Top 50 Most Popular Shrek Characters Of All Time

Shivam ParasharShivam-Updated Jan 29, 2023

Shrek Characters


The 'Shrek' franchise is unquestionably one of the finest animated film franchises to have ever hit the screens.


It managed to provide a fun and endearing touch to the traditional fairytale tropes and, in many ways, changed how animated movies were both produced and screened for the big screen audience.


While the series is full of some truly amazing films, each of these features is also injected with exceptionally diverse and moving characters.


These characters have their respective strong points that have helped the franchise come together in a big way.


The 'Shrek' series of films may run high on emotions and jokes, but it is the dynamic personalities of the characters that truly bring the beauty of the movies to the surface.


Needless to say, as viewers, we are happy about the fact that the franchise has a strong ensemble cast and that it does not just rely on one or two characters to make the desired impact.


Better still, the characters in the universe of Shrek can be distinguished based not only on their appearances but also on their morality, sense of humor, and level of intelligence and motivation, respectively.


It is not surprising then that these colorful personalities help in making the series even more engaging and interesting.


That said when it comes to the heroes, villains, and other supporting characters of the franchise, we will be trying to assess different types of intellect to ascertain that our piece achieves what it aspires to.


Therefore, let us now take a seat and go through 50 of the finest characters of the Shrek film franchise.



1. Shrek




'Shrek' is hands down one of the best characters in the franchise. Well, it was obvious that he would make it to the top 3 of our list.


Why? Because it is most certainly his film series and he plays the central character in it.


An incredibly well-sketched and humorous character, Shrek has inspired a lot of memes over the years; some of which have gone on to become a sensation on various social media platforms.


Shrek, who can come across as grumpy, is also pretty kind and emotional at heart.


This trait gives his emphatically popular character a definitive edge and makes him relatable to the viewers.



2. Donkey




There is no denying the fact that Shrek is the lead character in the 'Shrek' series of movies.


However, when it comes to entertainment and dialogue delivery, there is barely any other character that can match the abilities of the beloved Donkey.


Even though Donkey is a supporting character who has been used efficiently by the makers as the ultimate comedic sidekick, his part is so great that he truly ends up stealing the show in more scenes than one.


Credit has to be given to the inimitable Eddie Murphy for playing this character with unmatched clarity and charm.


Donkey's over-the-top dialogue delivery makes his punchlines come across as funnier than they usually are.


While he can be scared easily, Donkey has enough sass and charisma; each of which helps him find his way in the complicated yet fascinating world of the 'Shrek' motion pictures.




3. Princess Fiona


Princess Fiona


The character of Princess Fiona is one of the most admirable characters from the 'Shrek' franchise of films.


What is special about the Princess is the fact that most of her dialogues are a direct reflection of her splendid personality.


Not only do her punchlines attempt to combine both versions of her life, but they also make the fans of the series connect to her persona in a big way.


It would be safe to say that Princess Fiona makes her viewers believe that true beauty is the one that is confined to our hearts and that not everything that appears to be beautiful is attractive in the true sense of the word.


Deep as her character may sound, Princess Fiona is also a lot of fun to watch on the screen.


She can be tender when she wishes to and stern when her circumstances ask her to.


In addition to the aforementioned attributes, the character also gives the audience a ton of humor to savor.




4. The Gingerbread Man


The Gingerbread Man


The Gingerbread Man is one of those supporting characters in the 'Shrek' series of films that comes across as interesting right from the first time he appears on the screen.


The Gingerbread Man is full of sass and assurance and he never backs down from sharing his perspectives; a trait that makes him extraordinarily special and entertaining to catch on the screen.


Having said that, even though The Gingerbread Man ends up getting himself in a whole lot of trouble throughout the franchise, he does not allow his confidence to recede at any cost.


And, we all are duly aware of the fact that anyone who thrives on their confidence is truly fun to be around.




