Top 45 Best He-Man & Masters Of The Universe Characters



By the Powers of Grayskull!! I Have the Power!! What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this chant? For most kids of the 80s, and 90s we are immediately taken back to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


This show was one of the most avidly watched cartoon shows in the late eighties and nineties. In the faraway land of Eternia, there lived a kind, brave, and just ruler called King Randor and his Queen Marlene.


Their son was Prince Adam, who was just like his father. One day, at the age of 16 years, Adam received a magical sword that granted him the ability to become He-Man.


This enchanted sword was bestowed upon him by his friend, The Sorceress, and it held the secrets and powers of Castle Grayskull. With this magical sword, Prince Adam got super strength, making him the strongest man in the universe.


He is virtually indestructible with the assistance of his friends, Battle Cat, Man-At-Arms, The Sorceress, Stratos, Orko, and more. Together, they all fought against the forces of evil and protected Eternia from its enemies.


With this new power comes new responsibility for Prince Adam. He has to keep a check on the evil plans of Skeletor and his Evil Horde. He also has to protect the castle Grayskull, and its secrets with all the hidden power within it, from being misused.


This legendary castle of magic belonged to an ancient race of powerful beings that lived in Eternia and Etheria. After the great war between the Ancients and the evil forces, all the remaining Ancients gathered their strength and hid it inside the castle.


The sword to unlock the castle was given to King Grayskull, Prince Adam’s ancestor. The key to the castle is the sword of power that He-Man yields and the sword that Skeletor uses.


This makes the job of He-Man more difficult. Skeletor is an evil and power-hungry being. Along with King Hordak of Eternia, he makes dangerous and nefarious plans to overthrow He-man and control Castle Grayskull.


To help Skeletor and Hordak with their evil plans, they have gathered many minions. Some of them are Evil-Lyn, a powerful sorceress, Beast Man, Mer Man, Triklops, Clawful, Scare Glow, and more.


They each have many unique strengths that challenge He-Man and his friends. If you are new to the world of He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe, I am sure you have been able to get at least a vague picture of the series by now.


To help you get a clearer idea, ENTOIN gives you a short peek into the main characters of the show and the prominent supporting characters. With the new reboot of He-Man available on Netflix, you will be ready to fully enjoy the series and pick your favorite characters to support.




1. He-Man / Prince Adam


He-Man / Prince Adam


He-Man is the alter-ego of Prince Adam of Eternia. He also has a pet tiger called Cringer, who is green with yellow stripes. Prince Adam is fair-skinned and muscular with blonde hair.


He is a good-looking, charming prince who is also a strong and brave warrior. The prince has a strong sense of justice and always aims to resolve matters peacefully without bloodshed.


But, the people around him think that he is a weak and timid prince that needs to be protected. To hide his alter-ego of He-Man, Adam pretends to be like that to dispel suspicion.


Once he transforms into He-Man, he becomes the savior and defender of the people of Eternia. He has enough strength to crush boulders and mountains. He fights the Evil Horde of Skeletor, who constantly disrupts the peace of the land.


He also defends the castle Grayskull from evil men who plan to misuse its powers. At the age of 16 years, Prince Adam was given the Sword of Power by his friend, The Sorceress.


With the sword, he transforms into He-Man, and with his team of friends, they defend the secrets held within Castle Grayskull. The Sorceress also gave him a shield, a power harness, and a battle axe, apart from the sword.


In some versions of He-Man, he also has lethal snake pinchers on his shoulders. Prince Adam/He-Man has a soft spot for Teela, the captain of the guards. In later episodes, we see him marry her and have a son, too.


He is the son of King Randor and Queen Marlena. He also has a twin sister, who was kidnapped as a baby. She grew up in Etheria. Prince Adam met her later on and formed a great bond with her.




2. Battle Cat / Cringer


Battle Cat / Cringer


Battle Cat is the ride of He-Man, and he is the alter-ego of Cringer, Prince Adam’s pet tiger. The tiger is unique in appearance. Cringer is a green tiger with yellow stripes.


Cringer is a very timid cat who scares easily. He always shies away from danger as long as he can. With the sword of power, Prince Adam holds it aloft and says, ‘By the power of Grayskull!


I have the Power!! The sword immediately lights up and transforms him into He-Man. When he turns the sword towards Cringer, the tiger turns into a ferocious tiger with a red saddle and armor.


He becomes the companion of He-Man and carries him everywhere. In the Original Series, Cringer and Battle Cat could speak in a human voice. Although Cringer is protective of Adam, he is scared of most things.


