Top 30 Best Anime Like Naruto

top 30 best anime like naruto


Naruto as an anime is remarkable for many reasons which include action, adventure, and fantasy. It has the theme of martial arts which became the reason why it is so much famous among audiences.


With the title, the story is related to Naruto and his struggle to find a space or place in his village.


To do so, he has left the desire of becoming Hokage of Konohagakure. It made him shift to a new life and meet some amazing people and at the time some enemies.


So if you have ever wondered what to watch in the same category as Naruto then here are some of the suggestions that fall in the same category in terms of characters as well as its design and plot.


So without further adieu, let’s jump into the list of anime like Naruto.




1. Bleach (2004)


bleach (2004)


One of the best of all that is very similar to Naruto is Bleach. Just like Naruto, it is an action anime that features numerous adventure-filled scenes.


The story follows the main character, 14-year-old Ichigo, and Rukia. It revolves around Soul Society and Soul Reapers, both of which are intertwined with the characters. Ichigo, along with other Soul Reapers, hunts down evil spirits named Hollows and eliminates them.


When Rukia is injured, her powers are transferred to Ichigo, giving him an abundance of action and strength. His true character emerges when Rukia is accused and faces severe consequences. Ichigo decides to come to her aid and offer help.


Bleach is not just an anime. It is an experience that people thank themselves for choosing. This anime shook the entire fandom by storm and that’s why it is something that you need to watch as soon as possible.


The fact that people talk about this show even to this day, definitely says something. 




2. Hunter x Hunter (2011)


Hunter x Hunter (2011)


Remarkable for its fighting scene which is one of the greatest in terms of visualization, the anime also comes with good comedy and characters.


Just like Naruto, it has many twists and turns which keep the audience mesmerized all the way. One of the common characteristics that this anime carries with Naruto is the Ninja theme that comes with martial arts.


The story is related to a 12-year-old boy named Gon Freecs and the way he has tried to get his father.


At first, being unknown of his father’s existence as a hunter, he, later on, found and tried the journey of becoming a hunter.


Gon with the other three characters started this journey which came with many dangers and obstacles.




3. One Piece (1999)


one piece (1999)


One Piece as an anime is definitely remarkable for its actions however, most of us forget that it has an abundance of adventure.


The adventure comes with the leading character named Monkey Luffy and his dream of becoming the only king of pirates. To make his dream come true, he started the journey with some pirates and decided to get the treasure of One Piece.


Due to multiple characters, the anime becomes confusing at times however, the well-crafted plot made it quite easy to understand. The anime carries fantasy that is worth watching.


One Piece is a legendary anime that will always be remembered no matter what. Just like Naruto, this show is a classic and although the series is extremely long, there’s no denying that the entertainment factor has always been up there, allowing us to enjoy with all our heart. 




4. Black Clover (2017)


black clover (2017)


Coming with the life of two brothers named Yuno and Asta from Clover Kingdom, the story comes with magic and adventure.


Yuno is the one who has had amazing magic since his birth while Asta comes with no magic. However, Asta tries to train himself physically so that he can gain some superpowers. Both brothers have joined the Magic Knight Squad where they start their journey to become one of the top mages.


The action comes in the story when they both fight to save their Kingdom from monsters and some evil creatures. Apart from action, other parts of anime like characters and designs were also well appreciated.


Black Clover is a show that will remind you of Naruto in various formats. However, the one key similarity that both these incredible pieces had is that the show was led by a guy who has not yet managed to achieve so much in their life.


This is why Black Clover should be your next watch. 



5. Vinland Saga (2019)


vinland saga (2019)


A bit of drama with an abundance of history and action coming with adventure is what the Vinland Saga is.


It is related to the time of Vikings which comes with the character Young Thorfinn. He grew up with the stories of sailors who travelled through oceans and reached a legendary place called Vinland.


The places are almost like dreamy ones with warm and fertile nature. When the war started between the Danes and England, death became common and turned many powers upside down.


Throffin comes at the peak through the motive of taking revenge and killing the one who has killed his father.


Vinland Saga, as an anime, is something that would give you a broader perspective on the realm of anime as a medium.


This show will highlight deep and interesting aspects of storytelling that will make you question yourself if you ever felt that anime is for kids. That’s how good this anime is. 



6. To Your Eternity (2021)


To Your Eternity (2021)


Released on 12 April 2021, the anime comes with drama, adventure, action, and supernatural effects. The story comes with a wandering boy who is lonely in the regions of North Antarctica.


One day he met a wolf and soon they both became good friends. This friendship came with the concept of surviving in a harsh environment.