5. Puss In Boots


Puss In Boots


One of the most amazing characters to have been sketched for the 'Shrek' film series was that of Puss In Boots.


A classic fairytale character in the true sense of the word, Puss In Boots could come across as dependable, endearing, or lethal, depending on the necessity of the situation.


Puss In Boots, who was full of conviction and charisma, did not think twice before taking his enemies head-on.


His confidence was only aided by his sharp sword fighting skills; something that made the series even more thrilling to watch for the fan We would also like to mention the fact that his flirtatious endeavors with Princess Fiona were superbly funny and sometimes sweet to watch.




6. The Fairy Godmother


The Fairy Godmother


'Shrek' is one of those rare animated film franchises that truly thrives on its entertaining set of villains.


It is not surprising then that another character to make it to the top 10 of our list is a villain again.


The Fairy Godmother, who was originally supposed to be true to her name, was given a dramatic twist by the makers of the franchise.


Instead of being delightful and constructive, the character turned out to be rather surprising and distrustful.


However, these traits did make her come across as intriguing. The fact that the character of The Fairy Godmother was turned entirely on its head made it even more special to relish for the ardent fans of the film series.




7. Prince Charming


Prince Charming


Prince Charming is yet another super stylish villain from the 'Shrek' movie franchise to make it to our list.


His charm, chutzpah, and sense of humor make him an exceptional character to watch on the screen.


Even though he bluffed to be both smart and dangerous and a possible knight in shining armor, in truth, he was someone who was the trademark example of a momma's boy.


This, in turn, gave a rather splendid twist to his character sketch. Prince Charming may not have been a trained soldier but he was firm in his exaggerated opinions and did his very best to prove his theories right.


In addition, he enjoyed a bit of flirting and was quite fond of dressing himself up when he had to.




8. Lord Farquaad


Lord Farquaad


Even though the character of Lord Farquaad might technically be a wrongdoer but it does not negate the fact that he is, indeed, one of the finest characters of the 'Shrek' film series.


The pompous character has been sketched well and its boisterous temperament provides a ton of enjoyable moments for the audience.


Furthermore, his exaggerated role-play and antics make him come across as someone who cannot be ignored in the first place.


That said, Lord Farquaad may not be unbelievably tall or terrifying but his give-a-damn attitude more than makes up for his not-so-scary physical appearance.




9. King Harold


King Harold


King Harold has got to be one of the most polarizing characters in the 'Shrek' series of movies.


Nowhere is this more apparent than when he is compelled to be comfortable with the idea of having Shrek around after having tried his best to get rid of his undeniable presence.


King Harold's character sketch has, indeed, managed to divide opinions among the fans after he had been able to show his rare soft side.


Even though he can come across as harsh and intolerant, he can also sometimes win one over with his surprising acts of kindness.


Over and above everything else, what makes King Harold even more likable and relatable is the fact that he only hopes for the best of things to happen for his daughter.


Even though he is not able to convey his emotions like most of us do, he is always ready to go out of his way to ensure that his beloved daughter is happy and content with her life.




10. Pinocchio




There is no denying the fact that Pinocchio is one character that everyone has been acquainted with for quite a long time.


The addition of this character to the 'Shrek' franchise, besides making it more mainstream, also adds a bit of fun to it.


The core concept behind the creation of this character was to make it come across as anxious and jittery from time to time.


His nervousness made him converse a lot and this, ultimately, was aided by the expansion of his popular nose.


That being said, what made the character of Pinocchio even better is the fact that he would lie a lot less if he managed to communicate for a long time.


This was not only an incredibly clever way to give his character an edge but it was also funny and endearing in equal measure.




11. Dragon




Do we need to have an understanding of languages and dialects to communicate with other species on the planet?


Well, maybe not in the world of Shrek. Meet Dragon; someone who cannot speak in any language that the other beings are familiar with but can comprehend them without breaking a sweat.


