Top 50 Best INFP Anime Characters Of All Time


MBTI aka Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a tool that allows someone to know about their personality and characteristics. And this tool also categorizes us based on our personality. This category is called our Personality Type and is expressed in 4 letters.


Ever heard of INFJ, INFP, ESTP, ENFJ, etc? Yeah, they are personality types. However, the one we will be discussing today is INFP! And who are INFPs? Short answer, Idealists!


Long answer, is people who wish to have an ideal world. Kind, cheerful, and courageous beings who always look out for their comrades. A bit introverted on the outside but very generous on the inside.


Relatable? Great! Because you are not the only one! There are many more INFPs out there, especially in the medium of anime. And today, we will be listing down the best of them.


Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to tell you about the best INFP Characters. So grab your red rose, lay down on the couch and let’s dive deep into the world of Idealists.


I hope you enjoy it!




1. Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)


alphonse elric (fullmetal alchemist brotherhood)


For those of you who don’t know, Alphonse Elric is one of the main characters in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.


And what makes him an amazing INFP is his outlook on the world he lives in. He isn’t exactly introverted but he stays with himself and his brother most of the time.


And that shows care and humility in his character. Plus, throughout the anime, he was always an ideal and respectful man who stood by his principles all the time. Alphonse Elric is a gem as a brother and friend.


He prioritizes others over himself and always seeks a reason to help you out. He is a brother that all of us want. He is a brother that all of us need.


And THAT is why Alphonse Elric is at the top of our list.




2. Gaara (Naruto)


gaara (naruto)


Gaara is one of the side characters in the world of Naruto and let’s just say, my man has gone through Hell.


He had faced some of the most tortured childhood in the world. However, despite all the struggles and hardships he faced, he stood strong to his ideals. Soon in the anime, we discover his new self who turns out to be his true self.


He wasn’t the monster people were portraying him to be. He was a hero who just needed friends. He was a nice guy who wished for a better life. That’s all.


And when he does get it, he becomes ideal. He cares for those around him and is kind and generous. He is the new King of his land but still admired everyone.


Gaara is a fine example of how incredible the INFP personality is. Once you adopt it, it’s beautiful as ever.




3. Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)


kaneki ken (tokyo ghoul)


We have the legendary Kaneki Ken. Kaneki Ken is the main character of Tokyo Ghoul and before the mishap, my man was an angel. He was introverted and self-conserved which already are good signs of being an excellent INFP.


But on top of that, he always wished for an ideal solution for every problem and had some very high moral standards. He cares for his team as shown in the show and is kind in nature.


With all these qualities present in the parent form possible, Kaneki Ken becomes one of the best characters this medium has to offer.




4. Akane Tsunemori (Psycho-Pass)


Akane Tsunemori


Just like in the realm of Attack On Titan and Naruto, being idealistic isn’t easy at all. And Psycho-Pass also happens to be one of such realms. However, just like Nagato and Armin, Akane also happens to hold positive ideals tight in her hands even though everything seems to go against her.


And that is why she is so high on this list. She is calm and collected but does get flustered when bombarded with people. She wishes to hope for a happy and soothing atmosphere in the world of Psycho-Pass.


However, as we all know, that’s not possible. However, she still holds that perspective and continues to do so. Therefore, her idealistic nature pops out and Akane becomes one of the best INFPs you can find in the medium of anime.



5. Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)


Shinji Ikari


Shinji is a very similar case to Nagato in the realm of Neon Genesis Evangelion. On the outside, Shinji is a shy and self-conservant person. This proves the introverted nature that is portrayed in the show.


However, that’s not the only INFP characteristic he possesses. He is also kind and caring to his team. And this fact was displayed multiple times on screen. Therefore, no Neon Genesis Evangelion fan can disagree on this one.


Moreover, he is also humble and seems to look for an ideal way to make things work out for the best. Which again, adds up to his INFP. Overall, Shinji is one of the best INFP you will get with much more character development and depth!



6. Tamaki Amajiki (My Hero Academia)


Tamaki Amajiki


If there’s any anime character who tops the list of introverts, it is Tamaki Amajiki. For those of you who don’t know, Tamaki is one of the lead characters in the realm of My Hero Academia and my man is sick.


