Top 50 Strongest Hunter X Hunter Characters

top 50 strongest hunter x hunter characters


Hunter x Hunter is one of, if not the most popular anime series amongst hardcore anime fans.


And while this 140+ episode journey may not seem to seek an end anytime soon, it has provided us with enough material to discuss day and night.


One of which includes the very popular topic of power and strength. Who is the most powerful character in Hunter x Hunter?


Who is the strongest character in Hunter x Hunter? All these questions will be answered in this list.


Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to tell you about the Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters.


These individuals are some of the strongest beings in the entire franchise and stand as impressive personalities as well.


So grab your favourite orb, lay down on your couch and let’s dive deep into the realm of hunters.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Meruem




This one shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. Meruem was a beast right from the get-go and that is what made him so special in the show.


Apart from his unreal intellect and physical capabilities, he was also a potent character with a lot of thought put into him.


Philosophically or morally, this man has given every Hunter x Hunter fan, a once in a lifetime experience with his presence.


And the fact that his body was able to outlast a nuclear explosion-like impact goes to show how much of a threat he was.


Without a doubt, the strongest being in the series so far.




2. Isaac Netero


isaac netero


You may look at him as a mere old man. However, Hunter x Hunter fans look at him with pride and affection.


He is Isaac Netero, the Chairman of the Hunter Association. Therefore, he is also the strongest Hunter in existence.


This man has worked his face off all his life trying to polish his body and mind to reach his limits.


And that’s what makes him so deadly, to begin with. If you look back at his elite days, he was said to be the most powerful Hunter and Nen user in existence.


The fact that this man was able to hold his own against Meruem, makes him a character worthy of all the love and appreciation that you have. In fact, Meruem himself had respect for Netero.


That is quite an achievement if you ask me. 




3. Neferpitou




Now we have Neferpitou. This man right here is one of the most powerful guards in the show and there’s no denying that.


After all, he can cover any distance in mere seconds. And his presence is so impressive that many hunters are still concerned about him.


If we talk about his Nen, he can summon puppets which he can then use to control someone else or heal himself.


And this is just as meta as it sounds to us. Moreover, one of his biggest qualities is loyalty and his urge to be useful to the Chimera Ant King is just way too good to ignore.


Pitou was the one who caused a lot of trouble in the series. And his menace during the initial episodes was entertaining and dark, as episodes passed by, the menace ended up being extreme and resulted in a lot of unexpected outcomes. 




4. Gon Freecss


gon freecss


In case you haven’t watched the Hunter x Hunter series completely, I won’t spoil you here.


However, I will say this, soon enough, you are going to see why Gon Freecs was the main character of the show.


His strength soon surpasses anything that we had seen before that point. And with that, he becomes an absolute beast.


But this is all just to hype you up. However, let’s just say that you are not ready for it either way.


No matter what you envision, he will be far greater than what you are speculating.


And those who have already watched the anime, know exactly what I am talking about.


In fact, he will reach limits that will blow your mind. Comparisons will be made and those comparisons will seem ridiculous. 


However, our boy is going to do it no matter what. And when it will happen, you will lose your mind.

Gon Freecss will be Freecing Amazing!



5. Menthuthuyoupi




This monster right here is proof that something that looks scary, is often exactly that; or even more.


He is called Youpi in the anime and his capabilities far exceed what we see in the series overall.


I mean, imagine being able to exploit your body parts on will, create wings, or some other limb that you don’t have on will.


Yeah, that’s exactly what this monster can do. And don’t get me started on his fury mode.


If he gets angry, things will slip out of hand as soon as sand. And that’s what makes him so lethal.


He portrayed vulnerabilities in ways you couldn’t have imagined. The fact that he became all soft and sweet with his opponents when things got a bit more morally challenging, makes him a respectable person overall. 



6. Shaiapouf




You know he is lethal when his aura output exceeds that of Netero. Shaiapouf is one of the guards of the Chimera Ant King and oh boy, his strength is beyond impressive.


He can move and fly at unrealistic speeds and his abilities include hypnotism and mutation.


Now that’s good for a villain. Moreover, it is said that he can create his doppelgangers in the show which makes him even more of a threat.


And last but not least, he is quite a handsome hunk which may slay the hearts of all the female Hunter x Hunter fans out there.


