Top 50 Best Looney Tunes Characters Of All Time

Top 50 Looney Tunes Characters


Ohhhh tweety.. !! possibly every millennial has grown up watching the 90’s famous cartoon on the TV while chugging milk and eating chocolate cookies all through the weekend.


More than 50 Looney Tunes characters have made their way in the show, ever since it first aired in the 1930s.


The fun and goofy characters have managed to keep the audience entertained for a very long time.


Be it children or grown-ups, this series had every age group glued to the screens across the orb and spiked the animation to new heightened levels.


The varied characters exhibiting light and silly humour kept the viewers hooked to their seats and continued to be appreciated in both modern and contemporary circles.




1. Bugs Bunny


Bugs Bunny


One of the most admired characters a.k.a the prankster rabbit of the whole bunch was first aired in the 1930s by Leon Schlesinger Productions and voiced originally by Mel Blanc.


His tricks were always a tough competition to his opposition and cracked the audience with witty actions.


Bug’s ability to outsmart others shone bright with his quirky dialogues like, “What’s up, Doc?” “Of course, you know, this means war!” “What a maroon!” and “Gee, ain’t I a stinker?”


Bugs Bunny has always entertained the masses with his witty humour and captivating actions. This character is not only fun to watch but also very inspiring as an artist.


Many people who are working in the cartoon industry today, are working because they want to create something as staple as him. And so, we can’t help but always look up to this legendary name. 




2. Daffy Duck


Daffy Duck


Another famous and particularly loved character, Daffy Duck can be stated as the most entertaining and truly rib-tickling character of the Looney Tunes.


He is rightfully ranked number 14 on the TV Guide’s list of the top 50 best cartoon characters of all time.


Sometimes this hysterical duck falls victim to Bugs Bunny’s pranks and the antics played on him make him all the more memorable and hilarious.


Some of his famous lines are “I think you’re pretty tough, don’t I?!” “Go on! Shoot me again! I enjoy it!


I love the smell of burnt feathers and gunpowder and cordite!”.


Daffy’s temperament makes his character so much more fun to watch. I mean, if you just look at the way he enjoys his life and the overall presentation that he puts forward in the show. It is absolutely insane.


And so, if you are someone who is looking for a fun character from this franchise then Daffy is the one for you. 




3. Tweety




Tweety is an innocent yet intelligent bird nesting in a house and trying to battle a mischievous cat called Sylvester. 


Cat’s sole wish is to devour the chirpy yellow baby bird and gobble it up to its heart’s content.


However, his consistent trials result in utter comical failures, especially when the grandma catches and reprimands the sly cat.


Not to forget bulldog adds a major element of fun with his hysterical comebacks.


The sweetest dialogues are “I tawt I taw a puddy tat!”, ”I did! I did taw a puddy tat!” and, “I do not understand what this pussy cat is doing over there.”


Tweety’s baby-like voice adds up to a wholesome appeal. And let’s not forget that Tweety’s presence made the show so much more adorable and admirable.


I mean just look at it. You can’t help but appreciate how beautifully crafted she is as a character. And that’s one of the many reasons why people love this seemingly simple baby bird from the depths of their hearts. 




4. Wile E. Coyote


Wile E. Coyote


The wanky Coyote and the road runner duo appeared in looney tunes many years back and remained a staple favourite for a long time. 


The cocky comical comebacks backfire almost every time subsequently ending in accidents and severe injuries, coyote gets all the more worked up with the god-awful “beep beep” sound made by the roadrunner.


The poor coyote is always hungry and hoping to score at least one chance to eat his meal.


Some of his well-known dialogues are “Now, don’t try to get away!


I am more muscular, more cunning, faster, and larger than you are, and I am a genius”.


He is the one who tends to be the centre of all forms of memes that we see to this day. And that tells a lot to other people who are trying to watch the show considering him to be a game-changer.


And while he is a game-changer, it is just not in ways you would want him to be. 