Yet he displays bravery from time to time and rescues Adam too. Once he transforms into Battle Cat, he becomes a very formidable fighter who is almost as strong as He-Man.




3. Skeletor / Prince Keldor


Skeletor / Prince Keldor


Skeletor is the main antagonist of the He-Man series. He is a power-hungry being that will do whatever it takes and align with anyone to gain the power sword. His main ambition throughout the series is to get access to the secrets of Castle Grayskull.


He wants to use the power of Grayskull and rule over all of Eternia and Etheria. The origins of Skeletor are a little sketchy and unclear. In the original series, we were briefly told that Skeletor was from another dimension, and he accidentally fell through a portal into Eternia.


He also made a few attempts to open another portal to his homeworld. We get a small glimpse of Skeletor’s mentor Hordak and his minions in Etheria. With the help of Hordak, Skeletor gained his present form of a blue body and skull face.


We learn that Skeletor is aware of the powers hidden in Castle Grayskull and gathers around him an Evil Horde of people like Evil-Lyn, Beast Man, Mer-Man, TriKlops, Hordak, and more to overthrow the people of Eternia.


Skeletor is the most despicable creature in the universe. In the 2002 series of He-Man, we got to know that Skeletor was, in fact, the long-lost brother of King Randor.


He was once a good-looking and handsome prince like Randor, and he was severely injured in a fight in his greed for power. Keldor’s friend and possible love interest, Evil-Lyn, saved him and took him to Hordak.




4. The Sorceress / Teela Na


The Sorceress / Teela Na


The Sorceress is a very powerful being that comes to Prince Adam and offers him the enchanted sword and multiple tools to transform him into He-Man. She has a telepathic connection to He-Man, and every time she senses trouble in the land, she calls him.


The Sorceress can transform into a human form or stay as a great bird, Zoar using her magical crystal. Initially, The Sorceress is only shown as the defender of Castle Grayskull.


But, in the later stages of the series and the comics, her true identity is revealed. The Sorceress is the Goddess who protected all the worlds and held immense power.


After the Great War, she became the protector and defender of Castle Grayskull and the secrets it hid. Whenever Eternia needs help, He-Man is called upon. Despite this, on multiple occasions, The Goddess herself is capable of fighting and defeating Skeletor and Beast Man.


The name of the Goddess is Teela-Na, and she is the mother of Teela. The father of the baby is not mentioned. She gives her baby to Duncan/Man-At-Arms to raise in her stead.


So that she can grow up to take over Castle Grayskull. In some episodes, we see a close friendship between the Goddess and Duncan. This leads us to believe that there is more to it, but we are not sure.



5. Evil-Lyn




Evil-Lyn could be called Skeletor’s right-hand man…I mean, woman. Evil-Lyn is the evil genius and the biggest sorceress on the side of Skeletor. She is a very intelligent, cunning, and crafty woman who has immense magical powers in her.


She is second only to Skeletor, and many times, she is the only one who can chastise and correct Skeletor when he makes a mistake. In the later episodes of the first series and the subsequent series, we get a glimpse into the past of Evil-Lyn.


She is the daughter of an ancient and powerful sorcerer, The Faceless One. In a few instances, we can see that her father is not happy with her choices and association with Skeletor.


Despite her evil genius reputation, time and again, Evil-Lyn has proved herself to have sparks of goodness. She returns the Ram Stone to The Faceless One as she recognizes him as her father, and family comes first.


After Mallek, the wizard saves her, Evil-Lyn thanks him and refuses to steal his gem. In her youth, Evil-Lyn met Prince Keldor. She befriended and admired him. When Keldor was gravely injured in the battle with Captain Randor, she rescued Keldor and took him to Hardok.


After his transformation into Skeletor, Evil-Lyn was deeply disappointed but continued to help him.



6. Man-At-Arms / Duncan


Man-At-Arms / Duncan


Man-At-Arms is the closest ally and friend of He-Man. His title is Man-At-Arms, but his name is Duncan, and he comes from a long line of great military generals and inventors.


Duncan, too, is a well-respected inventor who has his workshop in the royal palace. He is the inventor of all the gadgetry and weaponry used by the guards and soldiers.


He also trains them and Prince Adam. His adopted daughter, Teela, is the captain of the royal guards. Under his mentorship, she became an excellent fighter. When Teela was born, The Sorceress felt that she could not take care of a baby and protect Castle Grayskull, so she approached Duncan to adopt her child and raise her.


Sometimes, he acts as a second father to Prince Adam and defends him before King Randor. Duncan is a fatherly figure to everyone but hates Orko. he is always the target of Orko’s mishaps and magic tricks.


