Top 50 Most Popular Green Characters Of All Time

Top 50 Most Popular Fictional Green Characters


Some of the most popular television and movie characters are happy to share an affinity for the green color.


In fact, their involvement with green has ensured that there is certain hype around the shade in popular culture. While green symbolizes nature, there is also a traditional school of thought that associates the color with envy and jealousy.


However, the characters that we are going to be discussing today are anything but envious.


So, in a slightly different story today, we attempt to fetch you the most influential and iconic green characters that continue to be remembered for their respective dispositions.




1. Shrek




Shrek is a fictional ogre character who not only managed to win the heart of a beautiful princess but also that of millions of viewers across the globe.


He is the beloved protagonist of the book of the same name, a series of animated feature films by DreamWorks Animation, and a musical, respectively.


Now, some people might argue that Shrek lives in a swamp, but they can ever make themselves believe that he is not an encouraging guy at all?


In fact, he would go to extreme lengths to fight for his love which makes him far more attractive, endearing, and loyal than most human beings.


Needless to say, his popularity was duly acknowledged when he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles in 2010.


Furthermore, Shrek has also been called one of the “100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years” by Entertainment Weekly.




2. Yoda




Yoda is a green humanoid alien in the Star Wars universe who first made an appearance in the 1980 feature film The Empire Strikes Back.


Even though this fictional character comes across as tiny and cute, he is known to be powerful within the Force. Also, he has served as Grandmaster of the Jedi Order.


One of the most renowned and influential masters in the history of science fiction, Yoda has been among the few Jedi to survive the events of Order 66 at the end of the war.


He is known to have trained Jedi Younglings and Padawans for over 800 years; thus, playing a critical role in the Clone Wars.


Furthermore, he is also seen training Luke Skywalker to defeat his father Darth Vader towards the end of his life.


That being said, Yoda can also be seen making an appearance in the television cartoons Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the Lego cartoon.




3. Kermit the Frog


Kermit the Frog


Kermit the Frog is an iconic amphibian and a Muppet character who was first introduced to the viewers in 1955.


Since his debut appearance, he may have had more television and movie credits than most of the members of the Screen Actors Guild.


Needless to say, he has been a household name and a prolific hero since the 1960s. However, the character was brought to life once again following the release of ‘The Muppets’ in 2011.


Kermit has been seen playing the everyman protagonist in numerous Muppet productions and television specials throughout the years.


It is not surprising then that both his impression and voice have been recognizable in popular culture across the country and beyond.




4. The Hulk


The Hulk


After one of Dr. Bruce Banner’s experiments with gamma rays went wrong, he couldn’t help but transform into the phenomenal Hulk.


However, he had the proficiency to turn into the well-built superhero only when he was fuming in anger. The greenest of the green characters, he first made an appearance in the debut issue of The Incredible Hulk during the late 1960s.


Since then, he has been a part of several cartoons, live-action TV series, and various Marvel feature films. That being said, it is important to note that The Hulk’s level of strength is directly proportional to his level of wrath.



5. The Mask


The Mask


The Mask was a spectacular big-screen spectacle that showed a mild-mannered introvert (played by Jim Carrey) transform into the owner of the loudest zoot suit ever.


How does he manage to do that? Well, he stumbles upon a magical mask! When donning “The Mask”, the character can be seen in a yellow zoot suit.


However, don’t be appalled to find his tongue lolling out of his mouth and eyes popping out of his skull.


Now, this all may sound both scary and bizarre but it’s all fun and games once you sit to watch Carrey and his odd antics unfold.


This eccentric and maniacal green-skinned superhero ensured that The Mask turned out to be a massive success at the box office in 1994.



6. Michael Wazowski


Michael Wazowski


Michael Wazowski, who is lovingly called Mike, is not only the main protagonist in Monsters, Inc. but also its prequel Monsters University.


There is no chance that you wouldn’t recognize this character if you happened to catch him abruptly on the screen.


This is because he looks as unique as possible. He is a short, lime green spherical monster with one large green eye.


Add to that the fact that he has two small horns on his head and thin arms and legs that are connected to either side of his torso. Isn’t that distinct enough?