The story gains its height when its history or past comes into focus. The anime carries an amazing journey and that’s the reason why it is one of the most recommendable on the list.



7. Cowboy Bebop (1998)


Cowboy Bebop (1998)


An action and science fiction anime that was released on 3 April 1998 is Cowboy Bebop. It is related to the time when humans had colonized the stars.


Due to this, humanities have got a desire to be in power. The story is set in 2071 and it covers the two central characters named Spike Spiegel and Jet Black.


They both struggled to make a living; however, things took a turn for the worse and became more complicated. Due to its adventurous nature and theme of exploration on Earth, the anime shares similarities with Naruto.


It is remarkable for its animation as well as all the art techniques.



8. The Seven Deadly Sins (2014)


The Seven Deadly Sins (2014)


Telling the story of a band called Seven Deadly Sins, the anime is set somewhere in the middle ages of Europe.


It also deals with the Liones Kingdom as well as the adopted daughter of a king called Princess Elizabeth.


The captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, that is, Meliodas shares a love interest with princess Elizabeth which has troubled both the leading characters.


This love interest started when Meliodas was assisting her to emancipate the whole Kingdom. The whole anime is remarkable for many reasons and among them is the continuous development of characters as well as the story.


It has great action and adventure that comes with a bit of romance.



9. Fullmetal Alchemist (2003)


Fullmetal Alchemist (2003)


Alchemy is something that is considered to be a non-existing concept; however, in this anime, it serves as the main core. The story revolves around two brothers, their deceased mother, and their journey to bring her back using alchemy.


During their attempt, the older brother loses his left leg, while the younger loses his entire body. To retrieve his brother’s soul, the younger brother Edward sacrifices his arm. In order to save their physical bodies, both brothers join a military organization called State Alchemists.


These alchemists have the mission of obtaining the philosopher’s stone, leading to a series of adventures and action-packed moments, akin to those seen in Naruto.



10. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (2012)


Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (2012)


The story is set in a time when slavery was accepted. It is also related to a title called Magi, referring to magicians who incline to magic and power to shape the world.


Each Magi chooses a candidate worthy of being the king and also the one who can conquer Dungeons, the strongest labyrinths.


The story goes with a young character or young Magi called Aladdin who is in search of their true self.


He has got the company of a friend called Ugo and both meet multiple characters. The anime has an abundance of adventure that comes with action and fantasy. It was released on 7 October 2012 with 25 episodes.



11. Dragon Ball Z (1989)


Dragon Ball Z (1989)


With the abundance of action and adventure, the anime Dragon Ball Z is about Goku. He is a warrior and the story, later on, goes with his son and his friend.


When Goku was sent on a mission to destroy Earth, he eventually forgot it after landing on Earth. Now it is his brother, Raditz, who will find his brother Goku and kill him.


However, he himself was killed by a friend of Goku named Piccolo. Before dying, Raditz confirms that there would be two alien attacks happening on earth, pretty soon.


To protect themselves from this alien attack, the fighters started preparing for the battles. In between all these things, Goku also trained himself in the afternoon to get a secret technique called Kaio-ken



12. Code: Breaker (2012)


Code: Breaker (2012)


One thing that is highlighted as the common characteristic between Naruto and Code: Breaker is the martial art theme.


It has action and character development exactly like Naruto. Apart from it also has comedy and drama. The story is of Sakura, a high school girl, who shares a great interest in martial arts.


The plot or the main story develops when she saw a kid putting some people on fire, however, the kid himself remained unharmed.


The next day, Sakura returned to the place but found no signs of death or even a single piece of evidence of murder.


She went further to her school and learned that the new transfer student in her class is none other than the same kid, Rei.



13. My Hero Academia (2016)


My Hero Academia (2016)


With the theme of superheroes and an abundance of action, the series continues with two different kinds of individuals existing in the world. One is said to have a quirk that covers 80% of the world’s population while the rest are Quirkless.


Quirks are known for their supernatural powers like changing shapes while the Quirkless were just humans with no special abilities. The power of quirks was used to combat evil. The series follows the main character named Izuku who dreams of becoming a superhero. But the only problem that came his way is his being Quirkless and bullied too.



14. Katekyo Hitman Reborn (2006)


Katekyo Hitman Reborn (2006)


With the common characteristic of action, anime fits well in this list. It is related to a high school student named Tasuna who is known to be terrible at everything.


This includes his school as well as housework. When Tasuna found out related to becoming the 10th kingpin of the family called Vongola, his life changed upside down as the family was a powerful Mafia organization.


His life changed when he met a tutor named Tsuna who trained him to become a great boss. At first, he was very reluctant however, Reborn, later on, achieved almost everything that was needed.



