and sometimes very scheming. Many viewers initially mistake him for a girl, but as the anime progresses it becomes clear that he is a boy with feminine features. 


He is exceptionally observant and determined. He has blue-colored hair which is made into bangs and tufts. He ties one as a ponytail.


This gives him a feminine appeal. His hair goes to his shoulder levels. Though he keeps getting bullied by others, he always had the last laugh.



20. Shidou Mariya


Shidou Mariya 


Anime: Maria Holic


Shidou Mariya appears as the deuteragonist of this anime. This means a second main character.


He dresses as a female and so does his sibling who goes as his proxy.


This is a secret but temporary arrangement between them. Mariya has a crush on Kanako, who’s a classmate.


He respects and adores his grandma so much that he does a lot for her.


Mariya’s feminine features instantly attract many people. This also led to being bullied, in some cases.


Though he becomes a sadist at times, generally he is kind and caring.


He tries hard to hide his real gender as he goes around as a female.



19. Charlotte Dunois


Charlotte Dunois 


Anime: Infinite Stratos


Though not the customary anime trap, Charlotte Dunois makes it in our rundown due to her distinct features.


Charlotte's way of life as a snare stems on account of a political and military mission, which is one of a kind in itself.


Charlotte comes from an amazing French family who controls the IS creation and assembling in France.


Be that as it may, Charlotte is the undesirable little girl of the CEO as she is from an unexpected mother in comparison to his significant other.


Charlotte at first confounds numerous fans who speculate her being a snare even though she is subsequently uncovered to be a constrained snare, a device of political motorization.



18. Kuranosuke Koibuchi


Kuranosuke Koibuchi 


Anime: Princess Jellyfish


Kuranosuke Koibuchi is a rich kid of a powerful politician. He is a cross-dresser who has no interest in politics.


He is in pursuit of his long-lost mother, whom he wants to meet. Since he is interested in fashion, he tries his best to get into the arena.


However, many things stand in his way. He faces scorning from people around him as he dresses differently.


He also has a liking for women’s makeup. He comes across as a confident and very cheeky fashionista. Sometimes, vanity drove him to be selfish.


However, he’s a very good friend and a dedicated fan of some models.



17. Kashima Yuu


Kashima Yuu 


Anime: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun


Kashima is a tall and lanky character who is a powerful figure. He gets dragged to the club forcibly by his friend.


He has short hair but claimed that he did have long hair in his youth. He wears a school uniform in most sequences of the anime.


It consists of a blouse and a skirt with a tie. Though he displays a princely personality, he has been caught off guard by his humble roots.


The girl fuss is another prominent character in him. This leads to some issues and he is forced to change.


He is loyal to Hori, his friend.



16. Kikuchi Makoto


Kikuchi Makoto 


Anime: The Idolmaster


Kikuchi Makoto is a master sportsman. His looks also get a lot of admiration and this causes some jealousy. He has more female fans than male fans.


This can be attributed to the fact that he did well. He lives with his father and had planned to start his own business.


But, that business proves to be a dead end as he had to fulfill other responsibilities. He becomes an idol and tries to get more feminine as he desires.


He lives an unsatisfied life and often dreams of a better future. This is where he gets into some trouble as chaos ensues, soon.



15. Felix Argyle


Felix Argyle 


Anime: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu


Ferris has flax-shaded hair and yellow eyes which are slit.


His easygoing wear comprises a regular with a strip, a blue dress, dark leggings, blue tights, blue shoes, white arm covers, and a blue scarf tied around his correct arm.


Ferris' feline-like extremities are an after-effect of his precursors having Demi-Human blood and as a result of this, he was abused by his folks.


This makes him sad. The white and blue strips that he wears in his hair are a blessing from Crusch and he generally wears them regardless of what he's wearing.



14. Hime Arikawa


Hime Arikawa 


Anime: Himegoto


He is a young fellow with dazzling pink hair and radiant blue eyes. At school, he is seen with long hair, utilizing expansions, with red strips integrated as braids.


He wears a student's uniform. Despite his treatment as their "canine," Hime makes an honest effort to work with them and has a typical character other than that, diverging from every other person, who has more recognizable attributes.


He fights how he is being dealt with yet is scarcely heard and still compelled to do things he would not like to do, similar to wear garments for pictures or cheer for games.