Among the most popular green characters of all time, Mike was seen making a return as a prominent character in the series Monsters at Work.



7. Donatello




One of the four main protagonists in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a member of the TMNT, Donatello is not only the tallest of all turtles but he is also pretty much “The Brains” of the unit.


While the Turtles truly are brilliant warriors, they could never have become the heroes that we know of today had it not been for the daring Donatello.


Trust the genius in Donatello to rub two machines together and come up with a third one. Needless to say, many of the Turtles’ heroics and success depends heavily on his unpaired mechanical ability.



8. Loki




Loki is a fictional character who has made a regular appearance in the American comic books published by Marvel Comics.


Even though one may recall that the character first appeared in Venus, the depiction that has prevailed to this very day was first seen in Journey into Mystery.


Loki is not only the adopted brother of Thor but he is also the reigning Prince of Asgard and the undisputed God of Mischief.


He has no other purpose in the world but to demolish those who come between him and the king’s crown.


Needless to mention, his lust for power tends to make him blind and oblivious to a lot of things.


This despite the fact that he has god-like strength and is a sorcerer. The green suit and cloak of this bonafide antagonist ascertained his dynamic presence on the list.



9. Buttercup




The tough-headed Buttercup is no less than a superhero. She is charming and energetic and her presence is enough to light up a room. She is the ultimate problem solver and incredibly ambitious.


Needless to say, she is often trusted with taking her foes head-on. Over time, we find her trusting her many abilities to work things out.


The girl is seldom afraid and is more than willing to push herself in most areas of her life. She does not spend a lot of time thinking before springing into action.


Therefore, once she gets involved in a fight, she believes in getting done with it before moving on to a different activity. And, yes, her signature color happens to be green.



10. The Grinch


The Grinch


How often have you chanced upon a person who happens to hate a festival as charming as Christmas? Well, not many we suppose.


Hence, allow us to introduce you to the grumpy, bitter, discontented, cave-dwelling, green-furred creature who goes by the name of the Grinch.


He may have a cat-like face but it is his cynical personality that makes him stay away from the rest of the civilization.


It is not shocking then to learn that this creature has spent more than 50 years of his life in seclusion on a cliff.


His only apparent ambition is to overlook the town of Whoville and despise Christmas with every fiber of his being.



11. Rex




One of the primary characters in the Disney-Pixar Toy Story franchise of feature films, Rex may come across as the most unnerving dinosaur in the toy box.


However, the often anxious green Tyrannosaurus is one of the most adorable toys that any kid would be privileged to have.


Like most individuals in the real world, Rex does not pretend to be sorted. He knows about his endless worries and insecurities and does not shy away from making the viewers aware of his issues.


Even though he is concerned about his rather soft and small roar, he always makes an effort to take a stand for the people he truly appreciates.


More importantly, he very implicitly teaches us to never judge someone based on their anger or appearance. So, no matter how complicated it sounds, we all need to be as honest and caring as Rex; especially in today’s age and a world where everybody seems to be fine with the idea of wearing a mask.



12. Gamora




Gamora is deadly; not only because she is an undeniably beautiful green-skinned member of the Guardians of the Galaxy squad but also because she is far more intelligent than one would initially think.


A fictional character in the American comic books published by Marvel Comics, she has participated in several Marvel TV cartoons over the years.


That being said, it is important for our readers to know that Gamora was found as a baby by Thanos, who raised her to be a ruthless killer.


However, after having realized that he wished to wipe out half the lives in the universe, she left him for good in her pursuit of peace and stability.



13. Perry the Platypus


Perry the Platypus


Perry the Platypus may be Phineas and Ferb’s pet platypus but he is also living an exciting double life as a secret agent for O. W. C. A. (The Organization Without a Cool Acronym); a spy organization that employs animals as super spies.


Also called Perry, he was adopted by the Flynn-Fletcher family mainly because of his wall-eyed gaze, which made the folks believe that he was looking at both Phineas and Ferb at the same time.


When Perry is found in the company of his owners Phineas and Ferb, he is supposed to be undercover.


However, he can be seen trying not to do as much in order to come across as an obedient pet.