15. Nabari No Ou (2008)


Nabari No Ou (2008)


Nabari No Ou is about a 14-year-old teenager named Miharu. It is related to his scroll which contains some powerful ancient techniques, related to Ninja.


Due to this, a lot of Ninja warriors or clans wanted the scroll and tried to harm Miharu. At first, Miharu was not aware of it however, when the rivals started attacking him, he suddenly realized his responsibilities and became a scroll carrier, followed by him being the ruler of Nabari.


Coming to a common characteristic this anime shares with Naruto then it is related to the action that comes with exaggerated Ninja fighting.



16. One Punch Man (2015)


One Punch Man (2015)


It is said that the more we try to gain power the more we crave it. The same happened with the protagonist of One Punch Man named Saitama.


He is an average guy living an average life but his thirst for becoming a superhero leads him to train himself.


He trained himself so hard that he defeated a lot of enemies with just a single punch, relevant to the title One Punch Man.


Since Saitama has defeated many enemies, he now wants to have combat with an opponent of his level and strength.


Because of exceptional action, the series is too good in the category of anime like Naruto. It also comes with destroying the evil theme where the protagonist stands out as a hero.



17. Soul Eater (2008)


Soul Eater (2008)


The story is about the leading character named Shinigami who is serving as the headmaster of the Death Weapon Meister Academy.


This academy transforms human bodies into demon weapons or allows them to change whole into a demon. To deal with all the evil presence in the world, Shinigami decided to make Death Scythes that can only be made by absorbing 99 souls of the demons and one weapon.


Due to the theme of saving the world, it fits well in the list. It has an abundance of adventure and action which can be seen through many events.



18. Owari No Seraph (2015)


Owari No Seraph (2015)


When the world met with a human-made virus then most of the population was shunned. Coming to the remaining population then they came under the slave of vampires who decided to get all the human population in their hands.


The story continues with a 12-year-old leading character named Yūichirō and his friend Mikaela. While Yūichirō was planning to escape with other orphan children, vampires suddenly attacked the children.


To help Yūichirō, Mikaela sacrificed himself. The story comes to the end when Yūichirō decides to join the Japanese Imperial Demon Army to get revenge against all the vampires.



19. Rurouni Kenshin (1996)


Rurouni Kenshin (1996)


Just like Naruto, it also goes with the adventure which comes with a Ninja Warrior named Himura. His courage in fighting against the government has become the highlight of the whole anime.


Just like Naruto, the anime also shares the theme of protecting the world and its people from evil happenings.


To protect them, Himura sacrifices himself. It carries on with another character named Kamiya who is known to be a sword instructor.


One can also go with the background score that comes with great art.



20. Blue Exorcist (2011)


Blue Exorcist (2011)


What if the world of demons crashes into the world of humans? Things could be worse than this and the same happened in this anime.


At first, demons were not able to get access to the human world, however, it, later on, became possible as most of the demons acquired physical bodies.


The story dives into the adventure, just like Naruto, with a different character named Rin. He and his twin are the inheritors of Satan’s power.


When Rin witnessed Satan murdering their guardian, he decided to get enrolled in True Cross Academy. This academy is related to the training which was given to the demons to protect themself in the world of humans.



21. Eureka Seven (2005)


Eureka Seven (2005)


Robots and mechanical things instantly gained the attention of audiences and that’s what the anime Eureka Seven has done.


It started with a 14-year-old boy named Renton and the way he wanted to get away from his daily boring life.


The story changes when an unknown object crashes into the garage of his grandfather later revealed to be a robot.


This robot is named Nirvash and was piloted by a girl named Eureka, the title. Eureka and Renton came together and decided to pilot the robot.


For the most part, the series remained enjoyable as it has carried a good development in characters as well as impressive animation.


It can be seen through the background scenarios of lovely flowers, clouds, and towns.



22. Dr. Stone (2019)


Dr. Stone (2019)


Collecting feelings for someone is one of the hardest things one can do but Taiju has kept it for 5 long years.


Getting ready to confess his love to Ogawa, he saw a strange screen light coming to the earth that transformed humans into stones.


Taiju with others or the only surviving human, Senkuu, come together. They have shaken their hand in getting back to civilization again with the help of science and soon got a positive method.


It was released on 5 July 2019 with 24 episodes. It comes with adventure and science fiction that revolves around the theme of time travel and the fittest of survival.



23. Fairy Tail (2009)


Fairy Tail (2009)


The story is of Lucy and her wish to join the Fairy Tail, magical wizard guild. She even got a chance to encounter one of the members of the Fairy Tale who helped her to get into this legendary guilt.