While this may tell a lot about her ability to understand others, it also goes on to cement the fact that she is possibly the only bilingual character in the 'Shrek' franchise of films.


Although we are not certain if the unquestionably impressive Dragon applies makeup to herself, we can though vouch for the fact that she indeed did turn out to be the ultimate savior in the first film.




12. Magic Mirror


Magic Mirror


One of the most enigmatic characters of an intriguing series of animated feature films, Magic Mirror is devoted to nobody but himself.


He does not have the time for anybody else but that is probably because he thinks that nobody can understand him as well as he understands himself.


Since Magic Mirror understands that he is under constant threat, he tries to use his skill in the best possible way to stay both safe and relevant.


One cannot help but appreciate the conviction with which he showcases potential brides for the narcissistic Lord Farquaad.



13. King Arthur Pendragon


King Arthur Pendragon


King Arthur Pendragon, who has been voiced by Justin Timberlake in the animated feature film and James Arnold Taylor in the video game, happens to be the cousin of Princess Fiona which makes him a cousin-in-law to our main lead, Shrek.


Loosely based on King Arthur, Arthur is a supporting character who makes his presence felt in 'Shrek the Third.' His transition from someone who is relentlessly bullied to an individual who can manage to make people believe him is remarkable, to say the least.


It is not surprising then that the story of how he commences his reign as King of Far Far Away has its attraction.



14. The Big Bad Wolf


The Big Bad Wolf


The Big Bad Wolf is a character that has been voiced by Aron Warner for the films and James Arnold Taylor for the video games.


Even though it is partly based on the eponymous fairytale character, it differs from it in the sense that it has turned out to be a rather compassionate character in the universe of 'Shrek.' The Big Bad Wolf is barely seen speaking but when he does utter a dialogue or two to communicate, his tone comes across as dreary and uneventful.


The character, which is often seen donning a pink dress, has a rather tiny role to play in 'Shrek Forever After.'



15. The Three Little Pigs


The Three Little Pigs


The Three Little Pigs turn out to be faithful pals to our beloved protagonist Shrek.


They have a German accent each and appear in all of the 'Shrek' motion pictures.


Both in the original book and the feature, The Three Little Pigs are among the numerous fairytale creatures who have been handed over an "eviction notice" by Lord Farquaad.


That is precisely how they end up at Shrek's swamp. They soon become good friends with both Shrek and Fiona and start looking after their house while the couple goes to visit Far Far Away.


Having said that, The Three Little Pigs are less prominent in the third film.



16. The Three Blind Mice


The Three Blind Mice


The Three Blind Mice, like their name suggests, are a trio of indistinguishable blind mice brothers who, along with a few other creatures, have been banished to Shrek's swamp by Lord Farquaad.


The Three Blind Mice have an English accent each and go on to become good friends with Shrek as well.


Since their character sketch requires them to be blind, they are seen in black sunglasses and are carrying a cane each.


Their names are Forder, Gorder, and Horder and they are shown without any injury whatsoever in the movies, unlike in the stories written.



17. Dronkeys




Ever heard of a hybrid offspring of a dragon and a donkey? Yes, we have, and they are called Dronkeys.


Introduced in 'Shrek 2' to provide a decent laugh to the audience, the six young hybrid donkey-dragon children develop a liking towards their father as soon as they are introduced to him in Far Far Away after Dragon reunites with Donkey.


The dronkeys, whose names are Eclair, Bananas, Peanut, Parfait, Coco, and Debbie, have been allotted little screen time in 'Shrek the Third.' While Donkey itself was a delightful character, the addition of the dronkeys only makes their chemistry a bit more fun to relish on the screen.



18. Farkle, Fergus, and Felicia


Farkle, Fergus, and Felicia


Since we have already introduced the darling couple of Fiona and Shrek to our readers, let us now take them down memory lane and introduce their precious children to them.