14. Oscar the Grouch


Oscar the Grouch


Oscar the Grouch is a green furry monster who loves to live in a trash can on Sesame Street.


He can often be seen getting indulged in an argument with the other Muppet and human characters. Like most Grouches, his only mission in life seems to be to come across as desperate and dismal to everyone he stumbles upon.


Be that as it may, Oscar is someone who is also the finest possible example of diversity. This is because he is a decent friend to most of the characters on Sesame Street despite not sharing the same perspectives as them.


That said, he may have had several pets but his closest companion is his worm, Slimey.



15. Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy, who makes an appearance in the comic books published by DC Comics, is mostly a part of the Batman stories.


She is a seductress who leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the plant life in Gotham City remains protected, no matter what the cost.


However, it is our dependable superhero Batman who can often be seen getting caught up in her schemes. Her biggest possible weapons are her botanical knowledge and toxic kisses; both of which she puts to use in her relentless attempts to take over the reins of Gotham.


Needless to say, one needs to beware of this biochemist’s lethal touch, intensified physical abilities, and supernatural control over plant life.



16. Ben 10


Ben 10


Benjamin Kirby “Ben” Tennyson, who is popularly known as Ben 10, is the main protagonist of the much admired Ben 10 franchise.


He was an ordinary ten-year-old boy until he chanced upon a powerful watch-like device called Omnitrix, which enabled him to revamp into ten different aliens whenever he needed to.


That is precisely how he ended up earning his name. Even though he was initially ignorant and naive, Ben grew to be a true fighter as he started to utilize his power to assist people whenever they needed his help.


He could also be seen battling other aliens quite effortlessly.



17. Raphael




One of the main protagonists from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to make it to our list is Raphael. This guy is more like Batman with a shell.


We say so because he doesn’t hesitate for a second to embrace his darker side if he has to take down his fierce foes for good.


Even though Raphael is a compelling personality, he also shows his vulnerable side from time to time. However, his famous temper and relentless search for justice cover his worries about being good enough for the team.


Irrespective of what he thinks, he truly is “The Muscle” of the team.



18. Beast Boy


Beast Boy


One of the central protagonists of the Teen Titans series, Beast Boy is not only an ex-member of the Doom Patrol but also one of the five founding members of the Teen Titans, which is a group of DC superheroes led by Robin.


Beast Boy, whose real name is Garfield Logan, was brought up in the jungles of Brazil, Africa, and India.


He nearly died after having been bitten by a monkey. However, his parents saved his life with the help of an experimental serum, which provided him with the potential to transform into an animal he has seen.


Be that as it may, Beast Boy tries to put his humor to use with the aim to conceal the pain of his past.



19. Sheldon J. Plankton


Sheldon J.Plankton


Sheldon J. Plankton, who is popularly known as Plankton, is one of the ten main characters of the acclaimed animated series SpongeBob SquarePants.


This planktonic copepod runs the Chum Bucket restaurant alongside a waterproof computer who happens to be both his sidekick and wife.


She is also someone who gives him ideas about his several wicked plans. Even though his restaurant is yet to be successful, Plankton is an over-ambitious guy who continues to plot to expand his business.


That said, he is also the business rival of the comparatively successful owner of the Krusty Krab, named Mr. Krabs.



20. Green Goblin


Green Goblin


The Green Goblin is a talented and accomplished individual called Norman Osborn. He’s been developed by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko.


Arguably the most powerful enemy of the beloved superhero Spider-Man, he can be seen flying on a glider. His weapon of choice is bombs disguised as pumpkins.


That character has been seen making an appearance in the original Spider-Man television cartoon as well as several successful motion pictures.


Those who have witnessed the evolution of Green Goblin are familiar with his tremendous strength and speed; both of which he was able to attain at the cost of his sanity.



21. Michelangelo




The youngest and physically the smallest member of the camp, Michelangelo seems to be enthusiastic about everything. Not only does he claim to be the funniest of all Turtles but he also is the most creative.


It is not surprising then that he ended up getting nicknamed “The Wild One.” Well, cool as he may be, he isn’t usually the one who ends up getting the ultra cool weapons.


Instead, he can be seen getting stuck with nunchucks; a weapon that is notorious for allowing many children to whack themselves in the face.