Coming to the common factor that anime shares with Naruto then it is related to the concept of saving the world from demons and becoming a Hero.


It also has action and adventure which was common in Naruto. The anime has gained mixed feelings as the story progresses very well but somewhere characters remain stagnant.


Animation has also held a strong part in the design of characters.



24. Claymore (2007)


Claymore (2007)


In Raki’s village, a malevolent demon capable of assuming any form, known as “youma,” descends, bringing devastation.


Amidst the chaos, a lone woman with captivating silver eyes appears, carrying only a sword.


She is a “Claymore,” a unique being created as a blend of human and youma, destined to eliminate these monstrous creatures.


After Claymore saves Raki from the tragedy befalling his family, he becomes an outcast in his own village.


With nowhere else to turn, Raki seeks out the Claymore named Clare and becomes her companion on her perilous journeys.


Together, they travel from town to town, battling youma and uncovering the mysteries surrounding Clare’s organization and her fellow warriors.


With each town they cleanse and every demon they vanquish, they draw nearer to the youma upon which Clare seeks revenge, a pursuit that has defined her existence as a Claymore.



25. Inuyasha (2000)


Inuyasha (2000)


Known for its amazing and genius characters as well as the fighting sequence, the anime also comes with romance.


However, it lacked plot development and went too much with repetitive jokes. The story comes with the 15th birthday of Kagome.


On the same day, her life went upside down when she was forcefully pulled into a well where the shine of her family lies.


It is all happening because of a jewel that was carried by her unknowingly. This jewel is a Shikon Jewel which has some extraordinary power.


Because of this jewel a fight between her and some other creatures happened and broke into pieces.



26. Yu Yu Hakusho (1992)


Yu Yu Hakusho (1992)


Getting released on 10 October 1992, the anime shares action and the supernatural way, almost the same as Naruto.


It is related to a 14-year-old boy named Yuusuke and the way his life turned upside down. To save a young boy coming in front of a moving car, Yuusuke sacrificed himself.


But when it comes to the spirit world then they are not ready to pass him on after death because of his kind sacrifice.


Now everything depends upon Koenma, the one who is sitting on the throne of the spirit world and who allowed him to revive his life.


The head has given him a series of tasks that may let him come back to life.



27. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012)


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)


The name suggests one can easily guess that they must be an adventure in abundance. It comes with action just like Naruto and has a fantasy world.


The story is set in 1868 when George and his son Jonathan met with an accident and were saved unintentionally by Dario.


When Dario died, George adopted his son Dio but instead he (Dio) planned to get all the fortune George had.


The only way he can succeed is to put a wall between George and his son Jonathan which later on succeeded.


After years Jonathan and Dio came together as good friends but a suspicion emerged when George got ill and more tricks and patterns of Dio got revealed.



28. Jujutsu Kaisen (2020)


Jujutsu Kaisen (2020)


With action and fantasy, the anime goes well with a school theme. The story is related to paranormal activities around a high school student named Yuuji.


His lifestyle of simple life soon takes a turn when he is met with cursed items. Due to this Yuuji Itadori awakened some supernatural occurrences and went into the world of curses.


To understand all these things he also met with his powers and started his journey to those parts where returning is impossible and that is Jujutsu sorcerer.



29. Basilisk (2005)


Basilisk (2005)


The next one that comes on the list is a 24-episode anime named Basilisk. It was released on 13 April 2005 under the same theme and genre as Naruto which is action-adventure and fantasy.


Apart from it also goes supernatural and history with a bit of romance. The story is related to two Clans named Iga and Kouga and the way they are engaged in a war.


To stop this war, the head of both the clan, Gennosule, and Oboro, decided to get married; however, their hope got trashed as they again went into another war.


The only solution left is to send 10 warriors into the fight.



30. Gintama (2006)


Gintama (2006)


Edo, a city once pulsating with the ambition and vitality of samurai across Japan, finds its aspirations crushed following the surrender of feudal Japan to formidable extraterrestrial beings known as the “Amanto.”


With the shogunate reduced to a mere puppet government, a strict law is enacted that forbids the public carrying of swords.


However, Gintoki Sakata, a quirky man with silver hair, defies the ban as he upholds his samurai identity, wielding a wooden sword.


As the founder of Yorozuya, a small odd-job business, Gintoki embarks on various unconventional quests to assist others.


Accompanied by Shinpachi Shimura, an earnest boy on a samurai path, Kagura, a spirited and super-strong tomboy, and Sadaharu, their hulking pet dog with a penchant for head-biting, the Yorozuya confronts encounters ranging from alien nobility to clashes with local gangs in the ever-evolving world of Edo.



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