Top 50 Most Popular One Piece Characters

top 50 most popular one piece characters


One Piece is one of the most revolutionary anime we are going to experience, EVER!


With its insane world-building, engaging storyline, and the greatest suspense in anime history, One Piece manages to get a hold of its audience without breaking a sweat.


And even after going on for thousands of episodes and chapters, the story still manages to bring something new to the table.


That’s an impressive feat altogether. And while multiple reasons can be highlighted as the key reasons for the series’ success, the one major reason that must be taken into account is the Characters.


One Piece has some of the most incredibly well-developed casts of characters in all of anime.


And we are going to list down the best ones from them. So grab your favourite Devil Fruit, lay down on your couch, and let’s dive deep into the depths of One Piece!




1. Monkey D. Luffy


monkey d. luffy


Entity Detail
Character Monkey D. Luffy
Birthday May 5
Age 7 years (debut), 19 years (after timeskip)
Height 91 cm (debut), 174 cm (after timeskip)
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


This young man needs no introduction whatsoever. He is not only one of the most popular anime characters but also one of the most passionate ones as well.


Being the main character of the series, Luffy has always been showered with love and gratitude from fans all around the globe.


With his signature Gomu Gomu and his flexible personality, people have always looked at him with respect and affection.


That is what makes Luffy so great. Fans say that the difference between the first episode of One Piece and the current episode of One Piece is that Luffy has grown.


And the fact that this man is still the same reckless child who wants to be the next pirate king no matter what makes him a name that will be remembered in the anime realm.


Luffy is a personality that will always represent the anime community. 




2. Roronoa Zoro


roronoa zoro


Entity Detail
Character Roronoa Zoro
Birthday November 11
Age 19 years (debut), 21 years (after timeskip)
Height 178 cm (debut), 181 cm (after timeskip)
Blood Type XF
Hair Colour Cyan
Eye Colour Black


The Swordsman can make any opponent shiver with his hard work. Zoro was initially looked upon as a Vegeta counterpart in the realm of One Piece.


However, in reality, he is a much more multidimensional character than that. His personality, his attitude, his outlook on situations, etc are all so refined that we as fans can’t help but fall in love with this green-haired man.


He isn’t extraordinary from birth. He has worked his face off to achieve all that he has. He is strong and can be defensive of his loved ones. 


And that’s what makes him arguably more inspirational than Luffy. However, make sure you avoid learning the art of navigation from him.


All in all, Zoro is a perfect partner for someone like Luffy who just wants to attain his end goal in an ethical way. And Zoro’s presence in Luffy’s life, as well as in the series overall, makes his presence, just as fascinating as it gets. 




3. Sanji




Entity Detail
Character Sanji
Birthday March 2
Age 19 years (debut), 21 years (after timeskip)
Height 177 cm (debut), 180 cm (after timeskip)
Blood Type S
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Black


This man is quite impressive. Not just because of his powers but also because of his personality and the way he is around women.


And although it might seem a bit too much at first, as the show progresses, Sanji proves that his values are much greater than what we had imagined so far.


He works hard and strong for the Straw Hat Crew and that’s one of the many reasons why he is appreciated so much in the anime community.


Moreover, he is also the chain-smoking chef of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew. Quite an unusual name if you ask me.


Sanji can be a freaking badass when the situation calls for it. And so, if you are into One Piece then you can’t help but fall in love with this man. 

Some fans believe that he is carrying the key moments of the anime on his back. And it won’t be completely incorrect to say that. 




4. Trafalgar Law


trafalgar law


Entity Detail
Character Trafalgar Law
Birthday October 6
Age 24 years (debut), 26 years (after timeskip)
Height 191 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Petrol


Despite not being one of the main characters in the show, Law still manages to become one of the most respected characters in the series.


He is the Captain of the Heart Pirates and is also known to be a part of the Eleven Supernovas.


The bounty on this sole man is higher than a hundred million. Just think about it.


Moreover, he is also quite enchanting with his smile as it is said that he is almost always smiling and never really bothers anyone else unless he has to.


The fact that he doesn’t care who he fights, makes him a remarkable person. He wants to be reckless, especially against opponents who are far stronger than him. And that’s what makes this man so special for fans. 



5. Nami




Entity Detail
Character Nami
Birthday July 3
Age 18 years (debut), 20 years (after timeskip)
Height 169 cm (debut), 170 cm (after timeskip)
Blood Type X
Hair Colour Orange
Eye Colour Brown


A high-voltage hottie from the show. Without a doubt, some serious business. Nami is one of the members of the Straw Hat Pirates Crew and is quite famous even for those who haven’t watched the anime.


It is said that she was the first member of the Straw Hat Pirates, in the anime, and her alignment with the Straw Hats was much later than that.


She is said to be one of the best when it comes to navigation and one of the best when it comes to beauty.