Duncan does not have a wife or love interest. But, he has many friends and other relationships throughout the series. He is the mentor and father figure of Prince Adam/He-Man and one of the few people who know the true identity of He-Man.


He is the foster-father of Teela and is also a trusted friend of The Sorceress/Teela-Na.



7. Beast Man


Beast Man


Beast Man is a loyal follower of Skeletor and a prominent member of the group of Evil Warriors under Skeletor. He is a henchman of Skeletor who does all the groundwork needed to carry out their plans.


He is often shown as a dim-witted follower who messes up the plans for the team. Beast Man is a large humanoid being, with red or orange hair covering most of his face.


He is a ferocious man-beast who can command animals to do the bidding of Skeletor. In He-Man mini-comics, Beast Man was much more savage and scary looking. But the cartoon version made him a little agreeable for the kids.


We also see an ambitious side of him in a few episodes where he is upset with Skeletor over a failed mission and vows to seek revenge. Beast Man has no clear backstory or personal story like other members.


In the latest 2012 He-Man series, It was disclosed that there was a race of beings called Beast Men and Raqquill Rqazz was one of them. Due to his evil deeds, Rqazz was banished to the Vine Jungle, where he met Keldor.


It could be said that Skeletor is his only friend/master/acquaintance.



8. Orko




Orka is a humanoid being from Trolla. He comes from another dimension and was accidentally sucked to Eternia during a cosmic storm. As a Trollan, he has a natural talent for levitation, teleporting, etc., and he can carry an astounding number of useful and useless items under his hat.


Like all Trollans, Orko dresses up in a red robe with a red hat on his head and a scarf. Although all Trollans have an aptitude for magic, for some reason, Orko’s magic always backfires, much to the chagrin of Duncan.


In one episode, the reason for his missed spells was tied to the magical nature of the people of Eternia, but we are not sure of this. Orko has a girlfriend that he is in love with.


Her name is Dree-Elle. In one episode of He-Man, Dree-Elle visits Orko from his homeworld, and he bares his face in front of her. In Trollan customs, revealing one’s face is an intimate act, equivalent to kissing.



9. Teela




Teela is the Captain of the Royal Guards. Being the adopted daughter of Duncan, she has been trained personally by him and is skilled in all kinds of warfare. Due to the same reason, she grew up close to Prince Adam.


She has a close relationship with him. Yet, she does not know that he is He-Man. Teela is a very opinionated person and speaks very straightforwardly. She is in charge of teaching Prince Adam hand-to-hand combat.


Teela often feels that he is too carefree and wishes he were more like He-Man, who defends the people of Eternia. She does not have a great opinion of Adam.


Teela is the biological daughter of the Goddess, Teela-Na. She was given to Duncan to be raised as soon as she was born, so she is unaware of her true heritage and powers.


She is supposed to inherit Castle Grayskull and defend it like her mother, Teela-Na. Teela secretly admires He-Man and his heroic deeds. She is also the close friend of Prince Adam and likes him a lot.


She wishes that Adam was more like He-Man but does not know they are the same person. Towards the end of the series, she marries Adam/He-Man and has a son with him, He-Ro.



10. King Randor


King Randor


King Randor is a noble and good ruler of Eternia, with his wife, Queen Marlena. He is the father of Prince Adam and Princess Adora. Initially, he is unaware that his son is the hero, He-Man.


All through the first series, we see him encouraging Adam to take action and be more involved in the governing of the kingdom. He felt that Adam was too lazy and carefree.


Yet, he loves Adam for being an honest and kind-hearted person. In the New Adventures of He-Man, Adam discloses this secret to his father, King Randor. The king is overjoyed and very proud of him.


In the 2012 version, we are given an introduction to the past of King Randor. He is a brave warrior and the captain of the royal guards. When his father, King Miro, disappears, he is forced to take up the duties as the king.


He also protects Eternia from Keldor and his Evil Horde by assisting the Eternal Ones during the Great War. He defeated Keldor in a fierce, one on one battle, which led to the creation of Skeletor.


After Keldor was injured and escaped to another dimension, Randor set up the Eternian Council to protect the land.



11. Stratos




Stratos is a heroic warrior from the race of Avion. They have the power of flight and wings. Apart from this, their superpower also includes energy protection. He has used this skill on multiple occasions to assist He-Man and his friends in their war against the Evil Warriors.


Stratos is the leader of the race of Avion, who lives in the Mystic Mountains. He represents the race in the Council of Eternia. He works alongside all the other leaders to restore peace.