13. Kino




Anime: Kino's Journey


Kino has short-length dark grayish hair. He wears a similar outfit as different siblings do in the game, probably a more characterized school uniform.


The top bit of said outfit comprises a red jacket with gold decorations, a dark ascot with a white fasten dubiously looking like a skull.


There is also an untucked white traditional shirt under, with a dark stripe around every one of the sleeves.


There is likewise an aiguillette as a slight gold string interfacing the shoulder of his jacket and the skull fasten.


Around his abdomen and under the overcoat, he wears a dark belt with a rectangular gold clasp.


The base portion of his uniform comprises dark plaid jeans and white shoes with dark soles.



12. Jun Watarase


Jun Watarase 


Anime: Happiness


Jun is a young man with an enamoring appearance. His looks challenge the actual thought of him having a genuine female body.


He has long, violet hair, which is joined by two violet eyes. He wears a female school uniform, which accommodates him well.


The standard uniform comprises a peach-shaded top, a middle class, and a bow to polish it off. The skirt for the uniform is light earthy colored.


Next are the stockings, which come in dark and a light shade of red. Jun, similar to different young ladies, has been seen exchanging between these two tones.



11. Hotaru Tachibana


Hotaru Tachibana 


Anime: Aoharu x Machinegun


At the point when Hotaru was a young man, his dad was sick. So he went to the clinic consistently.


On one of those visits, his dad disclosed a story in which he said that there are resilient individuals who exploit the feeble and frail.


Hotaru is a lighter-looking youngster with short light hair and lime-green eyes. His frame is very thin and he comes to about 5"7 (1.70m), in the anime.


Hotaru has a solid feeling of equity and feels the need to battle "evil". He ventures to bounce and bash the reprobates and feels a sense of justice.



10. Aoi Futaba


Aoi Futaba 


Anime: You Are Under Arrest


Aoi Futaba is certainly One of the pioneers of anime trap. He has tricked anime fans since the 90s.


Despite her female attitude and looks, Aoi Futaba is a transsexual who used to be a male.


Putting Aoi in the rundown is interesting as transsexuals are not generally delegated traps.


Nonetheless, regardless of whether that is the situation, preceding her sex change, Aoi regularly dresses in drag as ladies to settle cases and to find criminal napping, which in the long run persuades her that her soul is female and that she needs to forever change her sex.


Aoi has additionally been seen to be more ladylike than the hereditary females in the show.



9. Yukimura Kusunoki


Yukimura Kusunoki 


Anime: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai


Yukimura has medium-length light-earthy colored hair with eyes that likewise coordinates with her hair tone.


She is generally portrayed in her male school uniform during school hours and her servant uniform (given by Yozora) after school hours.


Yukimura's servant uniform comprises a dark dress with a white cover over a red tie and a white barrette with dark strings attached to triangles on each side.


She is the fourth individual from the Neighbor's Club.


The motivation behind why Yukimura can't get companions is because she thinks she is a kid (notwithstanding her task upon entering the world), which makes the young men awkward, just as her marginally absurd interest in masculinity.



8. Souta Takanashi


Souta Takanashi 


Anime: Working!!! 


Takanashi is a lean, athletic, and somewhat tan-cleaned youngster. He has earthy color shaded hair with tufts tumbling down to his eyebrows.


His sienna-earthy color eyes and round-molded glasses, make him look smart.


Takanashi's most familiar garments comprise a long sleeve, buttonless, and unadulterated white polo.


It also comes with a dark necktie tied around its neckline and put on the front of the neck.


At the point when Takanashi is seen after work, he wears a dark overcoat that looks like Japanese-styled uniform garment.


This does not suit him or his physique which looks awkward.



7. Honjo Kamatari


Honjo Kamatari 


Anime: Rurouni Kenshin


Kamatari is an individual from the Juppongatana and invests heavily in his 'womanly' status.


At one point he criticizes Henya for tossing bombs at him since it could hurt his skin.


He additionally is fairly coy and plays with Yahiko whom he called adorably and expresses that he could resemble him with training.


He has a contention with Yumi over who might win Shishio's affection, however, no doubt where it counts. Kamatari comprehends that he can never rival Yumi.


He alludes to himself as genuine constantly, albeit this, related to his dressing in drag, is an affection to conceal his lonely love for Shishio.