Michelangelo, who is easily distracted by things, happens to be extremely fond of pizzas.



22. Mojo Jojo


Mojo Jojo


This evil anthropomorphic ape is the most prominent antagonist in the hit Cartoon Network animated series The Powerpuff Girls.


He is the flamboyant and tenacious archenemy of both Professor Utonium and the Powerpuff Girls. Not only is Mojo Jojo always plotting and planning to take control of the world but he is also seen trying his best to topple the girl trio.


To his credit, this genius evil mastermind has arguably been the most successful villain of the franchise as he can be seen defeating the girls in several episodes of the series.


In short, if you’re messing with the menacing Mojo Jojo’s aim to conquer the world, you’re going to have it hard!



23. Witch of the West


Witch of the West


Witch of the West is the antagonist of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the first novel of the famous Oz series, and its classic 1939 feature film adaptation, The Wizard of Oz.


In the cult classic motion picture, the malevolent witch is seen in her classic green-skinned avatar, wearing black attire.


She rules over the Winkie Country quite proudly. In popular culture, the on-screen representation of The Wicked Witch has become synonymous with the depiction of human wickedness over the years.


Furthermore, her traits have also been seen getting replicated in the numerous portrayals of witches in several mainstream projects.



24. Kang and Kodos


Kang and Kodos


Seen appearing in every “Treehouse of Horror” episode of the annual Halloween special, Kang and Kodos are the much talked about green aliens of the blockbuster animated sitcom The Simpsons.


This duo of fictional recurring characters went on to kidnap the Simpsons in a segment called “Hungry Are the Damned” in the very first “Treehouse of Horror.” 


The two green octopus-like aliens are hell-bent on ensuring that they conquer the earth and its civilization banking on their many sinister plans.


That being said, it was only in 2015’s “The Man Who Came to Be Dinner” that most of us managed to discover that Kang and Kodos are females.



25. Rango




Rango is the leading protagonist of the successful animated feature film of the same name. This intelligent and unique chameleon happens to be the beloved pet of a human family.


However, he is left behind after a car accident during which he falls out of the vehicle. Soon after, he can be seen making his way into a frontier town known as Dirt.


There, he goes on to become the new sheriff and a bonafide hero in due time. Rango may be a comical character but he also feels lonely from time to time.


We get glimpses of his loneliness when we see him remaining isolated in his box and trying to have conversations with inanimate objects.



26. Zim




Zim is the villainous main protagonist of the well-regarded television series Invader Zim. He is also the chief antagonist of the 2019 film Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, which debuted on Netflix.


He is one of the members of the alien Irken race and a former Irken Invader. However, his leaders have taken note of the fact that most of his actions lead to disastrous consequences.


Therefore, he is banished to Foodcourtia. Soon after, he is tasked with entering planet earth for a clandestine mission.


After Zim arrives on Earth, he gets himself enrolled in an elementary school nearby. This is to gather as much information as he can about the indigenous races as a part of his infiltration campaign.



27. Peter Pan


Peter Pan


The titular protagonist of Disney’s 1953 animated feature film of the same name is the next popular character to make it to our story.


Mostly seen in a green outfit, he is the undisputed leader of the Lost Boys who can also manage to fly without wings.


Even though Peter Pan may come across as arrogant to his rivals, they are quite aware of the fact that he is a highly capable human being.


Having said that, what separates him from the rest of the characters in our compilation is that he doesn’t let time define his life.


It makes little difference to him for he strives to enjoy today as if there is no tomorrow.


Needless to say, Peter Pan is both whimsical and adventurous in equal measure.



28. Mad Hatter


Mad Hatter


Mad Hatter, whose real name is Jervis Tetch, is a Batman villain who is usually seen wearing a green suit with an oversized hat.


He is shown to be a patient at Arkham Asylum who is excessively obsessed with the feature film Alice in Wonderland, which probably explains his affinity for big hats.


Since he is a neuroscientist and a skilled inventor, he utilizes mind-controlling hats to wreak havoc both at Arkham Asylum and in Gotham City.


The character can be glimpsed in The Batman/Superman Hour, Batman: The Animated Series, and The New Adventures of Batman and Superman: The Animated Series.