Not only in his skills but also in his nature. He is always super shy and calm, which adds up to his introvert counter. But he is also very kind and generous.


He mentions to Mirio that he shouldn’t have gone THAT far with the students, which means that he cares about both Mirio and the students. Plus, he is humble and idealistic which makes him even more of an INFP person.


Tamaki is one of the most lovable characters in the world of My Hero Academia. And I think we can all see why.



7. Shizuku Tsukishima (Whisper Of The Heart)


Shizuku Tsukishima


This cute little girl from Whisper Of The Heart also happens to hop on our list of INFP characters. She is imaginative and positive towards everything she experiences and even though she has a bit of a rude nature, she has a very pure heart.


She doesn’t interact much with others and does care so much more about people whom she cherishes. Plus, she always looks for creative and unique ways out that are idealistic to the situation.


This also makes her remarkable and lovely. Whisper of the Heart is a beautiful artwork and Shizuku is a beautiful part of it!



8. Mitsuha Miyamizu (Kimi No Nawa)


Mitsuha Miyamizu


This beauty from Kimi No Nawa is lovely on so many different levels. And being an INFP is just one of them. Mitsuha is a kind and cheerful girl who wishes to look at this world with a positive eye.


This allows us to know that she loves to be organized and supportive which helps her achieve her ideals. Plus, we witness an adventurous bug hidden under her as well.


That adds up to her INFP personality even more. After switching bodies, Mitsuha starts to cherish every moment of her life which tells us how much of a grateful being she is.


If we combine all of these qualities together, we get a great INFP character to love and appreciate.



9. Euphemia Li Britannia (Code Geass)


Euphemia Li Britannia


With great power comes greater ego. However, despite having it all, Euphemia stayed true to her ideals and principles. She is one of the notable characters in the world of Code Geass and what makes her so special is the fact that she is humble despite all the power she possesses.


She is open-minded and kind to anyone and everyone she meets. And that makes her a great individual to look up to. Plus, she has an idealistic thought process that makes her so much more suitable for being a member of the Royal Family.


With the mindset that a problem must be changed from within, this character stands as a true and strong INFP. And that is why she deserves to be here.



10. Levy McGarden (Fairy Tail)


levy mcgarden (fairy tail)


Very rarely, do we get to see characters like her play in action on screen? And her cheerful nature is just so positive. She has a kind personality and her intelligence improvised through reading made her have an idealistic nature as well.


She has an upbeat personality and cares for anyone and everyone as she doesn’t go for fights without any concrete reasons. And last but not the least, she is charismatic and it allows her to be attractive.


An INFP that all of us should look up to.



11. Yuri Katsuki (Yuri on Ice)


Yuri Katsuki


Talking about positivity and idealism, I think we can all agree that Yuri Katsuki is someone who would fit very well in these categories. Yuri Katsuki is the main character of Yuri on Ice and my man is a smiling machine!


He always loves to skate and learn new things while also caring for himself as well as his competitors. His nature to seek “Everything Is Good” makes him so much of an idealist and thus, an INFP.


Plus, he is not all that outgoing so he stands as an introvert as well. Combine all of that with his hardworking nature and you have one of the finest examples of INFP characters making it to the spotlight.


Make sure that you pay attention!



12. Nagato (Naruto)




Nagato was changed. He wasn’t the beast you know him now. He was an angel who used to look at this world from a bright perspective. And that proves his true roots in the INFP mindset.


He wished to be ideal, looking at this world from the glass of an idealist. He wanted to be happy and cherish those around him. It is the cruelty of this world that made him a completely different person than he is today.


And I can feel my man. Being someone who would look forward to progress in this realm is hard. You don’t know when something will show up and sting you like a bee.


However, Nagato persisted to be the INFP that he is. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for him.



13. Armin Arlert (Attack On Titan)


Armin Arlert


Being an INFP is hard, especially in the realm of shows like Attack On Titan. However, my man Armin still manages to be an idealist and stand true to his principles.