5. Yosemite Sam


Yosemite Sam


“I’m the meanest, roughest, toughest hombre that’s ever crossed the Rio Grande – and I ain’t o namby-bamby!”  and all right, all right don’t rush me, “I’m-a-thinkin’… and my head hurts”.


His famous dialogue surely made a strong impact on the series and the perfect depiction of a cowboy and real estate agent. 


It added the clever segment but Bugs Bunny a.k.a. his rival never lets him win at any cost and uses skillful tactics added with brilliant cleverness and cunning ways to beat him.


His sheer hatred for rabbits and grumpy nature is the highlight of this character.  


His continuous defiance of law and rules is what makes him a stock character of the whole series.



6. Foghorn Leghorn


Foghorn Leghorn


Another barnyard animal-inspired cartoon cracks up the audience in unending ways.


Some common and famous dialogues are “Nice boy but he’s got more nerve than a bum tooth”, and “Pay attention to me boy! I’m not just talkin’ to hear my head roar”.


The rival dog doesn’t leave any stone unturned while laying difficulties for the poor chicken and the uncanny political innuendos add up to the light-hearted fun and multiple underlining puns.


His mischievous and bombastic personality makes the character stand out from the rest of the lot and brings out freshness with an entertaining twist.


Foghorn has made an iconic appearance in many shows such as The Foghorn Leghorn (1948) Henhouse Henery (1949) The Leghorn Blows at Midnight (1950) etc. 


This character has always been so fun to watch as we watch it try to make the most out of its situations. The narrative of Looney Tunes is so abstract yet beautiful at the same time that it leaves room for a ton of characters to make way for themselves.


And Foghorn Leghorn happens to be one of them. 



7. Porky Pig


Porky Pig


“I used the stuttering because I thought it would give him (Porky Pig) something different, some character,” says Friz Freleng, the creator of the animation and we couldn’t agree more.


His common catchphrases like Th-th-th-that’s all, folks! Y-y-you can’t fool me. I have a high I. Q. Oh Boy!


This leaves the audience laughing uncontrollably and of course, to shine brighter the character needs a bounce-off contrast, and in this case, it was none other than Daffy Duck himself in a rather subtle yet reflecting his usual amusing self.


This duo manages to keep the viewers hooked to the screens.



8. Pepé Le Pew


Pepé Le Pew


An immaculate replica of a stinky skunk, this character is comparatively crazier than the rest.


He refreshingly seeks out his pranks on others than falling prey and centrally looks out for his love interest, Penelope Pussycat, his attempts to woo his love interest create entertaining laughter.


The rumor has it that has been married seven times. Look out cats, the French skunk is on loose!


A spunky character who makes moves to woo his love interest but pulls pranks at the same time on the rest of the group.


A few of his lewd dialogues are “I am the peanut butter. You are the jelly. Come, let us make a sandwich of love.” and “Come back darling, golden violet!


I will unshy you! You are just insecure. All you need is a little occupational therapy, like making love!”



9. Tasmanian Devil


Tasmanian Devil


Taz as we call him in the looney tunes is the walking roller coaster of energy and a tornado of accidents.


The cartoon is drawn off an Australian animal in the wild forests and centrally known for its ferocious attacks.


The attacks can cause unintentional harm but at the same time, their ability to sneak an attack in plain sight is what is ironically funny about the cartoon, the drooling troublemaker is seen screeching and growling as opposed to the other characters.


His appearance is mostly seen in baby looney tunes episodes and there he is shown incapable of speaking or reading but in his other common screen representation it is seen that he uses dialogues like “What for you bury me in the cold, cold ground?”



10. Granny




Of course, who doesn’t remember the warm and kind granny taking care of all the baby looney tunes? 


She is known for morally educating the viewers at the same time with dialogues like, Listen to your mom and dad! They are almost always right, especially about boys.


It is said that she is 90 years old and comically enough was once a spy during World War II.


She gives a motherly appeal and leaves the viewers with a big grin on their faces.


Granny’s character fills our hearts with nostalgic comfort and the cozy summer vacation memories of all the kids in the 90s.