29. She-Hulk




She-Hulk, a.k.a. Jennifer Walters, is a highly competent lawyer and the cousin of Dr. Bruce Banner, the Hulk. After having been shot by a ruthless crime lord, her life was saved by her cousin, who had no option other than to give her a blood transfusion.


Since his blood contained gamma radiation, it ended up mutating her into the formidable She-Hulk. However, unlike The Hulk, she has the ability to keep her transformation under full control.


This is something that has helped her establish herself as a reliable member of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four squad over the years.



30. Mr. Gus


Mr. Gus


Voiced excellently by Kevin Michael Richardson, Mr. Gus is the level-headed tritagonist of the 2013 Cartoon Network series Uncle Grandpa.


This half-lizard and the half-dinosaur creature comes across as someone who is both more cynical and smarter than the others; even though he comes off as monotonous.


However, he can be seen getting annoyed by Pizza Steve because of his chaotic ways. Having said that, Mr. Gus also happens to be a close friend of the titular character, Uncle Grandpa.


Sure, he is often laid back and expressionless, but he can also be seen helping the matter with the heavy lifting whenever he feels like it.



31. Doctor Doom


Doctor Doom


Not only does Doctor Doom have psychic power but he also has the ability to cast bolts of energy.


He manages to make it to this list courtesy of his trademark green cloak. Born in Latveria, Victor von Doom was the orphaned son of a witch and a doctor, whose only aim was to dominate the world.


Irrespective of what his ambitions were, he did overcome a lot many hardships in his childhood to turn out to be one of the world’s most brilliant scientists.


One can find him participating in television cartoons such as Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, and Marvel’s Avengers Assemble.



32. Green Lantern


Green Lantern


Trust Green Lantern to use his ring of power to make any weapon he can think of out of genuine energy.


Since he has been a sought-after member of DC’s Justice League, he’s had the experience of battling miscreants across the globe.


Originally called Hal Jordan, he wished to become a pilot just like his late great father. However, after an alien crash-landed on planet earth and granted his ring to Hal, he ended up officially becoming a part of the Green Lantern Corporation.


It was basically a trained organization that had taken the onus on itself to keep the peace in the world.


Green Lantern can be seen appearing in The All-New Super Friends Hour, Super Friends, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League, and Green Lantern: The Animated Series.



33. Iron Fist


Iron Fist


Daniel Rand was someone who not only had to bear the pain of watching his father perish but also of seeing his mother sacrifice herself in order to save his life.


Following the aforementioned events, he was guided by a mystical group at K’un-Lun; one that allowed him to master the skills of martial arts.


Not long after his rigorous training, Rand was seen combating and defeating Shou-Lao; thus, attaining the power of the Iron Fist.


As the indomitable Iron Fist, he not only utilized his remarkable martial arts skills to his advantage but also had full control of his nervous system.


This helped him to heal all by himself and, consequently, become immune to terrible pain. The character can be seen featuring in The Super Hero Squad Show, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload, and Ultimate Spider-Man.



34. Green Arrow


Green Arrow


Oliver “Ollie” Queen is the Green Arrow; a self-trained vigilante who wields a bow and arrow with the sole aim to fight crime on the streets.


While doing that, he can also be seen espousing socially liberal values. One of the most significant members of the Justice League, he thrives on his extraordinary aim as an archer and his crazy-good skills in martial arts to topple his opponents.


That being said, Green Arrow was originally a spoiled billionaire brat named Oliver Queen. He was once left to die on a remote island following a horrible sailboat crash.


However, he soon returned to Starling City and started using his abilities to protect people. Green Arrow can be seen starring along with his DC pals in titles such as Super Friends, Justice League, The Batman, and Young Justice.



35. Leonardo




Make way for “The Leader” of the beloved Ninja Turtles who is famous for coming armed with twin katanas.


Leonardo is one of the only individuals in the show whose character sketch comes across as nuanced. This is primarily because he can sometimes be seen worrying about his position as a leader.


While he aspires to be brave and decisive, he cannot really help that he is a comparatively inexperienced teen.


Therefore, the gap between his aspirations and his current flat situation ends up making him feel frustrated at times.