Her instinct is just incredible and her methods of tracking through the weather are some of the many reasons why she is so invaluable.



6. Nico Robin


nico robin


Entity Detail
Character Nico Robin
Birthday February 6
Age 28 years (debut), 30 years (after timeskip)
Height 188 cm
Blood Type S
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Petrol


This high-voltage hottie is just too good to be true. Coming in as the first female from the Straw Hat Pirates, we have Nico Robin.


She is the seventh member of the Straw Hat Pirates Crew and her skills were so profound that she had a bounty of 79 million when she was just a youngster.


How cool is that? Moreover, she had the Hana Hana No Mi which allows her to make multiple replications of her body.


And that is quite remarkable if you think about it. Moreover, she tried to end her life at one time but our boy Luffy showed up and saved her.


And it was from that moment on that she got attached to him and started being a part of the Straw Hats. 


Her contribution to the Straw Hats and the overall series is absolutely incredible. And so, it would be immature to place her at any rank lower than what we have placed her at. 



7. Tony Tony Chopper


Tony Tony Chopper


Entity Detail
Character Tony Tony Chopper
Birthday December 24
Age 15 years (debut), 17 years (after timeskip)
Height 90 cm
Blood Type X
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Black


Probably the most admired character in the entire series. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for our boy Choppa!


Tony Tony Choppa is one of the lead characters in the show. This character isn’t even a human and yet he receives so much fondness and adoration.


Choppa is a Reindeer and has been known to be the physician of the Straw Hat Crew.


It was all thanks to his Human Human fruit that he started to think, move, and act like a human.


And that was when it all started. However, there’s no denying that this Adorable creature is just too good to be true!


After all, who else would be loved so much? And as for his personality, he is an absolute kid at heart!



8. Usopp




Entity Detail
Character Usopp
Birthday April 1
Age 17 years (debut), 19 years (after timeskip)
Height 174 cm (debut), 176 cm (after timeskip)
Blood Type S
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


The man himself is here! The legendary God Usopp! He is a character who loves to hold pranks on his team and creates a fun and positive environment all around him.


He is not only eye-catching but also quite infamous within the series for his acts and participation.


However, apart from that, he is also said to be sheepish yet fearless especially when things get bad.


He never abandons his friends, despite the situation at hand. And that’s quite remarkable if you think about it.


He is also quite a big liar who just can’t get enough of his fun and drama.


However, if you factor in all of his good and bad together, he is an important part of the crew and the show.



9. Portgas D. Ace


Portgas D. Ace


Entity Detail
Character Portgas D. Ace
Birthday January 1
Age 20 years
Height 185 cm
Blood Type S
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


Ace is a man who deserves respect. And when I say respect, I mean a ton of respect.


Because he has done what none did. And I won’t spoil it for you here.


However, if you are currently watching One Piece, prepare yourself, because this man will just swoop in and win your heart in no time.


Ace travels along the Grand Line with the help of his devil fruit. Moreover, he is said to be Luffy’s brother and left his village, 3 years before Luffy did.


He is a lot more muscular and eye-catching as well which goes to show why he is so phenomenal for anyone and everyone who watches the anime.


All in all, if you are a fan of Ace, some serious interaction is there in the story for you.



10. Brook




Entity Detail
Character Brook
Birthday April 3
Age 88 years (debut), 90 years (after timeskip)
Height 266 cm (debut), 277 cm (after timeskip)
Blood Type X
Hair Colour Black


In terms of sheer design, Brook isn’t exactly the most handsome. However, his looks don’t define his persona, which is nothing less than that of a gentleman.


Brook is one of the pirates inhabiting the Grand Line. Despite being known as the Gentlemen Skeleton, he is still making significant mistakes as a character, especially with his dialect.


And that degenerates his value altogether. However, that doesn’t matter in the long run assuming that he is still one of the most loved characters in the show.


Plus, his music is enough to make you respect him.



11. Charlotte Katakuri


Charlotte Katakuri


Entity Detail
Character Charlotte Katakuri (Kat)
Birthday November 25
Age 48 years
Height 509 cm
Blood Type XF
Hair Colour Purple
Eye Colour Pink


Katakuri is one of the notable characters in the show who belongs to the Big Mom Pirates group.


The devil fruit he consumed was Mochi Mochi no Mi which is also of the Paramecia type.


Moreover, the bounty on his head is over 1 billion which makes him one of the most pricey pirates in the entire show.


It’s said that Katakuri is quite serious in his approach and does a lot for his crew and family.


However, deep down, he is also a master because his Haki is overpowered. He can look into the future of a problem and that allows him to make smart decisions for his battle.



12. Shanks




Entity Detail
Character Shanks
Birthday March 9
Age 37 years (debut), 39 years (after timeskip)
Height 199 cm
Blood Type XF
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Black


Shanks is one of the most renowned characters in the realm of One Piece. He is said to be a legendary and influential pirate from the Grand Line.


