Top 31 Most Powerful Star Wars Villains

top 31 most powerful star wars villains


Raise the curtain and bust open the doors for we are going to tell you a lot about how, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the battle between the light and dark side of the Force introduced us to some iconic characters that went on to leave an indelible impact on film history.


Yes, the antagonists in Star Wars have a flair for the dramatic, and so do we. While the Force-sensitive heroes are certainly there to give you your money’s worth, the franchise would frankly be nothing without the remarkable baddies that make up its cinematic universe.


Since the movies, video games, and shows of the saga are loaded with villains, the makers have done their bit to ensure that the most powerful and popular of the lot are given a grand entrance; therefore, allowing us to feel their presence the moment we lay our eyes on them.


Therefore, it is only a given that some of the most prevalent Star Wars characters in popular culture happen to be antagonists. While some of them thrive on their power and intelligence, others are just insanely skilled in the Force and with a lightsaber.


Needless to mention, some of these bad guys are much more brutal and unpredictable than others. However, they all come together to keep the “force” in the franchise alive and help the stories prosper in the best ways possible.


Indeed, they are not only created for the sole purpose of causing chaos and ceaseless destruction; some of them have seen the light of day to ascertain that the biggest Star Wars heroes step out of their comfort zones to take them head-on.


So, while it may be a joy to hate these antagonists, we must acknowledge that they help in maintaining the balance in the Force. That being said, no two villains remain exactly alike as each of them has their accounts of personal suffering and ambitions to share with the viewers.


Over the years, these characters have ensured that their badassery becomes one of the finest aspects of the franchise. They make the series even more awesome with their power that comes through remarkable strength or the Force.


So, what are we waiting for? Let’s all just sit tight and make some time to get acquainted with some of the most powerful and larger-than-life negative characters of the long-standing franchise.




1. Darth Sidious


Darth Sidious


If Darth Vader is the most famous antagonist of the franchise, Darth Sidious is arguably the most powerful of them all. Also known as the Emperor and Sheev Palpatine, he has been an undisputed master of all lightsaber forms of combat.


Also, his understanding of the Force and the Sith lore are supposed to be unpaired, to say the least. The fact that he manipulated a war that tore apart the Galaxy speaks volumes about his physical and mental strength.


Also, he takes a lot of pride in having destroyed the Jedi. Furthermore, he made full use of his tenure and strong political connections to make the Galaxy believe the Jedi were evil.




2. Darth Vader


darth vader


Make way for arguably the most popular villain of the long-running franchise. Any story that is talking about raw potential and power would be incomplete without the inclusion of the dangerous Darth Vader in it.


Whether he lived up to the full potential of Anakin Skywalker is highly debatable, but what isn’t debatable at all is the fact that he is, indeed, among the most powerful people ever to have scared the Galaxy.


So, of course, there’s a reason he is widely regarded to be the best overall villain in Star Wars. He thrives on his intimidating power with a lightsaber and his extensive knowledge of the Force. It is not surprising then that he is able to come out of situations that would have meant death for anyone else.


Indeed, he is as iconic as a villain can be and is easily one of the most famous characters in the Star Wars series.




3. Marchion Ro


marchion ro


While we agree that the diehard fans of the Star Wars series of motion pictures may not fully be aware of Marchion Ro, those who have appreciated the High Republic would be more than familiar with the formidable character.


Often called one of Star Wars’ scariest villains, it is difficult to pit him against the likes of Sidious or even other antagonists at the time of the Skywalker saga.


Of course, that makes it a tad tough for us to measure his powers. That said, we certainly can vouch for the fact that he is the eye of the storm which can terrorize the Galaxy and the Jedi.


And, that is precisely why we think he should be in this position in our story.




4. Kylo Ren


kylo ren


Trust Kylo Ren to take Maul’s ridiculous powers and scale them up big time. He may come off as rash and immature but don’t allow his disposition to fool you, for his insane raw Force ability can leave you stumped.


Also, he was well-versed in lightsaber combat. Even though he got manipulated by Sidious, it doesn’t negate the fact that he has served as the Supreme Leader of the First Order.


Needless to say, he was skilled, smart, ruthless, and, of course, a student of the Force. While the sequels may have failed to showcase Ren’s true powers, believe us when we assert that they are still pretty much there.



5. Maul




The incredibly hate-filled and revenge-driven villain Maul was the exact opposite of Thrawn and Tarkin, who were calm and level-headed allies of the Emperor. While the Emperor himself rarely lost his cool and respected all his opponents, Maul was a force to be reckoned with.


His strength could be measured by the fact that he built a criminal empire from the ground up. In addition, we saw him managing to endure capture by Sidious and withstand death on numerous occasions.