In order to narrow down the gap, he can be seen studying and training rather diligently.



36. Slimer




Well known for his enormous appetite, Slimer is a ghost who is made up of pure Ectoplasm. In fact, he is the first ghost to be successfully apprehended by the Ghostbusters.


Besides his hunger, he is also known for the slime that he leaves behind when he happens to pass through solid objects.


Even though Slimer appears to lack intelligence throughout the first movie, it seems that he may have gotten smarter in the second one.


We can vouch for the same for he is seen driving a bus in the same.



37. The Green Ninja


The Green Ninja


Also known as “The Chosen One”, The Green Ninja is a legendary figure who is tipped to be the strongest of all ninjas.


He is fated to demolish evil in the final climactic battle for the ultimate fate of Ninjago. It is shown that the four main Spinjitzu warriors, namely Cole, Kai, Zane, and Jay, were each left stunned after it was revealed that Lloyd was actually the Green Ninja.


Needless to say, the legend of the Green Ninja plays a huge role during the return of the Serpentine.


As this happens, the heroes begin searching for his identity and eventually start training him to fulfill his duties as the Chosen One.



38. Wembley Fraggle


Wembley Fraggle


One of the five central Fraggle characters in Fraggle Rock, Wembley Fraggle is the youngest one in the group who can be recognized by his yellowish-green skin, long nose, big eyes, and a big tuft of yellow hair on his head.


Also, he is mostly seen wearing his trademark banana tree shirt. Often seen to be friendly and enthusiastic, he is alsl someone who can tend to get insecure about certain things from time to time.


And, since he hates to get into an argument, one can find him agreeing to most things just so that the conversation doesn’t get heated.


Wembley, who finds it difficult to make up his mind about which shirt to wear, is also seen panicking a lot; so much so that he usually imagines the worst possible scenario for every situation.



39. Disgust




Disgust is one of the most significant characters in Inside Out. She is portrayed to be green in color and is one of the five emotions that inhabit the mind of Riley.


The opinionated Disgust is very protective of Riley and has high expectations from everyone around her. That is perhaps why she gets a little too apprehensive from time to time.


Be that as it may, she tries her best to prevent Riley from getting poisoned. This is why one can find her keeping a watchful eye on things and the people around her at all times.


Even though Disgust can risk coming across as snobbish, she refuses to lower her standards for anyone.



40. Cragger




Cragger is the crocodile character on Legends of Chima. He is the prince of the Crocodile Tribe, the son of Crominus and Crunket, and the brother of Crooler.


Also one of Laval’s best friends, he was the chief antagonist of the first season. However, one could find him turning into a protagonist in the second and third seasons.


What has remained consistent with this character is that in every single version of the Minifigure and the TV show, Cragger is depicted to be a muscular, light-green-colored crocodile.


That said, his one main distinctive feature is his missing left eye.



41. Marvin the Martian


Marvin the Martian


Marvin the Martian is a fictional character and an extraterrestrial being that appears as one of Bugs Bunny’s main adversaries in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons.


He hails from the planet Mars and is mostly found elsewhere as he continues to wander on the Martian Maggot and other ships.


While traveling, he is usually chaperoned by his dog K-9 and, sometimes, by other creatures as well. The calmest and the quietest of the Looney Tunes villains, Marvin is recognized by the Roman soldier’s uniform that he wears, along with old-fashioned basketball shoes.



42. Piccolo




A Namekian and the final child and reincarnation of King Piccolo, Piccolo can be seen becoming the reunification of the Nameless Namekian after having melded with Kami.


According to Grand Elder Guru, Piccolo, Kami, and King Piccolo are each a part of the Dragon Clan; a clan whose members were hailed as the original creators of the Dragon Balls.


Piccolo is a prudent and cunning combatant who served as the central antagonist in the final saga of Dragon Ball, the Piccolo Jr. Saga.


Furthermore, he has also been a vicious rival to Goku. However, it could be noticed that he began to eventually shed all his villainous characteristics with the commencement of the first saga of Dragon Ball Z, the Raditz Saga.