He was a part of the Red Hair Pirates and Yonko which explains his respected status.


He is also Luffy’s hero since he was part of Gol D Roger’s crew. And it was because of that moment that Luffy admires him so much.


He is said to have a very soft and quiet nature and his design explains his red hair squad relationship.


However, it is also claimed that he avoids engaging in fights unless necessary. 


And once he does, the tables turn instantly.



13. Newgate Edward


Newgate Edward


Entity Detail
Character Newgate Edward
Birthday April 6
Age 72 years
Height 666 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Black


One Piece has a ton of unique designs up its alley. And Newgate Edward has to be one of the most unique ones from it.


He is also known as Whitebeard in the series. And it is claimed that Whitebeard is the strings out of anyone else in the realm of One Piece.


Moreover, Whitebeard is said to be the one who stands the closest to knowing about One Piece’s treasure.


However, against all his strength stands his health problem. His addiction to Rum and his unhealthy nature make him grow weaker and weaker.


However, despite all of that, he is still one of the best warriors in the entire series.


And that is a noteworthy feature for any character to possess.



14. Dracule Mihawk


Dracule Mihawk


Entity Detail
Character Dracule Mihawk
Birthday March 9
Age 41 years (debut), 43 years (after timeskip)
Height 198 cm
Blood Type S
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Yellow


Widely regarded as the strongest Swordsman in the entire franchise of One Piece, we have Dracule Mihawk.


He is one of the Shichibukai as you would expect and is said to be a monster amongst monsters.


Moreover, he stands as the final opponent for Zoro in the anime, and his skills are claimed to be the finest in the show.


Fans claim that Dracule has consumed a Devil Fruit even though there’s no mention of it in the entire series.


In terms of sheer strength and power, this man has no competition. As for his appearance, that’s just as impressive as you would expect.


With a colourful attire and starking moustache, he stands with an eye-catching appearance.



15. Franky




Entity Detail
Character Franky
Birthday March 9
Age 34 years (debut), 36 years (after timeskip)
Height 225 cm (debut), 240 cm (after timeskip)
Blood Type XF
Hair Colour Blue
Eye Colour Brown


With the Zodiac of Pisces and a height of 225 cm, we have Franky. He is one of the former members of the Franky Family and Tom’s Worker.


However, now he is a part of The Straw Hat Pirates. Moreover, his position is Shipwright in the show.


He doesn’t seem to have any sort of Devil fruit associated with him and his age is said to be 34.


His first appearance took place in the Water 7 arc and he has multiple names including “Cutty Flam” and “Bakanky”.


His design is also very notable with his huge posture and quirky smile. He is also said to be very quick to protect others when it comes to resistance.



16. Donquixote Doflamingo


Donquixote Doflamingo


Entity Detail
Character Donquixote Doflamingo
Birthday October 23
Age 39 years (debut), 41 years (after timeskip)
Height 305 cm
Blood Type X
Hair Colour Yellow/Blonde


Coming in from the Shichibukai rank, we have Donquixote Doflamingo. He is one of the notable villains in the series.


And as stated earlier, he held the Shichibukai rank which is translated to Warlord Of The Sea.


He was also the Captain of the Donquixote Pirates which was a crew of its own.


Moreover, he also stood as a member of the Donquixote family and is said to have a bounty of over 340 million Beli.


That’s insane. His design is also quite impressive with a boss-like appearance and overall impression.


His spectacles give him a much more villainous look and are said to be one of the most admired antagonists in the entire series.


Moreover, fans love his blonde hair and flamboyant clothing that dominates the series altogether.



17. Jinbe




Entity Detail
Character Jinbe
Birthday April 2
Age 44 years (debut), 46 years (after timeskip)
Height 301 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


With incredible height and strong stature, we have Jinbe. He is one of the most notable characters in the show and his height is said to be 301 cm.


Moreover, his position is Helmsman and he doesn’t seem to be associated with any kind of Haki whatsoever.


He was the second Captain of the Sunny Pirates and stands as the Whale Shark Fishman in the show.


Moreover, he also attains the status of Shichibukai in the series which is already an incredible feat.


His resemblance with Shark doesn’t stop there. It is claimed that even his name Jinbe has Kanji letters for Whale Shark.


And it is such Easter eggs that make the show and the characters, a lot more admirable and notable.



18. Boa Hancock


Boa Hancock


Entity Detail
Character Boa Hancock
Birthday September 2
Age 29 years (debut), 31 years (after timeskip)
Height 191 cm
Blood Type S
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Blue


Said to be the Snake Princess in the series, we have Boa Hancock. She is one of the lead characters who is said to be affiliated with Kuja, Kuja Pirates and happens to hold Shichibukai rank in the show.