She is an angel at heart and a teacher to us



11. Speedy Gonzales


Speedy Gonzales


Speedy Gonzales, often referred to as “The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico,” is a beloved character in the Looney Tunes series. Known for his incredible speed and agility, he has even outpaced the roadrunner and outperformed Flash in a marathon.


His catchphrase “arriba, arriba… andale, andale” reflects his energetic nature, urging others to keep going. Speedy Gonzales received an Academy Award in 1965 for a short film featuring his exploits.


The character has made appearances in various episodes, including “Astro Duck” (1995), “Mucho Locos” (1996), and “Mexican Mouse Piece” (1966).


With his lively personality and distinctive Spanish accent, Speedy Gonzales remains a memorable and cherished character to this day.



12. Marvin the Martian


Marvin the Martian


Marvin has a favourite catchphrase: “Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!” This Looney Tunes character stands out with a wicked personality, serving as the archenemy of Daffy Duck and working alongside Queen Tyr’ahnee.


Unlike other characters, Marvin doesn’t speak much, but he repeatedly utters the phrase “Oh dear, back to the old drawing board” without displaying many emotions or expressions. Despite his lack of verbosity, he is ruthless in his techniques and attacks, rarely being defeated.


Marvin and Daffy Duck’s conflicts are evident in numerous episodes, particularly in their attempts to create a foil character named “Haredevil Hare” with both polite and destructive capabilities.



13. Petunia Pig


Petunia Pig


A lively and fun character from looney tunes looks almost the same as a porky pig.


But with two cute black pigtails (pun intended) suggesting the love interest of the pig, she isn’t seen much compared to others.


She is viewed as the docile and innocent girl falling in love with the imposters known as “Porky’s Double Trouble” and most of the time even forgetting about poor porky.


Even though her character isn’t extraordinary, her personality tickles the ribs and creates humor especially when she tries to fanatically appear normal yet infidel to her husband.


Porky pig on the other hand remains insecure because of his lover’s interest in other interests.



14. Cecil Turtle


Cecil Turtle


As opposed to a commonly held perception of turtles, Cecil is quite the opposite of its natural animal traits.  


He can outsmart Bugs Bunny in all the episodes ironically proving the story of – The hare and the Tortoise’ a true parody.


His meek and slow personality contrasts with his witty actions and somewhat mocking Bugs with his dialogue- “doing 100 easy”.


Even though the character is of a turtle who is generally presumed to be sluggish and dimwitted but Cecil is not like the rest he is quite intelligent and opinionated.


His common catchphrase is “OH, and another thing… Rabbits aren’t very bright, either!” successfully mocks Bugs Bunny.



15. Sylvester




A notorious cat in pursuit to eat the yellow baby bird, Tweety often gets caught in the wicked plans of the cat.


His funny dialogues like “What do you want to say that I was mean to you? I never want to hurt anybody without any reason whatsoever! Please understand this grave thing.” and “Let me chase my dreams and you please chase yours. Do not interrupt me whatsoever.”


The viewers surely crack upon the witty and comical comebacks each time.


Sylvester is shown envious and in possession of a frivolous pride and cannot take the blow.


His trademark catchphrase is “Sufferin’ succotash!” which means oath of the suffering savior.



16. Michigan J. Frog


Michigan J. Frog


The character debuted in “One Froggy Evening” is the famous frog with a cool black hat and a stick. 


Since the character has a minor appearance for a short while, the screen presence is not seen for a long time but his dialogue “Send me a kiss by wire” baby, my hearts on fire” is memorable and charismatic.   


The character himself was amazing and his songs and fluid dance moves swayed the audience.


Of course, not to forget, he was the official mascot for The WB Television Network till 2005.


He isn’t an ordinary frog, his personality is suave and charismatic, not only this but his jazz performance further elevates the charm of the character, to another level.



17. Witch Hazel


Witch Hazel


Yes, Yes pun intended with the name of the character’s name here, and the reference to the witch gives out the picture of an evil sorceress in our minds and that is what the cartoon character is here all about.