He also happened to hold his own in relentless fights with numerous adversaries from time to time. Needless to say, he has been one of the most resilient antagonists in the franchise’s history.


Often, he is credited with redefining most things that the viewers know about lightsabers.



6. Grand Moff Tarkin


Grand Moff Tarkin


Grand Moff Tarkin commanded far greater power within the Empire in comparison to Thrawn. Even though he isn’t a tactical and strategic genius, the Emperor ensured to have his eyes on him while the Clone Wars were still on.


Eventually, Tarkin became one of his most trusted deputies. Needless to mention, his cunningness and skills played a massive role in helping him take over the Death Star project. Indeed, the man got incredibly close to both the Emperor and Vader, making him untouchable.



7. Grand Admiral Thrawn


Grand Admiral Thrawn


The military-minded and popular Grand Admiral Thrawn was alive during the time of the Galactic Republic. Sooner than later, he went on to become a vital part of the Empire in due course of time.


For the fans of the franchise, it is quite easy to gauge that he must have derived almost all of his power from his rank of Grand Admiral. While he was respected and feared by everyone around, he had the Emperor’s trust.


Furthermore, he was also known for his talent in hand-to-hand combat and his relationship with Darth Vader.



8. Count Dooku


Count Dooku


Count Dooku was the Master who not only trained Grievous and Ventress but also made them well aware of their shortcomings. One of the greatest lightsaber combatants in the Galaxy, he thrived on his razor sharp mind and was perhaps an underappreciated antagonist.


While he has served as a political leader and a ruthless Sith Lord, there were also attempts to manipulate him and, consequently, cast him aside; therefore, robbing him of the opportunity to become Empire-level powerful.



9. Jabba The Hutt


Jabba The Hutt


One of Star Wars’ strongest antagonists, Jabba the Hutt held huge sway in the Galaxy, particularly in the Outer Rims. Sure, we didn’t catch him beating anyone in a one-on-one battle, he did manage to make an impact during both the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War.


He was in charge of a ton of resources and ensured that his cronies to carried out all of his dirty work.



10. Asajj Ventress


Asajj Ventress


Asajj Ventress may have served as Sith Assassin under Count Dooku, but there are a few good reasons why we consider her to be a more powerful figure than the Kaleesh cyborg.


Not only was she more highly regarded by Dooku but she was also more consistent in her success. On the other hand, Grievous seemed to be constantly failing. Even though he may have gotten the better of Ventress in combat early in her training in Legends, the two ended up having an even duel in canon.


A variety of Ventress’s skills put her over Grievous in our story.



11. Boba Fett


Boba Fett


This anti-hero deserves a place in our story purely on the basis of the fact that he decided not to work with the Empire anymore. But, if you ask the fans of the original trilogy and The Clone Wars, they’d state that they enjoyed seeing him as a villain.


In the series, Fett derives his power from a combination of his ability and his solid reputation. He did not only have an experience in leading groups of bounty hunters but he also happened to have shared close connections with Vader and the Empire.


Fett, whose coolness outweighed his uselessness in the original trilogy, is a ruthless, intimidating, and badass antagonist who definitely has a screen presence.



12. Cad Bane


Cad Bane


The ruthless and appealing Cad Bane from The Clone Wars was someone who fans were waiting to see again for years. An exceptionally smart criminal, he could put up a fight, both hand-to-hand and with weaponry, whenever there was a need for him to.


It is not surprising then that he never truly failed. Since he cares about nothing more than money, he ensures to complete the job at hand come what may.



13. General Grievous


General Grievous


It may be tough to differentiate between the power of the Grand Inquisitor and General Grievous since one happens to be in tune with the Force and the other in-charge of a droid army.


Also, if one was the leader of a handful of hunters, the other was a dreaded master strategist. Ultimately it is Grievous’s significance in the storytelling that manages to put him ahead; despite the fact that the Grand Inquisitor was undoubtedly the most important of the Inquisitorius.


Also, he was skilled in lightsaber combat and was capable enough to have wiped out many a Jedi while they were in their prime.



14. The Grand Inquisitor (The Inquisitorius)


The Grand Inquisitor (The Inquisitorius)


While the rest of the Inquisitorius may arguably fall below Moff Gideon, The Grand Inquisitor is a different case altogether. He was charged with overseeing the rest of the Inquisitorius and was directly below Vader.


Not only was he familiar with the Jedi and their ways but he was also aware of their fighting style. Needless to say, he was a powerful enemy to those he wished to hunt.



15. Revan




First things first, it must be mentioned that the history of the Sith had been kept hidden from the Galaxy for a long time. Thus, only Sith cultists were aware of the significance of Revan’s name and perhaps his powers.