Moreover, she is claimed to be a Pirate Captain and an Emperor of Amazon Lily.


The devil fruit associated with this gorgeous lady is Mero Mero no Mi which is the Love-Love fruit.


And her type is called Paramecia. As for the bounty on her head, that’s over 80 million.


For someone of her stature, it is quite appropriate. After all, not every character will be able to detest the World Government, will they?



19. Donquixote Rosinante


Donquixote Rosinante


Entity Detail
Character Donquixote Rosinante
Birthday July 15
Age 26 years
Height 293 cm
Blood Type S
Hair Colour Yellow/Blonde
Eye Colour Brown


With the unique nickname of Corazon, we have Donquixote Rosinante. He is one of the Donquixote Pirates and also one of the former members of the World Government.


Moreover, he is said to be a Pirate Elite Officer and a former World Noble.


With all these feats under his belt, he seems to be quite an overachiever in the story.


However, his tale doesn’t stop here. He is also said to be associated with Nagi-Nagi no Mi which is the Calm-Calm Fruit.


And that’s a Paramecia type of fruit as well. His design is quite interesting with cigarettes and an unusual look going on his entire personality.


With his seemingly blonde hair and white skin, he stands out a lot more than other characters.



20. Sabo




Entity Detail
Character Sabo
Birthday March 20
Age 10 years (flashback debut)22 years (after timeskip)
Height 100 cm (flashback debut)187 cm (after timeskip)
Blood Type X
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Black


Sabo is a character that hasn’t received just enough screen time in the series yet.


He is one of his old friends of Ace and eventually ends up being Luffy’s friend to the point that these three were said to be brothers.


Just like Ace and Luffy, Sabo also wishes to sail away from the Gray Terminal and become a Pirate.


And it is said that he decided to start his venture at the age of 17.


His relationship with Luffy and Ace is said to be the biggest link for him and that’s what made him stand out in the anime as well.


His childhood design is just like that of Luffy just with a different color scheme and a few minor detail changes.



21. Carrot




Entity Detail
Character Carrot
Birthday May 24
Age 15 years
Height 161 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Yellow/Blonde
Eye Colour Red


Carrot is one of the young characters in the show. She is said to be affiliated with the Inuarashi Musketeer Squad and doesn’t have any notable relations with any sort of Devil fruit.


Her design seems to be heavily influenced by that of a Rabbit. And that would explain her insane speed and strength.


Moreover, Carrot is claimed to be a rabbit mink in the Warrior Beast Tribe. Not only that, she is said to be an extremely outgoing person who likes carrots a lot.


As for her design, her hair is yellow and has white skin with rabbit-like ears.


Quite an influential character in the show. And there’s no denying that.



22. Bentham




Entity Detail
Character Bentham
Birthday August 15
Age 30 years (debut), 32 years (after timeskip)
Height 238 cm
Blood Type F


He is known as Mr. 2 Bon Clay is called an Okama in the show.


Okama means transgender in the Japanese language. He has an eye-catching attitude and design in the series which explains his flamboyant personality and outgoing nature.


Moreover, his dances are said to be even more notable as he does express them in the series.


And his combat style is claimed to be heavily influenced by Okama Kenpo. His devil fruit is called Mane Mane no Mi which translates to Clone Clone Fruit.


Therefore, his strength allows him to create a clone of anyone he has touched. And he uses this power to battle enemies.



23. Kozuki Oden


Kozuki Oden


Entity Detail
Character Kozuki Oden
Birthday February 22
Age 39 years
Height 382 cm
Blood Type F


Coming in from the Kozuki Family, we have Kozuki Oden. He is said to be a part of 2 huge pirate organizations.


Those being the Roger Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates. Both of these crews had incredible members and that would explain why Kozuki Oden was as strong as he was.


In the anime, he starts to appear from the Wano Country where he stood as the Daimyo of Kuri.


He was also a part of Roger Pirates while they searched for the Laugh Tale and the 2nd Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates.


Moreover, his physical strength is said to be unreal. And his sword style is strong enough to annihilate any foe, making him even more menacing and threatening.



24. Yamato




Entity Detail
Character Yamato
Birthday November 3
Age 28 years
Height 263 cm
Blood Type F


Many fans claim that Yamato is one of the most beautiful characters in the entire series.


And that’s quite appropriate considering her white hair and detailed design. She is part of the Ninja Pirate Mink Samurai Alliance as well as the Beast Pirates.


Moreover, she is the daughter of Kaidou. Kaidou is one of the Four Emperors. Moreover, she is claimed by everyone as Kaidou’s son even though she is a female.


Moreover, her strength is claimed to be incredible considering that she was born and brought up under refined circumstances by Kaidou to nurture her to be one of the strongest in the series.


And that’s what makes her stand out so much.