A typical witch in pursuit of children with a motive of eating them after adding them to her magical stew, apparently, only to turn herself into a young woman.


The rest of the characters are always seen running away from the witch and trying to not become her meal.


A connection can be seen to a very old folktale of -Hansel and the Gretel story too.


The conventional crooked black hat with a broom that she calls “Broom-Stick Bunny” distinctively gives out her entire persona and paints a rather dynamic picture in our minds.



18. Pete Puma


Pete Puma


This character is frequently seen as a gullible and kind-hearted character in looney tunes and remembered for his laughs.


However, the character did not make a whole lot of appearances on the screen but left a memorable impression with his foolish and dim-witted actions.


Bugs refer to him as “shorty”. His recent appearances were in “Tiny Toon Adventures” as the Acme Looniversity janitor and in a few episodes of “The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries” co-starred with Foghorn Leghorn in “Pullet Surprise”.


Pete has been frequently seen in Looney Tunes shorts but the creators took him off the screen shortly after.



19. Gossamer




A big orange monster-like character with weirdly large shoes resembles the shape of a heart.


He loves to pick on bugs bunny the most and loves to bully little children but at the same time, he is quite shy and constantly seeks validation.


He is deeply influenced by the Halloween theme, everything from his scary teeth to his house decorations is Halloween-themed.


Even though he is an eight feet tall monster, he is fragile at heart and keeps apologizing for the smallest things.


The highlight of his appearance is after he participates in the “Talent pool” when he befriended everyone at the school and made the audience happy too.



20. K-9




A unique name and a unique pet make this green alien dog an adorable character in looney tunes. 


It’s Marvin’s pet dog that debuted in the “Haredevil Hare” episode.


The dog is always seen helping his master but mostly gets duped by Bugs Bunny and faces challenges.


He is quite gullible and never refutes Marvin’s commands.


His final appearance was in “The Hasty Hare’’ and “Marvin the Martian in the Third Dimension” and in the movie “space jam” too.



21. Lola Bunny


Lola Bunny


One of the chicest characters in looney tunes is none other than the beautiful female rabbit, Lola.


She is also referred to as Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend who carries an athletic and smart look and is far from the typical feminine characters, she reflects an independent and powerful appeal. 


She significantly proves her worth in series and the movies like Space Jam as well.


Her famous dialogue from the movie – Space jam is “Bugs: You wanna play a little one-on-one, doll? Lola Bunny: Doll… Don’t ever call me ‘doll’.”


Lola has been shown to have an assertive stance with strong opinions on right and wrong, she is mostly seen as the flag bearer of morality and virtues in the series and can not see her friends doing anything wrong.



22. Beans




He is one of the earliest members of the looney tunes family. 


He first appeared in eleven short clips in the series, this super cute cat retired in 1935. 


Soon was replaced by Porky pig later on in the series.


Appeared in eleven looney tunes shorts till day in episodes like “A Cartoonist’s Nightmare”, followed by “Hollywood Capers” etc.



23. Goofy Gophers


Goofy Gophers


Two British squirrels never fail to give an honest laugh with their comical action and with their upper-class mocking dialogues. 


Such as “Indubitably!”, “You first, my dear,” and “But, no, no, no it must be you who goes first!” and their constant need to store more and more nuts is the driving force in the series.


They are constantly seen mocking upper-class society with their remarks and have starred in many shorts such as “Looney Tunes The Goofy Gophers (1947)”, “Merrie Melodies Two Gophers from Texas (1948)”,” Looney Tunes A Ham in a Role (1949) Looney Tunes A Bone for a Bone” etc.


Their name has a comical playoff with a combination of ‘Mac’ and ‘tosh’ making it ‘Macintosh’ with the same mac and cheese word resemblance.



24. Angus MacRory


Angus MacRory


The Scottish pied-piper is seen in the episode of “My Bunny Lies over the Sea”. for the first time and later made a cameo in several movies and episodes.


His orange hair and eyebrows stand out from the rest and his famous dialogue ”You don’t have a choice, lad.