The Ogre Triples, named Farkle, Fergus, and Felicia respectively, are three adorable children to Shrek and Princess Fiona.


While Farkle and Fergus are males, Felicia is female. That being said, the lovely sight of The Ogre Triplets celebrating Christmas with their parents is truly one to behold.


Aside from being the testimony to Shrek and Fiona's love, the triplets are also a magnificent addition to the series.



19. Queen Lillian


Queen Lillian


Queen Lillian is a character that has been voiced by the iconic Julie Andrews. The dowager queen of Far Far Away, who is a widow of King Harold and mother to Princess Fiona, is someone who undergoes a transition of sorts following the demise of her beloved husband.


Queen Lillian makes her debut in the second installment of the 'Shrek' franchise and her character is shown to be visibly surprised by the fact that her daughter has transformed into an ogre.


However, she accepts Shrek into the family after she realizes that her daughter is happy with her married life.


That said, she is shown to be evolving into a more tenacious character in 'Shrek the Third.'



20. Doris




Doris, who makes her maiden appearance in 'Shrek 2', is also seen returning in 'Shrek the Third' and for a few moments in 'Shrek Forever After', respectively.


Even though Doris is based on one of Cinderella's two awful stepsisters, she is nothing but friendly to Fiona.


Initially, she is seen as a tall and independent woman who likes to put on makeup like Elizabeth Taylor.


Her masculine voice gives the vibe that her character is supposed to resemble a drag queen.


That said, Doris is also seen becoming a decent friend to Shrek in 'Shrek the Third.' And oh, she even had a crush on Prince Charming and was seen forcing him to kiss her.



21. Snow White


Snow White


Snow White, who has been voiced by Amy Poehler (not the singing voice), is yet another friend of Princess Fiona.


What is worth mentioning about her is the fact that she uses her singing talent to make all the other animals follow her orders whenever she wants them to.


Snow White makes a cameo in the first film when she is shown to be among the fairytale creatures who have been banished to Shrek's swamp.


A proud character, Snow White makes a significant appearance in 'Shrek the Third' and is shown to be sleeping in a coffin that is handled by the seven dwarves.



22. Cinderella




Voiced by Amy Sedaris, Cinderella is yet another fairytale character who turns out to be one of Princess Fiona's good friends.


Cinderella is not only seen wearing a pair of glass slippers throughout 'Shrek the Third' but she also uses them as a weapon when she has to.


Since she has been made to do a ton of household work for her stepmother and stepsisters, she has gotten obsessed with having everything around her neat and clean.


Also, Lord Farquaad is shown to have kept Cinderella as one of his options after he is compelled to have a wife so that he can become king.


That said, the character of Cinderella appears more prominently in the third installment of the Shrek franchise.



23. Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping Beauty has been voiced for the viewers by Cheri Oteri. She is yet another character from the universe of 'Shrek' films who appears more prominently in the third installment of the series.


A friend to Princess Fiona, Sleeping Beauty, like her name suggests, likes nothing more than to sleep.


And, because she is often found to be in a deep slumber, very little about her personality is known to the audience.


However, the viewers can most probably gauge the fact that Sleeping Beauty is a kind and eccentric character.


In 'Shrek 2', she is shown to be partying with several other princesses at night; an outing that Princess Fiona is not able to attend due to her ogre appearance.



24. Merlin




Merlin, who has been voiced by Eric Idle, is a former wizard teacher from Arthur's high school in the third part of the 'Shrek' film series.


After a ship carrying Shrek, Donkey, Puss, and Artie crashes into the rocks in 'Shrek the Third', they are left stranded on an island.


In the third installment itself, the group happens to meet Artie's retired teacher, named Merlin.


This happens as Artie tries to separate himself from Shrek. Merlin, who made a cameo appearance as one of the fairytale creatures banished to Shrek's swamp, is another eccentric character whose magic spells usually go wrong.