The was originally introduced in the Star Wars Legends continuity in BioWare and LucasArts’s video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Over time, this Jedi Knight broke away from the Jedi Order and went his separate way.


Sooner than mater, he established himself as a Dark Lord of the Sith and went on to wage war against the Order and the Galactic Republic.



16. Darth Traya


Darth Traya


Kreia, also known as Darth Traya, was a Sith lord disguised as the hero’s mentor in the ways of the Force. She manages to make her remarkable presence felt in Knights of the Old Republic II courtesy of her teachings on ancient energy, which were unlike anything else we may have seen or read before.


A contentious figure and a headstrong character, she aimed to free slaves from the dominant force. Her motives may be complexly portrayed, but it is evident that she felt that the Force was a malevolent barrier between people and free will.



17. Durge




This more than competent male Gen’Dai bounty hunter is known to have been active in the galaxy for about two thousand years. Thanks to his Gen’Dai heritage and advanced battle armour, he was able to endure several near-death situations.


Over time, he started to despise the Mandalorians; so much so that he ended up killing their leader at one point. Not only was he given the rank of commander during the Clone Wars but he also went on to perform a ton of near-impossible missions for Count Dooku.


However, eventually and unfortunately, Durge went on to become mentally unstable as a result of both personal tragedy and torture.



18. Darth Vitiate


Darth Vitiate


Darth Vitiate may have been the illegitimate Sith son of Lord Dramath in the Old Sith Empire, but it barely ever deterred him from carving a path of destruction across the planet Medriaas.


In fact, make peace with the fact that he went on to torture and massacre thousands of people by the age of ten itself. And, as if that wasn’t enough, he even went on to take all his father’s powers away.


It was about time that this dark-side entity of power would reconstitute Sith Empire as the Sith Emperor.



19. Bossk




The very controlling Bossk held the title of the monarch of the Qotile system and believed in working alone. He was often seen coming up with some incredulously snarky responses for aliens and humans alike who tried to take a jibe at him.


What’s worth noting about him is the fact that he happened to be an old foe of Chewbacca and his Human partner Han Solo. Is that why Darth Vader hired him to track down and capture the Millennium Falcon?


Probably, yes. He was also seen teaming up with bounty hunters Boba Fett and Zuckuss at times. While he was repeatedly beaten by the former, Bossk would eventually strengthen his reputation as a bounty hunter after having outclassed Fett on Tatooine.



20. Darth Plagueis


Darth Plagueis


Darth Plagueis is someone who is known to have had a perpetual thirst for immortality. He also believed that the secret lay in science. He could be seen working with his Sith apprentice and doing a ton of research on bioengineering.


In doing so, Plagueis went on to acquire a ton of knowledge about the Force. Be that as it may, it is cumbersome to see him getting betrayed by his own apprentice as per the Rule of Two.



21. Dryden Vos


Dryden Vos


One may argue that Dryden Vos is ruled over by Maul, but can they ever step back from calling him one of the most able criminals in the Galaxy? Perhaps not, since he is in-charge of a robust army, limitless resources, and many mercenaries.


However, what adds to his strength is the undeniable fact that he is far more cunning and intelligent than most of us give him credit for. If that isn’t enough to acknowledge him, make peace with the fact that he is skilled in Teräs Käsi as well, which is a combat style designed to fight Jedi.


You may see him as a pawn in the larger picture, but it is hard not to admit that he is an incredibly strong character.



22. Moff Gideon


Moff Gideon


Moff Gideon was not as lucky as some other villains on our list; primarily because he was introduced at a time when he may possibly have been at his most vulnerable.


That said, he is allotted the duty of trying to revive whatever parts of the Empire’s influence he can. While he may be in a complex situation when we first lay our eyes on him, we get to know in due time that Gideon has a strong mind, is well-versed in combat, and is competent enough to accomplish his objectives with the sole aim to build something bigger.



23. Captain Phasma


Captain Phasma


Captain Phasma was one of the first female antagonists in the Star Wars universe. She was a brutal First Order warrior who is credited with giving viewers further insight into the new, insidious generation of abducted stormtroopers introduced in The Force Awakens.


It can be said that the fearless and brutal soldier worked very hard to rise through the ranks of the new Imperial spin-off. In fact, her merciless character was on full display when she went on to massacre an entire village on Jakku.


An incredibly talented one-on-one fighter, she never doubted orders from the First Order. Eventually, we catch her training and supervising the stormtrooper’s FN corps. That said, she did despise the Rebels and loathed Finn in particular; for she considered him a traitor and deserter.