43. Princess Fiona


Princess Fiona


Born in Far Far Away, Princess Fiona is the only child of Queen Lillian and King Harold. When she was a little girl, a curse was cast on her by a witch.


The curse results in her changing into an ogre between sunset and sunrise, and can only be shattered after the princess is kissed by her one true love.


However, her parents tried their best to keep ensure that nobody else gets to know about the curse. As the sensational Shrek series proceeds, we see Princess Fiona falling in love with and marrying Shrek.


Not only that but she also becomes a very close friend of Donkey and, eventually, a mother of the adorable ogre triplets.



44. The Riddler


the riddler


Riddler is a criminal themed around riddles, puzzles, and games.


He can be seen leaving behind clues for both Batman and the police to make things a bit more interesting as his often complex strategies begin to unfurl.


Even though he is not as physically capable as other miscreants, The Riddler has managed to earn a reputation for being one of the smartest foes of the great Batman.


Better still, he can even manipulate others into being a part of his various schemes. It is not surprising then that he has gone on to battle other DC superheroes such as Green Arrow and the Flash.



45. Drax the Destroyer


Drax the Destroyer


Drax is a former Kylosian intergalactic criminal and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. After his wife and daughter were mercilessly killed, he not only sought revenge on Ronan the Accuser but also went on a rampage across the universe.


Therefore, he came to be known as “The Destroyer”. Since the character required a big, brawny brute to be brought to life, it was not surprising to see former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Batista being roped in to play the role.


Drax gets to exact his vengeance on Ronan during the Battle of Xandar. However, he could be seen declaring Thanos as his next target before leaving Xandar along with the other Guardians.



46. Cecil Turtle


Cecil Turtle


This admirable animated cartoon character can be seen making an appearance in both the Looney Tunes cartoon and the Merrie Melodies series of feature films.


Even though he is known to have made only three theatrical appearances, Cecil Turtle is a memorable character in the sense that he was the only one who was able to best the clever Bugs Bunny in all three of his appearances.


He may come off as reticent at face value but he is someone who cannot be duped by the many pranks and disguises of Warners’ studio star Bugs Bunny.



47. Krusty the Clown


Krusty the Clown


Krusty the Clown is a pessimistic, addiction-riddled smoking clown who happens to be the host of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie’s favorite television show, The Krusty the Clown Show.


A recurring character in the smash-hit animated sitcom The Simpsons, he also has a supporting role to play in The Simpsons Movie.


When Krusty was in school, he had shown a desire to be a showman when he grew up, which soured his relationship with his father.


Later, the stress of his demanding job of pleasing the audience turned him into an absolute charlatan.



48. Sleepy




Sleepy is one of the seven dwarfs in Disney’s 1937 classic animated feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


It is not difficult to comprehend how he must have gotten his name. It’s a no-brainer that his perpetual drowsiness and lack of concern about things around him would have played a huge role in it.


Since Sleepy loves to sleep, one can find him struggling to keep awake when a highly entertaining event is taking place.


However, irrespective of his somnolence, it is evident that he is arguably the most logical of all dwarfs.



49. Luigi




Luigi was brought to life with conviction in 2023’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie. He can be recognised by his trademark green hat and shirt. He lives in the Mushroom Kingdom along with his very popular older brother Mario.


Since he is a plumber, the better part of his day involves fixing and cleaning pipes with his brother. However, the duo can turn into a force to be reckoned with when they feel that their kingdom is threatened. 


Even though Luigi is a bit more anxious than his brother, he does everything he can to help him save the kingdom. And, when he is not working and fulfilling his duties, he can be seen hanging out with the other friendly and colorful residents of the Mushroom Kingdom.



50. Greedo




Greedo, who was the son of Greedo the Elder, was a male Rodian bounty hunter who used to live in Mos Espa along with the young Anakin Skywalker and W. Wald circa 32 BBY.


Even though his beloved father was popular for his hunting skills, Greedo was not able to turn into a formidable hunter himself since he got himself killed rather easily by Han Solo in Chalmun’s Spaceport Cantina on Tatooine.


His lack of social skills made everyone around him believe that he wasn’t a very bright individual. However, he knew what being a bounty hunter would feel like by the time of the Clone Wars.



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