Yu Yu Hakusho Arcs In Chronological Order

Yu Yu Hakusho Arcs In Chronological Orders


Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the most popular anime series ever to exist. And a huge credit for its success goes to the fact that it has a ton of incredible episodes.


There’s a reason why people appreciate this anime from their heart. However, many times, fans tend to get confused about the storyline or the core narrative of the series. But fear not because I am here to save the day.


In this article, we will be taking a deeper look at the arcs present in the Yu Yu Hakusho anime series. So make sure that you are ready with your favourite weapons and let’s dive deeper into this.




Yu Yu Hakusho Arcs In Chronological Order 


First, let’s start with the chronological watch order of the arcs. The idea here is that this is the order in which you need to watch the series in order to understand it well enough.


And that’s why, if you were unaware of this order before then make sure that you keep your notes ready.


Name Of The Arc

Release Date

Spirit Detective Saga

February 23, 2002

Dark Tournament Saga

April 8, 2003

The Chapter Black Saga

July 31, 2004

Saga of the Three Kings

December 3, 2005




Important Arcs Of Yu Yu Hakusho


Now that we know what the chronological order of the arcs is, let’s take a deeper look at these arcs altogether. The following are the arcs present in the series.


All of these arcs are placed here as important arcs since every single episode of Yu Yu Hakusho provides something or the other for the audience.


1. Spirit Detective Saga

This arc focuses on Yusuke and the first few tasks that have been assigned to him ever since he became a Spirit Realm Detective. And these tasks will define him and his personality in the long run.


The idea here is that the show is nothing less than fascinating for the audience who wishes to enjoy some Spirit World content that is clever and also dramatic. And this saga will set up the series to walk on that path.


No matter what happens, the anime will shine as one of the best spirit-world-oriented series ever to come out. And the spirit detective saga will act as the foundation for the same.


2. Dark Tournament Saga

In this arc of Yu Yu Hakusho, Yusuke goes on a date with Keiko while in the spirit world, it is revealed that Toguro threw his fight with Yusuke to give Sakyo Tarukane’s fortune.


Toguro then kills Tarukane and forces Yusuke to come with him, revealing 60% of his power. Yusuke agrees to participate in the Dark Tournament, so he trains with Genkai while Hiei and Kurama train with Kuwabara.


Team Urameshi wins the preliminary match, with Hiei using the Dragon of the Darkness flame and Kurama defeating Roto with his death plant. In the quarter-finals, Hiei and the Masked Fighter are trapped behind a barrier, leaving Yusuke and Kurama to fight.


Yusuke defeats Chu in a knife-edge death match, Kurama defeats Gama and Risho, and Bakken beats Kurama until Yusuke saves him. Eventually, Team Urameshi wins the tournament.


3. The Chapter Black Saga

The third most prolonged saga in the YuYu Hakusho series, known as the Chapter Black Saga, is covered in episodes 67 to 94 of the anime and chapters 113 to 153 of the manga.


This particular saga revolves around the clash between Yusuke Urameshi and the former Spirit Detective Shinobu Sensui. The arc was not only complex but also extremely interesting and game-changing for the coming arcs.


And that’s why this is an arc that you should experience under all circumstances. After all, the beauty and elegance of this arc will shape your understanding of the series altogether.


4. Saga of the Three Kings

After defeating Shinobu Sensui, Yusuke Urameshi faces an existential crisis due to interference from a demon during the battle. Seeking guidance, he visits Genkai who suggests he meet with Kuroko Sato, the original Spirit Detective for Earth.


However, three messengers from Demon World interrupt his visit and inform him that his ancestral demon father, Raizen, is on the cusp of death due to his refusal to eat humans.


They take Yusuke to meet Raizen in Demon World, while Kurama and Hiei receive messages from the other two leaders of Demon World to join their forces for the upcoming shift in balance caused by Raizen’s death.


All three accept and set out for the Demon World, where they train and eventually reach S-Class. Raizen dies and Yusuke proposes a tournament to decide the ruler of Makai.






1. Which is the best arc in Yu Yu Hakusho?

Chapter Black Saga is often regarded as the best arc in the entire series. And the reason why that is the case is that this arc is absolutely stunning with its storytelling, tension and complexity.


These kinds of themes are always appreciated in Shounen anime like Yu Yu Hakusho.


2. What is the longest arc in Yu Yu Hakusho?

The second saga of the series, The Dark Tournament Saga, is often regarded as the most prolonged saga in the entire franchise. It happened to start from chapter 52 and worked its way to chapter 112.


On the other hand, in the anime, it started from episode 26 and ran all the way till episode 66.


3. How many episodes are in the Spirit Detective arc?

The Spirit Detective Arc is the first arc in the series. It happened to deal with the first few tasks that were assigned to Yusuke as a Spirit Detective. Moreover, this arc dives deep into the foundation of the storyline and spans the first 25 episodes of the anime.


Hence, it is quite a lengthy saga.


4. What is the highest class in YuYu Hakusho?

Just like in One Punch Man, Yu Yu Hakusho happens to have the S-class which is often regarded as the highest class in the series. Anyone who belongs to this class will always be looked upon as a formidable opponent.


And that’s why you need to look forward to the action portrayed by this class.


5. How old is Yusuke Urameshi?

Yusuke Urameshi, despite being a delinquent, is only fourteen years old in the anime. And that’s why he is such an amazing character. Being a shounen anime, this series ensures that the story stays true to its demographic.


And that’s why you need to enjoy this anime and Yusuke as a character at all costs.


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