Earlier, the Avion race and the Andreenid race were in a constant scuffle over airspace. Due to the peace efforts of Stratos and Buzz-Off, of the Andreenos, they have established peace alliances.


Not much is known about the personal life or backstory of Stratos. His appearance in the latter series was restricted to fewer and fewer episodes. He is, however, a friendly and loyal member of the Council.



12. Clamp Champ


Clamp Champ


Clamp Champ was introduced as the bodyguard of King Randor. In the initial episode of the series, Clamp Champ did not have a prominent role. He is famous as a heroic warrior who used a handheld grabbing device as a primary weapon.


He is also a skilled machinist. He used his skill with gadgets to replace Man-At-Arms when he was turned into a Snake-Man. He took over the role and duties of Duncan.


The name of Clamp Champ is Raenius. He is one of the few black characters in the He-Man series. He was a part of the royal guards and participated in many battles with Skeletor and his minions.


He uses his clamping device to grab those Hover Robots and crush them to the ground.



13. Man-E-Faces




Man-E-Faces is a heroic warrior who starts off on Skeletor’s team. There are a few versions to the story of Man-E-Faces, but the constant truth about him is, he is not an evil person.


The Mini-Comics described him as an actor who played personalities that Skeletor had captured. He was forcibly given a potion that transformed him into a monster to fight He-Man. After seeing this, The Sorceress and He-Man took pity on him and released him from the magic, but the monster and the curse remained.


To find a middle ground, he developed a robot personality that was neither evil nor good. The cartoon series changed this story and gave it a more emotional and sad background.


Originally, Man-E-Faces had the ability to change faces and lived in a village. The villagers did not love him or accept his friendship, and to counteract this, he would use his face to scare people as revenge.


Although he was not evil, he was angry and resentful toward them. Seeing his ability, Skeletor kidnaps him and forced him to join the team. The Beast Man could control his monster personality when he fought He-Man.


Seeing him struggle, He-Man and Sorceress released him from Skeletor’s influence. As gratitude for the friendship and affection shown by He-Man, Man-E-Faces worked for this team and turned good.



14. She-Ra / Princess Adora


She-Ra / Princess Adora


She-Ra is the rebel leader from the planet of Etheria. Her alter-ego, Princess Adora, is the twin sister of Prince Adam. She is the Protector of Castle Grayskull and is the owner of the Sword of Protection too.


The Sorceress sends Adam and Cringer to Etheria to locate her, but he is captured by Hordak and his Evil Horde. The Sorceress uses her magic to show Adora the truth about her birth and relationship with Adam.


This releases Adora from the spell of Hordak, and she immediately summons the Sword of Protection to become She-Ra and escapes with Adam. She takes him to the stronghold of the Great Rebellion, and together they return to Eternia.


Adora and Adam form an instant bond and work together to fight evil on both planets. Yet, she returns to Etheria to free it from the tyranny of Hordak. She-Ra builds a force of the Great Rebellion with several fighters from across the planet.


She has a close friendship with the pirate Sea-Hawk.



15. Ram Man


Ram Man


Ram Man is one of the most naive and simple-minded characters of the series. He is a heroic warrior who depends on his ability to ram into his opponents and force his way through their defense.


He is shown to be skeptical towards the intent and loyalty of other newer heroes, but he is blindly loyal towards He-Man and his team. We are unclear about the origin of Ram Man.


He was introduced to He-Man in a desert land where he lives alone and fights everyone that tries to cross it. He believes that everyone who comes there wants to fight him.


It could stem from the fact that he was constantly mistreated by his people, and he became distrustful of everyone. When Skeletor finds him, he deceives Ram Man to think that He-Man is the enemy and instigates Ram Man to attack Castle Grayskull.


Seeing his plight, The Sorceress frees him from the influence of Skeletor, and Ram Man pledges his loyalty to He-Man.



16. Zodac




Zodac is a unique character unlike any other in the He-Man verse. In each of the series, Zodac has a different backstory. But, the constant fact about him is, Zodac is an independent entity that is not aligned to the heroes or the villains.


He strives to balance both sides and hence, he aids both sides and causes problems for both sides. In the 1980s He-Man series, Zodac is a Cosmic entity that has to maintain the balance between good and evil.


To test He-Man, he sends him on a quest to retrieve Starseed. This Starseed can give its owner immense control over the Universe, and he wanted to test if He-Man can resist the lust for power.


But he also sent Skeletor on the same quest. In the 2002 series, he is depicted as an ancient and mystical warrior who follows his own sense of right and wrong.


He holds a deep grudge against King Hiss, so he supports either side that is fighting him.