25. Crocodile




Entity Detail
Character Crocodile
Birthday September 5
Age 44 years (debut), 46 years (after timeskip)
Height 253 cm
Blood Type S


A Shichibukai with a notable standard in the show. Crocodile is known as Mr. 0 in the show and is said to be the leader of the Baroque Works.


Baroque Works is an organization that consists of various spires and assassins. Moreover, he uses Baroque Works to gain an advantage in the battle for the Kingdom of Alabasta.


He is also claimed to be quite hungry for establishing military power and strength dominance within his domain.


However, he was taken care of by Monkey D Luffy and his Shichibukai title was taken back by the World Government.


His devil fruit is said to be Suna Suna No Mi which translates to Sand Sand Fruit, a fictional fruit in the series that can control Sand.



26. Perona




Entity Detail
Character Perona
Birthday June 7
Age 23 years (debut), 25 years (after timeskip)
Height 160 cm
Blood Type XF
Hair Colour Pink
Eye Colour Black


Said to be the Ghost Princess, we have Perona. She is a girl whose outfit is heavily inspired by the Gothic Lolita Style of clothing.


And she is said to be a commander in the series who controls the Gecko Moria.


However, that’s not the only army she commands. It is said that she also takes control of the Persona Wonder Garden where zombies act as her shield.


As for her personality, she has a sense of hatred for anything that can’t be regarded as “Cute” by her.


For example, insects. Moreover, she is also said to have a notable laugh in the show which can be worded as Horohorohoro.


This is influenced by her Devil Fruit and her name.



27. Marco




Entity Detail
Character Marco
Birthday October 5
Age 43 years (debut), 45 years (after timeskip)
Height 203 cm
Blood Type X
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Black


Coming in from the Whitebeard Pirates, we have Marco. He is the commander of the First Division of the Whitebeard Pirates.


And this stature gives him the authority to rule over the lower-ranked in the show.


Moreover, he is also said to be one of the top four Commanders in the Whitebeard Pirates group.


Not only that, but he is also one of the top four fighters in the crew.


He is said to be able to have a great grasp on his consciousness and his reflexes are so insane that he was able to take care of Kizaru’s light-speed movements with his counter speed.


Moreover, it is also hinted that he might have a devil fruit strength under his belt.


However, there isn’t any definite proof regarding the same.



28. Buggy




Entity Detail
Character Buggy
Birthday August 8
Age 37 years (debut), 39 years (after timeskip)
Height 192 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Blue
Eye Colour Black


Buggy is one of the most uniquely designed characters in the show. It is said that he accidentally consumed the Bara Bara no Mi devil fruit.


This fruit is further classified as the Chop Chop fruit. This devil fruit allows him to control parts of his body with voluntary control over them.


And that ability makes him a fearsome opponent. Another feature of his ability is that it makes him immune to swords and knives.


If someone stabs him with either of those, his body will disintegrate but get clubbed up again.


His fighting style involves using knives between his three fingers. This combat method allows him to become quite formidable overall.



29. Silvers Rayleigh


Silvers Rayleigh


Entity Detail
Character Silvers Rayleigh
Birthday May 13
Age 76 years (debut), 78 years (after timeskip)
Height 188 cm
Blood Type XF
Hair Colour White
Eye Colour Black


Known to be the Dark King, we have Silvers Rayleigh. He is one of the notable members of the show because he was part of Gol D Rogers’ crew.


Moreover, it is claimed that silver is the second most precious metal after Gold. Therefore, as a homage to that concept, Silvers is the second highest-ranked man in the crew of Rogers.


He seems to be a left-handed individual who uses his left hand for sword fights.


Although, this has happened on a few occasions. Plus, he becomes even more notable once it is revealed that he is one of the few characters who has seen all 3 owners of the Straw Hat, wear the Hat.



30. Marshall D. Teach


Marshall D. Teach


Entity Detail
Character Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard)
Birthday August 3
Age 38 years (debut), 40 years (after timeskip)
Height 344 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


Blackbeard is what they call this man in this show. He is one of the former members of the Whitebeard Pirates.


He was under the command of Portgas D Ace who used to lead the second division in the series.


Moreover, it was claimed and warned by Shanks that Blackbeard was getting stronger than Whitebeard in the show.


This warning was set on the basis that Marshall D Teach wishes to hide his true potential until the time comes.


And in the anime, the same thing ends up happening. As a villain, he looks quite fearsome and is said to have some of the most unique introductions in the entire series.


Marshall D Teach is a force to be reckoned with.



31. Bartolomeo




Entity Detail
Character Bartolomeo
Birthday October 6
Age 24 years
Height 220 cm
Blood Type X
Hair Colour Green
Eye Colour Red


Bartolomeo is known as the Cannibal in the show. He was associated with the Mafia and later on, became a part of the Barto Club.