Armin Arlert is one of the lead characters in the series but what makes him so great is that he never loses his ideals. He is always on the path to seeking a situation where everything is alright.


However, as I said, in the world of Attack On Titan, that’s not possible. But still, he does it, and that portrays his INFP nature. Plus, we have seen how much he loves and cares about his friends.


So I don’t think I have to tell you about THAT. Haha, no spoilers.



14. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)


Hinata Hyuga


I mean come on! Everyone knows how incredible Hinata is. However, what makes her worthy of this list is her caring and loving nature. Hinata Hyuga is one of the lead female characters in the series we call Naruto.


And she is, without a doubt, one of the most notable characters in the series as well. Her caring and adorable sentiments make her even more lovely and beautiful. Plus, with her strength and courage, she is someone we all would love to look up to.


On the outside, she is an introvert who doesn’t wish to talk much. But on the inside, she is an idealist who loves to see things work out in the best way possible.


And that makes an impressive INFP character.



15. Killer (One Piece)




The Killer we are talking about here is the time skip beast from One Piece. The reason why I call him the “Timeskip Beast” is because my man improved so much after the TimeSkip in the series.


Before the dawn of age, Killer was arrogant and self-centered. However, he soon improved into a better version of himself. And we can know his INFP traits by looking into facts like he is calm and collected.


Plus, he cares a lot about his comrades and can go the extra mile for them. Without a doubt, someone whom we shouldn’t ignore. Killer is a great character but what makes him even better are his INFP personality traits.



16. Rem (Death Note)


rem (death note)


For the beast from the Shinigami realm, we have Rem. For Rem, Misa was everything that showed her compassion towards those whom she cherishes.


Plus, Rem wished to seek an idealistic end for Misa which adds up to her INFP personality. Although we don’t see her in action much in the series, Rem has contributed to significant degrees in the realm of Death Note.


And I think you know exactly what I am talking about. That’s the power of the series.



17. Light Yagami (Death Note)


Light Yagami


Ok, hear me out. The Light Yagami I am talking about here is not who he was AFTER he received the Death Note. The one I am talking about here is Light Yagami as portrayed in the initial episodes.


Think about it, Light always had this idealistic outlook towards life that allowed him to be closer to perfection. Plus, he was very humble and generous from the start and his search for a world without criminals is what makes him so much of an INFP.


No wonder he was such an overachiever. And his caring nature before he got his hands on Death Note is also remarkable. Plus he is also very hard-working so there’s that.



18. Erwin Smith (Attack On Titan)


Erwin Smith


Shinzou Wo Sasageyo! Get back on your feet boys because Commander Smith is here. This blond boy is an absolute monster on the battlefield but on the inside, he is a caring man who doesn’t wish any of his comrades to turn into corpses.


Erwin is someone who wishes to have a normal life where no one has to go through the roughness of war. And this thought depicts his idealistic nature. Moreover, he would love to see his comrades happy and satisfied, and therefore, he is so remarkable as an INFP.


One of the finest INFPs to say the least. And that’s a great feat, especially in the realm of Attack On Titan.



19. Junpei (Jujutsu Kaisen)


junpei (jujutsu kaisen)


Well, ladies and gentlemen, this boy on our list is the one who can make many of us cry. And you all know why that would be the case.


Let’s talk about Junpei. Despite being a side character, Junpei significantly contributed to the overall storyline of Jujutsu Kaisen. One of his most remarkable words was, “If there existed a button that would kill everyone I hated, I wouldn’t press it.


However, if there was a button that would kill everyone who hated me, I would press it without hesitation”. This is huge because it allows us to get into his deep psychology.


He doesn’t wish to see others in pain but his outlook on society is quite negative. Deep inside he is humble and caring but it’s the outside world that changed him forever.


This is why Junpei is one of the lost causes in the INFP dictionary.



20. Mirai (Dr. Stone)


mirai (dr. stone)


Mirai Shishio is Tsukasa Shishio’s younger sister who endured a prolonged coma and was subsequently healed by the Petrification phenomenon.