25. Brogan




Brogan is a brave ogre and the second-in-command of the Ogre Resistance in the feature, titled 'Shrek Forever After.'  Voiced efficiently by Jon Hamm, Brogan has got an unshaven face, and really short hair, and uses his nose to disseminate music.


While Brogan is taller and better looking than Shrek, he is also equally compassionate and loyal.


Not only that but he is also the strongest of all ogres. His strength becomes clear when he pulls the Skull Chains that are being carried by the witches and are attached to him.


This makes the Witches fall from their broomsticks.



26. Cookie




Voiced by Craig Robinson, Cookie is an ogre who has an important role to play in the Ogre Resistance.


He is a dynamic chef who utilizes food as his weapon against the witches and Rumpelstiltskin in the Ogre Resistance in 'Shrek Forever After.' An outgoing and friendly ogre, Cookie takes a cartful of his signature dish - the chimichanga - to the ambush of Rumpelstiltskin.


Cookie, who is the only ogre to take satisfaction in his dancing while Pied Piper plays his flute, can be recognized with the help of the garlic that he has tied to his goatee.


Also, he is seen in the typical chef hat.



27. Gretched




Gretched has been voiced by Jane Lynch for the viewers of the 'Shrek' franchise. She is a female ogre who makes an appearance in the feature 'Shrek Forever After.'  Gretched, who is one of the strongest soldiers, has a critical role to play in the Ogre Resistance.


However, what segregates Gretched from Fiona is the fact that the former behaves more like the other male ogres.


This is primarily because unlike the latter, Gretched is not exactly tender in her approach towards things or circumstances.


Even though Gretched's mannerisms adhere to the stereotypes attached to male ogres, she is willful and dependable in her way.



28. Humpty Alexander Dumpty


Humpty Alexander Dumpty


Humpty Alexander Dumpty had to be an interesting character to watch. This is not only because he can come across as entertaining from time to time but also because he has been voiced by the inimitable Zach Galifianakis.


Humpty Alexander Dumpty and Puss used to be the best of friends when they were kids.


However, after Puss turned out to be a local hero, Humpty started to grow jealous of his name and fame.


Humpty went on to convince Puss to rob a bank with him and, thus, turned him into an outlaw.


Humpty Alexander Dumpty is known as Master Fu In 'Shrek Super Slam' and is also mentioned by Puss In Boots in 'Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos.'



29. Kitty Softpaws


Kitty Softpaws


Kitty Softpaws is a black tuxedo cat who has been voiced by Salma Hayek. Since her character was sketched to be different and stylish, Salma Hayek's voice only ends up giving it a distinctive touch.


She has a white chest, white paws, great eyebrows, and bright blue eyes; traits that make her come across as alluring.


Not only that but Kitty Softpaws can also be seen carrying a dagger in her brown belt; something that goes well with her dark brown boots.


Her fur is very thick and she is an incredible thief, to say the least.


However, she manages to stun the viewers when it is revealed that she had teamed up with the envious Humpty to fool Puss.


Be that as it may, she does end up falling in love with Puss during their many adventures and, eventually, ends up saving him as well.



30. Rumpelstiltskin




Rumpelstiltskin has been voiced by Conrad Vernon in 'Shrek the Third' and by Walt Dohrn in the subsequent Shrek media.


Rumpelstiltskin is your trademark villain. He is an evil short con man who has an enormous pet goose named Fifi and makes magical deals and gives them his twisted twist.


A different version of Rumpelstiltskin is shown to be joining Prince Charming in 'Shrek the Third.' This is his attempt to ensure that the other villains get their happily ever after.


That being said, Rumpelstiltskin is shown to be imprisoned in a cage in 'Donkey's Christmas Shrektacular.' And, he receives coal for Christmas.



31. Jack and Jill


Jack and Jill


Jack and Jill are a married couple who have been voiced by Billy Bob Thornton and Amy Sedaris, respectively.