All in all, a very powerful character in the series.



7. Hisoka




Oh boy, here we go! This man right here is notorious in the anime community for being a pedo.


And while we can have a chat about his mental state and capabilities, I think we should divert our attention to his physical state for today.


He is one of the Phantom Troupe members which is already a great sign for him.


Plus, he is also known as the Grim Reaper which tells us that he is quite a challenging opponent.


In the anime, he has shown extreme passion and respect for fighting strong opponents. He was the third strongest in the Phantom Troupe for physical strength.


No wonder he is here on our list.



8. Chrollo Lucilfer


Chrollo Lucilfer


Chrollo Lucilfer is a man of virtue and importance. He is the leader of the Phantom Troupe which explains why he is the strongest one of them all.


He had a spar against Zeno and Silva and managed to get away while using a fraction of his powers.


Now that’s badass. Plus, he is quite an impressive Ben user who can make your Nen abilities reach zero on his own.


And with such a meta-skill, this man manages to get quite a lot of love and appreciation from fans of the series.


And so, Chrollo Lucilfer is standing here on this list with us.



9. Ging Freecss


Ging Freecss


The Dad who went to buy some milk but never returned. And while we can have a long and riveting discussion on his morals, there’s no denying that his strength is quite fascinating as well.


Now here’s the deal, none of us have seen him be in his prime yet.


That’s a fact. However, Netero claims that he is one of the most powerful Nen users in the world.


And you know that’s some serious business if Netero claims it. Therefore, I believe that this is a fitting spot for our dad to be on the list.


If in the next 500 years, when we get Hunter x Hunter season 2, I hope we get to see him in his elite action as well.



10. Silva Zoldyck


silva zoldyck


Silva is a character whose absolute limits aren’t crystal clear in the series yet. However, there’s no denying that he is indeed a scary man.


He is the current head of the Zoldyck family which already tells us that his abilities are nothing to neglect.


Moreover, when you look at his feats, he is unique for sure. He doesn’t allow any poison to have any effect on him.


And with his insane strength, he also managed to take on some dangerous Phantom Troupe members.


This goes to show how qualitative he is as a character.



11. Zeno Zoldyck


Zeno Zoldyck


Hunter x Hunter is that one anime where you never underestimate the old guys. And Zeno is another example of the same.


He is one of the most challenging assassins in the entire series. Plus, his power is just way too incredible for his age and so are his Nen capabilities.


He is said to be strong enough to put Mr Chrollo on the defensive. So that’s quite qualitative in itself.


Plus, with his transmuter Nen skills, Zeno becomes quite a brutal opponent for anyone who goes up against him.


So yeah, he is the original Grandpa Max!



12. Biscuit Krueger


Biscuit Krueger


Disregard for her looking like a child. However, that will be a mortal mistake for you.


After all, Bisky is way beyond our imagination in terms of force and energy. She is one of the most insane Nen users in the show.


Her Nen is so good that she can shape it the way she wants.


Moreover, in the series, she was the one who guided our boys on how to fight against villains.


And with that in mind, I think it is great to see her on the list.


Her peak strength hasn’t been displayed yet. But for someone who used to spar with Netero, we can imagine that it would be quite something for sure.



13. Razor




Just by looking at him, anyone can realize what he is competent of. Razor is one of the side characters in the show and is known for his strength.


And when I say potency, I mean insane strength. His aura-covered balls are so unreal that even elite hunters have a hard time understanding them.


And that’s what makes him stand out so much. Plus, with his emitter Nen, this man has managed to Branch out even outside his typical strength segment.


And that’s what makes him worthy of our list here in the first place. I hope you never need to spar against him ever.


Or else, you would have some real trouble ahead of you.



14. Feitan Portor


Feitan Portor


This man is a direct metaphor for Hulk in the anime. Just like Hulk gets stronger with more bruises and rage, similarly, Feitan gets more powerful with more misery and traumatic experiences.


He is one of the swiftest warriors in the entire series. And it is said that he can leave behind an after-image once he gets out of a situation.


Well, that goes to show how potent he is as a hunter. Moreover, he has the strength to create a mini sun around him.


Well, I can’t say any more to describe his brilliance. That’s enough for sure.