Emerging from her slumber, she aligned herself with the Kingdom of Science, forging friendships with Suika and Namari.


Mirai, characterized by bobbed blonde hair and expressive brown eyes, bears a unique petrification scar resembling a jagged halo.


Her loyalty to her brother motivates her to reciprocate his care by remaining steadfastly at his side.


Marked by childhood innocence, Mirai’s natural curiosity and excitement for novel experiences shine through, especially when engaging in the Kingdom of Science’s inventive lifestyle.



21. Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)


Shikamaru Nara


Well, well. Look who’s here? The master of intelligence, Shikamaru Nara. Now Shikamura is a character that needs no introduction because of how contributive he was in the Naruto franchise.


However, what makes him stand out, even more, is his introverted, idealistic nature. He wouldn’t talk to you because that’s a drag. He wouldn’t fight with you because that’s a drag.


He wouldn’t let you die because that’s a drag. And he wouldn’t leave your side because that’s a drag. For a man who looks at everything with a “Drag” perspective, Shikamaru is quite an impressive person.


One of the best INFPs out there.



22. Koji Koda (My Hero Academia)


Koji Koda


Koji Koda. There’s a very good chance that you might have not heard of this character before. And I don’t blame you. Because Koji Koda is one of the side characters in My Hero Academia.


However, the reason why this quirky boy is on the list is because of his nature. Koda is a very shy person and thus, he is quite introverted as well.


However, he is always looking for an ideal situation no matter what problem he is facing and that makes him so much more of an INFP. Plus, we see him be very kind and humble to his friends which is yet another trait that makes him worthy of this list.



23. Chifuyu (Tokyo Revengers)


chifuyu (tokyo revengers)


He is loved by so many girls, I might have maximum viewership just on this entry. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Chifuyu.


Matsuno Chifuyu is one of the leading characters in the realm of Tokyo Revengers and his characteristics must fall under the INFP category according to us. First up, after looking at his unreal loyalty to Baji, we can be certain that this man cherishes his friendships more than anything.


Secondly, the faith and trust he holds for Tokyo Manji Gang allow us to see his idealist nature and positive attitude. When you add it up to his humble and grounded nature that surfaced after he joined forces with Baji, you can see why he is a great INFP that many in the room love so much.



24. Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100)


Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama


Anyone can easily point out why Shigeo Mob Kageyama is an absolute INFP. First up, he is quite introverted. Doesn’t try to get along with others on his own and loves to cherish his Tsubomi chan.


However, he is not afraid to face others and instead, just doesn’t get along with them. But when he does start to get along with others, he becomes caring and sympathetic to those around him.


And this adds up to his INFP persona so much more. Moreover, he is idealistic in his thoughts and doesn’t want to rely on his superpowers to achieve all that he wishes to.


He wants to work hard and learn on his own and so, he won’t be leaving the special space in our hearts, anytime soon.



25. Yamaguchi (Haikyuu)




Although he didn’t get nearly as much attention as the lead cast, Yamaguchi is still a noteworthy character. The fact that he is shy yet has a strong sense of friendship, makes him so much more human and realistic.


Plus, his bond with Tsukishima shows that he respects great bonds which is a great INFP characteristic. In the grand scheme of things, my man is a bit introverted as well which again, adds up to his INFP persona.


However, his idealist nature is a bit hidden in his competitive self. Therefore, my boy is so lovable and needs even more recognition. This Haikyuu character is quite hardworking and so, we all should learn from him.



26. Neji Hyuga (Naruto)


Neji Hyuga


I mean, come on! Everybody knows that Neji is one hell of an INFP just by looking at him for 2 episodes. First up, he doesn’t like to be around a large number of people.


Therefore, my man is suitable for only small group discussions. Secondly, he values those in his group and his close ones to a new degree. And we get to see an example of that, later in the series.


Moreover, he is someone who doesn’t talk much but cares to maintain peace and system amongst those around him. Therefore, Neji Hyuga gets a check on all of his INFP traits.



27. Crona (Soul Eater)




Crona was one of the most popular characters from the Soul Eater series and I can see why it was like that. First up, it was the fact that he is an introvert that made him show up on our list in the first place.