The reason you’re so weak is that X2 sabotaged the energy field that powers ya here on the outside.


If you didn’t go in, in an hour or so, you’d be no better than a dried-up piece of fleshy haggis”.


Later appeared in “The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries episode “It’s a Plaid, Plaid, Plaid, Plaid World” Now if this isn’t funny then what is?



25. Henery Hawk


Henery Hawk


This brown chicken hawk is one feisty character on the show who undeniably creates humor with Porky pig and Foghorn Leghorn in many episodes and is shown to be fond of gardening and planting.


He is always seen in a tiff with Forghon and lands in one or the other conflict with him, he threatens him with dialogues like “Are you coming quietly, or do I have to muss ya up?” and take him to be just a “loud-mouthed shnook”.


He has also been nominated for the academy awards for “Walky Talky Hawky” later seen in some more episodes like “The Squawkin’ Hawk” and Flop Goes the Weasel”.



26. Miss Prissy


Miss Prissy


Named by some chickens in the series “old square britches” refers to the duck, Miss Prissy who wears a beautiful bluebonnet and a pair of glasses.


She is the wife of Foghorn Leghorn but still looks out for male attention in society and is mocked by the other characters for not being prudish and complacent as the other females.


She is seen as a bimbette by others in the society who themselves are bottlenecked with frivolities.


Her classic appearance has been in episodes like “An Egg Scramble”, “Lovelorn Leghorn”, “Of Rice and Hen” and “Little Boy Boo” etc.


Miss Prissy is seen to be misunderstood often due to her diminutive personality.



27. Dr. Lorre


Dr. Lorre


Drawing an uncanny resemblance to Frankenstein from the classic English literature and shown as a mad scientist.


He has red gloves and big blue eyes featuring an almost hysterical-looking personality and performs insane experiments defying scientific reasons and logic.


He has been noted for his work in the 1940 films, “Stranger on the Third Floor” and “Tiny Toon Adventures” appearance.


He is also seen opposite daffy duck and bugs bunny in the looney tunes series.


His short appearances were seen in “Hair-Raising Hare” (as Peter Lorre Scientist), “Birth of a Notion” (as Dr. Lorre), and The film: Looney Tunes Back in Action (as Dr. Lorre).



28. Beaky Buzzard


Beaky Buzzard


This character shows a bald vulture resemblance and is also seen as half awake and sluggish in the series. 


He has a dimwit interest in slow actions and comically enough the bird also has Adam’s apple in its throat.


The character can be seen in movies like “The Lion’s Busy”, Tiny Toon Adventures, Space Jam, etc. It is one of the many earliest characters introduced to the line and one of the most memorable ones too.


The character has appeared in four to five shorts and episodes like Merrie Melodies “Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid” (1942) (Debut) Looney Tunes “The Bashful Buzzard” (1945) Looney Tunes “The Lion’s Busy” (1950) Merrie Melodies “Strife with Father” (1950) and Looney Tunes “Carrotblanca” (1995).



29. Jose and Manuel


Jose and Manuel


Two crows dressed in white overalls with big yellow hats appeared in looney tunes as side characters.


They were the main leads in the animation – two crows from tacos implied to have come from Spain continuously putting in their efforts to eat the corn in the field and trying to catch a grasshopper.


The comical duo adds up to the fun to another level, sadly the character has appeared in a total of six shorts The next six shorts, “Mexican Boarders”, “Bill of Hare”, “Zoom at the Top”, and “The Slick Chick”, “Louvre Come Back to Me!”, and “Honey’s Money” and was later taken down by the creators.



30. Big Bad Wolf


Big Bad Wolf


This character needs no introduction as we have all grown up listening about this quintessential villain from snow white to little red riding hood and in looney tunes as well.


Either trying to eat the three little pigs or mickey mouse too.


The strong muscular look with big sharp teeth reflects the deviousness throughout.