In 'Puss in Boots', Jack and Jill are shown to be in the possession of the magic beans from the Jack and the Beanstalk story.


These magic beans are the same that Puss, Kitty Softpaws, and Humpty Dumpty manage to steal to find their way into the giant's keep.


Throughout the screenplay, Jack is seen trying to persuade Jill to have a baby as he wishes to start a family soon.


However, he happily sacrifices his wishes after he sees Jill's reluctance for the same.



32. Thelonious




Thelonious is yet another villainous character to make it to our list. He has been voiced by Christopher Knights.


Thelonious, who is one of Lord Farquaad's henchmen and executioner, always has his face covered by a hood; perhaps to make him come across as deadly.


Furthermore, he has huge muscles and is mostly seen wearing tight costumes. Not only is he the one who tortures Gingy and breaks his legs but he is also audacious enough to threaten the Magic Mirror by suggesting Lord Farquaad shatter it to pieces.


In 'Shrek 4-D', Thelonious is seen abducting Fiona; this is to ascertain that the spirit of Farquaad can slay her and make her his spirit queen.



33. Rapunzel




Rapunzel, who happens to be one of Princess Fiona's former friends, is a rather snobbish and proud character who does not seem to get along too well with the others; especially not with the commanding Snow White.


The character has been voiced by Maya Rudolph for the audience. Rapunzel is first seen during Fiona's baby shower in 'Shrek the Third.' However, she has nothing but love in her heart for Prince Charming.


This becomes even more apparent when she finds her way to him after his abrupt invasion of the castle.


Rapunzel, who deceives her friends in the most unabashed way possible, does not shy away from showing off her love for Prince Charming.



34. Captain Hook


Captain Hook


Captain Hook, who has been voiced by Ian McShane in the third installment of the 'Shrek' series of films, is seen singing and playing the piano in the bar of the Poison Apple in 'Shrek 2.' 


Captain Hook, who is among the first people to let go of his weapon and be good in the true sense of the word after Artie tries to convince the villains to give up on their weapons, is seen working for Prince Charming in 'Shrek the Third.' 


Captain Hook is even heard claiming that he is fond of daffodils and that he grows them.


Even though he does not appear in 'Shrek Forever After', his voice can easily be heard in the soundtrack of the feature.



35. Cyclops




The Cyclops, who has been voiced by Mark Valley, happened to be the bouncer for the Poison Apple as was seen in the second installment of the 'Shrek' franchise of films.


This character also makes an appearance in Shrek Super Slam, and his slam is called "Eye in the Sky." In the third 'Shrek' movie, the Cyclops can be noticed on a Bucking Bronco at the Poison Apple Bar as Prince Charming finds his way in.


Even though the Cyclops is among the villains that help Prince Charming take over Far Far Away, he is still, at heart, a family man in the true sense of the word.


He has a cute little daughter, who also has just one eye. That being said, Cyclops does not wish to be a wrongdoer.


He is tired of being evil; something that is apparent when he is seen apologizing to Shrek after having hit him too hard.



36. Mabel the Ugly Stepsister


Mabel the Ugly Stepsister


Mabel, who is the sister of Doris and the stepsister of Cinderella, has been voiced to the viewers by Regis Philbin.


She makes her maiden appearance in the third installment of the 'Shrek' series of films.


In it, she can be seen helping Prince Charming in his agenda to take control of Far Far Away.


Mabel may be chubby but she is a kind person at heart. Like Doris, she also happens to have a crush on Prince Charming.


She has replaced Doris as the new bartender and makes it clear that Doris is not welcome at the bar anymore.


Also, she is mostly seen wearing clothes that are green in color.



37. The Evil Gnomes


The Evil Gnomes


The Evil Gnome are gnomes who can be recognized solely because of their appearance.


Not only do they wear dark clothes but they can also be seen sporting a black beard each.


They make a short appearance in the second installment of the 'Shrek' franchise but can be seen more prominently in the third film. 'Shrek 2' shows two Evil Gnomes wrestling with each other.