15. Kite




His name might sound silly at first. However, his skills cope with it quite effectively.


Kite is one of the side characters in the show and his strength has been unique for sure.


He has the Nen capability that allows him to summon a roulette-like set-up which gives him weapons and tools to have a battle against people.


And that setup is quite effective, to say the least. He is quite strong from the physical standpoint as well which gives him an overall balance as well.


In the grand scheme of things, this guy is not unique but also worthwhile.



16. Illumi




This man might look like a woman at first. However, you will soon realize the truth about HIM.


He is one of the lead characters in the show and was always portrayed as an elite warrior in the series.


Even before receiving his license, he was said to be an expert Hunter thanks to his background.


Moreover, he can kill you with his aura. That’s right, he can kill you with his aura.


Now that’s quite impressive. Not only that, he uses Needles as a medium for combat which makes sparing against him, quite a stressful experience.



17. Kurapika




Kurapika was the original beast in the show. A guy whose strength was hidden for quite some time.


However, when it showed up, it burst higher than a volcanic eruption. Kurapika is one of the lead characters in the series so, screen time wasn’t an issue for him.


His Nen ability allows him to create metallic chains from his right hand. And even though these might look very simple on the surface, in reality, they are quite lethal.


And the idea that they are basic and not strong enough, allows Kurapika to take advantage of their opponents and take care of them for good.



18. Mizaistom




Known to be one of the smartest Hunters in the series, we have Mizaistom. He is one of the side characters in the show and is said to be one of the most intelligent warriors in the anime.


He is not only very strong because of being a Zodiac, but he is also very stealthy in combat and is known for his ability to get info.


His primary role in any battle situation is to collect and report Intel about the opponents.


And although these might not sound amazing at first, in a true battle to the death, knowledge about your opponent can be a definitive option.


That’s why Mizai is here on this list.



19. Morel




You know this man is a beast just by looking at his choice of smoke.


He is one of the side characters in the series and is said to have experienced thousands of fights.


It is said that it is because of the insane fight experience that he had such a massive aura expulsion.


And that is what makes him stand out so much in the show. Moreover, he is said to be created with a sense of homage to a rock band as well.


And that’s an impressive Easter egg in my eyes. Moreover, it is said that his smoke is quite durable and useful for him, which would explain why he is standing at this rank on our list.



20. Uvogin




Just to give you an idea as to how strong this character was, let me tell you something.


He ranked first in arm wrestling against the Phantom Troupe. That’s right, The Phantom Troupe, is a group filled with physically elite warriors and Hunters.


Well, that seems like a decent reason for you to not mess with him after all.


He is one of the minor antagonists in the show so he doesn’t cause nearly as much damage as he could have.


However, as a threat to the cast, he was indeed noteworthy concerning his presence in the anime.


That’s why he is standing at this spot on our list.



21. The Chimera Ants


The Chimera Ants


The Chimera Ants might not seem very strong at first. However, when you look at their numbers, you will realize that their strength is in quantity.


These Chimera ants are genetically modified beings who have been raised to eat out everything in their path.


And that includes Humans of course. Moreover, some of these ants have developed to the point that they have a human-like appearance.


And these appearances give them advantages that they had never seen before. This is the reason why the Chimera Ants are standing here on our list.



22. Killua




Killua is a fan-favourite character in the series. His skills in the initial episodes were second to none.


And even today, he stands as one of the most potent characters in the series.


He is from the Zoldyck family so he has some advantages over others in combat.


Moreover, the best part about his character is his loyalty. He will stay Gon’s Best Friend forever.


And that’s what makes him so special. And let’s not forget his God-like speed. That is just as amazing as it gets.


And that’s why Killua is a trustworthy boy on our list.



23. Phinks




Phinks may look like your typical PT teacher at first. However, don’t underestimate his skills at all.


After all, it is not every day that you see a character ranking second in terms of physical strength in a group like Phantom Troupe.


If we talk about his Nen, he is pretty good at figuring out other people’s Nen.


Yeah, he can figure out where you are and if you are present or not just by being close to you.


And that is quite impressive and useful if you think about it. No wonder this man got so much screen time in the show.


And that’s what makes him worthy of this spot.