Secondly, he had a very traumatizing past that made him humble and idealistic in the process. This allowed us to get the idea that he could very well be an INFP who cares about others.


And so, when we see him do so, we get certain about his condition and realize that our boy is quite a personality in the anime.



28. Alluka Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)


Alluka Zoldyck


The series has put so much emphasis on this cute girl and I think we all agree that she deserves it so very much. Alluka, more popularly known for her “Bang” in the anime, is one of the most adorable characters in the series.


She is Killua’s sister as visible from the surname and she has a very simple, cute, and lovely personality. She was hyped as a very dark character in the beginning but as time passed by and she showed up on the screen, she displayed a very polite and humble behavior which solidifies her INFP traits.



29. Komugi (Hunter x Hunter)


Komugi (Hunter x Hunter)


Komugi is such an adorable character from the Hunter x Hunter series and I do believe that she deserves a bit more love and attention from fans. She has a very childish and clumsy nature that allows her to be kind and sympathetic.


However, with that, she also possesses something that we call excellence in the field of Gungi. Her INFP characteristics seem to be hidden behind the walls at the moment. But if we dig enough, we can find them without any trouble.



30. Siberia Palm (Hunter x Hunter)


Siberia Palm


Siberia Palm was one of the most remarkable characters during the Chimera Ant arc of the HunterxHunter franchise. And I feel that she is definitely someone all of us should care about in the long run.


Although she is shown to be a cruel female on the outside, on the inside she was a calm and intelligent woman who needs nothing but an idealist situation to fulfill her surroundings.


All I can say without spoiling you all is that she is a great INFP you must be certain about.



31. Samejima Abiko (Oshi No Ko)


samejima abiko (oshi no ko)


Within the Oshi no Ko anime, Samejima Abiko, previously an assistant to Yoriko Kichijouji, the mind behind “Today will be Sweet,” has now become the mangaka behind the acclaimed “Tokyo Blade.”


Regarded as the quintessential introvert, Abiko, during her assistant days, seldom interacted with peers, establishing her reputation for intense introversion.


Fueled by the immense popularity of her manga, Abiko exhibits a notable ego.


Evolving from Kichijouji’s assistant to the mangaka of “Tokyo Blade,” Samejima Abiko’s character in “Oshi no Ko” provides a unique glimpse into the manga creation realm, offering insights into the personalities shaping this creative landscape.



32. Rosinante Donquixote (One Piece)


Rosinante Donquixote


Rosinante Don Quixote is one character that always stood out to those who witnessed him at the time of his airing. And man, wouldn’t I say, he was a lot of fun to watch.


Initially, he was shown to be a cruel man who hates children. And this act would have made him unfit for the world of INFP characters. However, soon we get to know that Don was a humble and kind person and the roughness he showed on screen was nothing but an act.


That incident not only exposed his true nature but also showed us why he is an INFP personality that you and I should love and appreciate.



33. Monet (One Piece)




I hope all my One Piece Fans remembered her. Because she has shown up again in your life taking place in this list. Monet was one of the most cunning and diligent characters back in its time of airing.


And let’s just say that her personality fascinated a lot of viewers all and all. She was confident and strong all along and her nature can very closely resemble an idealist’s nature.


This is also the reason why she is still part of discussions and so, you and I should take some time to appreciate her.



34. Makoto Edamura (Great Pretender)


Makoto Edamura


Great Pretender has always felt like a fascinating anime to me. Not just based on how incredible it is from the animation standpoint or story-wise but also because of the characters and team.


This series has INFPs like Makoto, who would make us feel attached to the INFP personality type. Just like the others, he is also kind and humble. Although he doesn’t have an ideal or perfect nature, his actions are worth noting and placing forward.


Plus, that’s his job of being exceptional which lets him NOT be an idealist. But deep down, he is a man who loves to push positive and morally correct attitudes.