6. Gasper Vladi


Gasper Vladi 


Anime: High School DxD


Initially, a defeatist and a shut-in with a bashful character, Gasper likes to wear female attire. He feels that young ladies' garments are adorable.


He likewise inclines boxes and cartoons and carries them along.


At the point when Issei attempted to give Gasper certainty, Gasper gave a paper sack to put over his face.


In any case, Issei remarks that at whatever point Gasper puts the paper sack on, he resembles a molester.


As the arrangement advances, with Issei and the Gremory gathering's consolation, Gasper starts to acquire certainty and courage.


Over and over again, he has exhibited extraordinary bold and unwavering character.



5. Kenjiro Hato


Kenjiro Hato


Anime:  Genshiken Nidaime


Hato's genuine appearance is of a youthful-looking bishounen kid. He has short and trimmed hair. He is depicted as having a faultless appearance.


This is ascribed to his daily lavish utilization of different lotions. He carefully culls his body hair giving him smooth and graceful skin all finished.


Hato dresses in regular men's easygoing wear like neckline shirts and pants.


He will likewise dress in some lady-like garments, which accumulates consideration from men just as envy from specific ladies.


Hato is easygoing and quiet. He can get bothered severely in humiliating circumstances.



4. Haku




Anime: Naruto


Haku was a decent, agreeable, and excited shinobi. Despite his ability to fight, Haku detested expecting to slaughter others his part as an instrument. He tried not to do so at whatever point conceivable.


At the point when compelled to confront a rival, Haku did all that he could to abstain from exacting incredible damage, in any event, placing them into a passing-like state to keep them from battling further, as he did Sasuke during their fight.


On account of Haku's unadulterated, kind-hearted character, Zabuza accepted, notwithstanding his deeds as his device, Haku would have the option to flourish in paradise while he was sentenced to damnation.


Haku's character is complex yet simple. Haku just wanted to be a good partner of Zabuza. Initially, it seems that Zabuza does not respect Haku, but later it was revealed that Haku mattered the most to Zabuza. 



3. Mako-chan




Anime: Minami-Ke


Makoto is a cross-dresser. He is somewhat taller than Chiaki, Touma, and Yoshino.


You should watch this anime if you don't know these characters from Minami-Ke.


Makoto's eyes are normally caramel-colored; however, they are blue in the third season.


His hair is light earthy colored, and once in a while seems to have a slight ruddy color. His hair is styled in a spiky, fairly chaotic way.


As Mako-chan, his hair is fixed, separated somewhat to right, and is affixed with a brand name pin.


During an excursion to the Minami Residence to handle some especially troublesome schoolwork with his schoolmates, Makoto builds up a profound squash on Haruka Minami.



2. Neferpitou




Anime: Hunter X Hunter


Neferpitou resembled a humanoid feline with wavy white hair. His feline body was covered with yellow and white hide. He had ruby-red eyes, and their knees had separated joints like bug legs.


Neferpitou's hands were somewhat bigger than a normal human hands. His garments were a blue jacket with six yellow fastens and sleeve buttons.


This was accompanied by shorts and orange socks with slight dark stripes and a couple of blue shoes.


Neferpitou was faithful to the King and would give his life for him.


As one of the three individuals from the Royal Guard, Neferpitou is perhaps the most impressive Chimera Ants to live, and probably the most grounded character in the arrangement.


He was a complete evil being whose purpose was just to serve his king and would do anything to fulfill his master's wish. 



1. Emporio Ivankov


Emporio Ivankov 


Anime: One Piece


Ivankov is an enormous man with an afro of indigo hair and long eyelashes. He has an observably odd molded jaw.


His afro is adequately enormous to hold individuals inside. He has an individual Jolly Roger tattoo inked just underneath his chest.


As an Okama, he dresses in rosy-purple ladies' articles of clothing and cosmetics.


To show his prowess, over the sovereign boat of New Kama Land, he wears a sovereign's crown with a ruler's crown on top.


Utilizing his “Emporio Female Hormones” on himself, Ivankov can turn into an enormous measured, moderately surprising lady.


This structure is all the more sensibly proportioned (usual but not that common) than his male structure, and is somewhat exceptional.


This is a brief but exhaustive collection of Anime Traps.



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