24. Jango Fett


Jango Fett


Allow us to start by stating that it is a bit difficult to rank Jango Fett in terms of power. Even though he happens to be the tertiary antagonist of Attack of the Clones and a celebrated and feared bounty hunter in the Galaxy, we have to admit that not a lot of screen time has been allotted to him.


Since Gideon and Vos have more resources than him, they are also perhaps more powerful. But, one must never underestimate Jango’s resources and skills either. Besides his freedom, he also derives his strength from the fact that he is well-connected to Dooku and the Kaminoans.


Needless to say, he has a different set of power that ends up making him frightening in his own right.



25. Director Orson Krennic


Director Orson Krennic


It’d be safe to say that Director Orson Krennic, who happens to be the main antagonist of Rogue One, is pretty much also one of the only remarkable characters in it.


We say so because the title has garnered widespread criticism for its complete lack of character development. While it certainly is tough to distinguish between Krennic’s and Hux’s power levels, intelligence is a small factor that does come between the two almost immediately.


Krennic, who is credited with being a part of the Republic for quite some time, is also known to have overseen the development of the Death Star.



26. Supreme Leader Snoke


Supreme Leader Snoke


Snoke was first introduced to the fans of the franchise as a larger-than-life creature in The Force Awakens. Needless to say, it felt as if we have a super-strong villain in hand.


Yes, he sure was the Supreme Leader of the First Order, but he never weilded much power other than being able to keep both Kylo Ren and General Hux on their toes.


While the former was only faithful to his self-interest, the latter did remain loyal to him to gain influence over time. It is imperative to mention that Snoke’s enigmatic persona and strange humanoid appearance managed to intrigue a lot of viewers.


He may have come off as a strong Sith lord at first, but the mystique surrounding him perished when it was revealed that he was engineered by Emperor Palpatine in a lab to serve merely as one of his puppets.



27. General Armitage Hux


General Armitage Hux


General Armitage Hux of the First Order was seen making sporadic appearances in the sequel trilogy. However, he did have sequences where his humour and skills were allowed to come to the fore.


Since he has the trust of Supreme Leader Snoke, it is a given that he must have some power. In addition, he also serves as the joint second in command of the First Order (alongside Kylo).


However, we see his power getting seriously minimized when Kylo Ren goes on to become the Supreme Leader. Hux, who later goes on to become a spy for the Resistance, lacks combat skills.



28. Bib Fortuna


Bib Fortuna


Bib Fortuna was a Twi’lek male who took the onus on himself to look after the day-to-day operations at Jabba’s Palace in 32 BBY. He is known to have lived on the desert planet Tatooine.


The same year, he oversaw the Boonta Eve Classic along with Hutt, in which a nine-year-old Anakin Skywalker emerged victorious at the pod race. Since Fortuna was already supervising the affairs at Jabba’s palace, it was only obvious that he’d like to become a crime lord after Jabba’s demise.


Even though he managed to gain control and rise up the ranks, he was, unfortunately, killed by bounty hunter Boba Fett.



29. Darth Bane


Darth Bane


The sole survivor of the destruction of the Brotherhood of Darkness, this powerful human male Dark Lord recognized that the Sith had become so weak that it had become quite easy for the Jedi to destroy them.


After having witnessed the devastation of the Sith, a realization dawned upon him that one gets nothing but loneliness from serving the dark side. Over time, he started to believe that our strengths should dominate our weaknesses.


He made up his mind after having studied the ancient Sith documents.



30. Savage Opress


Savage Opress


Savage Opress went on to become a Sith apprentice under Count Dooku. The younger brother of Maul and the older brother of Feral, he becomes a Sith Lord and an apprentice to Maul as well.


It must be mentioned that he was selected by the Nightsister Asajj Ventress to become her “mate” and servant after having undertaken a number of tough tests of Selection. Needless to say, he went on to establish himself as a fiery warrior and an absolute force to be reckoned with.


However, Opress was smart enough to realize that he was only being used by Ventress. It is not surprising then that he ends up double-crossing both her and Dooku and, ultimately, heads back to Dathomir.



31. Crosshair




You don’t want to cross Crosshair who serves as the ultimate antagonist of The Bad Batch, alongside Tarkin and Rampart. He is a villain who fans still are not sure about.


We say so because it is difficult to measure if he is fibbing about the removal of his chip or not. Either way, he happens to be among the least powerful antagonists in the entire Star Wars franchise.


Sure, he may be a pawn of the Empire, but does it mean that we can negate the fact that he is also an incredibly skilled trooper? Definitely not! However, even his skills never allow him to be in a position of real power and authority.


This is because he is still controlled by a chip which makes him a villain in the first place. Since he’s yet to blow his shot at redemption, it’ll be fun to see how his character develops in the show.



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