35. Miku Nakano (5-toubun no Hanayome)


Miku Nakano (5-toubun no Hanayome)


In the manga and anime series 5-toubun no Hanayome, Miku Nakano plays a significant role as one of the quintuplet sisters, alongside Ichika, Nino, Yotsuba, and Itsuki Nakano.


Among her siblings, Miku holds the position of the third eldest. Initially depicted as shy and introverted, she faces challenges in expressing herself and interacting with others.


However, as the story progresses, Miku undergoes a transformation, gradually gaining confidence and embracing her unique identity.


Her passion for literature serves as a defining aspect of her character. Miku’s journey revolves around her developing feelings for the protagonist, Fuutarou Uesugi, and the conflicts she experiences with her sisters as they vie for his attention.


Her growth, emotional moments, and the quest for personal happiness contribute to her multidimensional nature and make her relatable to fans of the series.



36. King (One Punch Man)


king (one punch man)


Let’s take a look at King from One Punch Man.


He made some remarkable appearances in season 2 and so, his personality also started to flourish in the same time frame. However, that was also the period when we realize how much of a humble and kind man he is.


He doesn’t like massive groups of people alongside him and instead prefers his own small group. His idea of not being dishonest to someone is highlighted well in the show.


And that is why he is an INFP as well.



37. Chihiro (Spirited Away)




This is bound to happen. And I don’t think anyone will have any disputes over it. Chihiro is one of the most pure-hearted characters you will ever meet. And her presence in the Spirited Away movie upgraded the show to some real new degrees.


And her kind nature was one of the reasons why we all almost cried so much while watching the movie. At the end of the day, she was great as a character, and her idealistic personality, her INFP personality played a major role in making her so adorable.



38. Shinichi Izumi (Parasyte)


Shinichi Izumi


Right from the get-go, Shinichi is a character that would interest anyone and everyone with his personality. He is a very calm and natural individual who wouldn’t wanna mess with anyone.


However, when he does get his parasyte Migi, we get to see his caring side show up on the screen. This man is so humble and grounded that none of us can hate him.


However, he does witness his ideal ideology getting shattered when Migi is with him.



39. Legoshi (Beastars)




One of the most loved protagonists of the new-gen anime, have Legoshi. And I can see why people love to love Legoshi. First up, admiring his characters doesn’t make you a furry.


Secondly, his personality is fantastic. He is so grounded and realistic that all of us can understand his perspective and thought process even though none of us are animals. And that is also the reason why he is such an incredible individual within the new-gen anime realm.


You have to have some real courage and strength to go against Legoshi and that is what makes him so good.



40. Atsushi Nakajima (Bungo Stray Dogs)


Atsushi Nakajima


My boy Atsushi is one of the lead characters in the realm of Bungo Stray Dogs but what makes him stand out much more than his fellow cast members is his personality.


He is probably the most rational and caring one out of the bunch and he also possesses a deep sense of admiration for his team and people. That alone proves his significance as an INFP.


But apart from that, he is also kind and compassionate which makes him stand out even more. There’s no denying that Atsushi made the series so much better than it already was.



41. Chiyuki (Death Parade)


Chiyuki (Death Parade)


The enigmatic woman known as the Black-Haired Woman, or Onna, was discovered by Nona and appointed as Decim’s assistant at Quindecim, although her true identity is later unveiled as Chiyuki.


Initially, Chiyuki appeared as a cautious and naive individual upon awakening, but as she settled into life at Quindecim, her personality blossomed into that of a determined and outspoken woman who voiced her thoughts without hesitation.


Chiyuki fearlessly challenged Decim whenever she sensed inconsistencies in his words.


Even without her memories, Chiyuki retained her humanity, providing valuable perspectives to Decim during his judgments.



42. Hinazuki Kayo (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Wikia)


Hinazuki Kayo


One of the biggest traits of INFP characters is that they are introverted and don’t like being in a group that much. And that one character that pops up in my mind as I read this description is Hinazuki Kayo.


This adorable girl had a nightmare of a past that changed her on the outside but deep down, all she wanted was happiness. And once she got along with Satoru, she found that happiness and her true idealistic nature surfaced for the viewers.