17. Hordak




Hordak is the main antagonist in the She-Ra: The Princess of Power series. However, he appears frequently in the He-Man series as well. He is one of the allies and co-conspirators of Skeletor, hence becoming a villain in this series.


Hordak conspired with Skeletor and kidnapped Princess Adora as an infant and took her to Etheria. He planned to turn her into a warrior for his Evil Horde to fight against Eternia.


With the help of The Sorceress, Adora turned into She-Ra and launched a rebellion in Etheria. Hordak became the sworn enemy of He-Man and She-Ra. Hordak is also the mentor and ally of Skeletor.


He turned Prince Keldor into Skeletor and fuelled his greed for the power held in Castle Grayskull. He is easily recognizable due to his bone-white face with vampire-like fangs and red eyes.


He wears a red bat symbol on his black armor too.



18. Trap Jaw


Trap Jaw


Trap Jaw is on Team Skeletor, and he is one of the Evil Warriors. More importantly, Trap Jaw is the weapons expert of Skeletor, and he is a cyborg. While one of his origins states that he is from another dimension that Skeletor visited to gather warriors.


Another origin story of Trap Jaw states that he was a subordinate of Keldor and took part in the usurpation of the Council of Elders at Castle Grayskull that failed.


When the badly injured Keldor was taken to Etheria to recoup, Trap Jaw fell out of favor. He was banished, and he gathered a dark force of fighters and attacked Snake Mountain again.


This time Skeletor was more powerful and beat up Trap Jaw. This led to his metal jaw, metal arm, and more. He continues to fight with Skeletor’s forces hoping for another chance to seek revenge.


It is said that Trap Jaw can become more powerful if he eats metal, especially the rare Eternium that is found only in Eternia.



19. Tri Klops


Tri Klops


Tri Klops is another one of Skeletor’s henchmen. He is an interdimensional bounty hunter who comes with a special skill set. He can see in all directions, and he has different types of visions like Gammavision, the ability to see through solid objects, night vision, etc.


He can also see things far away making him an excellent choice for reconnaissance work. In the 2002 version of He-Man, Tri Klops does the role of Skeletor’s chief inventor and a cybernetics expert.


In Masters of the Universe: Revelations, all the magic in Eternia had left the planet. Without either He-Man or Skeletor, Tri Klops created a cult of magic haters and turned them into cyborgs with multiple limbs.



20. Mer-Man




Mer-Man is one of the evil warriors of Skeletor. He is a fish-man from the aquatic world of Eternia. He was the ruler of Eternia’s undersea kingdom. He came to the aid of Skeletor many times and sent his troops to fight the royal guards under Teela’s command.


He fought He-Man on a few occasions and ran back to the sea after he lost. He also guided Skeletor to the power source hidden on Earth using an underwater dimensional portal.


Mer-Man is an amphibious creature that can fight both on land and underwater. Although he is most happy to stay underwater. He wears yellow armor on his chest, gloves, and boots.


He sometimes carries a fishbone sword and sometimes a trident as a weapon.



21. Clawful




Clawful is an anthropomorphic crab that was a member of Skeletor’s minions. He was a large red creature with yellow armor and a big claw that he used to snap at opponents.


In the 2002 series, he had a childlike mentality, and hence he was not very smart. Surprisingly, he was the only evil minion of Skeletor that Evil-Lyn had any sympathy or affection.


She viewed him kindly, despite all the blunders he committed. However, in the earlier series of the 1980s and in the comics, Clawful is portrayed as an intelligent and courageous warrior.


At one point, he is the second in command of Skeletor’s forces. He is always the responsible warrior who could command others and take control of Skeletor’s missions.



22. Scare Glow


Scare Glow


Scare Glow is a ghost warrior from another dimension that Skeletor pulled into Eternia to aid him in defeating He-Man. Initially, Scare Glow refused to fight under the command of Skeletor, but he was threatened to be imprisoned out of his homeworld forever.


Scare Glow has a very scary and horrific glow that will disable his opponents with fear. He fought Prince Adam on one occasion and scared him till he was unable to call upon the power of Castle Grayskull.


However, Clamp Champ arrived on time and distracted Scare Glow for long enough for He-Man to emerge.



23. King Hiss


King Hiss


King HIss is a very powerful ruler from the clan of Snakemen. He is a powerful magic wielder and the sworn enemy of Zodac and Hordak. He is said to have power equivalent to that of the Elders.


During the time of King Grayskull, he was defeated by Hordak and his horde. He was buried under the Snake Mountain. During the reign of King Randor, he was released by Kobra Khan.


He has the ability to turn into a five-headed snake from his waist up. He was more prominent in the later series but not much in the original 1980s series.