The big bad wolf has been present in many stories such as Merrie Melodies “Little Red Walking Hood” (1937) (debut appearance) “The Bear’s Tale” (1940) “A Gander at Mother Goose” (1940) “The Trial of Mr. Wolf” (1941) “Pigs in a Polka” (1943) “Little Red Riding Rabbit” (1944) and “Goldilocks and the Jivin’ Bears” (1944) etc.   


With super famous dialogues like “They stopped me before I could go to town, so I’ll huff and puff and blow their house down.”The house of straw was blown away.



31. Claude Cat


Claude Cat


This adorable yellow cat is seen in “Mouse Wreckers, Two’s a Crowd, Cheese Chasers, Terrier Stricken, and Feline Frame-up.”


This cat has a haughty temper with an underlying crudeness all along.


The two trickster rodents convinced the poor cat into believing that the bulldog is his natural rival and hence should be defeated at all costs.


The best of his scenes are witnessed when he is trying to protect his home from the troublemakers – Hubie and Bertie.


The character debuted in an episode called “The Aristo-cat” wherein the character is seen to be lazy and is easily persuaded.


Claude has finally seen in the 1996 movie “Space Jam”.



32. Rocky and Mugsy


Rocky and Mugsy


The classic and dapper gangsters wanting to rob a bank have tried many tactics to get money like kidnapping Tweety and hilariously failing all the time and appearing in the police’s criminal records too.


The obvious burglar looks and their names make the farcical characters all the more entertaining.


They have appeared in many episodes like Racketeer Rabbit (1946) – Which features a prototype of Rocky, “Golden Yeggs” (1950) – Rocky’s first cartoon, the only cartoon paired with Daffy Duck and Porky Pig.”


Catty Cornered (1953) – Only pairing with Sylvester and Tweety” and lastly “Bugs and Thugs (1954) – Mugsy’s first cartoon.”


They have been frequently seen with tweety and Sylvester the Cat, where they funnily help tweety and end up being saviors instead of gangsters.



33. Nasty Canasta


Nasty Canasta


Looking like a big bull turned into a man is another famous villain from the series, the infamous outlaw and the “evil-doer”.


He can be seen as the muscular antagonist with no particular devilish plans instead relies mostly on muscle power with a strong evil personality, he looks out for ways to dupe people for his benefit.


One of his famous dialogues goes “We’ll have at least a dozen ways for a man to lose his money and enjoy the fact that he lost it” making him the one-of-a-kind villain.


His other prominent appearance has been in The Looney Tunes Show “Merry Melodie” and “Stick to My Guns” and also as the second boss character in Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage, and an NPC in Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal.



34. The Gremlin


The Gremlin


Riding an invisible motorcycle is this interesting character from the looney tunes series Gremlin.


He can be distinctly identified in a shiny yellow outfit with red gloves and a blue head with a red nose.


This character is also shown to have defeated Bugs at the end of the sequence of – “Falling Hare”.


Unlike the real animals who have been taken for reference, this character in the series is vile and devious, to say the least.


Although he has good intentions at heart since the only problems he creates are for the warplanes so that they can’t go to war.


He is one of the only three characters to defeat Bugs Bunny, the other two being Cecil Turtle and Elmer Fudd.



35. Blacque Jacque Shellacque


Blacque Jacque Shellacque


He was created by Robert McKimson and first appeared in 1959 short “Bonanza Bunny”.


This character from the series is shown at the beginning as the most wanted criminal.


His stature is stout and aggressive compared to other villains seen in the series.


The hilarious interaction between Bugs and him leaves the audience cracking up.


He was first seen in the episode “Ridiculous Journey”.


There are several comical effects even with Blacque Jacque Shellacque’s girlfriend “Fifi from Montreal”.


The classic criminal look leaves little to no room for any images that the character is vindictive and vile and loves to torment others for his own sake.



36. Inki




“The Little Lion Hunter” (1939) – This short film was the first time the character appeared.


One of the leading characters in the show is dressed as an African boy coming from the stone age with a bone in his hair and a spear in his hand.


He is seen as rather quiet yet agile, always trying to hunt the animals in the forest, and draws a similarity with another famous cartoon called “Little Hiawatha”.