However, in 'Shrek the Third', the Evil Gnomes are seen assisting Prince Charming in his plan of taking over Far Far Away.


The Evil Gnomes may not be a very meaty character but it does not negate the fact that they try to hold their own amidst a plethora of characters.



38. The Evil Trees


The Evil Trees


While we are including a lot many wicked characters in our list of the best Shrek characters, we must not forget to make The Evil Trees a part of it.


The Evil Trees are a group of wicked trees who also make a brief appearance in the second installment of the 'Shrek' movies.


However, like several other characters on our list, they also have been allotted better screen space in the third movie. 'Shrek 2' has a fun scene that shows two Evil Trees "branch wrestling" with each other.


That said, the two Evil Trees have been played by Andrew Birch and Christopher Knights in 'Shrek the Third.' And, like plenty of other villains, they are also seen helping Prince Charming in his scheme to take over Far Far Away.



39. The Evil Queen


The Evil Queen


The Evil Queen is yet another character who tries to do her best in assisting Prince Charming as he strives to take control of Far Far Away.


She has been voiced by Susan Blakeslee and can be seen making an appearance in the third installment of the 'Shrek' series of movies.


In one sequence in the film, Prince Charming can be heard calling her "Wicked Witch." There is also a scene in which she is about to kill Queen Lillian.


However, after Artie asserts that they can give up on their evil work and look for something better to do, The Evil Queen does end up confessing that she has wanted to open a spa in France for a long time.



40. Headless Horseman


Headless Horseman


Headless Horseman, like his name suggests, might be headless but he is fun enough to be on our list, despite having a short screen presence.


The character has been voiced efficiently by Conrad Vernon and can be seen making a "special appearance" in the Poisoned Apple in the second installment of the 'Shrek' franchise.


That said, he does appear in the third animated film as well and can be seen with Prince Charming in his invasion of villains.


Seemingly a good friend to Captain Hook, he goes on to reveal that he has always wished to play the flute.


However, wouldn't that be a task given the fact that he has no head? Hmmm.



41. Monsieur Robin Hood


Monsieur Robin Hood


Monsieur Robin Hood, who has been voiced charmingly by Vincent Cassel, is a French-accented version of Robin Hood who makes his vain presence felt in the first 'Shrek' film itself.


Initially, he thinks that Shrek has abducted Princess Fiona. This is precisely when he and his men introduce themselves with the help of a melody and decide to "save" Fiona from Shrek.


However, Fiona is not the one to be impressed by Monsieur Robin Hood's antics. She finds the song incredibly irritating and, therefore, pins him and his entire squad to the ground.


This is something that truly impresses Shrek. Having said that, Robin and his gang did not have any real malice towards Shrek.


This becomes clear when they are seen attending the couple's wedding.



42. Sir Lancelot


Sir Lancelot


Sir Lancelot has been voiced for the audience by actor John Krasinski and was one of Arthur's classmates in high school.


Even though he has a good face cut and is exceptionally good-looking, Sir Lancelot is also incredibly narcissistic.


He is a typical jock who loves sport and the popularity that tags along with it.


He has got a ton of fans and he knows how to take advantage of his popularity.


Often, Sir Lancelot can risk coming across as a bully. It is not surprising then that he tries to assert his superiority over the others whenever he wishes to.



43. Witches




The third installment of the 'Shrek' franchise shows Witches as patrons at the bar of the Poison Apple.


This is almost at the same time when Prince Charming assembles with his squad of villains to take control of Far Far Away.


The witches are given the responsibility of carrying out air raids and dropping the evil trees from the sky above on the citizens.


Having said that, some of these witches are Rumpelstiltskin's assistants in 'Shrek Forever After.' They are seen wearing black coats and their faces are green in color.


They can be seen riding their broomsticks. However, they can be killed by water.