With her trait of being in a small group and having an introverted nature, Kayo Hinazuki seems to fit this category very well and so, she is someone we all must look up to.



43. Shin-ah (Yona Of The Dawn)


shin-ah (yona of the dawn)


Shin-ah is one of the leading characters in the realm of Yona Of The Dawn and my man doesn’t say much. However, what is more, important in his case are his actions which make us think that he is an INFP.


Although he was very cruel in the past, once he joins Yona’s team, he becomes calm and collected while also being humble and admirable. He starts to adapt to the idealist nature Yona possesses and so, he becomes one like her.


All in all, after he overcame his past, Shin-ha was an amazing character with INFP traits.



44. Kou Mabuchi (Ao Haru Ride)


Kou Mabuchi


Kou Mabuchi, also known as Kou Tanaka, is the protagonist of Ao Haru Ride and my man is quite an idealistic being. First up, he is kind and adorable which are two qualities that we rarely see in people nowadays.


Plus, he is also very masculine, funny, and cheerful, which all adds up to him being more and more attractive. After the dark part of his life, my man started looking at things from a different eye.


And that made him so much more of an INFP than anything else. All in all, he is quite an ideal boy and probably, one of the best boys in the Rom-Com realm.



45. Chad (Bleach)




Yasutora Sado, also known as Chad in Bleach, is one of the most interesting characters in the series. Mainly because of how relatable he is as a person. First up, my man is a humble and quiet person making him introverted and thus, an INFP.


Moreover, he is always fascinated by adorable objects and so, he is also regarded as adorable from time to time. The best part about his ideal nature is his loyalty.


He stays true to those whom he cherishes and that adds up even more to his INFP traits. Overall, this man is great and if YOU like him, you have great taste.



46. Izumi Miyamura (Horimiya)


Izumi Miyamura


For those of you who have watched Horimiya, you know this man is quite a humble being. He is so humble that he always looks up to people even though he doesn’t need to.


His default nature of not being aggressive at all is shown hilariously in the show. And that is what makes him so remarkable as well. He always tries to maintain happiness and even though his past wasn’t all that great, he still enjoys his present to the fullest.


All in all, Miyamura is one handsome INFP that you should meet and greet for sure.



47. Gohan (Dragon Ball Z)




As much as we love Goku in the realm of Dragon Ball Z, there’s no denying that there was a hefty number of fans who always appreciated Gohan. This man became an absolute beast in the Cell saga and so, fans started wondering more about him as time passed by.


Right now, the anime isn’t focussing on him nearly as much as it did back in the day but he is still being projected as the ideal figure who loves to give himself up for his brethren.


This sympathetic nature along with the compassion aspect makes him so much of an INFP, right?



48. Deku (My Hero Academia)




Well, looks like we have a protagonist on our list, weebs. And this one is quite a popular one as well. Let’s see what my boy Deku is doing on this list.


Although I will be honest, we can all see why he would be in the category of INFP. After all, my man is somewhat of an introvert who is very caring and compassionate toward others.


Not only that but his total outlook on those around him and his sense of Justice prove that his idealist nature is true to his core. I think we can all agree that our boy is very emotional and strong at the same time.


And this makes him even more lovely as well.



49. Tony Tony Chopper (One Piece)


Tony Tony Chopper


Come on, guys! Everybody knows how delightful Chopper is. I don’t even need to present it to you all. This man is one of the most adorable and beloved characters from the series and you can’t beat that!


I mean just look at his smile, man. One Piece does have some very adorable characters under their arsenal. However, what makes him so much of an INFP is his caring nature toward his crew.


The fact that he is always there for them and trying his best to be useful goes to show that the man is compassionate towards those whom he cherishes. And that is great quality.



50. Dawn (Pokemon)


dawn (pokemon)


Now I will be honest with you guys, she is the best girl in the Pokemon franchise if you ask me.


And a part of that belief comes from the fact that she is very humble towards Ash, unlike others whom he met on his journey.


And even from a general standpoint, Dawn is a very calm and collected girl who always promotes positive behaviour and seems to have a lot of intuition in her strategies and battle tactics.



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