He has been seen in many more episodes like in 1994, a Goodfeathers segment titled “Bad Mood Bobby” from the Animaniacs, and later in 1999, The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries episode “A Mynah Problem”.


The cartoon has been a favorite of many for a long time and thus made a mark in the series.



37. Hugo the Abominable Snowman


Hugo the Abominable Snowman


This giant snow monster is fond of befriending others and making them their pet, he tried to make Bugs his pet too.


As opposed to his ginormous body he is a quite sweet and gullible character and is famous for being the “best frisbee-disc-thrower on his block.”


He appeared first in “The Abominable Snow Rabbit ”. Replicating the mysterious monster in the Himalayas.


His first appearance was in “Yodel Recall ” from The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries where the snowman tried to save Von Trump from kidnapping and tried his best to save him.


His looks were revised a few times, in most of the episodes he was seen as a classic white snowman.  


But later changed into a brown snowman with a red nose in another episode as Hugo in Tweety’s High-Flying Adventure.



38. Playboy Penguin


Playboy Penguin


One of the sweetest characters of looney tunes wears a black hat and frolics around a snowball and sheds a tear like a baby whenever faced with any discomfort or trouble.


He has been seen in many movies like Space Jam, Bah, and Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas, Space Jam A New Legacy, etc.


The adorable little penguin steals the hearts of the audience with his short stay on the screen however truly loved for whatever time he made it to the screen.



39. Babyface Finster


Babyface Finster


His name is based on a real-life criminal, “Baby Face” Nelson.


This baby-faced criminal never misses out on giving unending fun, especially when he pretends to be a baby.


He does this just to retrieve a bag full of money that he accidentally dropped in Bugs Bunny’s hole and feigns to be an innocent baby in need of shelter.


He is drawn from the life of a real 35 years old robber.


He looks like a devious man trying to forge an impersonation of a baby with a cigar in his mouth and a bundle of dollar bills in his hand with an angry look on his face.


His remarkable appearance is seen in the episode – “It’s in the handbag”.



40. Slowpoke Rodriguez


Slowpoke Rodriguez


Yes, if you think of speedy after hearing Slowpoke Rodriguez’s name then you are correct. He is Speedy Gonzales’ cousin.


He is called the slowest mouse in all of the lands but is considered smart in his hypnosis and intellectual schemes.


First appeared in Mexicali Shmoes” (1959) trying to get away from Sylvester.


He hasn’t appeared in many episodes but left a memorable mark.


Sylvester is his biggest for and because of his slow speed, he has to constantly depend on his brother to save him from all the trouble.


Even though he is very sluggish but his brain works as well and fetches the best possible plans.



41. Buddy




As appeared in the earlier episodes of looney tunes, this character is a foil of Bosco and was later on retired to Beans in the latter part of the series.


They are often described as “a creature of limitless blandness”.


They were later on taken down from the franchise and replaced with porky kids.



42. Yoyo Dodo


Yoyo Dodo


This character has appeared in some parts of the franchise such as “Dough for the Do-do”. 


It is seen as a green dodo bird trying to pull pranks on a Porky pig and his most common phrase seen in the series is “Vo-vo-de-oh-do!”.


This comical bird has a counterpart in tiny toon adventures that goes by the name – of Gogo Dodo.


After he is dropped by the dimensional transporter into the looney tunes world, the first thing he does after meeting Mr. Mxyzptlk is to design a way to turn the looney tunes world into a justice league. 


And hopefully, merge the two worlds and start a new life.



43. Willoughby




It is considered to be a minor character in the series, but this cute beagle dog is rather an average character.


He is seen being duped by many others in “Of Fox and Hounds”, intending puns on the breed of the dog which is ideally taken to be very alert and sharp-witted.


Willoughby has appeared in many episodes and movies alongside Bugs and other famous characters.


He has appeared in many episodes like “Of Fox and Hounds” (1940) “The Crackpot Quail” (1941) “The Heckling Hare” (1941) “The Hep Cat” (1942) (as Rosebud).


He is a little cutie that is quite agile and quick in his movements.