24. Nobunaga




Standing as the first member of the Phantom Troupe, we have Nobunaga. He is the one who is ranked 9th in terms of physical strength and stands as one of the major villains in the show.


His strength isn’t mentioned heavily in the series. However, it is claimed that he can stand next to Hisoka when it comes to battle strength.


Plus, he has been compared to him by other characters as well which goes to show that his capabilities are far beyond what we have seen so far.


His physical strength is also impressive since he defeated Gon in arm-wrestling multiple times.



25. Cheadle Yorkshire


Cheadle Yorkshire


Cheadle Yorkshire might not seem like a character you would expect with incredible strength. However, the truth is certainly different.


She is the Chairman Of The Hunter Association which goes to show how impressive she is as a person.


Moreover, it is said that Netero used to spar against her. So we can be certain that she is amongst the finest warriors in the series.


And that is what makes us feel comfortable ranking her at this spot. Plus, she is very intelligent as well which is also a skill that is very fruitful in actual combat.


So Cheadle is quite noteworthy overall.



26. Franklin




This guy looks like a character we know about. However, I won’t mention it just for the memes.


Franklin is one of the notable characters in the show and his powers include immense strength, speed, reflexes, etc.


He was the fourth-strongest in terms of arm-wrestling among the Troupe. And it is said that he is much better than that.


Plus, his bulky appearance might deceive you a bit. However, his athleticism is quite something as well.


He can move quickly and has some impressive reflexes to follow up in the show.


All in all, a strong character.



27. Machi




She might be a female but don’t even think about underestimating her. Because she can shred anyone without breaking a sweat.


Machi is one of the notable characters in the series. She is said to be very confident in her strength.


And this can be cross-verified by the fact that she went head-on against Phinks and Feitan without even thinking twice.


And that is quite impressive considering that both Phinks and Feitan are ranked higher on our list.


And so, we can all be certain that this girl with pink hair is no joke of a warrior.



28. Bonolenov




A Boxing Mummy. That’s what you will think immediately after looking at Bonolenov. However, you wouldn’t be too out of the line considering how strong this character is.


He is ranked eighth in arm-wrestling in the Phantom Troupe which goes to show that his physical strength is no joke.


Moreover, he has amazing speed and reflexes as well. And these are important attributes for anyone and everyone who wishes to hold his own in a battle.


And that’s what makes Bonolenov worthy of this spot on our list.



29. Knov




Knov may look like a man who just showed up from a meeting. However, in reality, he is going to make his enemies go to meet Satan in hell.


He isn’t a prime warrior in the battle. Instead, he is someone who works from the side.


And that is what makes him worthy of all the appreciation that he gets. After all, being able to escape from all the hectic fighting and just focusing on working on your own is what differentiates the warriors among themselves.


Moreover, in the anime, he is shown to have impressive strength and agility which makes him even more useful.



30. Zazan




Oh boy, wouldn’t I say, she is quite a hottie? Zazan is one of the notable characters in the series and her skills are quite impressive, to say the least.


She was not only a squadron leader but also an effective fighter which explains her position on the list.


She is said to use poisonous stingers which can finish an elite Hunter in an instant.


Think about it. She can defeat a hunter without breaking a sweat. Now that’s overpowered.


But along with that, Zazan also has impressive strength and reflexes which adds up to her qualities as a warrior, making her even better than she already is.



31. Knuckle




Ladies and gentlemen, this guy might look like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures character but he isn’t.


He might be a reference though. Knuckle is one of the notable characters in the anime.


And he is said to be a Beast Hunter who is also Morel’s student. That should be quite enough for you to realize how effective he is in combat.


However, if we dive one step deeper, this man is also incredibly strong. His brute strength is beyond amazing and so are his physical capabilities.


Without a doubt, a force to be reckoned with. Worthy of this spot.



32. Palm Siberia


Palm Siberia


This woman right here had a tragic story for herself. After all, anyone would feel pathetic after getting their race changed.


Kaneki Ken will agree to that. But as a warrior, Palm Siberia is quite impressive.


She is one of the transformed Chimera Ants Soldiers in the series. And it is said that at one point, she was one of the strongest hunters in the series as well.


And that is quite an impressive feat if you ask me. For a character who had an impressive storyline behind her, this attribute stands out more than it should.