These were some of the more prominent characters of He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe. There are many more heroes and villains who appear sporadically in a few episodes or in specific series that I have not included.


If you want to add any character, leave us a message, and we will rectify it.



24. Queen Marlena


Queen Marlena


Queen Marlena is the mother of Prince Adam and Princess Adora. In her backstory, we find out that Marlena Glenn was an astronaut from Earth. During a space mission, her ship was lost, and it accidentally crash-landed in Eternia.


When she met King Randor, they immediately fell in love and married each other. In the initial series, Queen Marlena did not have much of a role to play. In the latter part and the most recent edition, she is shown to be a competent diplomat and adviser to the King.


The queen also proves that she has some wicked piloting skills. When Prince Adam discloses the truth about him being He-Man, we get a hint that the queen already guessed it.



25. Kobra Khan


Kobra Khan


Kobra Khan belongs to the tribe of Reptons that live under the Great Pyramid. Although they are a peaceful race of snake people, Kobra Khan betrayed them and started to work for Skeletor.


His main objective was to release King Hiss from the void. With Hiss and his fellow snake warriors, he wants to take over the planet. Unlike the other minions of Skeletor, Kobra Khan is a smart, cunning, and calculative man.


He is very cruel, manipulative, and has a silver tongue. On one occasion, he tried to convince his ruler, King Pythor that the holy flame in the kingdom was extinguished by He-Man and his friends.


In turn, he convinced He-Man to help in reigniting the holy flame and tried to implicate them. His strength and weapon of choice is his ability to spray sleeping gas on He-Man and his friends to incapacitate them.


Later in the series, this ability was upgraded to spray venomous acid on opponents.



26. Fisto




Fisto is a heroic warrior that has a slightly checkered past. When introduced to us, he is shown as the protector of the forest. It is later revealed that he was one of Skeletor’s men who was terrorizing the forest dwellers to serve Skeletor.


He-Man and his friends change him and convince him to protect the forest instead of working for Skeletor. In the 2002 series, we are shown that Fisto is the biological brother of Duncan/Man-At-Arms.


During the Great Unrest, he deserted the heroes, and hence he was banished. Although Fisto maintains that he did not abandon the heroes, he cannot seem to remember what happened during that time.


It has also been hinted that Fisto is the biological father of Teela. He was the man that the Goddess fell in love with. During the Great Unrest, she found a warrior with amnesia and fell in love with him.


Later he mysteriously vanished, which led to her thinking that her lover died. Fisto is strong enough to break rocks with a punch. His strength is only second to He-Man.



27. Sy-Klone




Sy-Klone has a minor role in the first series of the He-Man saga. In the 2002 series, we see more of Sy-Klone in action. He is a heroic warrior who can use wind and create whirlwinds and cyclones by spinning his body or different parts of his body.


He comes to Eternia to fight and defeat the Evil Horde. Sy-Klone is the last survivor of an ancient race of warriors that possessed the Legacy Stones. He was the protector of these powerful stones, and Skeletor steals them from the planet of Anwat Gar.


He-Man and his friends come to destroy the source of power and invite Sy-Klone to join them on Eternia. He is a wise and learned warrior who has a samurai-like fighting ability.


He also has supreme control over the wind using which he creates whirlwinds.



28. Hydron




Hydron is the courageous captain of the Galactic Guardians. He comes from a future where Skeletor is continuing to terrorize the universe. Captain Hydron and his Lieutenant Flipshot travel back in time looking for He-Man and friends.


Hydron wants to get their help in fighting away the Evil space mutants of Skeletor. Hydron is from the planet of Primus, and he travels in the spaceship Eternia. He is a brave Galactic Guardian who is willing to take any risk to find He-Man and stop Skeletor.


He has a unique set of weapons like the Triton spear gun, but his spin wrist is the most potent weapon to wipe out his enemies. He comes to Eternia looking for the strongest man in the universe.



29. Two Bad


Two Bad:


Two Bad is the minion of Skeletor, who works in the Evil Warriors team. He is a bounty hunter with two heads on a body. He is like a set of conjoined twins, only that there are two distinct halves in his body, one half is blue, and the other half is purple in color.


He is mostly for comic relief and does the grunt work for Skeletor. In one episode, his backstory is revealed. There were two rival bounty hunters sent by Skeletor to capture He-Man.


They refused to work together and failed in the mission. So Skeletor joined them together into one body, thus forcing them to stay together always. Both the heads constantly argue on every order and hardly get any work done.