44. The Three Bears


The Three Bears


The commonly recognized bears from the famous story of goldilocks who was none other than Bugs Bunny and the bears have made their cameo in looney tunes as well.


The mama bear, father bear, and junior bear are seen as a family of three.


They are shown having several trivial discussions as a family and retiring in 1951.


Some common dialogues are -Papa Bear: “I got it!!! Remember the story of the three bears?


Well, why can’t we do the same thing, but when Goldilocks goes upstairs to sleep?


WHAM! – Junior Bear: “Yeah, uh, yeah, WHAM! [takes out fork and knife and napkin] Food!”.


[Papa Bear punches Junior] – Mama Bear: “But Henry, we haven’t any porridge for Goldilocks, only these old carrots.” – Papa Bear: “Well, then make CARROT soup!”.



45. The three Dover boys


The three Dover boys


The three Dover boys are also called the famous Tom, Dick, and Harry.


They are generally summoned to help people in distress.


In the well-known episode with the back side, the villain, who abducts Dora and devilishly says “How I love her! … father’s money!”


These three boys are seen rescuing her and saving the day, many other characters in real action movies have also taken inspiration from them.


The animation has been taken from a famous book called – Rover Boys and It was released by Warner Bros. on September 19, 1942.



46. Conrad the cat


Conrad the cat


First seen in “The Birds Came C. O. D.” is a cute yellow and red cat with a white overcoat.


This character is not as frequently seen in the series, although makes a memorable name for himself with his pleasing personality.


The cat has made a total of three appearances on the screen The Bird Came C. O. D. (1942), Porky’s Cafe (1942, and Conrad the Sailor (1942).


His voice was later used for the famous Disney character- Goofy in later years.



47. Honey Bunny


Honey Bunny


A female rabbit, who shares a familiar last name and who is assumed to be Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend is this adorable Honey bunny.


Like any typical female character, she is shown to possess a great sense of fashion and makeup too.


This rabbit has a model-like appeal and is often compared to Lola for various similarities.


The character made a cameo appearance in the closing scene of Bugs Bunny’s Thanksgiving Diet animated television special in 1978.


Her character has been most sought after as the creators tried to infuse new additions and make her different from Lola and other female characters.



48. Colonel Shuffle


Colonel Shuffle


Shuffle made his last animated appearance in The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries episode “The Cat Who Knew Too Much”, under the name of Colonel Louie Z. Anna.


He was an old rival of Granny’s turned villain who tried to kidnap Tweety.


A character with rather heavy political innuendo and created as a replica of a royal colonel with a short temperament and has rivals like bugs bunny and Charlie dog.


The colonel is seen to use his guns quite frequently to scare his rivals away.


He sometimes likes to play banjo in the Dixieland style and at the same time loves to play poker as well but where he lost big time.



49. Babbit and Castello


Babbitt and Castello


The characters first appeared in “A Tale of Two Kitties” and they are always shown trying to catch tweety but failing to do so.


The duo is seen to have different personalities wherein Babbit is a bit more intelligent than Castello.


But they comically end up acting on instincts without any planning and hence fail almost all the time and his famous line of all time is Oh–I’m a bad boy!” standing contradictory to their actions.


They have continued to screen in various episodes like “The Mouse-Merized Cat”, “Hollywood Canine Canteen”, “Tale of Two Mice” etc.


Castello and Babbit are often seen trying to hypnotize each other only to believe that they are cowboys and that is one of the most famous episodes of looney tunes.



50. Frisky Puppy


Frisky Puppy


This cute brown puppy who made his debut in “Puppy’s Got Claws” is portrayed most innocently and realistically as possible.


Claude the cat is often seen furious because of all the barking and continuous scratching.


Frisky is seen for the first time in over 65 years as a side character, in probably one of the longest-running series.


He is seen in three major episodes “Two’s a Crowd” (1950) “Terrier-Stricken” (1952) “No Barking” (1954).


He is quite different from the other dog-inspired characters on the show and certainly makes a distinct mark for himself.


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