And that’s why Palm Siberia is here.



33. Leol




A man with his squad. No wonder he is here. However, looking at his name, it wouldn’t be hard to guess what he looks like.


Yes, you are correct. He has been designed and portrayed like a lion. And we all know how strong Lions are in the Jungle Kingdom.


Anyway, he was one of the Chimera Ants who was known to be disloyal to the Chimera Ant Queen.


That would also explain his contribution to the series. As for his strengths, he has impressive agility and speed which made him lethal for any Hunter.


Plus, being a Chimera Ant gave him a notable advantage anyway.



34. Cheetu




Just like Leol, Cheetu shouldn’t be a surprise either. After all, he also resembles a strong appearance to a set animal.


He is a Chimera Ant who also happened to be a squadron leader. And while this would explain how insane he is as a warrior, there’s no denying that his strongest feature is his speed.


His reflexes and movement velocity are so high that we can’t even fathom it. And that sole quality makes him worthy of this spot on our list.


He is someone you shouldn’t be racing with.



35. Kastro




This young man has managed to grasp quite a lot of attention as a warrior.


And he is also quite strong as well so it explains why he is here on our list.


Kastro is a handsome hunk who was part of Heaven’s Arena and became a celebrity there.


It explains why he is so renowned among the characters of the series. Moreover, he is also very powerful.


He became the floor master in the series which is already amazing. But apart from that, he is also strong enough to become a winner against Hisoka.


Now that should be enough to explain his skills.



36. Hanzo




Hanzo reminds me a lot of Tian from Dragon Ball Z. However, unlike him, he is a bit more useful to the series. He is an elite ninja who values his morals the most. 


Hanzo is one of the Cloud-Hidden Style Jonin from the Hunter Exam. And his intent to become a hunter was to find the Hermit’s Scroll.


Being a Ninja, he already has a lot of benefits going on for himself. Not only that, but he is also quite strong as a character.


In the exams, he was shown to best Gon using his strength and speed. And that is a notable feat if you ask me.


After all, how else will you know if this guy is worth it or not?



37. Bloster




His name is quite interesting. And when you look at him, you will realize what he resembles.


Bloster is a lobster-based Chimera Ant. Told ya. And he was also one of the Squadron leaders in the show.


Now that’s impressive. Not only that, he got his hands on his Nen thanks to Shaiapouf who is one of the most elite warriors in the entire series.


Plus, he has fine strength and insane durability which makes him a tough opponent to get across.


All in all, Bolster is a great character for the narrative of the series and has a lot of strength to offer.



38. Gotoh




This man right here is the caretaker of our boy Killua. So you can be certain that he is quite trustworthy.


He is one of the butlers for the Zoldyck family. And it is said that Gotoh used to take care of any business that the Zoldyck family had.


This shows us how important he was in the show. However, if we talk about his strength, that’s also a plus in his book.


He is not only strong and durable but also very intelligent. It is said that he knows all kinds of tricks to fool his opponents and get away from trouble.


And this quality is quite useful for anyone if you think about it.



39. Shalnark




His design might immediately remind you of Kurapika. However, things are a bit different than what we expected.


He is one of the members of Phantom Troupe and is said to be the 10th strongest one in terms of sheer physical capabilities.


Moreover, his speed has been quite notable in the series. And it is his advanced speed and strength that allowed him to be as evasive as he was.


So as a character, Shalnark was quite something. And so, he is standing there on our list.


There’s no denying that his skills caught every fan’s attention very quickly.



40. Genthru




This guy right here is eye-catching on some completely new levels. And I am not saying so randomly.


Just take a look at his appearance, he is just a completely different person from other characters.


Genthru is one of the former leaders of the Bomber group. He also played a significant role in the Greed Island arc which explains why he is standing at this spot on the list.


Moreover, he was also the antagonist from that arc and so, his strength was made to be just as incredible as you would imagine.


And that’s just part of his insane status.



41. Shizuku




This girl is quite an interesting one if you ask me. Because she doesn’t look all that strong.


But then you realize that she is a member of the Phantom Troupe and also stands as the 12th strongest one.


Now that’s something unforeseen. Moreover, her capabilities haven’t been shown to peak in the series yet.