Moreover, he was the Captain Of The Barto Club which gave him significant authority and power.


His Devil Fruit is Bari Bari no Mi which translates to Barrier-Barrier Fruit which is a Paramecia type.


This devil fruit allows him to be a barrier to humans and attack others. Not only that, but his devil fruit power also allows him to become super strong and vicious at times because of the strength it offers.


His personality is also interesting since he is mostly laid back and chill.



32. Kuzan




Entity Detail
Character Kuzan
Birthday September 21
Age 47 years (debut), 49 years (after timeskip)
Height 298 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


Kuzan was one of the Marine Admirals. He was more popular with his previous name Aokiji.


Sengoku nominated him to be the fleet admiral. However, he lost his position to Akainu and so, he decided to resign from the marine.


If we talk about Kuzan’s personality, he is quite a laid-back man. For the most part, nothing affects him no matter how crucial or game-changing it is.


Moreover, he also has pride and honour in his presence which comes as a surprise since his fellow admirals aren’t like that.


Moreover, he continued his promise of a one vs one with Luffy and didn’t attack the Straw Hat at all.


This proves that he is quite a word sensitive as well.



33. Monkey D. Garp


monkey d. garp


Entity Detail
Character Monkey D. Garp
Birthday May 2
Age 76 years (debut), 78 years (after timeskip)
Height 287 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Grey
Eye Colour Black


Also known as The Fist, The Hero, we have Monkey D Garp.


He is the Vice-Admiral of the Marines and is said to be one of the most respected members of the Marines, ever!


He is respected within his community for the fact that he managed to get a hold of Gol D Rogers multiple times in his career.


And that is what makes him such a formidable opponent. Moreover, he was also the one who taught Luffy in his early days to become a Marine.


However, after his attempts, he left both Luffy and Ace in the hands of Dadan.


His personality is also quite captivating with a bright smile and confident persona.



34. Gol D. Roger


Gol D. Roger


Entity Detail
Character Gol D. Roger
Birthday December 31
Age 53 years
Height 274 cm
Blood Type S
Hair Colour Black


Gold Roger, also known as Gol D Roger, was the Pirate King in his prime days.


Not only that, but he was also the strongest pirate in existence and also the one who owns the legendary treasure, One Piece.


This man managed to capture the Grand Line and became the most absolute name in the entire realm of One Piece.


His skills and abilities were second to none and his attitude toward the Grand Line was dominating and persistent.


He was also one of the only individuals who never feared the threats he faced in his life.


He was said to be fearless in his prime time. And it was because of him that all Pirates began their search for One Piece.



35. Borsalino




Entity Detail
Character Borsalino (Kizaru)
Birthday November 23
Age 56 years (debut), 58 years (after timeskip)
Height 302 cm
Blood Type XF
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Grey


Borsalino is one of the Three Admirals present in the Marines. He is also called the Yellow Monkey in Japanese translations.


Although it wasn’t his first appearance, he was mentioned by Robin when she came across Aokiji.


It is said that Borsalino’s design is heavily influenced by popular Japanese actor Kunie Tanaka.


And it is said that his personality is quite influenced by his peers as well.


He is more laid back than Aokiji. However, he is also more brutal than Akainu.


All in all, Borsalino is one of the most dominant personalities in the entire show and his overall design and self-presentation explain his dominating and captivating nature.



36. Smoker




Entity Detail
Character Smoker
Birthday March 14
Age 34 years (debut), 36 years (after timeskip)
Height 209 cm
Blood Type XF
Hair Colour Mint Green
Eye Colour Black


He is known as The White Hunter and his design might explain why that is the case.


Smoker is from the Marines and stands as the Captain, later commodore, and Vice-Admiral of the same.


If we talk about his Devil fruit, it’s Plume Plume Smoke Smoke Fruit. In Japanese, it is Moku Moku no Mi.


His first introduction happened in the Loguetown and he stood as a dominant Marine in that.


Moreover, his physical appearance is just as intimidating as you would expect. With his muscular body and strong stature, Smoker becomes one of the most eye-catching Marines in the entire show.


And his smug look with a cigarette in place makes him appear even more badass.



37. Eustass Kid


Eustass Kid


Entity Detail
Character Eustass Kid
Birthday January 10
Age 21 years (debut), 23 years (after timeskip)
Height 205 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Red


Eustass Kid is also called Captain in the series because of his personality and stature.


He was one of the Eleven Supernovas and that is huge because this tag makes his bounty cross the 100,000,000 when the Straw Hats Appear.


And as someone who has one of the highest bounties ever, it would explain why he stood with such pride and confidence on his face.


Speaking of his face, his design is quite flamboyant with a rockstar-like appearance and dark colour scheme.


It gives him a strong yet free vibe which makes us feel more respect and appreciation toward him.