30. Faker




Faker is an evil warrior that was created by Skeletor to rival He-Man. He is a replica of He-Man, who looks exactly like him, but has a hollow voice and glowing eyes.


He was created by Skeletor to distract and confuse the good guys. Since Skeletor appears to make Faker out of thin air, many fans were skeptical why he did not do this earlier.


Faker was used by Skeletor to distract King Randor from discovering the secrets of Keldor. He was also used to draw the Sorceress from the Castle Grayskull on the ruse that He-Man was injured.


However, He-Man caught him before he could do any damage and pushed him into the abyss. Man-At-Arms also created a robotic He-Man that Skeletor reprogrammed and turned evil.



31. Mantenna




Mantenna is a member of the Evil Horde that works for Hordak. He is used more for comic relief in every episode, but he has many scary and dangerous abilities that come in handy to Hordak.


The chief power of Mantenna is his spy sight, he can hear over great distances, but due to his nervous stuttering, he is often looked down upon. Mantenna is from the race of Rebrunk Nurus, and he has periscope-like eyes that can send out a variety of rays like gravity distortion beams, paralysis beams, freeze rays, stun beams, and more.


His sensitive hearing can pick up sound waves over a great distance too. He is a perfect scout for the Evil Horde.



32. Slush Head


Slush Head


Slush Head is an evil mutant that aids Skeletor in his fight for power. Slush Head is the second-in-command of the space mutant, Flogg. Their primary nemesis is the Galactic Guardians, and Captain Hydron, already defeated him.


Slush Head is a dim-witted and naive mutant. He blindly believes in Flogg and Skeletor. With his child-like mentality, he constantly seeks the approval of Flogg or Skeletor in everything he does.


Slush Head does not have an evil heart. He simply likes to fight and follows Flogg.



33. Flogg




Flogg is the leader of the evil mutant team, Goon Squad. The planet Denebria in the Tri-Solar system is his home planet. He hates his work and his subordinate, Slush Head.


Flogg also hates to follow orders from Skeletor. He is the leader of the Evil Mutants, but they have to follow the commands of Skeletor and attack He-Man and the Galactic Guardians.


The primary weapon of Flogg is his energy whip that he uses to lash out whenever he gets angry. Even though he resents Skeletor, he agrees to work with him because of the evil plans that Skeletor has.


With Skeletor’s plans, Flogg is able to take control of the planet Primus. Yet every time a plan fails, he is quick to blame Skeletor for it.



34. He-Ro




He-Ro was one of the sons of King Grayskull. As a child, He-Ro was lacking in skill and talent when compared to his elder brother D’Are. Yet he persevered and continued to train himself hard.


When the Orlax of Primeria attacked King Grayskull and his armies, D’Are was injured. He was picked up by the tentacles of Orlax and fell into a deep sleep. This inspired He-Ro to rise to the occasion and become the much-needed right-hand for King Grayskull.


After participating in several quests and battles to defeat evil foes, Grayskull passed on the Sword of Power to He-Ro. This gave him a place in Preternia, the heaven for all heroes of Eternia.



35. Wun-Dar




Wun-Dar is one of the earlier bearers of the Sword of Power. We are introduced to him in Preternia as one of the heroes of Eternia. Here, we get to learn the backstory of Wun-Dar who is generally described as the Savage He-Man.


Wun-Dar was a super-strong savage man living in the village of Tundaria in ancient times. One day, he came upon a young lady who was under attack. He fought daringly and rescued her.


She was the Goddess of Eternia, and pleased with his courage, she gifted Wun-Dar the Sword of Power. The Goddess gave him the responsibility of safeguarding the innocent lives in Eternia from evil.



36. Flipshot




Flipshot is from the planet Primus. He comes from the city of Levitan and works with Captain Hydron as his pilot and air defense lead. He is a seasoned fighter who can flip into battle at a moment’s notice.


When Skeletor and his evil mutant goons attack Primus, he heads out along with Captain Hydron to search for He-Man. Flipshot and Captain Hydron travel back in time and search Eternia for He-Man.


Here, they are tricked into sucking out the power of Castle Grayskull into their spaceship. But He-Man arrives in time to stop them and reveal the truth. Flipshot is a powerful ally in air defense with his wrist rockets and jet back-pack.



37. Rio-Blast




Rio-Blast is a gunslinging warrior from the planet Darksmoke. He possesses a hidden arsenal of laser guns and blasters built into his chest and knees. 


Rio-Blast is a loyal ally of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, bringing his quickdraw skills and sharp wit to their battles against Skeletor and his forces. Despite his eagerness for adventure, Rio-Blast is haunted by the untamed starband he left behind, often yearning to return home. 