And that’s why I believe she is even more notable. As someone who looks like a researcher, her feats are notable.


And that’s the reason why she is here on our list. Let’s hope we get to see more of Shizuku in the next seasons.



42. Kalluto




This girl is a member of the Zoldyck family. So you already know she is insane.


Plus, she was the one under Silva and Kikyo’s care so that’s another addition. Moreover, she became a member of the Phantom Troupe.


And this should give you a rough estimate as to how incredible she could be.


And finally, we have the fact that she was included in the Phantom Troupe against Hisoka.


So we can all see why she is here on this list now. With all these feats under her belt, she is bound to be an incredibly strong character after all.



43. Welfin




Welfin’s name might give you a slight idea as to who he would be. However, just by looking at him, you can realize his true identity.


He is one of the notable characters in the show and has the appearance of a Wolf.


Plus, he is a Chimera Ant who was also a Squadron leader. And knowing how incredible our previous squadron leaders were, we can estimate his capabilities as well.


His agility is his biggest strength. After all, we don’t usually see warriors with insane instincts in the anime medium.


And so, Welfin deserves this spot on the list.



44. Rammot




He was a member of the Colt Squad and stood as a Chimera Ant officer.


This should explain why he is here on the list. He was also the one who sought revenge on Killua and Gon who messed with him in the show.


And the fact that he managed to get through it explains his strength in a nutshell.


As a warrior, he is unique in his skills. After all, the advanced smell isn’t the first thing that will pop up in your mind when I say “Skills”.


And so, Rammot is a notable character who deserves more recognition from fans all around the globe.


Including you and me of course.



45. Pike




His appearance is that of a Spider. However, he also looks like a dead old man at times.


To give you an idea about his strength, let me tell you his feats. He is a Chimera Ant who is also in the office of the Chimera Ants and belonged to Zazan’s Squad.


Moreover, being the spider that he is, he can shoot webs and create strong traps for his opponents.


He is also quite agile while also being durable and strong. With all these qualities in place, this spider Chimera has a lot to offer for the viewers to enjoy.



46. Tsezguerra




This warrior reminds me of the military soldiers that every country has. However, he is far beyond that for sure.


He is one of the notable characters from the Greed Island Arc. And was the one regarded as the Single-Star Jackpot Hunter.


Moreover, he was part of the game being played on Greed Island and he was a participant in it, along with Battera.


His biggest strength is his strategy-making and tactic creation which tells us why he is here on the list.


After all, being able to survive the Greed Islands is no easy feat you know.



47. Goreinu




A character from the Greed Island Arc. And this one wasn’t supposed to be there.


But he was brought on by someone else. Goreinu is a notable character from the Greed Island arc.


It is said that Battera was the one who hired him to complete the Greed Island games.


His biggest strength is the control of his senses which allows him to get a hold of any situation.


And so, he is also a warrior who can’t be taken lightly at all. Plus, his Nen allows him to direct his attacks and that makes him even more dangerous as a character.



48. Ikalgo




This is a funny-looking character from the show. No denying that. However, he is quite eye-catching as well.


Ikalgo is one of the side characters in the show. And he is a Chimera Ant.


Knowing that it is also important to you that he is also the former captain of the Leol’s Squad.


And in the anime, he manages to befriend our boy Killua. This allows him to become part of the extermination team.


And on the battlefield, he manages to be useful for our warriors. And this is the reason why this octopus-like creature is here on our list.



49. Yunju




We have a Squadron Leader, ladies, and gentlemen. Those guys never get a chill, do they?


Yunju is a centaur-like Chimera Ant who was the Squadron leader in the series. Plus, as a warrior, his strength and authority are nothing to take lightly.


We don’t know how strong he was to the exact degree. However, it is said that his commands were quite impactful in the show.


And so, Yunju is a character that we shouldn’t ignore at all.



50. Sub




Sub is one of the members of the Bomber group from the Greed Islands arc.


Moreover, he was also a player from the series which explains why he is here on this list.


If we talk about his strength, he is quite observant. It is said that he could figure out his opponents’ weak spots in an instant.


And that is quite effective in combination with his hand-to-hand combat situations. All in all, he is a great warrior who takes care of some notable humans in the series.



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