His skills are also quite lethal and that would explain how he caused so many casualties in the series.



38. Enel




Entity Detail
Character Enel
Birthday May 6
Age 37 years (debut), 39 years (after timeskip)
Height 266 cm
Blood Type S
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Black


This man belongs to the group called Enel’s Warriors which consists of strong individuals like him.


He is also the God of Skypiea and stands as a deity in his place.


He looks at himself as if he was some sort of unreal being with unreal powers.


In other words, he has what we call the God Complex. And that’s quite interesting considering his Devil Fruit is Goro Goro no Mi which translates to The Rumble Fruit.


As for the type, it’s Logia in his case. Despite his appearance, he seems to be a carefree, childish, and confident person in the series.


He seems to relax most of the time and doesn’t take much offence to what’s happening around his team altogether.



39. Nefertari Vivi


Nefertari Vivi


Entity Detail
Character Nefertari Vivi
Birthday February 2
Age 16 years (debut), 18 years (after timeskip)
Height 169 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Blue(Light)
Eye Colour Brown


Vivi, also known as Miss Wednesday, was one of the members of The Straw Hat Pirates at times.


Her position was the Princess Of Alabasta and her affiliations were from the same as well.


She started as a villain in the series when our main cast reached the Grand Line.


Nefertari is her first name in the show. And this name is not something baseless.


It is said to be associated with the word “The Most Beautiful” or “Most Wonderful” from the Egyptian text.


And that’s why Nefertari is such a reputed name in the series. She, as the princess of Alabasta, stands at an incredibly high stature in her surroundings and that promoted her association with The Straw Hats.



40. Isshou




Entity Detail
Character Isshou (Fujitora)
Birthday August 10
Age 54 years
Height 270 cm
Blood Type S
Hair Colour Black


Isshou is also known as Fujitaro in the series. He was sent out by Fleet Admiral Sakazuki to take care of Luffy and Law.


His first appearance took place in a restaurant in Acacia. And in that restaurant, he was just doing his gambling with Do Flamingo’s men who were found cheating.


Luffy highlighted the cheats of the Thugs and assisted Isshou in his attempts. However, this meeting wasn’t supposed to go this way.


So after expressing his gratitude, Isshou unleashes his sword and starts preparing for Luffy. In the series, he was a fairly strong opponent yet seemingly a great person from the heart.


And his design also explains his great experience.



41. Monkey D. Dragon


Monkey D. Dragon


Entity Detail
Character Monkey D. Dragon
Birthday October 5
Age 53 years (debut), 55 years (after timeskip)
Height 256 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


If you haven’t seen his introduction in the series yet then please don’t read this entry.


Monkey D Dragon is the father of our boy Luffy and son of Vice-Admiral Monkey D Grap.


He was called the Revolutionary Dragon because of his actions in these episodes. He is one of the most demanded criminals and his actions are nothing less than revolutionary in the series.


He takes care of anyone and everyone with his skills and all of his acts are said to be some sort of revolt against the system.


He is also one of the members of the D family which makes him even more notable and captivating.



42. Sakazuki




Entity Detail
Character Akainu (Sakazuki)
Birthday August 16
Age 53 years (debut), 55 years (after timeskip)
Height 306 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


This is Akainu. He is one of the Admirals in the realm of One Piece and is associated with the Marines.


He is one of the only three admirals in the entire series which explains his profound and respectable stature in the series.


Moreover, his name is said to be a Wordplay around Red Dog. And before becoming the Admiral, he was the Vice-Admiral in his group.


However, as the Successor of Sengoku, Akainu took over and became the true Admiral of the Marines.


He is also said to be a believer in Absolute Justice which explains his strong and determined personality.


Sakazuki is a force to be reckoned with.



43. Vinsmoke Reiju


Vinsmoke Reiju


Entity Detail
Character Vinsmoke Reiju
Birthday November 30
Age 24 years
Height 173 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Purple(Light)
Eye Colour Blue


This gorgeous lady right here is known as Poison Pink in the series. And that would explain her notable personality and presence in the anime.


Vinsmoke Reiju is the only known daughter of the Vinsmoke Family. Therefore, she is a princess of the Germa Kingdom as well as the administrator of the Germa 66 military group.


Needless to say, being a Vinsmoke, she is Sanji and Yonji’s older sister. Moreover, her personality seems to be quite dominating as well.


Her design also stands out a lot with blue eyes and pink hair with a purple shade within them.


For the role of a queen, Reiju is quite an appropriate candidate altogether.



44. Rob Lucci


Rob Lucci


Entity Detail
Character Rob Lucci
Birthday June 2
Age 28 years (debut), 30 years (after timeskip)
Height 212 cm
Blood Type XF
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


This man is one of the members of the Galley-La Company’s Dock One! More specifically, he is known to be one of five forman from that group.