His conflicted nature, combined with his charming personality and impressive weaponry, makes him a unique and memorable member of the Masters of the Universe.



38. Council of Elders


Council of Elders


Council of Elders ruled over Eternia after the death of King Grayskull from the grave injuries sustained during his fights with formidable foes such as Hordak, King Hiss, and Snakemen.


Before dying, Grayskull transferred his power to his trusted council of elders and put them in charge of ruling over Eternia till the threat persists. The council did their duty, and with the help of Zodak, they captured King Hiss and his snake-men, imprisoning him in the void under the snake mountain.


They continued to fight foes like Count Marzo, Keldor, and his evil warriors. As their reign came to an end, they instated Captain Randor as the King. The Council transferred their power into crystal orbs that reside in the catacombs of Grayskull.


Their power resides in the castle, and the Sorceress guards it.



39. Grizzlor




Grizzlor is a member of the Evil Horde of Hordak. He fought along with Hordak against the Council and was banished out of Eternia. He is a man-beast creature that lives in the forest and fights for Hordak.


He is all brute force and grunt work. He has no intelligence or planning. Although he was part of the later series of He-Man, Grizzlor is more active in She-Ra and the Princess of Power.


Grizzlor is a beast-like creature that is covered in hair. He has sharp claws on his hands and feet, and he uses them to attack. His entire body is covered in thick brown hair like a bear.



40. Leech




Leech is another member of the Evil Horde. He is an amphibious creature, like the insect leech. He has suction pads for hands and legs and giant fangs in his mouth.


His mode of attack is, to drain all the life forces and energy from the opponents using his suction pads. He is also part of the team that attacked Grayskull with Hordak in ancient times.


He, with Grizzlor and Hordak, was banished to Despondos by the Council of Elders.



41. Mekaneck




Mekaneck is a minor character in the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe franchise. He is a Heroic human periscope. Mekaneck’s defining characteristic is his incredibly long, extendable neck, made of microscopic nanites. 


This allows him to see vast distances and over obstacles, making him a valuable asset in reconnaissance and surveillance. Despite his unique appearance, Mekaneck is a skilled and powerful warrior. 


Mekaneck is often portrayed as being intelligent and resourceful, but he can also be arrogant and stubborn. He sometimes struggles with his unique nature and longs to be more “normal,” but ultimately finds his place among the Masters of the Universe.



42. Rattlor




General Rattlor is one of the Snake Men, and he was the lieutenant of King Hiss. Kobra Khan was able to release him first from the void in the Snake Mountain.


In the earlier series, he was portrayed as a member of the Evil Horde from Etheria. Yet, we know that he is a Snake Man from King Hiss’ forces. When Kobra Khan plotted to release King Hiss and the snake men that were imprisoned by Zodac, Rattlor was the only one to get out before He-Man arrived.


He later worked with Kobra Khan to resurrect Hiss. These were some of the more prominent characters of He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe. There are many more heroes and villains who appear sporadically in a few episodes or in specific series that I have not included.


If you want to add any character, leave us a message, and we will rectify it.



43. Buzz-Off




Buzz-Off is a humanoid bee and hails from a race known as the Bee People or Andreenids in the 2002 series. Buzz-Off is tagged as the “Heroic Spy in the Sky” and serves as a spy for He-Man and the Heroic Warriors.


With his insect visors, Buzz-Off possesses insect vision. While Buzz-Off’s Bee People are the focus of an episode where they face Skeletor’s attack, Buzz-Off himself has a relatively minor role, often making cameo appearances.


He is occasionally paired with Mekaneck due to their shared spying abilities in episodes like “Disappearing Dragons” and “Search for a Son.”



44. Kayo


Kayo is a wordplay on K. O., meaning Knock Out. He is a strong warrior who can deliver Knock Out punches that debilitate his enemies. He is part of the Galactic Guardians, who are fighting the evil mutant goons of Denebria.


Kayo, with Captain Hydron and Flipshot, were prepared to travel to Eternia for He-Man. He is from the Terra region of Primus. He joins the Galactic Guardians to protect the Tri-Solar system from evil mutant attacks.



45. Stridor


Stridor is a robotic horse featured in the Masters of the Universe franchise, serving as a steed for the Heroic Warriors. Stridor assists Fisto in scouting the borders and later rescues him from the Evil Warriors.


Stridor also appears in the episode “Origin of the Sorceress” in the original animated series. Stridor gains sentience by the end of the episode and is granted freedom to roam in the wilderness.


His appearances highlight his role as a loyal companion and reliable mode of transportation for the Heroic Warriors in their battles against evil.



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