44. The Pied Piper


The Pied Piper


The Pied Piper is a character that makes a short appearance in the first installment of the 'Shrek' franchise of movies.


He manages to rally several rats with his mesmerizing flute in Shrek's swamp. Not only that but he is also shown to be hired by Rumpelstiltskin; this is to capture the ogres by coercing them to dance to his tunes in 'Shrek Forever After.' He can just about handle different species and objects by setting a "target" on his flute.


Also, he is barely ever seen speaking. So, the communication part is taken care of by his flute alone.



45. The Black Knight


The Black Knight


The Black Knight is a gibberish-speaking character who has his ways of dealing with things that require to be dealt with.


Another enigmatic character in the 'Shrek' series of animated feature films, he has been voiced by Max Koch and is often seen in black armor and a red cape in 'Shrek Super Slam.' 


He is available in the series as one of the standard characters and his slam has been rightfully named the "Seismic Smash." That being said, the third installment of the 'Shrek' franchise did indeed show some black knights helping Prince Charming in a plot to kill Shrek.



46. The Muffin Man


The Muffin Man


Jero the Muffin Man is the character of a baker who lives in Far Far Away.


He has been voiced by Conrad Vernon. The first movie of the 'Shrek' franchise does mention him briefly when Gingy and Lord Farquaad are seen communicating their awareness of him.


The Muffin Man, who first makes an appearance in 'Shrek 2' after Shrek and Gingy convince him to bake a massive gingerbread man named Mongo, is revealed to be a father figure to Gingy in 'Shrek the Third.' He is also seen appearing in 'Shrek Forever After' as a baker at a birthday party.



47. Fifi




Rumpelstiltskin has a gigantic pet goose called Fifi. However, Fifi does not only work as a domesticated pet for his owner.


He is also his carriage puller and caretaker. He is even seen attacking Shrek and Donkey for his master at one point.


That said, when Fiona can be heard singing on a high note during the end credits, it causes Fifi to blow up along with the bluebird.


While Fifi does not make an appearance in the spin-off of 'Shrek' titled 'Puss in Boots', The Great Terror does look a lot like him in the latter.



48. Furniture




As confusing as this character may sound, The Furniture does make an appearance for the first time in Fiona's bedroom.


They can be seen in the second installment of the 'Shrek' series of animated feature films.


They are brought to life by Fairy Godmother to provide a fair bit of comfort to Princess Fiona.


However, both the Furniture and Fairy Godmother are startled to know that Fiona does not need comfort anymore and that she is married to an ogre named Shrek.


The Furniture does make a comeback of sorts in the third 'Shrek' movie but they are no longer alive.



49. Suzy




Suzy, who has been voiced by Susan Fitzer for the viewers of the 'Shrek' franchise, was a gingerbread girl.


She happened to be Gingy's ladylove who made an appearance for a few moments in Gingy's flashback story in the third installment of the franchise and in 'Shrek the Halls.' In 'Shrek the Third', she can be seen kissing Gingy at a drive-in cinema.


Gingy can also be seen recalling how he spent one fine Christmas night with her in 'Shrek the Halls.' Unfortunately for Gingy though, Suzie was gobbled up by Santa; this is exactly why he happens to be so terrified of Santa now.



50. Sugar




Sugar has been voiced by Kristen Schaal and is another one of Gingy's love interests who can be seen in the television special called 'Scared Shrekless.' 


Sugar came to be Gingy's new girlfriend after Gingy explains to the Muffin Man that his previous girlfriend left him because he was very selfish in the relationship and cared only about his needs.


Having heard that, the Muffin Man ends up making Gingy a new girlfriend. However, since Gingy wanted his girlfriend to be awfully sweet, he thinks of adding a lot of sugar to the gingerbread batter.


Once Sugar is brought to life, Gingy's happiness knows no limits. Needless to say, the new girlfriend gets very attached to Gingy; something that he does not really like later on.




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