And that explains his skills in the series. He seems to be a ventriloquist as he uses Hattori.


Hattori is a pigeon that Rob uses to communicate. Moreover, this pigeon seems to have nothing remarkable about it or its presence.


Altogether, it is just used for the sake of communication and messaging. Moreover, Lucci is said to be a great shipwright with amazing skills in battle.


And this fact is proved when he goes head-on against Pauli and then Luffy. This is why this man in the black hat is so capturing.



45. Bartholomew Kuma


Bartholomew Kuma


Entity Detail
Character Bartholomew Kuma
Birthday February 9
Age 45 years (debut), 47 years (after timeskip)
Height 689 cm
Blood Type X
Hair Colour Black


With a bounty of over 295 million, we have Bartholomew Kuma. He is one of the brutal pirates in the series who managed to be one of the reserved members of Shichibukai.


Moreover, he is said to be an important individual in the administration of the series.


One of the biggest reasons why he is looked upon as a brutal enemy is because of his ability.


He has the power to teleport on discretion and that explains why he was a formidable opponent altogether.


Moreover, he can also make someone else disappear to an unknown location as well. This makes his ability even more interesting and dangerous on the battlefield.


And his strengths aren’t highlighted properly either.



46. Senor Pink


Senor Pink


Entity Detail
Character Senor Pink
Birthday June 12
Age 46 years
Height 244 cm
Blood Type X
Hair Colour Black


Coming in from the Diamante Army, we have Senor Pink. He is one of the officers of The Donquixote Pirates’ Diamante Army.


And that would explain his relationship with Donquixote. Moreover, his design would explain his overall name and gesture.


He wears blue sunglasses and has nipples in his mouth like a baby. Moreover, his head is covered in a pink cloth just like a baby is wrapped.


This could imply that his appearance was heavily influenced by children during infancy. His first appearance took place in the 702nd chapter of the Manga series.


That’s why he is considered to be a relatively new character within the storyline.



47. Jewelry Bonney


Jewelry Bonney


Entity Detail
Character Jewelry Bonney
Birthday September 1
Age 22 years (debut), 24 years (after timeskip)
Height 174 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Pink
Eye Colour Violet


Standing as The Captain of the Bonnet Pirates and one of the members of the South Blue natives, we have Jewelry Bonney.


She is said to be the big eater in the show and has a bounty of 140 million on her.


This is because she is a part of the Eleven Supernovas. However, what makes her even more remarkable is the fact that she is the only female supernova on the entire site.


The biggest feature about this young lady is that she is extremely gluttonous. She can go on and on with her meals and that’s why she received the tag of being the Big Eater.


And her table manners are quite horrible, to say the least. It is said that Zoro saved her a while back in the show.



48. Kaidou




Entity Detail
Character Kaidou
Birthday May 1
Age 59 years
Height 710 cm
Blood Type F
Hair Colour Black


Kaidou is a Yonko which tells us why he has such an intimidating look on his face.


But what makes him even more special are two facts about him. First up, he is the captain of the Beast Pirates which is an insane crew within the show.


And secondly, he has one of the most badass nicknames in the show. His nickname is Hundred Beasts, the Strongest Creature In The World.


And this title was later on revealed in the show when Moriah was taken care of by the Straw Hat Pirates.


There are rumours which claim that this man somehow has an army of over 50 warriors.


And these warriors are all artificial Zoan devil fruit users. Now that’s what makes him a nightmare.



49. Hiriluk




Entity Detail
Character Hiriluk
Birthday January 12
Age 68 years
Height 213 cm
Blood Type F


Hiriluk intended to do nothing but cure those who fell victim to Wapol’s selfishness. He wished to save the cold hearts of the ones who were part of the island and that’s why he was such an appreciated being.


Moreover, he is said to be one of the only doctors that were present to safeguard the citizens of the place.


He once came across Choppa while walking in a blizzard. And once he won Choppa’s trust, he managed to develop a strong relationship with him.


This relationship was later regarded as a father-son relationship in the series. And that’s why he received the screen time that he deserved in the series.


All in all, he was a nice character with seemingly nice intentions. 



50. Bepo




Entity Detail
Character Bepo
Birthday November 20
Age 20 years (debut), 22 years (after timeskip)
Height 240 cm
Blood Type S
Hair Colour White
Eye Colour Black


Coming in from the Heart Pirates, we have Bepo. He is one of the prominent members of the group which is regulated by Trafalgar Law in the show.


Just as his appearance speaks, he is a talking best who is quite human-like in and out.


A notable feature about him as a character is that he seems to be immune to Haki and his fighting styles.


He managed to surpass Haki’s Powers of Silvers Rayleigh and a fighting style that resembles the one that Sanji uses.


Moreover, he is also in charge of all new Heart Pirates Members in the group.


And as a character, he is quite funny and admirable.



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